A Father's Account
Part I
Copyright (c) 31 January 2008
By Bler (fkc8091@yahoo.com)

Before I begin the story, I want you to know a few things. Firstly, this is a completely 100% true story - well, almost. I've changed a few names because I don't want to get into any kind of trouble with the law. Personally I don't think that the law has any business mingling in the affairs of quiet, (mostly) respectable people who may do things which are unconventional but certainly consensual.

Secondly, a little bit of background information: As of this writing, I am 36 years old. I married my (ex) wife early - when I was only 20, and still kind of unsure about my sexuality. Regardless, having that "perfect home" appealed to me, and I married a girl who I thought was the right one for me. It wasn't until I was about 24 that I finally came to terms with being gay - and actively perused it behind her back. We divorced about 3 years ago, when she found out. I'm not sure if I should be happy that I was finally free to pursue my interests in men, or saddened because events played out that collapsed a home.

Regardless, when I was 22, my wife gave birth to my first son, Andrew. Six years later, we had Michael. Both were planned, and we only had Michael when we felt that we could afford to raise another child.

The divorce wasn't too messy; my wife (thankfully) understood my circumstances, and granted visitation rights. I moved about 10 miles away and got to see my boys every weekend; and they're never uncomfortable, regardless that they both know I'm gay. I hope to God that she doesn't find out about the events I'm about to write about, though Andrew has indicated on multiple occasions that he wants to come live with me when he turns 18 in a few years.


About a year ago, Andrew came to visit. Michael couldn't come because he was at summer camp. It was really nice to spend some time with my oldest - he was 13 at the time, and every bit of him was growing into a strapping teenager.

At 13, he was certainly developing well - decent muscle definition, handsome facial features; the whole lot. I looked on him proudly as he began to turn the heads of teen girls when we would go out. Well, to be honest, he was always sort of the jock type - he liked to play baseball and football in his free time, and his body showed it.

That weekend, we decided to go to the beach. Seeing him in nothing but his swim shorts was actually turning *me* on! It was evident that he had never seen a grown man naked before - as we were showering (to clean up after the beach), he kept staring at my dick and pubes. Looking at him, I could see why: he was just starting to get his own hair... He looked like he wanted to ask me something, but was too embarrassed.

He wore that expression all the way back to my condo; I tried to steer our conversation towards his obvious question several times, but he always skirted it. I've never seen anyone turn so many shades of red when I finally asked him, "Is there something on your mind, son?" But I let it drop.

I have to be honest, seeing all those men at the beach - men with nothing separating me from their pleasure rods but a thin skin of cotton - really got me worked up that day. It had been weeks since I got laid, and months since I had a decent dick to suck (or had a decent mouth on mine). Looking at my boy's body had got me going too, thinking of how absolutely hot it would be to have my mouth all over his nipples and abs.

I'm not usually one for younger guys - or boys for that matter. But something about the maturity of my son's body just really helped get me in the mood. I was envious of any girl that came along and got to enjoy a piece of my boy.

So, long after I sent Andrew to bed, I laid naked on my own bed. My dick was hard as a rock, and I was gently stroking it, wishing that so many of the hot men at the beach that day would bend me over and just take my ass. A long train of "tip drills" and fucking from so many different guys, lined up just to enter my ass. I began to softly moan, eyes closed, really getting into the thought.

Suddenly I felt hands on my dick. I kept my eyes closed, and kept jacking. The hands brushed away mine and continued the methodic stroking. Then I felt the wet warmness of a mouth - my son's mouth - gently sucking my head as his hands kept stroking. I opened my eyes slightly, and met his eyes just as he was wrapping his tongue around my head.

"Could this really be happening?" I thought; and my eyes betrayed my surprise. He stopped, looking at me like a puppy begging for food. He was naked, and his dick was as hard as my own.

"It's ok, Andrew," I quietly gasped. "You don't have to stop."

A grin on his face.

He climbed up into the bed with me, his body pressed against mine - face to face.

"Dad, I..." he started. Suddenly, his tongue was in my mouth, lashing wildly. His hands grabbed my head, down my sides, on my thighs, finally up to my balls and my dick where he began rubbing slowly - and in all the right places. My tongue met his, my hands ran down his back to his ass. My finger rubbed his hole - he whined in my mouth, ass shooting up in the air.

Our hands were all over each others' bodies. Exploring, rubbing, touching. Tongues in each others' mouths. Passion and musk and the smell of sex were surrounding us in a haze.

He slowly moved his mouth downwards. The nape of my neck, where he lightly bit and sent me reeling into ecstasy! Then down still, to my nipples, his tongue working them into a frenzy as I moaned and writhed in complete pleasure. Down still, to my chest, my abs, my navel, finally to my dick.

As he reached my 7" cut-glass hardon, he moved his body around so I could get to his 4" dick. He thrust it into my mouth and reached around to my ass - started fingering me!

I came so hard, so fucking hard, into his throat. He swallowed every bit, and was licking for more! I cried out in release like I had never cried before! Suddenly his legs were jerking, his abdomen tensed like he was going to vomit. He shot a small load down my throat and nearly woke up the condo complex screaming in ultimate pleasure. His body continued to thrust his dick into my mouth, and I eagerly ate everything he gave me. He jerked a few more times, each time crying out a little in pleasure, till he fell limp with exhaustion.

Slowly, deliberately, he moved around until he was face-to-face with me again. His eyes were wild with excitement. He kissed me again, slipping his arms underneath my body and hugging me tightly.

"Good night, dad," was all he said before slipping off into his own room.

I was left speechless. I was left scared. I was left satisfied.

The next morning, over bowls of cold cereal, he looked at me with a twinkle.

"Dad, I want to live with you."

"Does your mother know? Are you gay?"

"No, and yes," was his reply. "Will you have me?"

"Andrew," I said lightly, "I will have you any time you want."


If you've enjoyed this story, please write me at fkc8091@yahoo.com. I will be creating a Part II very soon, cuz there is more (a LOT more) to tell...