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The Potter's Wheel

Chapter Seventeen


Friends, Old & New




Friday, October 30, 2009


"Yeah, Bazza, it's all set.  The bike will be delivered from the dealer's Delaware store on Monday while you guys are at the court house with Finn.  Dad or George will be there and make sure it's hidden.  By the way, you were right; the owner of that chestnut gelding was willing to sell, and cheap too.  He couldn't afford to board it anywhere else because of the expense—added to that, his wife had suddenly lost her interest in riding."

Barry laughed and said, "I wonder if it had anything to do with the stable manager moving on."  He was progressing well, even though he had a few side effects from the treatments—mostly fatigue.  It was his idea for him and Matt to buy Jim the horse for his birthday, so the motorcycle and the horse would be their joint gift to him. 

"All right baby, we'll see you in a few hours," Matt said, before ending the call.  It was 700 and he and Jim were flying out at 830.  Settlement was at 1300.  Finn would be driving Barry down and meeting them at the house for it.

The last few weeks had been insane with meetings, packing, decorating decisions and lots of planning and Jim had been busy with Finn and Barry over the phone, planning for the adoption.  Finn was doing quite well considering the latest episode with Keith.  He had not had any contact with him personally, but he had heard, through Doug's father, that the two had moved to South Florida together. 

In addition to all of that, there was a party to plan for their birthdays.  Jim knew there would be a small gathering— just the boys and the guys from Philly; they had decided to celebrate with the entire family at Thanksgiving.  What Matt didn't know was that, through Frank, he had contacted Matt's step-brother Tom as part of the surprise for the Captain's 40th birthday.  Of course, what Jim didn't know was that Matt had invited the entire Flannery clan, with the exception of Bonnie and Junior, and almost all of their friends.  For those who needed to fly he bought round trip tickets and booked rooms at the Hampton Inn for the night.  Those coming by air would arrive Saturday afternoon and leave after a brunch at the new house on Sunday; Matt thought he could ask Ron if he knew a caterer who could handle it at short notice.

The guys had no choice but to hire a decorator to furnish the new house—actually, it was the wife of the Realtor, Ron Leonard.  Matt had supplied her with pictures of the North Carolina house (as an example of their taste) and the configurations of the bedrooms.  She in turn sent them computer generated images of her designs; he was amazed how easy the entire process had been. 

Matt and Jim ordered all of the bedding, electronics, and kitchenware on line and had it shipped directly to the property where Jackie made sure it was all placed properly.  Matt was now the biggest Amazon fan in the world!  They were lucky to obtain early access to the property so that decorating would be complete on the day of settlement.  All that would be left was one small moving van with their personal items from North Carolina.  

The boys were staying home in George's care, Buddy was still coming up for the weekend to ride bikes since the weather was still nice; it was even warm enough to swim both in the pool and the river.  

That gave the guys the idea for their first project at the new home, the installation of solar panels to heat the pool.  Between these panels and a solar cover for the pool at night they could extend the swimming season by a month or more. 


Finn had just finished breakfast when the thunder of four pairs of feet descending the back stairs almost shook him from his stool; and then he was treated to the sight of four very hot, naked young men—he chastised himself for feeling his cock twitch. 

"Morning Uncle Finn," called out Billy who was first into the kitchen. "What time are you guys heading to Delaware?

"We're leaving around 1100," Finn said, his cock twitching again, this time with the thought of whom he would be seeing on Saturday night— Sam! "And we won't be back until Monday—your dad and I are going to AC for the weekend.  We're meeting Sam Brines for dinner."

Tim had just poured himself coffe and hearing what his father had just said, he turned and stared.  Finn noticed the look of bewilderment on his son's face, "Hold up Timmy, he is a very savvy business man, not to mention urbane.  You wouldn't remember this, but Mr. Brines and I were pretty good friends before your mom dumped me; Uncle Frank and I are just going to have dinner and catch up.  And there is an added bonus for us," he said with a wink, "he may be able to provide us with intel as to the movements of your brother."


"Well that is important," Billy said, "not that I give a shit about him, but it will be nice to know what the maniac is up too." He looked over at Tim who was laughing.


"You got that right buddy, I want at least two days' notice if he's coming to town," Tim said.


"Listen to you two," said Conner before he bent down to pick up a dropped bagel.  Finn's view was like looking at a porn video; an incredible bubble butt along with a healthy set of balls pushing through his legs.  He knew he had to get out of the kitchen before he threw a bone.  Normally he didn't even notice nudity, but the anticipation of Saturday night had him hornier than a teenager.  What happened next nearly sent him over the edge; Mike walked over and pressed his cock right into Conner's ass and pretended to hump him, causing Conner to lose his train of thought—perhaps starting another one.


"Alright guys', being naked is one thing..." Finn said just as Barry walked in and finished the admonition for him, "But no burying the bishop in common areas," he said getting questioning looks from everyone.  Barry just laughed and said, "It means no fucking."  Mike made to protest until he saw a big smile on the Aussie's face and then laughed knowing he was being teased.  He backed away from Conner, but it was clear that his cock enjoyed its exercise judging by the chubbed appearance and the slight retraction of the foreskin.  Good God, Finn thought, I wonder what that monster is like when it's fully charged


Conner made a big show of running his finger up the crack of his ass, then holding it up said, "Thanks for the cream, Mikey."  He and Tim laughed while Billy and Mike made gagging sounds.


Deciding he better get out of there, Finn stood and said: "Bazza, I'll be ready in twenty minutes," and he headed for the back stairs trying to conceal his rapidly hardening cock.  By the time he made it to his bathroom it was hard as a rock.  After turning on the shower he stood against the wall and waited for the water to warm-up.   He started to stroke his erection, he was horny as hell without Frank around and couldn't wait to see him.  He was leaning against the wall, eyes closed, imagining being fucked by Sam while sucking Frank; he could feel the cum rising from his balls and then, "Dad—whoa Dad!" Tim exclaimed, his eyes wide as Finn shot his load of cum on the bathroom floor.


"Isn't it the dad who's supposed to catch his son jerking off?" Finn asked smiling as he looked over at his son.


"Shit Dad, I'm sorry I just wanted to ask..." he suddenly stopped speaking when he realized that in the short time he had watched his father masturbate, his own cock plumped up a bit as well.  Finn looked at his son whose skin was the color of his hair from head to toe.


"Timmy, chill out buddy—it's fine," Finn said casually as he bent to wipe up his load with a few tissues.  "What did you want to ask?" He said stepping into the shower.


"Just wanted to know if I could go home with Conner after his game tonight, we'll be home Sunday, it's his birthday—oh, and maybe I can use your card to buy a gift," he said with his best `please dad' look while doing his best to not throw a total bone.


Finn noticed his agitation, he figured he would draw out the scene but in the end he took pity on the boy and just said, "Sure, it's fine."  Tim raced out the door hollering, "Thanks, Dad!"




"Boys, this place looks great," Frank said as they finished their final walk-through.  It was really just a formality since they had an early occupancy agreement with the bank selling the property and had effectively moved in.  Considering Barry's medical condition, Finn also arranged, and the lawyer for the bank agreed, to have the title clerk come to the house for the closing; it was a pretty simple one—no mortgage was involved which made the settlement much quicker. 


In just forty-five minutes everything was signed and sealed with copies delivered to all parties; Jim and Barry were now owners of Deer Crossing Farm.  Matt was reading over older copies of the deed while the lawyers and clerk were doing other things and he noticed that back in the '60's the original farm was over a thousand acres and what they were buying was the first piece sold off; the original Federal period farm house was still standing, their neighbor to the right.  It was decided by unanimous consent that Ron would check at the town hall to see if they were using the name, if not, the guys would. 


Many times during both the walk-through and the closing Jim thought he saw a few disapproving looks from the lawyer for the bank; he let it go until the last piece of paper was signed when he took Barry's hand and brought it to his lips and kissed it, "Well baby, it's all ours now."  Matt and Finn did all they could not to laugh when they saw the look of disgust on the lawyer's face.


The Realtor, lawyer, and settlement clerk were seen off and Jim closed the door and turned to Matt and Barry: "Damn, since we are already here I don't get to carry my guys over the threshold."  Matt turned and looked at him with his mouth open.  "What?" Jim asked. 


 "What makes you think you're the husband?" Matt asked, incredulously. 


"You two are the pretty ones, I'm the butch one," Jim said and then broke up laughing as Matt chased him through the foyer and Barry walked slowly behind, "You ladies have fun chasing each other around, I need to go lie down." 


Barry had just settled down when Jim came into the bedroom with Matt riding on his back, which actually made him laugh despite the attack of nausea and fatigue that had just hit him like a freight train.  It had been the worst part of his treatments; there were days when he was just a bit tired, and then he would be hit with what he had come to call the `Chemo Train', "Does this mean Jim is the bottom, or that you are the wife?" he asked Matt, trying to smile through the pain.


"No, it proves that I can beat his ass," Matt said, climbing down off a laughing Jim's back.  "Are you feeling okay?" He asked and then frowned, immediately feeling stupid for asking the question.


"Actually no, my friend, the bloody chemo just slammed into me once again; I'll just take my pills and sleep for a while.  Don't worry about dinner for me, I will probably sleep until morning," he said, pulling the blanket over himself.


"Alright Bazza, we'll sleep in one of the other rooms tonight so we don't disturb you," Jim said, as he leaned down and kissed Barry, "if you need anything just call us."  The younger man was making a valiant effort to keep up, but it was times like this that it got too much for him and he just had to go to bed so they left their lover to mend.


It was just about 1600 when Jim and Matt had made it to the foyer and the gate intercom buzzed, "May I help you?" Matt said into the speaker. 


"I have a delivery for Jim, Barry, and Matt from Ron Leonard," a deep voice replied through the box.   Matt pressed the button to open the gate; it seemed to only take a minute before the doorbell was ringing.


Opening the door their eyes fell on a man. He was about 5'8'' and was wearing a tight, black, short-sleeved polo shirt with its collar unbuttoned revealing a thick mat of black chest hair, with lots of grey mixed in, covering a very nice set of pecs.  He was of medium height and looked to be in his mid-to-late forties and was wearing tight blue jeans and black leather work boots.  He had dark brown eyes, with dark hair—worn short in a flat top—his ears stuck out a bit— but what one noticed first was his dazzling smile framed by a goatee and of course his huge guns straining the sleeves of his shirt.  A soft-sided cooler hung from his shoulder and there were some large grocery bags at his feet. 


"Hi," he said brightly thrusting out his hand, "I'm Al Calabrese. Ron thought you guys might not feel like cooking, so he sent me." Introductions over, he was soon bending down to pick up the bags and he started to walk into the house. "Don't worry, I know the way," he called and headed straight to the kitchen. 


Matt closed the door and looked at Jim and laughed, "He's a shy one isn't he?"  Chuckling they headed off to the office to call Ron and thank him for the gift of dinner.  On the phone, he explained that Al and he worked together in real estate until Al retired to care for his mother who died three years before.  "Now he does some catering on the side and tends his garden," he said. 


When they opened the door to head into the kitchen a wonderful aroma greeted them, Matt smiled at Jim and said, "It smells just like my grandmother's house!"  When they got there they saw a pot simmering on the stove and the makings for a salad on the table, but no Al.  


Matt was stirring the pot; he had a piece of Italian bread in his hand and was just ready to dip it into the gravy when Al returned.


"Typical Italian boy, always dipping bread in the gravy!" their chef for the evening admonished, while he carried a large pot, "I figured you might not have one big enough to cook the macaroni so I brought my own."  He placed it on the stove and pulled the pot filler over and turned it on.  "This is pretty cool, never understood the reason for having them though."


"Ron said it saves your body the stress of carrying a heavy pot to the stove," Jim offered; almost offended that he would even make such a comment. 


"He was selling a house," Al said with a guffaw. "Did he explain how you save your body when you have to lift it and carry it to the sink and empty it?"  The guys laughed. 


"You have a point Al," Matt conceded.  The guys fell into conversation, Al was a gold mine of information: where to shop, where the churches were, all about the schools—while he continued to prepare the meal.  Jim opened a bottle of wine and soon the three men were talking like old friends, he even made plans to take Jim to the Tractor Supply and show him where Southern States was located the next morning, both businesses being essential if one wanted to own horses.  Soon they heard the voice of Ryan calling, "Dads!" as he ran in and held his arms out for Jim to pick him up. Frank followed carrying Kelly. 


"My God, something smells really good," Frank said eyeing the loaf of bread on the counter and, of course, Al noticed.  "Go ahead, I know you want to," That was all it took and Frank handed Kelly to Finn and was ripping a piece off to dip.  Al smiled, "Good thing I brought extra."


From antipasto to tiramisu, the dinner was spectacular.  The guys insisted that Al eat with them, which he did, but he refused to let them help clean up.  While Jim was putting Kelly to bed Matt sneaked into the kitchen to have a private word with Al, he wanted to hire him to cater for the brunch next Sunday.  They made plans to meet on Monday while Jim and Barry went to register as domestic partners—a step needed for the adoption. 


A short time later Jim returned, went over to the wet bar (which was fully stocked, thanks to the wonderful Jackie) and poured himself a bit of Irish Mist.  After offering the same to others he said, "All right guys, who wants to join me in breaking in the hot tub?"


Al immediately declined, "Thanks guys, but I don't have a suit with me." 


The guys all laughed, "Al, if you hang around here you'll learn that suits are only required when ladies are present," Frank said.  "In fact it's the same way with clothes." 


"Fascinating," was all Al said as he began to strip down with the rest of the guys.  Matt was surprised to see that when Al pulled off his jeans he was wearing a black jock-strap with a stripe of yellow in the band and he gave Jim a look to mean `interesting' but said nothing.  Al looked pretty good naked as well, although he had shrunk about an inch and a half after taking off his boots.  He was covered in hair and it was easy to see that he must have played a lot of sports when he was young—he had massive thighs with a pretty thick 6" uncut cock that was soft, along with a very hot bubble but that looked like it was made to be fucked—oddly enough it was completely smooth while from his shoulders down he seemed to be wearing a sweater.  His front was the same: very thick hair—but what Matt found intriguing was that there was still a very thick black treasure trail running down from his well-defined pecs to his obviously man-scaped pubes.  Drinks in hand the five men made their way into the chilly night air. 


"Looks like there will be frost on the pumpkin tonight," Al said as he stood shivering while Jim pulled up the lid of the hot tub.  He ended up being between Matt and Jim, and they quickly fell back into a pleasant conversation.  After two cycles of the jets everyone was out of the tub and drying off with the large spa towels Jackie had stocked in the storage bench next to the tub.


Twenty minutes later Jim and Matt were spooned in bed discussing the evening. "Do you think he's gay?" Matt asked. "Since you're the one with the best gaydar."  He squirmed as Jim twisted his nipples. 


"I'll give you gaydar," he said as he licked up the back of Matt's neck. "Well the jock-strap was interesting—and if he's not, he seemed very comfortable with us."  And that was the end of the discussion as he slid his hard cock into his lover and reminded him who much he loved him. 



                                                                             Saturday, October 31, 2009


Just as he predicted, Barry slept until 730 awaken by a cacophony of sound coming from outside.  On the way to the head he looked out the window to see about thirty large black birds diving on three very large ones that he thought must be vultures, feeding on the carcass of a deer.  There was a trail of blood staining the stubs of the recently harvested corn.  A few patches had been crushed where the wounded animal had apparently fallen, only to get up and stumble to its knees once again.  One of the vultures was picking at the hide, while the other two were already was pulling out the entrails of unfortunate animal as the large black birds continued to dive in attempting to drive them away.  Barry closed the blind and headed for the bathroom trying to shake the sight of the dead deer being picked clean, and thoughts of his own mortality. 


He made his way into the kitchen, finding everyone already there.  He was even feeling well enough to have tea and toast while he explained what he saw through the window.  "That, my friend was an unkindness of ravens trying to chase away the vultures, it's a pretty common thing here in farm country I hear," Finn explained. 


"Well they sure have the name right," Barry said, "It is certainly an unkind way to wake up." 


Ryan was soon on his lap, chatting about the Halloween parade that `Uncle Buck' had told him about at dinner the night before and asked if they could go.  Barry looked puzzled.  Matt explained who Al was and why he had been there. 


"Apparently Al did a lot of baby-sitting for Ron and Jackie's boys.  They started calling him `Uncle Buck' after he rented the movie for them one night," Jim told him, then he went on to tell Barry about the hot tub experience, "Believe me, when he strips down, he looks nothing like John Candy."  That got a laugh out of the rest of the guys.  Just then the gate bell rang, "Speak of the devil..." he said as he went to buzz him through. 


After a quick introduction to Barry, Jim went off to get dressed while Al had a cup of coffee with the men.  The subject of the parade came up and Al said they would be back in time, and he would be happy to take them.  "I have a friend that lives a few blocks from the center of town, we can park in his driveway—otherwise you won't get parking anywhere near it.  And if you need a costume, there is a Kohl's and a Walmart about three miles away on 301, you can't miss it."


Shortly after everyone went their separate ways: Jim and Al on their tour, Barry back to lie down so he could go to the parade and Matt and Ryan to find a costume leaving only Kelly home with Frank and Finn who were heading for Atlantic City later that afternoon. 



Jim and Al returned around 1100; he had enjoyed the outing with his guide; the man was smart, friendly and had a quick wit.  One thing he learned while they were driving around was that Al was soon to be fifty-three an he was thrilled when Jim told him they had pegged him for being in his mid-forties.  


When he arrived home, Matt took one look at Jim and burst out laughing; the big man was wearing a cowboy hat and boots.  "Well if it ain't Jimmy the Kid," Matt said and then burst out laughing. 


"You'd better watch your mouth pard'ner, or I'll have to tan your hide," Jim said trying (and failing) to sound like a Texas cowboy causing even Al to laugh at him.


"Yeah right Dog Face, remember what happened to you yesterday," Matt said—he really wanted to kiss Jim at the moment but wasn't sure yet about Al.  


Ryan came running into the room dressed as a cowboy and when he saw Jim he said, "Wow Daddy, you have the same costume," getting more laughs from Matt.  Soon Frank arrived carrying Kelly who was dressed like Elmo and everyone headed off to the parade.  They needed to take two cars, so Al drove his car with Frank following.  When they turned and headed away from the road going into town, Al explained that this route was about four miles out of the way; but with the parade and regular Saturday traffic it would save at least forty minutes.  After arriving at Al's friend's house and walking to the center of town the guys understood, as there were cars stuck in traffic and people everywhere—but it was worth it, Ryan was over the moon; between the parade and being with Barry he was never happier. 




Frank and Finn checked into the Borgata at 1630 in the Atlantic City Marina district.  Frank didn't like staying on the boardwalk, and the Borgata was the newest casino in town.  They were meeting Sam for dinner at Bobby Flay and hopefully for dessert in their room.  Frank knew that Finn was hoping for some play time with his old friend; he hoped the guy looked as good as described.


They met Sam at the bar at Bobby Flay; Frank picked him out of the crowd without any help from Finn—well that is without any further help as the man looked even better than the redhead described. He was, as he had been told, a big man with a handsome face and welcoming smile.  Even with the receding hairline and the greying at the temples he was a very sexy man.  The three got to know each other over drinks while waiting for their table. 


While ordering appetizers, Sam surprised his new friends by ordering oyster & lobster shooters and saying, "I hear oysters are good for you," and winking at Finn who blushed, causing Frank to laugh at the reference to the idea that oysters were an aphrodisiac.  The more time went on, the more he liked Sam.  He was intelligent and witty, and was—as Finn described him—quite urbane.  More than that, he was generously picking up the check for dinner after all three men had dined on Kobe steak and had drunk two bottles of wine. 


After coffee, Frank took the lead. "Sam, how about joining us in our suite; I've brought a bottle of Glen Dronach Cask Strength Whisky.  I understand you're a single malt man," Frank said, winking at a smiling Finn.


"And for that, I'd follow you anywhere," Sam said with a sexy smile. 


When they were in the room, Frank gave Finn a peck on the cheek and whispered, "Have fun,"  indicating that he was interested in playing and went off to get the bottle.  Finn walked up Sam and pulled him into a hug, purposely grinding his cock into a surprised Sam's thigh, "Should we continue what we started in Philly?" he asked, then standing on his toes kissed Sam deeply—that's all it took, he could feel his friend's long cock hardening against his leg.  Sam eventually pulled back from the kiss. 


"What about Frank?" He asked quietly. 


"If I know him he's decided to get naked, interested?"  Finn asked.  His answer was to start to unbutton his own shirt.  The two were just pulling off their pants when a naked Frank walked in with the bottle of scotch. 


"See? I told you," Finn said, nodding towards Frank who was pouring.  They joined him and he passed them each a glass.  Lifting his own Frank said: "To old friends," then clinked glasses.  After a sip of his Scotch, Frank moved in and kissed the sexy man.  Sam responded eagerly, but then pulled back. 


"Listen guys, I'm kind of rusty with this—it's been a long time—fuck, more than thirty years since I've played with a man.  And to be honest, other than beating off, my sex life has come to a halt" he said almost blushing.  "Funny thing, my wife is still hot as hell, but with me working long hours—and her involved with all of her charities we never seem to connect anymore."


Frank took in the sight of him, he was tall, had great arms and pecs with just the right amount of hair, and surprisingly for a man his age a small waist complete with an Adonis belt.  But his best feature (besides his winning smile) was what looked like a very thick and fully hard ten inch cut cock; which he knew would drive Finn crazy. 


"No problem buddy," Frank said taking a seat. "Let's relax with our drink and see where it goes." 


Where it went happened not even ten minutes later with Sam sitting on the bed, back against the headboard with his legs spread.  Finn was kneeling between his legs servicing the monster cock before him while Frank was holding his ass-cheeks apart and tongue fucking him.  Sam was leaking pre-cum like crazy and Finn wasn't missing a drop.  Watching Frank eat Finn's ass was driving him crazy with lust, and Finn's sucking was bringing him close to the brink. 


"Finn, I'm not going to last too much longer," Sam said panting.  The redhead just moaned louder as he re-doubled his effort of getting more down his throat on each try while using his hand to stroke what was left over.  It wasn't even a minute later when Sam groaned loudly and pumped jet after jet into his old friend's waiting mouth, more cum than Finn had every had in his mouth—it was running out the corners.


"Holy shit," the big man cried, "I haven't cum like that in years!"


"Just wait stud," a lust crazed Finn said before sharing a kiss with Frank and letting him clean up the extra cum, "we'll get a couple more loads out of you tonight."  Then he flipped on his back, raised his legs for Frank, and turned his head to continue sucking cock. Sam watched hungrily as Frank fed his long hard meat into his lover's ass and started to pump; he wanted so much to sink his own cock into that hot hole that he started to drip with excitement.  Finn did not let one drop go to waste, he suckled the big cock like a calf at the teat.  Then he pulled off and attacked Sam's huge balls finally working his way back to his perineum.  He was driving the big stud into a lust filled frenzy, and when he worked backward finally getting his tongue in the big man's tight ass Sam almost lost it.  He leaned forward and stuck his own tongue down Frank's throat.  The two made out hot and heavy while Finn had moved back to his balls and inserted a spit soaked finger into that tight ass; not even noticing the discomfort, Sam continued to kiss Frank; his endorphins where pumping and all he could feel was pure pleasure.  And then Finn hit his love nut and without even touching himself he shot the second huge load of the night all over the three of them; the feeling of the jets of hot cum hitting him caused Frank to unload.  Sam then went down and sucked Finn's cock in his mouth and was quickly rewarded himself with his buddy's load. 


The three men landed in a heap, panting like they had just run the 100 meters.  When he finally caught his breath Sam said, "That, gentlemen was the most exciting sex I have ever had in my life." 


"Just wait," Finn said, "the night is young."  And before the three men finally fell asleep with Sam in the middle, he had fucked Finn twice with such passion that Frank needed to shove his cock or his tongue in Finn's mouth to keep his moaning from being heard on the casino floor.  And both times Frank had Sam pull out and shoot on Finn's stomach and chest; then he would lean over and lick his man clean.





"Did you enjoy your tour this morning with Al?" Matt asked.  The three men were in bed, Barry feeling well enough to join them; but not up to participating.  He had been content to alternate kissing his lovers while Matt fucked Jim—Matt claiming it was his turn because Jim was on top the night before. 


"Yeah, he really is a nice guy; and funny.  It's good to know a local, he can help us not make rookie mistakes," Jim said. 


"Do you think he's a poofter?" Barry asked.


"I would bet he is, how many straight men wear a jock-strap under their jeans.  Not to mention that even though we haven't come out to him I'm sure he's figured it out and didn't seem put off," Jim said and then kissed and nibbled Barry's neck.


"Well Ryan sure took to him, and he's usually a little shy at first with strangers," Barry offered.


"Gay or not, he has a hot little ass," Jim said with a smirk.


"What's the matter dog face, tired of your guys?" Matt asked as he tickled Jim. 


"Hey, I'm just making an observation," Jim said pretending that he was offended. 


"Well whatever he is, he's a nice guy—I'm glad Ron sent him our way. We're new here and need to have friends as well," Matt said, being logical.  The ringing of his phone ended his thought.  Jim handed him the phone and, reading the caller ID, he said, "What does Billy want at 2200 hours?" 


"Hey little bro, everything okay," Matt asked. 


"Yeah Matt, I was trying to call Dad and he isn't answering," Billy said.


"He and Finn are in AC, they are probably in the casino," or fucking the bell boy Matt thought, "do you need something?"


"No, well yeah kind of; I was trolling through Facebook and I read that Tommy, he was my best friend back home—the one who called Tray when..."


"Yeah little brother, I remember," Matt said so that he wouldn't have to say `when my dad almost killed me'.


"So I haven't been on for a while, and I read that his parents kicked him out about six months ago because they found out it was him that called Tray.  This girl who posted it said he was living on the streets somewhere in Austin," Billy said, his anxiety rising. "This is my fault Matt, if he hadn't called Tray he would be still in school." 


"Billy, it's not your fault.  It's his parents' fault—so what are you thinking?" 


"I thought maybe I could hire that PI that Uncle Finn knows to find him, I have the money to pay him," Billy said firmly.


"Well let's not worry about money right now, there's nothing we can do tonight so call Dad around 900 tomorrow and tell him what's up—you know he'll help, and so will we, that's what brothers are for" 


"You're right Matt, thanks a lot.   Tell the guys I said hi," Billy said and ended the call.  Jim asked what was up so Matt relayed the story. 


"Well Dad will sort it out in the morning, that is if he has the strength," Jim said with a laugh before turning out the light.



To be continued... 


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