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A Single Soul


Chapter 48


The Sting



Saturday evening July 11, 2009



"You're kicking me out?" Keith asked his father.


"No, it's your behavior which has made it impossible for you to stay," Finn said firmly. "You have assaulted your brother verbally and physically and you lied to me."


"When did I lie to you?" Keith shot back, knowing he was beaten but feeling he had to put up a fight.


"Would you like to change your story about Billy?" Finn challenged. Keith remained silent and then suddenly decided to go on offense.


"Mom was right, you never cared about us," he challenged his father.


"Don't you dare try that shit with me, young man. I've shown you everything that proves I was telling the truth and never once lied to you. When you're willing to admit you have a problem with gay men, we'll talk. But until then, you are not welcome in my home. I have been upfront with you from the beginning, Keith. That's more than I can say about the way you have conducted yourself." Finn had to stop to compose himself while Keith maintained his calm. This was easy for Keith. He knew what he wanted and he knew how to get it. He'd watched his mother for years and learned well.


"I'm sorry Dad," he said with a look of unctuous contrition, "I'll try to do better, but this is all so new to me. I really would like to stay and get to know you again."


That was it! Finn heard those words and forgot everything else. He looked at his son; he was seeing his four year old first born apologizing for breaking his sister's toy, not the adult, homophobic, sociopath that he had become.

Finn thought quickly. Maybe if Keith would see Doctor Marks she could help him with his problem. "Okay, I'll make a deal with you," Finn offered. "First of all you are going to tell me the real truth about what happened with Billy Leo. Then, second, you will agree to see a psychiatrist who can help you with whatever it is that is bothering you." Keith blanched for a moment, not sure of which of the demands bothered him most - admitting he was a liar or seeing the shrink. He quickly did the math in his head and decided that he could handle the shrink, there was no way she could get inside his head. He'd just bullshit her for a few weeks. Admitting that he lied about Billy would be a little tougher, but it was either that or lose everything so he spun his father a modified version.


"So Dad, he was basically telling the truth. It did happen that way, except that he missed the part where the guy hit on me first. That's why I got so angry," Keith said, playing the victim.


"Well thank you setting the record straight," Finn said, although in his heart he knew that it wasn't the complete truth. "If you are going to stay, you have to promise to see Dr. Marks, and you will apologize to your brother."


"Alright Dad, I'll be good and I won't start anything with Timmy again," Keith lied with ease of a politician asking for a vote.


"Thanks Keith, now unpack your stuff while I go and talk to him," Finn said. He then headed to speak to his younger son. When he got to Tim's room, he found him sitting on the couch wrapped in Derrick's arms. When Finn told him what had happened with Keith and that he was staying, Tim's face became red with anger. He jumped up from the couch and headed back for his suitcase.


"Tim," Finn shouted, "what are you doing?"


"You said you would take care of things, well you didn't. If he stays, I go. I will not live in a house where I have to watch my back," Tim shouted at his father.


"But Tim, be reasonable," Finn pleaded. "You haven't given him a chance to apologize yet". Now Finn was becoming annoyed with him, Tim wasn't the only one with feelings.


"He can apologize all he wants. I still don't trust him enough to live here. I'll be civil when I'm here, but I'm not living under the same roof and being alone with him," Tim said forcefully. Finn was torn; he had to give Keith a chance to change. But by doing so he was sending a signal to Tim that he wasn't important. Normally at a time like this he would lean on Frank, but that wasn't an option at the moment. He would have to deal with that later. The problem now was how to not to lose Tim.


"Okay son, go and stay with Derrick if it makes you feel better," Finn said calmly, "all I ask is that you keep an open mind. Keith is going to see Doc Marks to help him through this," Finn said lamely.


"Fine," Tim said and gave Finn a hug, "if you want to see me, I'll be at Derrick's." And he and Derrick picked up his bags and left Finn standing there. As they were leaving they passed Keith. He didn't reply when Tim said, "Catch you later." He just gave him the finger with his frat boy smirk on his face. What Keith didn't see was his father standing in the living room doorway, watching.


Finn went next door to see Frank, needing to fix their relationship fast. He loved the man dearly and couldn't bear the thought of not being with him. Coming into the kitchen from the back deck he encountered Frank and Billy making sandwiches. When Billy looked up and saw Finn he put down the sandwich he was working on and left the room. Finn looked at Frank and the tears just started to flow. Frank opened his arms and Finn crossed the room and fell into them.


"I'm so sorry Frank, I can't believe I treated him that way. This whole thing with Keith has me so turned around I don't know which end is up. Timmy has moved out; he's afraid to stay in the same house with him. I've hurt you and worst of all I've all but called Billy a liar," Finn said in rapid fire.


Frank just held him tight and let he de-compress. Then he said, "Don't worry about Billy and just let him work through it. He may take some time, but he'll come around," Frank added as he continued to hold his lover.


"Frank, can you ever forgive me?" Finn asked.


"There's nothing to forgive, buddy. Remember, I'm a father as well and I understand," Frank said as he released Finn from his embrace. "But I'm going to tell you up this front and you may not like it I think Keith is doing his best to play you. I'm not saying not to give him a chance. I'm just saying, view it as a lawyer and not just a father."


Finn bristled at Frank's remarks even though he knew there was a lot of truth to what he had to say. He needed Frank and would just let the comment pass and he hugged his man again.



Derrick and Tim were unpacking when Jim knocked on the door, "Hey guys, everything all right?" He asked.


"Yeah Dad!" Derrick answered while Tim crossed the room and hugged Jim.


"Thanks for letting me stay, Uncle Jim," Tim said and then added, "Is it okay for me to call you `uncle'?"


Jim squeezed the boy tightly, "Sure, buddy, it would be an honor and if you need anything, just let me or Uncle Matt know. By the way, he'd like it if you called him uncle too."


"That's great," Tim said with a big smile. "I'm going to go talk to him right now," he said and went off to find Matt.


Jim looked at Derrick and smiled, "What?" Derrick demanded.


"Nothing buddy, it's just that you're falling in love and it's written all over your face," Jim said and sat on the bed. He patted the space next to him inviting Derrick to sit also.


"Am I right?" Jim asked.


"Yeah, we really click," Derrick said shyly.


Jim put his arm around Derrick's shoulder and pulled him close and then he began to recite;

"When I was one-and-twenty
I heard a wise man say,
'Give crowns and pounds and guineas
But not your heart away;
Give pearls away and rubies
But keep your fancy free.'
But I was one-and-twenty,
No use to talk to me.

When I was one-and-twenty
I heard him say again,
'The heart out of the bosom
Was never given in vain;
'Tis paid with sighs a plenty
And sold for endless rue.'"


"Are you telling me not to fall in love?" Derrick asked.


"No buddy, not at all. What I'm telling you is love is not easy and sometimes love hurts. You know all about what happened with Matt and me, and it eventually worked out, but there was a lot of pain along the way. Just think about things. Don't get caught up in the moment, this is your first relationship so you need to take your time," Jim said pausing for a moment. "Things may get a little more intense now that you're living together. It may just confuse you a little. Just take your time and you will be fine and your dad and I will be there for you." Jim said, deciding not to push it any further.


"Thanks Dad, I know you will," Derrick said turning and hugging Jim hard. "You have been ever since that day at the barbershop," he said with wet eyes.


Just then Tim came bounding into the room, and stopped when he saw them. "I'm sorry...I'll come back," he stuttered.


"No buddy, it's not a problem," Jim said, "this is your room and I was just leaving.


Derrick stood and held his arms out for Tim who stepped right in and allowed himself to be hugged. "It's okay baby, he was just giving me some advice. How about we hit the rack, I have to work early."


"Sure," Tim said with a big smile and kissed his man.



Wednesday June 15, 2009


Keith was a bit nervous as he drove to Dr. Mark's office for the first of his required counseling sessions. He needed to control this situation and not let her get any information out of him. He worked hard to always maintain control of every situation he found himself in and he would be damned if a fucking woman would get the best of him.


Dr. Marks started the session. "So Keith, why are you here?" She asked in a friendly and relaxed manner, while still projecting a firm and direct air which annoyed Keith a bit.


"It's a condition my father placed on me if I wanted to stay in his house," Keith offered flatly.


"And why is your father placing such a condition on you?" she asked.


Keith gave her a smile. "I'm surprised you don't know, since you two are such good friends," he said.


"I'm asking you," she said meeting his eyes, challenging him while keeping her face completely impassive.


Not being able to intimidate her and control the session riled Keith. Only twenty minutes into the session he decided he didn't like this bitch. He didn't answer. He just continued to stare into her eyes. Three minutes of silence past and she never blinked. For a narcissistic sociopath like Keith that was a declaration of war. Finally he decided he needed to try to regain control.


"I'm having a hard time adjusting to living in my father's home and his new lifestyle," he reluctantly shared.


"And why is that?"


"It's just different from the way I'm used to living," Keith offered lamely.


"Would you like to expand on your point, exactly what makes you uncomfortable? What is it exactly that you don't like?" She asked prodding him along.


"I don't know exactly," Keith responded, evading the issue.


After practicing for thirty-five years, she knew well that evasion was the first stage of unmasking a client. She knew from experience that Keith was going to dance around the hot spot rather than confront it. This was completely expected. Her plan was to try to gain his trust first before confronting him head on. However there was something that did concern her, his smirk. Whether it was speaking of his father or living with him, he displayed that smirk. Her experience told her that he used the smirk to conceal anger and she thought he was sitting on a considerable amount of it. As she ended the session, she began to question why.


Keith drove back to his dad's feeling pretty smug. He had handled the first session well. This was going to be a piece of cake. He had the upper hand and with that he could steer the bullshit therapy sessions in any direction he desired. "That fucking bitch shrink isn't getting in my head," he thought as he pulled into the garage.


Finn was at Frank's when Keith pulled into the garage. He waited about ten minutes before going next door. Finn had already decided he wouldn't ask about the session. Keith was a big boy, if he wanted to share he would. For his part Keith was surprised his father made no mention of his session. He fully expected nothing less than the Spanish Inquisition, with his father starring as Torquemada. He already has his line of bullshit queued up for his dad. The goal was to appear sincere in his attempt to change and accept both his father and brother. When Finn didn't ask, he felt the need to offer a few platitudes just to make an impression.


"So thanks for getting me in with Dr. Marks, Dad. I really liked her. There was something about her that made me feel at ease, like I could trust her," he said with his trademark smirk.


Finn sighed inwardly and for the first time since this all started he felt hopeful. He sounded so earnest and sincere. Maybe he would be able to stay with him and more importantly repair his relationship with his brother.


"That's great son," Finn said offering encouragement, "I know this is tough for you, but I'm proud of you for trying," Finn said sincerely.


"It's cool, Dad," Keith said with his smirk, "it's the least I can do after all you've done for me." He finished and then grabbed a banana and headed to his room.


Friday July 17, 2009


Friday morning Billy popped in while Frank and Finn were having breakfast. He came home to get some clean clothes and do wash. He had been spending time with Wolf at a buddy of his so he could visit Travis as much as possible. The added benefit was that he didn't have to see Keith. When he entered the breakfast room he greeted the two men.


"Hi Dad. Good morning Finn," he said, clearly still angry over the incident after the party. "Just stopped by to do laundry and get clean clothes."


"How's Travis doing?" Finn asked trying to engage Billy in conversation and possibly repair some the damage he had done.


"He's fine, thank you," Billy replied, and then he addressed his dad, "Dad, Tray is doing so well that they are moving him to rehab today. The doc told us that he just needs to be there three weeks. He will be home for the boy's birthday party on the twenty-second."


"That's great news," Finn said, once again trying to engage Billy, who just ignored him.


"I'm going to call Matt and Jim and let them know," Billy said as he was leaving the room.


Frank saw the pained look on Finn's face. He felt bad for his lover but didn't want to get into the middle and possibly make things worse.


"Well at least he's moved up from Mr. O'Brien," Finn said with a weak smile.


Frank reached for Finn's hand. He picked it up and brought it to his lips and kissed it, "Just give it time baby, things will get back to normal," Frank said.


"I hope so," Finn said, and then he quickly pulled his hand away surprising Frank. Frank saw that Finn was looking past him, and he turned to see Keith standing in the room with his trademark smirk. He had apparently witnessed the moment of intimacy causing Finn to react. That did not sit well with him.


"Good morning, Dad, you too, Frank. I'm just letting you know I'm leaving for my appointment with Dr. Marks."


"Okay, good luck," Finn said. Keith turned to leave the room and was met by Billy entering. Keith jumped to the side to avoid a collision.


"Watch where you're going, Tex," he said with a fake smile.


"Whatever, and the name is Billy or Bill," Billy replied blowing him off as he stepped aside to let Keith pass.


"Dad, Matt said to tell you to call him when you get a minute, I gotta run. I'll be back in about an hour," Billy said before leaving.


Finn watched him leave, and then looked at Frank who immediately raised his hand, "Don't even say it, we are not getting involved. Let them work it out on their own."


Finn slumped, "I guess you're right, I just wish Billy would give him a chance," as soon as he said the words he saw the anger flash across Frank's face, "What?" Finn asked.


"Nothing," Frank snapped and got up to leave the table, but Finn grabbed his hand to stop him.


"No, Frank, don't leave angry, let's talk it out."


"There's really nothing to talk out. I would just like to point out that all Billy has done is twice protect a gay man, one them your own son, from Keith's homophobic assaults," Frank said calmly. He could see that Finn did not like what he had to say. "I don't understand, one minute you're upset because Billy is treating you coldly, and the next minute you're all but accusing him of causing Keith's problems. Then you freak out because he sees us holding hands! So what is it, do we all have to act completely straight around your son?" Frank said. Finn's face showed how torn he really was, so Frank continued calmly, trying to soften the blow. "I know you want a relationship with your son. I completely understand that, but you really need to see the person that he is," Frank said while raising his hand again to stop Finn from reacting. "I understand that you had no part in raising him for the last fourteen years. However I think you need to remember who did."


Finn sighed, "I guess you're right, I just hope the Doc can help him or I'll end up losing both of my sons again."


"You'll never lose Timmy, he'll always love you. But you may have to let Keith go to have him stay in your life," Frank said solemnly. The honesty and accuracy of Frank's words slammed into Finn like a gut punch. Could it really go that far...?



Keith was half-way to the Doc's when his cellphone rang. It was his buddy Doug from home. They had been friends since freshman year of high school and were like two peas in a pod.


"Dougie, what's up man?" Keith asked, happy to have someone to talk to.


"Nothing much, unlike you. I don't have a rich fag dad to support me all summer so I'm working my ass off," Doug said.


"Sucks for you, I'm having a ball," he lied, "Dude, I have him eating out of my hand. I'm like the fucking Leonardo DiCaprio of North Carolina," he said laughing, "My acting is so fucking good I should get a SAG card."


"How much longer you gotta do the therapy shit?" Doug asked.


"Just a few more weeks, then I'll be done. Then it's leaving Fag Land behind and back to school with you guys," Keith said with confidence.


"Yeah, but you're lucky. If you can't find a chick maybe one of those queer boys will blow you," Doug said egging Keith on.


"Fuck you dude, the chicks are all over my shit when I go to the bar. I'm getting more pussy than ever." Again he was lying, he hadn't scored once since he'd been there and it was pissing him off.


"Whatever fantasy man, the only action you're seeing is with your fist, like always."


"Fuck you, cock breath! You're lucky you're five hundred miles away or I'd pound your ass," Keith said as he pulled into the parking lot. "Listen man, I got to jet, I have to be inside in two minutes," Keith said ending the phone call.


Keith walked in the office at 9:58. His standing appointment was Wednesday and Friday from 10:00 until 10:50. The receptionist showed him right in. Unlike his first appointment, the session started right off with a confrontational question from the Doctor.


"Keith, why do you smirk when you mention your father and brother?" She asked straightaway. Keith had a puzzled look on his face so she continued, "Are you even aware that you smirk when you confront something you seem not to like?"


Keith just stared at her, refusing to speak. He did not like to be challenged, especially by a mere woman. The silence grew louder and louder. Finally after clearing his throat, he answered.


"I wasn't aware that I smirked," he said - with a smirk! He fucking knew he smirked. He practiced it in the mirror for hours. It was a multipurpose smirk. It could be an `I'm cute and sexy smirk' for the ladies, a `smirk of derision' for people he felt beneath him and, finally, a `smirk of disgust' for fags like his father and brother. But there was no way he was telling this cunt all of that.


The Doctor quietly pointed out that he had just smirked when he answered her. "Keith, my office is equipped with a camera. With your permission I would like to video our sessions, that way we could play them back and you could see the smirk for yourself."


"No way, I don't see the point; it's just stupid," Keith said angrily.


"Why is it stupid? Are you afraid of something? Are you afraid of being here; that you may discover something about yourself? Or, are you afraid of what I might think of you?"


"I don't give a fuck what you think about me!" he said with the same smirk. `Good', she thought, `he's angry'.


"Keith, did you know that smirking is a telltale sign of suppressed anger, rage actually?" she asked. Keith shifted in his seat, clearly uncomfortable. "What would make an intelligent, handsome young man like you so angry?"


"I'm not angry, there's just some shit I have to put with and I'm not happy about it."


The Doc saw an opening, "What do you have to put up with?" She asked calmly.


Keith became angry. This bitch was really getting to him. If she wanted to know so fucking bad he'd tell her. "I hate fags! There I said it, are you happy? Well I'm glad I did, I fucking hate queers."


Dr. Marks stood, "Well that will be all for today Keith," see said calmly and then started to walk to her desk.


"Why?" He demanded loudly, "I want to talk about this some more, we have twenty minutes left."


"We will talk about it more, at our next appointment," she said quietly.


"No, now!" he demanded.


She turned to him and studied him for a moment, remaining calm. With an impassive look on her face, she said, "We will pick up where we left off next week."


He turned and stomped to the door muttering to himself. Just as he opened the door, she heard him say `fucking bitch', then the door slammed. She sat back in her chair and began to tap her pen against her chin. `Well, well,' she thought, she found the source of his anger: his gay family. `Now, the tough work begins,' she thought, getting Keith to confront the main issue: the anger fueled by his hatred of gay men.


Driving home, Keith wondered how he would answer his father if he asked about today's session. He knew his father would never ask, but he thought it would be a good move to make up a story that would get the big fag all warm and fuzzy. He hadn't been home for ten minutes when Finn came in. "Hey kiddo, Frank and I will be leaving in the morning. We have to go to Raleigh for business and won't be back until Sunday afternoon. We're going to Matt and Jim's for dinner, would you like to join us?"


That would the last fucking thing he'd want to do. Matt and Jim were okay for fags, but his brother and his ghetto boyfriend was more than he could take. So he decided to go for the sympathy.


"Thanks Dad, but I'd had a very rough session with the Doc today. She's really helping me to look deep inside and deal with my issues. She's encouraging me to get in touch with powerful memories that are fueling my anger," he said with such sincerity that he almost believed it himself. "So I think I'll just go and get a hamburger at Nick's. I met a few people over there and they invited me to hang out tonight if that's okay with you."


Of course Finn, the ever hopeful and loving father, fell for the bullshit story. "That's great buddy, go have fun and I'm glad that you've met some friends. Just one thing, if you bring them back here just try to keep it under control. And no boat or jet skis unless I'm here."


"Ok Dad!" Keith said all sweetness and light, while inside he was laughing at how gullible his father was.


Saturday July 18, 2009


Finn and Frank walked into Matt and Jim's around 1000, the noise was deafening. Ryan and Kelly were screeching with delight as the Ian, Duffy, and Danny Boy chased them around the family room. Ryan was running and Kelly was crawling with the dogs jumping on his back and licking his face.


"Papa!" Ryan cried and headed right to Frank who picked him up and spun him around and kissed his cheek. Then he rubbed his un-shaven face on the boy's cheek making him squirm and giggle. Then he handed him off to Finn.


Matt, Jim and Barry joined them, "Alright you little hoodlums," Barry said picking up Kelly, "time to settle down, you're wearing out the puppies." Barry then handed a giggling Kelly to Matt. "Come on guys," Jim said to Frank and Finn, "Bazza and I will give you the rundown."


"Bazza?" Finn asked.


"Yeah, we'll explain later," Jim said with a laugh as he led them to the study. Barry had everything ready. He would accompany them to Raleigh along with Finn's PI friend. The meeting was just to go over the game plan and for Frank and Finn to look at pictures of the major. Also, Barry had the mini-camera to set up, the little lens would be in Frank's leather hat. And after a short meeting the guys were on the road.



At 2000 on the dot Frank and Finn arrived at the party location. It was in an old warehouse. They showed their invitation to the bouncer and paid the admission fee which included the party, clothes check, and all the beer and water you could drink. They had worn their leather gear under some loose clothes and stripped it off in the make-shift locker room. Barry was out in the van with the PI, helping him collect the video feed and also talking to Frank in his ear, giving him camera directions.


There was a variety of men in attendance; from amazingly buff studs to the hairy biker type complete with beer belly. The men were all in leather gear or just a jock-strap, the most clothing allowed were chaps with nothing underneath. That was what Frank was wearing along with a leather vest, his hat and a thick armband on his left bicep. Finn was wearing a leather harness, complete with a strap down the center of his abs and attached to a cock ring. Both men looked very hot and were being heavily cruised as they made their way around the space.


They had just gotten beers at the keg when Finn noticed the major and nudged Frank to alert him. He was quite a cute hot muscle stud. He wore the thin-strapped harness of a bottom, a yellow jock-strap indicating water sports and a thick leather collar around his neck with a leash attached to it, also knee-high black leather boots with yellow laces. Holding the other end of the leash was a 6'4" inch mountain of a man. He was fucking hot, with a hairy body and a huge uncut cock hanging out of his leather chaps sporting a two inch thick chrome cock ring. His master was leading him around the room, encouraging men to play with his boy.


Frank and Finn followed them as discretely as they could, Frank aiming the camera as directed by Barry from the truck. The master had stopped to talk to another master. He yanked once on the leash and the major dropped to his knees beside the man with his hands clamped behind his back, a sign of submission. The two masters were talking and laughing while drinking beer. Then the major's daddy pushed his head towards the other master who grabbed his cock and proceeded to piss into his mouth.


"Fucking hell, mate," Barry said into Frank's earpiece, "Wait until Jim sees this!" Finn and Frank stared at the scene. Finn felt himself getting hard and Frank noticed, "You getting turned on by water sports, buddy?" He asked.


"Well it is kind of hot, but it's more the dominance thing that's so hot."


They continued to watch as the master led his boy over to a sling that was hanging in the center of the space. Frank leaned close to Finn and said, "He may be a jerk off, but he has one fine ass," and Finn agreed.


The major climbed in and placed his legs up into the stirrups, exposing his pink puckered asshole. His master presented his cock which he greedily sucked as more men joined Frank and Finn close up to watch. After a few minutes of sucking the master moved around. With only spit as lube, he plunged into the major's hole causing him to scream out in pain from the rough entry.


"Somebody shove a cock in my boy's mouth, to shut him up," he ordered and Frank pushed Finn forward. Finn pulled his already hard cock out of his jock and the major swallowed it in one gulp. "Look at him deep throat him," Barry was all but panting in Frank's ear, who had to fight from laughing and giving the surveillance away.


"That's it boy," the master said, "Suck that fucking big pink dick, pig boy." Then to Finn he said, "Go ahead, make the little pussy boy choke on your cock."


Finn was enjoying the blow-job. Not only could the guy suck the chrome off a trailer hitch, but it was hot having an audience watching. While the master was pounding his boy, another big leather man walked up and began to piss on the master's cock while he was fucking the major, and that really got Finn close.


"This boy is going to make me shoot!" he called out.


"Good, pull out and shoot it on his face, he likes to be covered in cum." And that's what Finn did; he pulled out and in about twenty strokes shot a huge load all over the man's face. "That's a good boy," the master said, "give him a reward," he said to Finn, "let him lick you clean."


Barry told Frank he got it perfectly on video. Frank moved into position and got his own blow job. After cumming the same way Finn did, the two moved around the space, but kept coming back to get more footage. At one point there were at least ten guys pissing on him, while another man was fucking him, and his face was almost completely covered in cum.


"This guy is a total pig," Finn said.


"He sure is, and I would love to see his face when Jim shows him the video," Frank said, as the two collected their clothes and headed to the van.


The four men were staying in a hotel. They sat around Frank and Finn's room drinking a few beers talking about the night's events. Barry and the PI were sharing a room and after about forty five minutes they headed over. Once the door closed Frank looked at Finn and within minutes they were naked and rolling around the on the king sized bed.


Two rooms over the PI was running the video and making copies, Barry was sitting on the bed watching. "Come on mate, if you don't turn that off I'm going to crack a fat."


"What the fuck does that mean?" The PI asked.


"It means get hard, and if that happens I'll need a wank," Barry said.


"That's cool, I'll join you," the PI said as he released his own hard cock. The two men sat and watched the film and masturbated themselves until they blew hot creamy loads.


By 800, they were on the road back to Sneads Ferry to deliver Jim the key to keeping the major off his back.


To be continued...


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