A Family

By Jim Vance

Copyright 2013 by Jim Vance




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Chapter Two

We woke up early and drove to a friend of Dad's who was loaning us his truck for the bed. We drove the truck to our apartment and got my bed. Mom wasn't there. We loaded a few other things that were still there. The alarm clock, the phone, the computer desk, and the rest of my shoes. The room was just about empty by the time we left.

We took the things to Dad's apartment. There wasn't a lot of room. We just stuffed it all in his office. Then we drove the truck back to his friend's house. We were all sweaty, so we took a shower at Dad's place. Our place. In the shower, I knelt and began sucking Dad.

After a couple of minutes, Dad said, "Let's save it for the party."

"So there will definitely be sex?"

"Both David and Paul want to have sex with you. If you don't refuse, there will be sex."

"Just Paul and David? You don't want to have sex with me?"

Dad chuckled.

"I always want it!"

I stood up.

"Baby, I am very glad you are open to this. I was afraid you would be completely uninterested, or worse, think bad of me for suggesting it."

"I'm nervous, but I think David is very hot. I'm glad you thought far ahead. It would have never occurred to me, but I think it is a good idea to have a family."

"And you don't think badly of me for wanting to see you have sex with David?"

"Dad, I trust you completely. If you think it's a good idea, I agree. If I have to have sex with a really hot man, to make you happy, I won't complain!"

"Do you really want to have sex with David, or are you doing it just for me?"

"I want him to fuck me and I want to suck that pretty dick of his and feel his cock shoot in my mouth." Dad started stroking my dick. "I want to taste his cum. I want to know if it tastes like yours." Dad pushed a soapy finger inside me while he stroked me. I leaned my head against him. "I'm the one who wants his cum in my mouth. It's Paul I'm not sure about."

Dad nodded.

"I'm sure he will be gorgeous someday—I think his father is—and I will probably be crazy about him."

"But he's young, now," Dad finished.


"Well, I can't blame you for that. I feel the same way."

"When he's older?" I asked.

"He wants me to fuck him now, Jamie. I can't very well say no forever. Will that bother you?"

I thought about it. I had no idea. I imagined myself under David, with Dad fucking Paul. I still couldn't imagine how I would feel.

"I don't know, Dad. I really don't. I know I would feel it was unfair to Paul if you and David are fucking me, but you refuse to fuck him."

"I am so glad you are making an effort, Jamie. I think it is a very good idea, but only if you are completely happy."

I nodded.

"I think it will work the way we discussed it. If I am having sex with you and David, my dick is going to be very hard. If Paul wants to bounce on it, it's fine with me. But I think that if I was alone with Paul, I wouldn't be able to do it. Just looking at him doesn't make my dick hard."

"And you are a bottom."

"Right. Definitely a bottom. I have no desire to fuck anyone."

Dad took me to breakfast. We sat and talked for a long time. It was just about time to go to David's house. I didn't even bother to take my swimsuit.

We drove to his house. It was in the nice part of town. The houses were really big, with huge front lawns. Dad stopped in front of one. It was huge. I looked at Dad and he grinned at me.

Parked in the driveway was a brand new, red Ford Focus. It still had the window sticker on it. Paul was too young to drive, and I had trouble imagining a man who lived in a house that big, driving a Focus. There was also a fairly new Range Rover in the driveway.

I got out of Dad's car and walked over to it. Dad joined me.

"Nice car," Dad said.

"It is!"

I looked inside the windows.

"Well, hello!" I heard a deep voice say.

I turned around and saw David. He was wearing a pair of plaid shorts and nothing else. I walked up to him and hugged him. I think I surprised him, but after a moment, he hugged me right back. I looked up at him and realized he was even handsomer in person.

"I can't kiss you in the front yard," he said, grinning. Dad was right. His accent was sexy.

"What about the back yard?" I asked him, grinning.

"I will do anything you want, there."


He chuckled.

I saw Paul standing close by.

"Do you like it?" Paul asked me. "I think it's really beautiful."

I blushed. I thought he meant his father's cock. "Yes. I like it a lot," I said, softly.

"That's Jamie's lobster impersonation," Dad said.

David started laughing.

"He's talking about the car, Jamie," David said.

"Not what you saw in David's photo," Dad added.

I blushed again.

David laughed and whispered to Paul. Paul laughed.

"They're both beautiful!" Paul said.

Dad laughed.

"Jamie was awfully fond of one of the pictures I showed him," Dad said.

"Were you, little one?"

I felt like melting. His deep voice, hairy body, and even his words were affecting me.

"Do you like the car?" Paul asked.

"Paul picked it out," David said.

"Yes. It's very nice."

"Well, we hoped you would like it."

I didn't understand.

"Why did you hope that?"

"Let's go into the house," David suggested.

We walked inside. We went through a door and we were inside a big, open courtyard. It was nicely landscaped and there was a large pond with goldfish and two wooden bridges that went over it. There was outdoor furniture—a table and four chairs—in one corner and a bench next to the pond.

"Wow!" I said.

"Isn't it, great?" Paul asked. "I wanted to get a couple of turtles for it, but they said they would eat the fish."

"Well, turtles would be cooler than fish," I said.

"I think so, too," Paul said.

"Well, if you want turtles in it, find someone to take the fish," David said. "I don't want dead, half-eaten fish smelling up the front of the house."

We walked over a bridge and passed a small waterfall at one end of the pond. It was very pretty. There were blooming water lilies just below me. We came to another door and walked into the house. It was a really nice house. David and Paul gave us a tour. There were five bedrooms, and a lot of other rooms The only room I paid much attention to was the home theater room. It had a projection TV and seats like a movie theater.

"This is you and your father's room."

It was a big bedroom with a king-sized bed. There was a sofa and a large TV in the room, too.

"Do you think you can spend the night?" David asked Dad.


I grinned. "I would love, too!"

"Maybe later, we can go in your car to buy the turtles," Paul said.

"Dad, will you take us?"

"I thought you had a driver's license," Paul said.

"I do."

"Well, we can take your new car," Paul said.

I didn't understand.

"Jamie, the Focus is yours," David said. "It is a gift from us."

I almost fell over. "Mine, mine?"

Dad laughed. "Yours, yours."

I stared at David, and then at Paul. I was shocked. I thought he might give me flowers! I would have really liked that!

"I don't know how to thank you!"

David grinned. "I can think of a couple of ways that we will both enjoy."

"I have a feeling I would enjoy them more, and then I would have to thank you for those, too."

He seemed pleased by that.

"Oh, you are a doll."

David took me in his arms.

"May I kiss you?"

"I wish you would."

He kissed me. While we kissed, my pants were removed. My underwear was pulled down and someone started sucking my cock. Dad was standing next to us, so it was Paul who was sucking me. I felt Dad's hand in the cleft of my butt. Then he pushed a finger inside me. Someone stroked my balls. I wasn't sure if it was Dad or Paul.

"Jamie really wants to suck your cock, David," Dad said.

"Is that true?"

I nodded.

"If you and your papa move here, you will be able to do that often."

"How often?"

He grinned at me.

"My cock will be inside you often, little one," he whispered in my ear. "I want you, Jamie. My cock wants you."

I gulped.

"Live here for good?"

"Yes. I told you David wanted a family. We would all live together."

I smiled.

"Do you want this, dearest?" David asked me.

"I think so. Dad?"

"I hoped you would want to live here, Jamie," Dad said. "I thought about forgetting all about picking up your bed this morning, since you seemed to be interested in the idea of us being one family."

I thought about that.

"You are even more beautiful in person, Jamie. Do you not agree, Paul?"

"He's a hunk, Dad!"

I laughed. No one ever called me that before!

"I love his dick. It tastes good, too."

"Good. But it sounds like you want to taste mine, yes?" David asked.

I nodded.

"Then we are a family?" David asked.

"I think so, David," Dad said.

"We are a family of four lovers. Your father is your lover, but Paul and I will now be your lovers, too. Paul will now be Keith's lover. Will you agree to this?" David asked.

I nodded.

"As my lover, I want you to be receptive to my advances, Jamie."

Dad laughed.

"That is funny?"

"Dad means I really like you. I think I will be the one making advances, if I know I can."

He grinned at me. "You can! I will be very happy if you initiate it. I want you just as much, Jamie. I want to bury my cock inside you and then repeat it for the rest of my life."

Paul wants to kiss you," David whispered.

I pulled Paul up and took him into my arms. We kissed. He was a very good kisser. I was really surprised, since he was only twelve. But then I remembered he had a husband, like me. We really did have a lot in common.

I could hear Dad and David talking, but I wasn't paying attention. Dad's finger was still inside me, and Paul stroked my dick while we kissed. When we pulled apart, I stroked his upper lip. Hair was starting to grow hair there. We smiled at each other.

"Would you be willing to fuck me some time, Jamie?"

"I'm a bottom, but if Dad or David fucks me, I want to try it. I'll be plenty hard if they are fucking me, or I'm sucking them. Will that be OK?"

Paul grinned.

"Sure! It's perfect!"

"I'm glad to hear that you are a bottom, Jamie. Keith and I have no desire to get fucked. I doubt that will ever change for either of us. Jamie, your father tells me you really love sucking cock, and that you want to suck me and eat my spunk—all of it."

I was kind of embarrassed, but I nodded. "I know it's greedy."

David laughed. "Greedy in a good way! If you are living in my house, you are my son, too. I still get to feed my son. Besides, as your father said, why try to convince Paul to eat it when he doesn't want it and you want it very much? Why not just give it to you?"

"I agree with that, Dad," Paul said.

I smiled at him.

"Now Paul loves getting fucked." Paul grinned at me. "And Paul wants all three of us to fuck him. If you are willing to fuck him, as we said, while we fuck you, I think I should reward you with my semen. Paul?"

"That sounds great, Dad. I don't mind a bit."

"Good. When your dad and I fuck you or Paul, we can pull out and come in your mouth."

"Oh, fuck! That's hot!" Paul said.

"It is! Oh, god! It is!" I said.

"Would you come inside me, Jamie?" Paul asked me.


Paul grinned.

"It's perfect! We all get what we want! Everyone fucks me, and both men feed Jamie their nasty cum!"

I laughed. "You mean all three of you feed me your delicious cum?"

"You want mine?" Paul asked.

"Can you shoot yet?"

"Just a little."

"I want it!"

Paul grinned. "I'll give it to you."

He hugged me. I realized it wasn't going to take long for me to fall in love with either of them.

The doorbell rang.

"That will be the caterer. He will be setting up food and drinks by the pool."

David left the room.

"You both realize you will need to keep your butts really clean, don't you?" Dad asked.

"Yes, Dad."

"Yes, Keith," Paul said. "Dad has pulled out of me before after fucking me and had me suck him. Believe me, I want to be clean! We have a bidet. I'll show you how to use it, Jamie."


"I'll be out back," Dad said. He walked out of the room.

I looked at Paul. "I hope you get hairy like your father. I really like that."

"I think I will."

He pulled off his shirt and pushed down his shorts.

"Oh, wow! You are already getting hairy!"

"I know." He looked down. "I'm glad you like it, Jamie. Your dad told me so much about you, I—I really like you."

"I like you a lot. I just feel—oh, never mind."

"Please tell me."

"I guess I feel overwhelmed."

Paul nodded. "I can understand that. We've had weeks to get used to the idea."

"I just heard about it last night."

"I know. We thought it would be a couple of years before we might all live together. We would meet and slowly get to know each other. But then—" Paul grinned.

"Right! I moved in with my lover."

"Will you tell me what you think about me, and please be honest?" Paul asked.

"I think you are cute."

Paul smiled. "That's a good start."

I nodded. "It is."

"And Dad?"

"I think he is so sexy. Plus, I want to melt every time he speaks."

Paul grinned at me.

"I think he is, too."

"What do you think of my Dad?" I asked.

"I think he is very sexy. I really, really wanted him to fuck me, but he wouldn't without your permission. He wouldn't even kiss me without your permission. He did give me a photo of his cock. He said he had given you the same photo. I hope you don't mind."

"No, I don't mind. I am glad he waited. I would have been upset," I said.

"Oh, yeah. I understand. If I found out Dad was having sex with others, without knowing about it, I would feel betrayed."

"Have you two had sex with any others?"

"We've talked about it with two other couples. Neither one of us was very interested in the first. The second couple was better, but I didn't like the son very much. I didn't hate him, or anything. But he was a lot older and I thought he was probably a druggy. He was eighteen, and he was completely covered with tattoos—and I don't mean three of four. We didn't have sex. At least I didn't. I hope Dad didn't fuck him. Dad worries a lot about HIV and hepatitis, so I really doubt it."

"Did your Dad like them?"

"He liked the father. We both did. It was the son. The day we met, as soon as our Dads walked away, he asked me if I had any pot. I had just turned eleven!"

I laughed.

"Also, he asked if he could fuck Dad, and you heard what Dad said about that."

"But you would prefer I was a top, wouldn't you."

"If you were, my dad wouldn't have been interested. I'm fine with it. I love sex, but I am looking forward to having a friend, just as much. After all, even if we didn't have sex, I would have a best friend, plus your sexy father for a lover."

I smiled at him. "You definitely have a friend."

He hugged me again.

"How old were you when you first had sex?" he asked me.


Paul grinned. "Keith told Dad about the jock strap. I hope you don't mind."

"No. I guess not. I wanted to die when it happened. How old were you when you first did it?"

"Much younger. I would rather not say."

"Do you mean you regret it?"

"Oh, no! Not a bit. I loved it just as much then as I do now."

"Where does your mother live?"

"I'm not sure. I haven't heard from her for a while. The last I heard, she lived in Phoenix. Dad hired her as a surrogate. She stayed in touch for a few years. She sent birthday cards on my birthday, but we weren't close. I figured she probably has kids now. I mean kids she kept.

"Do you want to sixty-nine?"

"I've never done it."

Paul grinned and closed the bedroom door.

Paul lay on the bed naked. He really was cute. I figured in a year or so, I would find him very exciting. I liked him a lot then, but I did wish he was older. I stepped out of my shorts and took off the rest of my clothes. Then I got in bed, too.

He showed me what to do, and a couple minutes later, we were both sucking each other. Paul was uncut, too. I was circumcised, for some reason. His dick was almost as large as mine. I wondered how big it would get. I was looking forward to sucking it for the rest of my life.

"I can't believe I will have this pretty thing to play with for the rest of my life!" I told him.

"I like yours, a lot, too."

We went back to sucking each other.

I heard the door open.

"Isn't that a beautiful sight?" David said.

"It is," Dad said.

"We want to watch you two sixty-nine," Paul said.

I didn't think I wanted that, but I didn't say anything.

"I have a feeling Jamie would be disappointed if I came in Keith's mouth."

"Keith would be disappointed, too," Dad said.

We laughed.

"The caterer has left. Do you want to come outside?"

I looked at Paul and he shrugged. We got off the bed.

"Jamie, David wants to hire movers to pack up everything in our apartment. Is there anything you need before they do that?"

"I guess just my toothbrush and some clothes."

"I have already got new brushes and toiletries in your bathroom here," David said.

"We will put the boxes in the garage for now. You can bring in what you need when you need it."


"Jamie, I know you will hate this, but we want to keep the two of you out of school Monday."

"Oh, that's awful," Paul said.

"It's terrible," I said.

"We must obey our fathers, though."

"We must!"

"It must be a sex day," I said to Paul.

He laughed.

We headed outside. The pool was beautiful. It had different levels, which I had never seen before. Not only was the backyard enormous, but there was a tall fence and shrubs on the inside.

There was a table with food and bottles of soda. We had eaten not long before, so I wasn't hungry.

Everyone who wasn't naked, got naked.

David took me in his arms. I smiled up at him.

"You are very beautiful, Jamie."

"I think you are, Dad. New Dad."

He grinned. "I liked the sound of that."

I ran my hands over him while Dad applied lube to my hole. I leaned forward and kissed David's chest. He tilted my face and pushed his tongue into my mouth while Dad pushed inside me. I wrapped my arms around David's neck. He pulled away and I sighed. David grinned at me.

"I could kiss you all day," I said to him.

"How about Thursday?"

I chuckled.

Paul reached for my dick and squirted lube on it. David moved off to my side. David pulled my mouth to his, and we kissed, again. While I was kissing David, Paul pushed back against me and my dick slid inside him. I moaned. Paul began moving on my dick and it felt incredible. It was the most pleasure I had ever experienced. Dad's cock inside me definitely kept me hard. David's tongue explored my mouth while I stroked his cock with one hand, and Paul's hole massaged my cock.

Dad pulled out of me.

"Your turn, David."

David smiled at me and moved behind me. Dad kissed me while David pushed inside. He groaned loudly as he slid inside me. He began fucking me slowly.

I was getting closer and closer, and then I came. I pulled away from Dad and grabbed Paul's hips.

"I'm coming!" I cried.

I moved him on my cock as I shot inside him.

"Breed me, Jamie! I want it. I want your cum inside me. I've wanted it for a long time," Paul said.

"He is giving you want you want," David said. "Just as I will give Jamie what he wants."

Dad pulled on my nipples and David fucked me until my orgasm ended.

I groaned as Paul pulled off me. He turned around and kissed me. I wrapped my arms around him.

David pulled out of me.

"How was it?" David asked Paul.

"Great, Dad."

"Good!" David said.

"Now that Paul has what he wanted most, why don't we three give Jamie what he wants?" David asked.

We all got in the pool. Dad and David rinsed their dicks off.

"Why don't we sit on the edge of the pool while Jamie is in the water?" Dad suggested.

Once they were doing that. I moved between David's legs. I pressed my face to his crotch to smell him, but I mostly smelled chlorine. I took his smooth balls into my mouth and sucked them.

"Jamie, Paul shaves David's nuts. If you like it, I can shave mine."

"I'll do it," I told Dad.

I took David's cock in my hands. I slowly pulled the foreskin back. A drop of precum formed at the tip. I licked it off. It tasted great. I began licking the head. David leaned back on his outstretched arms. He groaned as I started sucking him.

"It's a wonderful feeling knowing that he wants me to come in his mouth. I don't have to worry about pulling out at the last minute," David said.

"I know. It's a luxury I never had before," Dad said. "It's wonderful knowing that not only does he not mind, but he wants me to shoot there. Our semen is a treat to Jamie. One we will always enjoy giving him.

"Very true," David said.

I looked up at David's hairy body. The black body hair was still stuck to his skin from being in the pool. I could taste his precum and I loved it. I reached out and held his balls with one hand.

Dad got up and got in the pool. He got behind me. He placed his cock at my hole and pushed inside me.

"Do you like that baby? Having both your men inside you?"

I pulled off David's cock.

"I love it!"

Then I felt bad about Paul. He wouldn't experience the same thing, because Dad thought he was too young. Paul was a very old twelve, I decided. He wasn't like any twelve year old I had ever known.

I hoped Dad wouldn't mind, but I asked Paul. "Paul, do you want them both in you at the same time?"

"I know your Dad thinks I'm too young. If I have you and Dad at the same time, that will be fine."

I was relieved. "I'm glad you don't mind. I personally, think you are very mature for your age."

"Thank you, Jamie," Paul said.

I smiled at him.

"I think that was a hint to me," Dad said.

"Was it, Jamie?" David asked me.

"Well, I fucked him and I'm a bottom!"

David chuckled.

I began stroking David's cock with one hand while I held his balls with the other.

"Meaning that I should," Dad said.

"Keith, I really hope you will be able to look at Paul as your spouse," David said. "One thing I was going to suggest, was having Jamie sleep with me for the next few nights and Paul with you. It will help reshape the relationships from two couples, to four lovers."

I looked at Paul and he liked the idea.

"I love that idea. It will make you seem more like my lover," I said to David.

"And I am your lover. Make no mistake about that, Jamie. I plan to make love to you at least once a day, for the rest of my life," David said. "Keith, you were so worried that Jamie would not be interested in our foursome, but he is embracing it more than you." Dad sighed. "You say Paul is too young, but you thoroughly enjoyed watching me fuck him, didn't you?"

"Yes, I loved it. I would have come if I hadn't promised Jamie all my cum. You are absolutely right, David. Paul, would you like to sleep in my bed?"

"I would love it! Thank you, Keith!"

"Are you going to fuck him?" I asked.


"Jamie! I love you!" Paul shouted.

I laughed, but it was a nice feeling, being loved.

"Will you allow Jamie to sleep with me for say, three nights?"

"That will be fine."

"This will give you a chance to bond with Paul while I bond with Jamie," David said. "At some point, I think Jamie and Paul should sleep together, too."

David pulled my mouth to his cock.

"Now suck, sweetheart! Your papa wants to feed you."

I sucked and I thought he tasted fantastic. After a couple of minutes, he sighed, and it was like a hose went off in my mouth. He shot a lot of cum. From the first spurt alone, I had to swallow immediately, or my mouth would have been full. David ran his fingers through my hair as his cock discharged over and over. I swallowed and kept swallowing. I could understand why Paul didn't want David to come in his mouth. I really liked the taste; David's semen tasted a lot like Dad's. But if you didn't like it, there was way too much to ignore.

Finally, it ended. David's cock got a little softer. I squeezed out the last of his cum and licked it up.

"Did you like it, dearest?"

"I did!"

"You are kidding!" Paul said.

"Actually, I loved it, but I didn't want to sound too kinky."

David and Dad laughed.

"It is like your being greedy about it. You are kinky in a good way. It pleases me very much that you like it. Are you happy?"

"Very, very happy, David."


"Keith, would you consider taking Paul to your bed and fucking him? We have made Jamie happy. It is Paul's turn."

"I think that is a fine idea."

We got out of the pool. There were towels on one table. We dried ourselves. Then we went back into the house. Dad and Paul got in bed while David sat on a couch. I thought about asking, but I decided to just go ahead and I climbed onto his lap. He grinned and seemed very pleased. He wrapped his arms around me. I looked into his handsome face.

"I love you, David," I whispered in his ear.

"I love you, too, dearest. I think I loved you before we met, just from how your father described you. You are even more wonderful than I thought you would be." He looked at me and tilted his head. "But do your feelings have anything to do with the car?"

I smiled. "I forgot all about the car! Thank you! Thank you!"

He laughed and hugged me.

"Dearest, we will have a lifetime together full of love, sex, and fun."

I watched Dad push inside Paul. They both moaned. I had never watched Dad fuck, of course. When he fucked me, I watched his face when we weren't kissing. He was very sexy as he began thrusting into Paul. David stroked my dick while we watched them.

"You are beautiful, Jamie. I am so happy that you will be mine."

"I'm happy, too. I've been wondering, are you Moslem?"

"No. We are Christians—Eastern Orthodox, although Paul and I do not go to church. If I was Moslem, I would be circumcised."

"I'm very glad you aren't."

"Aren't a Moslem or aren't circumcised?"


Are you, darling?"

I felt for David's dick. It got stiff when I wrapped my hand around it.

"You like it, don't you, dearest."

"No," I said.

He grinned. "I don't believe you. You aren't an actor."

"It's true. I don't like it. I love it from the bottom of my heart."

He laughed.

"Are you hard enough to fuck me?"

"Do you want it, now?"

"I thought it might be nice to lay next to Paul while Dad fucks him and you fuck me."

David's grin widened.

"That sounds lovely. Go get in bed."



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