Chapter 4

They all headed into their respective houses and got dressed and ready to go, and then headed out. The trip was as long as it normally was, but the boys in the van hardly noticed because they were watching a movie. Not even ten minutes after leaving the house, Luke unbuckled his seat belt and worked his way over to his dad, but started laying down half way there, the bench seat in the truck helping a lot.

“And what do you think you're doing my horny baby boy?” Daryl laughed when he realized just what Luke was doing.

“I need a drink of hot daddy cream.” Luke said as he was pulling the zipper on his dads pants down.

“You realize you could cause me to have an accident right?”

“Just pay attention to the road, I'll do everything else.” He snickered as he was pulling his dads erection out the top of his diaper.

“Oh god.” Daryl groaned as Luke sucked his head in.

For almost ten minutes Luke softly and slowly sucked his dad, before Daryl gave Luke what he was looking for. Glen had to wonder why Daryl swerved like he did as he came.

“Oh god, you're insatiable, that was amazing.” Daryl sighed out a few minutes later.

“You're welcome.”

“That was really dangerous though, please don't do that again, unless we're stopped.”

“You were fine. Thanks for the treat though.”

“You're welcome.”

“Daddy, while you were cooking lunch, I went in to go to the bathroom, but I took the computer in with me to look on Craig's List and there's a guy giving away two horses, both are males, both are pretty young, but he can't afford to keep them, so I emailed him and said we'd be there some time today to look at them.”

“Ah, so that's why you wanted to bring the trailer!”

“Yeah, but it'll make it easier for lumber as well.”

“You're a cunning little baby, you know that?”

“Thanks.” Luke grinned brightly.

“That wasn't exactly a compliment. Is that what the blowjob was for as well?”

“No, that was just for fun and because I wanted your cum in my stomach again.” He smiled.

“I see. What's the address?”

Luke told him the address, so as soon as they made it to town, they headed there first. Glen was wondering where on Earth they were going, because they were not heading toward either the ranch supply place or any lumber yard that he was aware of. When they pulled into a small hobby farm and Daryl stopped, they all got out of the van to see what was up.

Daryl explained what was happening to Glen and the boys, and Glen just laughed. The boys though were happy. They went to the house and a lady was standing there waiting for them. Daryl went up and introduced them all and said they were there to look at the horses, so she took them out to look at the two that she was giving away, only if it was to a good caring home she warned. Daryl assured her that it was going to be a great home for them and would join their current horse so that he was not lonely. Half an hour later they were loading the two of them onto the trailer. The lady asked if they would like to buy the tack for them that she had and gave the price, which was roughly half what it was worth, as well as already sized for the horses, so they paid for and took it. They left shortly thereafter with two new horses.

“Exactly how many more horses do you think we're gonna get?” Daryl asked Luke, because Luke had come in the truck again.

“The barn will hold twelve right?” Luke grinned brightly.

“No, it will, but no.”

“Why not though, it's not like it'd cost that much more for twelve as for three, especially if I keep finding them for free or real good deals.”

“Yeah it would. Over the winter months we'll have to pay for hay and grain, and that stuff gets expensive.”

“I suppose so, but during the summer, they eat pretty much for free though, but when we're at the ranch supply place, we should buy a couple bags of oat seeds to plant, so that we can plant some fields with that for them for the summer at least.”

“We probably should. You do realize if you keep spending my money as fast as you have been though, I'll have to go back to work!”

“No you won't.”

“And how do you know this?”

“Because you have lots.”

“Yes and no. I only have a little more than a million dollars left after buying the house and property, but without any income, that will go down. We have ten thousand dollars a year in property taxes and all the monthly bills as well. If we keep spending money, it won't last that long at all. Trust me Baby. You don't really understand money all that well yet, and it doesn't last as long as you seem to think it does.”

“You have more than that Daddy.”

“Um, no I don't. I'm the one who takes care of the finances.”

“I see your bank account all the time, and yesterday it was up to over ten, so you have lots.”

“What do you mean it went up to ten?”

“Just that. When I checked the account, there was ten, followed by six numbers, that's ten million.”

“Are you sure that you didn't misplace the comma?”

“No, because there were two numbers after that as well.”

“And while you were snooping in my bank account, did you happen to see who put that much money into my account?”

“It just said transfer.”

“How much was the transfer for?”

“Eight something.”

“I think I'll have to go to the bank, because that's not right.”

“It's in there, so who cares.” Luke shrugged.

“I do, because they could take it back, and we don't want to spend it.”


They headed to the bank next, and when they arrived, Daryl explained that he just had to go in and check something out, so he headed in. He was back out a several minutes later with an odd look on his face.

“What is it Daddy?”

“It seems my parents had more money than I thought they did, and it was being kept in trust. The bank received the letter to give to me stating the reasons why. It seems, as soon as Jimmy was placed into my care, his mom was completely dropped and I was to receive all the money. It was being held to see if she would turn her life around, and when she didn't, it was all released to me. If she hadda turned her life around, it would have been split between the two of us, but she didn't, so it's mine now. So, it seems we have plenty of money. That doesn't mean that you get to spend it all though.”

“Told you.”

“I think I'm also gonna have to change the password on my account. How'd you ever know what it was anyway, and why would you've looked?”

“I just tried my birthday and it worked. I was curious as to how much money we had.”

“You're far too smart for your own good, you know that right.”

“Thanks. My teacher kept telling me I needed to be skipped ahead a couple or a few grades. I didn't want to though.”

“I know, she told me that too, but I told her it was your choice and that you didn't want to.”

“Thanks. Matt's parents made him skip ahead and he hates it, so I'm glad you didn't make me.”

“I'd never do that, and Matt's mom shouldn't have either if he didn't want to. Then again, I don't care for his mom too much, she's too much like your mother was, a control freak bitch.”

“Yeah, she is, and she was too. I hated her, did you know that?”

“I knew you didn't care for her much, but why'd you hate her?”

“She said I was a useless baby, that I shouldn't be wetting my pants or bed like an animal. She even spanked me a lot because of it. Once she was spanking me for wetting my pants, but I was heading in to finish in the toilet, because it was an accident, and she grabbed me as I was on my way to the bathroom and bent me over her knee and spanked me. I tried to tell her that I still had to go, but she wouldn't listen to me and kept spanking. When I peed on her, it made her really mad and she spanked me really hard.”

“Why didn't you ever tell me this Baby?” Daryl asked, very upset.

“She told me I wasn't to tell you, or that she'd beat me even harder.”

“Oh Baby, I'm sorry. You shoulda told me, I would've canned her ass outta there so fast, and she wouldn't have gotten any money either, because abuse was expressly forbidden in the prenuptial agreement as well.”

“That's okay Daddy, it's not your fault.”

“If I had've paid more attention, I could've prevented it though.”

“I tried not to let you see though. Even the times you said my bum looked a little red when you were diapering me, I just told you I'd fallen on the playground or something like that.”

“I often wondered, but you wouldn't tell me, I really wish you would've though.”

“It's okay, she's gone now, and that's all that matters.”

“Yes it is, and she'll be in jail for at least a couple years too.”

“Good, she deserves it.”

“Is there anything else you care to share with me that you may have neglected to tell me before now?”

“Did mom ever tell you about the time she caught me and Matt playing with each others dicks? Boy did she freak out about that. That's why he never came over for the last six months, she expressly forbade it.”

“No, she didn't. She probably thought I'd say something on the lines of that's okay, and that just wouldn't do in her books. She always thought I was much too open and liberal, because she was so close minded and conservative. I had gay friends, she thought they were horrible people, she had straight stuck up bitch friends, I know they were horrible. What did she do when she caught you boys?”

“Spanked me, really hard too. She said that touching my peepee was bad and that I was never to do that again, and I was worse for letting someone else touch mine. She also said I was really dirty for touching another boy like that. Wonder what she'd think about what we do huh?” Luke grinned cheekily.

“With any luck, have a heart attack, but we can't be that lucky. Doesn't matter now anyway, she'll never see us again. I slammed her with a lifelong restriction from ever getting near any of us, and as soon as she's out of jail, she's not even allowed to live in this city.”


“What else did you and Matt get up to then?”

“Just kissing and touching each other, but had we been left alone, we definitely woulda gone further if I had anything to say about it. I was almost ready to go down and and suck his dick when we were caught. That might've killed mom, or maybe she'd have just killed me. Who knows.”

“Hard to say, that's for sure. She sure wasn't very loving toward you boys, that's for sure. If it wasn't for the fact that I wanted children, and pretty much made her, she never would've, maybe it woulda been for the best, but then you boys wouldn't be here now, and I like how things turned out too much to want to change anything.”


“So, anything else then?”

“No, not really. I'd like to invite Matt over one day and introduce him to everyone and everything. Maybe he can come out for a week.”

“It's summer break, so the time's good. Inviting him to come have sex though might not be a good idea, especially with me or Glen. Who's to say what he'd say about that.”

“I doubt he'd have a problem with it, and I know he wouldn't say anything. Mom told his mom about what we did and he says that she's been pretty unbearable ever since, almost as bad as mom was to me. If he was here and you treated him like he was normal, he'd jump into your pants in a heart beat I bet.”

“Poor kid.”

“Yeah, I wish he could come live with us, but I don't know how that'd work.”

“I doubt it can be done, and if his mom knows about you two, I doubt very much she'd allow him to come spend the night, let alone a week, because she'd think you'd just play around.”

“Probably true. I'll email him and see what he says.”

“You still email him?”

“Almost every day. His mom checks his email, but we both have separate accounts and my name is changed so that if his mom finds it, she can't cause problems. He doesn't think she could get past his encryption, he's really good with computers, but he doesn't know how much of her stupidity is real. She could just be pretending to catch him, she's done it before. Granted, he thinks she hired someone to do the computer hacking for her to check up on what he was doing.”


“Yeah, I'll get him to call me, but I'll have him call Glen's number, so that she can't see in any way that he called us, or I'll just call him from Glen's place.”

“That'd work, but maybe you should have Lance make the call, just in case his mom answers, which she probably will.”

“Good thinking. Glad I got your smarts and not moms, or lack of them I guess I should say.” Luke giggled.

“No kidding. Both you boys take after me far more than you do your mother, and that can only be good.”

“Thanks goodness, huh?”

“For sure.”

They laughed and talked more on the way to the ranch supply place to get anything else from there that they were needing. When they arrived, they found a few more things that would be handy to have, Daryl telling Glen and the boys all about what had happened at the bank as they were walking around. They were obviously happy for him. From there they headed to a building supply store and found a bunch of things there that they were going to be needing. Everything was loaded into the truck and or the trailer as they got it, and before too long, they were heading out once again. This time though they were just heading toward home.

When they got there, they started by offloading all the materials first, because some of them were in the way of offloading the horses. Once that was done, Lance and Luke each connected a horse to a lead and led them from the trailer.

“So boys, what should we name them, since the previous owners didn't name them?” Daryl asked once they were out.

“I've been thinking of that and I think I have the perfect names for them. The stormy gray one I think should be called Thunder, and the cloudy colored one should be called Cloud.” Luke answered.

“Sounds good to me.” Daryl smiled and all the others agreed as well.

“It's nice out here, so I'm gonna go grab Lightening and bring him out as well to enjoy the day and get to know his new brothers.” Jimmy said.

“Okay.” Daryl and Luke said at the same time.

Jimmy headed into the barn and got Lightening all hooked up and brought him out as well. The three horses sniffed and whinnied at each other for a few minutes as they were getting to know each other, but before too long, they appeared to be getting along just fine.

“Can we learn to ride them today?” Luke asked hopefully.

“That's up to you Glen. I have no problems with it, but you'll have to teach all of us.” Daryl said first.

“Sure. It's been so long, it'll take me a minute or two to remember how to saddle a horse, but the rest is really easy.”

He first went in and grabbed the saddle for Lightening and brought it out. He had Lance run in and grab the saddle blanket as well, and then he went about relearning how to saddle a horse. He admitted that it had been almost half his life since he had last saddled a horse, but in a few minutes, he had Lightening all saddled and ready to go. Then using Cloud as a teaching prop, he showed the others exactly how to do it, and then walked Daryl through saddling Thunder.

“Well Luke, since these horses were mostly your idea, I suppose you get the first ride. Lance and Jimmy, you can hop onto the others as well, we'll hold the leads for now.” Glen said.

“Cool.” All three said as one.

They all had to get help getting up onto the horses that were far taller than they were. Jimmy took the tallest, which was Lightening, but the other two boys took the other two, which were the same height as each other, and not all that much shorter than Lightening. Glen then taught them exactly how to hold the reins, how to steer with the reins, how to stop, how to start, how to slow down, how to go faster, so on and so forth. It took about half an hour or so for the boys to all learn all that they would be needing to know. And they were enjoying themselves.

“Okay boys, hop down now, it's our turn.”

“Aw nuts, do we haveta?” Luke whined.

“Keep whining Baby, and you won't get to do anything that you really love to do for at least a full two days. You know how I feel about whining. We want a turn too, and you have to share. We only have three horses and six people.”

“Not for long if I have my way.” Luke giggled, ignoring the first part.

“I bet, but like I said, just because we have more money now, doesn't mean that you get to help me spend it all.”

“I'll try not to spend any of it.” He grinned.


The boys hopped down and Jimmy took the lead to the horse that he had just helped Brook onto, while the men got onto their horses by themselves without having anyone holding their leads. Daryl nearly fell right back off though, this was his very first time on a horse. He also nearly got on backwards, until he noticed the wrong foot was in the stirrup. For about half an hour more, they rode around, all enjoying themselves. While they were playing, Daryl noticed that Luke and Lance disappeared for a bit and saw that they headed to Glen's place, so he wondered if Luke was calling Matt. After their ride, they all hopped down.

“That was really fun Daddy.” Brook said happily.

“Yeah, it was.” Daryl smiled warmly to his baby boy.

“When can we go again?”

“We don't want to over work the horses 'til we know how much they can take, and we have lots of work that needs to be done. The first thing though is to get these guys stripped of their saddles and get them cleaned and brushed.” Glen answered.

“Right, I guess that'd only be fair to them.” Daryl said, having not thought of that.

“Yeah. Did our brats disappear to go have sex again or something?”

“Probably, but there was an or something that I know Luke wanted to do, and that was call his best friend, and he needed Lance's help for that.” Daryl said and then explained the conversation in the truck, or at least the part pertaining to that.

The boys came sauntering out of the house only a few seconds later and saw that the others were all done for the day. Luke of course asked if he could ride again, but Glen told him the reason why he could not right away. The boys were good with that.

“So, did you call Matt Baby, and if so, how'd it go?”

“Yeah, I had Lance call him and ask his mom for Matt, and when he came on the line, I grabbed the phone. He had to try and act normal, his mom was still in the room and was probably listening to every word he said. I asked him if he could come spend the week, so he asked. His mom said yes after a couple minutes, I don't think she really wanted to, but didn't know a valid reason why he couldn't. I could give her a few reasons, but that wouldn't do any good. Anyway, I told him our address and which house to come to and to expect Lance and what he looked like, so on and so forth, so that he wouldn't stumble too much. They'll be here tomorrow morning, about nine he said.”

“Okay, that works fine.”

“Thanks Daddy.” Luke smiled brightly.

“You're welcome Baby.”

“So, what are we gonna do now then Daddy?”

“We should probably get started on the fence, for now I think that's the most important thing that needs to be done. Once that's all done though, then we have to make pens and stuff in the barn for the horses. That'll be a few days away though I think.”

“Okay, let's get started then.” Luke smiled.

So they did, they got started right away in getting the fence installed. The boys though could not really help all that much in this endeavor, mostly because it took both men to operate the post hole digger and the boys were much too small to help at all. Finally Jimmy pointed out that between the four of them, they should at least be able to get a fence post together and get it into one of the five holes the men already had dug, and then start digging the earth back into the hole around it and packing it down some, so they did. By the time that they had one post done, the men already had two more holes dug, so this was good. The boys managed to get a little faster with each one, even though they were getting very tired by the time their fourth rolled around. Brook though finally had enough half way through the fifth post and actually went and curled up under a tree and fell asleep for a good nap.

Other than a few diaper changes and plenty of snacks and a couple meals, that was pretty much all they did all day long, almost right through to bed time. By the time bedtime rolled around though, they were only about half way done. Brook slept for a bit and then got back up and helped more until he was tired again and then went and rested. The other boys had to stop a few times and take a break as well, because they too were getting very tired. The men also took a few breaks, but they were shorter and were mostly for drinks, snacks or food.

They all stumbled into their houses for the night and had long hot baths all around, and once they were done that, they were all diapered up nice and thick and then passed out for the night. They all slept the sleep of the dead, not one of them moving more than just a little throughout the night.

The next morning they all knew that they could not get back to work right away, because Matt was going to be coming, and Matt's mom could not see Daryl or the boys, or she would not leave Matt at all. This did not really bother them so much, since they all wanted a really good filling breakfast, because they all felt they needed it. Glen and Lance though decided that they had best get dressed, because they did not want to tip off Matt's mom either, but other than that, they enjoyed their breakfast and restful morning.