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A Single Soul

Chapter 38

Now The Fun Begins



A knock at the door brought Matt out of his dream. He opened his eyes and saw the bedside was 0800!  Getting out of bed, he walked naked, his morning wood leading the way to the door joining his father's room.  He opened it to find a smiling Frank.

"Morning sleepyhead," Frank said. 

"Morning Dad," Matt said as he looked over his father's shoulder and noticed that the bed had not been slept in. Well that's interesting.  "I can't believe I slept this late, you should have knocked earlier."

"Uh, well, we actually just got back to the room," Frank said with a sheepish grin. 

"Really?" Matt said with a raised eyebrow. He pushed through and walked in and sat on their bed as Finn entered from the bathroom. 

"Yeah, we had a few cocktails before and after dinner and Declan was gracious enough to let us spend the night," Finn said with a wink.

"And was the guest room comfortable?" Matt asked, already knowing the answer. 

"Don't know Son," Frank said with a huge smile, "but Dec's king size bed surely was!"

"Oh, its Dec now, is it?" Matt said with a smirk, lying back on the bed in all his naked glory, his cock still completely hard. 

"Yes it is," Frank said with a laugh as he and Finn sat on either side of Matt.  They both began to run their hands over Matt's muscled body. "We had a great evening, learned a lot about Frank and Benny and had a fucking great time in bed!"

By now Finn was licking Matt's cock and driving his tongue under the foreskin getting all of Matt's flavor.  Meanwhile, Frank dove for Matt's balls and then pushed his nose underneath the sack and took a big sniff before he started to chew on Matt's perineum, while Finn sucked his cock completely down his throat. 

Frank pulled back and said, "You taste fucking great baby boy!" before pushing Matt's knees back and driving his tongue up his son's tight ass. 

Matt almost screamed from the pleasure they gave him.  He just moaned and writhed on the bed.  It seemed like only minutes before he was panting heavily and warning Finn he was ready to cum.  Both men re-doubled their efforts with Frank replacing his tongue with a finger and finding Matt's nut.  And that was it. Matt's fists grabbed the sheets and as a loud grown came from deep in his chest, Matt shot a huge load in Finn's mouth. 

Finn held Matt's load in his mouth and grabbed Frank and pulled him into a deep kiss as the lovers shared the sweet prize.  Then Matt sat up and kissed both of them, tasting his own flavor in both their mouths. 

"What a great way to start the morning. Thanks guys" Matt said with a smile, "Have you eaten this morning? He asked with a grin, "I'm mean real food."

"Yes, wise ass, we have," said Frank laughing.

"Okay, then let me grab a quick shower and call Jim. Then you guys can keep me company while I eat. I have a lot to tell you and want to hear all about last night!" Matt said as he leaped from the bed and headed to his room.

"Well make quick," Frank said, "we're due at Declan's office at 1000."

Matt had just pulled on his pants when he heard his cellphone ring, he saw it was Jim calling and smiled, "Good morning, Matt Leo stud for hire, I'm young, hung and full of cum," he answered and tried not to laugh. 

Of course that broke Jim up, and when he finally stopped laughing he said, "Very funny captain, I've been waiting for your call."

"Sorry buddy, I slept late.  Don't want to rush you babe, but we have a meeting with the lawyers at 1000 and I still need to grab breakfast.  Have you thought about the proposition?"

"Yes sir, I think if you want to, go for it.  I have only one suggestion: they agree to put you on the birth certificate as the father and sign an agreement giving you full parental rights in case of a break-up. And if it's a boy, no cutting him," Jim said. 

"Wow," Matt said, "that is a great suggestion; it just proves you are more than a pretty face!"

"Thanks, I think," Jim said with a laugh. "I won't keep you, just a quick update. Barry is moved in, we picked a Ford Explorer Sport, and it has room for seven.  Barry is driving behind me right now. He hasn't stop smiling!  We are headed over to the AT&T store for cellphones and then to pick up the boys, they have early dismissal."

"What about your truck?" Matt asked.

"I want to wait until you get home so we can pick it out together."

"Thanks baby, that's nice.  Well with your great suggestion I'm going to call Denise and tell her I'll do it if they agree. Finn can draw the agreements," Matt said. "I'll probably have to do it today, so I may be calling you for phone sex later on," Matt with a snicker.

"I hope so, all right, I'll sign off.  Love you," Jim said.

"Back at ya dog face," Matt replied and ended the call. 

Over breakfast Matt told his dad and Finn all about the dinner with Denise and his conversation with Jim. He finished by saying he wanted to do it.  Finn was impressed with Jim's idea and thought it prudent. He said he would borrow a para-legal from Declan and draw the paperwork and overnight it to Denise.  He saw no reason to wait for the paperwork to comeback signed since they could trust her.  In the interest of time, Frank said the juicy details of the evening at Declan's would have to wait for the plane ride home.  He did say that Matt would be amazed at what was under that tailor made suit.

When Matt called Denise, she and Tina were thrilled and had no problem with his request.  She gave him a name of clinic in Pasadena.  So sure was she that he'd say `yes' that she already made an appointment for 1500. 

The rest of the day was a blur of meeting, signing papers and making decisions.  Matt was so grateful to have Finn along to guide them through the process.  There were a lot of decisions to be made concerning the running of the trusts, and a very big one needed to be made immediately.  Frank wanted to make Matt the chairman of the trust. His job would be to oversee the charitable distributions.  This would mean he would need to quit his job, so he wanted a conference call with Jim.  Once everyone was on the line, Frank explained his position. 

Then Finn made his presentation, "Based on the current value, the F&B Trust would have to distribute a minimum of 7.5 million dollars, its projected earnings this year are just over 12.5 million, the difference will be used for salaries and expenses, and the remainder will be re-invested."

"Matt, those are some serious numbers, and I agree with Dad that we really need family running things to ensure that everything is above board.  So if you want to do this, I'm okay with it," Jim said. 

The rest of the day flew by. Matt kept his appointment, and true to his word he called Jim from his little room in the clinic.  Matt told Jim about his blow job that morning with his dad and Finn.  Jim told Matt about giving Derrick another lesson in man sex. Using his deep sexy baritone voice, he had Matt shooting a huge load in the sample cup in less than five minutes. 

When Matt buzzed for the attendant to come collect the `donation', the guy looked at Matt's flushed face and large deposit and said, "Man, I should get the number of whoever you talked to. I've never seen a guy so happy, or a donation so large." 

Matt just smiled and left the room. On the way out he wondered if the guy was hitting on him.

The meeting continued until 2000. By then, Matt's head was splitting and he couldn't wait to get to bed and then home to Jim.  Over the course of the day he had spoken to Jim at least five times. Every big decision he had to make he called and asked Jim' opinion.  The last call was about buying shares in the Gulf Stream 5 business jet that they had flown on. Given the amount of trips that Matt, Frank and Finn would be making between Declan in Cali to NC, the accountants thought that they should just buy a decent used jet.  Between Declan's firm, and his families trust, the F&B Trust, Matt's legacy trust, there would be no personal outlay of cash.  The only time that would happen is if they used the plane for their personal use, and with Matt's cash inheritance that would never be a problem. 

"That works for me captain, now we can join the mile high club!" Jim said with a laugh.

"Fuck'n A' dog face, I'm planning on making us mile high frequent fliers," Matt whispered into the phone.

"Sounds good to me baby, just hurry home, I miss you, and by the way, thanks for making me a part of this," Jim said. 

"Jimmy, you are a part of every moment of my life, and don't forget it," with a lump in his throat, and ended the call before he became too emotional. 

Declan joined the guys for dinner, the four men tried to keep the conversation light and not business, however while they were having coffee and brandy Frank had one point to make. 

"Matt, Finn, I've been thinking this whole situation over the last day or so.  Declan, I think you'll agree that Uncle Frank and Benny amassed their fortune by flying under the radar and not calling attention to their wealth.  My suggestion is that we do the same. I think we should keep this information on a need-to-know basis.  For the time being, I think that we should only bring Jim, Denise and George into the circle.  Your thoughts? Frank asked.

Declan and Finn nodded and Matt said, "I agree, more for the boys safety than anything else."

Finally the dinner came to an end, while saying goodbye in the lobby Frank embraced Declan and said, "Declan, I can't thank you enough for all you've done. Frankly, I have come to think of you as a cousin, and I hope you feel the same way."

"I do, I do," Declan said with emotion. 

Everyone said goodnight and goodbye, with the early flight at 0700 there was no time for playing.

Saturday at 1500 Barry sat in his new Explorer on the tarmac at the FBO (fixed base operator) terminal watching the G5 land.  He was there to pick up the guys since Jim had to work.  His boss was a newly minted major with an equally major stick in his ass.  It appeared that he was aware of how much the colonel had thought of Matt and that seemed to piss him off. 

He watched as the plane taxied in and the steps dropped down. Matt was the first off carry his bags.  Barry over and met him, "G'Day boss, glad to have you home," he said as he took Matt's bags. 

"Thanks Barry, nice wheels," Matt said point to the Explorer. 

"Yeah Mate, thanks to you and Gunner."

When they arrived home they made it all the way into the family room before they were attacked, hugged and kissed by two naked and wet boys, "Dad!" They cried as they hugged Matt, "We're so glad you're home," both boys said at the same time. 

"Thanks guys, I'm glad to be here," Matt said as he watched as Derrick entered the room carrying a happy Kelly. He came over and kissed Matt while handing off the baby. 

"Hi Dad," he said with a face splitting smile.

"Hey buddy," Matt said, "I've heard you've been a very good boy for your other Dad," Matt said with a wink. 

"I try to be good for both my Dad's," he said with a wink. 

Matt kissed and fussed with Kelly before handing him back to Derrick. "Alright guys," he announced, "let me get rid of these clothes and I'll join you for a swim."

Around 1650 Jim called, "Hey buddy, welcome home.  How `bout you all meeting me at Lonestar at 1800 for dinner, I'm sure you guys don't feel like cooking," he said.

Matt shouted out the request and everyone agreed. That lead to everyone getting out of the pool to get ready for dinner. 

Later that evening, Matt grabbed Jim in their bedroom.  He started to undress him as he started to kiss and lick Jim while he stripped him out of his uniform. "I've missed you so much baby," he said as he continued to lick Jim's neck and chew on his ear. 

"Slow down captain, let me get a shower and then I'll make it up to you."

"No way dog face, I want to lick the stink off your hot stud body," Matt said with a lusty growl. 

"I see. I sent my officer-lover to Cali and a pig-boy came home," Jim said and laughed.  Matt made an `oink, oink' noise and stuck his face in Jim's sweaty armpit and started to lick and moan at the same time.

Twenty minutes later Matt lay snuggled up to Jim with his head on Jim's chest.  He tried to fill Jim on as much as he could remember and Jim brought him up to date on work, his new boss, who according to Jim is an asshole, and the plans for Kelly's birthday party. 


                                                       Saturday, June 6, 2009

Jim was up at 0500; his boss was a real prick and was making Jim be on base for some bullshit reason between 0600 and 1200, knowing full well that today was his son's first birthday.  The party was all planned and they had hired the same cater they used last year for the boys party, so it was really just an inconvenience. 

His brothers and sisters and their families, with the exception of Junior came in Friday night and were staying at Finn's.  Denise and Tina arrived, and were staying in one of Finn's condos.  They were taking MJ and Jimmer with them on Sunday to visit her parents in Maryland and then to Cali for their vacation.

The family including Dave, Barry, and Wolf, were all at Frank's for brunch at 1100. The remainder of the guests weren't due until 1500.  Fred and Jewell Conway had come early also. Nadine had gone into labor. Matt had invited them to come early, rather than sit at the hospital for endless hours waiting for the baby to come, since Drew was the only one allowed in the labor and delivery room. They were watching little Jewell, so the party was the perfect distraction.

Just before 1300 the doorbell rang. Wolf was standing in the family room and announced he would answer it.  When he opened the door he was greeted by a scowling Bonnie Flannery with Jr. and his wife standing behind her. 

Wolf knew very well who she was, and he also knew she was not welcome.  "I'm sorry Mrs. Flannery, but you are not welcome in this house."

Anger flashed across her face as she tried push past the mountain that was Wolf, loudly proclaiming "Who do you think you are, I'm here for my grandson's first birthday," see said adamantly, and rudely succeeded to push past Wolf with Jr. in tow. 

By the time she made it through the foyer into the living room she came face to face with her ex-husband, with Matt and the rest of her family and other guests behind him. 

"Bonnie, what are doing here?" George demanded, "You know you are not welcome until you apologize."

"I'm here to see my grandson, I have every right to be here," she stated forcefully, her face red with rage. 

Matt steeped in front of George and defiantly said, "Actually Mrs. Flannery," pointedly not calling her Bonnie, "you have no rights here.  This is my father's house and I would appreciate if you would please leave, or I will be forced to call the police."

"You wouldn't dare," she spat.

"Yes he would, and if he doesn't I will," said Jim who had just appeared at Matt's side. "I don't understand why you insist on showing up where you are not welcome. Furthermore, I will not have you spoil my son's first birthday and upset my family and guests," Jim said with a strong but even tone. 

"I'll tell you why. I do not approve of your relationship with Matt," she said pointing a bony finger directly at Matt. "It is a sin, an affront to God, and not healthy for my grandsons. You are living in sin, and you will burn in hell for this" she said with all the self-righteousness of a hypocrite.  There were audible gasps from the assembled family.  Jim and Matt looked at each other in horror, realizing what she had just said in front of MJ and Jimmer.

To be continued...

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