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A Single Soul


Chapter 40


The Summer of Love


Sunday, June 7, 2009

Denise was up first and found the boy's bedroom empty. Knowing from experience, she went into Matt and Jim's room and found the four of them sleeping, huddled together like a litter of puppies.

"All hands on deck," she called loudly and all four heads popped up at once, making her laugh.

"Morning," the four guys mumbled.

"I'm beginning to wonder if you boys are going to be able to get through this trip without your dads. Maybe you may just want to stay home?" Denise asked, teasing the boys.

"No way, Mom!" Jimmer said quickly, "besides, these guys will be too busy kissing since we know they're married!"

That got a big laugh from Denise and MJ, and even more laughing when Jim and Matt started a tickle attack on the boys.

In less than two hours, Denise, Tina, and two happy boys were on the road to California via Maryland. Matt and Jim made their way back into the house. It was 0900 and since it was an all-male household once again, they stripped off their clothes and joined Frank, George, Finn, Derrick, Dave and Barry on the back deck for another cup of coffee.

George looked up and saw the two naked studs coming through the door and said with a straight face, "Now James, what would your mother say."

The eight men roared with laughter. When the laughter died down, Finn said with a smile, "MJ is going to make a great lawyer. He gave quite a performance yesterday."

"That he did," said Jim, "and damn near gave Matt and me a heart attack."

"And you two thought you had those boys fooled! Welcome to parenthood," said a laughing Frank.

It was a lazy day for everyone. Around 1100 all eight men were floating naked in the pool when Drew came through the gate.

"Hey Drew," Matt called out, "by the looks of it, you're a new daddy."

"Yes sir Captain and I wanted to come and tell you and Gunner personally," everyone got out of the pool and surrounded Drew.

"I know these are politically incorrect nowadays," he said as he handed out cigars with blue bands on them, "but I couldn't resist."

"Well we can guess it was a boy," Derrick said with a grin.

"Not a bad guess Jarhead," Drew said. Then he took a picture out of his pocket. It was of him, with Nadine holding the baby, and handing it to Jim, said "Gunner, may I present Andrew James Matthew Conway! We're already calling him AJ. He was born last night at 11:10 pm and weighed 9lb 3oz and if he's his father's son, two pounds of that is cock!"

The men roared with laughter, while Jim and then Matt, grabbed Drew in a massive hug, both men misty eyed. "Drew, we are so honored," Jim said with his voice breaking.

"No Gunner, we're honored to have you two as friends," Drew said seriously.

To lighten the moment Derrick broke them up when he said "Drew, your mother would slap the black off of you if she heard you say that about your new son."

"True that, Bro, but it's still true! Drew said.

Then Matt said, "Hey wait, that means he was born on Kelly's birthday and the time is Jim's birthday, 11:10, a numerologists dream."

Drew accepted the offer of a swim, and to stay for lunch. When he dropped his shorts, Barry saw his huge cock and said loudly, "Crikey mate, that thing looks more like five pounds!"

"Maybe I should weigh it for you and find out," Derrick joked.

"Maybe I'll let you sometime," Drew said with a wink, causing Derrick's cock to twitch at the thought of it.

Drew left after lunch with promises from Jim and Matt to stop by the hospital later in the day. It was only 1300 and the boys had already sent twelve text messages. Matt told Jim that it was a good thing he picked an unlimited package.

Later that night Matt and Jim were getting ready for an early night when there was a knock at the door, "come in," Matt hollered.

The door opened and Derrick walked in, "Hey buddy, what's up?" Matt said.

"Nothing," he said as he walked over and grabbed Matt's cock and kissed him, "I just wanted to give my other Daddy equal time," he said as he sank to his knees and swallowed Matt's cock. Jim walked out and viewed the scene, his cock rising as he crossed the room. When he reached Matt he kissed him deeply. Derrick, being uncut himself, knew how to work an uncut cock. The expert job caused Matt to moan in Jim's mouth.

"Okay Daddy," Derrick said as he pushed Matt on his back, "I want to go for a ride."

Matt was lying on his back with his feet on the floor. Derrick turned his back to him, grabbed Matt's cock and slowly sat down on it. Matt groaned as he slid into the very hot and very tight hole. Once he became comfortable, Derrick began to use his strong, muscled legs to move up and down on Matt's cock.

Jim knelt in front and watched Derrick's hard cock flop up and down and then moved down and began to lick Matt's balls. Matt's cockhead pounded Derrick's nut, causing him to moan loudly, and then quickly announcing he was going to cum. Jim swiftly moved up and grabbed his cock and sucked it in his mouth, just as he shot loads of teenage cum. Matt then shot his load deep in his ass. Jim immediately stood and let Derrick suck him to a bone-shaking climax. The three men entered into a three-way kiss.

"Come on buddy, let's get cleaned up and hit the rack," Jim said.

The three men crawled into bed, Derrick in the middle with both his new dads spooning him. He said quietly, "I love you guys."

Matt and Jim both said, "We love you too, buddy," and they both kissed his cheek.

Monday, June 10, 2009

Barry was in his room at Finn's, changing into work clothes. Everyone was either at work or at the new house getting things organized and meeting deliveries. He was just about to leave when the house phone rang. The caller ID showed a pay phone. That was strange but he answered anyway, "G'Day O'Brien residence," he said, no reply. "Hello," he said again.

"Hello," a nervous voice said, "may I speak to Finn O'Brien please?"

"Sorry mate, he's in court today, whose calling?"

"This is his son Tim. When he gets home, will you tell him I'm at the Greyhound station in Jacksonville please?" the boy asked.

"I can do better mate. I'll be there in twenty minutes to get you."

"Thanks man! Thanks a lot," Tim said.

Barry hopped in the Explorer and headed for Jacksonville. He knew this was big, that Finn hadn't seen his kids since the divorce. He called Matt and told him what was going on. He too agreed this was huge and said he would send Finn a text and call his secretary. He told Barry to bring him to the new house on the way back since he needed Barry there and he didn't want to leave the kid alone at the beach.

Barry pulled up to the bus station. He knew right away who Tim was. He looked like Finn, only younger and better looking. He had the same flame red hair and creamy white skin. He was wearing a tight t-shirt and jeans, showing his strong legs, small waist and wide shoulders. He had a huge chest and the guns to go with it. All in all he was a walking teenage wet dream. Barry pulled up to the curb in front of him and parked. He jumped out and walked over to the boy.

"G'Day mate," he said flashing his winning smile and extending his hand, "I'm Barry Parsons. I work for Matt and Jim but I'm staying with your dad until their house is ready."

"Okay," Tim said in a way that indicated that he was confused, especially since he had absolutely no idea who Matt and Jim were.

"Don't worry, I'll explain once we get your things into the car," he said helping the kid with his three bags.

"Do you know when he'll be home?" Tim asked nervously.

"No clue mate. I know he's in court and Matt is trying to get a message to him," Barry looked over at the boy, who looked scared shitless. "Are you okay mate?

"I'm just hoping he'll want to see me," he said sadly.

"Are you kidding?" Barry asked incredulously, "I know your father, he will be stoked!"

"I hope you're right," Tim said with a small smile.

While driving Barry gave him a quick rundown of who was who, leaving out sexual preferences and told him they were going to Matt's first. When they arrived at the house Matt, Frank and George came out to meet them. After introductions, Matt told him that he had sent a text to Finn and was waiting for a reply. No one asked any questions and just tried to make him feel comfortable.

It was about 1350, the guys were sitting on the patio next to the newly filled pool enjoying the view. Of course it the only place in the house with a table and chairs at the time. They were just about through with lunch when they heard the frantic call of Tim's name from the front of the house. Tim leapt to his feet. Within seconds, Finn was standing on the patio staring at his son. He was breathing heavily and had a panicked look on his face.

"Tim, are you okay? Is everything all right?" Finn asked barely containing himself. With that Tim burst into tears and Finn moved forward and took him into his arms, hugging his son tightly.

"Please don't be mad at me, Daddy, please don't send me away. I'm sorry, so sorry. I've missed you every day since you left," his son cried as he clung to his father. At this point Finn was crying as well, just holding onto his baby boy for dear life. Finally Matt walked over and quietly told Finn that his bedroom was furnished so they could go in there and talk.

"Thanks Matt," he said and he started to lead Tim into the house. When they sat on the bed, Tim finally calmed down and Finn took a long look at his son. He was stunning; he looks a lot like me, but even better! he thought.

Then he spoke, "Timmy, I am thrilled to see you, and I would never ever send you away but you need to tell what's going on."

"I left home. I can't stand being with that woman any longer, or that asshole she married," the boy said.

"Okay, that's a start, but I think I need a little more information. First of all why would you think I wouldn't want to see you?" Finn figured he'd flush out the truth of what his bitch of an ex-wife had told the kids.

"When you left, mom told us it was because you didn't want to be a father and didn't really want to see us. She said the only reason you took her to court was to waste her money and try to get out of paying child support." This information confirmed what Finn had believed for the past ten years.

"Timmy, none of that is true, and I have proof. I kept a record of everything that happened with the divorce, from the note she left me when she took you kids to the shore and told me to move out, and the letter and recorded messages where she told me that you guys didn't want to see me. In addition, I still have every letter, birthday and Christmas card and gift I sent you guys all of which she returned for the first three years after the divorce, with her handwriting on them returning them." Finn said.

"Holy shit, she is such a liar," Tim declared.

"So what caused you to run away?" Finn asked.

"Besides what I have already told you, the big reason is I'm gay Dad," Tim looked down at his feet. `Wow', Finn thought, didn't see that coming.

"Okay buddy, so what made you run to me?" Then adding quickly, "I mean I'm really thrilled that you did, but I need to understand."

"Last week I overheard her talking to her asshole husband. She was laughing and telling him that she heard you were now and I quote, `truly a cocksucker and living with a man'. I'm not out to anyone, so I decided that if it were true you would be accepting of me, more than her and defiantly more than my brother and sister, practically her clones," Tim said with venom.

Finn took his son in his arms again and held him tightly. "Tim, I've prayed every day for the last ten years that I would see you kids again. You never have to worry about anything again. You're safe with me," he released his son and continued, "do you have a cellphone?" he asked.

The boy nodded yes, "Alright then, I want you to call your mother and tell her where you are and that you are safe. I'll be in the kitchen," Finn saw the look of panic on his face, "its ok buddy, if I'm not in the room, she can't ask to speak to me. Trust me, Tim; she can't do anything to you. You turned eighteen last month and now you can go where you please."

"You remembered my birthday?" He said with wide eyes.

"Of course I did! I remembered every one of them," Finn said, "now make that call and when you're done, come out and find me," he kissed his son's forehead and left the room. When got to the kitchen, Frank was standing, leaning against the counter. He held out his arms and Finn fell into them, sobbing.

About fifteen minutes later Tim walked into the kitchen and found his father still wrapped in Frank's arms. Frank whispered in his ear and Finn turned to greet his son.

"Tim, this is my boyfriend Frank Leo," Finn said.

"Yeah, we've met Dad," Tim said with a smile, "but I didn't know he was your boyfriend," Tim said with a twinkle in his eyes.

"So how did it go kiddo?" Finn asked.

"Well she screamed a lot. She told me if I didn't come home that she wouldn't pay for my college. I was accepted at Penn, Dad, I don't want to give that up," he said as if resigned to going back.

Finn just laughed out loud but stopped when he saw Tim's face. "That is bullshit Timmy. Your college fund as well as your brother and sister's is in a trust. I put every penny of it in, and by the way, one thing in the divorce I did win, was control of those trusts. She can't touch a fucking penny of it." Finn stopped to control himself and then asked, "What else did she say?"

"She said that if I didn't come home she would throw away all my clothes and sell my car. I had left that because it's in her name and didn't want her calling the police. She said I had twenty four hours to get home before she cut off my cellphone."

"Do you want to stay?" Finn asked.

"Yeah Dad, I really do."

"Okay, dial your mother and hand me the phone," Finn took the phone and on the second ring his ex-wife answered.

"Angie, its Finn, how are you?" Tim and Frank could hear her screaming and smiled, as Finn just waited out her tirade before speaking. "Angie, you're a liar, you have always been one. You know you can't touch his college money. You have no control over it," pausing as she screamed a string of expletives into the phone.

"If you're thru, I will continue," Finn said calmly, "Timmy has expressed a desire to live with me. He is eighteen and free to make his own decisions. So feel free to throw away his clothes, sell his car, and turn off his phone, I'll replace everything. However Angie, sadly this time you haven't thought things through. You're not as sharp as you once were. Now you have been exposed as the liar that you are, and now Tim knows it. Tomorrow when Tim gets his NC driver's license he will officially become a resident," Finn paused for effect, and to listen to her scream something.

"Now this is where you really screwed up. The next thing that will happen is that I will discontinue the child support payments that you were to receive until he finished college. Secondly I will also discontinue the mortgage payments," more screaming from the other end.

"That is not correct Angie. Both Shannon and Keith are over twenty one, and now that Tim is no longer living with you, my obligation ceases," the look of triumph on Finn's face was priceless as he listened to his wife rage on.

"You see Angie, it appears you really are slipping in your old age. Ten years ago you would have never made this error. Maybe it's all the Botox I've heard you're getting pumped in that's caused this decline," That really set her off!

"Enough," Finn said loudly into the phone, "you're finished Angie. When you divorced me, I kept my mouth shut to protect my children and held out hope that I could see them and be a part of their lives. Now it is clear that you did everything in your power to prevent that. Now they have all reached the age of majority and you cannot hurt them anymore. If you ever, and I mean ever, interfere in my life or my relationship with my children I will make your life a living hell; and you know I can do that," Finn ripped into his ex-wife with a menacing tone that Frank had never heard before. "Have I made myself clear...?"

Finn closed the phone and handed it to Tim and Frank saying, "I guess I did because she hung up," and then started to laugh and grabbed his son and hugged him tight. "All right buddy, let's get you sorted out. First thing, turn off that phone, so she can't call back. Then we're going to get you a new one," and turning to Frank asked, "Would you like to join us?"

Frank answered quickly, "I'd love to, but Matt gave me a to-do list. I'll make sure we're all home early for dinner and a swim, in fact I'll pick up dinner on the way. Do you like steak and shrimp?" He asked Tim.

"Yes sir," Tim answered.

"Great, just be sure to be home by 1700," Frank said.

Finn asked Barry if he would switch vehicles. He wanted to take Tim to the mall and then stop at the storage unit on the way home. He was going to get the boxes he had stored, waiting for the day he had the chance to prove to his children he loved them.

The trip to Jacksonville, where he bought Tim a new iPhone and the largest MacBook Pro available, took a little longer than expected so they postponed clothes shopping. The guy at the store transferred all of Tim's contacts to his new phone. Finn told him that he would ship it back to his mother, and then it was on the road to the beach.

When they got to the storage unit Finn led his son to the indoor climate controlled units. He punched in his code, opened the door and turned on the light. There just inside the door Tim saw three stacks of boxes, one for each of them just as his father said. Tim had been trying to keep up his guard. After all he hadn't seen his father in ten years, and they really didn't know each other. So Tim needed to know he could trust him before he let himself become any more emotionally involved. Coming to live with him was one thing; but completely opening his heart was another.

"You see Timmy, just like I told you," Finn said as he moved into the room and took a box marked `Timmy' and handed it to him, "in these boxes is every gift, letter and card I sent you for three years, and every one returned by your mother."

Tim remained silent as they loaded the boxes onto the cart and took them out to the Explorer. After the last box was loaded Tim looked at his father and the tears just started to flow. He was crying for all those years he thought his father didn't want him, and for all the wasted time. Finn grabbed and hugged him and let him cry. He figured the less said the better at this point. He needed to let Tim absorb the information and start to come to terms with his new reality.

"Okay buddy, let's get you to your new home," Finn said with a smile. He was floating on air.

Tim's eyes were wide as they crested the high bridge heading onto the island, but they almost popped out of his head when they pulled up to the house. "Wow Dad, this place is awesome," he said as he got out of the car.

They unloaded all to Tim's luggage and his boxes. Finn set him up in the master bedroom. It was on a corner and had wide views of the ocean and the intra-coastal.

"Dad, isn't this your bedroom?" Tim asked.

"It sure is buddy. It's the best room in the house, and I want you to have it." He chuckled, "besides, I really haven't slept in here in months," he said and actually blushed.

Tim just laughed, "I get it Dad, and by the way, you and Mr. Leo look pretty buff for old guys."

"I'll show you `old guys', just wait until we go swimming and you get to view the glory that is Finbar O'Brien," Finn said and then struck a bodybuilder pose, that just made Tim laugh harder.

While putting away what few clothes he brought with him, Finn tried to fill in the blanks of who was who. But the next part of the conversation made him nervous. He guided his son out onto the deck facing the ocean and gave him a moment to take in the sights.

"Timmy, before we go over to Frank's for dinner I need to explain a couple of things." He began, "you've already told me you are gay, and I'm happy you trusted me with that even if you only heard a rumor about me. Now you know I am," then stopped, man I never thought I'd be having this conversation with my son. "Well anyway, I had never had sex with another man, well except for teenage exploration, until Frank. We are very close Tim and I love him very much. I just wanted you to know that. The other thing is, there are a lot of gay men around here. I don't know how much experience you've had," he paused when he saw the panicked look on the boy's face.

"And I'm not asking! You are a man now, and you can make your own decisions. I only ask that you be careful and respectful. Please know that you can tell me or ask me anything at any time, and always be safe."

Tim looked so relieved. He just hugged Finn and said, "thanks Dad, I love you," and Finn's heart almost burst. Then he let go of him as if he was on fire. "I want to call Keith," he said pulling out his new phone. Finn started to leave but Tim told him to stay. They went into the bedroom and sat on the chairs looking out on the ocean. Tim dialed his brother's number. He and Keith really did get along; they were closer than most brothers. It was just that Tim was very afraid of how his brother would take the news that he was gay.

"Hey Keith," was all Tim said into the phone. Finn could hear the tongue lashing Keith was giving Tim, but Tim remained silent. After a few minutes Keith finally ended his tirade and gave Tim a chance to talk.

"Look Keith, I just wanted to call and tell you I was okay and give you my new number, that's all. Well I have to go. I'm having a blast going through the boxes of gifts and birthday cards dad saved for me. You know it's funny Keith, there are three years' worth of cards and letters that dad sent me that mom wrote `return to sender' on, and mailed back. Catch you later. Oh, in case you're interested, there was a pile with your name on it and one for Shannon too," and he ended the call.

Finn laughed, "You, my boy, are definitely my son! You handled that brilliantly." Tim gave a big smile. Finn looked at his watch and said, "We better get going, it's almost 1700," when he saw the look on the boy's face he added, "You will be surrounded by Marines living here, they all use military time."

"Dad," Tim said quickly, "there's just one more thing I'd like to ask before we go," Finn just nodded.

"On the bus ride down, well I was thinking that if you wanted me and let me stay, that maybe you would let me wait a year before going to school. I mean I just got you back and I don't want to leave you after a few short weeks," he said with hopeful eyes.

Finn's heart melted, and with glassy eyes he said, "I think that's a wonderful idea. I've never wanted anything more than to have you in my life. You're right, we're going to need some time to get to know each other. I'll call Penn tomorrow. Maybe they will let you take a few classes at UNC Wilmington."

Tim beamed, "Thanks Dad."

"Okay sport, let's get going. The gang is probably already in the pool," Finn said as he headed for the door. He turned and Tim wasn't behind him, then he saw the boy heading for the closet.

"Wait Dad, I have to find my bathing suit," he said.

"Don't need one buddy! Unless your shy, everybody here swims commando," Finn said, and laughed at the look on Tim's face.

When they walked into Frank's, it was the same group that he had met at Matt's house. He expected them to be naked but they were all wearing running shorts. Damn, Tim thought, they must all live at the gym. Just as they were done saying hello, Wolf walked in the door. Finn introduced him and Wolf gave him a one armed bro-hug. `Shit, with these guys around, I'm going to be a walking hard on,' Tim thought.

Ten minutes later, Tim saw this tall handsome wall of muscle, dressed in a Marine camo's come through the door and go right to Matt, picked him up and planted a massive lip-lock on him. Now his cock was hard in his pants. But the person walking behind him could make him cum in his pants. There was Derrick, the walking, talking Marine recruitment poster. He walked over and kissed Matt on the cheek and said, "Hi Dad," Tim was a bit confused still but he'd figure it out. Matt called Tim over to introduce him.

"Tim, this is my partner Jim Kelly, and our adopted son Derrick," Matt said, "and this is Tim O'Brien, Finn's son. Jim shook his hand and said hello. When Derrick took his hand to shake it, sparks flew between the two young men, so much so that Matt and Jim even noticed and smiled at each other.

Tim and Derrick talked all through dinner; they were only a year apart in age so of course they had much in common. They had been so busy getting to know each other they didn't notice Matt and Jim leave. Tim did notice however when they returned, both naked and carrying a naked Kelly. Jim announced they were going swimming. Derrick caught the panicked look on Tim's face.

"Don't sweat it bro. I remember my first time swimming here. Jim just told me not to worry about. Everybody springs wood and everyone just ignores it," Derrick said but he could see that his new friend was still uncomfortable so he continued, "But," he offered, "if you don't feel like swimming we could go to your dad's place and I can help you set up your new `puter."

Tim's face split into a huge grin and went over and to tell his dad. Then back to Derrick and said, "Let's bounce `bro."

When they got into Tim's room, Derrick commented on all the boxes he brought with him. "Like I could have brought all that on the bus," Tim said, giving Derrick a smart ass grin. `Man I could fall in love with this guy' Tim thought. He then went on to explain what the boxes were.

"That sounds like something your dad would do," Derrick said and then looked Tim square in the eye. "I really love him, besides Wolf, Travis, and Billy think he walks on water. You're lucky to have him as your Dad! Give it some time and you'll see what I mean."

Tim thought about that. He appreciated the sentiment and somehow felt closer to Derrick and decided he could trust him. "Want to help me go through them?"

"Okay," Derrick said, "but wouldn't you like to do this in private?"

Tim looked meaningfully into Derrick's eyes and softly said, "No, I think I could use the support."

It took two hours, the boys had a blast. They enjoyed opening the boxes and seeing the gifts Finn had chosen. Tim cried while reading the letters and cards. Finn had even left the checks in the envelopes just as he had sent them. The boys were sitting on the floor, with their backs leaning against the foot of the bed shoulder to shoulder. Tim had placed the checks in a pile to his right. The gifts were spread all around them. He was reading the last card that Finn had sent, so sincere and open you could hear his heartbreak in the words. Derrick could feel Tim's shoulder shake and looked to see tears falling down his face. He put his arm around Tim's shoulder and pulled him to his chest and stroked his back as he cried.

Finally the tears stopped and Tim looked up into Derrick's beautiful eyes. "Thanks," he said quietly. He felt himself move just a bit closer to Derrick who was still stroking his back.

"No problem buddy," he said in a whisper. He was staring into Tim's eyes. He was drawn like a moth to a flame, and felt himself pulling Tim closer and leaning in at the same time. Then it happened, their lips met. The kiss was so intense that they were almost vibrating. Derrick pulled back in a panic. Tim saw it in his eyes.

"It's okay Derrick," Tim said with a smile, "I liked it."

"I've wanted to do that since I laid eyes on you Red," Derrick said. The two never broke eye contact.

"Red?" Tim asked.

"Yeah, that's what I'm gonna call you from now on," Derrick said with a sexy grin.

"Okay then I'm going to call you `Lips', `cause you have the softest fucking lips I've ever kissed," Tim said, leaning in and kissing Derrick deeply. When they pulled apart, and both caught their breath, Derrick said, "Well maybe we can use the names in private."

When Finn and Frank appeared in the open bedroom door, they saw the boys sitting on the floor, shoulder to shoulder; their heads together working on the laptop, with open boxes all around, and then Finn spied the pile of checks.

"You know, there is an envelope in my safe with cash equal to the total of those checks," Finn said, startling the boys.

"Hey Dad," Tim said as he looked up and then said, "Really?"

"Yes sir, and tomorrow we'll take you to the bank and open an account," then looking a Derrick he said, "its 2200 Marine, your Dads sent me to tell you it was rack time."

Derrick jumped to his feet, "Thanks Uncle Finn, lost track of time," then he looked at Tim and said with a wink, "see you tomorrow Red!" And he ran out of the room.

Tim stood and rushed to hug his father, "I loved your letters Dad. I can't believe she kept me from you for ten years," he said as tears ran down his cheeks.

"Well then we are just going to have to make up for it," Finn said, "and we're going to start tomorrow, just you and me all day."

Then Frank spoke, "Tim, your dad and I have to fly to Texas on Wednesday. You've heard a little bit about Travis, my adopted son. Well he's doing much better than expected, so he's being flown to Texas and will spend a few weeks at the Naval Health Clinic in Corpus Christi. I was wondering if you would like to go with us so you could spend time with your dad."

"That would be great Mr. Leo, thanks," Tim said earnestly.

"Mr. Leo," Frank said with a frown, "you can call Frank, Uncle Frank, or Papa just like all the other guys, but not Mr. Leo."

"Okay, then thanks Uncle Frank," Tim said with a huge smile.

"Well then, Dave and Barry are staying here as well if you need to find anything. If you need me I'll be next door, or just call me. Breakfast is at 0750, we have a lot to do tomorrow," Finn said and gave his son a kiss goodnight before he and Frank left.

Tim quickly repacked all of his gifts, and took a shower. The minute he soaped his cock it was hard as a rock. He stood there letting the water rain down over his head stroking his seven inch cock thinking of Derrick and his soft lips. It didn't take many strokes before he blew a load all over the shower. Ten minutes later he crawled naked into bed, happier than he had ever been in his life.

Finn lay in Frank's arms, drifting off to sleep. What a day it had been! He got his son back, got a little sweet revenge on his ex-wife and Frank had just asked him to exchange rings and become partners!!


This certainly was a banner day!

To be continued...

Thanks for reading, and a special thanks to Jim for making the story readable!