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A Single Soul


Chapter 34

Dave and the Bishop



Dave arrived back at the rectory around 2000. The lights were out, so he knew Father O'Neal was already in bed. Dave got undressed and headed for the shower, with his hard cock pointing the way. He was still very horny as he replayed the evening in his head, not to mention what lay ahead. Thinking of having sex with Matt and Jim made his heart race. He pounded his cock, causing his low hanging balls to slap against his wet legs until he shot another huge load on the shower wall. Ten minutes later he was sound asleep, dreaming of his future.

He was up at 600 and headed over to the church to say Mass, for probably the last time as a Catholic Priest. The mass was well surprisingly well attended for Easter Monday. As he gave the final blessing, the emotion caught in his throat. By 800 he was on the road to Raleigh and his appointment with the Bishop.

During the two and a half hour trip, Dave thought about the meeting and how it would go. He also worried about how he was going to tell Father O'Neal. The Pastor had been very kind to Dave during this assignment. He was compassionate, almost fatherly. Telling him was the one thing that Dave really stressed over. He loved and respected the man, the Bishop on the other hand, not so much.


At 1045, Dave was in the outer office, waiting for his meeting with the Bishop. The two men had kept their distance from one another over the years. There was never open hostility but surely no warm, cordial vibes either. The Bishop was distant, almost clinical in his approach to people, and Dave was no exception.


When the Bishop came out of his office, he offered a tight smile and a handshake to Dave, as he shepherded the nervous young priest inside.

"So what can I do for you, David?

"Well, I might as well be direct, Bishop and save us both a lot of time. I'm here to tell you I've decided to leave ministry."

"Why?" asked the Bishop.

"I'm 41 years old. If I live another 41 years, I want the second 41 to be happier than the first 41."

"Do you mean to tell me this is just about being happy?" "Really?" "You're leaving priesthood because you're not happy, the utter impertinence." The Bishop rolled his eyes and looked at Dave as if he was a lunatic.

"Do you feel your happiness is more important than your calling, more important than your immortal soul, more important than the promise of your vows?" The Bishop continued, "You are 41 years old and acting as if you were a teenager. Now do you actually expect me to believe this is really about happiness?"

Dave looked right back at him and bravely said, "That's exactly what this is all about!"

The Bishop shot daggers at David, apparently in an effort to intimidate him, to get him to reconsider. However, when the Bishop realized he couldn't talk Dave out of his decision, he said, "Alright. You're fired! Get out now."

Actually, Dave felt a huge release when he heard that, so he got up to leave, thanking the Bishop for making it so easy. However, before he could get to the door, and to a new life, the Bishop stopped him and said, "Sit down, we're not done. I want you to stay until I can get a replacement for you." Ordinations are coming up in 6 months. You will stay until then."

Dave looked at him and said, "No. I'm leaving at the end of this month." The Bishop countered with, "Then you're suspended!" Dave got up to leave, and as he got to the door, his hand on the door knob, the Bishop said, "Stop! Why are you really doing this?"

Dave turned around and faced the angry Bishop. "Do you really want to know why?" The Bishop nodded yes.

Dave continued, "Well, maybe you would have treated me better today if I told you I was molesting altar boys. The real reason I'm leaving is because I don't want to end up like you, your Excellency!" And with a slight bow, he was out the door.

He almost ran to his car, his emotions a roller coaster up and down: joy, fear, sadness, anger, happiness, and finally relief. He sat in his car a few minutes to gather his thoughts, tears flowing down his cheeks. They were really tears of joy. After he collected himself, he called his new family, Matt and Jim. He would deal with his brothers and sisters, still living in Connecticut, later.

Jim answered the phone with a hearty, "Hey Bro, how'd you make out?" and the tears started again. He gave him the quick run-down and told him he would see him later, stopping first to see Father O'Neal and then to pack his few belongings. It would probably be sometime around 1800. As he drove back Rt. 40, he started to think about how he was going to break the news to the old priest. This was the hard part, but as he drove he meditated on the important things, especially the Divine plan for the rest of his life.

When he entered the rectory, his heart was about to pound out of his chest. He never wanted to hurt the old man, but it was done and he had to face the music. He knocked on the pastor's office door and held his breath.

"Come in Davy," Father O'Neal called out. Well if he's still calling me Davy, he doesn't know yet he thought. He walked through the door to find his boss sitting behind his desk with a bottle of single malt and two glasses on his desk. What's up with this? Dave's face must have shown his apprehension.

"Relax Boyo, have a seat. I just got off the phone with Himself, pompous ass that he is. I'm very happy for you."

"Father, I'm sorry I didn't tell you first but I was afraid you'd talk me out of it," Dave said.

"No worries son, I do understand, you know! I knew it was coming."

"You knew, how did you know? I didn't know until just a few weeks ago," Dave said incredulously.

The old priest picked up the bottle and poured two shots of whisky and offered one to Dave, who accepted. Then raising his glass to Dave he said, "Slainte," and threw back his shot.

"I knew Davey, because sometimes when I looked at you, it was like looking in a mirror. You see Boyo, when I was about your age; I also wanted to leave the priesthood. At the age of thirty, I realized that what I had convinced myself was a calling to serve Christ was really a ruse to hide from the world. The world into which I was born was a much different world than yours. There were few choices for boys like us," he said, pouring himself another shot, his eyebrow arched, smiling at the confusion on Dave's face.

"Boy's like us?" Dave asked.

"Yes Boyo, we are cut from the same bolt of cloth," he said with a glimmer in his eye.

"But my story ended differently. Like you, I had decided that it was time and went to see my Bishop. Unlike the pompous ass we're stuck with now, the old Bishop was truly a holy man, a man who cared for his priests. He was, also, a cagey old fox," the old man smiled at the expression on Dave's face.

"But I digress. When I went to say my piece, he listened patiently as I explained my reasons. When I finished, he prevailed on me to do him a favor. Just stay another year in a parish, one that had grown overnight from three hundred families to twelve hundred. It was the `60's and the suburbs were exploding with growth. He asked me to go help the old pastor. They needed a new church and to expand the school. He said it would only take a year!!! Well, I became so involved with the pledge drives, the building projects, even a new school. Before I knew it, fifteen years had passed. I was forty five by then and just too settled into my life to make a move." When he finished speaking, he just sat there, smiling at Dave.

"Go, go with my blessing, be happy Boyo!! You have been a blessing here; although I'm sorry to see you go, I want you to be happy; to live your life. There are so more ways to serve the Lord then being a priest."

Dave sat there. He was trying to absorb what he had just heard. The old priest just told him he knew he was gay, and outed himself. "But how did you know about me...I mean I don't think I acted gay."

"Don't be daft, boy. I knew because I saw how you looked at men. It was never anything overt, but as I've told you, it was like watching me forty years ago. Now, do you have a place to go?"

"Yes father, I'll be moving in with my friends Matt and Jim until I figure out what I'm doing."

"Oh, the two big Marines, yes good choice, indeed, Boyo. I'm sure you will be successful at whatever you do."

Dave went to his room to pack his clothes and few personal belongings. One thing he had done with his inheritance, thankfully, was to buy his own car and a laptop. He checked his email and was surprised to find one from the Bishop, informing him that he was suspended "from all public priestly function." Well that didn't take long, Dave thought.

It took a few hours, but he was finally packed and stopped by for a final goodbye with Fr. O'Neal. When he did, the priest put his hand on his head and gave him a blessing.

"David, be happy and keep in touch. I expect great things from you."

"Thank you Father, you've made this much easier for me," Dave said, hugging the old man. He left the rectory and drove off towards the beach and Matt and Jim. He couldn't remember ever feeling so light-hearted...or so horny! He decided to watch his speed or he'd end up getting a speeding ticket.

When he pulled into Frank's driveway, Matt and Jim were already at the door. They must have been watching for him. It was a warm April day and they were dressed only in shorts, their muscled torsos and chests gleaming in the sun. Dave felt his cock twitch in his pants, the memory of last night still fresh in his mind.

He got out of the car and headed up the stairs smiling, his blue eyes sparkling with just a hint of mischief...or was it horniness?

"Welcome home Bro'," Jim said, as he grabbed Dave in a big bear hug before turning him over to Matt for the same thing.

"Let's get your things out of the car and into your room, and then we can fire up the grill," Jim said as he headed down the stairs, with Dave and Matt following him.

Fifteen minutes later, the tree men had Dave's gear unloaded. Most of his things were left boxed in the garage and he had a small suitcase to take to his room. He figured, well he hoped, that for the next two days he wouldn't need much clothing!

Matt showed him to his room. Once inside, Dave started to strip. Matt looked at him and cocked an eyebrow.

"What?" Dave said, "I thought you guys said you went commando around the house in the warm weather."

"Yeah we do, I just didn't think you would embrace it so quickly, and well, so enthusiastically," Matt said, watching Dave strip down.

"Well, like I said to the boys, when in Rome," Dave said as he stripped off his underwear. His sleek sexy body, and his long cock and low hanging balls made Matt's cock jump in his pants. The two men stood staring at each other. Matt slowly stepped up and took Dave in his arms and kissed him. Dave's inexperience was evident when Matt had to force his tongue into Dave's mouth. As Matt explored, he kissed him deeply. Dave let out a long moan and Matt could feel Dave's six inch cock coming to life against his leg.

"Man, you guys couldn't wait for me," Jim said as he walked in carrying an armload of towels.

"Sorry dog face, Dave started stripping, and well I wouldn't have gone too much further," Matt said, stepping away from Dave.

Dave was real eye candy. His chest was lightly dusted with light brown hair, his pecs were nicely developed, he had a flat, almost 6 pack abs and was well endowed, that six inch cock now looked to have grown another two inches. The head was almost purple, and the thick veins pulsed and looked like it was going to burst any moment. His low hanging balls bounced in their sack as his cock jumped with anticipation

Jim took his turn, he wrapped Dave with his massive arms and kissed deeply, just as Matt did. Pulling back and looking into Dave's eyes, Jim smiled.

"You know, you are one hot, fucking man, and you're two new bros are gonna work you over real good, just to take the edge off before dinner," Jim said as he backed Dave towards the bed. Matt had already dropped his shorts, as had Jim. They climbed onto to the bed and knelt on either side of Dave, who was almost panting. They leaned over Dave and began a three-way kiss, leaving Dave moaning and whimpering. Finally, they pulled back and left Dave gasping for breath.

With wide eyes, he looked at the two men, and in between breaths, said, "Remember guys, this is my first time, so please be gentle."

"Oh, we'll be gentle, the first time," Matt said as he and Jim each grabbed one of Dave's arms and lifted them over his head. They started to lick his armpits, making Dave quiver, as tears of joy fell from his eyes.

Together, they moved to his nipples, lightly chewing on them. Dave tried to reach down to grab his cock, but Jim stopped him and pushed his arm back over his head.

"No way buddy, it's all about you," he said, as he and Matt moved down and together started to lick Dave's throbbing cock. He was leaking like crazy, and the guys took turns licking it up. Dave continued to moan and squirm as the two hunks took turns sucking and licking his cock and alternately his heavy sack.

Dave could feel his orgasm building; he was tingling from head to toe, "Guys, I'm going to cum!" He said through clenched teeth.

With that warning, Matt pulled his mouth off and started to stroke the spit- soaked hardon, while Jim spread Dave's legs and licked and nibbled his perineum. That was all it took, Dave shot a huge load, soaking him from his chest to abs, as he almost screamed with delight.

Jim and Matt wasted no time as they got to their knees and stroked their cocks, quickly adding their loads to Dave's. Then, just as with Travis, they mixed it all together and scooped it up, feeding it to Dave and then to each other; afterward they collapsed into a heap, panting, exchanging kisses, laughing.

When the three men finally caught their breath, Jim broke the silence and said, "Well Davy, welcome to the family, Bro!"

Two hours later, after a great steak dinner, the three men sat naked on the deck drinking wine, legs spread, cocks and balls hanging low over the edge of their chairs. At one point, Jim looked over at Dave and just started laughing.

"What?" Dave said.

"You still have the same goofy grin on your face you had when we left the bedroom," Jim answered.

"Yeah, ain't it a bitch!" Dave replied and the three men broke up laughing.

"Okay, let's get serious guys. Dave I'm not sure what your plans are, but we would like you to live with us in the main house for a year. If you'd like to stay, next year we'll build a house that matches Dad's, for you," Matt said.

"Well thanks guys, but you have to let me pay rent," Dave offered.

"We'll deal with that later. The other important thing is we'd like your opinion. Today, Jim and I talked about our plans for our outreach program. What we've come up with is renting space over on Marine Blvd, for use as a combination counseling center and office space. We'd like to help everyone we can, not just guys with sexual orientation issues, but men and women who have issues around re-entering civilian life," Matt continued.

"We were thinking that we'd save the rooms at the house for guys who are gay and need help or a safe place." Jim added.

Matt went into the house and returned to the deck with an envelope and handed it to Dave.

"This is a gift from your new brothers and our dads, and Finn. There are tickets for a flight to New York, and a week at the Hotel Zero Degrees in Stamford along with a car rental so you can visit your family and square away things with them," Matt said.

"Wow!" was all Dave said. He stood and hugged both men and said thank you, and kissed each one. The kiss gave each man a hard on. Slowly they moved to the bedroom, where Jim and Matt gave Dave an-almost two hour lesson in man sex. During the lesson, Dave gave his first blowjob, alternating between Jim and Matt, and, for the first time, feeling the pleasure of a load of cum shot in his mouth. After he came three times, he was hard again so Matt did the honors. With Dave lying on his back, Jim covering his cock with spit then, holding up straight, Matt sat on it.

"Oh Fuck!" Dave said, as Matt started to raise and lower himself on the rigid pole. It didn't take long. With Dave's in-experience and the heat of Matt's tight ass, he shot his fourth load deep inside Matt.

The next morning, Dave woke up spooned to Matt's back with his hard cock in his ass crack, with Jim spooning him the same way. It was hard to gauge how he felt, since he never imagined this scene as a possibility. While he was thinking about this, he felt Jim kissing and licking his neck.

"Good morning Bro, did you sleep well?" Jim asked.

"Never better, thanks to you guys," he answered. Then he felt Matt pushing his ass back against his leaking cock. That was all it took. An hour later three naked studs were making coffee and frying bacon.

"Dave, how do you think your family will react to the news? Matt asked as he was putting bread in the toaster.

"Nonplussed I'm sure; however, once they recover I'm sure they will be fine. Now if my parents were alive, that would be a different story. Funny thing is I really don't care. Sometime last night, during my `lessons', it occurred to me that I have spent almost my entire life doing what I thought would please others. Last night was the first time in my life that I allowed myself to do something completely for me."

"And you did a fucking fine job of it," Jim said as he grabbed Dave from behind and hugged him.

"Jim!" Matt called out from across the room.

"It's okay Matt, I'm just one of guys now," Dave said, as he turned and gave Jim a peck on the cheek.

All too soon, Frank and George, with the boys returned home. When MJ and Jimmer saw Dave in the pool with their dads they were surprised.

MJ called out, "Hi Father Dave, we didn't know you'd be here," he said as they both stripped and joined the three men in the pool.

Matt called everybody over to the shallow end, "Boys, there have been some changes while you were away. It's not Father Dave any longer. From now on, you guys can just call him Uncle Dave. Oh yeah, he'll also be living with us."

The boys looked wide-eyed at Dave, who just gave them one of his brilliant smiles. "Look boys, I'm still the same guy, it's just like anyone else who changes jobs. I hope you don't mind that I'm moving in."

The boys both went to hug Dave and told him they were happy to have a new uncle. Jim and Matt beamed with pride as their sons acted like little gentleman.

Later that evening after the boys were in the pool, the six adults sat on the deck drinking wine, with George describing his new house.

"It's just a basic three bedroom, master suite on the first floor and two bedrooms and a bath up stairs. I decided to go small, figuring I'd be spending most of my time with you guys," George said with a smile.

"Probably right Dad," Matt said, "but it will be good if you decide you want to re-marry."

"No chance of that once was enough. No, I may date know and then, but I think I like the current arrangement," George said with a wink and a smile.

Dave looked confused and when Jim noticed, he just smiled, "Don't worry Bro, we'll fill you in later."

The mini vacation was over in a flash. Dave even got to enjoy another lesson in man sex with Finn and Frank. He certainly was enjoying his new life. Then it was off to Connecticut to break the news to the family. Just as he suspected they all were very supportive. Deciding it would be best to get it all over with in one shot, he also told them he was gay. That bit of information was met with mixed reviews. But Dave just let it roll of his back. After all, he thought, how often will I see these people...once or twice a year at the most? No, now is my moment in time, and I'm going to do what I need to do.

To be continued...



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