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A Single Soul

Chapter 36

The Healing Begins



When Frank walked in, he saw Travis lying in the bed, tubes coming from his body, which was tented with a sheet to cover his burns.  He looked up and saw Frank.  Tears immediately filled his eyes, "Dad," he said, "I can't believe you're here!" 


Frank crossed the room and took Travis' hand and kissed his forehead, "Where else would I be, my son is hurt and I'm here to help," he said and then bent down and kissed Travis' forehead.  "Billy and Wolf are waiting in the hall.  They can't wait to see you."


Travis turned his head.  Frank could see his body shake as he cried.  "I don't know why Wolf came.  He won't want me anymore, between the burns and my messed up leg," the boy cried. 

"Travis, that's not true," Frank said, trying to calm his new son. 

Frank pulled a chair up and sat next to the bed, holding Travis's hand he sighed heavily, and then spoke.  "Travis, it's true that we have only known each other a short time.  However, you asked me to be your father and I was honored to be asked, and now I'm going to act like your loving father and help you get through this.  Now your brother Billy and Wolf are here along with me to help you, but you need to help yourself.  You are still the beautiful, smart and funny man we all love.  Your family, and that includes Matt, Jim, Finn and Udo, and don't forget the boys are not going to let you down, or get down on yourself."

Travis turned and looked at Frank; tears were streaming down his face, "I'm so afraid Dad, I'm afraid of the pain, I'm afraid I'll lose Wolf..." he stopped, the emotion was too much.  Frank just held his hand and stroked his hair. 

"Don't worry son, we are all so happy you are alive, and I want you to be as well.  Is it all right if I let Billy and Wolf come in?" Frank asked as he wiped Travis's face with a hankie. 

"Yes sir, I might as well get it over with," Travis said with little enthusiasm. 

"Travis, if Wolf had any thoughts of dumping you because of your injuries, why would he have flown half-way around the world?  I'm telling you for the last time, you are a Marine, you are strong and the pity party will end now.  We are going to right beside you every step of the way and make sure you have everything you need," Frank said lovingly but sternly. 

Frank went to the door to call in the guys, Billy came through first and went to his brother and took his hand and kissed his brother on the forehead. 

"Tray, don't worry Bro, you're going to be fine," he said with tears in his eyes, as he tried his best to keep it together.  He stepped aside and all Travis could see was his lover looking at him with the same love in his eyes that he had seen the last time he saw him. 

Wolf walked up and took Travis's hand in his and kissed his already well-kissed forehead.  Then he knelt on one knee, looking Travis in the eye, as tears were streaming down both men's faces.

"My baby boy," was all he could manage for a moment.  When he composed himself he spoke softly.  "Tray, you know I'm here for you, I don't ever want you to think your anything other than your Daddy's baby boy.  Nothing has changed.  Do you read me?" Wolf asked sternly but lovingly.

"Yes sir," Travis answered.  He gave Wolf a small smile, for the first time since he woke up he really believed he would be fine.  It was great to know that he had the support of his new family, but the having Wolf, now that was something special.  Just knowing he would have Wolf beside him lifted his spirits immensely.  

Wolf took Travis' hand again; he smiled sweetly and said, "Tray, like I said, nothing has changed.  You'll come home and you'll heal.  We'll all help you regain your strength and we will continue our lives together.  It's just that simple, Tray, I love you so much sometimes I think I'll explode!" 

The two men looked deep in each other's eyes, the love flowed between them; it was truly a special moment for them both.  Wolf leaned forward and gave his lover a chaste kiss on his lips. 

"Don't forgot baby, I love you with every fiber of my being and we will get through this," Wolf said as he squeezed Travis' hand for emphasis. 

Their tender moment was interrupted by a nurse letting Wolf know it was time for Travis to get some rest, one more hand squeeze and a wink and Wolf left the room.  Travis took a deep breath and exhaled, and with that breath he released all of his anxiety and fell asleep.  

Back in Philly, the funeral complete the men attended a luncheon for friends of Derrick's and his grandmother.   Then it was back to the hotel room where Dave packed up, he was going to spend the rest of the day and then stay overnight with a priest friend at his parish in the suburbs.   The three Marines wasted no time getting out of uniform and relaxing.  The plan was to meet Wolf's sister Jasmine for dinner around 1900 and getting up early for a flight back to home. 

Since Derrick was familiar with where Dave was going he volunteered to drive him out leaving Matt and Jim alone for an hour.  After the door closed, Jim crossed the room and took Matt in his arms and kissed him deeply, he could feel his cock starting to rise against Matt's leg, and he also felt Matt's growing as well.   Matt was just about to give in to his lover, however just at the last minute he pulled away from Jims attempting to embrace him.

"Matty," Jim whined.

"Sorry buddy, but I wanted to talk about Derrick."

"Well I want to get sweaty and cum," Jim said as he reached for Matt who deftly avoided him.

"Come on Jim, the kid needs us.  You heard him; he thinks he's an orphan now."

"Go head, but I know where you're going, you want one of us to adopt him, right?

"Yeah, the kid is only nineteen, I think what has him worried is there still may be a chance for him to be deployed.  That would leave him alone if God forbid anything happens."

"Couldn't we just make him a brother?" Jim said with a leer.

"We can do both," Matt said and grabbed Jim into his arms and kissed him. 

"Okay, who's going to do it, you or me?" Jim asked.

"I think I should, that way we each have two boys." 

Jim grabbed Matt and pushed him back on the bed; he started to lick his neck and work his way down to Matt's nipples and then started to chew on them.  Matt started to moan, he loved nothing more than when Jim held him down and worked him over.  But he wrestled himself out from under him, causing Jim to whine once again. 

"Sorry baby, Derrick should be back anytime now and I don't think we want him to walk in his new parents doing the nasty."

"Well at least not without being invited!" Jim said as he got up off of Matt.

"Let's grab a shower," Jim said as he helped Matt off the bed.  Just then the door opened and Derrick appeared.  He stood and stared at the two muscle studs standing there naked and half hard. 

"Wow, if only I had made a few more lights I would have been back in time," Derrick said as he drank in the sight of the two naked, half hard men in front of him.

"You didn't miss anything; we were just going to grab a shower," Matt said, "would you like to join us?"

"Sure," Derrick answered, obviously excited by the invitation, and started to strip.  Jim and Matt had to smile, by the time he was naked his cock was almost completely hard.

Matt indicated to Derrick that he should take a seat on the bed and he and Jim sat across from him. 

"Derrick," Matt started, but stopped when he saw the look of alarm on the kids face.  "It's okay buddy, this is a good thing," he said and smiled to set him at ease.  

"Jim and I have come to care quite a bit about you since you've been a part of the family.  Well when you said yesterday that you were an orphan I... well that concerned both of us.  So if you would allow it, I'd like to adopt you that way whatever happens you'll have family to legally be there for you."  Matt was trying to read Derrick's face, but it seemed blank.  Finally Jim spoke up.

"Well buddy, what do you think?"  Jim asked. 

Derrick didn't answer, he stood and crossed the small space reaching out to Matt who had also stood and looked him in the eye.  The he spoke quietly, "Really?"

"Yes, I'm serious, I'd be honored; well we would both be honored," he said looking over at Jim, "and you can keep your name if you'd like."

Derrick looked down at the floor, he seemed to transform into a small boy before Matt's eyes, and then he spoke in almost a whisper, "I'll think about that, but..." and stopped.

"But what?" Matt asked.

Derrick looked up at Matt with wet eyes, "May I call you both Dad?" He asked nervously.

Matt grabbed him and hugged him, "Of course, we'd love that."

Jim sat on the bed and watched the man he loved change a young man's stars, he was also watching both get hard so he figured he would inject a bit of humor. 

"Hey, what about me?"

Matt pulled back and looked a Derrick; he could feel Derrick's hard cock pressing into his thigh but he just smiled and shrugged his shoulders.  The two men pulled apart and each reached out to Jim inviting him into the fold.  Buy this time all three men were hard and Jim gave Matt a knowing glance as he joined the group hug and all three men felt the hard leaking cocks between them. 

"Derrick, we like to make you a full member of the family, just like we did with Travis, are you up for it?" Matt asked.

"Sure, Dad, what do I do?" Derrick asked shyly, calling Matt Dad for the first time.

"It's not what you do son, it's what your new Dads are going to do to you," Matt said as he and Jim pushed the young man back onto the bed.  Then they started to lick the muscle studs chest and moved down to his ample uncut cock that was lying against his stomach and leaking.  The both started to lick and nibble, then Jim moved down and started to lick his ball sack.  

Derricks body was trembling with pleasure as he moaned and kept repeating, "Oh, God!  Dad's if you don't stop, you boy is going to shoot a big load of cum!"  It didn't take more than a few minute before he was panting and shooting that huge load of cum across his stomach and up his chest.  When he was finished Jim and Matt knelt on either side of him and jerked-off as Derrick watched wide-eyed as his two new adopted Dads shot their load on him.  Both men reach down and mixed the loads together and started to feed it to Derrick who lapped it up happily and giggling at the same time.  By the time he licked them clean he was rock hard again; he looked back and forth between the two studs with a questioning smile. 

"Not now baby boy," Jim said as he reached down and gave the boys cock a few big strokes, "we have to get ready for dinner, we can play later after dinner."

They picked up Jasmine at her dorm and headed into Center City for dinner.  She was thrilled at the news of Derrick's adoption and gave each man a big hug and kiss.  Over dinner she gave them an update on Travis via Billy who had called that afternoon.  Frank, Billy, and Wolf were heading home the next day.  Travis was healing well and would be shipped back to Fort Sam Houston in Texas for burn treatment the following week.  She also had other big news, it seems that Travis had been thrown from the vehicle, and even with a broken leg he crawled back and pulled out two of his buddies saving their lives and getting burned in the process.  The CACO officer said they would be presenting him with a Silver Star when he is released from the hospital in Houston. 

After a great dinner, the guys dropped Jasmine back at her dorm and headed to their hotel.  Matt called Finn and George to check on boys and fill him in on the latest developments.  The boys were having a great time with their two Granddads, and George reported that Kelly had been the perfect child the entire time.  They were both happy for Derrick and Matt asked them not to tell the boys yet, he wanted to do that in person. 

Jasmine had passed along a message from Frank, he wanted the guys to call at 0600 Eastern Time, and it was now around 2000 so Matt suggested that they hit the rack early and set the alarm.  Matt noticed that Derrick had a funny look on his face so he asked, "What's up buddy?"

"Nothing," he said quietly.

"Not buying, how about you Gunner?" Matt asked.

"Nope, I've known you long enough to know it's nothing," Jim said as he walked over and drew Derrick into his arms, "know tell Daddy what bothering you," Jim said with a big smile and a wink directed at Matt.

"I was hoping we could have some fun tonight," Derrick all but whispered.

Jim let out a little laugh and then kissed Derrick deeply, "So you want to play with your new Daddies?"

Derrick laughed, "Yeah, I have been dreaming of being fucked by both of you ever since I first met you, but all I've ever done was jerk off with Billy, and well...well I gave him a few blow jobs.  Billy said he was happy to let me use him for a practice dummy" he said with a giggle.

"Well we can't let our boy down can we Captain?" Jim said as he still held a trembling Derrick in his arms.  Matt walked over and joined them in a group hug and kissed Derrick, and then he proceeded to guide them over to bed.  Matt gently pushed Derrick onto his back, kissing him and then moving around to his neck and then to his ears as Derrick squirmed underneath him.  Derricks hard cock was pressing against Matt and was leaking like crazy, Derrick continued to whimper and moan louder as Jim joined in on the licking and nibbling. 

"Dads!" Derrick shouted, "I'm going to..." and at that moment he shot a load of cum between the three of them.  The three men broke up laughing and started to scoop up cum and feed it to each other.  "Sorry Dads, this is really like my first real sex, I mean playing with Billy is fun, but it was mostly just jerking off together and me blowing him."

"Well, son, now that we've relieved the pressure we can get on with it," Matt said as he pushed Derrick onto his back, pushed his legs back and dove face first into the boy's ass.  Derrick let out a long moan as he clutched the sheets and pushed back into Matt's face.  Meanwhile, Jim moved to straddle his head and feed him his hard leaking cock.  The more Matt tongue fucked his ass, the more Derrick moaned around Jim's cock.

"Damn boy, all that practice with Billy has really paid off," Jim said as he pulled his cock out Derrick's mouth, to the boy's protests, as Jim leaned over and kissed his soon to be adopted son, "sorry, had to pull out or I would have cum."

Matt pulled back and began to use one wet finger, working into the excited boy's hole and started to move it back and forth.  Derrick continued to writhe and moan as his new Dad worked his fingers in and out of his ass, getting him ready for what he had dreamed of for years: having a man's hard cock filling his tight bubble butt. 

For the next two hours Matt and Jim made love to Derrick, twice making him cum while fucking him and teaching him about man2man sex.  Finally the three men fell into a heap, panting and sweating, trying to catch their breath. They then shared a three-way kiss as tears joy fell from Derrick's eyes onto Matt's and Jim's cheeks.

Wednesday morning found four men airborne once again heading home to North Carolina.  Everyone seemed interested in their own reading material while Matt stared out the window in deep thought.  There was much to be done over the next few days: they needed to meet with Finn concerning Derrick and his adoption, getting the boys ready for their trip and of course Kelly's first birthday party.  Then he thought of Barry, and as soon as he did his cock twitched in his pants. Matt really needed to speak to Jim about helping the guy out and also how to handle his infatuation with the sexy Aussie. 

No one, not even the sexy Aussie could ever compete with Jim for Matt's love, of that he was sure.  What concerned Matt was the physical fascination he had for Barry: the accent, the body, the smile.  Maybe that was all it was, he reasoned, infatuation; for the first time in his life he was experiencing his true identity as a gay man.  It was like when he was a kid on Christmas morning, he wanted to play with every toy at the same time.  The thought made him actually chuckle out loud, causing Jim to look up from his book. 

"What's so funny captain?" Jim asked.

Matt turned and looked at his handsome lover and his heart swelled and he felt flush and warm from head to toe.  `I must be the luckiest man on earth' he thought as he smiled at his lover. 

"Nothing dog face, just a random thought," he said as he grabbed Jim's hand and squeezed it quickly.   "We need to have some quiet time tonight and I'll explain. We have a lot of plans to make, it's going to be a busy summer."

They arrived back at the beach after stopping for lunch at Dicks, and they were happy when Barry walked up to the table and said "G'Day."  When they paid the check Jim asked Barry if he had time the following day to visit, "Matt and I have a business proposition for you."

"Sure, don't have to be here until 1500, what time would like me?" Barry asked.

"Noon will be fine, we can have lunch and talk," Jim said.

Back at the house, Matt and Jim were unpacking after asking Derrick to go pick up the boys from school. They reminded him not to mention the adoption; they wanted to tell the boys when they were all together. 

"So dog face, what kind of proposition do we have for Barry?" Matt asked with a smirk. 

"Exactly what are you hoping for?" Jim said with a leer. 

A look of fear passed over Matt's face, `shit, am I that obvious?' he thought quickly.  Jim knew his lover well and read the look that passed over his face.  He smiled at Matt and sat on the bed, he patted the spot next to him.  Matt sat nervously, Jim put his arm around Matt's waist and leaned in and gave him a deep passionate kiss.  Matt was a bit confused, but happy as he looked at Jim with a question in eyes. 

"Listen Matty, I know that you find Barry exciting..."

"Jim that's not..." Matt started until Jim stopped him with another kiss.

"Look, it's okay baby, I understand.  My love and trust of you is so deep and so strong that I don't want you to give it another thought.  When you think of it, when it comes to man-sex we're plebes.  But as long as we are always open and honest with each other, a little infatuation or playing with another guy is not a threat," Jim said, maintaining eye contact as he spoke, showing Matt how sincere he was.  Matt giggled. 

"What!"  Jim asked. 

"This is what I was thinking about on the plane when you asked.  I was thinking that it was like when I was a kid at Christmas, wanting to play with all the toys at once!  And this was what I meant when I said we needed to talk."  Matt smiled and kissed Jim again.  "I have never loved anyone like I love you.  All those years with Denise, yes I loved her, but it can't compare to how you complete me."  Then he pushed Jim onto his back, climbed on top and started to drive his tongue as far into Jim's mouth as he could while grinding his ass on Jim's rapidly hardening cock. 

Their impromptu lovemaking was interrupted by the shouts of "Dad" as the two boys ran up the steps to see their fathers.  After hugs and kisses all around Matt noticed Derrick watching shyly from the doorway. 

"Hey sport," Matt said to Jimmer who was sitting on Matt's lap, regaling them with what they had been up to while their dads were away, "take a breath," with a laugh. 

Matt continued, "So sport, what do you think of having a new brother?" 

"Huh?" was his reply as he looked at his Dad with a questioning face.

Matt and Jim explained to the boys about Matt adopting Derrick and why.  The boys were thrilled, they loved Derrick and they both gave him big hugs, then Jimmer asked "Is your last name going to be Leo?"

"Well that's up to Dad," he answered smiling hopefully at Matt. 

"No son, that is up to you.  But just so you know I would love it if you chose it," Matt said sincerely. 

"Well than everybody," Derrick said as he spread his arms, "meet the new Derrick Leo!  But man Dad, people are going to freak when they see our Christmas card!"  That got a big laugh, and after hugs the new family headed to the kitchen for an afternoon snack. 

Dave and Finn joined the group; the plan was for a little business meeting and then going out for dinner.  Dave and Derrick took the boys for a swim while Finn met with Matt and Jim.  First order was Derrick's adoption, and then a few items with the foundation. 

"Matt, I spoke with your dad this morning; he'll be home late tonight.  I received a call today from an attorney in California. He was trying to reach your dad to inform of the death of one Benny Gallo. It seems that you and your dad are his sole heirs." 

"I remember him," Matt said, "He was Uncle Frank's business partner. I remember when we visited, and I know dad spoke to him weekly after Uncle Frank died." 

Finn chuckled, "He was more than his business partner, he was his lover!"

"No fucking way!" Matt exclaimed, "I can't believe it."

"Who's this Uncle Frank?"  Jim asked, "I never met him."

"He was my grandmother's older brother; he went to California, I think back in 1929.  I really don't know the whole story, but it seems that there were six kids and after he left only my mother spoke to him.  Oh, and he was my dad's Godfather," Matt shared.

"Well he left you both, along with a substantial estate, a journal which tells the whole story," Finn replied, "we have to be there the day after tomorrow, and he's chartered a plane for us."

"I can't believe they had that kind of money.  When we visited they were just two old guys living in a regular bungalow, ferrying widow ladies from their church to their doctor's appointments and the grocery store," Matt said with a puzzled look on his face.

"Well we'll soon find out," said Finn.

"Listen guys, new topic," started Jim. "I really want to help Barry out and I think that I have an idea that will work, I'd like for us to hire him as Matt's personal assistant/nanny for the boys."

"Oh yeah dog face, and what kind of assistance will he provide?" Matt said with a smirk. 

"Anything you want captain, maybe he can talk dirty to you with his sexy Aussie accent while you jerk off!" Jim said laughing and kissing Matt quickly, while Finn looked on with a funny look on his face, which both Jim and Matt noticed.

Smiling and winking at Matt he said, "It's okay Finn, Matt and I both find Barry exciting, but we really like him and want to help out." That statement received a loving look from his partner. 

"That's a great idea Jim. He's smart and a computer genius; he can handle Kelly and the boys already love him," Matt added.

"Well you guys can afford it, and if I understood this attorney correctly, you will not only be able to afford him, you'll need him desperately," Finn offered, "hammer out a deal, and I'll draw up a contract."

"It's settled then, he's coming for lunch tomorrow and Matt and I will make him an offer," Jim concluded.

Later that evening Matt and Jim were lying in bed winding down from a busy day.  Jim pulled Matt to his chest; he kissed the top of Matt's head and then buried his face in his hair inhaling his lovers scent.  They had already discussed Barry's employment, compensation and job description, Matt had it all typed and printed for the luncheon meeting.  But Jim had one more issue he wanted to brooch, and hoping Matt would not be upset, he sighed deeply. 

"What's on your mind dog face?" Matt recognized the sign that Jim wanted to talk. 

"I wanted to talk a little more about Barry," Jim said with an unsure voice.

Matt immediately sat up, and with a slightly panicked voice said, "Jimmy, I told you earlier, you have nothing to worry about."

"I know that Matty, what I wanted to say is: you're not the only one infatuated with him.  Thing is, I think he plays around with guys, and I was thinking that it would be fun if you and I got a chance to play with him." 

Matt's eyes were wild with excitement as he planted a very passionate kiss on Jim's face. When he pulled back, Jim caught his breath and said, "I'll take that as a `yes'."

"You know dog face, sometimes you can be pretty quick on the uptake," Matt said laughing and then kissed Jim again.  Ten minutes later Matt was on his back, his legs wrapped around Jim's waist and Jim's hard throbbing cock buried deep in his ass.  Jim was using long deep strokes aiming for Matt's love nut each time; as he slowly made love to his man he was chewing on Matt's ear and whispering to him.

"Think about it Matty, how hot it would be to sucking Barry's fat uncut cock right now while I fucked you long and hard," Jim teased his lover, "think about that deep, sexy Aussie voice telling you to lick his balls and eat his ass."  Matt groaned with lust, Jim's erotic dialogue was driving Matt crazy.

"Think about rimming that tight bubble butt of his while he leans over to suck your leaking cock," Jim's thrusts were becoming more urgent, the talk was making him just as hot.  Jim leaned in and kissed Matt with such passion that it almost made him cum. 

"Yeah captain, you want to suck his balls and chew on his taint, don't you baby." Jim was so excited he was groaning, then he bent down further and started to chew on Matt's nipples and that was it. Matt shot a massive load.  That caused Jim to shoot as well, then he lay down on top of Matt and they kissed and panted until they gained control of their breathing again.  Finally Matt pushed Jim over on his back and smiled as he looked down at his lover. 

"That has to be one of the top five fucks you ever gave me," Matt said still breathing heavily. 

"Thanks baby, making love to you is always hot, but truth be told, I can't wait to play out that little fantasy," Jim said as he moved to get out of bed and clean up. 

"Same here dog face, let's see if he's interested after a sweaty workout," Matt said with a sexy smile. 

Jim gave out a little growl and gave Matt a quick kiss. "Rutro, I think we have unleashed your inter-pig boy; this could be very interesting," Jim said with a chuckle as he headed off to the shower. 

"Well," Matt said as he followed Jim into the shower, "Let's feel him out tomorrow," and then snickered at his own double entendre

Too be continued...

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