Deer Crossing Farm, an Update



Dear Readers,

Much like Mark Twain, the rumors or my death have been greatly exaggerated. I am sorry to have left you all hanging for the last year, but life just got a bit out of control.

It all started with what was to be a gloriously, exciting trip down-under to visit my collaborator, Henry Hilliard, who was once again at liberty from his creditors and the courts and able to travel— and indeed with haste and to a prudent distance. I unwisely agreed to join him on an outback adventure. Sadly, this prevented me from writing both from a point of view of spare hours in the heat of the day and also because sand, flies, spilt beer and bodily fluids, ruins a keyboard and eventually even accessing email.

It appears that Henry's sense of direction is limited to finding fabled `great pubs' that he has heard about and searching for the elusive `best coffee', which resulted us wandering for months in our caravan until finally our vehicle gave out somewhere west of Cocklebiddy, New South Wales. While I was trying to work out the name (or at least it's namesake) of this little town, we were thankfully rescued by a team of Australian football players come thence on a conditioning exercise, far from the fleshpots of the city, which their coach (a strict man, to whom I am ever grateful) saw as draining their on-field performances.

Our return was delayed for quite some time as Henry was busy educating the boys on the more obscure training rituals of the ancient Olympics— and they were all very big boys with a terrible thirst for knowledge as it happily turned out. As I'm sure you all have guessed, yours truly remained virtuous (well, in my fashion) and we were finally returned safely to Melbourne. Picture Pricilla Queen of Dessert without the fabulous drag. Of course I saw Henry more in the Terrence Stamp mold and myself a beefier Guy Pearce. In all fairness, after months in the desert heat I'm sure I was not seeing things quite clearly.

So, a very long (but rather torrid) story cut short, things are back on track now and I am back in the saddle (so to speak) and ready to complete Deer Crossing Farm. You will notice that all of the chapters have been removed, but rest assured, they will be replaced one at a time. I am currently re-writing the story and COMPLETEING it before beginning to repost. Be prepared; I am currently working on the final chapter, and I intend to blow (at least) your socks off.

The first new chapter will appear on 11/11, which of course is a national holiday (and my birthday) and will continue one a week until the end.

Best wishes to all,

Pete Bruno