Chapter 6

The next morning they all woke up at much the same time, but for a good half an hour or more, they did not say anything at all. They were just tickling someone elses back tenderly. They all sighed a few times here and there, they were enjoying the soft gentle morning cuddles. Finally more than a few of their stomachs were heard to growl, looking for much needed food. Once again they were all very hungry.

“Come on boys, as much as I'd love to stay in bed all day long and cuddle, we really should get up and get started with our day.” Daryl sighed, almost unhappy to say it, but knowing he needed to.

“Okay, what are we gonna do today Daddy, build the stalls in the barn?” Luke asked.

“No, I think we should take the day off today. We've done an awful lot the past few days without much rest, and that's just not good. We'll get the horses out for some riding, we'll go for a hike or something maybe even, and we might even just stay in for a while and watch a movie this morning. I'm really tired still, and we slept in, so if I'm that tired, you boys are probably almost as bad. Oh, and no sex today either, we certainly don't need to be fucking like bunnies every day.”

“But why Daddy, we like to.” Brook whined.

“I know, but it's not something we have to do every day.” He chuckled, out of all that he said, Brook was most upset about not getting sex. A four year old sex addict already, Daryl thought that might actually be a first.

“Fine.” He sighed.

The other boys sort of agreed with both Daryl and Brook, they agreed that they needed rest, but they were not so sure no sex was a good thing, even though they were all very tired.

“I know Baby, I'm being mean. Just think, most daddies wouldn't even think of allowing their sons to do what we do. Those poor boys, right.”

“No kidding.” All the boys said.

“So come on, let's go get breakfast real soon.”

They all hopped out of bed and headed to the kitchen. All of them were very soggy, all of them looked as if they might leak soon, but they were more worried about breakfast than leaking at that time, so they headed to the kitchen first. Once there they made and ate breakfast, then cleaned all that up, and then they headed for the bathrooms to all get cleaned before diapered. They were all after all in desperate need of cleaning, so Daryl made sure they all did that. They broke up into two groups, Daryl and Jimmy to the smaller shower, and the three younger boys to the main baths larger shower. They all had a very nice long hot shower.

“I know Daddy said no sex today, but I wanna suck your dicks.” Brook said at most a minute after entering the shower.

“Why don't we each suck someone's dick, so that we all get a chance.” Luke suggested.

“Okay.” Both boys said.

Brook was the first to get down on his knees and he sucked Matt in to the root, grabbing a handful of hot little boy ass in each hand. Matt just moaned and started thrusting into Brook's surprisingly talented mouth. Matt lasted at most two minutes before he had his dry orgasm, and as soon as he was done, Brook stood up. Luke got down and sucked Brook's little dick in and sucked him for maybe a minute and a half before he squeaked his way into his orgasm. Luke stood up and Matt knelt down and took care of Luke, who lasted at most two minutes himself. Finally they were all at least a little sated.

“Much better, thanks.” Brook smiled.

“Yeah, now we better get cleaned, because we're such dirty boys.” Luke giggled.

“Yeah, we are, aren't we.” Matt giggled cutely as well.

“For sure.” Brook added last.

For almost half an hour they helped each other to wash up, and even though they were all hard, and they did spend an awful long time washing each others cute bums, bones and balls, they were not trying to make each other cum again, just feel really good. Finally they hopped out of the shower and dried each other off.

In the other shower, Daryl and Jimmy were just soaking under the equally hot spray of water for a few minutes. Finally Jimmy started something. Daryl did not see, because he had his head back and his eyes closed. Jimmy got down onto his knees and started sucking Daryl softly.

“Mmm, that feels nice, but didn't you get the part about no sex today?” He sighed deeply.

“Yeah, but don't try and tell me that you can't stand to at least drop a quick morning load, and you can bet the other three will be for sure.”

“Yeah, I know they will be, and I certainly could. I bet you also want me to reciprocate as soon as you're done with me though right?”

“Yes.” Jimmy smiled, and then latched back on to Daryl's now very hard member and started sucking fully.

Two minutes was all Daryl lasted before he gave Jimmy the nice creamy man treat he was searching for, and he savored it for as long as he could before swallowing it all down and standing up. By then Daryl was already down from his orgasm, so he got down on his knees as well and sucked his nephew in as far as he was able to, taking his hot little balls at the same time and really treating him well. Jimmy lasted almost a minute and a half before exploding in a great dry cum.

“Ah, much better, thanks.” Jimmy sighed a few moments later.

“You're welcome. I needed it too though, so thank you as well. Now we should get washed and get out of here sometime soon.”

“No prob.”

They too washed each other fully, and while they too were hard as they slowly and thoroughly washed each others groins, neither was trying to make the other cum again, just feel nice, and they felt very nice. Finally they finished washing each other and then they hopped out of the shower and dried each other off.

Amazingly enough, they all managed to make it to the bedroom at the same time to get diapered and dressed. Though they did not bother to get dressed, they decided that if they were not going to go do any work, that there was absolutely no point in getting dressed. As soon as they were all nice and thickly diapered, they headed out to the living room so that they could watch some TV or a movie together. They decided to watch TV. Luke had grabbed his computer and was sitting there looking on it mostly while the others watched TV.

“Daddy, the two guys who were selling their horses still have them for sale, as well as another one now too. The other two guys still want one and fifteen hundred, but the new guy wants only eight hundred for his, but he comes with all his tack too. He's just four years old and is broken already and he says is great for kids, but his daughter died and he just can't keep the horse any more. Can we go buy them today?” Luke asked.

“I suppose so Baby, but that's it okay.”

“Okay Daddy, thanks. I'll email them and tell them that we'll be there to look at their horses after lunch sometime today and get their addresses.”

“Okay, I just hope you know what you're doing.” Daryl said, shaking his head.

He really had no idea why he was allowing it. Then again, there were six people living there, so in all fairness, they should at least have six horses too he figured. Then again, he felt that Brook should probably just ride with him for a while more, until he was older and would be able to control the horses better, because as it was, he could not get them to move by himself, he had to be led.

“Of course Daddy. I've also found a really good site on horse care and I'm gonna start reading it all, so that I know everything I need to know.”

“That's good Baby.”

So, as the others watched TV, Luke sat there reading the website that he had found before he had decided to look for more horses. For the next couple hours, they all sat back, relaxing and enjoying their rest. Luke did learn a lot, but by the time lunch rolled around, he was nowhere near finished reading, so he bookmarked the page and wrote down the page number he was on, so that he could get back to where he was when he started reading again.

They all went and helped to make lunch once again together, as they often enjoyed doing, and as soon as it was finished, they sat down to eat.

“So, did you learn anything good about caring for horses?” Daryl asked Luke as they sat down.

“Nothing really new yet, mostly it's just saying do what we've already been doing. It went into great detail that if a horse is not broken to take him or her into a professional to have that done, because only a trained person could truly do it properly. After that it just said to treat them with great respect, brush them, wash them, ride them, and feed them well but not too much. Lots of fresh grass whenever possible, hay when not, some oats, but not too much, and some fruits and vegetables, but again, not too much. The site said the average horse can have one to two fruits and vegetables a day easily, but shouldn't have more than four or five, if they're getting fresh grass and oats. If they're on hay, then you should bump it up a little, but still no more than four or five a day. It says to stay away from things like onions and other foods like that, not only do horses mostly not like them, but it's not good for their stomachs. Also, they need lots of water, always have good fresh water for them.”

“Okay, so pretty much exactly what we've been doing. Does it say how much we should ride them?”

“A bit yeah, but that part's pretty short, because every horse is different, and that they need to work into being ridden a lot. I guess it's the same as people, if they're not used to it and you make them go for too long, you'll hurt them.”

“Very true. Anything else so far?”

“No, that's pretty much it. There's sections in the article on how to saddle, how to put their bits in and take them out, how best to ride them and everything, but I think we're learning most of that from Glen. I don't think the article's actually gonna teach me any more than Glen already has, and the rest is really just using your head, like you always tell me to do. The way the article says it is the same you say it all the time, if you wouldn't like it done to you, don't do it to someone else. It applies to the horses pretty much as well.”

“Good, glad we're doing it right then. Just because you don't think you'll learn any more from the site though, doesn't mean that you should stop reading it, because it might have some very valuable information, and remember, information is power.”

“I remember Daddy, I wasn't gonna stop reading it. I like learning new things.”

“That's good Baby.”

“You have a neat way of teaching.” Jimmy smiled.

“Thanks. I always felt that we should learn new and interesting things every day. For instance, if I have a question about anything, I'll make a note of it and find a book or a web article as soon as I can and read all about it and learn everything I can, and I encourage everyone to do the same thing.”

“Cool. Is there any chance I could get a computer as well, so that I can use it as well, because Luke's always using that one?”

“Sure, we'll grab you one today while we're out. That's his personal computer as well, not mine, mine's in our bedroom somewhere, not sure where at the moment, because I haven't had time to really even find it since we moved.”


“Can I get one too now Daddy?” Brook asked.

“I suppose you're old enough now to be able to respect it, but you have to promise to take good care of it and use it only as the tool that it is.”

“Okay.” Brook said happily.

“What do you mean, use it only as the tool it is?” Jimmy asked curiously.

“Just that, a computer is a tool, not a toy. We don't have gaming systems here, I don't load games onto the computers, they're not for playing. Granted, we do have a few card games and chess loaded to our computers, but they're not mind numbing, mind deadening games that you can sit and play for hours and not learn anything. You at least use your brain on everything.”

“Oh. I wondered why you didn't have a Nintendo or something.”

“You should know that by now though, we've never had one before, and I know for a fact that I've told you in the past that I won't allow those things in my house.”

“I guess you have told me that, but you never said why. Is that why Luke's so smart, and even Brook seems awful smart for only four?”

“Possibly yes, but I'm sure genetics helps as well. I'm not exactly dumb as a post, and their mother wasn't entirely stupid either, well, actually I guess in some ways she was. No, I'm very adamant about always taking every opportunity to learn. Even most of the shows we watch on TV teach you something, and most of the books we read teach you something. You need to start doing the same thing. I know you've asked to watch shows before that are mind numbing at best, and while sometimes it's not so bad, most of the time, you shouldn't.”

“Oh, I'll try. I'm nowhere near as smart though?”

“Sure you are, you just have to try. You're mother never worked with you, helped you to learn, she didn't instill upon you the necessity of learning, mostly because she doesn't believe that learning is necessary. Her grades in school certainly showed that, as does the fact that she dropped out of high school. Once we start up you boys' schooling again though, I'll push you to learn all that you can to be all that you can be. It doesn't even matter if you just want to stay living out here your entire life and never go do anything more with your life, it should always just feel good to learn, and I'll help you there. The boys love learning new things, I'll teach you that love of learning.”

“Okay. I hated school though.”

“Yeah, so did Luke, but he loved learning. You'll be the same, don't worry.”

“Okay, thanks I guess.”

“You're welcome. Don't worry, now that you live with us, life will be so much better for you.”

“It already is, believe me.”

“I don't doubt that in the least. Well, let's finish up lunch and get cleaned up and head out. Luke, you'll have to check your email and see if the people emailed back.”

“I will Daddy, don't worry.”

They finished up their meal shortly thereafter and cleaned it all up. They then went and got dressed, and as Jimmy went over to tell Glen and Lance what was happening, and to ask if they wanted to come out as well, Luke went and checked his email to see if he had been responded to yet. He had, by all three people, so that was good.

“They all emailed back with their addresses Daddy.” Luke informed.

“Good. Did you email back saying we were leaving soon and would be there shortly?”

“Sure did.”

“Okay, then let's head out.”

The boys all ran from the bedroom and put their shoes on right away, Daryl laughing as he followed at a more sedate pace. He got his shoes on and met the others out at the truck and the van, because Lance was there, so that meant that Glen was coming as well, so they would need both once again.

“So, going to get more horses again?” Glen said as he finally sauntered out.

“Yeah, I don't know how I keep getting talked into this, but we're getting three more today.”

“I know, it's hard to say no to them as you're sliding your dick in and out of them, isn't it.”

“Yeah.” Daryl sighed.

“Know how you feel man, but wouldn't trade it in for the world.”

“I wouldn't either. You wanna take the van again so the brats can watch a movie?”

“Sure, may as well.”

“Okay, just follow me then.”

Glen nodded and went and hopped in the van, while Daryl went and hopped in the truck. He had not seen any of the boys head there, he thought they were all in the van, so was surprised to find Jimmy there waiting for him.

“Hey there handsome, whatchoo up to?”

“Just thought I'd ride with you today so you weren't bored and lonely.”

“Okay, but you don't have to, if you'd rather watch a movie, go in the van.”

“No, that's okay, I'd like to ride with you and talk to you for a bit.”

“Okay.” Daryl said and hopped in. He started the truck, the trailer was already attached, they had never bothered to remove it the last time, so they were ready to go right away. As soon as they were ready to go, he took off and Glen followed.

“So, what did you want to talk to me about?” Daryl asked softly a few minutes later, Jimmy had not started the conversation yet.

“I just want to say thanks for rescuing me. I don't know if you know just how miserable I was.”

“If you were only half as miserable as I was while growing up with her, then trust me, I know. I know you might not believe it, but she was far harder on me, she at least did try to be civil with you, for the most part.”

“Yeah, and up 'til a couple years ago, I didn't hate her, but I didn't really care too much for her either. I admit I was always sorta jealous of Luke and Brook, getting you to call daddy. I always wanted to come live with you, I wanted to be hugged and cuddled and given goodnight kisses. You always did that for me too every time I stayed at your place and it was always so nice. I missed it when I wasn't at your house, because I never got anything like that at home, ever. I doubt my mom ever kissed me, and I certainly never remember her hugging me, if I was crying because I was hurt, she'd yell at me, telling me to quit that bloody racket.”

“I know Jimmy, it wasn't easy growing up with her, but I did what I could for you. I would've adopted you and kept you when you were a baby, but my ex absolutely refused to allow you to come live with us, she said you were your mothers problem, not ours. The first time she said that though was the first time I started to see who she really was, and I tell you, I was never closer to smacking a woman than I was at that moment. I told her in a very icy tone that not only were you our nephew, but you were nowhere near a problem and that you deserved love as well. I didn't talk to her for a week after that, and I almost canceled all her credit cards, but that probably would've backfired on me.”

“She didn't like me either, actually she hated me, every time I came to your house, she glared at me and once she even told me that I should be at my own house, ruining it there instead.”

“She didn't!” Daryl gasped.

“She did, that was one of the few times she actually talked to me. If you weren't there, I wouldn't go anywhere near her. If you weren't there, I actually preferred to stay at home.”

“I'm sorry, I didn't know. Granted, I didn't know an awful lot of what she was doing. Has Luke told you anything about how she treated him?”


So for the next few minutes, Daryl told Jimmy about how Luke's mother had treated him.

“Wow, and here I thought my mom was hard on me. No wonder she was such a bitch to me if she'd treat her own son that way.”

“Yeah, and I married the freak. She was so much like my sister, I'll never be able to really work with another woman again, between the two of them, they've totally ruined women for me.”

“Know how you feel actually. I'm more than likely gay because the thought of a girl reminds me of her and how I hate her so much.”

“You know, I'm not even surprised to hear you say that, because that's how I feel now too.”

“Yeah. I've always known I was gay though, even when I was five I remember thinking that boys were far better looking than girls, and I enjoyed getting to see naked boys. I never wanted to see a naked girl, I never want to see a naked girl, ever. Granted, I barely ever want to see another girl again and could do without for sure.”

“Trust me, you're not missing anything. Boys are far more pleasant on the eyes, that's for sure.”

“I know. Getting to be around all you guys, getting to see you all naked, but even more so in diapers, is the best.”

“Same. I've known I was a diaper lover almost my entire life. I repressed it because of how my parents would've taken it, and I certainly never told my wife, she was a frigid, conservative bitch, that would've gone over really bad, so I had to hide it. As soon as I escaped though, the very first thing I bought myself was a big pack of diapers.”

“Cool. I think I've known I loved diapers my whole life too. My mom at least got me night pullup diapers for wetting the bed, but I wouldn't dare wear them any other time. She knew exactly how many she bought and how fast I was using them. If I had've even thought of wearing during the day, she would've known instantly. The few times when I woke up too wet and had to change in the middle of the night, she questioned me about it. It got to the point that if I had to do so, I told her first thing in the morning, so that she didn't question me a week or so later, accusing me of using my diapers more than needed. Not sure what her problem was.”

“Other than being a control freak bitch you mean?” Daryl laughed.

“Well, that was pretty much a given, I wouldn't think I'd have to spell that out for you.”

“No, that you most certainly don't. As for the reason, probably because I think she suspected I was a diaper lover, and well, you and I are a lot alike. She accuse me a few times growing up of being a diaper lover, that I didn't need diapers, but that I kept wetting the bed just to get them. She said so to our parents too, but they told her that was nonsense, that there was no such thing, that no one would love such a thing. They told her I just had a problem and even the doctor said so. At least I did have a doctor that very clearly said my bladder was small and weak and that night time problems would be my lot in life, that I would be lucky to grow out of the need for them by my mid teens. I did too by the way, for the most part, but I tell you, I regret ever telling my parents that I stopped wetting the bed.”

“I hope you don't expect me to stop wetting the bed any time soon?” Jimmy smiled.

“No, you can wear diapers for as long as you wish to. You may or may not wear wherever or whenever you so desire.”

“Thanks. So, you think she probably thought I loved diapers too then, but my doctor said the same thing, small weak bladder and that I may or may not eventually grow out of the need for diapers, so she had no choice but to give them to me for sleeping.”

“Yep, that pretty much sums it up. I told her when you were five that if she didn't give you diapers for wetting the bed, that that'd be like abusing you, because you couldn't help it any more than she could help being a self centered righteous bitch.”

“You said that to her?” Jimmy gasped.

“Many times. I don't know if you know this or not, but up 'til the time I divorced my wife, there was no one on the planet I hated more than your mother. Now it's a tossup between the two of them as to who I hate most. Your mom though I think still takes the lead in that race, but not by much.”

“Wow, and I here I thought I hated her.”

“No, sadly you have no idea what hate is 'til she does to you some of the things she did to me. You know some of it, but not even Luke knows all of it, and no, I won't tell you any more either, because some of it was downright nasty. Trust me, she loved you with all her heart in comparison to me, not that she had much of a heart mind you.”

“Wow. I'm so sorry that she was like that to you. How could your ex deserve to be hated that much then?”

“Trust me, the day I told her I was divorcing her and that she wasn't getting so much as one penny, she went crazy and started saying many things that were so far from true, it's not even funny. Granted, one of the things she actually accused me of doing, I now do in fact do, and that's have sex with the boys. Before that though I never touched them, and Luke swore the same thing. That sadly was one of the nicer things she tried accusing me of.”

“Wow, what could've been worse than accusing you of having sex with a kid, which by the way I don't see as being bad?”

“I'm not so sure I should tell you.”

“Why not, it's not like I'll tell anyone, or heard bad things before, remember, I lived with my mom, and over the past couple years, she's called me some pretty horrible names.”

“True. She actually said that I allowed Luke to have friends stay the night so that I could rape them. She said I'd drug them and rape them, fuck them silly, make them bleed even. Both Luke and I gave all the names of the boys that he had had spend the night, only four of them, and I explained to their parents what was happening and asked them if they would willingly bring their boys in to have them checked out for any such abuse and to be questioned. The one father said yes instantly, saying his boy had never been touched, and given he changed his diaper all the time, he would have known instantly had that been the case. Even Matt was brought in and checked out and questioned, and not one shred of evidence was ever found. Every last one of them said the same thing, that I was never anything but really nice, but that my ex was definitely the opposite, she hated them being there. One of Luke's friends even said that she told him that he should've stayed at home to make his parents miserable instead of her.”

“When that all backfired, she tried to claim that I beat her all the time and that I was really abusive to her, that I drank all the time and even did drugs. In response to that, I asked the court to demand she see a doctor and have her completely checked out to see if there was ever any evidence of abuse, because I never touched her once in any such manner, as well I gave every bank record I could find to show that I never bought any alcohol nor did I ever go to the bar. She of course claimed that I must have paid cash, but once again, the records showed that I rarely ever paid anything by cash, because I almost never withdrew any, I usually just used my cards to buy things. The judge slammed her hard for all that, and still she tried to get me. Finally the judge said, that's enough, one more false accusation from you and I'll jail you for contempt of court. The stupid bitch then tried to claim that I had my lawyer forge a false pre nuptial agreement after the fact so that she wouldn't be able to get any money. That she had only had an affair because I wasn't putting out any more, and that the agreement should be null and void.”

“The judge smiled at her and said, I hereby sentence you to three years in prison for knowingly falsifying testimony to a judge in the court of law. She screeched at him, saying it was true. He then held up the original agreement that she had signed with the lawyer at that time and said that there was no way for the lawyer to have forged it, since the lawyer that had signed it originally had died several years ago now, and that the handwriting was completely different, that he was not a handwriting expert and could clearly see that there was no way for my current lawyer to have been able to have forged it. As well the fact that as soon as he died, his notarizing stamp was destroyed, and there was no way to forge that, so the original document was the one he held, which meant that she was going to jail. Boy did she ever scream and yell at the judge, he even laughed and said to me no wonder you divorced her.”

“Wow.” Jimmy breathed out.

“Yeah, pretty horrible. My track record with women though is two for two, and there won't be a third, ever.”

“Yeah, well I only have one woman in my life, my mother, and she'll be the last one too if I have my way.”

“You're lucky, you're with someone who understands you and you can be who and what you are, so that means that you may very well get that wish.”

“Yeah, thanks again for everything.”

“There's no need to thank me Baby, I'm happy to take you in and give you all that you need and want.”

“Yeah, well you're my uncle, not my parent, it's supposed to be ones parents doing that for their kids, not their uncle, so trust me, thanks. Way more than I can ever say.”

“Just the once is enough. Don't worry. Was there anything else you wanted to talk to me about?”

“Yeah, it's actually sorta embarrassing.”

“Really, after all that we do and know about each other, you find anything that you have to say or ask to be embarrassing?”


“This I gotta hear, spit it out boy.” Daryl grinned, knowing that this should be good.

“Well, it's, well, do you know what a teen baby is?”

“Sure, a teen who likes to dress up and act like a baby. Same as adult baby's. I'm not entirely an adult baby, but there are certain things I like. You're a teen baby, aren't you?”

“Yeah, I sorta wanna be a full baby sometimes.”

“Does that include pooping your diapers?”


“I can respect that, however, you have to understand, I'm not into poop at all, I hate changing poopy diapers, hence the reason I asked Brook to stop pooping his diapers all the time. It's fine for a baby, but after that, I just can't really handle it. If you're fine cleaning yourself up, then by all means, poop away. Of course we're all into a bit of piss play, which includes piss fucking, so dirty diapers happen, that's fine, but even still, we always clean ourselves when that sorta thing happens. Would you like the cute baby clothes and bottles and stuff?”

“Okay, I can accept that. Brook would clean me up, he said he'd clean me up if I'd clean him up. As for the clothes and bottles and stuff, yeah, I'd really like that sorta stuff. I don't know how I'll pay for it though.”

“Don't you worry about paying for anything, I'll manage that just fine. I have no doubts that Brook will want to get into pooping his diapers more if he gets a chance, he prefers it himself, and even Luke might every now and then, but I don't think he cares for it so much either. What else would you like?”

“Well, I really want a pair of snap crotch shortalls, cute babyish footed jammies for the winter time, bottles, soothers, you name it really. If it's cute and babyish, I'd really like it. Oh, and we still haven't gone in and bought any toys, we were gonna do that a while ago, but never ended up doing it, so can we do that today too?”

“Babyish clothes for a boy your size are gonna be tricky, we'll have to special order them from somewhere, because I doubt very seriously that there's anywhere near here that carries that sorta thing. I totally forgot about the toys too, so sure, we can do that today too. Was there anything else that you were wanting or needing to make your life better in any way?”

“I doubt it could be any better than it already is, just those things will make me happier than I already am, which is really hard to do by the way, so no, nothing else thanks.”

“If you think of anything else, you just come and ask me, okay, and no matter how embarrassing you think it is, I assure you, you can come to me.”

“Thanks. I know you're my uncle and all, but I've always wanted a daddy, do you think it'd be okay for me to call you daddy instead?”

“Well, I've always thought of you as more a son, so I'd be honored, as long as I get to call you one of my baby boys.”

“Cool, thanks so much Daddy.” Jimmy said happily, a few tears leaking out.