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A Single Soul


Chapter 44


Moving Day



                                                                               Wednesday June 16, 2009

It was finally here, moving day.  There really wasn't much to move, since the three guys had been moving clothes and things over, little by little.  It was more about it being the first day of actually living in the house and sleeping there. 

When they got to the front door, Jim asked Matt, "Should I carry you over the threshold?"

"What makes you think I'm the wife, dog face?" Matt asked. 

"Because you're shorter?" Jim suggested and then laughed and jumped out of the way of Matt's slap to his head. 

"Tell you what baby, let's just kiss each other standing on the threshold," Matt offered as a compromise.

Jim took Matt in his arms and looked deep into his eyes. "Matthew Leo, every day I spend with you is proof that there is a God, because only He could have made someone so perfect," Jim said and kissed Matt deeply.  When he pulled back from the kiss, Matt had tears streaming down his face. 

He couldn't speak for a minute and then finally he said, "Jimmy, you take my breath away.  You have since the first day we met.  And even when we were apart all those years, all I had to do was think of you and my heart pounded in my chest."

The two big men just stood holding each other, crying.  It was then that Barry walked up and felt as if he was intruding.  "Sorry guys," he said, "didn't mean to interrupt."

"Whataya mean interrupt?  Come here you're part of this team too," Jim said and pulled Barry into a group hug.  He and Matt began to kiss him at the same time.  Then Jim got a twinkle in his eye and winked at Matt as he nodded down at Barry.  Matt, being completely in tune with Jim, understood and together they grabbed Barry and carried him into the house. 

"I guess this makes me the wife!"  Barry said laughing, catching the meaning. 

"No big guy, you're just our partner.  It just seemed like the right thing to do," Jim said

The three got to work unpacking clothes and just general cleaning-up.  Barry also set up his computer.  While Matt and Jim went to Food Lion to do the food shopping, he got to work on tracing the infamous email. 

While Jim was driving Matt began to tell him his idea for dealing with Barry's wife.  "I'm thinking that we offer her, in exchange for a no-fault divorce and giving up parental rights to Ryan, a lump sum payment of 10 grand in addition to a revocable trust in an amount 50 grand.  She could collect and live on the interest as long as she lives, with the stipulation that the principal would revert to Ryan when she passed.  The revocable part takes effect if she ever tried to take Ryan away or cause Barry or Ryan any trouble.  Finn can work out the details.  I'm sure that poor-excuse-for-a-wife-and-mother would jump at it.  It's more money than she could ever hope to see."  

"Well we can certainly afford it, but do you think Barry would go for it?" Jim asked. 

"My plan is for Finn and I to approach her and hammer out the deal, then tell Barry.  It's a win-win for him.  Then that could be our Father's Day surprise for him.  It could also be our gift to him for joining us in the relationship." 

"I think we need to run this by Finn, except for the relationship part.  We can grab him after dinner tonight," Jim said, although what he didn't say was that he was a bit uncomfortable doing it without Barry's approval. 

Back at the beach, Derrick had just returned home from work and he, Billy and Tim were floating around in the pool.  Finn and Frank were at the hospital visiting Travis. Billy spent most of the day there with Travis.  They were meeting Frank and Finn at the new house for dinner at 1700.  Derrick had packed yesterday, so he only had to bring his work clothes and toiletries with him that evening.

While they were relaxing, Billy was floating around on a raft.  It was obvious that he was almost hard, making Tim start to bone up.  Derrick noticed Billy's wood and busted him about it.

"Fuck you!  You have Timmy boy draining your balls.  I have to wait until July 3rd for Jasmine to arrive.  So it's just this!" Billy said, making a jerking motion with his hand, "Thanks to you, Tim!"

"What the fuck do I have to do with it?" Tim asked.

"Before you showed up, Derrick was my fuck buddy. Seems he doesn't need me anymore," Billy said, pretending to pout.

"Hey don't blame Red, you haven't asked," Derrick said, looking at Tim and trying to read him. 

Tim surprised both guys by walking over to the raft and grabbing Billy's hard cock and stroking it, "Well, if Derrick's game, I am," he said. 

"Shit yeah Red, give it a taste, you'll love it," Derrick said as he made his way to his two buddies. 

Tim took Billy's hard cock in his mouth and tried to get as much in as possible, causing Billy to moan.  Tim pulled off and licked his lips, "Man I love you uncut guys!  You taste so damn good," he said before sucking Billy's bone back into his mouth.

"Come on guys, let's go up to my room," Billy said.  All three guys got out of the pool, hard cocks bouncing as they dried off, and quickly headed up to Billy's bedroom.  Once there, Billy lay back on his bed as Tim knelt between his legs.  Tim dove right in, sucking Billy's cock back into his hot wet mouth.  Derrick saw Tim's pink, puckered asshole exposed and began to rim him.  Tim moaned around Billy's cock from the pleasure, causing Billy to buck up into his mouth.  The three guys continued to play, with Derrick and Tim switching places until Billy called out he was cumming.  Tim and Derrick moved in and began to lick Billy's cock simultaneously until he let loose with ropes of his hot stud cum, which the two boys licked up greedily.  Then Derrick and Tim moved into a sixty-nine and finished each other off. 

When they were done, Billy grabbed Tim and kissed him with a nice tongue- filled kiss that shocked the cute redhead.  When Billy pulled away, Tim said, "I thought you were straight?"

"I am, but I like to play with special buddies," Billy said and winked, kissing Derrick.  Tim lay back exhausted, enlightened and very happy. 

That evening, Billy, Derrick, and Tim joined Frank and Finn at the new house. Wolf and Udo had yet to arrive.  George was still away visiting Jim's brother, Michael.  Kelly was having a ball, toddling around checking out his new home, his diaper sliding down his hips. 

Wolf and Udo arrived just in time for dinner, cooked and served from the new outdoor kitchen the guys had built near the pool.  After dinner everybody stripped down for a swim.  Before he had a chance to jump in, Matt asked Finn to meet Jim with him in Matt's office.  Once they were settled, Matt gave Finn a rundown of the offer he wanted to make to Barry's wife. 

"That seems to be a very generous offer," Finn said a bit judgmentally, irritating both Matt and Jim. 

"Some may think that," Matt replied, quickly preventing Finn from continuing. "However Jim and I have been very blessed and have more money than we will ever need.  As well, Barry is a very important part of this family now and we want him to be happy.  Shit Finn, that doesn't even equal the yearly interest I earn on the insurance money that my mother left me," Matt said, clearly perturbed that he even needed to explain. 

"I'm sorry Matt," Finn said.  Clearly he understood that his observation was not appreciated.  "What I meant was that the wife should see it as a generous offer." `Good save,' Jim thought as he watched Finn kick into lawyer mode.  He was glad Matt set him straight.

"I can work something up tomorrow.  Then we can try to meet with her on Saturday when Barry picks up Ryan," Finn said. 

"Good, and maybe we should offer to pay for her lawyer to review the deal, just so she doesn't feel pressured," Jim added.

"That's a good plan, Jim, that way she can't come back later and claim she didn't understand the agreement," Finn said. "And guys, I'm sorry if I came off a little rude earlier, I'm just a little distracted these days," Finn said sincerely. 

"Can we help?" Matt offered.

"No, thanks, I'm just a bit worried about what will happen when Keith gets here.  I get the feeling he has a bit of problem with gay men. I'm not worried about your dad and me, it's Tim.  He's been on edge ever since he heard his brother was coming."

"Finn, if anyone can handle this situation it's you.  But if you need anything let us know," Jim said and then he hugged Finn tightly.  Both men felt their cock's chub as they rubbed on each other's thigh. 

"All right you two horn dogs!  We can't fuck around right now so cut it out," Matt said with a laugh. 

"Man," Finn said, "your husband is a big meanie!"

Matt slapped Finn's ass, "I'll show you mean, but we have guests. One of them has never been exposed to his father sucking cock." 

After some swimming, the guys got dried off and put on shorts.  Jim put Kelly to bed then met Derrick in the living room where he was entertaining everyone playing the baby grand.  The look on Tim's face was precious. It was a combination of adoration and awe.  When Jim came into the room, Derrick looked up at him and winked. He jumped up to let Jim take the bench and left the room. 

When Derrick returned, he was carrying his violin.  He stood next to the piano and nodded at Jim, who began to play, "I'm Thinking Tonight of My Blue Eyes,"  It was an old country song that started with Jim's piano verse, then Derrick singing before playing a verse on his violin.  The whole time he sang and played, he stared at Tim, who blushed furiously. 

When they were through they received a round of applause.  Then Jim got up and grabbed his guitar on the stand next to the piano and Derrick re-took his seat. 

This time they sang, "Let It Be Me," with Jim directing his lines to Matt.  Derrick never lost eye contact with Tim, who moved to lean on the side of the piano.  After another round of applause, Derrick grabbed Tim's hand and said, "Come on Red, I'll show you my new room," and dragged him out of the living room. 

Frank smiled as the two boys left the room, "Aw, there is nothing like young love," he said and then kissed Finn. 

"I wouldn't know.  When I was young I was busy being pussy whipped by his bitch of a mother," Finn said, getting a laugh from everyone. 

Once inside Derrick's room, Tim grabbed him and kissed him.  "Fuck dude, why didn't you tell me you were so talented?"

"It's nothing," Derrick said shyly and then kissed Tim again.

"You need to apply to The Curtis Institute.  Then you'll be in Philly while I'm at Penn," Tim enthused. 

"I have a year left on my enlistment.  Besides, I don't think I'll get into Curtis.  That's one of toughest schools in the country to get into."

"I know a chick from high school that got in.  She's not half as good as you," Tim said.

"You're just saying that because I kiss good," Derrick said laughing. 

"No way man, you are seriously good." A few more kisses and then Tim had to leave with his dad and Frank. 

After the company left Barry, Matt and Jim were in the kitchen cleaning up when Derrick walked in.  Barry was the first to grab him and hugged him hard. "Hey mate, you sounded more beautiful than ever tonight," Barry said and gave him a kiss, "Must be love!" 

Derrick actually blushed as Matt and Jim joined the hug, telling him they agreed that his performance was fantastic.  Derrick finally pulled away from the three men and said, "Sorry Dads, no time to play, I have to hit the rack. I have an early day."  Turning to Barry he said, "Try to keep it down tonight.  I need my sleep," before running out of the room laughing. 

Matt and Jim roared at that. "See Matty, I told you he was a moaner!" Jim said. 

Barry pouted and said, "No worries guys, I'll sleep in my room tonight."

"Like hell!" Matt said firmly, but with a smile. "You'll be naked on our bed in five and that's an order."

"Yes sir!" Barry said with a crisp salute, heading off to the bedroom with his two lovers following. 

Once the three men were cleaned up and naked in bed, Barry whispered into Matt's ear causing Matt to raise an eyebrow, "Are you sure?" he asked Barry.

Matt ordered Barry onto his back and told him to lift his legs. "Jimmy, Barry wants us both to breed him tonight, so we have to get him loosened up."

"Aye, aye Captain!" Jim said. He dove face first into Barry's ass while Matt moved around and knelt over Barry's face feeding his cock into Barry's moaning mouth.  Jim worked on relaxing Barry for a good fifteen minutes, eventually getting three fingers in him.

"Come on, you're driving me crazy I need a cock in there now," Barry demanded. 

Jim told Matt to go first.  Matt entered Barry slowly letting him get used to being full.  Then he began a slow rhythmic fuck while Barry worked on Jim's cock.  It didn't take long for Jim to shoot after all of Barry's sucking.  And when Matt came he shot a huge load into his lover's ass.  No sooner did he finish than he pulled out to let Jim take his place. 

Jim lay on his back and told Barry to sit on his cock.  Barry lowered himself on Jim's thick cock and began to raise and lower himself.  Matt moved in front and caught his bouncing hard-on in his mouth.

"This is fucking incredible Matty!  Your cum feels so good, so warm and slick," Jim said as Barry slid up and down on his thick cock.  Like Matt, Jim was so excited by the whole scene that he was ready to cum in half his usual time.  Barry was really getting into it.  He kept reaching back and grabbing Jim to pull him in deeper.  He felt Jim's cock throb and expand. Then Barry felt Jim's cum filling his tight ass causing him to unload into Matt's throat. 

After a bit of three-way kissing, panting, and cleanup, the guys wrapped Barry in the middle between them and fell fast asleep.  It had been a long day, and they all knew the next few would be even longer. 

                                                                                       Friday June 19, 2009

The morning was cool.  There was still a small dusting of fog rolling in off the water as Matt and Jim began their morning jog.  This was only the second day for a run at the new house, but it was great to have Barry at home to watch Kelly.  The guys planned to switch off so that everyone got a chance to run as a pair.  When they returned home, hot, sweaty and smelly they found Barry in the kitchen drinking coffee.  Matt gave Jim a look with a twinkle in his eye and they both went and grabbed Barry in a sweaty three-way hug. 

"Fuck, you two, you're going to make me hard!  And I don't have time to muck around.  I have some computer sleuthing to do and you two have a guest list to finish, one for the grand-opening and one for the 4th of July house warming party."

"Hey, who died and left you boss? Jim said as he kissed Barry's neck, and was pushed back for his effort.

"That's what you hired me for, to keep things organized," Barry replied as he tried to get away from Jim.

"I don't know about the captain, but I hired you for your looks," Jim said with a laugh and then gave Barry a deep passionate kiss.

Barry pulled away from the kiss flushed, "Shit mate, you're one randy fuck today."

"That's every day," Matt said joining in the fray.  Eventually everybody got to work.  Matt and Jim worked at the kitchen table so they could keep an eye on Kelly while Barry did his thing on the computer. 

Even before they could get started they had four text messages from the boys.  This had become a daily occurrence.  The boys were enjoying the sports/music camp, but had found it hard wearing clothes to bed and not being able to sleep together.  Jim and Matt joked about how much longer sleeping naked together would last before one them was soaked by an unexpected wet dream. 

The house warming party for the fourth was a pretty easy list; everybody on Jim's side, except Junior and Bonnie.  They did however invite his children. They were in college and did not live with Junior.  The guys decided that they shouldn't be left out of family functions because their father was jerk.

"Jimmy, I've been thinking.  Since we have so much, why don't we set up trusts for your nieces and nephews and make their parents trustees?"  Matt asked. 

"What are we talking about, dollar wise?" Jim responded.

"Well, not counting your two, there are fourteen, so if we set 50K each it would come out to 700K.  You and I can split it. We can set them up as legacy trusts like Benny did for me.  We get the tax break and your brothers and sisters can serve as trustees until their kids can collect."

"You've got this all figured, don't ya captain?" Jim asked as he crossed the room and sat on Matt's legs facing him and planted a huge kiss on him.  "I think that's great, but let's raise it to 75, by the time they get to college it will barely pay for four years." 

"Good God, youse guys, don't you two ever take a break?" Barry asked as he came tearing into the room out of breath.

"What's the rush Hot Stuff?" Jim asked.

"I got it, the proof! It came from your brother.  He was so stupid he didn't even send it under BCC.  Better yet mate, I found three more, along with one from your mother," Barry said, barely able to contain himself. 

Jim was red with anger.  Matt was quick to hug him and talk him down.  The three men put their heads together to figure out a plan.  They decided that there was no reason to mention it to anyone at the moment except for the colonel for further advice.  But then Matt got an evil look in his eye. 

"Jimmy, I think we should invite your mother and Junior to the party," Matt said. 

"Captain, what are you smoking, mate?" Barry asked.

Matt laughed at that and then explained his plan.  When he was though Jim gave him a big kiss.  "Baby, that's a great plan, and a great job Hot Stuff," and he grabbed Barry and kissed him as well. 

"Listen Barry, since you're here Jim and I want to talk to you about something."  Barry had a worried look on his face, but Jim just hugged him and told him it was nothing bad.  They had changed their minds and decided to tell him about their plans concerning Ryan and the divorce before talking to his wife.  They were concerned that he would feel they were overstepping their bounds without speaking to him first.

Matt then continued to explain their plan for his wife and for getting custody of Ryan.  Barry didn't say anything, just stared at his shoes.  Then he abruptly stood and just walked out of the room leaving Matt and Jim staring at each other.  They went to look for him and couldn't find him anywhere in the house.  Finally they found him standing on the dock looking out at the river.  Jim and Matt walked up quietly and just stood on either side of him. 

"I'm sorry guys," he said still not looking at them.  "It's all just so bloody overwhelming, and embarrassing."

Matt put his arm around him. "Why would you be embarrassed, we're just trying to help you out?"

"It's something I should be doing myself, not letting you two handle it for me," Barry continued, still not meeting their eyes. 

"Barry, look at me!" Jim said firmly and when he did, Barry's eyes were glassy. 

"This is the last time we're going have this discussion.  You are part of us now. The three of us are a team.  Matt and I have been blessed beyond belief, and we want to share it with you.  We will be seriously pissed if you keep this shit up every time we try to share with you!  You got that Hot Stuff? Jim said soften his look, "We love you, don't you understand that?" 

"I do mate, and I love you both very much.  It's just that I keep waiting to wake up from the dream," Barry said and leaned into Jim who kissed his head. Matt moved in behind him and wrapped his arms around his two partners and lay his head on Barry's shoulder nuzzling his neck. 

That's where Finn found them, wrapped in each other's arms staring out at the water.  "You know you three have a screaming baby in the house?"  He asked, and laughed as the three men broke apart and headed to get Kelly.  Finn was left standing there pondering the scene he had just witnessed.  He knew the guys played around.  Hell he was lucky enough to be part of the sex play.  But what he just witnessed was more than sex play. What he observed was a very intimate moment, one usually reserved for couples.  That observation started the wheels turning in Finn's head, but he decided to let pass.  He had his own problems at the moment. 

The rest of the afternoon was spent with Finn, filling him in on the plans for the trusts and firming up the meeting with Barry's wife, Sue, the next day.  Tim had come with him to wait for Derrick.  When the guys were done with the meetings they went out to the pool to find Tim floating naked on a raft. 

"Jesus, mate," Barry said to Finn, "Were you ever that pretty?" 

"Not quite, but close," Finn said with a cocky voice.

                                                                                   Saturday June 20, 2009

Matt and Finn drove with Barry when he went to pick up Ryan.  They planned to present the proposal to her and leave the information so she could review it with her attorney.  When they arrived, Barry went to the door alone to explain to Sue what was going on.  When she opened the door he was shocked at her appearance.  She had a black eye that was swollen almost shut and what looked like bruises and cuts on her arms. 

"Bloody hell, Sue, what happened to you?" Barry asked with concern.  Even with everything that had happened between them, he still had some feelings for her, even if it was just as the mother of his son.  Then he panicked, "Is Ryan alright?"

"Yes he's fine.  It's nothing. I slipped," she said, not too convincingly.  "Ryan is almost ready", she said, letting him in.  The place looked like a bomb went off.  There was clearly something going on, and it wasn't good.  He had just finished taking in the mayhem that was the living room when Ryan flew into the room shouting "Daddy!" jumping into his arms. 

"Daddy, Jody hit mommy last night and they were fighting and the policeman came and took him away and the lights were flashing..." the little guy rattled on until his mother silenced him buy hissing his name. 

"Okay tiger.  Look, Uncle Matt and Uncle Finn are in the car.  Why don't you go say hello and tell Uncle Finn that Daddy needs to talk to him."  Barry said as he put Ryan down and the little guy bolted out the door, calling for his Uncle Matt. 

"Barry, don't start on me right now," Sue said in a tired voice. 

"I'm not going start anything, I just want to help.  Now my boss and his lawyer are in the car.  They want to talk to you about the divorce.  But given the circumstances, maybe we should be more worried about keeping you and Ryan safe."


"What are you saying?  Are you trying to threaten me?" She responded defensively.

"No, but if he can do this to you how can I feel good about leaving my son here?" Barry asked directly.  Barry knew she would bail Jody out and take him back.  At least that was his gut feeling.  If that was the case, he was not letting Ryan stay here.

"Look Sue, just talk to them.  This may just what you need.  You know if he hit you once he'll do it again.  Think of how this affects Ryan." Barry said trying to calm her, but not succeeding.

"Barry, just leave me alone!  It was all a misunderstanding.  The neighbors called the police," she said.  It was an obvious lie and Barry was getting irritated. 

"Look, just listen to what they have to say.  I'll help Ryan get packed while you talk."  Then he headed out to get Matt and Finn.  When he got to the car he could tell that the little motor mouth had already filled his uncles in on what had happened. 

"We are not leaving this boy here under any circumstances until this is resolved," was the first thing out of Finn's mouth.  He said it quietly to Barry so that Ryan couldn't hear. "If she doesn't want to cooperate I will have social services here within the hour." 

Barry just nodded and asked them to come in and talk to Sue.  While Barry took Ryan to pack, Matt and Finn sat with a hostile Sue and explained Matt and Jim's offer.  It was clear she was torn.  The upfront money was working as planned.  However she was clearly not convinced about signing away her parental rights. 

"Look Sue," Finn said calmly, "you don't have to make any decisions right now except for one.  This is a non-negotiable offer. Ryan cannot live with you again until you settle this situation.  It would be easier for you to give temporary custody to Barry voluntarily rather than getting social services involved."

She blanched at Finn's last statement.  Matt wasn't sure which bothered her more, giving up Ryan or the threat of social services being involved, "Sue I will be happy to pay your attorney to read over the offer and represent you in this matter.  And if you need him to help you with this situation, I'll take care of that as well," Matt said calmly. 

Sue's reaction was unexpected.  She just broke down and cried. When she got herself together she said, "He's not like this all the time, it's just sometimes when he drinks, and well..."

"Sue, I know it's difficult to face the truth in such matters.  In all my years as a State Policeman and an attorney it is always the same story. If he hits you once you can be sure he will do it again.  Think about your son and how much he needs his mother," Finn concluded. 

Sue sat and looked at her hands as she idly picked at a band aid on her finger.  She seemed to be fighting an internal battle over her current situation.  She knew it wasn't the first Jody had beat her and she knew it was more than just drinking that caused him to lose control.  Jody had his own demons, and would rear their ugly head in an instant.  He did sometimes yell at Ryan when he was being noisy or cranky.  He had never laid a hand on him; but after this last incident even she was worried. 


"So I'll think about your offer. Ryan can stay with Barry for now.  But I'm not saying it's forever," she said trying to recapture a bit of control.  Then she softened just a bit showing the loving mother in her. "I know he likes staying with you guys.  He never stops talking about his `brothers' especially his little brother Kelly."  She laughed at that but her eyes were wet.  It seemed she knew she had already lost him to Barry and the better life he could offer him. 

Matt went off to fill Barry in and help him collect the boy's things.  "Barry, don't worry about bringing all of his clothes.  Just get his favorite toys and blanket if he has one," Matt said quietly. 

Finn had thought ahead and brought paperwork granting Barry temporary custody which Sue signed.  She went next door and got her neighbor to be a witness along with Matt. 

After the car was loaded with the few things the boy wanted to take and a tearful goodbye to his mother, three men and a little boy drove away from the run down trailer to his new home on the New River.  Sue stood on the little porch and cried while her neighbor comforted her. 

                                                                         Sunday June, 21 Father's Day

Matt woke around 0500 to the feeling of a little finger poking his arm. He opened his eyes to see the sweet face of Ryan smiling at him. 

"Good morning Uncle Matt," the boy said quietly.  "I'm looking for my Daddy and he's not in his room.  He's over there with Uncle Jim.  Why is he here?"  And he was.  Barry and Jim were spooned together on the other side of Matt.  Since they had been sleeping together the positions changed during the night. It was never planned but they just moved from one to the other in their sleep.

Matt patted the space next to him and the little guy climbed in the bed and immediately hugged Matt.  "So Ryan, you know when you have bad dreams and go and sleep with your daddy?  Well your daddy had a bad dream and he came in to sleep with Uncle Jim and me." 

"Okay," was all he said and just snuggled in to Matt and drifted back to sleep.

"Well that was easy," Matt thought and fell back to sleep himself. 

When Barry woke and saw Ryan snuggled with Matt he smiled.  There was no need to worry about the boy; things would be just fine with their new family. He disengaged from Jim and kissed the back of Matt's neck causing him to stir. 

"It seems you had a visitor at some point," Barry whispered in Matt's ear.

Matt turned his head and looked at his handsome lover and gave him a quick peck. "Yeah, he was looking for you and asked why you were here.  I just told him the bad dream story and he bought it."

"That's great, but I think we're going to have to wear shorts  - at least in bed. Can't have morning wood poking our kids," Barry said with a laugh.  That woke Ryan up.  His head popped up and with a big smile said, "Hi Daddy, I came to find you," and then climbed over Matt to get to his dad.  Barry took the boy into his arms and kissed him. 

"Well I'm glad you're alright, but I bet your little brother Kelly misses you," Barry said.

"Nah, he was still sleeping," the boy said while picking at the hair on Barry's chest. 

Then Jim's head popped up and he leaned over and gave Ryan a raspberry causing him to giggle.  Then he looked at Barry and said, "Happy Father's Day partner, you too Matty.

The guys had just finished breakfast around 0800. Derrick had just got up and brought his gifts out to Matt and Jim when Matt's phone rang. The caller ID said it was Jimmer's phone and Jim's phone went off a second later. He assumed it was MJ calling his dad. 

"Hey sport, you're up early," Matt said.

"Yeah Dad, MJ and I wanted to make sure we caught you early to say Happy Father's Day," and then he continued to fill his dad in on the news of camp before asking to switch phones and speak to his other dad. 

When Jimmer got on the phone with Matt he said, "Hi Dad, Happy Father's Day, we really miss you guys; but we're having a blast."

"That's great buddy, but it won't be long and you'll be home in your new house."

"Yeah, I can't wait.  Hey guess what, Jimmer and I aren't the only ones here with two dads. There's a guy on our baseball team named Ultan McCarthy but we call him Buddy and he has two dads.  One is a doctor and the other a nurse. And you're not going to believe this, but they're from Wilmington!  His dad grew up out here, that's how he knew about the camp, so we can hang out when we get home!  They call us the three musketeers around camp."

"That's great buddy, see it really is a small world.  Give Ultan my phone number to give to his dad.  He can call your dad and I so we can introduce ourselves.  If its okay with his dads, Ultan can stay with you and Jimmer at your mom's for two days and fly home with you" Matt said. 

"Okay that will be so cool.  Well we have to go, bye," and he was off. 

Jim's call ended the same time, "Did he tell you about the kid from Wilmington?" Jim asked.

"Yeah, talk about a small world," Matt replied and then filled Barry in on the conversation. 

It was just 1300.  The guys were loading the boys into the car to head to the beach to take Frank, Finn and George out to eat when Matt's cell rang again. 

"Happy Father's Day, Daddy!" Denise said cheerily into the phone, "Did your boys call you yet?" She asked.

"Yes ma'am, they called us at 0500 your time.  They said they didn't want to miss us.  I think it's cute.  They forgot that we take our cellphones with us," Matt said with a laugh. 

"Well they really miss you guys.  When we visited they really did seem to be enjoying it.  But on to the big news, we waited for today to tell you, Tina is pregnant," Denise said, and Matt could tell she was happy. 

"That's wonderful, congratulations," Matt said, but Denise cut him off.

Jim, Derrick, and Barry were listening and picked up that it must be about Tina being pregnant, but then they saw the color from Matt's face drain and got worried.

Too be continued...


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