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The Potter's Wheel

Chapter Sixteen



The reactions of Mike and Conner were much the same and the three boys talked all at once until Jim called for a halt.

"Look guys, before you men form a posse, let's calm down and think of this logically. We don't even know if anything is wrong, she may have decided to go study and turned off her phone," Jim offered. "Somebody needs to go check the library—Billy, why don't you and me head over to the dorm first and talk to the roommate."

Just then the doorbell rang. Jim, Conner, and Mike all dashed up the back stairs to grab shorts from their bedrooms while Billy, the only one not naked, went to answer the ring. He was just about to open the door when Finn and Frank came down the main staircase into the foyer. Billy opened the door to the vestibule and hissed, "What the fuck!" He looked through the leaded glass of the outer door and could see it was Keith. He yanked the door open and was ready to lash out until he saw Keith's face.

"What the fuck happened, you finally pushed somebody too far?" He spat, but stepped aside to allow a bloodied Keith into the house. He pointed to the settle in the foyer's bay window. Keith's face was cut and beginning to scab over, his lip was split and swelling—and by the appearance of his swollen eye he would not be looking good for a few days. Billy wasn't proud of himself, but he really wished it could have been him that had inflicted the damage.

"I'm sorry," he said and then winced in pain, "this wasn't supposed to happen, I tried to stop him. I'm sorry," he repeated and began to shake. Billy was getting anxious; he assumed it had something to do with Jasmine; he was now sure it was Keith who was sending the texts.

He grabbed him by the shoulders. "Keith, do you know where Jasmine is? Was it you sending the texts?" Billy asked the anger and worry beginning to build, all the while he wanted to punch the already battered face; but he caught a warning glimpse from Frank and it was enough to calm him down. By this time Finn had returned with a first aid kit and was attempting to clean Keith's face up a bit.

In between wincing from the sting of the peroxide he began: "No, it was Dougie, when I caught him he flipped out on me and beat the shit out of me."

"Forget that now, Keith, we'll deal with it later," Jim said interrupting him, "Where is Jasmine?"

"Dougie has her; I don't know where he took her." His eyes were darting between the men surrounding him; it was clear that at the moment he was not worried about Jasmine, but what would happen to him. By now Matt and Barry were already in the foyer, along with the now-dressed Conner and Mike. Frank had his arm around Finn trying to keep him calm.

"You're fucking lying like you always do!" Billy screamed and he lunged at Keith only to be caught and held by Jim.

"Enough guys!" Barry said firmly, "Keith, what is Doug's phone number?

Keit fished into his pocket for his phone and gave it to Barry. He handed it back and asked Keith to put in his password and pull up his contacts, "Sorry, I don't remember the number," said the younger O'Brien.

Matt went off to get his laptop and in ten minutes Barry had located Doug's phone by GPS. Handing Jim a piece of paper he laughed: "This guy is no brain surgeon; he's left his phone on."

"Come on Billy," Jimmy said as they headed out the door. "Bazza, you call the campus security."


"Wait!" Billy shouted looking at the paper in his hands. "This address looks familiar. Hey Connor, what's the address of Schattner?"


"I think its 240 South 40th," Conner said looking confused.


"Why would he have her at the dental school?"


"Got me, it's a pretty busy place. There are some out of the way maintenance and storage rooms in the basement passages that connect to Evans," Conner offered.


With that information Billy, Jim, and Conner flew out the front door. It was only a few blocks to the dental school. When they rounded the corner they saw two police vehicles and a campus security car parked right in front of the building's main entrance. Rushing through the doors they stopped because there was a line of people waiting to check in to the clinic. A security guard halted them and said they needed to sign in. Conner showed his student ID just as Billy said, "There she is!" Pointing across the lobby to where tables and chairs were located, backed by three stories of glass looking out to a courtyard.


Jasmine was sitting on a bench with her back to the glass wall talking to two policemen and a campus security guard. Billy was by her in an instant and she immediately stood only to fall into his arms. He could see that she had been crying but was relieved that she appeared unharmed.


Just as Jim and Conner arrived, the policemen told her she was free to go and that they would be in contact. Billy had just started to question her about what had happened when he noticed Dougie being lead out by two policemen. He had a black eye and his face was swollen. He glanced at the group and sneered; it was at that point Jim recognized him. He was one of the guys in the group that had called him and Matt fags the other day at the Art Museum; Jim chuckled and thought, `I guess he called the wrong guy a fag.'


Jasmine wanted to go back to her room and rest; it had been a long two hours, most of it answering questions. As they walked her across the common to her dorm she told them the story. She had just left the fruit stand when Dougie appeared and put his arm around her, "Then he started talking shit in a loud voice: `Glad to see you baby! I'm here to replace that cowboy you've been dating' and right then I knew he was the person sending the texts. He told me quietly to act cool and that he had a knife and wasn't afraid to use it. He started to guide me across the commons to 39th towards Spruce."


"Yeah, their house is over in that row of frats on Spruce almost to 40th," Billy added. "That's where the party was when I beat the shit out of Keith."


"Anyway, he kept talking crazy; when I asked if he was sending the text messages he said no, that it was Keith; the whole plan was his idea." She took a deep breath to gather herself. "He said Keith's plan was to hurt you through me for humiliating him. But he said Keith wasn't man enough to do the hard part; he chose the easy task of luring, as he put it, `the cowboy' to the party."


Billy was seething, he looked at Jim who shook his head and mouthed `No', and so he kept quiet and let Jas continue.


"That made me a little nervous."


"Nervous? I would have been freaking out if someone was holding a knife to me," Conner said.


"With you I could understand that," Jasmine said with a twinkle in her eye and received a scowl from Conner and a laugh from Billy and Jim. "However, you all have met my brothers, so I just let it go and tried to stay calm. I noticed a patrol car at the intersection and when I mentioned it he turned and looked. That's when I used a few moves the twins taught me. He doubled over and then as he was trying to stand back up I dropped kicked him in the face," she said and beamed. "My brothers made sure I could protect myself."


The three guys laughed, "And by the looks of him you broke his jaw," remarked Conner. "How did you end up at Schattner by the way?"


"The next thing I knew the cop was there, he saw the whole thing and that the punk was missing a tooth, since we were almost there he took him to the emergency dental clinic. He asked me what happened and I told him the whole story, I even showed him the text messages; I had saved them."


After extracting a promise to call after she had rested, the guys went back home assuring her they would not call the twins or her parents yet.


On the way back they discussed the morning's events. Billy said he had known all along that it was Keith sending the messages. Jim remarked that something about Keith's concern earlier seemed a bit off. Ever the leader, Jim told the guys not to share what Jasmine had told them until after they heard Keith's version. When they arrived back at the house they noticed a police car in front.


There was a policeman in the living room interviewing Keith, with Finn standing by; apparently they were already checking on whatever story Dougie had given them. So they headed straight out to the kitchen where they found the adults. After giving everyone the Reader's Digest version of Jasmine's adventure, and assuring them she was fine, the final word belonged to Conner: "Yeah, she was like Viper and went all Kung Fu Panda on his ass!"


Just then, Finn walked into the kitchen wearing an apprehensive look and was followed by Keith. Tim stood in the corner with Derrick's arm around his shoulder and a scowl on his face.


Jim shot Billy and Conner a warning glance and said, "Hey Keith, you feeling better?"


"Yeah, thanks," he said nervously.


"I'm surprised you haven't asked about Jasmine," Jim said and watched Keith's face twitch, "I mean considering how concerned you were earlier."


"Yeah, sorry. So is she okay?"


"She's fine, she did some damage to Dougie though, Conner has renamed her Viper," Billy said with a laugh and enjoyed the look of confusion on Keith's face. Then his face became serious and said, "So tell me why your buddy beat the shit out of you?"


"Well, so I walked in on him when he was texting Jasmine and when I asked him what he was doing he told me the whole story. He said that she was too hot to be wasted and wanted me to help him. When I said no he beat the shit out of me," Keith said.


It took all of Billy's strength not to grab him and finish the job that Dougie had started. He was calmed by Frank placing an arm around him and holding him tightly. Meanwhile Tim was looking on with a smirk on his face; he instinctually knew his brother was lying but was waiting to see how it played out.


"Interesting," Jim said. "It seems Dougie is singing a much different tune, are you sure you want to stick to that story."


"Exactly what are you saying, Jim?" Finn asked.

"Just asking a question, nothing more," Jim said flatly.


"For God's sake Dad, are you really that dense?" Tim said with disgust, pulling away from Derrick, he headed for the back stairs.


"Tim!" Finn cried, causing the boy to stop and turn.


"Forget it Dad, you just can't help yourself."


"And what is that supposed to mean?" Finn asked with just a hint of anger in his voice.


"Come on Dad, are you really going to fall for this?" Finn looked back at his son with a mixture of anger and consternation, but Tim continued. "As usual he's lying," Tim said, pointing at his brother. "It's the same old story; he talks Dougie into doing something stupid and then backs out and lets him take the fall; I've seen it a million times," Tim said, receiving an evil glare from his brother. Finn looked from Keith to Jim; and from the look on Jim's face he knew Tim was right. After all the disappointment his oldest son had caused he had hoped that this time he was telling the truth; but the truth was in Jim's eyes. It was just another punch in the gut; but he was a father after all, and no matter how many times his son proved to be a ne'er-do-well or worse it still hurt. He wasn't the first parent that failed to accept the failings of his children and he wouldn't be the last.


"Keith, would you like to revise your version of the events?" Finn asked. The room was dead silent, no one had moved from their spots. Frank kept a firm grip on Billy's shoulder, and Tim's frown now turned into a satisfied grin. Keith's eyes darted nervously around the room. He knew that stupid ass Dougie must have told Jasmine of his involvement and that meant Jim and Billy must know too. He needed time to think; he knew he would probably need his father's help and he wasn't sure he'd be willing to give it after his latest fuck-up. He was debating whether to beg forgiveness or just leave when the doorbell rang. And in less than a minute he had his answer. Matt walked back into the kitchen followed by two police detectives. He was actually glad to see the cops; it delayed him from having to tell the truth.



With all the excitement the boy's tour of Philly had to be put off for another visit. Thankfully they were content to play video games with the `big boys' all afternoon.


Finn had not allowed Keith to go with the detectives, but in the end it didn't matter. After resting, Jasmine called Billy and asked him to come over and be with her while she spoke to her parents. After extracting a promise from both Billy and her parents not to tell Wolf and Udo about what had happened she explained the events of the day; she had decided not to press any charges against Dougie. She expected that he would most likely be expelled from school based on what both the police and campus security had told her; she thought that was punishment enough; not to mention that she had pretty much punished him by breaking his jaw.


As for Keith, she didn't want to create any more problems than necessary for Finn. She explained that even though he had started the whole thing, in the end he didn't act on it; if she were to press charges it would mean that he would be expelled as well. Billy was frowning as she explained all of this, but he knew better than to argue with Jasmine once her mind was made up.


Her father was not happy and said he would calling Finn directly to set up a meeting, but stopped short of forcing her to press charges. Her mother said that while she was also not happy with the events, she was quite proud of Jasmine and took comfort in the fact that she was able to protect herself. Billy quickly stepped out of the room and called Finn to alert him of Jasmine's decision and also to expect a call from her father. He told Finn that she thought that Dougie would be expelled quickly; Keith's fate was she had no idea about. Finn hoped that with his connections he may be able to get the school to just give him some sort of probation. Despite all of his faults, Keith had surprised everyone and turned out to be a pretty good student.


The police were another matter; they couldn't force her to press charges but made it clear they thought it best. She thanked them for her concern and hung up. Mike had already heard from his friend at Keith's frat that both had been kicked out. He said Dougie was almost packed and his father was on the way to pick him up. It was agreed that that was not going to be a pleasant ride home.




"Alright Dec, I'll get back you with you as soon as I speak to Jim and Dad," Matt said, closing his phone.

"What do you need to speak to me about?" Jim said moving up behind Matt and hugging him tightly.

"He needs both of us, along with Dad back at the compound, there is a lot of business to be handled with Reprisal, and Potter's Wheel, not to mention we have the settlement for Delaware on October 30th," Matt said turning in Jim's arms to kiss him, "so someone needs to stay with Bazza, I'm thinking it would be best if Finn stayed. He surely will need to be here to deal with Keith's issues."

"It works, let's talk to them, I'm sure it will be fine."

So it was decided, Finn and Tim would stay in Philly and look after Barry. With a laptop and cell phone Finn was able to work from anywhere. Actually Finn was happy with the turn of events; by asking Tim to stay as well they would have more time together.

Jim and Matt were packing when Derrick knocked on the door frame, "Hey Dads, may I come in?"

"Sure kiddo, what's up?" Matt asked.

"Dads," Derrick said moving to sit on the bed, "I was thinking, when, well if I come up here to attend Curtis, I think I'd rather live nearer to the school. I mean I like it here but I think I'd like to perhaps live on my own."

"Well if you'd like," Matt said with a dubious look, "but may I ask—is there a particular reason for this decision?"

"Well, besides being closer to school—lugging a cello on the bus is no fun by the way; I don't think I'd really want to live with Timmy. I mean, so you know we've decided not to be exclusive. More like best friends, well maybe like brothers from another mother, with benefits," he said with a laugh.

"Look Dads, in my heart I know it's the right decision. But sometimes even when we know we're doing the right thing it still hurts. See," he said looking down and blushing, "we were each other's first, but I've really enjoyed playing with Conner," Jim raised an eyebrow, "and Jake and Seamus as well."

"And let's not forget Scott Burns," Jim said with a smirk.

"Thanks Dad, I almost forgot about that."

"Cut it doofus, you're not helping," Matt said to Jim trying not to laugh.

"So, as I was saying," he said bumping shoulders with Jim who had taken a seat next to him, "before I was so rudely interrupted, I was thinking we may cramp each other's style so to speak, if we were living here together."

Matt and Jim shared a knowing glance, "Derrick, I think that is a very mature decision. Who knows, you guys may come back to each other, maybe not. The important thing is that you not lose your friendship—that's by far the most important concern," Matt said giving his adopted son a hug. "We'll help you any way we can."

Derrick headed off to find Tim leaving Matt and Jim sitting on the bed. Matt took Jim's hand and held it tight, and then he leaned in and gave him a passionate kiss. "What was that for?" Jim asked.

"Nothing," Matt said and was quiet for a moment while looking down at Jim's hand that now topped his. "Jimmy, what do you think would have happened to us if we hadn't had that little disagreement?"

Jim snickered, "Little disagreement? You didn't speak to me for twenty years! That was no little disagreement." Matt pulled his hand away and punched Jim in the arm.

"You know what I mean dog face," Matt said laughing as he pushed Jim onto his back and straddled his waist, the big stud looked back at his lover and smiled.

"Well I know one thing is for sure, I don't think it would have been as easy to come to terms with our relationship at that point. We were too young, and I certainly thought I was too straight," he said with a loving smile, "all things considered, it worked out okay," he said grinding his hardening cock into Matt's ass. Matt leaned down and kissed him deeply.

Coming up for air Matt said, "We better stop this now buddy or we won't be ready to make dinner," but with a cheeky grin he continued to move his ass teasing Jim. He could feel that Jim's cock was already at full mast and knew it was probably leaving a wet spot on his shorts. He moved down for one more, quick kiss when he heard the door shut and the lock click. Both guys looked back and saw Barry standing in front of the door.

"What's this guys, gonna leave your lover out in the cold, again?" Barry said as he walked to the bed and climbed on. In a flash the three were pressed together, their tongue's dueling for supremacy; while Barry's hands were each full with the hard cock of his lovers. Suddenly he pulled back, "Come on mates, we don't have much time. Just kneel on either side of me and jerk-off—I want to taste a load from both of you before you go."

Barry alternated licking his lovers' balls while they sucked face and stroked their leaking cocks, and in no time, and almost simultaneously they each blew huge loads. Covering Barry's face while aiming for his mouth, the guys were laughing as he tried to capture as much as he could with his tongue, but Jim and Matt dived down and licked him clean. The three collapsed in a heap, panting but smiling and enjoying the afterglow until a loud knocking on the door disturbed them.


At 1900 everyone was packed and ready to head to the airport. Ryan was crying because he didn't want to leave his dad and go back to with Papa. Finally Barry had him on his lap and, while wiping away the boy's tears said, "Listen mate, you're Daddy's big boy right?" Ryan nodded his head while sniffling.

"Well you have to help me out, I have to stay here for a while and I need you to help your other dads with Kelly. He would miss having his big brother with him every day. Can you do that for me?" Ryan was moving his head up and down in agreement, and then he suddenly brightened.

"Okay Daddy, I'll help you. I'll let Kelly play with some of my toys, is that okay, Dad?" he asked Barry who could see that he was eager to play the role of big brother and hoped that it would continue to pacify him in the future.

"Sure, now give us a kiss and I'll see you in a couple of weeks."

With a flurry of hugs and goodbyes, everyone returning home to North Carolina was on their way. Tim and Conner rushed off to play video games, but Finn knew they would be naked and on each other in ten minutes. He was just about to pour a drink when the doorbell rang. When he opened the door he was surprised, and concerned to see Dougie's father there.

"Hey Sam!" Finn said cautiously, holding out is hand. "It's been a long time."

"It has," he answered somberly accepting Finn's hand; then, reading the look on his face he said, "Look Finn, I'm not here to cause trouble. I just think we need to talk."

"Fine," Finn answered leading him back into the living room and sliding the heavy oak pocket door to give them privacy. "Can I get you a drink?"

"That would be great; just a few fingers of whatever you are having on the rocks," Sam said.

Crossing over to the cocktail cabinet, Finn poured him three fingers of single malt scotch. After handing over the drink he took a seat opposite Sam and said, "I'm sorry to hear that Dougie will likely face expulsion, but we're both lucky that the young lady didn't press charges."

Sam took a sip of his drink, then looking directly into Finn's eyes said, "That's the reason I'm in Philly—to have him withdraw before it happens. The reason I'm here," he said pointing to the floor to indicate the house, and then pulling out his iPhone, "is to show you this. Please understand, I'm not here to proclaim my son's innocence, or push responsibility off on Keith. I thought I would save you some pain and have what some call a `come to Jesus' meeting with you." Finn raised an eyebrow, clearly indicating that he felt no need for such a meeting.

"Just hear me out please," Sam said, picking up on his suspicion immediately. "There is no doubt that my son will get what he deserves for pulling this stupid stunt. However, it seems that since no charges were pressed the investigation stopped and it appears that the extent of Keith's involvement is not fully understood," he paused and began to push a few buttons on his phone and then handed it to Finn. There was a video playing, it was a bit dark but it was clearly Keith getting beat up by two guys in what looked like an alley.

When the video ended he handed the phone back to Sam, "I'm not sure I understand the relevance of this video," Finn said although he had a feeling it wouldn't be to exonerate Keith, more likely it would draw him in deeper.

"It seems that Keith has told everyone that it was my son who beat him up when he tried to stop Dougie from snatching the young lady. At least that is what the Dean has told us; when the truth is he was beat up outside a bar on Saturday after hitting on some guy's girlfriend and that is when he got most of the damage done to his face. The guy and his buddy dragged him out into the alley, when Doug heard what happened he went looking for your son and, according to him videoed the last of it for Keith to use as evidence. The plan for the next day was for Doug to grab Jasmine and take her to a room in basement of their house and for Keith to get Billy over there. What they planned to do after that he won't say."

Finn sat listening with his mouth hanging open. What would be Sam's reason to lie, his son was already out; the video made it clear that Keith had lied about Dougie badly beating him for backing out. Finn just leaned back, let his head drop on the edge of the couch and sighed as he looked at the ceiling. Sam's voice brought him out of his thoughts.

"Look Finn, I think I know what's running through your mind at the moment. It's just that I thought you might like to have the full story. As for me, this is the end of the line; I have been cleaning up the messes these two have created for too long." Again he noticed a twitch on Finn's face and quickly added, "It's not that I blame you; your wife made sure you couldn't be there; and I was too busy working seventy hours a week to pay attention to what was really happening and blaming it all on the exuberance of youth; Angie would call my wife and give her a sob story about being a helpless single mother and the next thing you know I was being told to fix it."

Finn actually laughed out loud, "Angie, helpless!"

"Yeah, that's a funny thought. One thing you should know, Dougie was really pissed at Keith for what he tried to do to you after you brought him down to your place. He told me the whole story of what Angie did to you; in fact, our sons didn't speak for a little while. Seems Dougie was having an attack of conscience; although that didn't last long. Trouble is, this has really opened my eyes; this goes beyond a frat boy prank—both these boys need serious help—or at least their parents need to stop enabling them."

"So what is your plan?" Finn asked trying to figure out what he was to do. He was also wondering how much of his story Sam knew. It would be a safe bet that Keith had told his buddy about his `fag dad'; and it that made it back to Sam but he didn't seem to be bothered by it. Sam was big guy, not fat but just massive—he stood about 6' 4" with wide shoulders and a decent waist for a man in his forties. To Finn, his sexiest feature were his hands, they were huge, with very long, fat and hairy fingers. He thought of the old tale that a man's cock was in direct proportion to his hands; but now was not the time to try and find out.

"I know you have a meeting with the Dean tomorrow and that you will probably try and keep Keith from being expelled. I was going to try and get in first and show him this video, but then I decided that I would come to you first and let you decide how to handle it. You are free to do whatever you'd like, but I think for Keith's benefit as well as your own the Dean should know the truth."

Finn stood with his now empty glass in his hand, he nodded towards Sam's equally empty glass, Sam picked it up and handed it to Finn, "Yeah thanks, I could use a few more fingers of stress-release."

Despite the seriousness of the situation, Finn thought: man would I love to relieve your stress as he crossed to the bar for refills. Turning his thoughts back to Keith it was clear he had to think of what to do; one choice would be to expose Keith's lie—but he was certainly not going to squander his name and good standing at the school; the boy had lied to him for the last time, and despite himself he could feel tears burning his eyes. He quickly picked up a cocktail napkin and wiped his eyes before retrieving the drinks and returning to Sam. Just before picking up the glasses he felt an arm around his shoulder and caught the scent of aftershave and sweat.

"I understand exactly how you feel Finn, I cried today for the first time in years. I keep asking myself what I could have done to save him, but frankly I have come to the conclusion there is nothing I can do." Finn leaned into the big man for a moment until he felt Sam turning him; and in an instant Sam had him in his arms and was kissing him deeply. Finn went hard immediately and he also felt what could only be a foot long cock pressed against his leg; well there's one question answered.

The kiss ended and Finn stepped back breathless; Sam was smiling, but he also looked worried, "Sorry Finn, I have always wanted to do that."

"Whoa, you're gay?"

"No, really bi if anything; there are only a few men that I have ever wanted to be with. In fact, I haven't been with a man since college; guys just occupied my jerk-off fantasies. I was pissed when Angie kicked you out; I used to love seeing you in a swim suit," Sam laughed, "you starred in many of my best wank sessions." Finn handed Sam his glass, and then grabbing his headed back to sit down.

"That's interesting, I was pretty much in the same boat; experimenting in college and then the odd fascination with a guy and a lot shower stroking," he said. The thought of being under this big man had his cock throbbing, but he needed to control himself. "Listen Sam, I'm sure you know I have a partner; I'd like you to meet him when he comes back in two weeks. Would you like to join us for dinner in AC?"

Sam smiled, he completely understood what was being offered and it caused his cock to swell also, "That would be great," he said raising his glass to Finn and then to his smiling lips hoping that they skip the casinos and get a room for dessert.

Thirty minutes later the men were saying good-bye. Finn asked that Sam email him a copy of the video and thanked him. When he opened the door to the foyer he saw Billy coming down the main staircase, he said hello and continued to the kitchen. After seeing Sam off, Finn headed back to the kitchen also where he found Billy getting a beer.

"Hey Uncle Finn, who was that?" he asked.

"Feel like a soak in the tub?" Finn asked as he stripped.

"Sure," Billy said just as Finn stepped out of his shorts revealing a still chubbed cock.

"Well let's go, I'll tell you the whole story. Forty minutes later a very relaxed and wrinkled Finn gathered his clothes and headed for bed. He knew exactly what he was going to do in the morning, and he fell asleep with a clear conscience.


Tuesday, October 13th, 2009


Keith sat at a table outside of Starbucks waiting for his father; he was finding it difficult to remain calm considering his future at this school hung in the balance. He watched the parade, young men and women of all different races hurrying to get to their first class or lab and wondered if he would be joining them after the meeting with the Dean. He hadn't slept well the night before, especially after the unpleasant conversation with Dougie's father. Regardless of the outcome of this meeting, he needed to be out of his room by the end of the day; hopefully he could find a place in a dorm.


Finn walked up behind Keith who was busy staring at the ass of a young girl walking to class, "Enjoying the view?" He asked, causing his son to almost leave his seat. As he moved around to take a seat he could sense that Keith was on edge. He figured he would plow head on into business; there was no need for pleasantries. "I had a very interesting meeting with Mr. Brines last night," Finn said. A look of concern—no puzzlement— clouded Keith's face but he remained silent.


Getting no response to his opening he pulled out his phone and cued up the video. Keith's eyes danced as he watched, it was obvious that he was trying to figure his next move as fast as possible. When the video ended Finn held up his hand, "Save your breath Keith, I know the whole story. I'm done..."


"You're not even going to give me a chance to explain," Keith protested.


"No, I'm not going to give you a chance to tell yet another lie, I'm done. Now this is how it's going to work; we are going to see the Dean. You are going to ask his permission to withdraw," Keith made to protest but Finn held his hand up once again, "This way the matter will be closed and not on your record; you may apply to another school and finish your degree without any questions being asked. I am not going use my influence to help you out of this." Then holding up a check, Keith could see it was made to him for 50K. "This check equals what I would have spent for your senior year; I'll eat the first semester. You will sign a release stating that I fulfilled my obligation; the promise to pay for your college so I can terminate the trust I established for that purpose. You will pack up your car, the one that I bought you, and move. Where you go, and who you know, I do not care; what you do with the money is up to you—finish your education, go on a trip, leave the country; again I don't care. If some day in the future you become a productive member of society, feel free to contact me; other than that forget it."


Keith stared at his father, he couldn't fucking believe what he had just heard. Could it be that he had finally reached the end of the line—pushed it to the limit, then with his patented frat boy smirk he said, "And what if I say no?"


"Then I rip up the fucking check, show the Dean the video and you will probably be expelled as well. So what will it be boy, you feeling lucky?" When the stunned Keith gave no reply, Finn stood and said, "Shall we go?"


To be continued...


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