A Father's Account
Part II
Copyright (c) 01 February 2008
By Bler (fkc8091@yahoo.com)

As you are aware, me and my son "Andrew" (all names in this true story have been changed) had a *very* special evening just over a year ago. I ended that chapter rather abruptly; an introduction of sorts to my account - a father's account - of how my son became my ultimate lover over the course of the last year.

Though I am sure that someday he will desire to move on to "greener pastures," as it were, I cherish each weekend we spend together. It would only delight me to no end if we were to remain sexual partners in the decades to come, but I realize that it won't be convenient when I am gray and feeble... :)

In this chapter, I will do my best to tell the same story as Part I from Andrew's perspective. This will be somewhat difficult, as I am not adept in the world of writing fiction, but I will try to keep it in language consistent with a 13 year old. Most of what you will read will be "straight from the horse's mouth" by way of what I can remember Andrew telling me and what I can figure was going on inside his head - I hesitate to actually ask him to collaborate because I don't want to embarrass or hurt him by letting on that I am writing about this.


I remember, when I was about 10, dad left. Mom caught him doing something bad - maybe not bad, but something that wasn't good for any of us. It wasn't until I was 12 that I found out what had happened. Dad was cheating on mom with a guy! When I was 10 it was the worst thing in the world for dad to leave, it was hard and I cried a lot because I missed him. But when I found out why he left, I was mad.

It wasn't fair for dad to do something like that and ruin everything! We weren't always happy, but we were really not a bad family. There wasn't a lot of fighting or anything like that. But it hurt me that dad didn't love mom as much as he loved other guys.

We got to see him every weekend though. Sometimes I looked forward to it, but most of the time I was angry at him for leaving. Michael, my younger brother, didn't know what was going on. To him, it must have seemed like dad was just moving away for whatever and we could still see him all the time. After a while, Michael just got used to it. Not me, though. I wanted to hurt dad, I was so mad.

Just after I turned 13, things started to change. I got a pimple right on my nose and my voice began to squeak a lot. Something inside me jumped every time I would see my schoolmates showering after phys-ed. I was still mad at dad, but in bed at night, I would think of all the gay things he was doing with other guys to try to get madder. I wanted some reason to hit him - something to totally gross me out and give me a reason to hit him. But every time I would think about dad sucking some other guy's cock, or some other guy sucking his cock, my own cock would start to get bigger.

I would compare my cock to other guy's cocks in the showers at school. They all seemed about the same, some smaller and some bigger. Mine was about in the middle - I even measured it one night with my ruler! I was 4" long. I didn't know if that was good or bad, but it was ok because no one teased me like they did to Dave because his cock was so small.

In sex-ed, they taught us that a guy's cock gets "erect" when he is ready to have sex with a woman. This made me feel ashamed because I was getting erections when I thought about other guys. They never told us what *that* meant in sex-ed and I was too embarrassed to ask. Now I understand why - because sometimes guys like other guys instead of girls. Some people try to tell us that this is bad and that you are messed up in your head, but I think that's because they just don't get why.

At night, when I would think about other guys - and my dad - my cock would get erect. Of course, like any other boy, I used to play with myself, but now it felt really good to rub my hand on it or rub it against my bed. Sometimes I would rub it so hard that it would hurt, but it felt so good I couldn't stop! One night, when I was rubbing my cock, a little bit of juice came out and I thought I had hurt myself and was bleeding clear blood... but in sex-ed a few weeks later, they called this "semen." God was I relieved.

Michael and I shared the same bedroom. One night he caught me rubbing my cock. He came over to my bed so quietly, I didn't even know he was there.

"Andy, what are you doing?"

I jumped almost out of my skin! I turned my back to him real quick.

"Nothing. Go to bed."

"But your sheets were moving, what happened?"

"Nothing I said! Go to sleep or I'll tell mom!"


I could hear him climb back into bed. I waited a little while and then I started rubbing my cock again. For some reason, it felt even harder than before and rubbing it felt even better. I moaned a little bit, and Michael was right back next to my bed again.

"Andy, why did you make that noise? Is everything ok?"

"Yes. Now go to bed," I said, nearly breathless from the pleasure.

Then it happened. I was still lying with my back facing him, but he jumped into my bed to see what I was doing. Before I knew it, he had thrown back the sheets and was looking at my hard cock with my hand around it.

"What are you doing?!" He sounded surprised.

I don't know why I didn't yell at him. Probably because I didn't want to wake up mom. Maybe it was because I knew that in a few years he would be doing the same thing.

"I'm rubbing my cock," I told him.


"Because it feels good, that's why."

"Can I do it?"

Could he do it?! I freaked out a little. My brother wants to rub my cock for me? How would that feel? Would he be stupid and tell mom? What if someone walked in and found out?

"No. Go back to bed."


I couldn't resist the puppy-eyes. He used that begging stuff that he did to mom when he wanted a cookie, and even *she* couldn't resist him.

"Fine, but be quiet, all right?"


I moved around so that my cock was pointing to the ceiling. Michael jumped on top of me and put his legs over mine. His tiny hands grabbed my cock and he began pounding it.

"Ow! Go slower and be careful!" I shouted.


He slowed down and rubbed my cock real good. Oh God it felt awesome to have someone else do it, it was like my hands had gotten so used to doing it but feeling Michael pull up and push down made it feel so much better - almost as good as it felt when I did it for the first time. A few minutes went by...

"Can I taste it?" he asked.

What? He wanted to put my cock in his mouth? That was gross! I thought for sure that the taste would be so bad that it would teach him a lesson for disturbing me.


He stopped what he was doing and put his 7 year old mouth around the top of my cock and began licking it.

I thought I would die, it felt so good. After a few speechless minutes of pleasure, an idea came to me.



"Try sucking like you would a straw."


A few minutes later, Michael was spitting out my juice on the floor.

"What was that?!"

"That's my juice. Does it taste yucky?"

"Yeah, kinda. It isn't pee?"

"No, it's different than pee. It's called 'semen.'"

"Oh. I don't like it Andy - it tastes funny."

"That's ok Mike. You made me feel really good though."

That seemed to excite him. He always liked making his big brother happy. He got a big grin.

"Ok Andy, you suck on me too!"

What? The thought of tasting my brother's cock didn't even cross my mind, I was too busy enjoying what *he* was doing to me.

"Ok. Don't pee in my mouth, ok? Pull down your PJ's and scoot up here."

The taste of his cock was strange, but good. It wasn't dirty or anything because we both take baths together every day. But something about the way it felt in my mouth just seemed to be right. And I was sure he was enjoying it because he started to make a lot of noises too. Although I didn't get any of his semen, his little body jerked around a lot like he was really having fun. At one point I thought he was going to puke on me because his body got all tight, but he just grabbed my head and moaned a lot.

After a few minutes he quieted down and loosened up a bit. He sat back on my belly and looked at me.

"Andy, can we do that again later? I really liked that!"

"Sure! Just don't tell anyone or mom or dad!"

"Ok, I won't!"

I grabbed his torso with my hands, and gently felt my way up from the sides of his belly to under his arms. I felt his little nipples with my thumbs and gave him a little squeeze. He laughed - I hit one of his tickle spots. Then he climbed out of my bed and back into his.

The next night, we did the same thing. This time, though, we slept completely naked together. Our bodies were pressed against each other, it was very comforting. Every day my belly would jump every time I thought of sleeping naked next to my brother. Sometimes we would spend hours at night just rubbing each other and hugging and feeling every part of our bodies with our hands.

One night, a few months later, Michael asked me what it was like to kiss using tongues. We had been watching one of those TV movies and the guy and girl started kissing real hard and putting their tongues in each other's mouths. So we decided to try it out. Michael thought it was silly, but it really made my body jerk to have another guy's (even if it *was* my brother's) tongue in my mouth.

We never told mom or dad or anyone.

In July, Michael turned 8 and mom decided to send him off to summer camp. Mom and dad did the same thing when I turned 8 and it was scary but I ended up having a good time. I was glad for him but also sad because that meant for 4 weeks we wouldn't have our nightly routine. But it also made my belly jump a lot to think about being alone with dad on those weekends. I was no longer mad at him, because I knew where he was coming from - I liked being with Michael, and so I figured that I was gay too.

That first weekend was difficult. I had so many questions I wanted to ask dad, but I was too embarrassed. What if he thought something was wrong with me? What would happen if mom found out and thought I caught some gay disease from him? I didn't want him to tell anyone, so I decided not to say anything to him. That way I didn't have to worry about mom freaking out and not letting me see him anymore.

So dad and I went to the beach that Saturday. Seeing all those guys with nice bodies really made my belly jump a lot - especially when I saw my dad. I hoped that someday I would look as good as him. After the beach, we had to shower off the lake water before putting on our clothes. I was excited and scared about taking a shower with dad - I've never seen a *man* naked before. I wanted to see him naked so bad, but I didn't want to stare or be stared at.

I felt kind of weird. Dad was totally looking at my naked body, and even my 13 year old mind could see that he was thinking about something when he was looking at me. And I kept staring at his cock, too. I didn't know there would be so much hair - I had only got a few hairs growing down there. But what really shocked me was the size of his cock! It had to be at least 6 inches long! I secretly wanted to put it in my mouth and suck on it like I had done to Michael so many times, but I really didn't know how to tell him without him thinking there was something wrong with me. I mean, a boy wanting to "do" his dad is wrong, isn't it?

He could tell something was up. He kept prodding me all the way back to his house.

"So Andrew, what do you think about the beach?"

"It was fun!"

"Did you feel weird about showering with me?"

I didn't know how to respond. And he kept asking similar questions and trying to find out what I was thinking about that whole shower thing. Then he asked if there was something on my mind. Something on my mind? Only wanting to put your cock in my mouth and suck it, dad. Only wanting to run my hands all over your firm body, dad. Only wanting to put my tongue in your mouth and find out what happens when you do the same thing, dad. I'm sure I turned red, but I didn't answer because I didn't know how.

He knew something was up, but I don't think he knew exactly what. So we spent the rest of the night watching TV. Dad is awesome because he lets me stay up to 10 (mom only lets me stay up till 8), but bedtime came soon and I was wore out from the day at the beach. So at 10 he put me into my bed at his house, kissed my head and closed the door. But I couldn't sleep. I kept thinking about his huge, hairy cock in that shower. I kept thinking about the fun I have with Michael. And I kept thinking about how much I wanted to have that fun with that huge cock.

I quietly crawled out of bed and walked to his bedroom. He left the door open a little, almost like he was expecting me to walk in. I did.

Dad was on his bed completely naked, and rubbing his cock, which was erected huge! He was moaning a little, and muttering something about the next person in line. He looked like he was really enjoying himself, and then he muttered my name! I thought he saw me and I froze. But his eyes were closed and he kept rubbing and moaning and after a few minutes I decided to get closer and watch.

At the edge of his bed, his fist was moving faster and harder over his cock. He was gasping a lot, like he really was enjoying what he was doing. I decided that the only way I could tell him how I felt was to show him. It was almost like Michael and me on that first night. I lightly grabbed his cock and began rubbing it. He kept rubbing it too, but it was getting in my way, so I pushed his hands off.

I moved my hands up and down slowly, and then quicker. He moaned, he was really enjoying it! I half climbed into the bed and put my mouth around the top of his cock and began to lick and suck just like I had done to Michael, but his cock was too long to fit it all in my mouth, so I kept rubbing it too.

I looked up and saw him staring at me. I stopped. What would he do? Would he yell at me? Would he call mom? All I knew was that I really liked the taste of his cock and that I wanted to keep licking and sucking it.

I tried my best to give that "puppy-eyes for a cookie" look that Michael had used on me so many months ago.

"It's ok, Andrew. You don't have to stop." He sounded like he was out of breath.

I got up into the bed, my naked body against my dad's. I pushed my cock into his belly as hard as I could, and felt his cock jump between my thighs. My face was in front of his. I looked into his eyes, which seemed surprised to me.

"Dad, I..." I stopped. I wanted to say so many things to him. I wanted to tell him about how I had had dreams about this. I wanted to tell him that I was sorry for being mad at him. I wanted to tell him that I liked guys, like he did. I wanted to tell him about how I wanted his cock in my mouth when we were in the showers before. Instead, I decided to kiss him, like I tried to kiss Michael before.

But unlike Michael, he kissed back.

I had heard some of my school mates use words like "hot" and "turned on" before in a sexy way when talking about girls, but I never understood those words until this moment. I was kissing my dad. No, I wasn't just kissing him - I was *kissing* him, and he was *kissing* back.

My hands were on his face, they were in his hair and over his ears. I was grabbing his jaws and thrusting my tongue into his mouth as far as I could. He was thrusting his into mine. His hands were on the back of my head. Slowly, they moved down to my back, and my hands moved down to the sides of his chest. We were kissing! My cock was throbbing into his belly; I lightly bit his lower lip and then his chin. He moved his hands down my back and touched my butt hole.

My butt jerked up in the air! I had never had so much pleasure before and his finger against my hole made me moan... I wondered if doing the same to him would make him moan too. All in good time...

I rested my head on his shoulder as he roughly grabbed my butt cheeks and rubbed them. I moved my hands down to his tight belly and licked and kinda bit his neck. He jerked and moaned in obvious pleasure! I sucked on his neck a little and moved my mouth down to his nipples, which were as hard as rock. As I moved my tongue across his nipples and chest, I moved my hands down his sides to his legs, up in the middle to his balls.

My dad was really getting into this - it was obvious because he was moaning a lot and his body was kind of jerking. My belly was also jerking a lot because I was really having a lot of fun too! I moved my mouth down his chest and found his belly button with my tongue. At the same time, my hands found his massive balls and I started to lightly rub them while I licked his belly button. Then, I moved my hand up a little to his cock, which was as hard as a piece of wood.

The skin around his cock was loose and felt good in my hands. I rubbed the skin against the head of his cock and he really began to make a lot of noise. Then an idea hit me - something that Michael and I never tried. What if he sucked on my cock at the same time I sucked on his? I moved my small body around so that my cock was in his face; at the same time I was still rubbing his cock and licking the top of it. I put my other hand between his legs and felt for his butt hole.

I found it and pushed my finger up into it. It was weird and kinda gross, but dad really got into it. Then his legs shot up and he shoved his cock into my mouth - I was glad to fit as much of it as I could into my mouth. I wiggled my finger in his butt hole and then he moaned a lot and I was soon swallowing his semen. I don't know why Michael thought it tasted weird - I thought it tasted great and swallowed all of it, using my tongue to get as much of it as I could. Dad moaned a lot, and so did I because he was sucking on my cock in a way that I never thought could happen.

Suddenly, my body jerked and became real hard. I cried out so loud, I'm sure I woke up dad's neighbors. My cock throbbed! It hurt so badly that it felt really good...

My body jerked a few more times, then it became real loose. I moved around to look at dad - it was obvious that he had a really good time. I kissed him again, just on the lips, and said good night. Then I crawled into bed feeling somehow full. I slept good that night.

The next morning, dad was giving me some strange looks - so I gave him some strange ones back. I decided then and there that I wanted to live with him - he was way more fun than Michael. So I told him that I wanted to live with him.

He asked me if mom knows I wanted to move in, and if I was gay. I told him that she didn't and that I was. Then I asked him, "Dad, will you have me?"

He told me that he would, any time I want.

Fuck yeah. I can't wait.


If you've enjoyed this story, please write me at fkc8091@yahoo.com. I will be creating a Part III very soon, cuz there is more to tell...