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A Single Soul

Chapter 37

History, Revelations & Surprises




Wednesday morning was hectic. Frank and Wolf arrived late the night before from Germany and were still sleeping. Derrick was still on leave, so he was charged with taking his little brothers to school, a job he thoroughly enjoyed. Dave was there for breakfast since he was meeting with Colonel Marks. They were working on getting the office space ready for the Potter's Wheel outreach center.

Barry arrived promptly at noon. The greetings done, Matt served lunch. When lunch was cleared, Matt and Jim made their job offer. They gave Barry a copy of the job description and compensation package.

"Bloody hell mates, I'm gobsmacked! This is too much," Barry said wide-eyed, as he looked at the offer the guys made. It included a substantial salary, health insurance, including his son, room and board and a SUV to haul the kids around.

"So, you're not interested?" Matt asked with a smirk.

"Yes, thank you, I'll have to give my two week notice."

"That's fine, but you can move in right away. I'm leaving for California tomorrow. Jim will take you car shopping," Matt said.

"One other thing," Jim started, "yes we think it's a good offer; but it comes with a price. Finn has insisted that a confidentially clause be included in your contract. We hope you're not offended. We trust you or we wouldn't have offered you the job, but you know lawyers," Jim said with a smile.

"No worries mates, I completely understand. Where do I sign?"

"Not so fast, big boy, there's one more thing," Matt said and he and Jim both held up their left hands showing their rings.

"Yes, I know guys, again, no worries," Barry said with a shy smile, "and if I wasn't going to be working for you I would love to be in the middle of you two!" he finished and blushed, "I never mentioned it before because I was still the straight boy who took an occasional walk on the wild side. But since I've been playing around with Dave I'm ready to admit that I'm a hundred percent poofter!"

Matt and Jim exchanged a knowing smile. They stood together, and then moved to Barry. Together they lifted the wide-eyed stud from his seat. Matt kissed him deeply as Jim worked on his neck and ear then he whispered, is his deep lusty voice, "Well then, we'll just have to make you one of the family," then moved aside as Matt stuck his tongue down Barry's throat.

In a flash they had Barry in their room and naked on their bed. As Jim and Matt kissed and licked his trembling body, Jim moved up and looking Barry in the eye asked, "Do you trust us?"

Barry's eyes were wide with lust, "Too right mates!" he said with his sexy Aussie accent, which seemed to become more pronounced when he was horny or happy. Jim and Matt looked confused causing Barry to giggle, "That means `definitely' in Aussie speak."

The guys went to work quickly. They pushed Barry's knees up, exposing his hairy pucker. They started to lick his balls, nuzzling his perineum; giving him a proper rim job. Barry was moaning and clawing at the sheets. Matt moved up to his cock, which he found dripping with pre-cum. He nudged Jim and notched his head towards the beautiful uncut cock. Jim caught on and joined Matt and together they licked and sucked it clean.

By now, Barry was literally panting, so Jim and Matt moved up and shared a three-way kiss, allowing Barry to taste his own scent. Jim pulled back and said, "Now this is where the trust comes in," and Barry just stared at him with lust-filled eyes and shook his head `yes'.

They licked their tongues down his body. Matt started to deep-throat Barry's throbbing cock as Jim reached quickly for a small bottle of lube. After lubing Barry's tight ass, he began pushing past the resistant ring. Barry let out a combined grunt-moan and started to breathe rapidly. Once Jim got a steady rhythm going, he aimed for Barry's nut and, finding it, Barry screamed, "Fucking A! Whatever you're doing, please don't stop!"

Matt pulled off and called to Jim, "Get up here dog face and taste this cock!"

Jim moved up and started to suck without withdrawing his finger. Soon Barry warned he was ready to cum. Jim pulled off the throbbing cock, letting it slap against Barry's tight stomach. He continued to finger fuck him, pounding his love nut with each thrust until Barry's grunting and moaning was interrupted by, "I'm gonna blow!" He shot at least five huge jets of cum across his stomach, chest and face!!! Jim and Matt immediately moved up on their knees and aimed their cocks at Barry and quickly pumped their loads across his body. Then, just as they did with the other brothers, they began to mix the three loads together and began feeding it to Barry and each other until it was gone. After collapsing in a heap and sharing a deep three-way kiss, Jim looked down and saw that Barry's cock was already hard again!

"You are a randy fuck, aren't you boy!" He said as he reached down and stroked it.

Barry laughed, "After that performance I won't be able to look at you blokes without cracking a fat!" Again they gave him a confused look on their faces he continued, "That means get hard."

The three guys snuggled together, occasionally kissing as they enjoyed the afterglow, finally Jim sat up and announced, "Alright boys, lets hit the shower, `cause we have work to do."

The three hot men stood together under the multiple shower heads and washed each other trying to ignore their erections. While drying off Jim pulled the others in and kissed Barry, "Welcome to the family, you are now one of our brothers." Then Matt did the same adding, "We want you to remember that, the employment contract is just a formality, because we want you to be part of the family."

Barry looked at his new boss's, well new brothers; his eyes were glassy, and it was hard to find his voice until he was able to choke out, "Cheers Bro's," then he smiled, "that's thanks, friends!"

"Come on guys," Jim said, "let's go for a swim." The three naked studs headed down to the pool. When they entered the kitchen they found Frank and Wolf naked and preparing their lunch. When Wolf looked at Barry, he said with a smirk, "from the sounds of it someone was just made a cum brother!" Barry actually blushed while the other four roared with laughter.

After Barry left for work Jim and Matt caught up with Frank for an update on Travis and to talk about the trip to California. The guys had lots of questions. Frank was just a surprised as they were, "I'll tell you guys, I really don't know much. Let me think about it and after dinner we'll talk."

While Matt was in the bedroom packing for the trip he began to think about Barry. He would soon be a very big part of their lives; he would be working closely with Matt and play a huge role in raising the boys. Matt wondered if maybe they had moved to quickly before bringing this young man into their family. Could he really be trusted with their business, their secrets and most of all their children?

Then he thought about the sex. He really enjoyed it and was surprised how into it Jim was. Could this be a potential problem in their relationship, he wondered? He pushed that thought from his mind. If he was sure of anything in life, it was his relationship with Jim. So, he let his mind go back to the threesome and the taste of Barry' cock and intensity of the action. It occurred to Matt that of all the threesomes he and Jim ever had, this was the most intense.

"Well captain, I wonder what you're thinking about," Jim chuckled, bringing Matt out of his thoughts. "Oh, just thinking things through," Matt replied.

"So what were you thinking about that caused this?" Jim asked as he grabbed Matt's hard cock and kissed him. Matt broke the laugh and giggled.

"I started thinking if hiring Barry was the right thing to do, and then moved on to our playtime and well..."

"We are both smart men, and I have to trust my gut on this. I hope you will too. I think he will be fiercely loyal to us and protective of our boys," Jim said seriously, and then with a twinkle in his eye continued, "and with a few more lessons, a fucking blast in bed!" Then he pushed Matt on his back and dove down to suck his hard cock in his mouth. After a quick sixty-nine, Matt pinned Jim down.

"Okay dog face, enough playing we need to make a few plans. I was thinking that tomorrow you could get Barry moved in over at Finn's and take him car shopping. He's going to need something big enough for the boys and two baby seats for when he has Ryan."

"If Benny leaves you enough, can I get a new truck too?" Jim said with a fake pouty face.

"Maybe, if you're a good boy," Matt answered with a quick peck, and then continued, "He'll also need a cellphone; I was thinking that we should get iPhones for the three of us. I'll call and order him a credit card from our account with his name on it and we'll have to get him signed in at school so he can pick up the boys."

"No problem captain, I'm on it," Jim said with a salute, "What do you think of going to Dick's for dinner, the boys will enjoy it and then we can come home and talk with Dad."

"Sounds great, now I have to finish packing," Matt said with a quick kiss as he jumped up and headed to the bathroom.

Jim called Dicks to reserve a table for nine at 1800 and asked for Barry.

Udo was coming up to have dinner and spend the night with his brother.

When everyone was gathered in the family room ready to head out to dinner Jim called for their attention. He explained that Barry would be coming to work for them and what his job would entail. The boys were thrilled to have Barry around full time and Dave's smile split his face when he heard that he would be temporally living at Finn's.

Barry's face broke into a huge smile as he approached his new family/employers table. "G'Day mates," he said to the group, and then to Matt and Jim, "Big news boss, when I gave my notice the manager said I could leave after tonight. Seems he has tons of help with the college kids returning for the season and it would actually help give them more shifts until things start to crank up."

"That's great," Jim said, "I'll be at your place tomorrow morning after I drop the boys at school and we'll get you moved in."

Everyone had a blast at dinner and made their way back to the beach. The boys dragged Derrick off to play video games while Wolf and Udo excused themselves to go and get `caught up', which probably meant sex!

Frank and Matt made drinks while Finn, Dave, and Jim settled themselves in the family room. After a few quick business matters with Finn and Dave, Frank took the floor and began to tell the story of his Uncle and Benny.

"Well, like I said earlier," he started, "I really don't know too much. I know that Uncle Frank was my mother's older brother and they had been very close when they were young and living in Italy and their father and two older brothers were in the States working to make money to bring everyone over," he stopped to collect his thoughts.

"When I was a kid I knew that Uncle Frank was my Godfather and who he was, but I never understood why, when the few times he visited, my other uncles or grandparents would not come around. Finally when I graduated from high school I received a clue. My mother had a small party, my brother Donato was seven years older than me and was already out of college and married, so he and his wife came along with my aunts and uncles," he paused a bit to collect his thoughts.

"Well when I was finished opening my gifts and thanking everyone, my mother handed me another envelope. It was a card from Uncle Frank, inside was a note and a check for five hundred bucks, which in '64 was a lot of money. When I read the note my mouth dropped open. He told me that he was proud of my academic and athletic achievements and it would give him great pleasure, as my Godfather, to pay for my college education. When I looked up my mother was crying, my father looked concerned, my brother Don was scowling and my aunts and uncles looked a combination of angry, confused, and guilty."

"So finally I had enough, and looking right at my uncle Enzo, the oldest, I asked why my uncle was not part of the family. My uncle's face got red with rage. Before he could say anything, my mother jumped to her feet, and looking straight at her brother said, "it is because, mio figlio, mio padre sold him to Rocco Gallo and my brothers had no coglioni!' and then she stormed out of the room," that means `my son', `my father, and `balls' by the way," Frank said with a chuckle. She always spoke in broken English when she was upset.

Everyone was so engrossed with the story that they just stared at Frank in silence, imploring him to continue. Finally Matt asked, "Well?"

"Then all hell broke loose. My father ran after my mother, uncle Enzo barked at his wife that they were leaving and stormed off. My other aunts and uncles all stood, each came over and sheepishly said goodbye to me and Don and made a quick exit. That left me with my brother staring daggers at me. What? I asked him. All he said was `why couldn't you just leave it alone' and left the room."

"And that was it?" Jim asked.

"No, well my mother and uncle Enzo never spoke again, which was always a sore spot since he was my brother's Godfather. The incident was never mentioned again. My uncle Frank came to visit us a few times, and we went out there twice; but Don would never go. I met Rocco and his son Benny and never really thought much about it. Over the years I called as often as I could and sent cards for his birthday and Christmas. When he got older and my life was more settled I started calling weekly, and of course went to his funeral. Don chose not to go so Peggy and I took my mother. Since then I called Benny a couple of times a month out of respect."

"Man, I can't wait to read that journal," Matt said.

"Same here," added Finn, "we'll have to organize a sort of book club."

"You know, that's not a bad idea," Frank said, "we can make copies of the journal and each read a chapter a week and then have a dinner and discuss it."

"That is brilliant Dad, but what if just one of us read it aloud after dinner, kind of like the old days before TV," Matt offered. "I'm sure there will be a lot history, not just a family story. Do you think uncle Donato will be upset about this."

"I've thought about that," Frank said, "but I really can't see how he could be. Uncle Frank always sent him gifts equal to mine, except for college tuition. He was the one who chose not have a relationship, not me or Uncle Frank. So if he gets pissed, there's nothing I can do; especially since this inheritance is technically coming from Benny."

Thursday morning Frank, Matt, and Finn bordered the chartered Gulfstream jet at Jacksonville at 0500 and headed for California. They were due to arrive at 0930 in Pasadena. There was planned a small memorial service for Benny at 1100 and a luncheon following. Afterward, they would meet with the attorneys for the reading of the will. The guys brought their suits with them. An hour from landing the pilot came back to alert them so they could change.

They were met at the airport by Benny's lawyer, a very handsome guy who looked to be about Matt's age or just a bit older. His name was Declan Murphy. He was dressed in a dark suit appropriate for the occasion. Since Finn had contact with him, he approached first and introduced himself, and then Frank and Matt.

"I hope you gentleman had a pleasant flight. The driver will take your bags to the hotel, you are already checked in," he offered as he guided the men into the limo.

"Thank you for arranging all of this for us," Frank said.

"It's my pleasure. I almost feel that I know you," Declan said and when he noticed Frank's expression he added, "I've known your Uncle and Benny since I was ten years old. I used to cut their lawn," he finished with a fond smile.

"That's wonderful, then perhaps you will be able to help fill in a few very large blanks for me," Frank said.

"I will surely try, and I know the journal will; I actually helped Frank and Benny write it," Declan said proudly.

"Did you know Rocco Gallo?" Matt asked.

"I sure did, Zio was a real character," Declan said with a smile.

"Zio is Italian for uncle," Frank offered to a confused Finn.

"Those guys were more than uncles to me, they were almost like fathers. Mine was killed in Nam in '69 so I never met him. But Frank and Benny treated me and my mother like family. They even put me and my brother through college," Declan said. You could see the sincere gratitude in the way the man spoke of them. The limo was pulling up to the mortuary so the conversation came to a halt. The conversation was enlightening but it left Frank wondering if the man didn't feel cheated that he was left out of the will.

The chapel was surprisingly full; there was a portrait of Benny front and center, with an urn on a pedestal that surely contained his ashes. A minister spoke of how kind and charitable Benny had been. Then Declan proceeded to deliver a moving and heartfelt eulogy.

Everyone was invited to a buffet luncheon. Declan organized a receiving line and included Frank and Matt along with his mother and brother; he made sure to introduce Frank and Matt as Benny's nephews. After the last person made their way through the line Frank was left feeling a bit overwhelmed. Everyone one spoke of how kind and wonderful both Benny and Frank had been. Frank felt a bit sad that he didn't know his uncle better.

After luncheon was served the guests began to walk about to talk with each other, and slowly the crowd was thinning. Frank took the opportunity to speak with Declan's mother and brother and then he finally got Declan alone.

"If I may," Frank started, "I understood Finn to say that Matt and I were Benny's sole heirs, and I'm left worrying that you and your family were somehow short changed, considering how close you were."

"Frank," Declan started while placing his hand on Frank's shoulder in a friendly gesture, "everyone in my family was generously remembered prior to Benny's death. Not only did he and Frank put my brother and myself through school, they bought each of us our first house, paid off my mother's mortgage when Dad was killed, and provided trusts for nieces and nephews, but that's not all," he stopped to collect himself, "after I passed the bar I went to work for Benny's management firm and became his right hand man. When he retired the firm controlled over three billion dollars of real estate and oil contracts for its clients; and he gave me the company." Frank was blown away; he had no idea that Benny was anything more than an average attorney. Declan read the surprise on Franks face and smiled.

"You have no idea how wealthy Frank and Benny were, do you? He asked.

"No," Frank said, "they were just two nice old guys, my Uncle and his business partner who I enjoyed talking to whenever I could."

"Well then, this is going to make this afternoon even more enjoyable than I thought it would be," Declan said with a cryptic smile.

Later at the law offices, Frank, Matt, and Finn were joined by Declan and four other lawyers. Frank looked over at Finn with a `what's going on' look and Finn just shrugged his shoulders.

Declan began the meeting by addressing Frank and Matt, "Frank, as I told you earlier, I feel like I know you. Frank and Benny spoke of every letter, card or phone call from you at length; each event brought them tremendous joy. For you, it was just being a good nephew, but I can tell you each time you called or wrote they walked on air for days. Frank was stunned by this, and sad; he immediately began to think that he could have done more.

Declan flashed him a big smile and then began to read the will, and as reported Frank and Matt were the only heirs to Benny's liquid assets, of which Frank received just over twenty five million dollars, and Matt's share came to just over ten million. Frank, Matt, and Finn looked at each other in complete shock, but they were astounded when Declan continued to read. Frank Bruno was named as trustee to the Frank Bruno & Beniamino Gallo Family Foundation and Charitable Trust valued at one hundred and twenty million dollars. A Legacy Trust in the amount of twenty five million was created in the name of Matthew Leo.


Frank was so stunned that all he could do was reach for a glass of water and drink quickly. Matt was staring at Declan as if he had three heads, and Finn was beaming, you could see the wheels of a lawyer spinning in his head.


Declan continued addressing Frank and Matt, "Benny was sharp as a tack, and crafty devil right up until the end, he even had a few "spies" feeding him information." Declan said with a twinkle in his eyes, "He was especially proud of you, Matthew, he kept a copy of the article written about you and Jim helping the family of that young Marine. And your father had been telling him of the charitable foundation you and Jim had set up for wounded Marines. And Frank, he was moved to tears when you told him about adopting Travis and Billy after they were disowned by their parents. Those acts of charity touch him profoundly, and once you read the journal you will understand why."

Matt stared at the Declan as he spoke. He heard him but he just couldn't wrap his head around any of it. How in the hell did Benny know about the article in the Globe, he wondered.

Declan continued, "You both were always to receive the liquid portion of his estate, but as I said, you both impressed him so much with your selflessness that rather than directly donate the hundred and fifty million directly to specific charities as he had planned, he set up these private family trusts, confident that you both would know how to use it best; in both his and Franks memory."

Frank and Matt were too stunned to speak. They couldn't even comprehend what they had just been told. Finn took Frank's hand and gave him a reassuring smile, and then Declan spoke again.

"Frank, Matt, why don't we leave Finn with my colleagues to handle business so we can speak in private," he said as he stood and indicated that they should follow him. He led them through a door and into a finely appointed office.

"May I offer you a drink?" Declan asked as he walked over to a small bar.

"Yes," Frank answered, "double scotch rocks please," he finished with a weak smile.

"Ditto," Matt answered.

Declan poured three of the same, handed them off and asked the men to sit.

"I'm sure than both of you are a bit overwhelmed. Over the next two days I can be sure that between Finn and I, we will bring you up to speed. The Cliff note version is that the majority of the holding in trust is in real estate and oil leases. You gentleman now own at least three major suburban malls and at least twenty five apartment complexes, and a few orange groves" Declan explained.

"I'm confused," Matt said, "How did Benny find out about the Globe article? And secondly, I thought the bulk of the estate was in charitable trusts?"

Declan gave Matt another brilliant smile letting him know he was enjoying knowing the secrets. Declan was also willing to share and then answered, "Well I'm not sure either of you knew, but both Frank and Benny served in WW11, Benny in the Army and Frank was a Marine. Frank spent three years in a Japanese POW camp, an experience that he never shared." Declan paused and watched as the two men processed the information.

After taking a sip of scotch he continued, "In regards to the trusts, that is true, however, the trust controlled by your father only needs to distribute a minimum of 5% of the trust to charity each year. By law whatever the holding of the trust earns over that 5%, over the course of the year is added back into the trust or used to pay the trustee's expenses of managing the trust. Matt, your trust is set apart and is completely in your control. The bottom line, gentleman is that you have become extremely wealthy men."

Just as Declan finished speaking the door opened and Finn entered the office. He made a beeline directly for Frank and drew him into a tight embrace. Declan knew, well expected, that they were lovers and he smiled at the show of love and support Finn was offering. Finn then went and gave Matt a quick hug.

"Look guys don't worry about a thing. Tomorrow we will sit down and I'll explain everything," Finn said. Turning to Declan, Finn said, "I understand from your colleagues that your firm currently handles all of the real estate and oil leases in both trusts."

"That is correct," he replied.

Finn gave Frank a look, they understood each other perfectly and Frank just nodded.

"Wonderful," Finn said, "my clients would like to continue to engage your firm's services in that regard. It would appear that you are familiar with the holdings and have been successful in handling them, so it makes perfect sense."

"That is great news," Declan said with a huge smile, "We can continue with business tomorrow. For now I was wondering if you wouldn't like to return to the hotel for a rest and then join me at my home for dinner this evening."

"Thank you Declan," Matt replied, "but I'm meeting my ex-wife and her partner for dinner tonight." Declan just smiled and nodded.

"Finn and I would love to," Frank offered, "as long as it won't inconvenience your wife."

"Not at all! I'm not married or in a relationship at the moment. My partner died of AIDs in 1999 and I have remained single since," Declan said without acrimony, letting them know he was gay. "However I've asked my mother, brother and his family to join us. I'll have the car pick you up at 7pm."

Riding in the limo to the hotel, Frank and Matt were still in a bit of shock at the news. Finn looked at them both and said, "There's something that I think you don't quite understand. While that money is placed in charitable and legacy trusts it is for all intent and purposes your money. You two have just become very, very wealthy."

Frank had tears in his eyes, and he let out a laugh. "You know, when I would think of Benny he always reminded me of Hyman Roth in Godfather 2 when he says to the reporters, `I'm a retired investor living on a pension'!" Everyone laughed at that. "I'm telling you, these guys lived in a regular California bungalow. If you met them you would think they were just like my parents, and you would be worried that their pensions covered their living expenses. I just can't wrap my head around it."

Finn grabbed Frank and kissed him deep, "don't worry baby, I'll guide you every step of the way," then looking over to Matt, "that goes for you too buddy."

Back at the hotel Matt was too keyed up to nap. First thing he did was call Jim. "Hey baby," Jim answered, "did he leave you enough to buy me a new truck?" he asked with a chuckle.

"Jim," Matt said, "I need you to sit down and pay attention," and then he continued until he gave him the complete rundown.

"Holy fucking shit!" was Jim's reply.

"Well baby, we have just become very rich men," Matt said.

"No, you have," Jim said flatly.

Matt couldn't believe what he just heard. Since it was over the phone, he couldn't see his lover's face as he said it, so he tried to be calm. Instead he said, "You better fucking listen dog face; you just pissed me off big time. There is nothing, and I mean nothing, not even millions of dollars that is more important to me than you and our boys." Matt said firmly, "get it straight from this point forward, there is no `yours and mine' it's just ours. DO YOU READ ME DOG FACE?" Matt screamed into the phone.

He was greeted with silence and then he heard, "I'm sorry Matty, I know that, it was a stupid thing to say."

"That's alright baby, it is all a bit overwhelming, but just think of all the good work we can do," Matt said lovingly, hoping to calm Jim's fears.

"Does that mean I can by a dually then? Jim asked with a giggle.

"Yes baby, you can by two, and I want you to plan the birthday party of all birthday parties for Kelly, but let's keep this between us for a while, okay?"

"You got captain, have a good dinner with Denise and her squeeze, and remember that I love you," Jim said sweetly.

"I love you too Jimmy, more every day. Kiss the boys for me and I'll see you the day after tomorrow."

Matt met Denise and her partner Tina in the lobby and headed for the hotel restaurant for dinner. Tina was a beautiful girl; she was the perfect lip-stick lesbian, very feminine and very sweet. They had a pleasant meal, and wonderful conversation, and they all avoided the subject of the inheritance. Matt had decided he would tell Denise in private another time.

They were just about to have dessert when Denise looked at Matt and said, "Matt, Tina and I have a favor to ask."

Matt's heart immediately jumped into his throat, his first thought was that they were going to ask for Jimmer. Denise read his face perfectly and smiled.

"No, Matthew, we are not asking for custody of Jimmy. We are asking for sperm," she said and then burst out laughing at the look on Matt's face.

"Wouldn't you rather have ice cream," he asked deadpan.

Tina laughed so hard she spit out her drink and Denise just shook her head.

"Yes, we'd like ice cream as well, but Tina would like to have a baby and we thought that there could be no better sperm donor than you," Denise said with a loving smile.

"Do I get to sleep with Tina?" Matt said with a raised eyebrow.

"Now asshole, you get to jerk off in a cup," Tina said making Matt laugh out loud. He really liked this woman, and he was glad that Denise had found her.

"Well I'm honored, but you realize I have to speak to Jim about this before I answer."

"That is what I expected, but I hope you two will give it serious consideration," Denise said with a hopeful glance.

"Of course we will, I'll call him when I get back to the room and let you know as soon as possible."

A half an hour later Matt was once again sitting on his bed in the hotel room calling Jim. "Hey baby," Jim said, "how was dinner with Denise and her new squeeze?"

"Great buddy, I need you to sit down again," Matt said with a chuckle.

"Oh fuck," Jim moaned, "nothing could be more surprising than the last phone call."

"Hold that thought stud," Matt laughed, "after dinner I offered ice cream for dessert, they asked for a load of my sperm."

"No fucking way," Jim almost screamed into the phone and broke up laughing.

"Oh, a big way," Matt laughed, and then he told Jim the whole story.

"You get to fuck your ex-wife's new squeeze?" Jim spit out.

"No, as Tina so aptly put it, I get to jerk off in a cup," Jim laughed out loud.

"Look, if we end up doing it I'll have to call you for phone sex," Matt joked, "but I told them I needed to speak with you and would get back to them tomorrow. They would like to do it before I leave, so just sleep on it and I will call you when I get up."

"Alright captain, I'll talk to you tomorrow, I love you very much. But please, no more surprises tonight, and Matty... thanks for thinking of us first," Jim said softly letting Matt know how important it was to him that they would be making the decision as a couple.

While he lay in bed trying to fall asleep Jim thought about Matt being a sperm donor. He laughed to himself when he thought of another `mini Matt' running around, and while he was thrilled that Matt thought of him first while making the decision it was really Matt's choice, and he hoped Matt would grant their request.

After Matt got ready for bed, he knocked at the adjoining door to Frank and Finn's room, not getting a reply he opened it and found the room was empty. `Well', Matt thought, `that's interesting'.

Matt climbed into bed thinking about Denise's proposition, and before sleep could claim him he made his decision.

To be continued...

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