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The Potter's Wheel

Chapter Fifteen






Friday, October 9th, 2009 - continued



"Nothing's wrong," Matt said but he knew Jim wouldn't buy it.


"Matty, I know you better than anyone on the face of God's green earth," he said smiling at his lover, "and I know that something is eating at you so spill Captain."


They made their way down the steps and to the left and sat under the trees. Matt knew he had to face this head on; there was no way that Jim was going to let this go. Looking Jim straight in the eye he asked, "Why did you bring Bazza into our relationship?"


Jim just sighed and smiled, he took a few minutes to gather his thoughts. Even though they had discussed this many times, he had had a feeling that this was what Matt was struggling with. There were some who would be angry if their motives were questioned but not Jim, he loved Matt and understood him completely.


Taking a deep breath he said, "Because I love you more than anything in this world and I knew you were falling in love with him and so was I."


Matt was surprised at this— and a bit shocked Jim's admission, "So you were afraid I was going to cheat on you; or was I not enough for you?" Matt asked defensively.


This time he felt his anger begin to rise; and by the look on Matt's face he wasn't able to hide it. He counted to ten in his head before he spoke, "Alright Captain, before this turns into a `thing' why don't you just tell me everything you're thinking and then I'll give you my answer," Jim said calmly.


"Fine," Matt said and began to tell Jim all that had been going through his mind about their relationship with Barry. The big man never interrupted, he just let Matt get it all out and when he was through Jim remained quiet for a moment to digest what he had just heard. Then he took his lover's hands in his and stood pulling Matt up with him.


"Matty we are so alike—and complete as a couple that we both started to fall in love with him, I saw that and accepted it," Matt gave him an uneasy smile and Jim continued.


"So rather than let it come between us and rip us apart I thought it would be better if we let him complete us," continuing to look directly into Matt's wet eyes as he went on. "If we hadn't met him we would have continued to live happily on our own and it would probably never have been an issue, but there he was. He is a very special man, and too special for us to ignore," Matt smiled and nodded and Jim continued.


"So ignoring him wouldn't work, and keeping him as a fuck buddy wouldn't be fair to him; remember what dad always says about treating people. So I figured it would be best to bring him in. Barry is a smart man and came into this relationship with his eyes wide open. The way I see it is we each find a little something in one of our partners that is missing in the other; and that is why this works."


Matt broke their gaze and looked at the ground, he felt silly. Jim was right of course, it was unconventional, but it really did work. Looking back at Jim's expectant gaze he said, "You're right Jimmy—I think I was letting other people's opinions get into my head."


"Baby, I don't give a rat's hairy ass what anybody else thinks, I have the two best men in the world. I spent all those years in a loveless marriage; when I got you back I promised myself things would be different and that I would never lose you again.


Matty, I've said this before; I think of as one soul, you own my heart and I will let nothing ever come between us. I love Barry to death, and I love our boys—but it's you I think of first thing in the morning and the last thing at night. So, we found someone extremely special and brought him into our relationship, I think it's worth it. Do you read me Captain?" Jim asked looking deep into Matt's eyes.


"Aye, aye Gunner, loud and clear," Matt choked out before throwing his arms around Jim and kissing him deeply. He was enjoying the feeling of his cock growing against Jim's thigh when he heard, "Fucking fags," pulling back from the kiss he and Jim both looked towards the sidewalk to see three young guys walking by glaring at them; the one who met Matt's eyes looked vaguely familiar for some reason. Jim just smiled at Matt and pulled off his shirt. The three guys gawked as Jim struck a muscleman pose showing off his huge arms as well as his incredible chest as he shouted back.


"Affirmative; which one of you boys want to come over and take your chances with a couple of fags." The three guys began to walk a little faster as Matt and Jim roared with laughter. As Jim was putting on his shirt he said, "And by the way, don't think you're the only one who notices the young muscle studs. Funny thing is, before we got back together I never once looked at another man; but now I notice," he said and tried to wiggle his eyebrows causing Matt to laugh again, they really were exactly alike.



Saturday, October 10th, 2009



"Daddy—Daddy come on Papa has ice cream," Ryan was saying as he pulled Barry out of the pool. Matt and Jim were standing by the pool wearing black suits and they were crying, Ryan keep pulling his hand and asking him to come and get ice cream. But he didn't understand because he was in Philadelphia and why were Matt and Jim in suits? And why was Sue sitting by the pool smoking a cigarette?


"Daddy, if I kiss you will you take me to get ice cream?" He felt Ryan kiss him but he was on the other side of the pool, then he felt another kiss and then another. He opened his eyes and he was staring at the ceiling of the master bedroom in Philly; he recognized the plaster crown molding that rung the room. So he knew he must be dreaming, and then he felt bed move and another kiss. Turning his head he was staring at a smiling Ryan. Just a little confused he said, "Hey buddy, how'd you get here—by bus?"


"No silly, I came on Papa's plane to visit you. It was so cool, we got to watch movies," said a very excited Ryan.


Jim and Matt arrived at the back door soaked with sweat. They both paid no attention to the large SUV parked in the back, and when Jim opened the door he saw Jasmine holding a toddler, who turned and reached out and said "Daddy". Jim was shocked to see Kelly, and no sooner had he taken the boy in his arms and kissed him, that he heard two loud shouts of "DAD" followed by MJ and Jimmer grabbing him around the waist. They released him and moved to do the same to Matt who was bringing up the rear.


"What are you guys doing here?" Matt asked the boys.


"Papa and Uncle Finn brought us," Jimmer, "it's a surprise."


"It certainly is," Jim said as he hugged and kissed both boys after passing Kelly off to Matt. He looked up to see Frank coming into the kitchen. He looked at the man who had become his second father and smiled, "Hey Dad, thanks."


"No problem son, Finn has quite a lot of business to complete; you as well. And the boys have Monday off for Columbus Day so it worked out. And the best news is he scored a box at the Linc for the Eagles game, there's room for up to twenty, but I need a count for the catering," Frank said, "and there is another surprise; Derrick had a 96 so he and Tim are here. Do you think Barry will be up to going?" He saved the other surprise for the game, he had invited Brandon, his three boys Seamus, Shane, and Sam; and of course Seamus' friend Jake. They would be arriving Sunday morning and meeting the family at the stadium. Frank had ordered a few air mattresses so that they could stay the night and the boys could go on a sight-seeing tour on Monday with Derrick as their guide.


"Not sure, but I'll ask him," Jim said.


"Ask me what?" Barry said as he entered the family room holding Ryan's hand.


"Dad has tickets for the Eagles game tomorrow and was wondering if you were up to going," Matt said.


"Too right, mate, I could use a day out of the house."


"Well you will be able to rest if you need to, it's a luxury box and there are few couches inside if you need to lay down," Finn offered as he went to hug Barry in greeting.


Dinner that night was a raucous affair. The boys filled their dads in on all the news. Buddy had moved home with his dads, but he was still coming up on weekends to ride his dirt bike. Major Belgrade and the twins had moved in, both boys enjoyed having the twins around more; it was like having two older brothers.


Derrick and Tim were bunking in with Conner who couldn't keep from smiling. Billy and Mike were doubling up so that Frank and Finn could have a room and Matt, Jim, and Barry could stay in the master. At one point in the evening Matt watched Billy whisper something in Conner's ear causing him to turn beet read and punch him in the arm; Billy just laughed as the basketball player chased him around the kitchen. It was an easy guess what the whispering was about.


With the boys settled in their rooms, Matt and Jim climbed into bed and joined Barry who had gone up early. When they slid under the covers on either side of him he woke and kissed both of his men.


"Did you guys get your problem worked out," he asked surprising both Matt and Jim.


"We didn't have a problem," Matt protested weakly.


"Bullshit captain, I know something has been troubling you for the last few days and it seems that you are much more settled," he said snuggling into Matt's chest as Jim spooned him from behind. Matt knew he had to come clean; Barry was just too smart to be fooled so he began to tell him everything. When he was done Barry moved in and gave him a deep, loving kiss.


"I've never felt used by either of you," he said with a tear escaping from the corner of his eyes. "You two are my saviors and I love you both more than you can know. So no more worries mates, let's just enjoy the ride." With that he turned to kiss Jim and the three men fell fast asleep holding tight to each other.


Sunday, October 11th, 2009


Barry woke early in the same position he fell asleep, his face in Matt's chest and Jim spooning him from behind. As he breathed in the scent of his lover he allowed himself to absorb the intimacy of the moment and let it lift his spirit. He decided that he would preserve this moment for the future; he knew that the treatment he was facing would be difficult and he would need this memory to draw strength from when he was at his worst. As he lay sandwiched between his lovers he became aware that, for the first time in weeks his cock was full on hard as he pressed it into Matt's thigh. He could also feel Jim's dripping cock wedged in the crack of his ass. Overcome with desire he pushed back into Jim; squeezing his butt cheeks while sucking on the nipple of Matt's large pec.


"Umm... somebody's feeling randy this morning," Jim said as he slid his cock between Barry's cheeks with his pre-cum acting as lube and reached between Matt and Barry and grabbed his hardon.


"Come on lover, slip that big thing into me," Barry said as he pulled his knee up to his chest to give Jim access to his quivering hole. By this time Matt was awake and was kissing Barry deeply who groaned into his mouth as Jim slid into his hot ass and sighed with contentment.


"Come on Captain, stick that cock in my mouth, I want you two to completely fill me up. The three worked like a well-oiled machine a within fifteen minutes Barry felt Jim's cock throb and unload just as Matt filled his mouth. The three entered into a three-way kiss as Barry shared part of his reward.


"All right boys, no time to waste. We need to get cleaned up before we have four boys in our bed," Jim said as he headed for the shower. The three had just walked into the bedroom toweling off when there was a knock on the door.


"Enter," was all Jim said and the door flew open and MJ & Jimmer entered carrying Ryan and Kelly. The boys, as ordered the night, before were wearing boxers since Jasmine would be coming for breakfast. Ryan had on a pair of briefs which he proudly showed off since he was now a `big boy' and was potty trained.


Jim took Kelly and felt his diaper was dry, looking at the boys he asked, "Did Papa change Kelly's diaper?"


"No, me and Jimmer did," said a beaming MJ, "the Major taught us how—he said we were old enough to start helping you and Dad out with these guys. Jim handed Kelly off to Matt and held his arms out for the boys who immediately flew into them for a hug.


"I'm very proud of you guys, you two are growing up so fast," Jim said wistfully, earning a beaming smile from both boys as he kissed them on the cheek. After throwing on shorts they headed for the kitchen where they found Frank and Finn already working on breakfast. They had just finished their first plate when Conner came in wearing a smile that spoke volumes; followed by Derrick and Tim who also had that special glow. All four adults broke up laughing, and all three boys blushed with Tim and Derrick both grumbling, "Dad!"


With breakfast over it was a mad rush to get everyone dressed in their new Eagles' gear and head to the stadium. Derrick thought it would be fun for the boys to ride the trains, so they walked the few blocks to the `El' station on 40th street and boarded a train heading east where they got off at City Hall. They then walked underground to the Broad Street line and headed south to the stadium. The boys were thrilled with the ride, but complained that the underground concourse smelled like pee getting a laugh from the adults.


They arrived at the stadium and Finn handed out their tickets, which were in a plastic pouch hanging from an Eagles lanyard. When they got to their suite Frank made sure that Jim was the first in. Brandon and the boys were already there and Jim bounded to his brother and grabbed him in a hug. Brandon explained that this was his birthday visit since they wouldn't be able to come in November.


Everyone was impressed with the suite and besides the comfortable indoor area, complete with catering; there were seats outside to give one the complete stadium experience. It took a bit of time to get the kids settled; they were all very excited by the adventure. Sometime after the beginning of the second quarter Jim found himself in the lounge with Shane.


"Shane," Jim said, "I'm glad I caught you alone." Shane looked back at Jim with shear panic on his face; this was the first time they had been together since his outburst at the beach. Jim saw the look of fear and immediately opened his arms to the boy, "Come here buddy, I just wanted to tell you how proud of you I am for sharing your story with your brother." Shane flew into his arms and held on tight. Brandon had told Jim everything, but he let the boy tell his story, "I'm so sorry Uncle Jimmy, I love you so much."


"And I love you too, so let's just forget the bad stuff and move on."


All too soon the game was over and the Eagles had beaten Tampa Bay 33 to 14. The trip back home was by two limos, and dinner was lite that evening after all the food at the game. It was supposed to be an early night for the boys, there was a big day of sight-seeing planned for them on Monday, but they talked their dads into letting them go in the hot tub with the other guys. Billy left to walk Jasmine home—she had a project due on Tuesday that she had been neglecting. As soon as they were out the door the rest of the boys were stripping in the family room, Jim and Matt were both pleased to see Shane being one of the first naked and in the tub. They also couldn't help but enjoy a glance at the two wrestler studs, Seamus and Jake. They were seniors now and were starting to look like young men.


After the kids were outside Brandon said quietly to Matt and Jim, "This place is great, too bad there isn't a sauna," giving them a wink.


"Don't worry little bro," Jim said, "after the kids go to bed you can watch me fuck Matt and have a good wank." Brandon's eyes twinkled and Jim shouted "ouch!" as Matt punched him in the arm, "what was that for?"


"Maybe he would like to see it the other way round," Matt said with a grin.


"I have a better idea," said Frank who appeared to have overhead the guys, "why not come to our room and let Barry get some rest, you know how much Finn likes a group." That received smiles from all three guys.


Monday, October 12th, 2009


Jim woke up to the smell of bacon and coffee, he opened his eyes and saw the face of his brother Brandon; and felt his hard cock pressing into his thigh. Then the events of the night before in Frank and Finn's room came back to him causing his cock to leak and throb. He slid himself down towards the end of the bed so that he wouldn't disturb the other three men, men that he loved who were still sleeping. After a quick piss and face wash he headed down to the kitchen to grab a cup of coffee.


When he reached the kitchen he was surprised to see the equally naked pair of Conner and Mike cooking breakfast. "Hey guys," Jim said, "awful early for college boys to be up, not to mention cooking." Both guys walked over and hugged Jim.


"We wanted to thank you guys for taking us to the game yesterday, that was the fucking coolest thing ever," Mike enthused.


"Well you're both welcome, we all think of you as family now so there's no reason to thank us."


"Well I do," Mike said, "if I didn't my mother would slap the black off me," he said with a laugh.


Over the next half hour the rest of the crew made it to the kitchen, the only two wearing anything were Kelly and Ryan. Breakfast was quick and everyone headed off to get dressed. Mike and Conner had practice, and since Jasmine was working on her project, Billy was going to accompany Tim and Derrick to help with the boys on the sight-seeing tour.


Just before 1000 Billy's cellphone rang, he answered with a cherry hello and then Frank and Finn heard him shout, "I'm going to fucking kill him!" As he headed for the door with a look of sheer panic on his face; Frank grabbed him by the arm, "Whoa son, where are you headed and whom are you going to kill?"


"Keith. That was Jas's roommate; she said that Jas went out about 800 to get some fruit at the stand on 42nd and Locust Walk and hasn't come back. Her phone calls keep going directly to voicemail," he said barely able to contain himself.


To be continued...



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