Chapter 7

They talked all the way into town, both of them really getting to know each other much better than they already did, and that was good. As soon as they made it to town, Daryl decided to hit the toy store first. Glen knew where they were, since this had been the very same store he had visited himself, so he told the boys to just stay. Daryl was in the store for nearly half an hour picking out all sorts of fun toys for them all. He was very interested in the adult baby section the store had, and while the clothes were much too big for Jimmy, the baby accessories would certainly work.

He grabbed four different sizes of dildos, six different butt plugs, approximately a gallon of lube, all the batteries to go along with all the powered toys, and then the few things he grabbed for Jimmy. For Jimmy he grabbed two soothers, four bottles and a tee shirt in the smallest size they had, it would still be a bit too big for Jimmy, but it was really cute, it said; I'm the Baby of the Family.

As soon as Daryl hopped in the truck, Jimmy asked to see all that he had bought, but Daryl threw it in the back seat of the truck and told him to just wait until they got home, so that he could show it to everyone at the same time. Jimmy huffed, Daryl laughed.

Daryl then pointed them at the furthest place to get the horse that they were picking up and they arrived there shortly thereafter. This was the man whose daughter had died, it had been her horse. Understandably he was concerned that his daughters horse would receive the greatest of care. It was Luke that explained that it was him that was looking after all their new horses, it was his decision to get them in the first place, and in fact it had been him to email for the horse. He assured the man that he would care for his daughters horse every bit as well as she did herself, or even better yet. He explained that they already had three horses and were getting two other ones as well that day. He was happy, and he really liked Luke. Most people did though.

They hit the second place and then the third, and both places were happy to sell their horses to someone who seemed to have the means to take care of them and the space to raise them properly. Once all the horses and their tack was loaded up at both places, they headed out and Daryl pointed them back toward town. He knew of a gay oriented clothing store in town and wondered if they carried anything for the teen and adult baby. He told Jimmy to just stay put, so he did, and then he went and told Glen that he was just running into the store to check something out.

“Hello, how can I help you?” Daryl was asked as soon as he walked in, he could very clearly see that the man was gay.

“I was wondering, do you carry AB and TB wear?” He purposely said the initials, so that if the man had no idea, then he would not know what Daryl was asking for.

“Sure do. For yourself or for someone else, or maybe both?” He asked, pointedly looking at Daryl's diapered crotch.

“Yes, I'm a diaper lover, but not an adult baby so much, but a couple nice outfits might not be so bad. My son though just admitted that he was a teen baby, though he's only eleven. He admitted to me a while ago that he was a diaper lover as well, but I've known for years that he was anyway.”

“Lucky man.”


“What size is he?”

“Somewhere between twelve and thirteen, so just go thirteen, he'll grow into it.”

“Okay, and what all are you looking for?”

“He mostly wants a really cute pair of snap crotch shortalls, but he'd also like some other cute clothes and jammies for the winter time.”

“I have several pairs of the shortalls, but only one in that size, and they're adorable. I bought a pair for my nephew last week, and he loves them. I also have plenty of other clothes that you might be interested in, follow me.”

“Does your nephew live with you, and how old is he?”

“He's almost thirteen, and yes, his parents kicked him out almost a year ago when he admitted to them he was a gay diaper lover. I'd known for years he was gay, and I suspected that he was a diaper lover as well for a few too.”

“Lucky you then. My son is actually my nephew as well, though he asked to make it daddy and baby just this afternoon, so now he's my son. I do have two sons too though and they're both diaper lovers and gay.”

“Wow, very nice. How'd you end up with two kids, my gaydar is ringing loud and clear with you.”

“Likewise, but I played it straight, and to tell you the truth, I always thought of myself as more bi, but I'll never go with another woman again, ever.”

“Yeah, who needs that headache right!” He laughed.

“I sure don't.”

“Anyway, here's the rack that you're looking for, and here's the ones that'll fit your son.”

“Oh, these are cute, aren't they!” Daryl cooed.

“For sure, and they're especially cute when you diaper the little guy up in a nice double thick diaper and make him really puffy, these things accentuate the bulge like you wouldn't believe, the cutest thing ever, at least for us gay diaper lovers.”

“Then we'll just have to do that then.” Daryl smiled.

“I certainly suggest you do, and of course if he's that much of a gay diaper lover, he'll love it too. Don't be surprised if he gets overly excited though and cums as soon as you snap him up, I know my nephew did. Granted, the little bugger's hard as a spike at nearly every diaper change.”

“How often has he asked you to help him out?”

“Oh god, nearly every day, sometimes two or three times, but I just keep telling him how illegal it is and that he really should find himself someone closer to his own age. I mean, I don't mind them a little young, but not even thirteen is a little young even for this chicken lover. Nah, fifteen is the youngest I've had, and ever since the bloody law changed to sixteen, I've stuck with them or older. He keeps telling me that he'd never tell and that he can take me, not sure how he knows that mind you, but I keep putting him off.”

“You do know that if he's looking for an adult, that he's gonna just go out and find one and possibly get into trouble right?” Daryl asked softly.

“No, he wouldn't. Not only is he super shy around most people, but he almost never leaves the house. I have him doing school at home because he doesn't interact well with others.”

“Trust me, if he's asking you, he has the really deep itch, one only men can scratch because they're bigger, when he gets to the point where he's so horny that his shyness doesn't matter any more, look out, he'll go and get it the first place he can, and he won't find the love and tenderness that he's gonna need to go along with it. Has he ever had sex before?”

“Not that I'm aware of, nor has he told me, so more than likely not.”

“Then his first time really needs to be tender and loving or it could ruin him for life. My nephew was the same, but he started getting the itch at ten he told me, by the time he was eleven, he had worked up the courage and went and found what he thought he wanted. His mom was also horrible to him, so for the past several months, he actually went out and used sex to get money. Don't let that happen to your nephew, love him the way he needs it, wants it, deserves it, and trust me, it is wonderful.”

“Oh, but, well my first time was when I was twelve, I went through the same thing, I needed it so bad, so I went out searching for it and found it. The man took me home though and treated me really well. I went back and saw him dozens more times, up 'til I was too old for him in fact. We're still great friends.”

“And you could hope that the same thing happens for your nephew, but the odds just aren't there that that will.”

“But he's my nephew and he's so young and small.”

“I know, so's mine.”

“It's so wrong though.”

“No, I don't think it is, and I don't think you truly believe that either, do you?”

“No, not really, but it's really illegal.”

“Like we say, oh well, just because they don't like it, doesn't mean it should be illegal. Really, what happens behind closed doors matters to no one, and as long as no one is hurt or forced, then why should they care.”

“That's true enough I suppose. How do I know you're not a cop trying to get me though?” He looked warily at Daryl.

“Hah, now that's just too funny. No, trust me, I'm not a cop. I doubt very seriously that anyone would be able to talk a cop into getting diapered and come in here and talk to you. Besides, if you'd like, I could bring my nephew in here and let you meet him.”

“No, that's okay. Are you sure though, won't it hurt him more in the long run?”

“Did it hurt you more in the long run to have an adult lover?”

“No, in fact I think he helped me to really know what love is.”

“And you should do the same for him.”

“I'll think about it.”

“Just don't think too long or he'll go searching elsewhere for it. Now, I love all these ones, so I'm gonna take them all.” Daryl said, handing a stack of clothes to the man, he had been looking still as they talked.

“Good choices, your nephew is clearly a very lucky boy.”

“Thanks, and so is yours.” Daryl smiled warmly.


They went up to the till and rang it all in and then Daryl paid for it all. With final goodbyes, Daryl left, saying he would definitely be back. He had never been to the store before, but had heard that they were around and that they catered to the gays, now he knew they really catered to all gays and they had lots of nice clothes.

Daryl hopped in the truck and threw the bag in the back seat. Jimmy asked what was in it, but Daryl said he would find out once they made it home. He did tell Jimmy all about the conversation though, and Jimmy thought it was great, thinking that there would be another very lucky boy, possibly as early as that very night.

After that, they headed to the grocery store, seeing as how they were already in town, they may as well stock up on supplies. Glen and the boys all went in with Daryl. They were walking up and down the aisles when all of a sudden, Matt gasped.

“What's the matter?” Daryl asked.

“There's my mom, and she saw you and Luke, she now knows, she's coming this way, and I'm heavily diapered enough that she'll be able to tell.” He said, already starting to shake.

“Young man, I thought I told you that you were never to hang around this boy again, how'd you even contact him?” She said, glaring icily at Luke as she said so.

“I'll handle this Matt. Come with me Susan.” Daryl said firmly.

“I'm going nowhere with you. Come on Matt, we're leaving right this instant.”

“Susan, I wasn't asking, now come here and stop making a scene.” Daryl said softly.

“What do you want?” She hissed.

“Glen and Lance are our next door neighbors, Luke worked it out to call Matt from there, so that Matt could come spend the week with us, because they're best friends. Matt was miserable because you tried to tear them apart, and it was wrong to do so.”

“What do you know of wrong, do you know what those boys were doing?”

“I didn't, not 'til very recently, and I'll tell you the same thing I would've told my useless wife had she told me, so what, they're boys, boys experiment, play, have fun with each other and it means nothing.”

“Your wife wasn't useless and what you did to her was horrible.”

“I always took you for one of them, you either didn't hear the whole story, or only that of what she told you, or you still believe that she still deserved something after all that she did to me and the boys. No, trust me, she got exactly what she deserved, and maybe less, because I would've gladly jailed her for life for doing what she did.”

“I heard enough. Now, I'm taking Matt with me.”

“Why, because he's having fun?”

“No, because your son is a bad influence on him.”

“Oh, really?” Daryl asked so icily, so scarey that it shocked Susan.

“Yes, he took advantage of Matt and made him do things.” She attempted.

“You ever, and I do mean ever accuse my son of being a bad influence you vile beast, and I will knock you down several pegs, just like I did my wife. Luke was never, nor will ever be a bad influence. We talked it over a great deal when Matt came over and I found out that not only was it mutual, but they both started it together, as in neither of them pushed the other into it. Now, you are bordering on abusive to not only Luke, but to Matt as well, and some of the things he's told me already won't help you in court at all. I very strongly suggest that you don't even try me, because even though you're supposedly his mother, when I call the cops, it'll be you leaving in cuffs, do you understand me?” Daryl whispered right into her ear.

“How dare you threaten me. Matt's not gay, Luke is, Matt wouldn't ever do anything like that.”

“Actually, he did, and I believe that he is gay, same as I believe that Luke is, they love each other, but right now they're only just very close friends who saw nothing wrong in sharing something that felt good. They're too young to truly know what gay is, or to know if they're gay, what I believe is only that, it is not fact. If you ever call either boy that again until they themselves say they are, I will call the cops.”

“Then I think you should call the cops, I'm gonna have you arrested.”

“Hah, what for?” Daryl laughed.

“You're clearly a bad influence on them. You're probably even allowing them to play with each other. Maybe you're even watching them or helping them.”

“Careful Susan. My ex tried that and look where she is. Did she ever tell you that, that she accused me of raping the boys, as well as being a heavy drinker and hitting her? Did she tell you all the lies she tried to get all my money, money that she didn't deserve? She probably did, because otherwise you wouldn't say such a horrible thing. You probably believed it too, didn't you. You truly are as stupid as she is. You know, if your husband hadn't died and left you all his money, he'd have left and taken Matt and all his money too. You're just a money sop wench too that believes that men should pay for your every whim, no matter what, and that even if you do decide to go and fool around, that you should get everything your husband has, no matter what.”

“How dare you.”

“I dare, now, I suggest you leave and as soon as I can arrange it, someone will be visiting your house to have you sign over Matt to my care, because you're obviously not good for him or to him. If he does turn out to be gay, you'll only destroy him, and I can't in good conscience allow that to happen. I wouldn't allow for my wife to do it to Luke, and I won't allow you to do it to Matt. Now, are you gonna play nice, or do I have you jailed as well?” Daryl now nearly had Susan pinned up against one of the coolers in the aisle they were in, whispering hoarsely into her ear.

“Matt, come on, we're leaving.”

“No Matt, you have a choice, I told her that I was gonna adopt you and that if she fought it, I'd have her jailed. What would you rather, go home with the woman you claim to hate, or come with us?” Daryl grinned.

“Definitely come with you guys.”

“Matt.” Susan screeched. “I'm your mother, how could you?”

“Easy, you're not my mom, a mom would understand her son, she'd love her son, she'd listen and never hit her son, no, you're not my mom, you haven't been for years, but especially since Luke and I were caught playing with each other. Which by the way I started, I'm the one that asked Luke to play, I'm the one who started touching him first, I'm gay and I'm proud of it. I never want to see you again.” Matt said more than loud enough for everyone in the aisle to hear, a few parents hearing as well.

Just as he was saying this, a police officer was walking down the aisle, Glen had very quietly called and explained what was happening.

“What seems to be the problem here folks?”

“Oh good, Officer, this man is trying to kidnap my son.” Susan started.

“Didn't really sound that way to me Ma'am, it sounded more as if your son was trying to escape you.”

“He's been brainwashed into believing that he's gay, this man is a bad influence on my innocent son. He's probably already molested him too.”

“Son, is any of this correct?” The officer asked Matt.

“No Sir, my best friend Luke and I were caught playing around, I know I'm gay and my mom hates that, she's tried to beat it out of me, called me all sorts of horrible names and won't let me visit Luke any more at all.”

“Oh really, she beats you?” He asked, very interested.

“Yes Sir, every day, some days I can't even sit down for hours.”

“And is the sole reason because she believes you to be gay?”

“Yes Sir, she says she'll make me behave properly if she has to beat me to death.”

“Oh really. Well, I think I've heard more than enough. Ma'am, if you'd please turn around and put your hands behind your back.” He said and then read her her rights. By now, more than a few people were gathered around to see the whole thing.

“This isn't right, this isn't fair, he's the one who's raping little boys.” She said, pointing her head at Daryl.

“No he isn't, he'd never do that to us.” Jimmy said.

“Ma'am, I suggest you save it for the courts. Sir, I assume that you are okay with keeping her Son?”


“Good. A social worker should be here momentarily to place him in your care. If you'd wait here though, I have to go pass this lovely lady off to my partner.”

“Thanks, will do.”

They waited there for just a couple minutes for the officer to come back, and he came with who the others could only assume was a social worker.

“Sorry that took so long, but I had to explain everything to the social worker and let him hear the recording. I love these new digital recorders we're supposed to keep on at all times.”

“No worries Sir.” Daryl said.

“So, you must be Matt? I understand you no longer wish to live with your mom, she was abusive, and that you wish to live with your best friend, and that his dad's okay with it?”

“That's right Sir. I promise to you that Daryl's never touched me in any way at all, not like she'd have you believe. I'd be happy to go to a doctor and everything, but well, Luke and I have played a bit.” He said, whispering the last little bit.

“I understand, I was once a little boy too, and I know well what little boys like to do when they're really good friends. None of that'll be necessary at all. Would you like to be adopted by Daryl?”

“Oh yes please. If I could stay there and have a real daddy again, that'd be wonderful. I hate my mother, she hates me, can I sue her for abuse do you think?”

“That'll be up to you, but it's usually a messy procedure.”

“Then I want to.”

“I'm not the one to talk to about that, for that you'll need a lawyer.”

“Okay, thanks.”

“Well, I think that's all I need from you. I would like you to sign something for me though, since you're clearly old enough to know what you want, you should get to sign off on it as well. And then I'll get your new daddy to sign off on everything and have the officer witness it all. With any luck, your soon to be ex mother will sign off on it as well and we won't even have to have you in court or see a doctor or anything.”

“Okay, thanks Sir.” Matt said happily.

He quickly went over everything with both Matt and Daryl and then had them both sign where they were supposed to. Within a few minutes he was gone.

“Well, now that was an interesting shopping trip. We should finish up and then get out of here, we're starting to attract too much attention.” Daryl said to the others while pointedly looking at the crowd of onlookers.

“No kidding.” Glen said.

“Are you the one who called the cops?”

“Yeah, figured they might be necessary, and it turned out the timing was perfect.”

“Yeah, thanks.”

“Yeah, thanks.” Matt added, hugging Glen.

“No problem.” Glen smiled.

They quickly ran through the last couple aisles to get the rest of their things, and then headed to the till to pay. They went and loaded it all into the van and then headed out right away, thankful to be out of that situation. They made it home in the normal amount of time and then offloaded everything into their proper homes, Luke, Lance and Jimmy taking care of the horses and their gear, while the rest got the groceries and stuff. Daryl handled the stuff in the back seat of the truck himself, taking it right to the bedroom and sort of hiding it for the time being. Finally they were all done their work.

“Okay boys, we need to talk.” Daryl called out, Glen and Lance were invited for this talk as well.

They all went and sat down, all of them facing Daryl. Once they were all seated and quiet, Daryl got started.

“Well Matt, I guess you have a new family now, congratulations.”


“This does bring up a couple things though. In case no one noticed before now, this is only a three bedroom house, so that means if anyone ever comes to visit, we need to be ready. Jimmy could probably have a bedroom set up at Glen's place, Brook is by himself, mostly because they don't want to see two kids Brook and Jimmy's age sharing a room. That leaves Luke and Matt together sharing a bedroom, but we need another bed in there.”

“I have a spare bed in storage at my place, and we can easily put Jimmy in the spare bedroom at our place, should anyone come by that is.”

“Oh good, that saves us having to buy a bed we all know full well will never truly get used.”

“And it's doing us no good, so you may as well.”

“Thanks. The other thing though is sex. Matt, you absolutely cannot have sex with us adults now 'til this is completely over, and you probably shouldn't even have sex with Jimmy. Sucking is fine of course, but nothing more than Luke, Lance or Brook in your bum at all please.”

“I guess so.” He sighed, he really liked Jimmy filling him up.

“ I know, but we don't want anyone to suspect anything more is going on here than they need to know, right.”

“I know.”

“We're all also gonna have to stay mostly dressed for the most part, no dressing up in super thick diapers, and if we're in just diapers, we have to have clothes nearby at all times. No going outside in just diapers either, because there's just no telling when or if someone could stop by. We could get lucky and no one does, but you never know. I know well the wrath of a woman scorned, she could get very mean and uncooperative and try and say all sorts of things, not that she didn't already try, but obviously she'll do anything to save herself from going to jail. That's not about to happen though, she's going and there's little that can be done by her. I'll also call my lawyer for you Matt and have him represent you, so that you can sue your mom, she should be broke and broken, the way she deserves to be, he'll take care of everything so that hopefully you won't ever have to go to court. With any luck, this will all be over in just a week or two, but it was three months when I dealt with our little problem. Granted, she didn't cook her goose in front of a police officer, so hopefully this'll go far faster.”

“Okay.” Everyone said. They may not have been happy with all of it, but they did understand it all and the reasons for it, even Brook knew why he had to behave.

As soon as that was all taken care of, Daryl called his lawyer and explained to him all that was happening and what he wanted for him to do. He was good with all that and asked to meet Daryl and Matt the following day.

The rest of the day, they all sat around and did nothing much, other than talk a lot and watch TV. At one time, Jimmy cornered Daryl and asked him about the stuff that he had bought that day, but Daryl explained that until everything was blown over, that it would be best to not indulge in any of that. He understood, he did not like it, but he understood. Daryl promised though that as soon as everything was taken care of, that he would have the best time imaginable.

The next day, Daryl took Matt to the lawyer and they met for about an hour, he had Daryl and Matt sign a whole host of different documents, and then notarized them. He said that hopefully this would not go to court, that he was going to see the ex mother that afternoon in lockup and explain her options. They had all decided that if she signed Matt over uncontested and paid him out in full for all that he was asking for, that they would no longer be pressing charges, and that she would escape going to jail. Matt made it very well known though that if she were to say no, that he would take her for all she was worth, not just the seventy five or so percent, and that he'd make sure she was jailed for at least a few years.

That afternoon, the lawyer did go to the jail where she was being kept, and with her lawyer, he laid out the options for her. She said she was not going to give the vile brat a dime and that she did not deserve to go to prison. Her lawyer tried to tell her that she was in too deep, that she could not possibly win, she fired him.

Two days later they were in court, Matt and Daryl had been called, but were told that they were not yet required to go to court to testify, but that they may be required in a few days. She was representing herself, which of course was a bad thing, but Matt's lawyer had her toasted in under half an hour, the judge awarded Matt with everything she had, including the house, and she was jailed for four years for mental and physical abuse. Matt was not even required to testify because of the recording from the police officer, as well as his testimony.

The lawyer called Daryl and told him the good news that very afternoon, and told them that because the court awarded custody and full parental rights to him, that social services was now no longer involved, that they would not have to worry about any visits at all. Daryl gladly explained all this to everyone as soon as they hung up, and all the boys screamed and yelled happily for a good five minutes before Daryl was able to calm them all down. He and Glen just smiled brightly.

“I have a daddy, I finally have a daddy again, I'm so happy.” Matt said, tears unashamedly streaming down his cheeks.

“Yes you do.” Daryl said, hugging his newest son.

“Thanks so much for everything.”

“You're very welcome, I'm just glad that you're happy too. Now, I know that we haven't really played much lately, given everything that's been happening, so what say we go have some good dirty family fun!”

“Yippee.” All the boys yelled out and ran to the bedroom as fast as they could. Glen only laughed to Daryl and they followed all the boys at a lesser speed, but still nearly running.

When they got to the bedroom, three boys were already on their hands and knees, waiting impatiently for three people to fill their little bums. Luke, Lance and Matt were pretty much waving their hot diapered little bums, trying to entice the men, like that was needed. Jimmy was grabbing the lube and just as Daryl and Glen entered the room, he had it and was heading toward Matt, because he knew that he would have to be the one to take Matt.

Jimmy got started right away by poking a hole in the seat of Matt's soggy diaper and entering with a lube coated finger, while the men got started on preparing their sons, figuring they may as well make love to their cute little baby boys who loved this so much. As soon as Jimmy was done with the lube, he passed it to Daryl, because Luke still needed lube, whereas Glen did not even figure they would need it, Lance rarely needed it if his daddy just fingered him real well, and he was getting fingered real well.

Brook was up on his knees, his little baby erection pulled out the front of his diaper, aimed right at his loving brothers mouth, since Luke was in the center. The other two boys had a hand in there as well, Lance was fingering his cute little bum hole, while Matt was playing with his tiny little balls. Brook was having a great time as well.

At the same time, almost three minutes after starting, all three would be fuckers lined up and sank into their chosen holes slowly. All three boys moaned lowly. Matt did grunt a little, because he was still not used to this, but he had wanted it a great deal too, so he never asked Jimmy to stop or to slow down, granted Jimmy had slipped in very slowly, so there was no need for Matt to ask him to go slower. He did fine though and took Jimmy with relative ease, even if it was a little uncomfortable still.

Once all three of them were fully inside their partners, Jimmy being the last to finish, Jimmy gave the nod, telling the men that he was ready, and they all started pulling out just as slowly and then right back in just as slow still. They were making slow gentle love to their boys, all six of them loved it a great deal.

Granted, Brook was enjoying himself a great deal as well. Lance was already up to three fingers inside his hot wanting little hole, fingering him just as slow and deep as he himself was being fucked. Having his little dick sucked, his balls played with and his bum being filled, he thought that there was only one thing that could make it better, and that would be to have a dick in his mouth as well. There was no one for him to suck though, so he dealt with it, until he got an idea.

“He guys, let me go for a second, but once I'm back in position, do the same things again, that was feeling great.” He said, pulling himself free of his brothers suction hold.

He laid down on the bed on his back, aiming himself correctly and then shimmied himself underneath his brother so that he could suck his dick at the same time as Luke could suck his, and the other two could still just as easily do as they were doing. Once in position, Brook and Luke latched back on, and the other two boys continued where they left off. Brook thought that there just could not be anything better than this now, and he got to enjoy watching his dads hot diapered dick slide in and out of his loving big baby brothers diapered hole, it was very erotic.

Everyone else thought it was very erotic as well, and even though not one of them picked up the pace any, they all felt themselves get just that much closer to their first orgasm of the day, all of them knowing it would not be the only one either.

With grunts and groans all around, about five minutes after starting, fist one boy came, and then all of them followed. It was a great chain orgasm that ripped through them all at almost the same time. Yet, not one of them even slowed down, they just kept going strong, or slow, whichever. They kept right on going through their amazing cums until they came down, which was a good minute or two later, but by the time they were down, they were already well on their way to their next orgasms.

Speaking of their next orgasms, they happened almost ten minutes later again, and while this time they had to pause for a few seconds, they did not stop what they were doing, they were all too full for that and not one of them even thought about stopping.

No, there would be no stopping for at least one more orgasm to rip through them all. They all stayed in the exact same configuration for the remainder of their incredible sex session and this time lasted almost fifteen minutes before cumming again, almost all of them agreeing silently that that was it. The only one who wished it could go on for longer was Brook. They pretty much all pulled apart and slumped down though as soon as their final orgasm let them go, and they all sighed deeply.

“Wow, now that was hot.” Daryl said a few minutes later.

“That it was.” Glen agreed.

“Unh huh.” All the boys chimed in.

“Let's get everyone all diapered up nice and thick again, or actually, I have something that a few boys might like before we do that.” He said again, but hopping out of bed as he was finishing it.

He went into the closet and dug out the bags of things that he had bought that last day in town and came back to the bed. He pulled out all the dildos and butt plugs first, handing each boy their toy. He handed the smallest butt plug to Matt, the second smallest to Brook, the third to Luke, the fourth to Jimmy and then had the largest left for himself. He had not intended to buy the one for Matt, he had bought it for Brook, but Matt needed it more and he felt Brook could easily take the one that he got now anyway.

“Wicked, thanks Daddy.” They all said.

“You're welcome. Let's put the batteries in our plugs right now and then slip them in. If you two want to get plugged up as well, you'll have to wait 'til you get home I'm afraid.”

“We will, don't worry.” Glen grinned and Lance nodded his head in agreement.

They all put their batteries into their chosen toys after opening them up and cleaning them off with some wipes, and then they lubed them up and one by one, Daryl went to a boy, took his prepared toy and said boy bent over and exposed their cute little bums to him so that he could slip their toys in. The only one to grunt as it slipped in all the way was Matt.

“Oh wow, that feels weird.” He groaned.

“Does it hurt?” Daryl asked.

“Yeah, a little, but it's getting better, it just feels really weird.”

“That's about normal for your first time, don't worry, you'll get used to it quickly enough and you'll love it.”


Once Daryl was finished with the boys, Brook took his daddy's toy and slipped it in him, and he sighed as well. He then instructed them to all reach back and turn their plugs on, so they all did, Brook squealed and came again.

“Hot little bugger.” Glen laughed.

“Yeah, he is.” Daryl grinned.

“Now, I have one last surprise, it's for a little boy who let me know that he was a little teen baby, so I got him some cute little baby clothes and accessories. There's enough here for him to share, should anyone else care to as well.” Daryl said, grabbing and dumping out onto the bed all the items he had bought.

“Awesome, thanks.” Jimmy said effusively, hugging his uncle appreciatively.

“Cool, I want a bottle please?” Brook said.

“I'd like a soother please?” Both Luke and Matt said at the same time.

“How about you Lance, would you like anything?” Daryl asked.

“Nah, thanks. If I do, I'll go get the ones I have at home, I'm a baby too.” He grinned.

“That's good. I made sure to get enough for all of us to enjoy.” Daryl smiled.

“Good.” The boys all said.

Daryl grabbed the cute pair of shortalls that he had bought for Jimmy, as well as one of the babyish diaper shirts, and then went about getting Jimmy properly babied. He grabbed a diaper and then poked more holes in the diaper that Jimmy was already wearing, put the new diaper on top of that, slipped on a pair of cute little rubber pants, and then got him dressed in his diaper shirt and shortalls. By the end, he was very babyish indeed, he looked so adorable.

“Wow, now you look so cute, just like a really big baby.”

“Thanks, just the way I wanted.” Jimmy said, tears streaking down once again.

“I definitely want some of those as well.” Luke said, and Matt and Brook nodded their heads in agreement as well.

“I don't know if they have your sizes or not, but I can check I guess.”

“Please.” They both said.

“Okay. Now, I bet you all want double diapers as well right?”

“Yes.” Everyone said.

So they all helped to get all of them double diapered, just the way diaper lovers love it, nice and thick. They then all got dressed, so that they were good and ready to go do something. What they had no idea about still, but they would figure that out.

“So, what should we do now?” Daryl asked once everyone was all taken care of.

“Can we just go horseback riding today, maybe take them for a bit of a nice trail ride and look around?” Luke asked.

“Sure, why not. We can see what the horses can do, we won't push them hard today, but we'll take them for a good ride.”

“They should be able to handle that, they seem to be able to take us all with ease.” Glen said.

“Then come on boys, let's go.” Daryl smiled.

Glen and Lance headed to their house first, they too wanted to fill themselves with a toy, but they met the others in the barn a few minutes later. The boys had got all the horses out into the coral and got their blankets out, while Daryl got started on bringing the saddles out. Once Glen and Lance made it, Glen started by grabbing one of the saddles and getting it up onto the horse it belonged to, then Luke came in and got started on getting it all buckled up. As the saddles were placed, another boy would come and buckle it up, and soon the horses were saddled and almost ready. Glen just went around to make sure all of them were proper and tight enough.

“You boys did a great job, they were all done perfectly, but most of them weren't quite tight enough, but that's not surprising, none of you have the strength yet to pull them taut. Jimmy, you had yours the closest though, not even you had yours quite tight enough Daryl. You need it so that there's good resistance to even slip your finger underneath.”

“Okay.” Daryl said.

“Cool.” The boys all said.

“Well, Brook, you're with me then I guess, the rest of you, choose your horse and Glen and I'll help you all up.”

“Can I steer the horse Daddy?” Brook asked.

“You can help, yes.”


They all went and chose their horses and those who needed help to get up, got it, but Jimmy managed to do it himself by leading Lightening to the fence and using it to help him up and on. A few minutes later they were all ready to go, so they headed out and went for a good three hour long horseback ride in the back country of their property. They toured the area, enjoying all the sights and sounds, they saw lots of animals, found a creek, the horses were allowed to stop and drink for a few minutes, and generally had a great time. Finally they were back to the barn and the horses were stripped down, washed and then brushed. The boys all fed them an apple and some oats, and then they were left in the coral to cool down and relax.

“That was really nice, thanks Daddy.” Luke said while hugging his daddy lovingly.

“Yeah, it was. Let's go get some dinner ready boys. Will you guys be joining us tonight?” Daryl asked Glen.

“No thanks, I think we're gonna head home and get some dinner ourselves and then just kick back and relax.”

“Okay, that's what we're gonna do too I think. Well, have a good night.”

“And you guys too.”

They all headed inside and made and ate dinner and then sat back and relaxed for the rest of the night, before all going to bed. They all sucked each other to a nice cum while changing their diapers, and then they were fast asleep.

Over the next few months, they did work around the place to dress it up nicely, they even had to add on to the barn, because Luke found another few horses, from an SPCA bust where the animals were being cruelly mistreated. They gave them all the tack and other gear that was taken as well, with a small donation of course, Daryl gave ten thousand dollars to them, they were very happy. The boys started doing their home schooling as well, all of them worked together every day for four hours on that, while the men took care of the other chores that they needed to do.

Brook was almost six before he got to feel his Daddy slip inside him, and Matt only waited a month before he decided he was ready and took his new daddy as well. They were all very happy and loving, and as they say, a family that plays together, stays together. Well, they stayed together for many great years on their farm way out in the woods.

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