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The Potter's Wheel

Chapter Eighteen


25 Hours to a New Life






Sunday November 1, 2009


Frank was really trying to listen to Billy, but frankly it was difficult to concentrate while watching his lover rimming the 6'4" Adonis who was kneeling over and sucking Finn's cock at the same time.


Sam had been a real trooper; for the first time with another man (well, two men) in years, this straight married man with three kids, had fucked the hell out of Finn and sucked each of them off—even swallowing—and now was in a hot sixty-nine with a few other exciting moves that would remain between the three friends.


"Dad, I said I would pay for this with my own money—Dad are you still there?"


"Yeah..." Frank said, Billy's question pulling him away from the incredibly hot scene in front of him, "Billy, don't worry about a thing. I'll take care of it; I'll talk to Finn as soon as he's—well I can't say, `done rimming Dougie's dad'—out of the bathroom."


"Thanks Dad, I'll wait to hear from Uncle Finn," Billy said.


"Anytime, Son," Frank replied before closing the phone and moving around to the end of the bed and slipping his cock in Finn's cum-coated and well-used ass.




Barry and Jim were just getting ready to leave for Newark to pick up Barry's cousin Brett at the airport when Frank and Finn walked through the front door. Frank looked exhausted and Finn just looked dazed. "Have a good time at the tables?" Matt asked with a smirk.


"Yeah, we had a fantastic time," Finn said. Jim watched him as he walked back to the bedroom and thought, `I can tell by the way you're walking...' but kept that thought to himself.


Barry slept most of the three-and-a-half hour drive north to Newark. They waited at the Qantas gate at terminal B looking at the passengers coming through the jet way into the terminal. Finally Barry spotted him and waved. Brett looked a bit unsure and this was to have been expected since he had not been told that Barry was sick, as planned; he just told him they would be living in Delaware. So when Brett finally did recognize him there was a look of shock on his face but he quickly recovered himself.


"Bazza!" Brett cried and then he hugged his cousin.


"Ute, so glad you're here, mate," Barry said hugging the handsome young man. After introducing Jim, it was off to collect his luggage and then home after a stop for some food. Brett could see that his cousin was not well, and since no explanation was offered he decided he wouldn't ask. However after finishing lunch he couldn't hold his tongue any longer.


"Listen mate, are you sure it's okay that I'm here? I mean you don't seem to be well and I don't want to be a bother," Brett said.


"No worries Ute, you're right; I'm not well at the moment." Then he said, "Jimmy, if it's alright I'll ride in the back with the boy and fill him in," getting just a warm smile from Jim.


For the remainder of the trip Barry sat with his arm around his young cousin and told him everything; from his unhappy marriage, Sue's betrayal, and her fiery demise. Finally he told him all about his relationship with Jim and Matt, ending with his illness and why they were living in Delaware. Jim watched though the rear-view mirror; he saw the kid's face go through a range of emotion from amusement, to surprise and, finally, to sadness. Barry also warned him that he had not told his parents or siblings; the reaction to this news surprised him so he added, "Listen mate, you know how things are with your parents, well I'm in the same situation—I don't want them causing me any problems until everything is final—so say nothing to your mum and dad, please." Brett nodded his head; he did understand where his older cousin was coming from.


Jim decided to jump in and try to lighten the mood. "So Brett, are you going to play soccer when you get to school?"


"No, I was checking on line and I quite liked the University of Delaware and they have a stellar rugby program.  I used Google maps; it looks like you live close enough for me to travel.  I've already applied and had the transcript of my results sent—after I find out if I'm accepted I'll know what credits I can get.  The way I read it, I will most likely start out as a first year but I'll need to wait until I speak to someone at the uni."

"You'll have to be accepted first," teased Barry.


"No worries there, Baz, my results were: passes in 3 subjects and a credit and a distinction in two others.






"...and so I'm at Costco and there is a young Asian guy working the register, his name tag read `Hung', so I asked him—is that your name or are you bragging?" Al said with his trademark smirk.


"Al, you are a piece of work," Matt laughed, and then continued, "so would you consider doing the job?" he asked, hoping the answer would be yes—he certainly didn't want to have get up early and make breakfast for everyone.


"Sure, not a problem—what are you thinking—couple of frittatas, some bagels with lox and shmear, we can have waffles—the kids love them. I also have a good French toast casserole—and of course bacon, sausage, and scrapple. Oh, and if you want just some plain scrambled eggs, and fresh fruit..." Al said almost in one breath.


"It all sounds great Al, how about you just pick and come up with a price and I'll have a count for you on Wednesday."


"Yeah, that'll work—if there's anything else you need this week just call me," Al said.


"Actually, could you do dinner for us on Friday night? There will be at least twenty and at least five of them will eat enough for ten; so fair warning."


"No need for warnings, Captain, I'm Italian—I always cook for extra mouths," he said giving Matt the thumbs up. "And don't worry, I'll do all the shopping and just give you the receipts."


This was a big load off his mind; with all the family coming and Brett moving in and getting used to a new home, it was overwhelming. Finn and Frank would be returning to NC with Jim after they took Barry back to Philly. He had business at the Potter's Wheel and was driving back with the boys on Thursday. There were a lot of changes with the charity: it was going faster than Jim and Matt had ever dreamed; there was a greater need for their services than they had initially thought. They had decided to hire the Colonel as the executive director; Jim and Matt would just remain on the board and work on soliciting outside corporate donations.


The gate buzzer sounded. It was the bike shop delivering Jim's gift. Matt and Al were waiting as the truck pulled up the front door, "Shit, I forgot to buy the tarps to cover the bike. We're not exchanging gifts until our birthdays next week; if I don't cover it he'll be sure to see it."


"How about the garage over at the rancher, it's empty and I'm sure Jim won't be wandering over there anytime soon unless you guys are going to start fixing it up," Al offered.


"That's a great idea, Al, I'll ask them if they wouldn't mind driving it over."


"No need for that, I'll take you—unless you're afraid to ride with me," Al replied, teasing Matt.


"You're sure you can ride a motorcycle?" Matt asked giving right back.


"Shit, I was riding bikes when you were still learning to beat off," Al said flashing his smile.


"Actually, I never leaned," Matt said, not backing down, "I'm still practicing."


Al really laughed at that, "Shit, I thought we had a lot in common."


When the driver uncovered the bike and wheeled it down the ramp Al whistled. "Damn, that is one fine scooter," he said, as he ran his hand over the seat.

After signing the paper work and tipping the driver Matt went in the house to get the keys to the rancher. As he was heading back to the front door he could hear the engine of the Harley roar to life. Stepping outside he saw Al sitting on it revving up the engine, he waved Matt over and called out for him to climb on the back and hold on. When he started down the drive towards the road Matt yelled over the roar of the engine, "Why are we going out on the road?"


When they stopped to open the gate Al explained that it would be easier on them and the bike to travel on the road and not the recently harvested fields that were rutted and bumpy. It was about a two mile trip by the main road to reach the house at the back end of the farm. Matt was squirming, trying to move back away from Al. The vibration of the engine gave him a massive erection and he didn't want to get Al upset (or would it be turned on?) by poking him in the ass with it. They pulled into the driveway and parked. As Matt was climbing off the bike he heard, "Don't worry about the hard-on. The vibration between my legs does the same for me," said the hunky older man, dismounting himself. Matt could see he wasn't the only one with wood in his pants.


He couldn't find the garage door opener so he had brought the keys to the house. As they entered Matt looked at the place hard for the first time—it really could use some updating. New carpet and paint were a must, and the kitchen looked like Mrs. Brady would be right at home. It was just one more thing to add to a growing list. When he opened the door to the laundry room that led to the garage he flipped the light switch and was stopped dead in his tracks, causing Al to bump into him from behind. Parked on far side was a new bright red Lincoln MKZ. It seems that his lover had thought of the same place to hide his gift. Matt just burst out laughing.



"Ain't this the shit," Al said before joining Matt in laughing, "It seems your boyfriend had the same idea." The term boyfriend caught Matt's attention.


"Well I guess you've figured out that Jim and are lovers," Matt said, leaving Barry out for the moment until he could get a read on his reaction.


"Don't forget Barry," Al said with a smirk, "you think I didn't notice the identical rings?"


"So I guess you don't have a problem with it," Matt said, it was more of a statement than a question.


"Where you dip your wick is no concern of mine. You guys are good people; that's all that matters to me," Al said. Matt was hoping he would discuss his own preference, but when he didn't, he let the subject drop.


"So what are you going to do about this?" Al said indicating the beautiful car.


"I'm going to have a good time torturing Jim," Matt said with a devilish grin.


Leaving the bike parked in the empty space they headed for home. It took twenty minutes to walk back to the house across the field. They thanked God it had been dry which made the trip cleaner and easier. They had only been back for ten minutes before Jim and Barry pulled in with their new charge. Brett was even more handsome in person and for someone who had just flown twenty-something hours he looked quite refreshed. Introductions were made and luggage unloaded. He didn't seem to have very much and when Matt asked he said that, since he needed winter clothes, he had saved up and decided to buy everything here, especially since it would be cheaper.


"Brett would you like to have a nap—we are having a late dinner, around 1900?" Matt asked. The boy looked puzzled, Jim caught it and added, "That's 7pm for civilians."


"No, I'm good. Thanks for that ticket you sent by the way—the premium economy was incredible. There were only about forty seats in the cabin and it was very quiet; and the seats were really comfortable. I drank a few Bundies and Coke and slept most of the way," Brett said with the sexist accent Matt ever heard. Looking around he added, "This house is incredible."


Without knowing it he had just presented Matt with the perfect opportunity to torture Jim. But before he had a chance Frank and Finn came in with Ryan and Kelly. Ryan of course made right for his dad—unsure of the stranger. Barry introduced him to Brett who flashed the boy a big smile which seemed to work. The usually shy Ryan ventured over and shook the proffered hand.


Matt began the house tour and, by the time the group was down in the movie room and ready to walk out to the pool area, Ryan was already riding on his cousin's shoulders. "This place is huge," Brett said, "how big is it?"


"I'm not really sure," Jim said.


"8,450 square feet including the finished area of the basement," Al said. When all eyes turned to him he added, "I showed the place for Ron a few times when he couldn't be here."


After a quick look at the pool area they headed for the stables; then Matt was ready to have fun with Jim. "Brett, have you ever done any painting?" he asked, with a twinkle in his eye; he was really going to enjoy this.


"Sure mate, my old man was big on DIY," he answered.


"Well we have another house, over that way," Matt said point across the empty fields. "It needs a lot of painting. Maybe you'd like to earn a few bucks while you're waiting for school to start? Come on, let's take a walk and you decide."


A look of sheer panic appeared on Jim's face, he looked like a deer in the headlights; first he looked at Barry who looked about the same. "I don't think he wants to be walking all that way Matty, he's probably tired." Jim said praying that it would work.


"No worries Jim, I've been sitting for more than twenty-four hours, my legs could do with a stretch," Brett said completely unaware of what was happening. Al had caught on and was doing all he could not to give it away. Matt noticed his father and Finn both had looks of concern on their faces—that meant they knew about the car. They also knew about the bike, but didn't know what had happened earlier.


Matt and Brett started walking toward the house with the rest of the group following. Jim hung back a bit with Barry; when he thought it was safe he whispered, "You were no fucking help back there."


"What did you expect me to do, you know how he is when he has his mind set," Barry offered lamely, "maybe he won't even go in the garage—there's no painting to be done there." That idea seemed to ease Jim's mind for a bit.


The group entered the house through the front door; they walked through each room discussing what needed to be done while Ryan ran from room to room playing airplane. Brett thought it was all pretty straight forward. Matt was enjoying watching Jim twist himself into a pretzel worrying about the garage and he purposely moved slowly, prolonging the agony. Finally, before he completely lost it and started to laugh, he started to steer Brett to the laundry room. Now Jim and Barry both were really worried.


"There is something that needs doing in the garage as well," Matt said heading for the door.


"Matt!" Jim said, just a little too loudly, "I think that's about enough for today," he literally had sweat on his brow.


"Why dog face?, we're here now," he said and strolled through the open door. Jim was so flustered he didn't even notice the motorcycle until Brett whistled and said, "Crikey that's an awesome bike!" That caught Jim's attention, and the look on his face was priceless. He walked past everyone and ran his hands over the leather seat.



Matt walked up next to him and quietly said, "Happy 40th baby," Jim just stared at the bike.


"I've always wanted one of these," he said quietly, as if he only wanted Matt to hear.


"I know, I remember you always wanted to ride Junior's," Matt got out before Jim grabbed him into a hug and kissed him. Then he pulled back and laughed, "So I guess you know what you're getting for your birthday?"


"Yes, and just so you know, I was thrilled when I saw it. By the way, the bike is from me and Bazz," Matt said.


"Same with the car," Jim said, still running his hands over the bike as if he was caressing a new lover, "I'll have to learn how to ride it and get a license," Jim added.


"No problem Jim," Al put in, "I'll teach you—been riding for years.


The car keys were under the mat so Matt drove Barry and Brett home while Jim rode on the bike with Al; Frank and Finn chose to walk with the boys. Matt smiled to himself as he drove home; at least there were a couple of surprises left for Jim. Meanwhile Jim was thinking the same thing, and trying not to let Al feel his erection.





Al accepted an invitation to stay for dinner, on the condition that he could cook. He was like a one man show in the kitchen—everyone was crowded around the center island while he whipped up a fantastic meal from what the guys had in the refrigerator, all the while entertaining them with stories from his life, family, and the local legends, "When I came down here in the '70s it was nothing but cow shit and cornfields, now it takes me twenty minutes to get through Middletown on a Monday afternoon!"


He took a special interest in making Brett feel welcome. He had heard him mention that he needed to buy a winter wardrobe, "I have the perfect person for you on that deal, buddy. Ron's daughter Grace is a senior at U of DE, she's getting her nursing degree. Her two favorite things are good-looking boys and shopping. You're good-looking and need to shop—perfect match. She knows every outlet from Rehoboth to Queenstown, MD."


"I didn't think his children were that old," Jim said.


"Yeah, Grace is 21, and Danny is 20 and plays rugby at U of DE, and Mark is a senior in high school at Salesianum in Wilmington," Al offered.


"There you go, a future friend, the school you're interested in and the sport as well," Barry said to Brett.


"I'll have to introduce you, it will be good for you to know a few young people, instead of hanging out with the old guys all the time" Al said placing a plate of stuffed mushrooms in on the counter.


"Who you calling old?" Matt asked.


"Who's going to be forty next week?" asked Al.


"Okay, I give," Matt said with a frown, as turning forty was eating at him just a bit—mainly just wondering where the time went and the annoyance that he felt no different today than when he was twenty.


"Don't worry Captain," Jim said giving him a hug, "you still look like you're thirty-nine!" Jim said, getting a big laugh from everyone.


"Keep it up dog face you will pay for it later," Matt threatened with a smile.




Barry, Jim, and Matt were settled in bed with Jim spooned behind Matt. "Did you like your gift?" Matt asked.


"You know I did, even popped a boner riding home with Al and he told me the same thing happened to you," Jim said reaching over and tweaking Matt's nipple. "He says you tried to blame it on the engine," Jim said laughing. "You know, what you did to me today was pretty mean," Jim continued as he moved his hard cock up and down the crack of Matt's muscled ass, "so you need to be punished."


Matt pulled his tongue out of Barry's mouth long enough to say, "And rubbing that little nub in my butt is punishment?" he said causing Barry to laugh.


"No, your punishment is I'm not going to fuck you tonight," Jim said pulling back, "and it's not little," he said causing more laughter from his lovers. Matt just turned around and pushed his ass back into Barry. "See, just another benefit of having two lovers," he said—he was surprised to feel Barry's cock getting hard. "Hey Bazza, come on baby, fuck me." Barry was surprised that he was indeed hard and slipped into Matt's hot tight ass.


"Enjoy it, baby," Barry said, as he pumped eagerly into it, "it doesn't happen often these days" and it didn't; all too soon he dumped his seed into Matt while he was lip-locked with Jim.



Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Walking into the kitchen Tuesday morning, Brett was still half asleep; he was more tired than he thought and had slept until almost 1500 on Monday only to get up, eat dinner and go back to bed. This morning he was up at 730 and he followed his nose to the smell of fresh coffee. He was quite surprised to find Frank, Finn, Matt and Jim all naked and involved with making breakfast, drinking coffee, and reading newspapers—naked.


"Morning Ute," Jim said to the startled young man, "Did Bazza not explain the dress code? I hope you're not offended," Jim said.


"Yeah, sure, yeah—no worries—I just forgot," he said peeling off his t-shirt and trunks, "this is great, I love being naked."


"Brett, I know you had planned to go up to Philly with Bazza until Friday; but Jim needs to go down to North Carolina tomorrow for some business and bring his truck and the boys back on Friday and I can use help with Ryan and Kelly since my dad and Finn are flying back also," Matt said.


"No worries Matt, I'd be happy to," Brett said as he poured himself coffee. "So tell me about the dress code around here—what about when the other little guys are around?"


"They'll be the first ones naked, especially in the summer," Frank said as the others chuckled. Matt jumped in and explained the history, "They even know that guys will throw a bone now and then for no reason and it doesn't faze them."


"The only time we stay dressed is of course when ladies are present, or guests that are not familiar with our lifestyle," Matt added.


"Too right, no need to tease the chicks," Brett said with a smile.


"Since when are you interested in chicks?" Barry asked entering the kitchen.


"Since when have you been interested in these two old shielas?" teased Brett, laughing and tossing his head in the direction of Matt and Jim and he ducked to avoid the wet sponge that Finn hurled at him.





It was just after 1000 and everyone had left, leaving Matt and Brett home with the boys. Al finished unloading supplies from his truck and was stocking the perishables in the extra refrigerator in the mud room. Matt had given him the gate code and a key to the house to use while setting up for the party and Friday night's dinner. He had met Matt on the way in. He had the boys in the car and was taking them shopping with him. He offered to watch them but Matt said it wasn't a problem and it helped tire them out. As he was leaving he told him Brett was in the gym working out.


Finished putting away supplies, he headed downstairs to the gym. When he walked in his cock started to twitch immediately. Brett was sitting, wearing only his sneakers on the incline bench pressing what looked to be an impressive weight, and covered in sweat. His fat cock hung nicely over a plump set of hairless balls. Not wanting to cause an accident he waited until the boy put the bar in the rack before speaking, "You really shouldn't be lifting that much weight without a spotter," he said.


Brett looked up at the older man; he had never played around with someone older, and Al was around his dad's age. But this guy was dead sexy and he had seen him naked the first night in the hot tub and was impressed with his body.


"I know, but I really wanted to get a work-out in today." Suddenly the thought of working out naked with this guy was getting him a bit turned on. "You up for a work-out—we could spot each other?" Brett asked hopefully.


"Yeah, that would work," Al said as he began to strip down. Brett admired the sexy older man. He had thick thighs—and his chest and arms weren't bad either. They moved over to the flat bench and added a bit more weight to the bar. Brett went first completing his initial set of ten reps, all the while staring up at Al's sexy body. He wasn't sure, but it looked like Al was starting to chub up—Brett knew he'd better stop staring before he was hard as well.


It was then Al's turn on the bench. The younger man took up the spotter's stance, feet apart and hands at the ready just in case. He was watching intently as Al pumped the bar. Alternating sets, as good gym buddies do, they continued their lifting. By the third set Al's scent was rising up—this combined with the Italian's expanding cock was causing Brett's own pole to rise—the skin had completely pulled back exposing his shiny red helmet-shaped cock-head. Al placed the bar in the rack and met his gaze, silently asking permission. Brett granted it by squatting just a bit so that his hard cock met the furry guy's darting tongue before enveloping it completely.


The boy groaned with pleasure, sinking lower to push his cock deeper into the hottest mouth he had ever encountered—he had never felt suction like this before either, "Bloody hell!," He exclaimed, "you're going to make me blow already."


"Not yet, stud, pull out for a minute and go sit on the incline bench," Al directed, and followed Brett over while stroking his own dripping erection. Once Brett was seated and Al knelt between his legs—grabbing both ankles he raised the boy's legs and jammed his face into the young stud's ass. When his tongue broke through Brett's ring he gasped for breath and began to pant—Al could feel the boy's balls moving on the top of his head and knew what was going on as Brett panted, "Holy fuck! This is awesome!"


Al pulled back and grabbed Brett's dripping erection taking it back into his mouth—the taste of the boy's honey drip was sublime. He continued to bob, taking it all the way down his throat causing more curses of delight to be uttered. He felt the rigid pole throb, so he pulled back holding just the head in his mouth and was rewarded with several forceful blasts of boy jizz, the taste the best he'd experienced in years and the thrill of making the muscle stud squirm caused him to explode in his own hand. He looked up. Brett's eyes were glazed over as his chest continued to heave.


"Welcome to the US kiddo," Al said before standing up and heading for the shower.


Brett watched the sexy muscle daddy walk away. `Next time I'm going to pound that arse' he thought as he followed him to the shower. The shower was a small tiled room and like a gym gang shower with its multiple heads. When he walked in Al was already under a shower soaping up. Brett stepped in beside him and began to soap himself.


"Hey Brett, I talked to Grace this morning—if you're up to it she has time to hit the mall this afternoon in case you need a few things for the party this weekend," Al said.


"That would be great, if it's all right with Matt. I'll ring and ask." Barry had thought ahead and bought him an iPhone and programed all their numbers in for him; he was thrilled with the gift, all he had at home was an old flip phone. After speaking with Matt who said it would be fine he told Al it was a go. They ate a quick lunch and then Brett went off to get dressed—it was cooler than he expected so he really did need a few heavier things.


Just at 1300 the gate buzzer sounded and Al went to check. Seeing it was Grace he buzzed her through—he was surprised to see Danny sitting beside her. He opened the front door just as they were getting out of the car, "Hey Uncle Buck," they both called out in unison. Grace was a stunning beauty, tall with auburn hair and green eyes—and stacked. Her brother Danny was equally handsome, he was just shy of 6'2", with wide shoulders and a thick build—he looked like a rugger. But his best features were his eyes and his smile. Brett had just stepped up behind Al who introduced him to the pair. When Brett shook Grace's hand and said, laconically, "G'day," she felt as if she had been struck by lightning, and when Brett grabbed Danny's hand and said the same thing the brother felt as if he had touched a live wire.


Al, the ever-observant one, noticed both subtle reactions, `Shit, he thought, somebody's going to be broken-hearted'.


Friday November 6, 2009


Matt had been rushed off his feet all week. Brett was a huge help, as was Al who ended up being at the house almost every day. Everyone from Philly was already at the house except for Jasmine who was meeting her parents at the hotel.


Jim and the boys pulled in just after 1700, they had made very good time. MJ & Jimmer came flying out of the truck and jumped on Matt; they were careful when they hugged Barry. Jim made his way over and hugged Matt, and then gave him a kiss, "Hey Captain, it's good to be home," Jim said, surprising Matt. They had never kissed in front of the boys, not a full on lip-lock; he need not have worried because the boys were already running into the house to see their new room; he then gave Barry a long comforting hug and kiss. When he pulled away he saw Al standing watching the exchange, "Hey Al," Jim said cheerily, "you can a hug, but no kiss," Jim said with a smirk.


"No great loss; you're too old for me," Al said as he gave Jim a bro-hug. The guys laughed at the comment; and added another piece to the puzzle that was their new friend, as they all headed into the house to have dinner.




Frank and Finn were set up in the lobby as the greeters for everyone who was coming for the party. Almost all had arrived and they were now in their rooms getting ready for dinner. The last to arrive were Dave and Declan, accompanied by a very handsome young man; and it wasn't Scott. This young man was apparently bi-racial—African-American and Asian. There was something very familiar about him but Frank couldn't put his finger on it.


"Frank, Finn, it's good to see you," Dave said, giving them a one armed hug followed by Declan who said, "Guys, this is Clinton Conway, he was with us in Virginia Beach and will be working at Reprisal after we take over. I thought it would nice for him to meet Jim and Matt."


"Great idea," Frank said, grasping Clinton's hand, "welcome Clinton, we hope you won't be too bored." There was something about this young man that just seemed so familiar.



To be continued...


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