A Family

By Jim Vance

Copyright 2013 by Jim Vance




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Chapter Three

I lay down on the bed next to Paul. Dad stopped fucking him.

"David is going to fuck me."

"Good!" Paul said.

I looked at Dad.

"How is it going, Dad?" I asked.


He leaned down and kissed Paul briefly. Then he began thrusting into him again.

David got on the bed.

"Fuck my son, David," Dad said. "Jamie wants that cock inside him."

"Oh, I plan to fuck him often."

I pulled my legs up while David put lube on his dick.

"Keith, will you pull out of Paul for a moment. I want him to do something."


Dad pulled out.

"Paul, guide my cock into our lover's hole."

Paul grinned and I smiled at him. He took his father's dick and moved it to my hole.

"Fuck! That is hot!" Dad said.

I moaned as he entered me.

"Thank you, son."

David bent over and kissed his son. Then he began fucking me.

Paul lay down again and Dad pushed back inside him.

"Heaven!" David said.

"I have to agree!" my dad said.

I looked at Paul and he was looking at Dad. I reached out and took his hand. He squeezed mine. I held Paul's hand as David fucked me.

"This is just as wonderful as you described it, David," Dad said, as he fucked Paul.

"Actually, it is better, thanks to Jamie. Paul and I are both grateful for your help convincing your father to be a top again."

"Hey!" Dad said, laughing.

"I was going to offer to fuck Keith, but I was afraid Jamie wouldn't like it," David said, grinning at me.

"David, it's OK to fuck Dad, as long as you pull out in time."

Dad laughed. "No. It isn't."

"Oh. And why would I pull out. Maybe for your treat?"

"Yum!" I said.

"Gross!" Paul said.

Dad and David laughed.

"You better keep your mouth closed, dearest," David said to me. "You might convince Paul that it is delicious, and then you would have to share it."

"Oh, you are right! But if my mouth is closed, how will you give me my treat?"

"Can we change the subject?" Paul asked, laughing.

I turned my head to look at Paul.

"Your dad shoots so much spunk! How do you keep it from leaking out of you all the time?" I asked him.

"I wash it out in the bidet. Can you imagine walking around in school with a wet spot on my pants? They would murder me!"

I was shocked.

David started laughing.

"Look at that expression!"

I groaned as David hit my prostate.

Dad stopped fucking Paul.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"Nothing. I was just close to coming," he said to me.

"We want the fun to last all day, dearest," David said.

I nodded.

Dad began thrusting into Paul, again.

"Do you like the feel of your lover's cock?" David asked me.

"I love everything about you."

He grinned at me.

"I feel the same way about you, Jamie."

I ran my hands over his shoulders and chest. He leaned down and we kissed.

"How many times a day can you come, Keith?" Paul asked.

"Three, but it's difficult."

"How about you?" I asked David.

"My record is five, but that was very, very difficult. I had a very motivated lover."

"He means me," David said.

I grinned.

"I have a feeling you want to be a hard worker, Jamie," he said.

David fucked me for a few more minutes.

"I don't want to come yet."

He pulled out of me and got off the bed. He held his hand out.

"Come, let's give them some privacy. We can have some for ourselves."

I took his hand and we walked out to the back yard.

"Are you hungry, dearest?"

I reached for his erection. He laughed. Then he took me in his arms.

"I really do love you, Jamie."

"I love you, David. I must. I feel guilty about my feelings."

He nodded.

"I really hope Dad loves Paul as much."

"Paul is a sweet, lovable boy. I feel sure he will. It is just—"


"I think your father is afraid that because of Paul's age, he is only doing as I tell him. That he is too young to know what he wants and maybe I ordered Paul to have sex with him. They need to bond more than we do. We already love and desire each other. Once they spend time together, he will realize how much Paul loves and lusts after him. Then I think he will allow himself to fall in love."

I wasn't sure if that was true, but I definitely agreed they needed to become closer. I wanted Dad to love Paul as much as David loved me. I was surprised I felt that way. Maybe it was because both Paul and David showed me so much love. I felt my father and I should return the same.

We stood next to the table with the food. I looked up at him.

"You know, you really didn't need to buy the car. I would love you just as much without it."

He grinned. "I know."

I thought of something and blushed.

"Oh! I see a lobster!" he said. "What are you thinking about little lobster?"

"There's something wrong with me!"

"Why do you say that?"

I looked down. It was embarrassing.

"Please tell, me, Jamie."

I looked up at him.

"I realized I would rather suck your dick than go look at my new car."

He chuckled.

"Did you think I didn't notice that? You got more excited about a mouthful of my semen than you did the car."

I closed my eyes. It was true.

"Jamie, I love you for it. I am more important to you than the car, aren't I?"

I nodded. "Much more important."

"Do you think that is a bad thing? I certainly don't. I am delighted that you forgot all about it by the time you told me you loved me. To me, that meant you loved me, not the house, the car, or my money. I know now that you would love me just as much if I was poor."

"I would."

"I know, dearest."

"Let's have a snack."

I got some chips and dip. I still wasn't that hungry. David had a beer. We sat together and he put his arm around me.

"David, I am really looking forward to sleeping with you, but I feel guilty."

"I know. That is why we are doing it. All four of us feel guilty. But I am afraid that if we don't break free of our old—associations, we won't really be a family. I don't want to wait five years for it."

"I don't either."

"I promise you that all of us will feel guilty at first. But when you go back to sleep with your father, won't you be excited?"

"I will."

"He will still be your father that you love, but you will also have a definite relationship with me."

"Firmer," I said.

"Exactly. Right now our relationship is very fragile. I could say the wrong thing and you might decide you were wrong to love me. I think on the fourth day, saying the very same thing, would make you pause, but not stop loving me."

I thought about it. It made sense to me. The love I felt for him couldn't be deep yet.

"Are you sure it is possible for me to be in love with you and Dad?"

"I think it is."

"What if I love him more, or you?"

"You will. I expect you will love him more. He is your father. If you love me more, I won't complain. Don't worry about it. Are you in love with me?"


"Do you love your father less?"

"I don't think so."

"I am fairly sure you love your father more than me, yet I am very happy that you love me. That won't change."

I was still worried.

"You know, your father and I talked about this a lot."

"You did?"

"Good heavens, yes. We talked about the very things you mentioned. You need to remember that this is a lifelong relationship, at least we hope it is. We hope that you and Paul will never move away from home."

"I won't. I would have to be insane to give up sex with you and Dad."


I put my plate down and leaned my head against him. He kissed the top of my head.

"You will never know how much it meant to me that you hugged me the minute you first saw me, Jamie. I thought `This may actually work.'"

"I'm glad you love me, too."

"I do. Do you know what pleases me most, besides your love?"


"The fact that you value my semen. You want it. You were shocked that Paul washes it out."

"It's true. When I asked that, I was wondering whether I should ask for a butt plug to keep it in my body."

"You feel your husband's seed belongs inside you, don't you."

"Yes. It just seems right."

"I agree with you. It is a sign of our love, not a mess that should be washed away. You know, your father is very proud of the fact that you made him promise to give you all of his."

"I was afraid he would be annoyed."

"Oh, no. You cherish his seed—the thing that made him a father. Both he and I love that. I can't help but think that makes you a better wife than Paul, but that may be my fault."


"Maybe I started him too young. Before he could appreciate what it meant. He thinks of it like snot."

I laughed.

"He told me I couldn't blow my nose into his mouth, either." I laughed. "You don't see it that way. But I think it is probably because he was seeing it as an eight year old."

I assumed that meant David first had sex with Paul when he was eight.

"I think you may be right. I think differently than I did when I was eight."

"Of course! At sixteen you are practically an adult. You are old enough to understand more. I don't hold it against Paul, but I do love you for it."

I ate some chips and looked around the yard. I realized I was happier than I had ever been. Even happier than that first time with Dad.

"If you don't mind, sometime today, I want you to spend a little time alone with Paul. Maybe you two can take your new car to go shopping.

"That will be nice."

"That will give your father and me a chance to talk. I really want to find out how he feels about Paul, and I think with either of you around he might not be completely open. Plus, the two of you should bond."

"I agree."

"I knew you would." He kissed the top of my head, again.

I put my plate down.

"I'm too excited to eat," I said

"That's how I feel. I expect we will all be hungry by dinner time."

I leaned my head on him.

"Do you have family here? Your mother?"

"My mother lives in Los Angeles with her husband. She remarried after my stepfather died."

"No other family?"

"No. Not in the US. I have family in Turkey. My cousin has visited us before."

"Is your cousin a man or a woman?"

"A man. Actually, he looks a lot like me."

"Oh, gorgeous."

David sighed. "I am very pleased you think so. If he visits again, you could probably have sex with him."

"He would be willing?"

"He would be happy to have his cock sucked. But maybe you wouldn't like to suck him."

I blushed and David laughed.

"You are adorable, my love."

"Let's get in the pool. I want to wash my prick."

I stood up and we walked to the steps at one end. We got in the water, and David cleaned his cock. Then he lifted himself out of the water and sat on the edge of the pool. I moved between his legs.

"I know what you want, dearest, and I want you to take it. It belongs to you. Take your husband's seed into your body."

I took him into my mouth and began sucking him. I held his balls with one hand and I began taking more and more of his cock into my mouth. The head of his cock was hitting the back of my throat. I changed the angle of my head and David groaned loudly as the head of his cock entered my throat.

"Oh, dearest!"

His words excited me. I found myself swallowing his entire cock. I pulled out until only his head was in my mouth, and then took the entire thing—over and over. He began moaning. I was excited beyond belief. His moans grew louder, until I worried about the neighbors hearing him. He pushed my head off him, as his cock shot onto my face. Then he pulled me back onto his dick. I sucked on the head while he fed me his warm semen. It was thinner in texture than the last time he fed me, but there was still a lot. I was very grateful to him for that. I only wished Dad was so generous with his semen. His cock softened and I let it slip from my mouth. I grinned at David, who was shaking his head. I wiped the cum off my face and ate it. David groaned as I did it.

When I finished, David put his hands under my arms and lifted me out of the water.

"Wrap your legs around my waist."

I did and I was sitting on his lap, facing him.

He pulled my mouth to his and we kissed. We wrapped our arms tightly around each other. I wanted to be a close to him as possible, and I thought he wanted the same. I don't know how long we kissed, but it must have been several minutes.

I heard voices and pulled away from my wonderful lover.

"I expected the two of you to be having sex," Dad said. Paul stood next to him, grinning. Dad held Paul's hand. That made me smile.

"Jamie gave me a wonderful orgasm."

"It was delicious!" I said.

"Double-yuck!" Paul said, laughing.

I tried to get up, but it was difficult. David lifted me up. I walked over to Paul and took his hand. I took him aside.

"How was it?" I asked him.

"It was great!"

"Did he come inside you?"



"I thought you might be angry. I figured you wanted his spunk."

"Well, I would like it sometimes. But this first time—"

"I know exactly what you mean. That was why I wanted him to come inside me. It was important to me."

I hugged him and he sighed.

"Oh, Jamie. I love you."

"I'm falling in love with you, too."

"If I was a top, would you let me fuck you?"

"Sure, Paul. I would love it, actually. I expect you will be as handsome as your father. I've been imagining you with a moustache like your Dad's," I said, rubbing his upper lip. "I bet you will make my dick hard just from looking at you. Your dad does."

"Well, I will definitely grow one, then."

He hugged me.

"Will you mind if I want to lick you all over when you do?" I asked him.

He got a big grin. "Oh, I won't mind at all. And you will really want my cum, won't you?"

"Oh, yeah! I want it now."

"I wish I hadn't come when Keith was fucking me. I forgot that you wanted it."

I hugged him again.

"I'm glad you both came. I really want Dad to love you."

"Oh, Jamie."

He pulled my face down and we kissed.

I really hoped my dad loved Paul as much as he deserved to be loved.

"Do you want to take your car for a drive? The men need to recharge."

I grinned. "Sure! They want to talk in private, too. Your dad told me."

I went and got my clothes and got dressed. While I was getting dressed, I remembered a water garden store that wasn't far from Dad's apartment. They sold goldfish. It was a cool place I had stopped there a couple of times just to look around. I wondered if they would be willing to buy the fish.

We walked back to the pool.

"Paul and I are going for a drive. I thought we would go to a shop that may want to buy the goldfish."

"Really?" Paul asked.

I nodded.

"It's on Henderson Street."

"The keys are on the kitchen counter," David said.

"Have fun. Do you want to eat before you leave?" Dad asked.

"No, but I want to have six beers before I drive my new car."

Dad stared at me and then laughed. I laughed, too.

"Come on, Paul."

We left.

Paul decided to take a picture of the fish on his phone. I thought that was a good idea.

We got in the car and Paul showed me all the features. It had a navigation system, which I was very excited about. Then he showed me how to make hands-free calls. That was even cooler. Paul pulled a flash drive out of his pocket. He plugged it into a USB port in the car and started playing music from it.

"I love it!" I yelled.

"I do, too!" he yelled back.

We both laughed and took off.

They were willing to take the fish, but not pay for them. That was fine with us. The guy who spoke with us even told us where we could buy turtles for the pond. They didn't sell them there.

We went home and caught the fish and put them into two plastic containers. Then we took them back to the water garden store and dropped them off.

"I'm starting to get hungry," I said.

"Me, too."

I looked at my watch. It was almost four.

"Let's wait on the turtles," Paul said.

"That's fine with me."

We drove home.

On the way, I asked, "Do you know if our dads are going to have sex?"

"No. I don't. I wonder. Dad wants us to have sex. He's mentioned that several times. Do you think they should?"

"I guess all they could have is oral sex. Neither of them wants to get fucked. I think I would prefer that they have sex with us, but maybe it would be best for our family if they had sex with each other. What do you think?"

"I agree with you. I would rather they had sex with us than with each other."

When we were almost home, Paul said, "I am so glad you are going to eat Dad's spunk. He has been after me to do it, ever since he heard about you. I've tried it many times, and I just don't like it. When I heard you wanted all of it, I almost cheered."

I laughed and Paul joined in.

"I know I'm not the only person who doesn't like it. Does Keith's taste different?"

"No. But your dad produces a lot more."

"I know. It's too much, way too much." He grinned at me. "But don't worry! I plan to let you have all of Keith's, too!"

I smiled. "And yours."

Paul shook his head. "And mine."

As we were pulling up to the house, he said, "You know, now that I think about it, I am glad you want to eat mine—I'm proud, I guess. It makes me feel like a man. I guess that is how my dad feels."


"You know, Jamie. Even if the `family' doesn't work out, I will still want to be with you."

"If you look anything at all like your father, I will definitely want to be with you."

"Dad has pictures of himself as a child. I look just like him."


"But you would be with your father—"

"Maybe you could live with us."

He took my hand and squeezed it.

I grinned at him.

"If not, you can live next door."

We walked in the house, and out to the backyard.

"Well, there's our answer," I said.

David was sitting with his legs stretched out, while Dad was kneeling in front of him, jacking him off. Dad looked over and saw us.

"Hey! How did it go?"

"Fine!" I said. "You weren't trying steal my dinner, were you, Dad?"

After a second, Paul said, "Oh, gross!"

Dad and David laughed.

"No, my love. We were just fooling around," David said. "No one but you will eat your dinner. My balls are busy making it right now."

"I was helping them," Dad said.

We laughed.

"I need a drink to wash that horrible thought away," Paul said.

I laughed.

"Are you hungry, yet?" David asked.

"Yes, we both are!" Paul said.

"The food there is cold. Do you want to go out to eat?" David asked.

"Do you like pizza?" I asked Paul.

"I love it."

"How about ordering it. Then we can admire our father's naked bodies."

"Sounds great! Dad, can we order pizza?"

"Certainly. I will do it. What kind do you like, Jamie?"

"Dad and I both like pepperoni."


David went into the house, and Paul and I sat next to Dad.

"We were just wondering if the two of you would have sex," I said to Dad.

"We discussed it, but for some reason, I couldn't get David to lie on his stomach."

Paul and I laughed.

"We decided we would kiss each other and jack each other off."

"That sounds good," Paul said.

I nodded.

"They are packing up our apartment as we speak," Dad told me.

"Oh, great! I remembered I didn't bring my computer. I hope they are careful with it."

"Dad already bought you a new one," Paul said.


"Yes. He asked me what kind you wanted," Dad said. "I told him and he bought it."

"Paul, I need to speak to my dad alone for a minute."


Paul got up and left.

"How do you feel about Paul, Dad?"

"He is a sweet kid, and a lot sexier than I thought. I was worried he was too young to make an adult decision—and that's what this is. I will be his spouse, after all. What you said make a difference. You said he was a mature twelve year old. I thought you might know better than me, being a little closer to being twelve years old!"

"A bit closer," I said.

Dad nodded.

"And from what I've seen, I agree with you. He is mature."

"Do you love him?"

"I'm falling in love with him."

I smiled. "I'm glad." I hugged him.

"Did you know he was going to buy me a car?"

"No. I thought he was going to buy you a computer, which he did. I told you flowers, so it would be a surprise!"

"Boy, it sure was!"

"I can tell you are happy, Jamie."

"I am, Dad. I am so glad you brought me here. I love them both."

"David is thinking of getting you another gift."

"Oh, no!"

Dad laughed. "How come you never said that at Christmas?"

I laughed. "Because that was Santa Claus and the elves did all the work!"

We both laughed.

"What is he going to give me?"

"He said, `If Jamie likes semen, I want to get him as much as he wants. We cannot produce enough, Keith! He wants more than we can make!'"

"Oh, my god!" I said.

Dad laughed.

"Paul will either throw up or hide under the bed!"

I heard Paul laugh. He came out from behind a bush.

He walked up and hugged me.

"I love you, Jamie!"

I realized I wouldn't be so worried about his feelings if I didn't love him. That meant I did. "I love you, Paul."

"Dad said this would take weeks. I mean for all of us to love each other," Paul said.

"We did it a little faster than that!"

"We did!"

"So who is Dad going to get for Jamie? The milkman?"

Dad and I laughed. I laughed so hard my head hurt.

"I think several male relatives in Turkey are contenders, plus he toyed with the idea of Jamie picking them from a book of male escorts. I told him that I wasn't comfortable with that—professional sex workers."

"I think you should do it, Jamie," Paul told me. "I think Dad is right. I just heard you worrying about my happiness. I want you to be happy, just as much. Just because I don't like something doesn't mean you can't." Paul wrapped his hand around Dad's dick. "And watching you with another man may make your father stiff enough to fuck me again."

Dad grinned. "It would."

"It would cost an awful lot of money to bring semen from Turkey," I said.

"Yes, but it's imported semen!" Paul said

I nodded. "That is true. And Turkey is famous for its semen," I said.

"It is. I even read it on a travel poster," Paul said.

We all laughed.

"Actually, I have three handsome men. I am just fine in the semen department!"

"You may settle for three, but why not have more?" Paul asked.

I went into the house. I wanted to see David. I found him in the kitchen. He was on the phone. He put his arm around me. I kissed his chest. Then I knelt and pulled back his foreskin. The head of his cock was wet and I licked it. David sighed. He hung up the phone and pulled me up. He sat and pulled me onto his lap.

"Were you jealous when you saw your father and me? You seemed to be."

"I think I was, a little. I'm sorry."

"Don't be sorry. I do not mind that at all. Keith and I will never be lovers the way you and I are. But you can't be jealous of Paul when he is with Keith."

"I know that! I want them to be close. I was worried about that. I love you and you love me. I want them to have the same thing."

He nodded.

"How will you feel when Paul and I have sex?"

"Well, I will be having sex with Dad, probably, so everything will be fine—wonderful, even."

He smiled at me and hugged me.

"That is just fine!"

"Paul and I were talking a few minutes ago about you and Dad having sex."

"And what did you say?"

"I don't know that it matters."

"It matters to me. I may not agree, but I care what you think. Believe that."

I nodded. "We both said we would prefer that you only have sex with us. But we don't know if that is what is best for the family."

"That is very sensible. The fact is, neither of us are very aroused by the other. You and Paul excite me, and you and Paul excite your father. I think we should forget about having sex with each other. We will be close, maybe kiss, but we will have sex with you two."

"Will I excite you when I look like my father?"

"You will always look like yourself. People change. We all do. I will grow old and have gray hair. I hope you will still love me. I think you will." I nodded. "You may be hairy as your father, but I will still love you just as much. I hope Keith feels the same. He knows Paul will probably look like me.

"Now! How was the car?"

"Wonderful. Not half as wonderful as you, but wonderful."

He smiled and hugged me.

"Are you looking forward to sleeping with me tonight, dearest?"

"I am! I really am!"

"Me, too. While you were gone, we spoke of maybe alternating nights after these first few nights. One night with me, the next night with your father. Back and forth."

"That sounds great to me!"

"Your father liked the idea, too."

"Did you and Paul have fun?"

"We did. I think he is already my best friend."

"That is wonderful. Paul has been lonely. He has nothing in common with the kids in his class."

"Neither do I. I tell them how wonderful my father's penis is, and they don't care!"

He laughed.

"Stupid children!" he said, grinning

I ran my hand through the hair on David's chest.

"I told Paul I couldn't wait until he was hairy like you. I told him I wanted him to have a moustache like yours, too. I will probably want to lick him all over." I stroked his moustache.

"I'm pleased you like the way I look, little one."

He said it in a deep, sexy voice and I felt like melting, again.

"I will enjoy watching the two of you make love."

"Paul asked me if he was a top, would I let him fuck me."

"What did you say?"

"I said, of course."

"Paul and I have discussed that. He thinks he will like both. Fucking and being fucked. He will probably want to fuck you soon, if you are willing. He wants to find out if he likes it, and he certainly can't fuck me!"

"I should put some pants on."

I didn't like that idea.

David burst out laughing.

"Don't worry, it is only to pay for the pizza. Do you want some pizza boy going after your dinner? The special dinner I am making for you?"

I lifted his balls.

"No! It's mine!"

He laughed.

"Wait here. I will be right back."

I sat and a couple of minutes later, he came back wearing a pair of shorts and carrying a tablet. He sat down and patted his lap. I sat on it. He took the tablet and brought up a picture of a group of men. He pointed at one.

"What do you think of this man?"

He looked a little like David. He was very good-looking.

"He is very handsome."

David brought up another picture.

"And him?"

"He is handsome, too! Are these relatives?"


"Are all the men in your family sexy?"

He chuckled. "Yes."

He brought up a third picture. The man in it was younger. He looked like he was in his lower twenties.

"How about him?"

"Very handsome."


I wondered if these were the male relatives Dad mentioned. They had to be. I got excited at the idea of having sex with them. But David had spent enough money on me. I wasn't going to ask him to spend more. Flying those men from Turkey would be expensive.

"Let's go back outside. Would you like a beer? Your father and I discussed it and you can have two."

"I will have one with the pizza."

We walked outside and saw Paul sitting on Dad's lap. They were kissing.

"I don't feel jealous," I told David.

"I'm glad."

He put his arm around my waist and I leaned my head on his shoulder. He kissed the top of my head.