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A Single Soul


Chapter 49




Sunday July 19, 2009

Jim and Derrick were practicing their music while Tim sat quietly across the room listening and admiring his handsome boyfriend. Tim needed no prodding; there was so much to Derrick; the strong well-built Marine, the sensitive musician and singer; and most of all, the gentle lover. He knew he was falling in love, but he worked hard to keep those feelings in check for fear of having his heart broken.

Meanwhile Billy and Matt had Ryan and Kelly in the pool. Billy was trying to teach Ryan to swim as the three dogs ran around the pool and barked at the splashing. Ryan was doing well, but Billy thought he may have to keep the swimmies on for just a little longer. Kelly just loved the water. He also still loved to pee when the water hit his feet and he was giggling as he hit Matt in the chest with a long stream of piss.

"Dunk him into the water bro, unless you're enjoying it," Billy said with a laugh.

Billy had driven over to visit. He certainly didn't want to hang around the house with Keith next door and his dad not home. He also didn't want to be there when Finn returned because there were sure to be fireworks. Keith had about twenty people over after the bar closed. They were making so much noise that apparently one of the neighbors had called the police. Billy stood by his window and heard the cops telling Keith to quiet it down. Apparently Keith mouthed off to one of the cops, who then, instead of writing a warning ticket, gave him a summons for disturbing the peace. Billy couldn't be sure, but it was a safe guess that the house was a mess.

Another reason why he came over was to hang out with Matt. It had been a long eight months since Travis had been injured. Not only did he miss his big brother, he had nearly worried himself to death while he was recovering. Matt had stepped up and made sure to talk to him daily, keeping his spirits lifted and making sure he kept up with his studies while he was at school. There were times that Billy had a hard time believing that his new life was real. He went from the son of religious fanatics, with little chance of going to college, to attending an Ivy League school. All thanks to his newly adopted family, for whom he thanked God every day.

And the most important reason of all was to talk to Matt about the situation with Finn. He had really grown to love and respect the man who had done so much to help him and his brother. However this latest situation with Keith had turned Finn's world upside down and whole thing had come between them. He told Matt everything, especially how hurt he was when Finn all but called him a liar.

Matt started off by reminding Billy of all Finn had done for him and that Finn really had no control of Keith or his actions. As a father, Matt could understand the position Keith had placed Finn in by lying; especially when he had been kept away from Finn for so long. By this time in their talk, they had gotten out of the pool and dried and dressed the boys before putting them in the play zone to let them tire themselves out.

They went to the kitchen and began to prepare sandwiches for lunch. They were expecting the "spies" back from their big night. While they worked Billy continued to explain himself while Matt studied the earnest young man. Billy impressed Matt from the day he met him, and now he impressed Matt more with his concern for Finn and Frank.

"Listen bro," Matt started, "how about cutting Finn some slack. Things have been really tough for him and dad since Keith arrived. I know for a fact he is really sorry for how he reacted to you. But remember who he's dealing with. He's trying to establish a relationship with his sons, sons he really doesn't know. He's remembering the boys he left behind all those years ago, but not the lying prick that has shown up in the form of Keith."

Billy thought about what Matt said. He knew Finn well enough to know he would never willingly hurt him or Travis. Maybe Matt was right. He would cut him a little slack but keep his guard up.

It was just about 1100 when the `spy team' arrived. Frank made his way into the kitchen Billy went over and hugged him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. He and Travis had both picked up on the Italian way of kissing one's father and uncles.

"Hey Dad," he said and then moved to Finn who was bringing up the rear and did the same thing. "Hi Uncle Finn, did you guys have a good time?" Finn just beamed, he was thrilled that Billy was back to treating him as his uncle. He didn't say anything, he just held Billy tight.

"Yeah sport, if your dad says it's okay you can watch the video with us," Finn said looking at Frank.

"If it's okay with Jim, it's fine with me. He's certainly not going to see much of anything he doesn't already know about," Frank said surprising Finn.

"Are you sure?" Finn asked, "I mean we, um, we...I was just kidding!"

"You don't think he knows you and me like to get our cocks sucked?" Frank said laughing.

"That's alright Uncle Finn, I'll keep Timmy and Derrick company while you guys take care of business," Billy said stepping out of Finn's arm after giving him another hug and a kiss on the cheek. "Besides, it may be too exciting for me," he said with a laugh.

An hour later, Jim and Matt finished viewing the tape. The entire time they were watching Jim was standing behind Matt, with Matt pressed against him. Matt could feel Jim getting hard and he kept pushing back and rubbing his ass against him. When it was over Matt turned to Jim and smiled, but Jim didn't smile back.

"What's wrong dog face?" Matt asked.

"Don't get me wrong guys, you did a great job. Now I have to figure out what to do with it."

"Well you'll obviously have to confront him," Frank said.

"Yeah Dad, as much trouble he has caused me, I don't want to do anything that will hurt his wife and kids. I mean, look at this video, he is one messed up dude. He's doing all this kinky shit, and then wants to push me out of the Corps. I'm worried about how he'll react. The last thing I want is for him to force me to expose him, because that won't be pretty."

Matt hugged him, "If anybody can figure out the right way to handle it, you can dog face," he said and then kissed Jim on the cheek.

Monday July 20, 2009

Jim sat in his truck in the parking lot of his barbershop, the same barber that the major used. He knew from talking to his friend the Sargent Major that the major was there every Monday at 1030 for his weekly haircut. He waited. He had seen the man go in and was going to confront him as he left. The barbers in this shop worked quickly, and it wasn't a busy day so the major was coming out of the door just a few minutes before 1100. Jim got out of his truck and stood on the walkway so that the major could not miss him. He was walking head down, not paying attention until he almost collided with Jim.

"Gunner!" He said with surprise, "What are doing blocking my path?"

"I needed to speak with you sir. How about we talk in my truck?" Jim said.

"No can do Gunner," he said nervously, "I don't have time to shoot the shit, especially with you."

"I think you may want to make time sir," Jim said politely but firmly.

"I don't see a reason why, I'm not in the habit of socializing with sodomites."

Jim gave him a small smile and said, "Are you sure sir? Looks to me like you still have some leather burns on your neck, caused by a dog collar, I think."

A look of panic flashed across the man's face but he recovered quickly. "Listen up Gunner; I don't know what game you think you are playing at..."

Jim looked him straight in the eye causing him to stop talking in mid-sentence. "I'm not playing Major, so you better get in the truck." The two men got in the truck and Jim put up the window's and started the engine for the a/c. He reached back and retrieved his laptop and clicked on the video. As it played Jim could hear the Major gasp. He looked up at his face and it was red with anger. The two men watched it in silence to the end. Jim said nothing and just waited.

"What do you plan to do with this," the Major asked.

"Here's the deal. I know that you have gone over the Baby G's head to stop my resignation and I also know that in doing so you have all but ended your career." The Major began to speak but Jim held up his hand.

"Don't even say a word. You can't deny this is you. And don't bother asking where I got this. So here's the deal. Stop harassing me and let me resign and the day Sec Nav approves it, you'll get the CD. You have my word that it's the only copy. The only other thing I want is to know why you are doing this to me." Jim said.

The Major sat there with a blank look on his face. It was obvious he was working through his options. This was not a good situation and worrying about how Jim got the video was useless. The question was could he trust Jim not to release it. He would lose everything if this got out, his career which he had already damaged, his wife and his children. He hated the fact that he was attracted to men, that he wasn't strong enough to resist the perverse acts that excited him so. If he was honest, that was the reason that he allowed himself to be led around wearing a dog collar attached to a leash. As far as answering Jim's honest question, that wouldn't happen.

"And how can I be sure you'll keep your word?" the Major asked. This angered Jim. He had kept himself under control up until now, even to the point of being concerned for the man who was attacking him. With fire in his eyes, he grabbed the front of the Major's blouse.

"Listen to me, and listen good you fucking sick closet case. You have some fucking nerve questioning my honor when you're the one cheating on your wife and being gang fucked and pissed on at a gay orgy!! I'll make you two promises right here, right now. The day the Sec Nav approves my resignation, you'll get the CD. But if you don't back off and leave me alone, this CD will go directly to your wife, your church, and the Baby G. Those are your choices. Now get your sorry fucking ass out of truck before I forget you're my superior officer. Finally, let me remind you of something. There is not one negative note in my entire file and I have a lot of friends in the Corps. So if I were you sir, I'd think long and hard about what you want to do, and what you will gain by taking me on.

The Major just sneered at Jim and got out and walked to his car. Jim needed to sit for a few minutes and compose himself before driving home. When he pulled into his parking space at the house, he hopped out of the truck and headed into the house looking for his lovers. He found them in the office working. Barry and Matt both stood up when he came into the room. Jim said nothing. He just held out his arms and they came to him and he hugged them tight. The angst of the morning, and the whole situation left his body. Holding his two lovers and their holding him made everything alright. He knew he could face anything that happened next.

"How'd it go dog face?" Matt asked.

"He got the message and now the balls in his court. If my guess is correct, he went straight home and changed his skivvies," Jim said and Matt and Barry laughed. "So what are my guys up too?"

"Nothing much. I just had a call from the guy who dad bought this land from. He owns the properties on either side of us. One is three acres and is a flag lot. That means that most of property is out by the road and the waterfront is only seventy five feet wide. The other is six acres. He's having a hard time selling it because it's pie shaped with only twenty five feet of waterfront," Matt said.

"What are you thinking?" Jim asked.

"Well, we surely have the money. It would be great for the privacy and security. I was thinking maybe we could put a house over on one the lots for Denise and Tina to use when they visit. That way we won't have to wear clothes all the time," Matt said with a smile.

"I like the way you think captain," Jim said, then he turned to Barry, "and what do you think Baz?"

Barry looked at the two men with surprise. He was comfortable being a part of the three-way love affair. But he had no money to invest. "Hey guys, it's your dough, not mine. But I do agree with Matt about the privacy and security."

Jim and Matt both gave him a look. Then Jim grabbed him by the belt loop and pulled him forward. "Listen up grunt, you are our partner. What's ours is yours. We may not be able to make it legal or give you anything until your divorce comes through, but you get a vote too. Do you read me?" Jim said, startling Barry a bit.

"Yes sir," Barry replied almost as if he was back in the Army, causing Matt and Jim to break up laughing. Then he grabbed Barry and kissed him deeply with Matt looking on and this was the scene George walked in on. He froze in his spot. He looked from Jim and Barry to Matt and the question was written all over his face.

"Hi Dad," Jim said cheerily, "I think we need to talk, let's go sit." He took Barry's hand and led him into the living room with Matt and a confused George following him. He led Barry to the couch. Matt took a seat next to him and Jim reached for his hand. Over the next thirty minutes Jim explained the whole story. George listened without interruption. His facial expressions changed from confusion to incredulity. When Jim finished the story George said, "Well this is different, and I have to say that I'm worried just a bit about the boys. You know they pick up on more than you think."

"We've already worked that out Dad," Matt said. "We won't be sleeping in the same room and the messing around will only happen while they are at school."

George seemed mollified and the conversation turned to the possibility of buying the adjacent properties. George also agreed that it was a good idea and the men adjourned to the kitchen for lunch.

Wednesday July 22, 2009

Keith returned home from his weekly appointment with Doctor Marks. He found Finn in his office and proceeded to give his father a very rosy picture of the results of his therapy, when in fact it was not going well at all. But he needed to try to get back into his father's good graces after the party and the disturbing of the peace citation. He laid it on thick and heavy, a talent he had in spades.

Later that evening Finn and Frank arrived at The Compound, the name that they had recently given to Matt and Jim's home. They were there to have dinner. Finn was still mildly perturbed that Keith was not welcome. It wasn't that he was banned; they just never pushed for him to attend. After dinner Finn asked Tim to go for a walk down to the waterfront. Finn began to tell Tim how well Keith was doing in therapy and what a pleasure he had been at the house. Tim told his father that he is very happy to hear it, but he's still not moving back home.

"Timmy, why are you being so obstinate about this?" Finn asked in frustration.

"I don't know Dad," Tim replied, his face flashing red with anger or was it disappointment? "Why are you being so blind?" Then he turned on his heal and left Finn standing with his mouth open. Am I being blind? Finn thought. Keith wasn't perfect, he knew that. He did have an anger management problem that was evident by the trouble with the cops, but Finn still believed that the guys, Tim and Frank especially, were not giving him a chance.

Friday July 24, 2009

Friday afternoon around 1500 Brandon and the boys pulled up to the house. Jim and Matt went out to great them. They greeted Brandon with a hug and one for Seamus as well, and just a handshake for the newly introduced Jake. Jim looked at his nephew and his buddy. Both were really hot and his cock gave a twitch just thinking about the scene Brandon had lately described.

After showing them to their rooms and letting them get settled in, Jim and Matt took them on a tour of the house. At the pool they found Tim and Barry in the water with the boys. Of course they were all naked while being introduced. Jim noticed the look on the two boys faces and chuckled.

"Sorry guys, I forgot to warn you. This is an all-male house, and we have a habit of not wearing clothes." The boys grinned at that. Jim wasn't sure if they were nervous or happy, "but you if not comfortable we can wear shorts."

"No problem, Uncle Jim," Seamus answered, "we're used to being naked in the locker room, and we swim naked at Jake's house whenever we can," he said and then blushed when he looked at his dad.

"It's okay sport," Brandon said, "I think it's cool too." That got a smile out of both boys along with a look of relief. After a trip to the dock to see the boats and the ski-do's, the two boys headed back to the house to get in the pool. They didn't even bother going to their room. They just stripped poolside and dove in. When Tim saw them naked his cock started to harden. Barry noticed the look on his face and laughed.

Jake had short dark hair, and was stunningly handsome with dark eyes and pouty lips. His body was heavily muscled for his age, with huge guns and thighs that looked like they could crush you. He definitely was a wrestler. Seamus was just plain soccer-boy-cute, also with short hair but sandy blond; he didn't have the huge legs and arms of his buddy. Tim could tell he played soccer. He did have a pretty impressive six-pack going and the beginnings of deeply cut Adonis belt.

"They are two hot boys. Best not stare or you'll end up with half a mongrel," Barry said, turning on his Aussie accent for effect.

"Huh?" Tim said, "Try it in English."

"You'll spring a woody."

"Too late," Tim laughed. The two boys jumped into the shallow end and then swam up to Tim and Barry. Barry excused himself to take Ryan and Kelly in for a nap, leaving them alone. As they watched Barry's muscular form pass by, his thick cock swinging, Seamus asked Tim, "This naked thing is kind of cool, but what happens if you pop one?"

Tim just laughed. "Your Uncle Jim told me when I first came not to worry about it and it will go away. It happened quite a few times and nobody gave me any shit about it. Then I must have gotten used to it because it hasn't happened in a while."

"Except for today," Jake said with a grin, "I saw your woody when I was swimming underwater."

Not missing a beat Tim replied, "Next time I'll let you see the whole thing."

That got a laugh from all three. Then they talked a bit about soccer, wrestling and school. Tim wasn't much older than the two boys so they had much in common. These two were pinging Tim's gaydar, but he wasn't sure yet, but when Matt, Jim, and Brandon walked out naked, the sharp intake of breath from both boys made him just a bit surer. Jim and Matt were a sight to behold naked, especially Jim with that huge soft cock and low hanging balls swinging against his muscled thighs. Matt was equally hot, with his thick arms and small waist. Brandon wasn't bad either. He was much more a pretty boy than Jim and his body was not as large, but tight. The three men jumped in the pool. It didn't take long for a game of pool basketball to begin once Barry rejoined them to even up the teams.

They were just finishing the game when a naked George came through the gate. "Grandpa!" Seamus shouted and climbed out of the pool to greet him. He was so excited to see George that he ran to him and hugged him hard, forgetting that he was naked. Then, when he realized it, he pulled away quickly, blushing furiously. Realizing what happened George just laughed and said, "Don't worry Buddy, you'll get used to being naked. And nobody will tell your mom." He said before pulling the boy in for another hug.

Derrick returned home around 1700. He was home early from work and had Drew with him. Drew said he was sneaking away from the house for a couple of hours. His mother was in town and was driving him crazy. He and Derrick started stripping poolside and when Drew dropped his shorts letting his monster cock swing, Jim saw Seamus and Jake's eyes get wide as saucers. Tim observed the same thing, `Yep, now I'm seventy-five percent sure they're gay!' he thought. It was a great evening. They cooked in the outdoor kitchen and had a great time. Frank and Finn joined the group around 1800 with Keith in tow. Much to everyone's surprise he was pleasant, even joining in the nude swimming.

Saturday July 25, 2009

In the morning, Brandon and his boys joined the guys, including Tim and Derrick, for a run. Barry was watching the boys. Later that morning he was taking Ryan to spend the day and have a sleepover with his mother.

When they returned, Jake and Seamus wanted to have a quick work out in the gym, so Derrick and Tim joined them while the adults started to fix breakfast. While they were working out, Derrick invited the guys to go with him and Tim to Wilmington to see the Battleship North Carolina. That was Jim's suggestion to get them out of the house for a couple of hours. He had a surprise for Brandon. The plan was for them to leave around 1000 and return by 1800 for dinner.

While they were working out, Seamus was spotting Tim and asked, "So how long have you guys been boyfriends?" He noticed the look of alarm on Tim's face and quickly added with a smile, "It's okay man, Jake is mine."

Tim's face split into a big smile. "You are one lucky boy," he said looking over at Jake who was doing squats with Derrick spotting.

"I'd say we are both lucky," Seamus said looking over at the other two, and then offered his fist for a bump. Then the two busted up laughing.

Their workout was interrupted by Derrick's phone. He answered and said "Yes sir," and hung up. "That was dad. He said to get our asses over there for breakfast."

Barry had returned from dropping off Ryan and found Matt and Jim in the pool with Brandon and George. He said hi, and then ran to the bedroom and got rid of his clothes and joined the others in the pool. After swimming, the guys had lunch and then were relaxing around the table drinking beer. Brandon was still a little uncomfortable sitting across from his naked father. George was leaning back in his chair, his legs spread with his cock and balls hanging low, almost over the edge of the chair. Jim was watching with a mischievous grin on his face and then winked at Matt.

"Hey Dad, I bet Brandy would love to hear about the parties you used to go to back in Jersey," he said barely keeping from laughing.

"What parties?" Brandy asked.

"They were basically circle jerks with beer," George said causing Brandon to spit out his beer and cracking up the other guys. Then George began to relate the story, just as he had to Matt and Jim. Brandon was bone hard in five minutes along with everyone else. He almost passed out as he watched his father grab his big hard cock and start to stroke it as he continued with his story. He looked over at Matt, Jim, and Barry who were doing the same thing.

"Come on son," George said, "grab your cock and join us. It sure looks like it would like some attention."

"Hey Dad," Matt said, "Brandon really likes to watch Jim fuck me." Brandon looked like he was going to pass out, but George just laughed.

"Well come on boy, it's been a while since you tasted my cock, get too it," George said holding his cock up straight and wiggling it at Matt. Matt got down on his knees in front of George and began to lick his fat cock like a lollipop. Jim moved behind him with his cock lubed and slid right into Matt. Barry moved into position and stood on the chair so Jim could suck him, while George continued with his story.

Brandon watched the scene and listened to story while stroking like a mad man. He couldn't believe what was happening, but he was so turned on he was about to blow any minute. George was talking to him, telling him how hot it was watching him beat off while he was getting sucked. Then it happened.

He was lying back with his cock aiming towards his chest when he blew, shooting his hot load all the way up to his neck. That caused a chain reaction with George blowing into Matt's mouth and Jim in Matt's ass and Barry fed Jim.

When they all stopped panting Brandon looked at Jim, "You had this all planned, didn't you, fuck head?"

"Yeah, didn't you have a good time?" Jim asked as he pulled his cock out of his lover's ass.

"Fuck yeah," he said as he scooped up his cum and licked it from his fingers, "when can we do it again."

That cracked everybody up, then they all dove into the pool and had a swim.


Brandon was getting ready for bed, he was in the bathroom standing naked in front of the sink brushing his teeth when he heard Seamus call from the door, "Come in," Brandon called out, then he rinsed, spit and walked out into the bedroom to find Seamus looking nervous. "What's up buddy," he said as he sat on the bed and patted the spot next to him.

Seamus sat, and then started, "Dad, I just wanted to thank you for bringing me and Jake here, we're having a blast," he said and then was quiet for a moment.

"And..." Brandon asked quietly, he had a feeling what was coming.

"So, well," Seamus started and stopped, looking down at his hands.

Brandon put his arm around Seamus's shoulder, "Seamus, just remember how much I love you," he said quietly.

"So, well you know how I've been dating Patty and Jake is dating Lauren," he paused again.

"Yeah, and...," Brandon said trying to lead his son on.

"So the thing is, well I like Patty here and here," he said quietly touching his heart and his head, "and I like Jake here," he grabbing the bulge in his boxers while looking at his dad with tears in his eyes.

Brandon pulled into a full hug and Seamus put his head on his shoulder and just began to cry, "I'm sorry Dad, I know you want me to get married and have kids, but girls just don't do it for me."

"Seamus," Brandon said pulling back and looking at his son, "your job in life is not to give me grandchildren; it's to be the best person you can be. You mother and I love you and always will, no matter what."

"Thanks Dad, just one more thing. Me and Jake want to keep this quiet for a while; we just don't want to deal with shit at school," Seamus said.

"I understand buddy, but would it be okay if I told your mom?"

"I want to tell her Dad, but I want you with me. Is that okay," the boy asked.

"It's more than okay; it's very adult of you. So, are you and Jake in love?" Brandon asked.

Seamus just laughed, "No Dad, I mean I love Jakey like a brother and he's my best friend," then he blushed, "with benefits; we're not labeling anything. Our biggest concern right now is school and sports; I mean we'll always be best friends but we're too young to talk about `LOVE'."

"Well Seamus, I am extremely impressed; and I cross you off my list of things to worry about. You're a pretty smart guy," Brandon said and hugged his son hard.

Later that evening around 2200, Matt and Jim were snuggled together and had just fallen asleep. Barry, who was sleeping in his room because of the company, had also just fallen asleep when his phone began to ring. He didn't recognize the number but answered anyway. It was Sue's neighbor; she was hysterical and crying, telling Barry to get to Sue's trailer as fast he could. And then hung up without telling him anything more. He jumped out of bed and ran to Matt and Jim in a panic. By the time he had filled them in Derrick, Tim, and Brandon were at the door. Matt told Derrick to call Frank and tell him to get Finn to Sue's since he knew where it was, as he raced to get dressed.

When the three men finally got to Sue's trailer they found the place surrounded by police and crime tape. Barry was in a near panic as they parked the car. He jumped out and headed toward the house but stopped when he saw the neighbor holding Ryan, standing off to the side. He ran over to her, and when Ryan saw him he cried out, "Daddy, Mommy got hurt."

Matt and Jim were right behind him and Matt took Ryan so Barry could find out what happened. The neighbor told him that she had been sitting on the steps when Cory showed up. He pushed his way into the house and she heard Sue yelling for him to leave. There was more arguing until she saw Sue come out of the trailer, carrying a sleepy Ryan. She asked her to watch him until she could get rid of Cory. The neighbor offered to call the police but Sue said it would be fine. She took Ryan in her place and laid him on the couch and he went right back to sleep. Then she returned to the steps and listened for trouble. The argument continued. It was nothing she hadn't heard from the two of them before. Then he shouted loudly, "If I can't have you nobody can." Then she heard a shot and froze; and then she heard another shot followed by quiet. She ran into her house and called 911when the police got there they found both Sue and Cory dead. He had apparently shot her, then himself. Barry was in shock. All he could think about was Ryan being there for the terrible ordeal; and then sadness. Sue turned out to be a good mother after all. She thought about her son first and took him to a safe place, possibly saving his life.

Just then Finn and Frank arrived. Finn moved next to Barry and told not to worry he would handle everything. He just nodded and looked over at Matt holding Ryan, who had his head on Matt's shoulder while Jim stroked his little back and he knew everything would be alright.

To be continued...

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