A Perfect Love
by Winter


A few hours later, dad turned the last page and closed the book. Even though I almost knew it by heart, it was a whole lot better this time. Since I wasn't reading, I could allow myself to relax and close my eyes. I was there, in the jungles of India, following the adventures of Mowgli much closer than ever before. In fact, I lived the book with such concentration that dad had to shake my shoulder and ask me if I were awake more than once. I told him how much I had enjoyed the reading, and he hugged me.

"My dad used to read a lot to me when I was little," he said. "Whenever he wasn't making up stories of his own. But as I got older, maybe eight or nine, it suddenly seemed so uncool to have someone read to me. I could read myself, so why should I act like a kid saying 'read me a fairy tale, daddy'? Somehow, it was okay when it was just him and me, when we were out camping or here in the cabin, but at home I just couldn't bring myself to ask him, even though deep within I wanted to. I think he missed it, too, although he didn't say anything."

"Well, you can read to me anytime you want." I returned the hug. "It was great."

By then, the chips and drinks were gone, and since it was too late for lunch, we decided to skip it and wait for dinner. Instead, we went outside and sat down in the grass next to the cabin. The sun wasn't as fiercely hot now in the afternoon, so we didn't bother with sun lotion or clothes. Being naked outdoors felt so nice, and a bit wicked, too, and it didn't take me long to get a boner. I snuggled up to dad; he had lain down on his back and put his arm over his eyes to shield them from the sun, and I made sure he could feel my stiff penis against his hip. Then I started gently rubbing his chest, making sure to give his nipples plenty of attention. Before long I could watch, fascinated as always, how his dick sprang to life. Not saying anything, I moved down to lie on my stomach between his legs, which he willingly spread for me. I knew we would hear a car approaching long before it got anywhere near us, but still the thought of doing naughty stuff out in the open turned me on to no end. Dad, too, judging by the way he was leaking. I pulled his foreskin back, pausing for a little while to admire the beauty of his cock, the word was okay now that we were having sex, before I leaned down and took the head of it into my mouth. Dad made a low, growling moan, and the flow of pre-cum increased, coating my tongue with its sweet taste. I moaned, too, and I took him in as far as I could. The taste was stronger now, as he hadn't showered since early that morning; he both smelled and tasted slightly of sweat, and I could feel what had to be a slight taste of his pee. Part of me wanted to feel grossed-out, but like so often these days, my cock was making the calls, and it decided it was a sexy feeling. Every other taste was soon drenched, however, when I felt dad tense, and he let out a wordless cry, then came. I let it fill my mouth completely before I swallowed, then fill it again. I kept some to share with him, then crawled up his body to kiss him. We tongue-wrestled for a good while, then suddenly dad broke the kiss and grabbed me around the waist. I was heaved through the air, and was giggling by the time he set me down on his chest, with my cock perfectly aligned for his mouth. He licked it, then nibbled on the foreskin with his lips, making me moan, then he took it all the way in. While he sucked me, he rubbed my buttocks, but didn't reach for my hole as I had hoped. Instead, he let go of my cock and looked at me with a sly grin, his cheeks blushing slightly.

"I want to try something new, if you're game."

"Sure," I said. "What is it?"

"Something I wanted to try with Melissa, but she never went along with it."

Before I could ask again, he raised my butt off of his chest, then pulled me up towards his face. Before I knew what was happening, I felt something I had never even imagined I'd ever feel. I felt his tongue lick the underside of my sac, then all the way back to my hole. I gasped, then nearly fell off of him as an intense wave of red-hot pleasure swept through me. Dad grabbed my thighs and held me steady as he formed his tongue to a point and began stabbing at my hole. Thoughts began to form inside my mind, ready to start the gross-or-great debate again, but before they could get anywhere, my brain seemed to shut down. I groaned and grunted, as dad licked, sucked and kissed me down there. When I finally couldn't sit up anymore, he laid me down on my back, then lifted my butt off the ground so he could keep going. Very quickly, he brought me to the edge of my peak, but without penile stimulation, I couldn't take the leap off it. And with my mind all but gone, I couldn't think of touching myself, either. Just as I thought I could take no more pleasure, dad moved up and took my cock into his mouth, pulling the foreskin back with his lips. While licking the sensitive tip, he sucked as hard as he could, and that was all it took. I let out something that was half scream, half sob, then I came onto his tongue. As quickly as it had come, my orgasm was over, and all I could do was to lie there like a puppet with its strings cut. I was gasping for air, and my heart beat so fast it sounded like a buzz in my ears. As my consciousness began to return to normal, I sent a thought to my mother, feeling sorry for her for missing out on this. Dad rubbed my stomach for a minute or two, then he patted my butt.

"We'd better get up before we're eaten alive by mosquitoes and ants. They go for body heat, you know, and you're hotter than a volcano right now."

"I can't... I can't move..." I panted. "You save yourself, just... just leave me."

"Come on," he chuckled. "Get up, lazy boy. Did you like it?"


"I take that as a yes." Laughing, he picked me up into his arms and carried me into the cabin. By the time he had closed the door behind us, I was almost asleep. "I guess we have time for a nap before dinner, but then we have to pack."

"Whatever." I yawned. "Dad, that was great."

"I thought you'd like it, you always go nuts when I touch your butthole."

"I wanna do it back to you," I yawned again, "but not right now."

He carried me into the bedroom and laid me down, then snuggled up to me and pulled the comforter over us. I was already half gone when I felt him kiss my cheek.


After a tiny nap and a huge dinner, we sat back for a little while, letting the food settle down. Neither of us was really willing to start packing, since that would be to finally admit that we were going home in the morning. Once we started moving, though, it only took us a little more than an hour to get done. We packed everything we didn't need for tomorrow morning into the car, and by the time we had finished that it was nearly dark.

"Better get ready for bed, son," dad said, putting his arm around my shoulder as we went back inside. "It's gonna be a long day tomorrow."

"What, already?" I protested. "It can't be more than half nine!"

"But we have to get up early, especially if we're to say good bye to Eric. It's a long drive."

"Oh, okay."

Pouting slightly, I went to take my shower while dad made the bed for us. It wasn't long, though, before he stepped into the cubicle and grabbed the soap. I closed my eyes and let him wash me all over, then returned the favour. By the time I had rinsed his hair, we were both hard as rocks, but with us getting up early I didn't think dad would agree to any fun, not even a quick suck-off. So I let him towel-dry me, then went to bed. As with the shower, dad was right behind me. He got into bed, then moved so close to me my back was against his chest. I could feel that he was still hard, but for some reason this didn't turn me on like it should. Dad kissed the nape of my neck, sending a shudder down my spine.

"Are you feeling sad about leaving?" I nodded, realising as I did that he was right. "Don't be, we'll come back here again, I promise. As soon as possible."

"That's okay. I guess I've been so happy here I didn't really think it would end."

"I know the feeling. It's a lovely place, isn't it?"

"Yeah." I leaned back into his embrace, enjoying his warm touch. "Thanks for bringing me here, dad."

"Listen, Jimmy, there's one thing I want to ask you..."

"Yes?" I asked after waiting for a while for him to continue. "What is it, dad?"

"Well..." he began, but had to stop and take a few deep breaths before starting over. I was almost beginning to worry. "Well, since this place is so special to me, to us, in so many ways, I thought we could... well, if you still want to, I would like our first time to be here."

"Our first time?" I felt puzzled for a moment or two, then it dawned to me what he meant, and I felt a wide grin come onto my lips. I threw my arms around his neck and kissed him fiercely. "Oh dad, I'd love that!"

"I thought you would." He returned the kiss. "Well, at least I hoped you would. Jimmy, it would be like completing a circle for me. My love for Melissa, and now my love for you. Right here in the bed where you came to be."

"Dad, are you sure? I mean, I want it like I've never wanted anything else, but we agreed not to rush things."

"I know." He kissed me again. "Thanks, son, you're always so considerate. But I'm sure. As long as you promise you'll tell me to stop if I hurt you."

"I think it'll hurt no matter how long we wait. But I promise to say stop if it's too bad, is that okay?"

"Deal." We shook hands, laughing, and I could literally see a ton of bricks falling from dad's shoulders. "Well, tonight's our last chance..."

"Yeah!" I threw back the comforter and grabbed dad's cock, which was already rock-hard. "I call shotgun!"

"Silly boy," dad laughed. "Get me the lube from the bedside table."

"Okay!" I handed him the small bottle. "Dad?"


"Can I try and lick you? Before we start?"

"All right. Actually, it might be a good thing if you bring me off first, that'll make me last longer for the main event."

"Roll over."

"It'll be easier doggie-style." He got up on all fours. "Are you sure you...?"

"Dad!" I interrupted, then slapped his bare arse. He gasped, more with surprise, I think, than anything else. "Can we make another deal? How about I never ask for anything unless I'm completely sure I want it? Then you don't have to ask all the time."

"All right. But I know I'll slip up, over and over."

"That's okay." I giggled, then swatted him again. "I know just how to punish you."

"Hey, stop that! Dads spank their boys, not the other way around!" Pretending I hadn't heard him, I went on to give him several slaps on both butt-cheeks. To my delight, his skin began to burn slightly red, as if he were butt-blushing. He squirmed a little, but didn't try to move away. "I mean it, Jimmy, you're breaking one of the basic laws of the universe."

"And loving it." I giggled again, then another naughty thought entered my mind as I watched dad standing on his hands and knees. I sat down at his side and rubbed his back, then reached in underneath him and started tugging at his cock. He groaned. "Now all I need is a bucket and a milking stool."

Dad made a mooing sound, just like a cow, and then we both fell over with laughter. By the time I had pulled myself together, my stomach was almost cramping up. We hugged, and with that the tension that had been there, despite all our reassurances, was completely gone. Grinning, I swatted his rump again and made a sign for him to get back on all fours. He obeyed without hesitation. I moved back so I was kneeling behind him, then started caressing his butt. Humming with pleasure, he spread his legs, giving me perfect access. For the first time, I really looked at his hole; it was pink and wrinkled, and he had a fuzz of downy, light brown hair growing all over his crack. I licked a finger and started rubbing him, pushing until it slid inside. His muscles would contract and relax, giving me a kind of massage in return which felt quite good. I found his prostate and caressed it gently, while I used my free hand to fondle his balls. All of this made him moan and purr, and I almost wished I had a third hand for his cock. Almost. I wanted this to last for a while, even though part of me wanted to hurry up and get it over with, so we could move on. Yet, no matter how excited I was over the fact that dad was going to give me what I wanted so bad, that he was finally going to fuck me, I was also a bit scared. It was a completely new ball game, so to speak, and the fact that I didn't know if it would hurt or not or how bad made me want to take things slow. So I had my mind set to give dad a really good time, before anything else happened. If the rest turned awry, there'd still be my first rim-job to remember. Soon dad's breathing changed into shallow gasps, and I knew he was getting close, so I pulled my finger out and left his nuts to dangle in their loose sac. This was it, do or die. I stroked his buttocks, using my thumbs to pry them apart, then started placing kisses all over, slowly centring on my target. All the while, I kept smelling him, but could feel nothing more than his usual dad-smell, and a slight touch of the soap we had used in the shower. Deciding that he was as clean as he'd ever be, which I suppose was more than you could have said for me back when he did it to me, I finally touched the rim of his hole with a soft kiss. He gasped, and I could feel his muscles contract. Then I touched it with my tongue, and he let out a hum of delight. Encouraged, I did like he had, and licked all around it, then pushed against the hole. He tensed up at first, but then relaxed. My tongue wasn't strong enough to get past his sphincter, but I could open it up a bit. The taste was slightly salty, almost like kissing his skin when he was sweaty, but it was nowhere near as gross as that tiny rational part of me had feared. While I licked him I stroked his cock, which was harder than I had ever felt it, and leaking like crazy. Slowly, I began losing myself in what I was doing; it was such a sexy feeling, wicked and naughty, yet at the same time it was a good thing, giving dad so much pleasure. He kept mumbling my name, over and over again, pushing back at me to make me lick harder. Which I did, loving every second. All too soon for me, dad started giving away the tell-tale signs that he was about to come, so reluctant though I was to give up this new delight, I hurried in underneath him. At first, I had thought to take him into my mouth, but instead I slipped my head in between his arms, grinning up at him while I pushed my crotch up against his cock. He caught on immediately and took me into his arms, lying down on top of me with his elbows supporting his weight. Then he started rubbing his penis against mine, which was soon slick and slippery from all the juice he was leaking. I hadn't realised just how turned on I was, so it came almost as a shock when I felt my orgasm build up, then explode. I pressed my lips against dad's, and he returned the kiss even as he, too, started coming, just seconds behind me. I felt spurt after spurt of his hot semen splash onto my belly, only to be squashed between us as he kept on pushing against me. After a little while, though, we started coming back down to Earth, and he rolled off of me, leaving our nether regions covered in cum. I wasted no time, but went down on him and licked every drop away; I even sucked at his deflating penis to get the last of it. Afterwards, he did the same to me, and then we kissed, sharing our treats. We slowly regained our breaths, then dad brushed the back of his hand against my cheek and looked at me with such love and warmth in his eyes it made my heart flutter.

"I almost thought you were exaggerating out there, with all that moaning and nearly falling off me." I giggled at his words. "But damn, Jimmy! That was unbelievable."

"It was cool, dad." I lay down half on top of him, my head resting against his shoulder. "Are you ready to go on?"

"Not as ready as you are." He grabbed my still-hard penis and shook it, making us both laugh. "Virility and stamina. You'll wear me out before I'm forty. Want to go first?"

"You mean...?"

"You could do me now, Jimmy, and I'll return the favour afterwards."

"Wow." I really had to wrestle with my horniness this time, before arriving at an answer. "Thanks, dad, but I want you to go first. It's really important to me."

"All right." He smiled, then reached over to the bedside table and brought out the lube. "But while we're waiting for Mr Happy to come back to life, why don't we stretch you a bit."

It took me no time at all to lie down on top of dad, with my butt facing him. He started rubbing lube into my hole while I laid my head down on his thigh, watching as his dick slowly began coming to life again. The first finger went in easily, as did the second, but he had only had three in a couple of times before, and it had always hurt. This time, though, there was less pain, maybe because I managed to keep myself relaxed all the time. Before long, all three fingers were deep in me, rubbing against my prostate and making me purr with pleasure. I reached out with my hand and took hold of dad's semi-erect dick, then brought it to my lips. Instead of just sucking, like I used to, I kissed it gently all over, from his hairy bush up to the skin-covered tip. In no time at all, he was all hard, and as I pulled back the foreskin, I found the tip leaking again. Dad handed me the lube, and I greased him up good. Once that was done, he eased his fingers out of me, then picked me up and placed me in the middle of the bed, on my back. He said nothing, no questions if I really wanted this of if I were ready, he just raised my butt from the bed and slipped in a pillow beneath it, then started fingering me again, one last time. This was it. My heart was beating so fast I thought it would break my ribs from within, and I could feel that I was blushing like crazy. Dad leaned down and kissed my lips, then I felt his fingers vanish again, only to be replaced by something that felt so smooth and warm against me. The head of his cock. I took a deep breath, then did my very best to relax. He started pushing gently, but still with some speed to keep my hole from closing up. There was a slight sting of pain as the head popped in, but nothing I couldn't stand. I looked up into his eyes and nodded, and he slowly started pushing into me. It went well until he reached as far as his fingers had been, but beyond that, it felt a bit uncomfortable. Not really painful, but like the mother of all constipations. He noticed this, of course, and paused for a while until I nodded again. It went on like this, slowly, inch by inch until I finally felt his pubic hair against my buttocks. I sighed with joy and relief, then a wide grin crept onto my lips. Dad took this as a sign that all was okay, and he pulled out a couple of inches, then pushed back in again. The shaft of his cock pressed against my prostate, making my own cock jump as it lay flat against my stomach. I actually squirted a drop of pre-cum onto my belly, just as dad began moving again. We built up a slow rhythm, where he would withdraw more and more before going back in, until he was fucking me all the way. I would squeeze down on him going out, then push back against him going in. It was a glorious feeling, to finally be doing it for real; to finally having dad making love to me. I knew right then and there that there could be nothing on Earth to match this. True love coming true, pleasure so total it nearly made me cry. Dad leaned down, and we kissed as he started speeding up. When I did nothing to object, he went still a bit faster, grinding into my prostate so hard I thought I'd come right away. But like before, when he was licking me, it was as if I couldn't come without touching myself. I was at the brink of orgasm, but I kept my hands off of me, wrapping them around dad's neck instead, as we kept on kissing. Suddenly, dad broke the kiss and leaned back, grabbing my hips and pulling me as close to him as possible.

"Oh son, I'm coming..."

He held me there with one hand, while the other took my cock and started stroking it furiously. I only had time to feel the first jets of his cum inside me, so hot it was almost burning me, then my own orgasm hit me, stronger than ever before. I yelled out, too spent from all the fun we'd had during the day to really shoot anything, but still dribbling a few precious drops onto dad's fingers. After that, I kind of zoned out, too high on pleasure to really remember anything. I felt like I was lying on a cloud, so soft and warm, and all wrapped in dad's strong arms. His scalding semen inside me took away any chill there might have been, leaving just a feeling of total fulfilment. Perfection. Then I slowly began to return to reality. Dad was half lying down on top of me, using his elbows to keep his weight off me. He was kissing the nape of my neck, sending shudder after shudder through my body. His cock was still inside me, although it was slowly softening. As was mine, surprisingly enough. I had half expected to walk through the rest of my life with a constant hard-on, just from being part of something so utterly sexy. We rolled over to lie on our sides, facing each other, and as we did, dad's cock slipped out of me, leaving me with a feeling that something was missing. Something that just should be there. His hands were all over my face, stroking and caressing me ever so gently, while his eyes looked right into mine, then straight on and into my soul. I felt such love for my dad, it almost hurt, and from the warm glow emanating from his eyes, I knew he felt the same for me. After a brief kiss, he pulled the comforter over us, and we fell asleep almost at once, wrapped in each other's arms.


If I dreamed anything that night, it was totally gone from my memory when I woke up. I tried to fight it and fall back into deep sleep, but soon my eyes fluttered open. Dad was smiling at me, stroking the side of my face, and I felt my lips return the smile even before I was completely awake. He kissed my cheek.

"Good morning, my beautiful son. Time to get moving."

"Mmm, wha' time is it?"

"Almost half past six."

"Six? Dad, that's too early. Let me sleep."

"Lazy boy." I closed my eyes and began drifting away again, but then he pinched my balls, not too hard, just enough to make me sit straight up. "That caught your attention, eh? We've got a lot to do before we go."

"Like what? We did most of th' packing and cleaning yesterday."

"Well, first of all, before we get a shower, I was wondering if you wanted to reciprocate for last night."


"Do you want to make love to me, Jimmy?"

"Oh. Yeah, I'd love to!" I grinned. "Will you do me, too?"

"Not for a little while, son. Your hole is a bit swollen this morning, we'd better take it easy for a while."

"Okay." I sat up, then his words kind of reached me. "Wait a minute! Are you looking at my arse while I'm asleep?"

"Just to see that it was okay." He smiled wryly. "And to admire its beauty."

"Humph!" I blushed. "So, you wanna do it right away?"

"What better time? Besides, you're already hard."

"Looking at my cock, too?" I shook my head. "Dad, you're too much!"

He just chuckled and got up on all fours. I swallowed, trembling with excitement as I got into position behind him. He gave me the lube, but I wasn't ready for that just yet. Instead, I spread his butt-cheeks apart and started licking him again. This time, the taste was stronger, but I doubt anything could gross me out anymore. At least not as far as dad was concerned. He let out a happy groan.

"You really liked that, didn't you?"

I said nothing, just licked harder while I fondled his sac. All too soon, his balls rose up against his body, getting ready to shoot, so I stopped what I was doing and lubed up two fingers. I gently eased them into him, making sure his hole got nice and slippery. When I reached his prostate, his muscles flexed around my fingers, and the thought of what that would feel like to my cock made me dizzy with excitement. I closed my eyes for a second and wished that it would be long enough to reach that far. With my free hand, I spread some lube on my cock, making sure to get the tip slippery as well. I pulled the foreskin back, then left it there as I removed my fingers and lined up. Dad pressed back against me, and I took that as a sign to get started. Holding onto his hips, I pushed and immediately slipped in to the hilt. We both gasped. It was such a marvellous feeling; all warm and tight and velvety soft. I searched around for a bit, until to my delight I found his prostate gland. I rubbed my tip against it, and felt dad's muscles squeeze my cock so hard I almost thought I'd be trapped in there. Everything felt so great I could have stayed like that forever, but I knew what I had to do. I pulled out until I could see the ridge of my cockhead, then pushed back in again, making sure to hit his magic spot. After doing this twice and relishing in the pleasure it brought me, I couldn't hold back anymore, but started pumping away as hard and as fast as I could. Each time my belly slapped against dad's butt, I felt him clench his muscles, pulling at me to stay in as I pulled back out again. Far too quickly, I felt my orgasm build, and though I tried to will myself not to come, I soon had no choice. I pushed in as deep as I could, then stayed there as I shot my drops into dad. Exhausted, I fell down on his back, panting and wheezing, but to my surprise I stayed completely hard. Dad must have felt this, too, because he started flexing again and moving his butt, making me slide inside him. I'll never know where I got the strength from, but I got up again and started all over, this time going at full pace from the start. In no time at all I had my second orgasm, but this was a dry one. I was completely spent. My penis shrank quickly and slipped out of dad's hole, and I just fell onto my side and lay there panting, my heart beating like a hummingbird's wings. Dad lay down next to me and took me into his arms, holding me tight. Neither of us said anything; we just enjoyed the closeness. He was still hard, and I realised that he hadn't come yet, so I took his cock and placed it between my thighs, just below my sac. Then I closed my legs and squeezed, and he got the idea and started moving. He must have been close, because after no more than a couple of strokes, I felt his cum splash against my bottom. He let out a long groan, then kissed me on the lips.

"That felt really nice, Jimmy. Better than I had dared hope."

"It's good, isn't it? I just wish I was bigger down there. You don't know how good it is to be filled up totally."

"If it's better than doing the filling-up, I don't know if I could take it without screaming my head off." I giggled. "I'm glad we did this, son. Not only because it was so good, not only because I love you so, but because it felt so special right here, in this special place."

"Yeah, it's special, all right. I will always love this cabin, dad." I kissed him deeply, for a good, long while. "Like I'll always love you."

To my surprise, dad got tears in his eyes when he looked at me, which of course set me off as well. We hugged tightly, sharing our happy tears before we finally got out of bed. After a quite urgent pee duel, we washed up and went to finish the last of our food supply on a steady breakfast. Dad cleaned up the bedroom while I did away the dishes, then we spent half an hour hoovering about the cabin, checking every nook and cranny for things we might have forgotten. It was with great reluctance we locked the cabin door and loaded our last stuff into the car. I walked around for a minute or two, taking a few last pictures with tears streaming down my cheeks, then dad laid his arm around my shoulder and led me to the car. I could tell that he felt sorry for leaving, too, even though he wasn't weeping openly, like me. We stopped for a little while at the camp site, unable to resist as Eric insisted on treating us to a second breakfast, but after one more tearful good bye, we finally got on our way home. The strain of the morning, both mentally and physically, soon put me to sleep.


It was dark by the time we got home. Traffic had been worse on the way home, and since we weren't in any particular hurry, we had stopped for more and longer breaks. I had dozed off just before we got within the city borders, and now I woke up from dad's hand, gently stroking my thigh, all the way up and in under my shorts, gently touching my sac. I yawned widely, but the evening air refreshed me as we got out. Deciding to leave most of the unpacking for tomorrow, we grabbed a couple of packs and went inside the house. As bad as it had felt leaving the cabin, it still felt great to be home again. I tossed my pack on my bed, the one I planned never to use again, at least not for sleeping in, then went and joined dad for a shower. We had a light snack afterwards, then went straight to bed. Both of us were too tired for any playing, and I just cuddled up into dad's arms and went to sleep, barely even feeling the good night kiss he placed on my forehead.

The next morning, the sun was shining, and it looked to be a fine day. I hadn't even finished my breakfast before the phone rang. Dad picked it up, then after a brief conversation handed it to me, grinning as he mouthed 'it's your little boyfriend'. Fuming at him, I talked to Jonathan for a couple of minutes. He knew we were coming home the day before, and had called time after time; he could hardly wait for us to get together. As friends, of course, as he hurried to add. We decided to hang out together for the day, both of us feeling way to mature to call it 'playing', even though that was really the truth. I found myself looking forward to it; Jonathan's dad would bring him over, and even as I finished the last of my bacon and eggs, I was planning how I'd show him around the neighbourhood. If we ran into any of the other boys living around here, I could make introductions, and maybe, just maybe, one of them would be interested in getting to know Jonathan better. A lot better. After I had helped dad load the dishwasher I went to my room and got dressed for the day. I felt a little guilty to leave dad to do all the unpacking, but either he didn't realise that I was sneaking my way out of it, or he let me do so. Before long, a car horn beeped outside, and I opened the door to let a beaming Jonathan in. We shared a friendly hug, but no more. It seemed he was going to respect the borders I had put up, which meant I didn't have to knock him over. Unless I found another reason. He said hi to dad, and then we were off. But after just a couple of seconds, I glanced back and saw dad on top of the steps, smiling at me. I turned on my heels and ran back, treating him to a crushing hug and a kiss on the cheek before taking off again, waving over my shoulder to him. Nothing more than an everyday display of a son's love for his dad, nothing to give away the deeper, special love we had for one another. A love I knew would last forever, through whatever might come in our way. A perfect love.






Well, that's it. What was at first only to be a short story, but expanded into the longest series I've written to date, has reached its end. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who's written to me, encouragingly, I might add. I've done my best to answer every mail, but I know that some may have been lost when my e-mail account was flooded with spam. If anyone didn't receive a reply, please try again. I'd also like to thank everyone who was patient with me during my long case of bad writer's block, especially to those who were actively supportive and considerate. If you think this refers to you, you're probably right. *Hugs!*
As always, I'd love to hear what you thought, not just about this chapter, but about the whole series. My e-mail is winterimage@hotmail.com. Oh, before you ask, sorry, but there'll be no sequel. It's tough to leave characters behind, especially these two, who have really grown on me, but I have already got new projects under way, as well as some old ones I hope to finish. Bye for now!

Winter, somewhere far north, on March 14, 2004