A Perfect Love

by Winter


I looked around, but couldn't see a thing. Just trees, grass and moss. Then dad grabbed my head and turned me as he pointed. I squinted, and could just barely see the outlines of the cabin.


"Impressive, isn't it?"


It was a log cabin, but the logs were draped with moss and decorated with fir branches, making it blend almost perfectly into the trees. There was a small garden, but it, too, looked like a part of the surrounding forest. We walked up to the cabin, and I felt like I had to run my hands along the logs, just to make sure they were really there. I was awe-struck. Behind the cabin the ground sloped quickly away, leading down to a large glade with a tiny lake in its centre. I just barely had enough of my wits to grab the camera and take a few pictures. It was easy to understand why dad loved this place, and I had a definite feeling that I would, too. I told him so, and he just hugged me and led me inside. From the outside, it had been hard to get the size of the cabin, but inside it looked huge. The main room was larger than our living room, and had three doors leading away from it. The far wall had no doors, but a huge panorama window looking out over the lake, and in the corner was a large fireplace with plenty of logs piled up next to it. In the centre of the room were two comfy-looking couches, facing each other with a wooden table in between them. By the window was a small coffee table and a couple of easy chairs, with an old bearskin rug to warm our feet. I just barely had time to take it all in, before dad hoisted me away towards the farthest door. He seemed eager to show me the place. Behind it was the bedroom, with a huge, at least queen-sized bed, covered with fluffy pillows and soft blankets. It looked like a great place to cuddle up during long, cold winter nights, although I suspected it would get quite warm now in the summer. On the other side of the bedroom was a large bathroom with both a shower and a hot tub. The second door led to a kitchen with a large fridge and freezer, where we stuffed away our food, and an electrical stove. I had only ever seen gas stoves, but dad assured me he knew how to work it. Just one more door to explore. Behind that one was a staircase, which led up to a kind of playroom. There was a table-tennis table, a pool table and a mini-bar! A couple of fold-out beds showed that people used to spend the night in this room. I could understand why. In the far corner was a couch, some chairs and a TV set that looked ancient. There was a scruffy-looking cassette tape-recorder too, and a radio. A top-notch entertainment set, by the time of the latest ice-age. With the playroom, our little sweep was ended, and dad made a gesture as if to ask what I thought.

"Dad, it's great! What a cool place! But it must've cost tons of money."

"Well, it wasn't the cheapest cabin to rent, but not the most expensive either. The price stays manageable because it's so far from everything." He held out his arm, and I walked into the hug. "We can afford it, Jimmy, don't worry."

"Okay. Can we go swimming? Is the lake cold?"

"Ice cold. Let's wait until tomorrow. The morning sun hits the lake and warms it up some. Let's build a fire, shall we?"


We went outside, and I watched as dad chopped up some firewood; not that he needed to, but he said he liked the exercise. Even though it wasn't as hot as back home, he still worked up a sweat, and took off his shirt. I stopped watching him work, and instead I admired his body. The muscles played underneath the skin as he raised then lowered the axe, and I found the sight enticing. Pearls of sweat glistened on his body in the afternoon sun. Even from where I was sitting by the woodpile, I could smell him. It was a scent I knew by now, even though I had never felt it this strongly. I started thinking about walking up to him, hugging him from behind and rubbing myself against his body, as if to make that smell a part of me forever. Caught up in my fantasies, I didn't notice when the sound of axe against wood ceased. Dad said something but I couldn't hear it, and I didn't see him walk up to me, either. Suddenly, he was so close to me he made me jump, and I nearly fell backwards. He pulled me to my feet, then laughed as I started to blush.

"Did you fall asleep, little guy? I've been talking to you for a while."

"Just daydreaming," I mumbled apologetically. "I kind of drifted away."

"More like sailed away. What did you dream of?"

"You." He seemed a bit taken aback by this, then we both blushed. "Dad, you looked so good when you were chopping wood. So sexy."

"Thanks." He struck a pose, flexing his muscles like a bodybuilder, and I almost rolled over laughing. "It's nice to be admired. Regular he-man, your old dad, eh?"

We gathered up the newly split logs and brought them back inside. Dad showed me how to build a fire so it would give off good heat, then lit it. I sat on the floor in front of the fireplace, watching the wood catch fire. Dad got up, though, and beckoned me to follow him. He opened the bedroom door, and we went inside. I started to feel excited as he sat down on the edge of the bed, then had me sit on his lap. But as I tried to kiss him, he stopped me by gently placing a hand on my chest. I could tell this was no rejection, only a postponing, so I leaned against him and waited for him to speak.

"Jimmy, you asked me if I have been back to this cabin before, and I have. Just once, but that was the second best time I've had in my life."

"When was that?"

"Your mother and I spent our honeymoon here. That's why this place is so dear to me. We had just got married. She was twenty, and I was just eighteen, but we were so much in love. It was early May, so there was still snow on the slopes, but the place was as beautiful as ever, and she fell in love with it as much as I had. We said we'd keep coming back here, but it wasn't available for hire until this year. Still, it was a great time." He held me against him, and his voice was pleasantly low, hardly more than a rumble inside his chest. "But there's another reason why I wanted to show you this cabin, and especially this room."

"What's that?"

"Well, if you count from May to February..." He laid down on the bed, pulling me with him. I started to count, but he gave me the answer before I was done. "Just here, on this very spot, is where you came to be, Jimmy."


"Now you know why I love this place so much. Not just because it's beautiful, but because it brought so much good into my life." I didn't know what to say, so I just pushed myself closer to him. "It feels so good to be able to share it with you, as well."

"Yeah. Dad?"


"You said your honeymoon was the second best time of your life?"

"Yes." He nodded, and I knew I didn't have to finish the question. "There's one time that can't be surpassed. Not by anything. That was the first time I held my newborn son. That's bliss if such a thing ever existed."


"And now, ten years later, it still feels as good."

I could feel the happy tears as they welled up in my eyes, then ran down my cheeks. Dad hugged me tighter, and I rubbed my face against his chest. then he lifted up my chin, and I could see that he had tears in his eyes, as well. This time he let me kiss him, and after a couple of seconds, he kissed me back. His hot breath on my face and his soft lips on mine, and the feel of his warm skin against mine, together with the intoxicating smell of his body, made me hard as a rock, but I didn't try to turn this into a sex session. The moment was too precious to squander on something as trivial as the pleasures of bodies. It was a moment of love, pure love, and I think dad for the first time realised just how deep my love for him went. I also think this was the time he began to know that his love for me, as well, ran that deep. Soul deep.


We stayed like that for maybe half an hour, then we got up to check on the fire, both of us adjusting our shorts. Dad made us some hamburgers on the stove, and we sat down to eat on the floor in front of the fireplace. It was so cosy and comfortable that I began awning before long. Dad did, too, and we decided to save the dishes for the next day and leave the last of the fire to burn out. I gestured for him to carry me, and to my surprise he picked me up. He put me down on the bed, then proceeded to get me undressed. I saw his eyes take in my naked body, dwelling a few seconds extra on my still-hard penis, and it felt so good that he cared enough to look, and seemed to like what he saw. I returned the favour, and he laughed as my gaze got fixed on his crotch. He was halfway hard, and I managed to tear my eyes away from it long enough to silently ask for permission to go on. He gave a slight nod, and my hands shivered as I reached for him. It jumped a little as I made contact, and a pearl of pre appeared at the tip. Remembering how sweet it had tasted, I pulled back his foreskin and licked the drop away. A shudder ran through dad's body, and he sighed.

"Oh Jimmy, that feels so good."

"Is this really okay, dad?" I dreaded the answer, but I had to ask. "I mean, can I really do this?"

"Anything you want, son." He stroked my cheek. "Just make sure you never go beyond what you want."

"I won't." I gave him another lick, making him sigh again. "I really wanna do this, dad."

He didn't answer, but closed his eyes, his face a look of pure pleasure. I knew he still wasn't completely sure it was a good thing for us to have sex, but I felt determined to change his mind. I took the head into my mouth and ran my tongue over it. The taste filled my mouth, and I closed my eyes, relishing in it. Dad let out a slight moan, then cried out as I closed my lips against his shaft, sucking slightly. I took as much of him into my mouth as I could, but I still had a couple of inches left when I started to gag. So I pulled back and started all over again. I ran one hand through his thick pubic bush, while I let the other one play with his sac. I rolled his balls around slightly, feeling their texture with my fingers like I was feeling his penis with my tongue. He moved his hips slightly, rubbing the head of his penis against the roof of my mouth. I took the hint and started moving down once more, then up and down again, finding a rhythm that matched his movements. He moaned and groaned now, and it felt so good to know I was the one who brought him all that pleasure. I sucked as hard as I could, while I started going faster, my hands massaging the base of his penis and his balls. His breathing got faster and more shallow, and I knew he was getting close. So I did like he had when he masturbated me. I stopped. The head plopped out of my mouth, and I giggled as he let out a dissatisfied grunt. He was so hard it felt like I was holding a velvet-covered steel rod. As he opened his eyes I looked deep into them, basking in the love they radiated. But there was something else in there. Lust. He wasn't just doing me a favour, he really wanted this, too! The feeling this knowledge gave me was almost too much for me, and I began to feel light-headed. Afraid I'd faint if I met his gaze again, I returned to my task. I rubbed his penis all over while I kissed his sac, feeling his balls against my tongue.

"Oh god, Jimmy, that's wonderful."

It was little more than a whisper, but it encouraged me to go further. I took one in and sucked it gently, taking good care not to hurt him, since I knew how sensitive mine were. He moaned loudly and his penis jerked wildly in my hand. I was afraid he'd come before I could take him back into my mouth, but I just had to suck his other ball first. It had to be fair, after all. Then I took him in again, sucking hard as I pushed my head down. His hands ran through my hair, but without any pressure. This time, I managed to relax enough to take him all the way down. It was a wild feeling, to have the head down my throat and my nose buried in his strong-smelling pubic hair. Luckily, his penis wasn't too thick, but it was still too much for me, so I had to lift my head again. Dad was breathing fast now, panting and gasping just as I had when my orgasm had been close. I kept up a quick pace, while I sucked for all I was worth. And in the end it paid off.

"Oh god!" he cried. "Jimmy, I'm coming, get off!"

I responded by throwing my arms around his hips while he thrust against me. There was no way I would miss this treat. I felt his penis jerk inside my mouth, and then suddenly dad cried out. His semen splashed against the roof of my mouth, and I hurried to swallow it before the next jet came. It seemed to go on forever, and there was too much for me to gulp down. Some of it ran out of my mouth and down my chin and his shaft. Then it started to abate, slowing down to a drizzle, then to a stop. I licked up the drops I had missed, then returned to the head to lick and nuzzle it. Dad groaned again, then pulled my head away.

"Jimmy, stop, please! My cock's way too sensitive right now." I giggled. "What?"

"Last time I said cock you threatened to spank me."

"Well, it's okay to talk dirty when you're having sex. Just a little."

"Was it good, dad? Did I make your cock feel good?"

"Yeah, you did. Jimmy, it was wonderful."

"I can't believe how much you shot, dad." I licked my lips, and he blushed slightly. "When was the last time you came?"

"When you stroked me, Jimmy. So it's been a while."

"That's more than a week ago. No wonder there was so much. But I don't mind, it tastes great!"

"Really?" He blushed again, making me giggle. "Let me see!"

He grabbed me around the waist and pulled me up so he could kiss me. The touch tickled me, and I was squirming and laughing like crazy, but he still managed to thrust his tongue into my mouth. I could still taste his semen, and I knew he could, too. He eased up on his grip, but I was in a giggle fit and just couldn't let up. We wrestled back and forth until I finally ended up crushed beneath dad's body. I slowly began to breathe normally again, but I refused to stop struggling so he kept pinning me down. It felt so good to be squashed against the soft sheets that I never wanted him to get off. He stroked my cheek, then kissed my lips again. This time, I stayed still, only letting my lips and tongue move against his. I closed my eyes and let the pleasure from the kiss surge through me. It ended with a moan, and dad got up on his elbows, taking his weight off me. I tried to pull him back down, but he rolled over to lie on his side next to me, our faces still only inches apart. He smiled.

"You're right, it doesn't taste too bad. But I had to fight like hell to get at it." I laughed and punched his arm lightly. "Greedy little guy, are you? Not wanting to share?"

"Oh, I didn't mind sharing, dad, it was just so fun to wrestle a bit."

"I can tell you liked it." He pinched my stiff penis, making me yelp. "Is it my turn now?"

"If you want to." I looked into his eyes. "But like you said, don't go beyond what you want to do."

"I won't, Jimmy. It's a weird feeling, but I really do want to pay you back."

"You only let it be weird, dad. Just do it instead."

"Okay." He pushed me so I laid down on my back, the started to kiss his way down my body. When his lips brushed against my neck, I shuddered. "Hot spot there, eh?"

"Yeah," I breathed.

"How about this?" He kissed my ear, then ran his tongue against the skin just behind it. I gasped with pleasure, then my back arched up from the bed. The feeling he gave me totally blew me away, and I tossed myself around his neck with the last of my strength, then just melted in his arms, unable to move a muscle. "Damn, that was a hot spot if there ever was one! Jimmy? Hey, son, did you faint on me?"

"Ooohhh!" was all I could manage. "Mmmm!"

"I have to remember that one," he chuckled, then poured me back down onto the bed and started moving downwards again. He ran his lips against my collar bone, gently scraping it with his teeth. I gasped again, tensing up. "Again? Damn, Jimmy, your entire body is a hot spot!"

I didn't answer, still lost in a haze of pleasure. He kissed my nipples, then licked down my sides, tracing my ribs with his tongue. Then he stuck his tongue into my bellybutton, and during all this he held one hand around my neck while the other kneaded and caressed my inner thighs, occasionally brushing against the bottom of my sac. I actually came while he was busy elsewhere, my penis stiffening and jerking on its own, trying in vain to ejaculate. This didn't stop dad, though, even though I saw him smile. I knew he enjoyed giving me pleasure just as I had enjoyed doing it to him. He paused for a little while, softly kissing around the base of my penis, the spot where I would grow hairs one day. Soon, I hoped. I longed to be as big and beautiful as my dad. The hand around my neck had slid down now, and held me around the waist, while his other hand had stopped moving, and was gently feeling my little balls. I looked down and he caught my gaze, asking for permission just like I had done.

"Yes dad, please do it," I whispered. "Please!"

"Do what?" He licked my bellybutton again, making me giggle. "Do you want me to make the bed so we can go to sleep?"


"Tell me, then." He grinned wryly, while I'm sure my entire upper body blushed a deep crimson. "Don't be shy."

"Suck it, dad." I got a puzzled look in return, as he pretended he had no idea what I meant. I groaned, silently vowing I'd get my revenge. "Suck my cock, dad! Make me come, please, I need it soo bad."

"Oh, that's what you meant!" He laughed, and I swore to myself I'd drown him in the lake. "All right, Jimmy, I will. Are you ready?"


He grabbed it, then licked his way up the shaft. I closed my eyes as he started to knead the foreskin with his lips, while he kept on massaging my balls. He pulled the skin back, then started licking the head. I gasped; the heat from his tongue seemed to run straight up to my brain, and I pushed my hips forward, trying to enter his mouth. He allowed me to, taking all of it in with just one swift motion. His tongue rubbed my penis against the roof of his mouth, then stretched to reach my balls. I was in heaven. Then he pulled back, sucking hard as he kept only the head of my penis in his mouth. Going down again, he licked me all over. I was enjoying it thoroughly, but my body was still not satisfied. I pushed up against him, thrusting repeatedly into him with all my strength. Like that, I made love to his hot mouth, and he let me do it, instead concentrating on sucking and licking. Just like when he had masturbated me, the feeling kept on growing stronger, until I felt like I would be torn apart. My penis was so hard it ached, yet it seemed to be growing ever harder. Then it was like dad's tongue had flicked a switch, and the orgasm hit me like a punch in the guts. I tensed, the relaxed, over and over again while my muscles fought to shoot out something that just wasn't there. I fell back down on the bed again, and dad moved with me, still sucking me for all he was worth. A second wave hit me, followed immediately by a third. I thought I would faint, but I was saved by pain as my penis suddenly hurt with every touch. I pushed at dad's head.

"Ooohh, please stop, my cock's exploding!"

He pulled off and laid down alongside me, rubbing my stomach as I got caught in the afterglow. I breathed heavily, little moans and whimpers escaping my lips as this incredible high didn't seem to let up. Dad hugged me to his chest and held me like he had yesterday. He kissed all over my face, but I was too far away to reciprocate. It was all I could do to ride it all out, until I finally returned to Earth. My hair was plastered to my forehead with sweat, and dad brushed the stray tufts away, smiling at my look of total bliss.

"What was that, three times in a row?" I nodded. "And you came just before, too. God, I miss those days."

"What do you mean?"

"When you grow up and start to shoot cum, you'll need at least a bit of rest before you can go again. Your age, a guy can come again and again."

"Not right now. It feels like I'd scream if you touched my cock right now."

"Don't worry, I won't." He laughed. "I remember that feeling, too. I don't get that sensitive these days."

"Dad, that was awesome!" I leaned forwards to kiss him, and he cupped his hand over my buttocks to pull us closer. "I can't say how good it was. It's like there aren't any words for it."

"You came, baby. That's enough, any guy'd know what you mean."

"No, it's more than that! The sex was great, but it wouldn't have been just that great if it had been with someone else. Do you understand what I mean?" He nodded. "Because you love me, and I love you, it got so much better."

"I know exactly what you mean, Jimmy. I love you so much."

"I love you too, dad." I pushed at his shoulder, and he rolled over to lie on his back, pulling me with him so I lay on his chest. I could feel something warm and hard poke my thighs. "Dad, will you make love to me? Will you fuck me?"

"No, Jimmy, that would be going too far."


"Jimmy, that would hurt for an adult. You're still so small, you'd get hurt."

"I can take a little pain, dad. I just want to go all the way."

"I know you do, son, but this will have to take its time. I know you're brave, and don't fear the pain, but it'd hurt me to hurt you. Do you understand?"

"Can't we try? See if it works out? I promise to tell you to stop if it hurts."


"Please! Just one try!"

"All right." His words made me grin widely with happiness, but at the same time I felt a twinge of fear. It wasn't entirely true that I didn't fear the pain. "Stand on all fours, while I go and get some lube."

He rummaged around in his bag, while I got into position. I stood on my hands and knees with my head straight forward. The longer I waited, the more scared I got, but eventually he came back. I could feel him get up on the bed, then he touched my hole. The lube was cold, just like last time, but it soon warmed up as he rubbed it in. I moaned at the touch, and I got hard again. Some of the fear vanished. How could there be pain, when just a slight touch felt so good? He kept rubbing my anus, getting the lube everywhere, then he told me to spread my legs and to get ready. His fingers vanished, and I could hear him shift his position. I closed my eyes and steeled myself. No matter how bad it hurt, it was worth it, especially if it meant I made dad feel good. Then I felt him, just outside my opening. Once again that cold lube touch, then he started to push. I clenched my butt automatically, but he kept pushing. It hurt a little, and the pain made me clench more, even though I tried to will myself to relax.

"Is it okay?"

I nodded, gritting my teeth. He pushed again, and this time a bit slipped inside. There was a burning, searing pain, but it only lasted for a couple of seconds. Then he was inside me, and I was close to howling with joy. I was still uncomfortable, but the pain had quickly abated. He kept pushing, and suddenly it was as if I had licked a battery. An electrical jolt went through my body, and I almost came right away. Dad must have noticed, because he rubbed my back.

"That's your prostate, Jimmy. Feels good?"

"Great. It was a bit difficult at first, but it feels better now."

"Did it hurt?"

"Yeah, but just for a little while. It was easier than I had thought."

"But there was pain?" He kept moving in and out of me while we talked, touching my prostrate each time. "Jimmy, like I told you, this just isn't possible yet."

"What are you talking about? You're already fucking me!"

"No, I'm not fucking you, son." I turned my head to look at him, and he was kneeling right next to me. His penis was hard, but it wasn't inside me. "You've got my index finger, Jimmy. You said that hurt, then imagine what my cock would be like."

"You tricked me!" I started to pull away, but then his finger brushed that magic spot inside me again, and I stayed where I was, moaning slightly. "That was mean!"

"Rather that than hurting you, Jimmy. Does this feel good, then?"

"Mmm, yes. Keep going." I mentally pictured the difference in girth between his finger and his cock, and I realised he was right. "I'm sorry I doubted you, dad."

"Don't be, and I won't feel sorry for tricking you. If we keep on doing this now and then, we'll be able to do it for real one day, but that will be far from now."

"I see. Oh dad, please don't stop, it's so good."

"I won't."

He let his free hand grab my stiff erection, squeezing it while he made love to me with his finger. It didn't take me long to come, and it was almost as intense as when he'd sucked me. Once I started to recover, I dove for his crotch, taking him into my mouth. He let out something that was half groan, half laughter.

"Hey, take it easy! You're like a striking cobra, son." He gasped as I ran my hand in between his thighs, finding his own hole. I kept fingering it as I sucked him. "Damn, Jimmy, that's good. You'd better slow down or this'll be over quickly."

I kept up, even going a little faster. He leaned back until he was half sitting on the bed, and I followed, attached to his cock almost like a leech. But I wasn't after blood, and before long I got my reward. He cried out, then let loose a stream of semen. This time I managed to get all of it, swallowing the last before he'd had a chance to recover and claim it. We kissed anyway, and he scolded me.

"Got it all this time, you little shit!" I giggled and nodded, and he kissed me again.

"Dad, I can't wait until I can give you my own sperms."

"Me neither, but don't be in such a hurry to grow up."

"But if I grow up quickly, it means we can fuck. I still want it, but you did convince me to wait."

"Good. I'll still miss my little boy, so don't be angry if I intend to keep him for a little while longer."

"I won't, dad." I yawned. "Can we try two fingers tomorrow?"

"We'll see." He laughed. "You're really a horny little guy, aren't you?"

"Maybe..." I blushed. "I just like it."

"Me too, Jimmy. You managed to convince me."


I curled up to go to sleep, but dad pushed me towards the bathroom so I brush my teeth. I wanted to keep the taste of his semen, but he was adamant. We were soon ready for bed, and cuddled closely together once dad had turned off the light. I barely had time to kiss him good night before I fell asleep.




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