Chapter 5

Finally at just a little after nine, Matt pulled up. He and his mom got out and went to Glen's house, and the boys acted as if it had been so long since they had seen each other, even though they really had no clue who the other was, although they were going to get to know each other very well, soon. As soon as his mom left, Matt was led over to Daryl's house, where a happy Luke was waiting.

“Matt, it's so good to see you, I missed you.” Luke said, hugging his friend and kissing him. He blushed and looked to Daryl.

“It's okay, he knows all about us, don't worry. Are you diapered?”

“He knows, about the diapers too?”

“Sure does. Here, let's show him guys.” Luke smiled. They had all just been wearing robes, so they all stripped them off. Lance though stripped off all his clothes so that he was like the others.

“Wow, really, you all wear diapers?”

“Sure do, we're all diaper lovers here, and if you want, I can take you to the bedroom and diaper you up as well.”

“Okay.” He said happily.

“Awesome, come on then.”

“You boys go ahead and have fun and take your time. We're gonna head back out and get back to work, just come join us once you're all diapered and ready to work.” Daryl smiled.

“Okay.” Luke smiled happily, thinking that it was going to be a great hour or two, or maybe even longer.

Luke and Matt headed to Luke's bedroom, where Luke had already placed everything that they would be needing, while the rest headed to Daryl's bedroom. Lance grabbed his clothes and went with them, so that they could all help each other get dressed. Once they were all dressed and ready for their day of hard manual labour, they headed outside. They found Glen already out there waiting for them. The first thing they did was to let the horses out of the barn and attach them to long leads so that they could enjoy some of the nice fresh grass and a good drink, and then they got back to what they were doing. It was nearly two hours later that a very satisfied pair of boys joined them.

Meanwhile in the house, the boys had just arrived to Luke's bedroom. He had asked that the others leave the two of them alone for a bit to play alone for a while. Brook had wanted to stay, but Luke promised him that the next time he could join, and that all the boys would fill him up as best they could.

“You have a really nice house, and it's so far away from town. I wish I lived out here with you guys. My mom's been so hard on me since your mom told her she caught us playing around. We only used our hands, but she's acting like we did so much more, and she's been really pushing me hard, not even letting me have any fun. I'm surprised that she let me come here for a week.” Matt said, all the while hugging Luke.

“I know. I wish there was something we could do, but I don't know what.”

“I thought of just running away, but I didn't know where you lived or how to get here.”

“Don't do that, we'll figure something out. By the way, I never did give you a birthday present. How does it feel to be eight now?”

“No different really. Just my mom keeps telling me that I'm eight and shouldn't be wetting my bed like an animal. On my birthday, she took my diapers away, she says that I'm old enough to go without them now, and that from now on, if I wet the bed, I wet the bed. I have to do all my own laundry even, because I wet every night. I actually called her a bitch the other day because of how she was treating me. Boy did she smack me hard for that, and I was grounded. Like I said to her though, like I haven't been grounded for the past several months, what difference does it make, and not like she doesn't already hit me, but that hit across my face really hurt, I actually cried a lot from that.”

“Oh Matt, I'm so sorry. Why didn't you tell me?”

“What point was there, there's nothing we can do about it.”

“We have to figure something out. Anyway, I still owe you a birthday present.”

“You don't owe me anything.”

“Oh, I think you'll like this though.” Luke smiled sadly to his best friend, maybe even his boyfriend.

Before Matt could say anything though, Luke leaned forward and kissed him tenderly, passing all his feelings to his friend. Matt just melted into the kiss and they wrapped each other up in their arms and hugged as they kissed. Luke was the first to introduce his tongue to Matt, Matt had never done this before, but only half a second was all it took for him to realize he really liked it. They stood there, hugging and kissing for almost ten minutes. Both boys were very hard.

“Wow, where'd you learn to kiss like that?” Matt sighed deeply as soon as the kiss was released.

“Lance and I like to have fun, and so do Brook and my cousin Jimmy, he taught us lots now, we all love to play together. Here, lay down on the bed, I have so much to teach you.”

Matt just laid on the bed and Luke very quickly stripped him until he was naked. He was very hard and Luke just grinned. He hopped into the bed, and with no pretense at all, he just leaned down and sucked Matt in to the root.

“Holy crap, you're sucking my dick.”

“And you taste so good. How does it feel?” Luke let go for a second, looked up and grinned.

“Wow, so good, don't stop.” Matt gasped as Luke started again.

For the next fifteen minutes Luke sucked Matt, causing the poor boy to cum three times in a row rapidly. Luke then got up, pulled the front of his diaper down, crawled onto his best friend, and aimed his dick at Matt's mouth. Matt saw it happening, his mouth was watering and was open by the time Luke made it there. Luke slipped his hot hard erection all the way in, not really worried about gagging Matt, since he was not yet anywhere near large enough to do that. He then gave Matt all the pointers he would need to become a first class cock sucker. Matt was only too happy to learn such a skill. Luke only came twice in Matt's mouth, dry of course, before he pulled out, much to Matt's chagrin, he was enjoying himself.

“That's enough for now. Get up onto your hands and knees please, there's something else I really wanna show you?”

“Okay.” Matt said happily, trusting his best friend fully.

As soon as Matt was in position, Luke got right in behind him and started rimming him real good.

“Oh god, you're licking my bum hole, oh god, feels so good.” Matt said in shock and awe at the feelings.

Luke did not pull off this time to explain things, only kept right on going, he was enjoying himself far too much for that. As he was licking his best friends hole, he was rubbing his cute little balls and perineum, really making Matt good and hot. Not that Luke had to do anything more to make Matt hot, he already felt as if he was going to melt soon, but that was beside the point. Luke wanted Matt to be nuclear hot for the next part.

Just as Matt was about to cum again, Luke got himself ready. He pulled down the front of his diaper, lubed up his little dick with the lube that was there, and then just as Matt slipped into his next mind bending orgasm, Luke got up and slipped his erection all the way inside his very best friend. It took a few seconds for Matt to come down, and then a few more seconds to realize that something was different.

“Whoa, you have your pee pee inside my bum.” He said in awe.

“Yes I do, I'm fucking you now. How does it feel?”

“Wow, so good.”

“Good, I'm glad you like it. I thought you would. You're dick's so hard too, and your baby boy pussy feels amazing around my dick.”

“Oh wow, where'd you learn all this?” Matt sighed deeply, everything in his world was good at the moment.

“Can't tell you all of it, but things are really good now that my bitch of a mother's gone.”

“Does your daddy do this to you?”

“If I tell you, do you promise to never tell another soul, ever?”

“Of course I promise. If I told anyone, you could tell everyone that I like doing this, and then my mom would kill me.”

“I'd never tell, but you have to really promise, because we'd be in so much trouble.”

“I'll promise anything, just don't stop.”

“Yeah, it started with just me and Brook playing together, and now all of us like to fuck and suck each other, even Glen and Lance. Lance was the one to teach me everything, and then when Jimmy moved in, he fucked me more, and now I can take my dad and Glen. It's so awesome.”

“Wow, would they do this to me too?”

“Not yet, Jimmy could, but the men couldn't, they'd hurt you too much if they did. We've just got tiny little cocks, so we can't really hurt each other too much, but they could really hurt us. Even Jimmy fucking you will hurt a bit at first, but he's not huge yet.”

“Wow, does your dad really let you say fuck and dick and cock and ass?”

“Oh yeah, but then he is fucking my ass and sucking my dick, and he loves me fucking him too.”


“Yeah. I'm gonna cum real soon, and then I'm gonna pee inside your bum, your boy pussy. I promise it feels really awesome, but then I'll have to diaper you, so that you don't make a mess.”

“Okay. I've never done that before.”

“I know, I'm your first, but you'll love it, trust me. If you have to go pee, you can pee inside me too, because it'll be your turn next. I didn't bother changing my diaper this morning so that you could fuck me and fill me up good and then diaper me too.”

“Okay, cool. I was hoping you'd let me try this. Do I haveta lick your bum too though?”

“You don't have to, you could just use your fingers and lube me up, but I bet you'll love it as much as we all do. It doesn't taste bad, trust me, we all keep ourselves good and clean so that we can lick each other, and we all love doing that to each other here. Brook wanted to join us this morning and lick your ass for an hour. I can just sit on his face for an hour and he'd keep licking me. Of course, I'd want someone to fuck me silly after that.” Luke giggled.

“Wow, really?”

“Oh yeah. Oh god, I'm cumming again, here it comes.” Luke said, grunting out the last bit, because he had had all he could take.

As soon as his orgasm passed, he let go his full bladder and really filled Matt up fully. He groaned a bit at first at the odd sensation, but then he sighed deeply, because it really felt amazing. As soon as Luke was done and almost to the point of softening, he slipped out and rolled Matt over onto his back and slipped one of his Pampers underneath his best friend and spread lots of cream on before pulling up and taping the diaper snugly.

“There you go, now you're a hot gay baby boy, just like the rest of us are, you've officially been initiated.” Luke grinned.

“Wicked, can I do you now?”

“Please.” Luke sighed.

They traded places and Matt pulled off Luke's diaper completely. It took a few seconds for Matt to screw up the courage to do it, but before too long, he was in and licking Luke's little hole like a pro. Luke was moaning and sighing the entire time, until almost ten minutes later Matt's neck and tongue must have really started hurting, because he pulled out. Luke did not cum again.

Luke passed Matt the lube and told him to apply a little to his hole and then to his dick and then slip in, so he did. They both moaned lowly as Matt filled his very first little hole. As soon as he was all the way in, he started thrusting. He accidentally pulled out a couple times, and rectified it right away, but a few thousand years of programming took over and he started really fucking his best friend good and deep, going a nice moderate pace. Matt was able to hold on for almost fifteen minutes before he just could not hold on any more and came deep inside Luke. He then let his very full bladder go and filled Luke up very well.

“Mmm, so nice, thanks. Now you have to diaper me up very quick, before I can't hold it any more.”

“Okay.” Matt said, only too happy with the prospect.

Luke laid down on his back and Matt creamed and diapered him nice and snug, and then they laid down on the bed and just hugged and kissed for the next ten minutes or so.

“I suppose that we should go ahead and get dressed and go help the others.” Luke pulled away and sighed.

“Do we haveta?”

“As much as I'd rather stay in here all day and do this, we really should go help.”

“What are you doing?”

“I've found a few horses, so we had to build a barn and now we're putting up some fences, and then once that's all done, we have to make some stalls in the barn for them.”

“Wicked. I love horses.”

“Me too. They're a lot of fun to ride as well.”

“Can we try riding them today?”

“We'll have to wait and see, but maybe.”


They got up and dressed each other, then kissed again for another few minutes, before Luke grabbed Matt's hand, holding it gently all the way, leading him out to where the others were.

The rest of them noticed how satisfied the boys looked, and thought it cute how they were holding hands as they finally emerged from the house. They made their way over to the others, who had stopped working and had gathered around, waiting for the two little love birds to arrive.

“You two look nice and relaxed.” Daryl smiled.

“Thanks, we are. I taught Matt everything that we do around here.”

“In only two hours, I doubt that you were able to teach him everything.” Jimmy giggled.

“No, but we sure tried hard.”

“I bet it was hard.” Brook giggled as well.

“I trust we can trust you with our secret out here though Matt?” Daryl asked.

“Oh yeah, for sure, I'll never tell anyone.” Matt said honestly.


“As long as I get to play with the rest of you as well.” Matt added.

“You're here for a week, I think something can be arranged.” Daryl smiled, only too happy to get a chance to play with the very cute little boy.


With that, the conversation was mostly over, so they all got back to work, and with another boy to help, the boys were able to get each post done just a little faster. Brook still had to take a few breaks, and a couple times he fell asleep for a bit, whereas the others just had a few breaks here and there. The men once again only took breaks when they needed food or drink. By the time dinner was needed, they had all the posts in and done, so they decided to call it a day.

“Great work boys, we got the hardest part all done. Now tomorrow all we have to do is figure out how the hell we're gonna put the fencing up.” Daryl smiled warmly to the boys.

“Thanks.” They smiled.

“It'll be hard work without a tractor, but we'll manage just fine.” Glen said.

“I'm sure we will. You guys wanna come over for dinner?” Daryl asked.

“No thanks, I think we're just gonna head back home for the night now. Thanks though.”

“Okay, have a good night.”

“You too.”

They headed to their houses and they all went for diaper changes first of all. Brook wanted to play with the new boy, but Daryl said that would wait for later, possibly the next day. Brook whined a bit, but admitted that he was really hungry and tired, so that was probably for the best. In fact, they went and made dinner and then sat down to eat it. Once Brook was full though, he passed out in his empty plate. Daryl smiled and laughed, picked up the exhausted little boy, and carried him to bed.

“Come on you guys, you're almost as tired as Brook is, so let's go to bed.” Daryl said softly to the other three.

“Okay.” They all said, not one of them complaining at all.

Daryl felt that all their diapers were just fine, since they had just got changed, so they all curled up into bed and fell fast asleep. They slept through the night peacefully, all of them having pleasant dreams. Daryl was the first to wake up, almost two hours after their regular wake up time, they had been that tired. He watched the boys sleep for a bit until, one by one, they all woke up. Brook was the last to do so, and only because Luke started nibbling on his ear.

“Mmmm.” He sighed. He loved the feeling of that.

“Morning.” Daryl whispered to him, same as he did for each of the others as they awoke.

“Morning Daddy.”

“Did you have a good sleep, you sure slept long.”

“Uh huh.” He sighed again, stretching to beat a cat.

“That's good. Come on, let's get up boys and go have some breakfast.”

“Okay.” They all said as one, they were all really hungry, that had in fact been the entire reason for Luke waking up his little brother, he wanted to eat, and he wanted to eat now.

They all hopped out of bed and headed to the kitchen. All five of their diapers were knocking their knees practically they were so wet, but none of them cared at all, they just wanted food. Besides, they were diaper lovers, and more often than not, a diaper lover felt that a full diaper was the best diaper. These were getting to the point of nearing no good though, so they would have no choice but to change soon. They made and ate a nice filling breakfast and then all helped to clean up. Before too much longer, they were ready to go.

“Okay boys, time to go get changed and ready for the day.” Daryl called out.

“Can we have sex first Daddy?” Brook asked.

“I suppose we can.” Daryl smiled, he had figured it would be Brook to ask first.

“Hey Daddy, can we take a blanket outside and have sex in the back yard, and maybe even invite Glen and Lance over as well?” Luke added.

“Hmm, that sounds like a good idea actually. It looks like it's a really nice morning out there, so sure, why not. Why don't you go on over and ask the guys if they'd like to join us?”

“Okay.” Luke said happily and tore off as if he were being chased. Quite the comical sight with his seriously soaked diaper bouncing as he ran.

The others just headed outside as soon as Daryl grabbed a blanket that was going to be large enough for all of them to have some fun on. He had no doubts that Glen and Lance would be over in just a few moments. He was not disappointed. He just barely had the blanket all spread out when they and Luke arrived.

“Luke says you wanted to have a little outdoor fun this morning!”

“Sure, and he felt that it would only be neighborly to invite you guys.”

“That's mighty kind of you.” He grinned brightly.


“Daddy, I want you to fuck me please, Jimmy, Matt would love to have some fun with you I bet, and Brook, can you fuck my face while Daddy fills me up. Then Lance and Glen, you two can have fun together as well.” Luke said.

“Okay, but then I want to suck Matt's cute little dick and balls.” Daryl said.

“Okay.” Luke and Matt both said happily.

They got into their chosen positions with their partners and got started. Luke was on his hands and knees with his hot little diapered ass sticking out, and Daryl could not refuse such an offer, so dove in face first, mashing his face first into the hot sodden mass, and then pulled it aside and went for the prize. Once there, he licked and tongued Luke's hot little hole until he was nice and sloppy, ready for their next step.

Daryl got up onto his knees, righting Luke's diaper as he went, and then pulled his painfully hard erection out the front of his diaper for what was to cum. He slipped in all the way in one long slow push, and all Luke could do was moan lowly around his little baby brothers erection as it was sliding in and out.

As soon as Luke was on his hands and knees, Brook was right there with his cute little erection, waving it in his big baby brothers face. Well, Luke was only too happy to take the offered baby meat and suck it. He took in Brook's little balls as well and then grabbed his cute little diapered ass and started feeling it up as well. After only a few seconds of that, Luke poked a hole in the seat of Brook's diaper and started fingering him as well. Brook was only too happy with that. Luke though was having the time of his life.

Matt though would have challenged that, saying that he was having the time of his life. Jimmy had laid him down on his back and got started by just rubbing his hot diapered dick, he did that only for a few seconds before pulling the cute little boys diaper down in the front to expose what he had hidden. Jimmy liked what Matt had kept hidden, it looked very tasty, so he bent right down and tasted it. He sucked softly and slowly on the new boys baby bone for only a few minutes before doing anything more. He too poked a hole in the seat of the diaper and started fingering the hot little hole inside.

Matt was going insane, it just felt so good. He was reasonably certain that feelings this good just were not allowed, but he in no way wanted it to stop, in fact he wished it could go on forever. Matt became the first to cum only three or so minutes after starting. It just felt too good. The sounds he made though were more than enough to cause all the others to cum as well, all except Jimmy, who had no stimulation whatsoever to his sexual region. He was good with that though.

Jimmy did not stop, he just kept right on going, adding a third finger to Matt's cute little bum and sucking and tonguing his little dick and balls even more, causing the boy to nearly snap in half from the intense feelings. Matt was nearly wailing in fact it all felt so good. His sounds alone would have caused the others to cum had they not been doing something to cause that easily on its own.

Lance and Glen had gotten down to being the loving daddy and baby that they were. Glen was laying on his back and Lance had hopped onto his personal favorite ride after preparing them. He poked the holes in both their diapers, pulled out quite the impressive butt plug from his little bum, and then sat down on his daddy and rode him gently.

Jimmy worked Matt through another two cums, adding a fourth finger to his little bum after the second orgasm ripped through the hot little boy. As soon as he was slipping into his third, Jimmy got himself ready for the fun ahead. He knew that Matt could take him, and further more wanted it too, so as soon as he was ready, he pulled out, slid up and slipped in.

Matt was just coming down when Jimmy slipped his hot diapered dick up his hot sloppy ass, and he sighed deeply. Never before had he felt so good, so right. Even the day before when Luke had fucked him, he did not feel this good, Jimmy filled him up, just right, and he was certain that heaven could not possibly feel this good.

Jimmy though had not yet cum, but he was so close with having heard all the others cumming repeatedly, that fifteen seconds, give or take a second, was all it took for him to explode in the fine little bum he now found himself in. With his massive orgasm came the need for a monumental pee as well, so he filled Matt up fully, all the while, still fucking away merrily. He was so hot and horny from seeing and hearing everything around him, that he just could not stop, even had he wanted to or told to, he did not believe that he could have stopped.

Matt was definitely okay with that too though. He never wanted this to end, he finally felt that he knew who and what he was, he was a gay baby boy who liked, no loved being fucked. He wanted a dick up his little bum as often as he could possibly get it, and from then on, whether his mother liked it or not, he was going to get it. With any luck he hoped she'd catch him getting it hard and just kick him out. He vowed then and there that there was no way he was going to stay with his mom if she wanted him to not enjoy this, because he definitely enjoyed this, a lot.

Long after all the others had had their fill, or gave all they had, Matt and Jimmy were still going strong. Jimmy had cum four times already inside Matt, Matt had cum five times while being fucked, and they did not look as if they were going to stop any time soon. They both felt so good. The others just sat around after they finished and watched the two hot boys go at it for a further ten minutes after they had all been sated completely. Finally though they both came, and Jimmy softened up, he had finally had enough. Matt though did whine slightly as Jimmy's softening dick slipped out of his wanting hole.

“Wow, I never wanna leave here, I wanna stay here and have this every day.” Matt sighed contentedly a few minutes later.

“I wish you could too, but don't get your hopes up.” Daryl said softly, wiping the sweaty boys brow off tenderly.

“I know, but I'm certainly gonna get fucked as much as I can from now on, even at home, and if the bitch catches me and kicks me out, then I'll come here.”

“Don't go getting yourself into trouble Matt, we don't want to see you get hurt.”

“I won't, don't worry. If I have to though, can I call a cab and have them bring me here and you pay them?”

“Yes, of course.” Daryl said instantly without thinking of it.

“Thanks. At least I know a way out if I have to then. Any chance someone could diaper me up properly again soon though, I think I'm about to explode?”

“Of course.” Daryl smiled warmly.

With the blanket, they had also brought out everything that they would need to change all their diapers, so they all changed someone else until they were all freshly diapered. With deep contented sighs all around, they were now ready to face the day ahead. What a good orgy does for the soul first thing in the morning.

“Well guys, let's go get dressed, and then I think we have some fencing to install.” Daryl called out once they were ready.


The blanket and all the garbage was collected and they all headed to their houses to get dressed. Daryl just threw the blanket right into the wash, knowing full well that it was very dirty now, and not from the ground either, so it desperately needed to be washed. They all got dressed in some good work clothes and then headed out to get started on their day of fencing.

The boys were given a few hammers and all the staples and told what exactly they had to do, so as Glen and Daryl wrestled the rather large roll of fencing, trying to unroll it and get it into place, the boys could nail it up. The men were still able to go faster than the boys did, but they did fairly well at keeping up. They only had three hammers, and Brook could just barely swing the hammer at all, and when he did, no one wanted to hold the staples for him, because he had really bad aim, but he did try, and he did help some as well. The older boys though just switched off mostly and got the job done. By the end of the day, they had all the fencing installed, only stopping for a few short rests for diaper changes, food and drink.

“Thanks boys, we managed to get it done.” Daryl smiled warmly to them all.

“You're welcome.” They all yawned.

“Yeah, me too boys, let's go to bed.” He said, he received no arguments. They all said goodnight to each other and headed to their respective houses for the night.

Daryl changed all the boys' diapers for them, and then Jimmy changed his, before they all crawled into bed and fell fast asleep. Once again they all slept well, good exercise does after all have a tendency to cause one to sleep very well, and they had all exercised very well over the past couple days.