A Perfect Love
by Winter


The next morning, we were served breakfast by another nurse, then at about half past eight, Dr Williams came to see us. He showed us some x-ray pictures of dad's arm, pointing at the tiny dark line that was the fracture. I winced as I saw it. The last thing on Earth I wanted was for dad to be hurt, but at the same I was so happy it wasn't been worse. Dad must have felt my worries, because he patted my thigh when the Doctor was busy with the pictures. Once again, that warm feeling that is love coursed through me, and as usual it began to make me hard. I was in my briefs only, so I started to shift around on the bed to point the obvious away from the Doctor. He was checking dad's bandages, and while he was preoccupied I felt dad's other hand running up my thigh to pinch my penis. I was at full mast in a second, and by now it was obvious no matter which way I turned. Just as dad's fingers disappeared from my crotch, Doctor Williams looked over at me.

"Why don't you hop on over to the lavatory, son? No need to pain yourself, we'll be finished in a minute or two." He smiled warmly as I got out of bed and headed for the john, red as a beet. "No need to be embarrassed, you know. Happens to all men at times."

I locked the door behind me and silently cursed dad. I had heard him chuckle along with the Doctor while I hurried away from them. How could he embarrassed me like that!? Not that I had anything the Doc hadn't seen before, but still, to be caught with a stiffie like that... I vowed revenge; dad would have to be extra nice to me if I'd ever speak to him again. Fuming, I splashed some water into my face to try and cool down, and then I went to pee. I did like dad had taught me, and managed to relax enough to let it come. When I was done I stopped to listen that the Doctor had gone, then I opened the door and went back inside. To my horror, the nurse was there, re-dressing dad's arm. I tried my best to sneak up and grab my trousers, but she spotted me.

"Doing okay, love?" she asked, dropping her gaze to guess-where. She smiled as I got red again, but thankfully she said nothing about the tent in my briefs. "You'll have your dad back now. I'll leave you two to get dressed, then you can check out at the reception."


We had a bit of time to spend before Eric would arrive to pick us up, so we stopped by the hospital's cafeteria to read the newspapers. Dad sipped on a cup of coffee while I had iced tea. I was still fuming a little at the way dad had got me embarrassed, but in a way it had been fun, too. He assured me that he hadn't meant for me to be seen, and even though he laughed at my expense, I forgave him. Just before ten, we finished our drinks and headed for the main entrance. At the strike of the hour, I spotted Eric's car coming our way. He stopped and got out with a wide grin on his face. I gave him a hug, then I was surprised to see dad's mouth hang open.

"I should've guessed when Jimmy talked about a blond guy called Eric," he said, smiling warmly as he shook Eric's hand. "You must be Eric Tanner, right?"

"Yup! I thought I recognised you when the ambulance crew took you away, Frank, but I wasn't sure. You've changed a lot."

"You've met my son Jimmy, of course."

"Yeah." Eric tousled my hair. "He's a bright kid. Your dad and I used to play around the cabin and the camping site when I was about eleven or twelve. I recognised the name when I rented you the cabin, but I wasn't sure enough to ask if it was you. I only remember how fun we used to have."

"Yeah, me too." Dad still seemed a bit shocked as we got into the car and Eric started driving us back up into the mountains. "Lucky thing you smiled, or I wouldn't have recognised you. You were just a scrawny runt back then."

"Well, working outdoors eight months of the year does keep you in shape. I run the camping site now that dad has retired. So, what do you work with? As I recall, you were going to run for president." I giggled as dad blushed. "Or did you travel the world like you said?"

"He works at a bank," I interjected, seeing my chance to even the scores some. "The only thing he'll ever run for is when he's trying to catch a high interest deal for some company."

"Ooh," Eric sighed. "That does sound exciting."

"Last month he set up a stock account for a software company."

"He did!?" We both laughed. "I'm too thrilled, I've got to stop the car."

"Actually, that was a multi-million dollar deal." Dad was still blushing. "With a five percent consultant's fee. Does it still sound boring?"

"Pretty impressive," Eric agreed. "No wonder you can afford a mountain holiday. What would you suggest for five thousand dollar's worth of savings?"

"Interest bonds or gold. The stock market's about to do a nose dive. Don't buy on the margin or you'll end up walking the plank."

"Actually, I've got some money that belongs to the company invested in some of the bigger multimedia and internet companies..."

"Eric, I'm not allowed to give advice outside of work. So I absolutely won't tell you to sell right away and accept the loss."

"Oh damn! And I was hoping for some free advice." I giggled at his silly-looking pout. "So what about you, Jimmy? Gonna follow your dad's footsteps?"

"I don't think so," I said. "I'm too shy to address the nation, and I get airsick when I travel."

Both of them laughed at this. We kept on making small talk the rest of the way back to the cabin. Returning there felt strange, as if I was coming back to a place I had visited long ago. I couldn't believe it was only yesterday I watched the ambulance take dad away, unconscious and hurt. My emotions must have been worn on the outside, because dad put his good arm around me as we went inside. He kissed the top of my head, then asked Eric if he'd join us for lunch. He readily agreed, since he had a helper taking care of the camping site while he wasn't there. Dad went into the kitchen, but Eric and I grabbed him and pulled him back, telling him to sit his poor crippled body down to rest while we did the cooking. He only protested mildly, then sat down in front of the panorama window. I gave Eric some help peeling prawns while he tossed together a salad.

"You know, suddenly it feels like it was yesterday I was hanging around here, pestering your dad and granddad. That was such a fun summer."

"I kind of know. I love this place."

"Heh. Maybe you'll bring your own son here one day."

"Yeah, maybe." I tried not to show him that I'd been taken aback. If I got to choose what I wanted, I'd live with my dad. I'd never have children of my own. The thought was slightly depressing. "Have you got kids?"

"No, unfortunately not. I guess I haven't really got the time to go courting. I work too much right now."


We finished the salad and filled up three plates, then we ate in the living room. Dad and Eric told me about what they had been doing here, which was pretty much what we had done so far. Fishing, skinny-dipping, hiking, and of course they had been playing a lot. We talked about the lake and the otters, and the stories of the monster fish. Dad told Eric all about how the otters had scared me and nearly drowned me, making me blush, gritting my teeth and swearing to get even. Before long, though, Eric had to get back to the camping site, so he thanked us for the lunch and we thanked him for his help and for the ride. We followed him out and watched as his car vanished down the road. Alone at last! Not that I minded Eric's company, but now that it was just dad and me, I got a feeling that absolutely everything in the world was right and perfect. I let out a happy sigh, and dad squeezed my shoulder as he led me back into the cabin. The sun was just shining its last for the day through the panorama window, and it was pleasantly warm inside. We sat down, looking down over the lake, and I cuddled up close to dad, listening to his quiet breathing and to the slow beat of his heart. I wanted so to tell him how glad I was to have him back with me, even though we had only been apart for a few hours. To tell him how happy I was that he wasn't badly hurt. But the words didn't form right inside my head, and I just sat there fidgeting. Noticing this, dad pulled me closer to him.

"I know, Jimmy," he whispered, kissing the top of my head. "It's good to be back with you, too."

"How did you know what I was thinking?"

"I could feel it. Besides, I was thinking just the same things."

"I got so scared, dad. I didn't know what to do..."

"But you did! You called for help. I'm proud of you, son."

"Can we just take it easy for the rest of today? I'm kind of tired."

"Sure. Let's just sit here and relax for a while. We can put something on the grill tonight if you want to."

"Great!" I yawned and stretched, scratching the back of my neck. "I'll need a shower before then."

"Yeah, me too."

Dad leaned back in the easy chair, pulling me with him until we were almost lying down, me on top of him. I closed my eyes and revelled in the cosy warmth of his body, but I didn't fall asleep. Instead, I listened to him as he told me more about how he and Eric had played around the cabin and the camping site. He remembered some great climbing trees not too far from there, and promised me he would try to find them tomorrow. Then he started telling me about what grandpa had been like in those days.

"It's only a little more than ten years ago, but my dad was quite old when they had me. I guess he's changed quite a bit since then. He used to be all muscles, you know. That pot-belly of his set in later." I giggled. "We did so much together, sometimes with Eric, but mostly just him and me. He even took me hunting one day. Shot a roe deer for dinner, but I couldn't eat any of it."

"Why not?"

"I kind of felt sorry for it. I never felt like hunting after that. There was something about watching that poor animal lose its life that repulsed me somehow. It's different when you buy meat in the grocery store, less personal. I guess he understood that, because we never hunted together again after that. He gave away the rest of the meat to Eric's father. We camped out that night. There's a place west of here where the ground slopes away into a little valley, with a river running along its bottom. It's a great place to watch the sun go down. He lit a fire to keep the mosquitoes away, and then he told me a story. You know how good he is at that. It was a story about a wolf who wouldn't hunt, and it felt so great just to be there with him. I'll tell you that story some time, I still remember it word for word. I knew of course that if I ever told my high school friends my dad still told me stories, they'd laugh their arses off, but I really didn't mind. I loved his stories, and he kept telling me them for as long as I lived at home. After the story, we just sat there, watching the stars come out, until the fire had died down. Then we went to bed. Hey, are you sleeping?"

"No, dad." I yawned. "I love hearing all this. I'm glad he didn't call you a sissy. Steven's dad always make him do all kinds of man stuff, like hunting and gutting animals. Says it's what a real man has to know."

"Yeah, I know. He thinks `man' means being some kind of mixture between Clint Eastwood, Tarzan and Conan the Barbarian." We both laughed. "Dad has his own view of what's manly. When I tried for the school's football team and failed, I was so mad at myself I nearly cried. When he asked me why, I said something like I wasn't man enough, not tough enough. You know what he said?"

"Not really, but I can guess the spirit of it."

"He said I was full of shit. My jaw dropped, literally." I giggled. "He said trying is easy. Anybody can try anything. But it takes strength to try when you know you might fail. It takes a real man, not to test his boundaries, but to accept them. To admit something is beyond him. When I told him I didn't like hunting, he accepted it just like that. If I had choked down my bile and kept on hunting with him, he would've thought less of me. But he knew I had found one of my boundaries, and instead of forcing me to cross it to keep up with him, like Steven's dad does, he accepted it. And he told me I had to learn to accept such things, too."

"I think I understand. You always tell me I have to put my foot down when someone wants me to do something I don't like. It's the same, just with other words."

"Damn, I didn't think of that!" He laughed. "Maybe some of him rubbed off on me after all."

"Maybe." I yawned again. "But it doesn't matter, dad, because I love you anyway. Or love you all the more, I don't know."

"You're a good boy, Jimmy." He patted my butt. "I love you too."

"Love you three," I continued, then we both finished at the same time. "Love you four... ever!!"

"How about that shower now? We should make use of the last of the daylight."

"What? It can't be getting dark already!" I stared out the window, and to my surprise the lake lay completely in darkness, and only the tree-tops were lit by the setting sun. "What time is it?"

"I don't know. My watch is still in my pocket." He waved his bandaged left arm. "Doesn't matter. But we've talked the afternoon away. Let's go take that shower."


"Yeah. I need to put a plastic bag over the bandage, so you'll have to help me wash."

"I think I can manage that." I grinned, feeling a familiar stirring in my nether regions. "All over wash or just a little splashing?"

"I guess some splashing would do. I'm not too picky."

"Oh no!" I pulled him to his feet and steered him towards the bathroom. "I'm not going to bed with a smelly dad. You're getting the works! Personal hygiene is very important."

"Fine words for saying `I won't miss a chance to grope you', eh?" He grinned as I blushed, but I made no attempts to defend myself. "That's it, right?"

"Maybe. Is that outside your boundaries?"

"Not at all, my sweet boy." He laughed, hugging me tightly before we started to undress ourselves. "I thought you'd know them by now, the way you make me push them back."


I did wash him all over, and I didn't miss the chance to grope him. Our playing was light-hearted, though, and I got the feeling that he was getting more comfortable with our relationship for every day that passed. He enjoyed our little games every bit as much as I did. I didn't bring him to orgasm, though, preferring to save that for later. After we had dried each other off, we put on a minimum of clothes, mainly to keep the bugs at bay, the dad lit up the grill. We had spareribs, burgers and potatoes, and it wasn't until the food was just about done that I realised just how hungry I was. Dad kept laughing, every time I went back for more, saying he'd exchanged his son for an eating machine somewhere along the road. I stuck my tongue out at him, then laughed along. All evening, I felt like I was walking on air. I was so happy I wanted to scream with joy, just because I was there, with dad. Because we loved each other, and because everything was so damn perfect!


That night, we made love again. We were both hard as rocks when we got out of our clothes and in between the sheets, and before long we were kissing. I lay on top of him, with his cock pushing up between my legs, its curve making it rub me between my butt cheeks every time I moved. Mine was poking his stomach, and I knew he could feel it. I could surely feel his. The tip sometimes brushed against my hole, but even though I longed to go further, I knew and respected his boundaries. I also knew that pushing him into me would hurt me badly, so instead I crept slowly downwards, kissing my way down his chest and stomach until I had a lovely view. My nose was buried at the root of his cock, and while I licked and sucked on his balls, I could look around it and up his naked body to where his warm, gentle eyes were gazing back at me. Surely, I thought to myself, this was as good as it got. Life just couldn't be any better. The natural smell of his genitals couldn't get washed away with soap, it seemed; not that I had wanted to, but I sure had worked on it. Right now, it filled my nostrils, filled my mouth. Coated my tongue with a wonderful taste of sex as I licked him from rot to tip, pulling the skin back with my lips to taste his pre-cum. My eyes closed, my mind caught in some primeval state where the mating was all that mattered, all that even existed, I sucked on him with more fervour that ever before, taking every inch of him down my throat. He groaned and panted, stroking and patting my head, trying his best not to buck his hips too much. I fondled his balls with one hand, letting the other roam freely across his stomach and chest. It wasn't long before he hissed his warning that he was close, and then my mouth got filled with that near-indescribable taste again. So sweet, so strong and so delightful. I swallowed and swallowed as it seemed he'd never stop coming. Not that I minded, far from it. I wished it would go on forever. Eventually, though, the steady flow abated, and I could feel him start to deflate inside my mouth. Letting him go, I rolled over to lie on my back, with a contented sigh as I rejoiced in what I had done. Giving the man I loved the utmost pleasure.

I felt dad move down the bed until he reached to kiss me. We didn't speak, just shared the taste that was still in my mouth. After not enough time, he broke the kiss, and instead he started to lick and nibble at my neck. He kissed my collar bones, licked and sucked on my nipples, then found the hot spot behind my ear again. I gasped and moaned, feeling as if every bone in my body melted from his fiery hot tongue, reducing me to a quivering mass of jelly. I was so hard it hurt, but the pain was a good one, adding to the impossible pleasure I was feeling. Then he touched my cock. He just stroked it lightly, running the tips of his fingers up and down the underside, his little finger caressing my sac on every down stroke. I wanted nothing more than to grab my aching erection and bring myself to what I was sure would be a violent orgasm, but I was unable to move. He kept up his torture of pleasure until I was so close to coming I was seeing stars behind my squinted eyelids, then he gripped me tighter, using his thumb to rub the head through my foreskin. At the same time, he gently bit my earlobe, and I felt like something broke inside me. I screamed as I came, yelling out a physical and emotional high like I had never experienced before. It seemed to go on forever, racking my body until I was all but drained of energy. He leaned in to kiss my lips again, stroking my chest as I began to drowse away.

"Hey, Jimmy, don't fall asleep now. You've got to see this!"

I had no idea why he sounded so excited all of a sudden, but I opened my eyes and half sat up. Dad was smiling warmly at me, then he motioned downwards with his head, and I followed his gaze to find a small puddle of clear liquid on my stomach, and a trail of droplets leading past my navel to the base of my finally soft cock. Suddenly fully awake, I grinned from ear to ear. He nodded, then scooped up some of it with his finger, letting me taste it. It was sweeter than his, thinner and without most of the saltiness I loved about dad's semen. I licked my lips, unable to suppress a giggle. He licked up some more of it, my first wet cum, sharing it with me in a tender kiss. I felt so happy I thought my heart would burst through my rib cage any moment, but instead I just laughed, shouting out my utter joy. Dad cleaned me up thoroughly with his tongue, even pulling my foreskin back and licking underneath it. The touch on my sensitive glans made me wince, but I didn't care. Soon, we were back with our heads on the pillows, resting beneath the comforter. I had to fight to keep my eyes open as dad started to speak.

"That was the sweetest thing I've ever tasted." His voice was thick with emotion. "I was so surprised when you suddenly just started squirting."

"I never even felt that." I yawned. "How did you know to bite my ear?"

"Just a spur of the moment. That always set your mom off. Seemed to work with you, too."

"I thought I'd die. If it gets any better I think I might."

"Don't you dare." He kissed my cheek. "My son, my little love, my little lover. My Jimmy."

"Aww, dad, don't mush out on me." I felt myself blushing, and my eyes began to water. "I promise I'll keep on being all those things."

He pulled me closer to him, until my head was resting on his outstretched arm, his other arm wrapped around my chest. I felt his naked body against mine, and it struck me how natural this felt, as if we had been like this all our lives, even though it was little more than a week since we started to become lovers. He turned out the light as I closed my eyes, and I almost knew we'd still be shining if I opened them again. But I didn't. Instead, I quickly drifted off to sleep, and in my dreams I made love to my dad all over again.





At long last, here's chapter seven. I'm sorry it took so long, but as some of you know, I've had a terrible writer's block for some time now. Well, I'm finally beginning to fight my way out of it, and starting to add to my stories again. It's a great feeling, I'll tell you! Since this is a relatively short chapter, I thought I'd have room for a list of my other stories here at Nifty. People keep asking me, and I often forget to include some story or other. This should be all of them, but if I forgot one just whack me over the head. I'd forget my own birthday if people around me didn't take such a perverse pleasure in persisting to count my years. :)

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