Hello again! Here's chapter nine, and now we're slowly but surely beginning to move towards the end of this story. There's still a bit more to tell, though, but I will give it until next week before I begin some serious work on the next chapter. Just on a side note: I was about Jimmy's age when I first saw Alien, and it damn near made me wet my bed, too. There's probably a truth there; most boys love horror movies.

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A Perfect Love

by Winter


The next morning, I was alone in bed when I woke up. The spot next to me was still warm, and there was noise coming from the bathroom. I leaned back, yawning. A couple of morning sunrays were tickling my face, and I felt like it was still very early. I had no watch, though, so no way to know for sure except for the fact that my body was screaming at me to go back to sleep. Then again, it always did that, no matter when I woke up. Another part of me was screaming to get out of bed; a call of nature telling me my bladder needed emptying before long. While I lay there, waiting for dad to get finished, the scream turned into an air-raid signal, and I had to get up or wet the bed. It's difficult to run and keep your legs crossed at the same time, but I managed. Luckily, there was no one around to see it, because I'm sure the sight was a comical one. I dashed out of the cabin and in among the trees, finding a suitable trunk to relieve myself against. A couple of litres lighter and beginning to feel cold, I ran back inside, only to bump into dad as he was on his way to the kitchen.

"Whoops!" he laughed. "We need to put up road signs. What's the hurry?"

"H-had to p-pee." My teeth were clattering by then. "It's cold outs-s-side."

"Well, what did you expect? We're almost a thousand metres further up than the camping site. You could have knocked the bathroom door, you know. I was just shaving."

"B-but you were t-taking forever! I thought you were const-t-tipated. I know that happens often t-to old people."

"Have you ever tried to shave with a cast, son?" He winked. "No, of course you haven't, baby-cheeks. I forgot you're still years from shaving." I scowled at him, but he just laughed, then swatted my rump. "All right, enough quipping. Get in the shower before you turn into a human icicle. I'll have breakfast ready when you get out."

Without a word, I obeyed, happy to thaw out underneath a really hot shower. Once I felt warm enough, I hurried to finish up, then hopped into a pair of clean briefs and hurried into the kitchen. I hadn't really noticed how hungry I was before I smelled the pancakes and toast. We made some small talk about the previous day while we tucked in, me eating at least twice as much as dad. As I finished off the last slice of toast, he got around the table and stroked my now bulging stomach.

"Well, here's another sign you're starting to enter puberty, son. No shark in the world can put away like a growing boy." He laughed as I made a half-hearted attempt to swat him. "So, what's on the agenda for today?"

"Can we go back to the camp site? I don't think Jonathan's folks are gonna stay for very long." I grinned. "I still need to get his arse for kissing me!"

"No, no, no, son, I've told you so many times not to molest people in public places. You might get arrested!"

"Up yours, dad! If I wasn't so full, I'd kick your butt!"

"You can't reach that high, tiny," he quipped, dodging another swing before pulling me out of my chair long enough to slip in beneath me. As he wrapped his arms around me, careful not to squeeze my belly, I instantly forgave him. "So, you trust me to be in Eric's presence again?"

"Yeah. Well, I trust you. I'm not too sure about him. But if he tries to rape you, just yell and I'll come rescue you again. It's getting to be a habit."

"If you call once a habit. I seem to recall having to save you from the horrible lake monster."

"Dad, you're mean! Maybe I'll just stand there and watch as Eric has his way with you."

"Son, there's another one of your problems." I cocked my head curiously, ignoring the `another one' quip. "You think everybody is as hung up on sex as you are. What if Eric just wanted some sweet romance?"

"Yeah, right. Like Jonathan did when he grabbed my cock." I giggled as he pinched my thigh lightly for using a dirty word. "I tell you, dad, all young guys are sex crazy."

"Spoken like a true expert in the matter."

"Well, what can I say?" I shrugged. "It's in my genes."

"I thought it was in your briefs."

I howled with laughter as dad took a firm hold of my package, immediately proceeding to tickle my penis and my ball sac. Squirming and squealing in his lap, I tried my best to get away from this delicious torture, but he had me in a death lock. All I could do was to kick aimlessly with my feet, but I managed to hit nothing but thin air. After what seemed like an eternity, he let up on his tickling, and by then my briefs were badly tented. He gave it one last squeeze, then pulled me back against his chest and kissed my cheek. I was still giggling when he brushed a stray tuft of hair out of my eyes.

"I give... hehe... I give up dad!" Taking a couple of deep breaths, I managed to calm down somewhat. "And guess what, you win the lamest-pun-of-the-year award, too."

"Why's that? I thought it was quite funny."

"Funny peculiar, dad. That's all."

"Well, I hadn't expected a sense of humour from one who laughs at The Simpsons."

"Hey, that show's funny! You're not."

"Oh well," he sighed, "I suppose humour went hibernating when Tom Lehrer gave up singing."


"Guess the two of you never met, did you?"

"Wait a minute, dad, is this something from that old, old box you've got in your room? With all those, what did you call them, LPH's?"

"That's LP's, Jimmy. And yeah, it's from there"

"You sure there's no H? Doesn't it stand for Literally Pre-dating History? Eep!"

I received a really hard pinch on the butt, before I managed to get out of dad's lap. My bare feet skidded a bit on the kitchen floor, otherwise I would have made a clean escape. As it was, dad picked me up and carried me into the living room, tossing me unceremoniously down on the couch. Pinning me down, he made me suffer through another round of tickles, this time going for every ticklish spot I had. By the time my punishment was completely meted out, I was gasping for breath, as out of wind as if I had run the ten-thousand metres. Dad picked me up again, this time laying me in his lap with my head on his good arm. He smiled warmly at me, then got a fake-serious look on his face.

"Dear me, looks like I woke something up." I followed his gaze, blushing slightly as I realised he was looking at my still-tented briefs. "Do you think we have time to kill it before we clean away the dishes?"

"That depends..."

"Depends on what?"

"Depends on if we've got time to take care of the one that's poking my butt, as well." I giggled, then squirmed a bit, making dad even stiffer. He groaned, blushing a bit. "I volunteer to kill the big one if you take care of the little one."

Without a word, dad got up, then picked me up and carried me into the bedroom. I wrapped my arms around his neck and started kissing his cheek. A part of my mind still had a hard time believing that dad and I were actually having sex, and the thrill of anticipation sent a shiver down my spine. Dad stroked my back a couple of times, then gently laid me down with my head on my pillow. As he lay down next to me, I immediately scooted over and kissed him on the lips. Before long, we were tongue wrestling, and our hands were beginning their caressing search of interesting places on each other's bodies. I felt dad's hard cock poke my thigh, leaving a wet spot, and it struck me that I never saw him undress. Breaking the kiss, he pulled my briefs off, then tugged at the tip of my foreskin, making me giggle as I did the same back. My fingers were all sticky as I held them up, making a disgusted face before I licked them clean. Dad laughed, then kissed me again. It was such a grand feeling for me that he wasn't just responding to what I did anymore, but actually taking the initiative, taking control. I spread my legs as he started rubbing my balls, and soon his fingers found my hole, circling it gently. I was just getting into it when he broke the kiss, withdrawing his fingers long enough to lick his middle finger, making sure to get it all wet. Grinning happily, I leaned back and closed my eyes, knowing what was about to come. I was. The thought made me giggle again, and when I shared the joke, it earned me a pinched nut. Dad started kissing my neck, running his lips and tongue from my collar bone up to the hot spot behind my ear. At the same time, he began carefully working his finger inside me, wiggling it around a bit before he found my prostate. I gasped with pleasure as he touched it, and that urged him on. I reached for his cock and started stroking, hoping that the massage I was receiving would be enough to bring me off, since he wasn't touching my cock or my balls. To my delight, dad soon paused briefly, only to add another finger into my hole. It didn't hurt, but felt a little uncomfortable at first. I guess I must have tensed up, because he immediately stopped.

"Are you okay? Is it too much?"

I just shook my head no, pushing against his finger. He took the hint and started moving again, sending wonderful sensations into my body. But it wasn't enough. I knew that I wouldn't come just from his fingers inside me, but when I tried to touch myself, he pushed my hand away.

"Don't be in such a hurry."

Slightly frustrated, I started to twist around on the bed, and once dad knew what I was trying to do, he helped me by lifting me the last of the way. I now had his stiff penis just in front of my face, and I wasted no time, but started licking it. There was a pearl of pre-cum at the tip as I pulled his foreskin back, and I swallowed it as I started sucking on him. I tried my best to get as much of it as possible into my mouth, but ended up with a couple of inches left anyway. The taste I had come to love filled my mouth, and this combined with the sensations coming from my butt hole was slowly driving me towards the edge. Dad must have sensed this, because he started moving his fingers in and out of me, going faster and faster while he lifted me up so he could reach my aching cock. Once I felt his lips close around it and his tongue pushing my foreskin back, I lost it completely. I can't remember if I cried out or not, but most likely I did. I pushed against dad's face, driving my cock into his mouth as deep as I could possibly get it. Meanwhile, I sucked him hard, stroking his shaft and balls while I used my tongue all over his head. I didn't last more than a minute or two, then I let go in a mind-blowing orgasm. This time I did cry out. But I kept my grip on dad's cock, and before my own orgasm had completely subsided, I could feel the taste of his pre-cum turn heavier, and soon enough, he let out a low groan, then shot into my mouth. There was no way I could swallow it all, so I let some of it run out of the corner of my mouth, down over his shaft to pool up in his pubic hair. While we lay there panting, recovering as best we could, I licked him clean, then crawled up to kiss him. It was a passionate kiss, filled with love, and dad's hands seemed to be all over me. I tried my best to return his caresses, until a question popped into my mind. Breaking the kiss, I had to take a couple of deep breaths before I found my voice.

"Dad, did it... I mean, did I come anything?"

"Not this time, son. But don't worry, you're just starting to grow. We'll have plenty of time to make you shoot later on."

"Thanks, dad."

"What for?" he asked, laughing.

"For making love to me. I love it."

"So do I, Jimmy, so do I." He kissed my nose, making me giggle. "Both doing it and receiving it."

"Yeah, it's all cool. Next time, will you...?"

"No, Jimmy. That was two fingers, my penis is a lot thicker than that."

"Not really a lot," I quipped. "It's quite small. What if I can take three fingers next time?"

"We'll see."

"That's what you always say when you wanna say no."

"Don't whine, boy. I'm not sure I can take three fingers. You need to grow more."

"That's not fair!" I pouted, but then another idea entered my mind. "Hey, what about the other way around?"

"What do you mean?"

"What if I were to fuck you? Would that work?"

"I guess so. Are you sure you want that?"

"Hell, yeah! What's the matter, think I'm too much for you?"

"Hardly, boy," he laughed. "If I could take your finger, I could take your cock!"

"Right away?"

"Let's save it for tonight, okay? Otherwise, you'll sleep the day away."

"You are scared, admit it!"

"It's just... I've never even thought about that before, I mean, to get... penetrated."

"Fucked, dad," I said, earning a slap to my bare bottom. "Ouch! You said it was okay to talk dirty while we're having sex."

"But we've stopped having sex."

"Unless I can talk you into it again."

"Which you can't." He sat up and started looking for his clothes. "Let's take a shower, then head down to the camping site, okay?"

"I guess so..."


As soon as I started moving, I knew that dad had been right. Frowning slightly, I admitted to myself that experience and the accumulated wisdom of life maybe did count some, after all. Not that I would ever voice that thought aloud. Like all ten-year-old boys, I knew everything and was always right, no matter how many times dad was more right than me. But I was tired as I dragged my body into the bathroom, and another orgasm would probably have sent me off to dreamland for a good many hours. The hot water brought me back to life again, though, but even though it was fun and exciting to help dad get thoroughly washed, I didn't even try to make it into something sexual. Neither did he, although he did use his good hand to soap me up all over. Once we had towelled off and got dressed, me in a pair of tight, sky blue speedos and he in his baggy shorts, we got out to the car and headed towards the camping site. Dad stopped by the kitchen and picked up a bag of chips and a soda, and once again, I had to admit that he knew me better than I did myself. About halfway there, my stomach began to growl, and I happily helped myself to a snack.


The site was a lot busier today. The parking lot was about half full, and there were people running around everywhere. We hardly had time to get out of the car before I spotted Eric coming out of the main building, a wide grin on his lips. He waved at us as we walked on over. I tried my best to contain my jealousy, but it must have shown anyway, because when our eyes met, Eric almost shied away. But I didn't want to make him feel bad. After all, he was the one who helped me when dad was hurt, and his only crime was one I was so guilty of myself. Loving my dad. So I smiled at him and waved back, and the look of relief that washed over his face made it worth forgiving him. As we walked, dad put his arm around my shoulder and pulled me close, and I squeezed his arm back. Eric looked puzzled for a second, then he winked at me, and I felt a surge of fear run through me. Did he know? If he did, he didn't let it on as we greeted each other and talked for a while. Maybe he knew, but thought it was okay. My worries subsided as the lake beckoned, and I left the two of them sitting in the shade underneath a parasol. There were a lot of kids playing at the waterfront, but I couldn't see Jonathan anyway. Maybe they had already left. I felt a little disappointed at the thought. He seemed to be a good kid, and I wouldn't mind to have him as a friend. Then all of a sudden Someone grabbed me around the waist and threw us both into the water. After I had shaken the water out of my eyes, I found myself staring into the grinning face of a boy maybe a couple of years older than me. I was just about to start shouting at him for tackling me when he slapped my shoulder.


I was stunned for a moment, but then I realised I had just been drafted into the game. The boy ran away, giggling, and then the chase was on. I soon managed to tag a girl about my age, and I was staying well away from being `it' for a while, before I was tagged again. This time, I had no time to hunt somebody down before I saw Jonathan walking towards me, his step somewhat hesitant. He looked down at his feet as he stopped in front of me.

"Jimmy, I...


I slapped his shoulder, then took off running. At first, he looked like he was about to start crying, but then he realised what had happened to him, and he joined in the game. We played for the better part of an hour, then someone took a look at his watch and realised it was lunchtime. As if by a stroke of magic, the beach was all cleared of kids, except for me and Jonathan. I was just about to head back to dad to see if we were eating with Eric today, too, when I felt Jonathan's hand on my shoulder, holding me back. He looked me in the eyes when I turned back to him, and then he smiled.

"I'm glad you're not mad at me. You aren't, are you?"

"No, I'm not mad at you." I laughed. "But kiss me again and I will be."

"Damn." He giggled. "I was kind of hoping..."

"Jonathan, please don't, okay?" He looked down again, but I reached out and lifted his chin back up. "I told you, I'm already in love."

"I know, it's just..." He sighed. "I was so happy to meet another gay kid, I just... I don't know, I guess I hoped for more."

"Well, I'm kind of glad to meet someone gay, too." I smiled at his puzzled look. "If we could be friends when we come back home, it would be good to have someone to talk to. Someone who understands."

"Yeah, I know what you mean. We can still be friends?"

"Of course! But right now I need something to eat, or I'll starve to death right here."

He laughed when my stomach accentuated what I had just said by letting hear a long rumbling growl. His own belly immediately replied, reducing us both to a heap of giggles. I asked him if he wanted to eat with us, and he readily agreed, dashing off to tell his family where he was going. In the meantime, I returned to dad, finding him alone beneath the parasol. I sat down next to him, leaning against him for a quick snuggle.

"Did you have a good time, Jimmy?" he asked, his voice low. He kissed my forehead. "I watched you play with the other kids from here."

"Yeah, it was fun." I lay my head against his chest, listening to his steady heartbeat. "I met Jonathan, too. I think we're gonna be friends."

"That's good. You can never have too many friends."

"Another snippet of wisdom from the Parents' Big Book of Clichés?" I sniggered, earning a swat to my speedo-covered butt. "Oww!"

"Don't be sarcastic, or you won't get any lunch." I perked my ears at his words. "Eric is making us some hamburgers. He'll be out any minute. Did you invite Jonathan?"

"Yeah. Should I tell Eric to make more burgers?"

"No, don't bother. We'll give him half your share."

"Dad! You're mean! I'll go help him."


I hadn't needed to worry. Piled up next to the stove in the main building's kitchen was a mountain of food. Even hungry as I was, I couldn't fathom how we'd finish off all that. Eric smiled at my wide eyes.

"Nearly done. Just a minute or two. Will you help me carry it outside?"


"Listen, Jimmy," he said after a couple of moments' silence, "I know you saw what I did yesterday."

"It's okay, don't worry. I'm not mad."

"I wasn't trying to steal your dad away from you, it's just..." He sighed, scanning the ceiling as he searched for words. "When I was a kid, just a couple of years older than you are now..."

"I know, Eric." His head snapped around so fast I thought for a second that he'd hurt his neck. He eyed me carefully. "Dad has told me about how you spent a lot of time together back then. He told me about yesterday, too."

"I was so infatuated with Frank back then." He put two more hamburgers into the frying pan and finished the two he had just removed, adding fried onions and ketchup before closing the buns around them. "And seeing him again... just blew my mind away. Your dad's really good-looking, you now."

"Yeah, I know." I blushed as I realised what I had just said. Eric's eyes widened slightly, then he started to blush as well. "I... I mean..."

"A-are you guys...?" My shocked expression must have told him yes, because he nodded, his eyes turning a bit sad. "Well, at least I know to whom I've lost."

"Eric, it's..."

"Don't worry, Jimmy, I promise to keep your secret. As long as you promise to be good to your old man. In all ways..."

"I will." I felt my cheeks burn, but he just laughed. "Are you... are you really okay with that? I mean we're... I'm..."

"Listen, Jimmy." He put the frying pan away and got to work on the last burgers. "Do you love each other?"

"Yes. I love him with all my heart, and I know he loves me, too."

"Has he ever hurt you, in any way?"

"No, of course not!"

"Have you hurt him?"

"I'd never..."

"Then what's the fuss?"

"Well, most people wouldn't think like that."

"Most people are pricks." I snorted with laughter, and he joined in. "Really, I'm fine with it, except that really did hope to win Frank over."

"You won't."

"I know. No need to get jealous, I won't try again." He reached out a hand, and I shook it. We grinned at each other. "You bring the sodas and I'll bring the food. Is your little friend coming?"

"Yeah, he won't miss your cooking."


After we had eaten, Jonathan had to get back to the caravan, since they were leaving that day. He handed me a note with his phone number on as we said good bye, and asked me to call him when I got home. I promised I would, and then he was gone, just like that. I felt a bit sad to see him go, but at the same time it felt good to have turned the whole thing into getting a friend. Dad and I sat down outside the main building while Eric got back to work. My stomach was filled to burst, and even if dad hadn't insisted on the compulsory hour between a meal and a swim, I wouldn't have been able to move. Instead, I looked at all the people going to and fro; both kids and adults playing around on the beach, swimming in the chilly water, rubbing on sun lotion or just sitting about, like me and dad. There were plenty of cute boys and handsome men, but I soon realised that even if they looked good and attractive, there was something missing. Something that was there, though, whenever I glanced at dad. Love. I leaned against him, resting my head on his shoulder, and he gave me a little squeeze, smiling warmly. With just that little gesture, he set my heart fluttering, and I had to pull my knees up to hide the way my speedos suddenly got tighter. Once the hour-long lunch break was over, the group of kids I had played with before returned, and a sort of house-rules beach volley game was set up. I turned to look at dad, and he answered my unspoken question with a grin.

"You go and play. Come back in a while and we'll grab some ice-cream."


I wasn't all that good at volleyball, and even less so since my mind kept a-wandering all the time. I thought a lot about Jonathan, and about what we'd do once we got home. Eric was on my mind, too. So he knew me and dad were lovers, and he was all right with it. I could hardly believe my luck. I found myself wishing he'd find someone else to love him. Even if I didn't pity him, I liked him, and I hoped that he'd get to be as happy as I was. But most of all, I thought about my dad. More than once, I had to break the game and go for a swim, just to chill off. I wondered if he'd really do it. Let me make love to him the way I wanted him to make love to me. Maybe if we did, and he liked it, he would be easier to persuade. That thought made me go for another swim, and this time most of the kids went with me. Another tag game quickly ensued, but once I had been `it' once, then tagged a boy, I went back to dad and let him wrap me in a towel. I had totally forgotten about time, and when dad told me we should start considering going back to the cabin, I took a look at my watch and saw it was half past five. We stopped by the main building to say good bye to Eric, who refused to let us buy ice-cream, and instead insisted on treating us to an Eskimo Pie each. He tried to talk us into staying for dinner, but dad said we had some food we needed to finish off before it went bad. I was still licking my fingers clean of chocolate when we got into the car and dad started to drive us back home.


The food that was dangerously close to its sell-by date turned out to be two massive steaks, which dad put on the grill together with loads of vegetables. He made us baked potatoes, too, with lots of butter. After we had cleared away the dishes, we sat down on the couch, looking out over the valley below the panorama window. Dad had built a fire, and we cuddled tightly together. I was so full I felt sure I'd die if I moved ever again.

"I feel like there'll be an alien coming out through my belly any time."

"Me too," he said, then pinched my butt. "Hey, who let you watch that movie?"

"Get real, dad!" I giggled. "All kids watch horror movies. You just have to know someone who has a big brother to rent them."

"I thought you gave up too easily that time you wanted me to rent you Army of Darkness."

"It was cool. Alien was scarier, though. So was Event Horizon." I laughed as he elbowed my ribs gently. "Dad, they're just movies!"

"Which one was it that made me send you back to your bed three times the same night?"

"Er, that was probably Hellraiser. But it was Alien that made me wet my bed."

"Just movies, eh?" He growled, which only made me giggle. "Next time, don't bother to wake me up, you just sleep in it."

We sat there talking some more, enjoying the closeness and comfort of each other, while it slowly got dark outside. The fire died down, too, leaving us in near-total darkness. I had my head on dad's chest, feeling the slow and steady rise and fall of his breath, and listening to his rhythmic heartbeat. I wanted to remind him about what we had talked about that morning, about taking our love-making one more step, but after the massive dinner I couldn't really muster the strength. Besides, I felt so comfortable just lying there, snuggled up to his warm body. I never really noticed I was beginning to drowse away, and before I knew it, I was asleep.