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A Single Soul


Chapter 46


The Bad Seed




From Chapter 45:


"Billy, may I see you in my office?" Frank asked.


"Sure Dad," Billy said, knowing what was coming. He followed Frank and closed the door.


"Okay son, let's have it," Frank said.


"Have what?" Billy asked, clearly stalling for time.


"I want to know what's up between you and Keith; it's more than just meeting at a frat party."


Billy knew he was cornered, so he just said it. "Well I kind of had a small disagreement with him and broke his nose." Billy paused, noticing the look on Frank's face. "And gave him a black eye and bruised two ribs."


Frank just stared back at his son. "What?"


Saturday June, 27 continued...


"Billy, I know there is more to the story than you're telling me. I'd like to hear it all," Frank said firmly, staring at his young son.


Billy dropped onto the sofa and looked at his dad for a moment and, with a deep sigh, he started his tale.


"So it was the beginning of school last year. My roommate was a 21st century hippie. Hated conservatives, hated the military, and hated anyone who was Christian. He blamed them for all the problems with the Muslims and everything else in the world. One night, about the second week, we were there and I put out a picture of Tray and Wolf in uniform that Tray sent. He made some kind of wise ass comment about guys who couldn't make it in college went into the service. Well, I kind of took offense to that."


"You didn't hit him, did you?" Frank asked, trying to hide his smile.


"No, I wasn't going to fuck up after what Uncle Finn did for me. So I went to the RA and told him I wanted either him or me out and why. The only thing I did that was a little uncool was stretching the truth. I told him my uncle was a large donor and he was a personal friend of the Provost. All it would take was one phone call." Frank chuckled at Billy's bluff.


"He got all flustered and said he would do what he could. The next day I was telling my buddy Mike in one of our classes about it. We met the first day I was there. He was playing in a pick-up basketball game I and joined in. Turned out he and I had a few classes together and got to be friends. He was a heavily recruited basketball phenom and lived in the jock dorm. His roommate had already been bounced. So he talked to his coach and he agreed to let me move in."


"So rush week started and all of the frats were inviting guys to parties looking to grab the best pledges. Mike and I were eating lunch when this dude comes up and gives us an invitation to a party. He knew Mike was on the b'ball team and told him to bring anybody from the team he wanted." Billy stopped for a minute to collect his thoughts.


"It ended up being Mike and me with five other members of the team. One of the guys was openly gay. The team had no problem with it and treated him like any other guy. We were having a good time. I was cruising around talking to people and trying to avoid the sales pitch to pledge. I heard someone shouting, `We don't want fags in our house' so I followed the shouting. I found a guy I now know as Keith pinning Mike's gay teammate against the wall screaming at him. Buy this time Mike was by my side. We went and freed his friend and told him to wait outside for us while we rounded up the rest of the guys." Billy paused.


"So he headed out while one of Keith's frat brothers restrained him. It took about ten minutes but we found everybody and started to leave. One of the brothers stopped us to apologize and asked us to stay. Mike said that we weren't interested in being in the company of homophobes and that he would make sure the coach heard how one of his players was treated. The guy looked like he was going to shit himself as we walked out. Just as we made it on to the porch, we heard shouting again. I ran down the steps and followed the sound to the side of the house. There was Keith again, this time he was punching the guy and knocked him down. He was ready to kick him, calling him a `fucking fudge-packing fag'.


"I jumped in. He swung at me and the rest is history. When I looked up, there was Mike and the rest of the guys from the team along with a few of the brothers. The one who spoke to us turned out to be the president."


"Did Keith press any charges against you?" Frank asked.


"No frigging way, there were too many witnesses and the chapter president wanted it all to go away. They could have been banned from campus for what he did. He ended up on probation with the frat and having to go to sensitivity training and now he hates me. Look Dad, I'm cool with things. I doubt he will start anything here. But I would like to explain things to Timmy. We've become good friends. He at least deserves to know so he and Derrick can watch out for Keith."


"Well I don't like keeping things from Finn, but he is so happy about seeing Keith I wouldn't want to spoil it. Just play it cool for now," Frank said and then crossed the room and hugged Billy. "When you talk to Tim, go easy. Remember, Keith is still his brother."


"I will Dad. Tim is a really good guy and I don't want to see him hurt. I wouldn't even bother saying anything."



While Finn was showing Keith to his room, his son was attempting to calculate his father's worth. It would seem that dear old dad had done well for himself. The only fly in the ointment was the appearance of that prick from school. He would have to keep his cool. He didn't want to lose his chance of getting into his dad's good graces, even if he was a fag. He surely had more to offer than his mother. What was in it for him was paramount.


Tim left Keith with his dad and headed over to Frank's. He wanted to speak to Billy. He knew there was more to the story than he gave to his dad and Uncle Frank. He found Billy in his room with the door open so he knocked on the door. Billy looked up and smiled.


"Come in bro," Billy said, "and close the door."


"Billy, we've become pretty close, man. I mean I really love you like a brother. I know there is more to the story than you told us." Billy started to protest but Tim stopped him.


"I want to show you a text he sent me," Tim said, and then held up his phone to show Billy: `Hey little bro, talked to Dad, Coming down to fag land...hope they haven't converted you yet...' "So anything you have to tell me won't be much of a surprise," Tim said with a sad smile. Billy's heart broke for his new friend. Tim had a long row to hoe with his brother's arrival, and Billy was going to make sure he protected him. He took Tim in his arms and hugged him, then kissed his forehead.


"Timmy, in a short time I've really bonded with you and I want you to know I'll always have your back," Billy said, "So here's the whole truth."


He told Tim the same story he told his dad. When he was through, Tim just looked down at his hands. Tim wasn't surprised at all. Even though he always got along with his brother, he knew he was a homophobe. It took a lot of guts for Billy to tell him this. That meant only one thing: that Billy was about as true a friend as one could want. He got up and walked to Billy and hugged him hard. Billy kissed his forehead once again then kissed his lips.


"Just so you know, you and Derrick are the only guys I kiss like that, besides my brother," he said with a big smile. "Because other than Tray, you're the only two I guys I love like this, oh yeah, I forgot Wolf," he said with a laugh. They were still wrapped in each other's arms when the door opened and Derrick walked in.


"Yo dude! Get off my man," he said smiling, pulling Tim away from Billy.


Billy went and locked the door, "I'm not trying to take him, just want to share," he said as he started to strip off his clothes. Twenty minutes later Tim and Derrick were sharing a load of Billy's special Texas cream.

While the boys were playing, Finn took Keith to the storage unit to retrieve his gifts and letters. Unlike Tim, who was overwhelmed with the amount of love his father had tried to show for him, Keith was looking for two things. One, proof that his mother lied so he could use it to extort from her in the future, and the money he knew was saved for him, just as for Tim. He wasn't able to talk his sister in coming, but once she got wind of their father's largesse, she'd be all over it.


Meanwhile, Finn was beside himself with happiness. Having his oldest son here was more than he could have hoped for. He was concerned. He wasn't sure what was going on between Keith and Billy. Finn chalked it up to just college guys being guys.


Everyone was going to Matt and Jim's for dinner later that afternoon. They were taking both Finn's and Frank's boats for use on the 4th. Keith rode with his dad. When they pulled up to the docks and walked to the house they found Matt, Jim, Barry, and Derrick, along with their new friends Mack and John in the pool, naked of course. Drew was also there for a visit. When Billy saw Drew, he thought it was planned: just adds another straight guy to the mix. When Keith saw the men swimming naked he was a bit freaked out. Finn noticed and pulled him aside.


"Look son, I know you are new to all this. But we live in all male households, and tend to live a non-sexual nudist lifestyle in the summer. There's no need to join us. But don't be judgmental," Finn cautioned.


"No it's cool," Keith lied. "I've played sports all my life and don't have a problem with it," he said. Finn did notice that when he went swimming he wore his shorts.


The guys used the outdoor kitchen again for dinner and everyone had a great time. Mack and John left around 2000 and the rest of the gang left not long after.


While they were cleaning up Derrick approached his dads, all three of them!! He had been getting bad vibes from Keith all day and wanted to talk about it. He gave them a quick rundown from the meeting with Billy, forward.


Barry was the first to speak, "Don't know about you guys, but there's something iffy about that boy. I think he's trouble."


"I'm not usually one to make snap judgments," Matt said, "but I have to agree. I especially didn't like the way he looked at Billy."




Back at the beach later that evening, since Dave had moved to Cali, it was only Keith and Tim staying at Finn's house until the guests arrived for the party on the fourth. Tim walked down to the kitchen to get a bottle of water and, as usual, he was naked. When he passed Keith in the family room his brother gave him a dirty look.


"What?" Tim asked.


"Dude, I don't want to live with any fag shit, put on some clothes," Keith said.

"Glad that sensitivity training worked for you dude," said Billy who had just walked the kitchen.


"What the fuck are you doing here?" Keith spat.


"I'm here to see my friend, and I have a friendly suggestion for you. You better not let your dad hear you use that word. He may be happy you're here but he won't put up with that," Billy said.


"Well, my suggestion is that you mind your own fucking business," Keith said and left the room. Tim just gave Billy an apologetic look.


"Don't worry bro, we're cool. Listen, do you want to go with me tomorrow; Jasmine and her parents are coming in and we are going to visit Tray?" Billy asked.


"Sure, that's cool," Tim answered and then laughed, "Wait till Keith meets Wolf and Udo. Bet he won't say fag in front of them." That got a laugh from Billy as well, who walked over and gave Tim a big goodnight hug just as Keith returned to hear him say, "And don't forget, Udo's graduation."


"I thought you were the straight one. And who the fuck is Udo?" He asked sarcastically.


Tim turned in Billy's arms to face his brother, "Wait till you meet his girlfriend (nodding at Billy), she's smoking hot, and smart. You could only wish to have someone like her. Udo is her brother. I would suggest you watch yourself around him, he makes Jim look small." Keith just flipped him the bird and went back to the TV.


Thursday July 2, 2009


The week flew by for the guys. The party preparations were complete and all that was left to do was greet the guests. George had moved into his new home earlier that week and was a big help.


At dinner that evening the guys decided to fill George in on all that had happened. Jim distributed a round of beers and then it was time for the big news. He told his dad the whole story about the emails, his resignation and where the emails came from. George was as angry as Matt or Jim had ever seen him. Then he asked why they had invited Bonnie and Junior. Jim explained what they had planned.


"Well, that's very generous of you boys to help your brothers and sister with trust funds," George said.


"We also are going let the trusts pay off their mortgages, all except Junior's. Then they will be paying back the trusts, and the interest will build up the accounts. It's kind of like forced saving without the pain," added Matt.


"That is a great idea, but I'm not sure why you need to invite your mother and Junior," George said.


"We want to let everyone see what they have done, and allow them to have a chance to confront their accusers," Jim said, "Not that they could deny the evidence."


"How will you explain how you got copies of the emails," George asked.


"I won't. I'll just ask them to explain why they sent them to my boss. They will just assume that he gave them to me."


"Well, it will be nothing if not interesting," George said with a laugh.



Friday, July 3, 2009

Friday evening Frank and Finn were hosting a pre-party cookout, since most of Jim's family was staying at the beach. Keith was being unusually charming, and was circulating among Jim's brothers. Around 1600 Wolf, Udo, Jasmine, and their parents arrived. Of course Billy grabbed Jasmine right away and gave her a big kiss. Keith had two shocks: he had yet to meet Wolf who was staying with a friend in Jacksonville so he could visit Travis more often, and couldn't believe that that huge man was gay. The second shock was Jasmine. Tim was right, she was smoking hot, way too hot to be dating Billy.


Jasmine asked Billy if Keith was the guy he had a problem with at school and he told her he was. Wolf and Undo overheard the question and answer and asked what it was about. Billy said he would explain later. He was saved further questioning by the arrival of Matt, Jim, and their gang. Tim spent the day with Derrick and when he walked in; Wolf picked him and gave him a big hug.


"Hey Red, how's my little buddy doing?"


"Great Wolf, now put me down so I can breathe," Tim said, laughing. Wolf kept his arm around him and led him around to introduce him to Udo, Jasmine, and his parents, Derrick right with them. Keith was watching from across the pool. Timmy seems to be awful close to the gay boys.


While Keith was watching Timmy, Jim, Matt, and Barry were watching him. Barry was in the middle of his two lovers and said quietly, "There is something about that boy that's suss." Matt and Jim both just answered "Affirmative."


The dinner was a great success. Before leaving to take the boys home, Jim reminded his family that they needed to meet at their dad's new house at 1400, first for a meeting and then lunch.


After they got home and the boys were put to sleep, the three guys got in bed. Barry was already hard. Jim grabbed his cock and started to stroke it, "You're awful randy tonight, baby."


"That's because my Daddies haven't been taking care of me," Barry said with cheeky smile.


"Daddies!" Matt exclaimed, "We're your daddies now?" He said nuzzling Barry's neck.


"Yes sirs, I want my daddies to fuck me hard tonight," Barry said getting into the role play. He rolled away from the guys and got on his knees and spread them. Then he put his chest down on the bed arching his back. The pose was so fucking hot it caused Matt and Jim to look at each other with lust in their eyes. They kissed and then Jim wasted no time spreading Barry's cheeks and began rimming him as Matt moved around and fed him his cock. After getting him good and wet Jim, entered him slowly, taking long deep thrusts. Barry moaned with pleasure and reached back to pull his ass cheeks apart trying to get more of Jim into him. Meanwhile, Jim leaned over and began to make out with Matt.


Forty minute later, Matt added his load to Jim's. Then the two `daddies,' shared Barry's hot offering. As soon as Barry was licked clean, the three made for the head for a quick clean-up.


"So where did this daddy fantasy come from?" Matt asked with a mouth full of toothpaste.


"Just natural progression, mate," Barry said with a straight face, "considering your advanced age." And then he ran and jumped into bed to avoid Matt's grasp as Jim just laughed at his two lovers.


When they were settled back into bed, wrapped in the each other's arms Matt rested his head on Jim's shoulder and asked, "Are you ready for tomorrow, big guy?"


"Aye, aye captain, with you two beside me, I'll be fine."


Saturday July 4, 2009


At 0630 Matt woke up, feeling breath on his chest. He opened his eyes and saw Ryan looking back at him with his adorable smile. Since Ryan had been living with them, he would often climb into bed and wake Matt in the morning. He seemed to have really bonded with his Uncle Matt and Matt loved every minute of it. He pulled the boy close to his chest and kissed his head.


"Good morning, sport," he said, "and how are you this morning?" Matt held the boy tight. He loved having a little one again who was so dependent and trusting. Jimmer was growing up fast, and though they were closer than most fathers and sons, Matt could already see that he needed his dad less often.


"Good morning Uncle Matt, I didn't pee in the bed and just did it in the toilet," he said proudly.


"Way to go sport, you are getting to be such a big boy," Matt said giving him a kiss on the forehead and getting a big smile in return. The conversation had roused the other two men who began to stir behind Matt. When Barry looked over Matt's shoulder and saw his son, he smiled. Ryan was really settling in, but Barry was concerned about his frequent visits to their bed. He thought he may have to start going back to his room early in the morning. He would talk to Matt and Jim about it.


After getting the boys fed and settled, Ryan was put in charge of watching Kelly. That meant he sat in the Play Zone* with him playing with toys. It made him feel like a big boy and kept them both occupied and safe.


Barry had everything printed and placed in envelopes ready for the meeting. The three guys had a quick run through. They wanted the entire meeting to be perfectly choreographed. They decided that if they kept control, it would give the offenders less chance to derail the mission.


Everyone arrived on time. Bonnie, Junior and his wife tried not to look nervous. It wasn't working. It was left to Derrick, Tim, Wolf and Udo, along with a reluctant Keith to entertain the kids with boat rides and waterskiing while the adults met. Everyone gathered in George's new home. After a quick tour, Jim gathered everyone in the great room and began the meeting.


"Thank you everyone for coming early. There are a few things that Matt and I would like to share with you all. First, you have all met Barry. He and his son Ryan now live with us. Barry is now basically in charge of our lives," Jim said with a chuckle. "If you ever need anything and can't get to Matt or I just call Barry." That statement peeked Bonnie's interest.


"Now, first things first. Frank and Matt and by extension, me, have recently inherited some money from Frank's uncle. Second is that I have resigned my commission and I'm on leave until the SECNAV approves it." Now he really had his mother and Junior's attention. They both seemed to squirm at the announcement. His other family just stared in shock.


"There are two reasons for my resignation. One is that Matt and I will be heavily involved in running the family foundation that his uncle created. We will be operating here and in California and that will take up much of our time. Matty and I have also decided to share with all of you." Barry passed out the envelopes. Michael was the first to speak after quickly reading through the papers.


"Jimmy, I don't understand?" The others echoed his question. Matt, Jim, and Finn went on to explain about the trusts, their value and that as the parents they were the trustees. Then he explained how the family trust would buy their homes and then act as mortgage company, charging only .5% interest which would then go back into their trusts, saving them tens of thousands in interest payments to the bank. When he finished, Junior spoke up.


"Why is my ex-wife named as trustee for my children, and I don't see anything about my house in these papers?" he spat.


"You know, Junior, you never cease to amaze me! One would think you would start out with a `thank you'," George said to his son. Jim didn't miss a beat; he nodded to Barry who handed out the emails.


"The second reason, the one that forced me to resign, is that someone saw fit to send emails to my boss, explaining my relationship with Matt and outing me." Now Bonnie and Junior were panicked. Junior stood up and George ordered him to sit and not to move or speak. As the family began to read the email, the gasps were audible.


Bonnie began to cry. Junior demanded to know how Jim obtained them. All eyes were on Junior and his mother. Then George said, "Funny, Junior, I would think that wouldn't be your first question. Jim should refuse to answer it. But it surely explains why your ex-wife was named trustee for your children and you weren't helped with your mortgage."


"How I obtained them is none of your business. What I would like to know is why my own brother would attempt to have me dis-honorably discharged?" Jim said to Junior.


"Because you are breaking the laws of the government and of God," Junior said pompously, looking to his mother for support, who dutifully nodded her head.


Martin, the next oldest after Junior and ahead of Jim, addressed his brother: "Junior, I have stayed out of this up until now. After this despicable act, you and your wife are no longer welcome in my home. And you, Bonnie," he said pointing at his mother, "are not permitted to see your grandchildren again. I have never witnessed such treachery in my life, it is almost Machiavellian. And Junior, you hypocrite, you have the unmitigated gall to talk about honor, after you cheated on your wife, whom you married at God's altar, with this woman," he said pointing at Junior's new wife. "You disgust me, both of you."


Bonnie leap to her feet in a rage, "I am still your mother, and you cannot prevent me from seeing my grandchildren," she said forcefully.


"I can and I will, even if I have to go to court," Martin said calmly, standing his ground.


Then Roseanne spoke with tears in her eyes, "I agree with Martin. After this I want nothing to do with you. I have stayed out of this and allowed you to remain in our lives, but this, Mom, this, is beyond the pale." The remaining brothers backed them up leaving Bonnie in tears. She then turned her anger to Matt.


"I hope you are satisfied. You have turned my entire family against me," she screamed pointing a finger at him. Matt said nothing, just staring back at her with an impassive look.


"Mother, please, stop this!" Brandon the youngest of her children said, "Matt and Jim had nothing to do with you and Junior's hateful actions. You have done this to yourself. It breaks my heart that my children will not know their grandmother. I will not allow you and your favorite son near my family."


"So this is why you invited us here, to turn my children against me?" Bonnie spat at Jim.

"No, that had nothing to do with it. I invited the three of you here so that you might have the opportunity to confront your accuser. It's something that you and your son, my brother attempted to deny me. As it says in your favorite book, `As you sow so shall you reap'. Well I sincerely hope you enjoy the bitter fruits of your harvest."


"Bonnie," George said, "I think it's time you leave, and take your son with you." Then he walked out of the room with the rest of his family following. They all went out on the back deck. There wasn't much talking, the events of the last hour finally sinking in. They heard the front door slam and a car start-up, signaling the departure of the evil-doers.


The rest of the afternoon was great. The barbeque was wonderful as always. One by one, Jim's brothers and his sister thanked both him and Matt for their generosity and all promised to speak with Finn, if they had any questions. The last to approach Jim and Matt was the youngest, Brandon. Secretly he was always Jim's favorite; and he had doted on him when he was a kid, and being six years younger he would always be his baby brother. Where Jim was ruggedly handsome, Brandon was almost pretty but still very masculine and had a sweet personality.


He came up and hugged Jim tight and then Matt. He thanked them for what they did. He had four children, three boys and a girl, ages eight to sixteen. He and his wife, a stay-at-home mom, worried about how they would pay for college. He spent ten years in the Navy so there wasn't much left to save. Now, thanks to his two big brothers, he would never have to worry.


They were standing down near the dock waiting for the boats to come back. After thanking the guys, he looked at Jim and Matt and giggled. At that moment, he looked like a six-year-old again and it melted Jim's heart.


"What are you giggling about doofus?" Jim asked. Brandon just blushed, and then looked around to make sure they were alone. He moved closer to the guys and quietly said, "I used to spy on you guys when you were jerking off," he blushed, "that's how I learned how to do it." Jim and Matt roared with laughter, and together they hugged their brother.


"Too bad Brandy, you should have said something, I'd have let you join in," Matt said, teasing him.


"Well, maybe you can let me join you now that we're grown up?" he asked sheepishly.


Jim and Matt just looked at each other. Then Jim kissed his brother's forehead and said, "Well talk about it later, but what would mother say if she found out?" That got more laughter. Just then they heard and then saw the boat approaching and headed to the dock to get the kids.


Ryan flew off the dock and jumped in Matt's arms and spent the entire walk back to the house regaling Matt with every moment of his boat trip. When they got to Barry, he looked at his son, hanging on to Matt, legs wrapped around his waist and his little arms around his neck, talking a-mile-a-minute. Matt was smiling, listening intently. When they saw Barry, Matt said, "Okay sport, here's your dad," and tried to hand the boy off. Before Matt could let him go, Ryan hugged him and, "I love you Uncle Matt, I'm glad I live here now."


Matt was a bit overcome by the little guy's declaration, and when he looked at Barry, both had glassy eyes. But what passed between them was even more sentiment. It was yet another moment bonding the two men more deeply.


The rest of the day was a blast. Jim and Matt gave everyone tours of the completed house. The ladies loved the big kitchen and the guys were green with envy at the gym. Brandon said, "Shit Jimmy, this is better than some health clubs. The showers and sauna are incredible." That comment gave Jim an idea. He glanced at Matt and he saw the same spark.


The second party was great. The guests had a great time and the events of the afternoon were forgotten. The good food and the fireworks were also a big hit. As everyone was leaving, Jim told Brandon to come over in the morning for a workout. He was the only one that was staying until Monday.


"Thanks Jimmy, that's great," he said beaming.


Before he went to bed, Jim asked Derrick if he and Tim, who was staying the night, cold take care of the boys in the morning so the Dads could work out with his brother. Of course that was no problem and everyone was in bed by 2200 after a long day.


Sunday July 5, 2009


Sunday morning, Brandon showed up at 0730 as planned. He joined the three dads for a short run and then into the gym to work out. For a thirty-five year old, Brandon still looked like he was in his twenties. He told the guys that he got to work out three times a week with his oldest son, who was home pouting because he couldn't come to the party that weekend because of soccer practice. Before leaving for the run, Jim made certain he turned on the sauna so it would be hot when they were ready. He planned to make his baby brother's fantasy come true, up to a point.


The four guys made it through an upper body cycle in an hour, with Jim using the `no rest between sets' method. When they were done Brandon was sweating and complaining that Jim was trying to kill him. When they were done they took a quick shower and headed into the sauna. Jim hadn't seen his brother naked in years. It seemed his cock had grown quite a bit. They entered the sauna and lay the towels with their backs against the wall and their legs spread.


Jim was staring at his brother and began to fondle his cock. "So Brandy, you used to like watching me jerk off?" He said as he stroked himself to a full erection. Brandon's eyes were wide with excitement and his cock was rising on its own, twitching as it climbed between his legs. Finally he had to grab it as his eyes moved to see Matt and Barry doing the same thing.


"Yeah, I thought it was so cool, and your cock was so big," Brandon said breathing deeply.


"Have you ever had sex with a guy?" Matt asked.


"No, just circle jerks. I really like jerking off," Brandon told them.


"Do you have any jerk-off buddies?" Jim asked.


"Not since I retired, used to a few buddies aboard ship. We would have great long stroke sessions," Brandon said clearly excited, his cock was dripping like crazy.


"What do you fantasize about?" Barry asked, really getting into the scene.


"Sometimes when I beat off I think about watching guys getting fucked in the ass," Brandon panted and let go of his cock, he seemed to be getting close.


"Really," Jim said, "You want to watch your big brother fuck his lover?"


"Fuck yeah!" Brandon almost shouted.


Jim gave Matt a look and smiled. Matt got up and walked over to Jim and knelt before him. He took Jim's leaking cock in mouth and began to suck it. Then he got up, and with his back to Jim and facing Brandon, sat on Jim's cock and slowly lowered himself down on it. Brandon's eyes were wide with excitement as he watched the men fuck. He was stoking himself madly and feeling more excited than ever before. Matt was jerking off at the same time, as Jim announced he was close. Matt blew a load straight across the sauna hitting Brandon on the leg. The feeling of Matt's cum hitting him caused Brandon to lose it.


"Oh fuck, this is so hot!" Brandon shouted as he shot ropes of cum up his chest. Soon Barry stood and shot his load on Matt, and then Jim announced that he was filling Matt. At that, Brandon was so turned on, his cock was hard again, and he moved across the sauna and stood in front of Matt, stroking like crazy. When Jim said he was cumming in Matt's ass, Brandon was so excited he shot another load all over Matt's chest!


As the guys showered after the sauna, Brandon still had a chubby the whole time. Jim noticed and pointed at him. "Enjoyed that show, eh little brother?"


"Fucking A, when can we do it again?" he asked.


The three men laughed and Jim walked over and hugged his brother, "Anytime you want to come up and visit, we'll give you a show."


Twenty minutes later he was on his way back to the beach and the guys went on with their day. After lunch, Matt grabbed Jim and kissed him. "That was a nice thing you did for Brandy, and fucking hot."


"Yeah it was hot. Do you think he wants to do more?"


"Maybe; but we should leave it at just stroke sessions since he's married. But that can be just as much fun." Matt answered.


"You're right baby, it could be fun."



To be continued...



This is a play zone, much nicer

than the wooden play pens we were

stuck in back in the `50's!


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