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A Single Soul


Chapter 45


A Bad Moon Rising



Father's Day Continued.


Jim, Derrick, and Barry continued to watch with concern as a pale-faced Matt continued talking to Denise. When he hung up he just stared at his lovers and his son.


"What's up, mate? You look like you just got bad news," Barry said.


"" Matt stammered, "I'm just a little surprised."


"So you're going to be a daddy again?" Jim asked with a smirk.


"You could say that, like three times," Matt said, still looking dazed.


"Come again?" replied Jim.


"She's pregnant alright, with TRIPLETS!" Matt said, deadpan.


"Bloody hell!" came from Barry.


"Holly shit!" came from Jim, "Looks like your swimmers are still performing at the gold medal level," Jim said, laughing.


"Tru dat, but I'm not letting any of your swimmers in me any more Daddy, you might get me pregnant!" Derrick said, laughing as Matt lunged for him.


The four guys got in the car and headed for the beach, Matt laughing to himself at the thought of telling his dad about this.



Monday, June 22, 2009


Barry sat at the FBO waiting for Dave to land. He really wasn't looking forward to this meeting considering his new relationship with Matt and Jim. The love they showed for him every day threatened to overwhelm him at times. The young and confident athlete he once was would have never been overwhelmed by this, but the insecure wounded soldier was. After he was wounded and Sue left him because of his limp and scars, he lost much of his self-esteem. Now having Matt and Jim love him and finding him attractive was a real boost to his self-image. The difference in his life now was incredible, from waiter and part-time computer repair man. He was now employed by and partnered with two very masculine, handsome, and wealthy men. And now having Ryan with him was more than he could have ever asked for. He had his new lovers to thank for it.


The plane landed and when the steps lowered and the door opened, Barry was surprised to see another man exiting with Dave. This could only be Declan. When Dave came into the lounge he was beaming as he introduced Declan. Barry was relieved. It seemed that he was over their little thing and maybe now they could be good friends. Dave asked if Barry would take him to the Frank's house at the beach first. He called Matt and they were meeting him there.


The meeting went well. Declan came east to ask Frank and Matt to allow Dave to come back to Cali with him to set up a west coast base for the family foundation. It seems that the two had fallen in love, a first for Declan since the death of his partner. And so it was agreed. Dave would move to Pasadena and live with Declan.


Later that night, Jim, Matt and Barry sat and spoke with Dave in private. They had decided as a group to speak to Dave and explain their relationship. Matt took the lead and revealed to Dave what had transpired. The reaction the trio received was quite unexpected.


"I'm not sure I understand this. How can you possibly think this is a good idea? You two made a commitment to each other; you're both wearing the rings I blessed. Have you considered the boys?" Dave asked, incredulously.


Matt was incensed. Jim and Barry were seated on either side of Matt on the sofa. Both put a hand on him at the same time trying to calm him. Matt could feel Barry's hand shaking and knew he was upset by Dave's outburst. But Matt continued.


"What makes you think we were seeking your approval? We shared this information with you as a friend and business associate. We were concerned for your feelings." Matt said, angrily. Then he stood and moved towards the door to leave, and then he stopped and turned back to Dave.


"If you have a problem with my life choices, then maybe you should reconsider working for us." Then, pointing to Barry and Jim, Matt said, "Because these are the two men I love, and I'm happy with our relationship. If you can't respect that, then we won't be able to work together," he concluded with a raised voice before walking out of the room.


Dave sat there slack-jawed. He stared at Jim and Barry who said nothing. Finally Dave just got up and left and headed to his room. When the guys found Matt, he was with Frank in his office along with Finn and he waved them in and told Jim to close the door.


"I've told Dad and Finn about us," he said with an apologetic look to his lovers.


"That's alright baby, they would have found out eventually," Jim said. "Look Dad, I don't know what Matty told you, but he and I are really like one person. We consider Barry just the other half of our whole," Jim said.


Frank just smiled, "Well boys, I can't say I really understand but you have you never done anything but make me proud. But what's this about Dave?"


"Dad, you're the trustee, you don't need me. I'll take my legacy trust and the three of us will manage it. I will not tolerate his judgmental attitude," Matt said, still angry at Dave's reaction.


"Come on Matt, I really need you with this. If you can't work it out with him, we'll just have to make other arrangements. I'm not doing this without you," Frank said.


Barry stared down at his shoes and rubbed his hands on his legs while listening to the conversation. He couldn't help feeling responsible for the problem with Dave. Maybe this relationship wasn't such a good idea after all. If this were the reaction of a gay man, what would his family think? Hell, just coming out was going to be hard enough. How does he explain that he has two lovers? This situation was beginning to overwhelm him. His recently approved self-esteem was taking a serious hit. He needed to get out of there and think. He decided he would go home and relieve Derrick of babysitting duty.


He stood and was about to excuse himself when Matt snapped at him, "Where are you going?" with a tone that was so un-expectedly harsh, it caught Barry off guard.


He was so stunned by Matt's tone that he became angry. "I was about to excuse myself and go home and check on the kids. I wasn't aware I needed permission," Barry replied and then walked out of the room. He heard Matt call for him but he ignored it and headed for his car.


In Frank's study all eyes were on Matt. When he noticed he asked defensibly, "What?"


"Are you angry at Barry for some reason?" Frank asked.


"I wasn't until he gave me that smart ass answer and walked out of the room," Matt replied.


"Matt, I think you need to calm yourself. I have never heard you talk to anyone like that, especially someone you claim to love," Frank said pointedly.


"I...well I wasn't angry with him," Matt replied lamely.


"Matty, I was watching him the whole time you were talking to Dad. He was staring at his shoes the entire time, and I could tell he was nervous because he kept rubbing his hands on his legs," Jim said calmly.


"Matt, when Barry first started coming around, he and I had a few private talks; his self-esteem was pretty low at the time. He once told me the more time he spent with us, the better he began to feel. He even confided that since you guys were playing with him, he felt better about his limp and his scars," Frank told his son. Matt sat and processed what his dad had just told him. Did he really come off that angry? Did he damage Barry's self-esteem?


"What I don't understand is your comment to him. He may have sounded a bit angry, but all he did was state a fact." Frank said confronting Matt. "You need to remember that he is not Jim. He is not your `other half'. This relationship is new, so he's not as in tune with you yet. I would bet that he was feeling insecure and felt that it was he who was the cause of the upheaval with Dave," Frank said.


"Dave is the cause of the upheaval with Dave," Matt said, clearly still annoyed with his friend. Funny thing is, he thought, he never would have been this upset about something so trivial. What is it about this situation that made him so defensive?


"Perhaps you should tell your partner that, not us. And remember, treat him as you want to be treated," Frank said with a smile.


Jim stood and reached for Matt's hand, "Come on baby, let's go home and talk to him."


After saying goodbye to his dad and Finn, he and Jim left for home without talking to Dave. Jim drove in silence. He knew that Matt was processing the evening's events. They were half way home when Matt finally spoke.


"You know what really pisses me off? What would make anyone, even a close friend like Dave, think that they had a right to ask such questions about us and our relationship?" Matt asked, more to himself than to Jim.


"Can't answer that one, Captain," Jim replied, and then continued, figuring this was his opening, "My question to you is why you are letting it upset you so much?"


"Because it came across as judgmental, and I don't appreciate being judged," Matt answered.


"I agree, but why did you snap at Barry?"


Matt didn't answer because he had no answer. Well, that wasn't quite true. He knew why. It was because he loved Barry so much and all he wanted was to protect him and he had failed. The anger in his voice when he spoke was not anger at Barry; it was anger directed at himself because he let his lover be hurt.


When they arrived at home everyone appeared to be in bed. Matt and Jim went to their room and were disappointed to find it empty. Matt sat on the bed and just looked up at Jim, who smiled at him and left the room. He went to Barry's door and quietly knocked. When he received no answer he knocked again. Finally he heard a quiet, "Come in."


He opened the door and saw Barry lying on his stomach with his head in a pillow. Crossing the room, he sat on the bed and he gently stroked Barry's back. "Why are you sleeping in here, baby?" Jim asked quietly.


"She's fine, mate, just thought it best for tonight."


"Not going to work, buddy. I can't sleep without both of my men, especially when both of them are hurting. Come on, let's go talk to Matt," Jim said, leaning down to kiss the back of Barry's neck.


When they walked into the master bedroom, Matt jumped up from the bed and grabbed Barry giving him a passionate kiss. When he pulled back, he looked him in the eye. "I'm so sorry baby. I'm sorry I spoke to you that way. I was so angry at Dave and angry at myself. I took it out on you."


"No worries, love, I was just feeling a little down on myself," Barry said exposing himself, and resting his head in Matt's massive chest. He really did love these men. He felt so safe and loved when he was with them. The problem was learning to be secure in their love.


Jim moved into the couple and they opened their arms to receive him. They entered into a loving three-way kiss and then just leaned into each other and bonded. Finally Matt spoke while he nuzzled Barry's neck.


"Barry, I don't want this to sound condescending. After thinking about it, part of my anger was directed at me for not protecting you...not that you need to be physically protected. I mean that in the context of our relationship. And I'm sorry for not recognizing how uncomfortable you were at dad's." Matt guided his lovers to the bed so they could lie down. He shared another kiss with Barry and then began again.


"The other thing is that I can't read you as well as I read Jim. That's something we need to work on together. You just have to trust how much I love you."


Nothing more was said, the three men just huddled together fully dressed and fell asleep.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Tuesday morning Jim woke first. Matt and Barry were wrapped tightly together. They looked so peaceful, too peaceful to disturb. While he watched his two lovers sleep he decided what he needed to do. He began to kiss each guy with feather kisses until they finally woke up.


"You guys sleep in and have some fun, I'll take care of the boys," Jim said.


With no argument from the two lovers, Matt just kissed Barry and said, "Thanks, Jimmy, we'll enjoy it."


Matt crawled on top of Barry and began to lick his neck, as his hard cock leaked on Barry's thigh. "Come on big boy, let's get rid of the morning breath. Then I want you to fuck me hard."


The two guys jumped out of bed and went to the head. They shared a piss, crossing their streams like boys. After a quick brush and gargle, they went back to bed.


The two men began the dance of love, fighting for control but surrendering with love. They began to whisper to each other private acknowledgments of their love. For the first time, it was just the two of them. They devoted all of their energy to each other. Barry worked Matt onto his back and began to lick him from his neck down to his chest, stopping to chew on his erect nipples and quickly moving down to his navel. Skipping Matt's dripping cock he lifted his legs and dove into his lover's ass, first licking his balls, then into his tight ass. Driving his tongue deep inside and then pulling out and attacking Matt's taint, rubbing his face against it and inhaling his lover's scent. The pheromones were fueling Barry's lust while he continued to attack Matt's body with a passion he had never felt before.


Matt was panting as his body was quivering from the Barry's attack. Finally he couldn't take another minute. "Come on Barry, fuck me now, and show me how much you love me."


And he did! Barry pounded Matt for the next twenty minutes, changing positions from doggie style, to lying on their sides and finally with Matt on his back, bent in half, knees practically next to his head. Barry was kissing him deeply when he finally went over the edge and unloaded the biggest load of his life into Matt.


He collapsed on top of Matt panting. The connection he felt with Matt at that moment was almost cosmic. The two didn't speak, they just lay there holding each other and breathing. They were communing without speaking if their souls were calling out to each other.


Twenty minutes later, the pair found Jim in the kitchen feeding the boys. When Ryan saw his dad he hollered, "Hey Daddy, Uncle Jim made us pancakes!" smiling and pointing to his plate. Barry walked over and kissed the boy on the head. "That's great, tiger, you be a good boy and eat them all up."


Meanwhile Matt went over and hugged Jim and whispered in his ear, "Thanks, baby, that was just what we needed."


Jim laughed and hugged him back, and then quietly said with a leer, "Don't go anywhere, I want sloppy seconds!"


Ten minutes later Matt was on his bed on his back with Jim pounding away at his hot, juicy ass while whispering his love for him into Matt's ear.


Later that morning Matt's phone rang. The caller ID said it was Ultan McCarthy. Well that was fast thought Matt. "Matt Leo," he answered.


"Hi Matt, my name is Ultan McCarthy, my friends call me Mack. It seems our sons were lucky enough to meet at camp, and mine insisted that I call you immediately," he said with a laugh.


"Yes, I understand," Matt said, "Jim and I got it in stereo yesterday."


Twenty minutes later they agreed that he and his partner John would come up to Matt and Jim's for dinner on Friday evening. They wanted to discuss the possibility of his son flying home with Matt and the boys.


Around 1000, Matt received another call, this one from Declan. He wanted to know if he and Dave could visit that afternoon and have a meeting. He had spoken with Dave and thought it best if the three of them had a discussion. Matt agreed, but insisted that Jim and Barry be there as well. Declan gently suggested that he should meet alone, considering it was foundation business.


"Declan, with all due respect, there will be no foundation business discussed until we clear up our personal matter," Matt said, firmly sticking to his guns.


Dave and Declan arrived promptly at 1100, Dave looking sheepish as Declan continued to act as peacemaker. Jim and Barry were friendly while Matt was still angry with Dave. They sat in the living and Declan opened by thanking the guys for agreeing to the meeting. Then Dave spoke, his voice uncharacteristically unsure.


"Matt, I'm sorry for the way I acted last night. Declan and I had a long talk, and he correctly pointed out that we while I've been gay all my life, I'm basically a neophyte when it comes to living as a gay man," smiling for the first time since he'd come in.


"Well the long and short of it is, he has explained to me that we all have to develop our lives as gay men in our own way. If the three of you being committed to each other makes you happy, then I should be supportive and not judgmental. Could be I'm still hanging on to my former vocation just a little too much. So may we start over, maybe with me congratulating you guys for an inventive way of sharing your lives?"


Matt gave him a big smile and got up to hug him, "Thanks, Dave, that meant a lot to me. All three of us consider you to be a good and valued friend and would hate for anything to come between us."


After hugs all around, Matt, Dave, and Declan moved on to the business of the Cali office and Dave's move. Barry and Jim went off to do their own thing. Dave would be shipping most of his belongings and the couple would be driving Dave's car back on the return trip. They stayed for lunch, and afterwards Declan went off with Dave to help him pack for the trip and sort for storage.

That night after dinner, Matt, Jim and Barry were cleaning the kitchen and joking about the morning action. Jim and Barry were messing around and ended up in a very passionate kiss. Jim had both hands on Barry's ass pulling him tight to him just as Derrick entered the room, "Wow, Dad, even in front of your husband!"


The three guys looked each other and knew what they needed to do, "Come on kiddo," Jim said, "we need to talk."


They took Derrick into the family room and began to explain the new relationship. They were concerned about his reaction, but felt they needed to explain it to him. He was a smart kid and would figure it out on his own anyway. When they were through, they waited for his reaction. Derrick didn't say anything right away. He seemed to be digesting what he had been told. His first thought was `This is fucking whacked' but the more he thought about it the more he could understand what the men were doing. It occurred to him it showed tremendous trust and love. If it made them happy he saw nothing wrong with it. He got up and went over to Barry, pulled him up and hugged him and gave him a kiss.


"How lucky can I get, I went from being an orphan to having three Dads," he said with a big smile.


Matt looked at Barry who was smiling broadly with wet eyes, "Thanks mate, that is some compliment, but maybe we should stick to just Barry for now. We don't want too many people to know about our special relationship, especially MJ and Jimmer," he said to Derrick.


"Got it, man." Derrick said and hugged him again.

Friday June 26, 2009


It was a busy day for everyone. Matt and Jim finalized their plans for the housewarming party on the 4th. Matt let Jim talk him into hiring a professional fireworks company for a small display. Jim's family, Bonnie and Junior and wife included, where invited for a lunch barbeque at 1400. The rest of the guests where invited for the big party that would begin at 1700 and go 2200 to include the pig roast and fireworks. Barry was busy with the boys and then there was shopping for the dinner guests. So around 1300 while the boys where napping he headed off to do the shopping. The guys decided to use the new outdoor kitchen and do steaks.


Mack and John were expected at 1800, and right on schedule the doorbell rang. Derrick went to answer the door. When he opened it he saw two very handsome men, just a bit older than his dads. The shorter one was built like a tank, and had the biggest guns he'd ever seen. The other guy had beautiful salt & pepper hair, not grey but silver, and a million dollar smile and a very toned swimmer's build.


"Hi, I'm Derrick Leo, you must be Dr. Mack and John," he said extending his hand. "Follow me please, my dads are out on the patio." He said as he led the two confused looking men out to the pool area. The beauty of the new house design was the privacy of the pool area, surrounded by the house on three sides. The open side with the view of the river was closed with tempered glass panels and a gate that provided safety without obstructing the view of the dock down a hill two hundred feet away. The privacy allowed the guys to enjoy their nudist culture without being observed and was also great for entertaining.


After the introductions, Matt explaining who Derrick was to his two confused guests. He gave his son a swat on the ass and told him to get moving. The boys had been fed and Derrick was taking them to Frank's with him. Derrick Tim and Billy were going to babysit the boys and spend the night allowing Matt, Jim, and Barry to entertain without interruption. Frank and Finn were returning Saturday afternoon from Jersey, bringing Finn's son Keith with them. Ryan said goodnight like a little gentleman and then they were off, leaving the adults to get acquainted.


The five men sat around on the deck enjoying the evening and a few beers. Mack and John sure made a handsome couple. Matt couldn't help but think what they would look like naked, especially John who had guns bigger than he and Jim combined. Jim explained how they met again after years of being apart and then came to adopt Derrick. Then Matt went on to give them an edited version of his and Jim's life and how they got back together.


"Well guys," Mack said, "I can't tell you how thrilled John and I were when Buddy told us about your boys. It has been kind of tough on him, the whole two dads thing. But he is the light of our life and a smart and loving boy. It will be nice for him to have friends that he can be totally open with."


"Well he is certainly welcome here anytime. We need to explain a few things first," Jim started. He then explained the all-male aspect of the house, and the extended family along with the tendency for nudity and breakfast in their underwear or nothing. He was quick to note that while the boys knew that he and Matt were a couple (he paused to explain how they discovered that on their own) they were very careful with public displays of affection and certainly never anything sexual while the boys where around. When he was through, both Mack and John were smiling.


"We thought we were the only nudist family around," he laughed, "Buddy will feel right at home."


After dinner was over, the men were enjoying the warm evening along with another beer when Jim asked, "Are you guys up for a swim?'"


"Hell yeah," John said, then standing and started to strip.


"You'll notice that my husband isn't shy," Mack said with a smile. Within minutes all five men where naked, and of course checking each other out. John was a hulk of a man and Mack was sleek and muscled.


As the men where floating around in the pool, John asked, "So how long have you guys been a three-some?"


"John, really!" then turning to his hosts, "I'm sorry my partner tends to be a bit direct."


"No, it's okay," Jim said, "It's only has been a short time, but I'm curious how did you figure it out? Are we that obvious?"


"No, it wasn't hard for either of us," Mack said, "because we were in a similar relationship and we noticed the telltale signs."


He went on to explain their story. Mack was married to a woman named Ann who had been John's friend since they were literally babies. When Mack and Ann were dating, John was in living in Florida. He had just ended his enlistment in the Marines. Mack was a Navy doctor and Ann was a nurse and he had only met John a few times until the wedding.


John moved back to Philly where Mack and Ann were living and working. At the time Mack really had no time for John, since he was already out as a gay man. Ann pleaded with him to try to become friends, so they did.

Then the dynamics changed. The guys really bonded and Ann became very jealous and suspicious of the close relationship the two had developed. There were some very bad arguments between husband and wife as well as the two lifelong friends. Many times Mack needed to remind her that is was she that encouraged their friendship. Even though Mack had four brothers, he became closer to John than any of them.


As time went on they became even closer, and then Buddy was born. Not long after his birth she was diagnosed with a very aggressive bone cancer and sadly lasted a painful two years. During her sickness, John was not only her nurse, but Buddy's caregiver. After she died, the men remained together and nature took its course. Neither guy knew when or how it happened but they became lovers and have lived and raised Buddy ever since.


The men got along so well that the before they knew it, it was 2100 hours. Matt offered them the guest room. Between the beer and the late hour he thought it was safer for them to stay, and they did. As the men said goodnight it remained unsaid, but they all felt if a great new friendship had been forged.


Saturday, June 27, 2009


It was just after 1300 when Tim, Billy, and Derrick stood in the FBO lounge watching Frank's plane land. Tim was nervous, it would be the first time he had seen his brother in months. He was worried about how Keith would react to his father's new lifestyle and all the guys who had become so important to him.


The plane taxied to a stop and the door's opened. As the passengers started to exit the plane Billy's heart jumped in his chest. It was him! Finn's son was someone he knew pretty well, and not in a good way.


When Keith came into the lounge he greeted his brother with a bro-hug and Tim introduced him to Derrick. When Keith looked up and saw Billy, anger flashed across his face.


"You," he exclaimed, "what the fuck are you doing here?" He demanded.


"I'm here to greet my father, whose plane you just flew in on," Billy said. Normally Billy would have never been so crass, however when it came to this guy he needed to establish his dominance and put him in his place.


"Do you two know each other?" Finn asked. Keith froze and said nothing.


Billy jumped right in, "Yeah Uncle Finn, we've met a few times at school. Just parties at his frat house," Billy said, he had no idea his name was Keith O'Brien, but he did know him.


"Yeah, I just didn't know you knew him," said Keith to his dad trying to recover, and not succeeding, and the look on his face said as much.


The ride home was odd. Finn was chatting away trying to engage Keith in conversation and failing.


When they reached Frank's house Keith looked up and said, "Holy shit, this is a mansion."


"No Keith, it's just a house," Frank said, "and if you look next door, your dad's isn't much different."


Tim and Finn took Keith next door to show him his room and Frank headed into the house with Derrick and Billy in tow. The boys were headed to Billy's room to hang out when Frank called to Billy.


"Billy, may I see you in my office," Frank said.


"Sure Dad," Billy said knowing what was coming. He followed Frank in and closed the door.


"Okay son, let's have it," Frank said.


"Have what?" Billy said, clearly stalling for time.


"I want to know what's up between you and Keith. It's more than just meeting at a frat party."


Billy knew he was cornered, so he just said it, "Well I kind of had a small disagreement with him and broke his nose," Billy paused, noticing the look on Frank's face, "and gave him a black eye and bruised two ribs."


Frank just stared back at his son, "What?"


To be continued...


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