A Family

By Jim Vance

Copyright 2013 by Jim Vance




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Chapter Four

David sat, and I sat on his lap. We kissed until we heard the doorbell. I got off his lap and he went after the pizza.

"I want to shave your balls after we eat," Paul said to Dad.


"Jamie, would you mind if I shave yours, too?"

"No, I don't mind. But why?"

"So when I'm sucking on them, I won't get a mouthful of hair."

That sounded great to me! No one had ever sucked my balls.

"Sure, Paul. I can't wait! I've never had my balls sucked."

"I'm glad I will be the first!"

"Me, too!"

He grinned at me.

David came out carrying four pizzas. He put them on a table. We all crowded around. I guess we were all hungry. I was. I got a piece and put it on a paper plate. So did David. He sat and patted his lap. I grinned at him and sat.

"This is wonderful, David," I said, after taking a bite.

"We like it. We think they have the best pizza."

"I meant sitting on your lap, too."

He looked at me and sighed.

"Jamie, I love you very much."

"I love you, just as much."

"I doubt that you do. I have wanted what our two families now have for a long time. A blended family. Today I have watched you work hard to make it come true. Not only have you helped make my dream come true, but you have made my son very happy, too. I haven't seen him smile so much in years."

"I think that is Dad making him smile."

"No. I think he loves your dad, but I think he loves you more. I can see it when he looks at you. Who can blame him? You are trying hard to make him happy, aren't you?"


"There you are. He knows it."

I sighed. Then I took another bite of pizza.

"Those men I showed you. I was thinking of bringing them here for you."

"I had a feeling that was what you were planning."

"Now, I am wondering if that would be the best thing for our family. The four of us."

"Would they not be part of our family?"

"No. I don't think so."

"I don't think I should have sex with them if I'm not supposed to love them."

"That's just what I was thinking. Well, we will give up on that idea for now. Maybe later."

Dad walked over.

"I think that is the right decision, David. I don't think the family is strong enough right now to handle that."

David nodded.


After we finished eating, Paul showed me how to use the bidet. I liked it! It made it very easy to stay clean inside. Then Paul shaved our balls. After he shaved mine, he sucked them.

"Oh, god!"

Dad laughed. "Feels good, doesn't it?"


Paul stood up, grinning and I kissed him.

"Jamie, can I fuck you now?"

"Sure. Where?"

"Let's go in your room."

I got in bed and Paul put lube on his dick. He moved between my legs.

"This is my first time, Jamie."

"I'm glad it's with me."

He smiled and pushed slowly inside me. We both groaned.

"Oh, Jamie!"

"Do you like it?"


He started thrusting. He wasn't as smooth as Dad or David, but they were experienced. He got a rhythm going.

"Will you look at that? My boy is a man," David said. "How do you like it, Paul?"

"I love it, Dad!"

"Jamie looks pretty happy, too."

Paul grinned at me. I leaned up and pulled his face down. He stopped thrusting while we kissed. Afterwards, he sped up.

"I'm going to pull out and come in your mouth."

"What a wonderful idea!" I told him.

He thrust a while longer and then he did it. He straddled me and pulled my mouth to his dick. I sucked and a little cum shot weakly into my mouth. I swallowed it and Paul sighed. He fell over onto the bed, and I leaned over and kissed him. He looked very happy.

I got out of bed and then Paul did.

"What now?" I asked.

"I want to speak to Paul for a few minutes," David said. "Do you mind?"

"Of course not," Dad said.

The two of them left. Dad sat on the bed.

"You seem happy, Jamie. Are you?"

"Oh, yeah, Dad. I love it here. I love them—and you."

"I'm glad to hear that. One thing I've been worried about is how joining this family will affect our relationship."

"If you will lie down, I will show you."

Dad grinned. He lay down and I lay next to him. I pressed my mouth to his and we kissed. I felt his cock stiffen in my hand.

He pulled away and smiled at me.

"I love you just as much, son."

"I know, Dad. I love you just as much. This is really a good idea, though. I got a best friend out of it. How could I confide in anyone else? Plus there is David. I love him a lot."

"Good. I'm glad you are happy."

"How about you? Are you still uncomfortable around Paul?"

Dad sighed. "I was never uncomfortable. I just wasn't sure he was old enough to fuck. He is a sweet person, like his father. I love him."

"Good. So you are happy?"

"I am."

"How do you feel about sleeping with David?"

"Excited. I want to do it."

"That's good."

David and Paul walked back into the room. I got out of bed.

"What would you like to do now?" David asked me.

"I'm ready for bed."

David grinned at me.

We walked to his bedroom. I got into bed. The bed smelled like him. I breathed deeply.

"I guess it smells like me."

"It does. It smells great."

David got into bed with me and we kissed.

I started worrying about why David wanted to speak with Paul.

"Is everything all right? Between you and Paul?"

"Of course! Why do you ask?"

"You said you wanted to speak to him alone after he fucked me."

"Oh. And you worried I did not like that. No. I did want to know how he felt about it. It changes the family dynamics if he becomes exclusively a top."

I could understand that.

"But I would never want him to be a bottom for Keith and myself if he no longer wants it."

"What did he say?"

"He loved it. He loves you. He said that he might eventually want to stop getting fucked, but for now, he still enjoys it. He said he didn't think you would mind at all having three tops." David grinned at me.

I smiled. "No I don't think I would."

"So don't worry. Everything is fine." He gave me a sultry look. "Especially you, little one. You are as fine a lover as any man could want. You are beautiful, sexy, sweet, and eager."

I stroked his stubbly cheek. He took my fingers into his mouth and sucked on them. Then he rolled onto his back and spread his legs. I moved between them and pulled his cock up. I examined it closely for a while. When I began sucking him, he let out a long breath. While I sucked, I wondered whether I should try rimming David. I had started to try it on Dad, but he had stopped me. I, of course, had never rimmed anyone, but I had read about it.

I pulled off David's cock.

"Will you let me rim you?"

David looked shocked. I thought maybe it was just a bad idea.

"Do you want to do that to me, Jamie?"

"I thought I did. Should I not?"

"Oh, dearest! If you wish it! You may certainly do it! No one has ever done it to me! You do it to your father?"

"No. He wouldn't let me."

"Well, Keith is a cautious man."

David got up and walked into the bathroom. I followed him. He was washing his butt in the shower. I smiled. He looked very excited. He grinned at me. His erect cock bounced up and down as he washed his butt.

"I am a daring man," he said.

I smiled.

"I'm glad, David."

"Not half as glad as I!"

He turned the water off and wiped his butt dry. He took my hand and we walked to his bed. He lay on his stomach with his legs apart. I looked at his hairy, muscular butt. I pulled the cheeks apart and looked at his brown hole. I leaned down and licked. There was no flavor, so I licked again. David groaned. That excited me and I began licking his hole. He groaned.

"So perverted!" he said. I was shocked. "So incredibly wonderful!" That sounded more like it!

"Oh, Jamie, Jamie, Jamie," he moaned, while I licked his hole.

After a few minutes, he flipped over on his back. He rubbed the wet head of his cock over my face, smearing precum into my skin. I swallowed his cock and sucked. After only about a minute, he pushed me off his cock.

"Do you want me to fuck you, or do you want your reward now?"

I couldn't decide. But I was impatient.


He smirked at me and pulled my mouth back to his cock. I sucked while I felt his belly and chest. He groaned and his warm cream spurted into my mouth. He pulled out and shot some on my face. He laughed when I frantically tried to get his cock back in my mouth. He let me have it, then. Finally, it was over and his cock softened. I swallowed the last of his spunk and wiped my mouth.

"You look happy, little one."

"I am!"

"I am, too. That was wonderful, beloved. I am very glad you are daring like me."

I smiled at him. "Like my other father."

He chuckled. "Exactly!"

He pulled me up to him and wiped some cum off my nose. He held his finger out and I sucked the cum off it. He sighed. I could tell he liked that. He wiped the rest of it off and I cleaned his fingers. He pulled my mouth to his and we kissed. I have no idea how long we kissed. I was off in another world. He pulled away, though, and smiled at me.

"You are such a hot little fucker, you have my cock stiff again."

I grinned and he chuckled.

"I am glad that brings a smile to your face. I am going to fuck you now, little one."

I was even happier!

David got the lube and squirted some on his cock. I pulled my legs up and he squirted a little on my hole. I groaned as he pushed inside me. When he was fully buried, we kissed, again. While we kissed, he began making short thrusts into me. I wrapped my arms around his broad chest. David was in great shape. He obviously used the exercise equipment. He pulled away and began pounding my ass. My head hit the headboard. I laughed when I wondered if that was why it was called that! He pulled me down and continued fucking me. He was a very aggressive fucker, compared to Dad. His body was slapping against mine and he had a strange expression on his face. It most definitely was not a smile.

"You—are—mine—little—whore!" he growled. I wasn't sure how I felt about being called that, even if it might have been true. I was willing to have sex with all his male relatives, anyway.

Then he spun me around like a ragdoll on his cock. He pulled me up onto my hands and knees and continued fucking me. He leaned over my body and whispered, "I love you, little whore! I would do anything for you!"

He sucked on my earlobe as he fucked me. His body was sweaty and rubbing against my back. It felt very erotic. I laughed.

"What is funny, little whore?"

"Paul is going to be bored if he is used to this!"

David laughed and fell over on his side. He pulled me with him. He wrapped his arms tightly around my chest and hugged me. His cock was still inside me.

"Your father does not fuck like this?"

"Good lord, no!"

"Do you like being my little whore, or does it bother you?"

"I don't know. Do you like me?"

"Oh, Jamie! I am madly in love with you! I love the fact that you are so bold sexually."

He pulled his cock out of me and flipped me over. He leaned forward and kissed me gently on the lips.

"I love you. I love everything about you. You act like a whore and I love that. You are a sweet boy, but a whore in bed. What could be better than that? Nothing, to me. You love my cock and you aren't ashamed to tell me. You love my spunk and you are gleeful about wanting all of it. You ate my ass which made me happier than I can tell you. These are things a whore would do. I know you are not a whore, except in bed." He smiled at me. "And only with me. I am glad my ass is the only one you've eaten. Do you understand?"

"Yes." I did. He was glad I was open about what I liked.

"I will tell you something. I think Paul is not bored, he is relieved. He is always asking me to be more gentle when I take him. It is difficult for me. It is like taking tiny steps. I am impatient. I want more."

I nodded.

"Was I too rough? Did I hurt you?"

"Oh, no! No, David. I was just surprised."

He nodded.

"Do you want me to continue fucking you that way?"

I grinned at him. "Yes."

"Good! I am pleased I can do something for you that your father doesn't. I hope Paul gets the same from Keith. You get roughness from me and he gets tenderness from Keith."

I nodded.

"Tomorrow, you will spend the day with your father, before returning to my bed tomorrow night."

"Oh, that's a good idea."

"Thank you, beloved. Now. On your hands and knees, little whore who I adore."

I laughed and got up on them. He pushed back inside me and began fucking me again. He growled into my ear. He called me his fucktoy.

"Do you like that dick?" he asked me.

"I love it!"

"It loves you, little whore. It is going to spew into your body again. Into your filthy mouth. The one that was on my asshole," he growled. "The mouth I love to kiss."

The way he was talking was starting to really turn me on. When he clutched my chest and began rubbing my back with his sweaty chest, I moaned.

"Do you like the way we are rutting?"

"Yes, David!"

"Good, good."

He rubbed his sweaty, stubbly cheek against mine.

"When you sleep in my bed, you can expect to be taken anytime during the night," he growled. I moaned again and he chuckled.

I heard a voice.

"What is it?" David called.

"They want you in Keith's room. Let's go."

He pulled out of me and we walked to the other room. Dad was fucking Paul.

"Jamie, I thought you might like it if your Dad pulls out before he comes and feeds it to you," Paul said.

"I would love that!"

"You don't mind sucking my cock after it's been inside Paul?" Dad asked.

"No. It sounds completely perverted! I can't wait!"

David laughed loudly.

He hugged me.

I got up on the bed. Dad sped up his thrusts into Paul. I moved my face close to Paul's ass. Dad started really pounding Paul, then he pulled out and pushed his cock into my mouth as his semen began shooting.

"Fuck! Eat it son! Eat it!" Dad yelled.

I gulped it down. It was thin and watery, but that was fine with me.

"Fuck! That is hot!" David said. "But I have come to expect that from my Jamie."

"From our Jamie," Dad said.

His orgasm was over and he pulled his cock out of my mouth. I swallowed his jizz and squeezed the last drops out of his dick. I licked them off.

"That's it, little whore. Get every drop of your daddy's fuck sauce."

I smiled at him.


Dad and David laughed. I sat up and saw Paul shake his head.

"One of the fathers I interviewed told me he fed his son cum every day of his life. I bet Jamie would have liked that," David said.

"You are joking! Every day of his life?" Dad asked.

"Yes. Obviously I didn't want to be in a family with a man who had sex with a baby, but still. I have a feeling our Jamie would have liked it. What do you think, Jamie?" David asked.

I thought about it. I thought about having Dad every day of my life. It didn't sound awful.

"I might. No. I think I would have liked it."

Dad stared at me.

"Dad, I love you and I loved you. If we had started earlier, I would have loved it just as much. I mean, I didn't love it because I was fifteen! I loved it because it was with you."

I looked at David and he seemed very, very pleased.

"I love you, Dad. It isn't something new."

Dad held my head in his hands and pushed his tongue into my mouth. We kissed as I felt David climb into bed. He pushed two fingers into my ass and started fucking me with them. I pulled away from Dad. David pulled my butt up in the air and pushed his cock into me. Then he picked me up and with his arms around my waist, carried me out of the room with his cock inside me. I laughed and I heard Dad and Paul laugh, too.

"You are my Jamie tonight!" he said, as he walked us to his room.

"You are so fucking sexy!" I yelled.

"Thank you. Coming from my little whore, that means something to me!"

He pulled his cock out of me and put me on the bed on my back. He lay down on top of me.

"You are the sexy one, Jamie. Watching your father pull his cock out of my son and push it into your mouth so you could eat his semen is yet another thing I will never forget about you."

He pressed his mouth to mine and we kissed. I wrapped my arms around his sweaty, hairy body, and I was in heaven.

He pulled away from me.

"My next load is going on your face."

I grinned at him.

"Oh, you like that, little whore?"

"I do!"

He spun around and sat on my face. Suddenly, his hairy, sweaty ass was covering it. I pulled his cheeks apart and began rimming him.

"Yes, little whore! Eat that ass!"

I did. I ate it for a while. He backed up and slapped my face with his cock. I was shocked, but I loved it. He didn't hit me so hard it hurt much, but it was hot.


He slapped me again.

"Cock whore!"

He pressed his ass to my mouth again. I ate him for a couple of minutes. I stabbed at his hole and my tongue slid inside him.

"Holy fuck!"

He spun around and stroked his cock inches from my face.


"Give me your cum, David! Please! Please, David!"

He groaned.

I reached up and ran my hands over him. I grabbed his nipples and pulled hard.


A little cum shot out of his cock and hit my nose. There wasn't a lot. I smiled. It was all in my stomach! He smeared it around with his cock. Then he fell over onto the bed. He pulled me close. He was panting.

After a minute, he said, "Jamie, you are the lover I always dreamed of having. Someone completely uninhibited. Keith is not like that and Paul is more like him."

"I'm glad. I love you, David. That's why I did it."

"I know that! You are not a whore! Definitely not! You act like a whore with me! Or with us, your family. That is what I love." He sighed. "It makes me feel you trust me completely. And that makes me feel special."

"That's how I see you. As special. Very special. And I do trust you."

He flipped me over and we kissed.

"If I slapped Paul with my cock, he would be very hurt. He would think I was mad at him. He wouldn't have seen it as sexy. What did you think?"

I grinned. "I thought it was hot."

"I'm glad we are a lot alike."

He sighed.

"I bet Keith is obsessing over that boy and his father. And over you. You shocked him. But you were honest. That is important. I saw video of that father with his very young son. The boy looked like he was five. They were both having a good time. It was obvious they loved each other. I think the man was wrong to have sex with him before his son could consent to it, but they were happy. I will tell you the truth. I almost didn't pick Keith. He was obviously shocked that I had sex with Paul when he was eight. I didn't think we would be compatible."

I was shocked at that.

"What made you change your mind?"

He grinned.

"You! He told me about finding you on his bed, sucking on his dirty jock strap."

I closed my eyes and groaned. David laughed.

"I thought, this boy is perfect! What a wonderful thing to do! I really thought that. I wish Paul would do it! Then I met you and you were even more exciting. You are embarrassed for lusting after your father. In this family, that is normal. Do not be ashamed of it, Jamie!"

I nodded.

"Let's get a shower."

I washed David and he looked very, very pleased. I spent a while washing his cock. I couldn't get him hard.

He grinned.

"You wore him completely out, my love."

David washed me. He knelt and pushed two soapy fingers in my ass. He sucked me while he fucked me with his fingers. I held onto his shoulders.

"David! David!" I cried out, as I came in his mouth.

I realized that I was more sexually compatible with David. I felt guilty about that. Dad would never have done that to me—just shoved his fingers inside my ass. If I asked him, he would. But I have a feeling he would have said, `Are you sure?' and I would have wondered if it was a bad idea. I loved the fact that David did it without asking. He knew I would like it. I decided that I loved Dad the way he was, though. I was just glad I had David, too. There was no reason at all they should be the same. Different was better.

David stood and washed his fingers. We finished and dried each other off.

I yawned.

"You have had a busy day."

I nodded.

"Are you happy, Jamie?"

I smiled.

"I'm happier than the day I first had sex with Dad."


We got into bed. David pulled me close, and I fell asleep almost instantly.