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The Potter's Wheel

Chapter 2

Snapping Out of It


The rising sun woke Finn. He'd had less than an hour's sleep. His conversation with Doc Marks kept running through his head like a movie loop. It was not unlike his preparation for a trial, except this was like re-living a nightmare. The other difference from trial prep was his life now lay in ruins. He almost lost one of his sons, while the other had done nothing but lie to him. Worst of all, he had lost his rock, his lover Frank.

Even so, with all he knew of Keith's actions, he still wondered if another doctor could help. Sadly the evidence didn't support that idea. Then there was Tim, who still refused to see him. Of course Finn was completely gutted by this. By 0630 he had had enough and headed next door to the only person who could help him through this.

Walking the short distance between their houses, the only sounds came from waves crashing on the beach across the road and the water lapping against the bulkhead, the result of a boat passing on the river ignoring the `no wake' postings.

He came through the gate and up the stairs to the deck, where he found Frank where he knew he would be, sitting naked drinking coffee and reading the morning news. He looked over the paper at Finn and simply said, "Good morning," and the tears just started to flow. Frank got up and went to hold his estranged lover and let him cry. He was glad that Finn had come to him, but worried how the visit would end. He had thought this through long and hard: he would accept nothing but the banishment of his offending son.

When Finn finally regained his composure, he began to tell Frank the entire story and he listened without interruption. Finn finished his story and just looked down at his feet, discouraged, distraught, demoralized; Frank wasn't sure exactly which one, or if it was all three. Unsure, he asked how he planned to handle the situation. He knew there was only one answer but he wanted to hear Finn say it.

"Well, I was hoping you could help me find another doctor for Keith..." Frank raised his hand to prevent Finn from finishing his sentence.

"You can stop right there, Finbar," Frank said, trying his best to restrain his anger. "You cannot be serious?" he said incredulously, "After everything that has happened you really believe that anyone can help him? Doc Marks said he was a hopeless cause, and he has proved it by his actions." Finn started to speak, but a stern glare from Frank stopped him.

"Look Finn, you know I would move heaven and earth for you, and Tim for that matter, but Keith is a deal breaker." Finn said nothing, tears just streamed down his face. Finally he sat before he collapsed under the weight of his own sadness. "But he's my son, Frank, how can I not do everything possible?"

"That's the point, buddy," Frank said calmly, "he's not your son, he's Angie's." Finn gave him a skeptical look, but Frank continued with his theory, "Think about this logically: What has the boy seen for most of his life? He's seen her dump you and then lie about you for all those years. He's watched her manipulate you, giving you hope you would get to see your children, only to deny you in the end. Then he absorbed all the lies she told the three of them about you. Add to that, was witnessing the way she manipulated the men she dated. And if I miss my guess, she played all three children against each other. Is it any wonder that the boy is damaged beyond repair?" Finn said nothing as he digested what had just been said.

The two men sat in silence. Finn just stared out over the Intracoastal watching the boats slip by, while Frank watched him, praying that what he said had registered with Finn. He hoped his message would break through the years of guilt that plagued his lover and clouded his judgment.

In a flash Finn leaped to his feet, startling Frank, hopeful at last by the look on Finn's face that his words had penetrated. "You're right Frank. I can't believe I've been so fucking blind! But that ends now. Would you mind coming with me, I'd like to have a witness," Finn said.

Frank grabbed Finn and gave him a big kiss, "Welcome back baby, I knew you'd get here eventually."

Finn pounded on Keith's bedroom door and told him to be in the kitchen in five minutes. He showed up, looking half asleep but when he saw Frank he became wide awake.

"Hey Dad, what's up?" Keith asked in a very forced cherry tone.

Finn handed Keith a check and said nothing. Keith looked at the check, and then at his father. "What's this for?" he asked.

"I spoke to Dr. Marks," was Finn's only reply. A look of panic crossed Keith's face but he recovered quickly.

"Yeah, so what's the bitch lying about now," he spat.

"When was you're the last visit with the doctor?" Finn asked. Keith remained silent. He stared at his father but refused to speak, so Finn continued.

"Here's the deal Keith. The check is what I was going to pay you for the summer. The car is yours. I want it packed with your belongings and gone, with you in it, within two hours." Finn remained calm as he spoke, but it was Keith who was becoming agitated. "When you get back to Jersey, you have one week to register the car in your name and buy insurance because I will be terminating the current policy. I will still pay for your senior year, room, board, and books but not another penny ever again. The credit card you have enjoyed for so long will also be canceled."

Keith was seething with rage. "You're going to dump your first born son for your fag son and lover?" He spat and started to move towards Finn with his fist in a ball. Frank took two long steps and intercepted him, grabbing his arm and twisting it behind as if he was apprehending a prisoner.

Keith turned his head and, looking into Frank's eyes with unbridled rage said, "This is all your fault, you made my father a fag!"

"I suggest you listen to me good, boy, or you will taste this "fag's" toe cheese when I put my foot up your ass. You have done nothing but lie to your father since you arrived and cause him considerable pain, not to mention what you've done to your brother." Frank paused as he twisted Keith's arm a little tighter and shot Finn a glance meaning `stay the fuck out of this'.

"You will be packed and on the road north in less than an hour, do you read me, boy?"

"Yes," Keith spat.

"Yes who?" Frank said loudly into his ear.

"Yes sir," Keith hissed, and then began rubbing his arm after Frank released him. "Dad, I'm sorry about all this. Can't we just work it out, maybe you can find another doctor...?"

"Keith, I'm done. You have proved yourself to be a liar and a schemer. Maybe we can talk when you decide to get yourself some help and really deal with your own issues," Finn said firmly, fighting his fatherly instinct to cave to his son. Keith was furious and stormed out of the room to pack.


A little more than two hours later Frank and Finn pulled up to the newly installed electric gate at the compound and had to call Matt for the code. When they walked out onto the patio, they saw Tim in the pool with Derrick, Seamus, Jake, Barry, and the boys. When Tim saw Frank, he immediately got out and started to run towards his room. Frank told Finn to stay put and to go for a swim with the boys; he would deal with this. He went into the house and down the hall to Tim's room and knocked lightly on the door.

"Go away Dad," Tim hollered through the door.

"It's Uncle Frank, Tim," he said calmly. The door opened and the boy hugged Frank tightly and then let go and went and sat on the bed. Frank followed and sat next to him in silence for a few minutes. Then he began to tell him the of the day's events, including what his father had learned from Doc Marks, up to and including Finn throwing Keith out on his ear.

Tim listened without comment until Frank finished and then said, "Thanks Uncle Frank, but I'm still not speaking to him. If he had listened to me in the first place..."

"That's quite enough Tim," Frank said sternly, "you are going to have to let this go and give your old man a break." Tim looked back at Frank horrified and opened his mouth to speak, but Frank cut him off.

"Listen Timmy, nobody has been more in your corner than me, for God's sake! I was willing to let my lover go because I thought he was being unfair to you. It may have taken him some time to come around, but he finally gets it."

"But if he had listened to me in the first place, none of this would have happened..." Tim whined

"Tim, you know my father used to say: `Se rane avessero le ali, non avrebbero sbattere il culo quando sono atterrati', that means, `If bullfrogs had wings, they wouldn't bump their ass when they landed'! That actually got a laugh out of Tim.

"Timmy, your dad loves you so much. Maybe it will take you becoming a dad someday to understand. He was so desperate to have you kids back in his life that he couldn't face the truth about Keith." Tim remained silent but the tears had begun to fall again. Frank continued while gently stroking the boy's back. "I know you've heard this from me before, but you have to treat others as you want to be treated. The only way you are ever going to get past this is to forgive your father his mistake and move on."

At that, Tim began to sob and Frank gathered him into his arms and let him cry it out. When he finally could speak, Tim told him of the hurt and the confusion he felt when his father continued to give Keith a pass.

"There only one thing I can criticize you for, but it's forgivable because maybe you've never been told this; it's what I told Matt many years ago when he and Jim had a problem; don't ever give anyone so much power over you that they can offend you or make you feel less of a man. Keep your head high, and always do what you feel in your heart is the right thing," Frank said. He then continued: "Tim, there has only been one perfect man to walk the earth; and he died on the cross. Follow his example, look into your heart and find a way to forgive your dad. He really is torn up about this," Frank said quietly. He kissed the boy's forehead and then left Tim alone to think about what he had said.

Tim sat on his bed and thought about the last few weeks and all that had transpired. The more he thought about it, the more he thought Frank was right. He had let Keith have all the power—the power to mistreat him; to physically as well as mentally abuse him. So the lesson was learned—the hard way. He vowed never to let it happen to him again. Now the difficult part lay ahead: He needed to ask his father's forgiveness, and not just his, the entire `family' had been affected by his actions.

Tim made his way out to the pool deck. He could smell the burgers on the grill as soon as he opened the door and was greeted by the sight of a naked Jim wearing an apron, cooking with three puppies waiting patiently at his feet. Everyone was there, and everyone was naked as usual in the pool playing water polo, while George and Frank played with Kelly and Ryan in the shallow end.

Derrick was the first to notice Tim and made a move toward him. Tim held his hand up to indicate he was fine. "Dad," Tim called out, "may I speak with you for a moment?" Everyone watched as Finn climbed the ladder and walked across the deck, his wet red hair plastered to his naked body as he moved toward Tim who led him over to and into the pool house.

There were some worried faces watching the proceedings, Derrick especially. Matt swam over to his adopted son and put his arm around his shoulder, "Don't worry buddy. I'm sure everything will work out just fine."

Ten minutes later, Finn and Tim emerged from the pool house Tim was naked and ready to swim, with a big smile on his face, the first one in weeks. When he reached the edge of the pool he stopped and looked over the group of friends. No this is his family!! "So listen up guys. I just want you to know how sorry I am for what I put you all through recently. It was selfish, childish and I want you to know it will never happen again. Uncle Frank gave me some very good advice that finally made it through my thick skull. I suggest you ask him yourself and save yourself future angst." With that, he cannon-balled into the pool.

Frank and Finn headed back to the beach after dinner. Finn was exhausted, as well as horny and very happy. Finn shared with Frank the talk he had with Tim. Both son and father thought that the entire experience had brought them closer. "Of course, it was a lot of fucking bullshit to go through to become tight with my son, but it was worth it," Finn said as he massaged Frank's hard cock as they drove over the high bridge. He couldn't wait to feel it inside him.



Back at the compound, Tim was busy packing while Derrick lay on his bed, naked and stroking his hard cock, trying to tempt Tim to join him. "Come on baby," Derrick whined, "we have a lot to make up for." Tim relented and climbed into the bed and on top of Derrick. They were making out heavily while Derrick worked his cock between Tim's legs and began to pump, his heavy flow of pre-cum acting as lube. Tim pulled back from the kiss, panting. "If you don't fuck me now, and hard Marine, I'm going next door to find Seamus and Jake!"

"No need for that baby boy, I'll fuck you good and hard!" And he did.

An hour later the two sated lovers were in the kitchen scrounging for a snack when Seamus and Jake made an appearance. They just looked at Tim and Derrick and burst out laughing.

"What are you two laughing at?" Tim asked.

"We're just surprised you two can walk, judging from the sounds coming from your room," Seamus said, laughing, causing Jake to laugh as well. Derrick grabbed the roll that Tim was going to use to make a sandwich and threw it at Seamus; just as Barry walked into the kitchen.

"Hey you, Fruit Loops, no throwing food," he said.

"Sorry Bazz, just trying to teach these young bucks some respect," Derrick said.

"Well do it without chucking food," he said as he grabbed three beers and headed towards the patio. Jim and Matt were floating in the pool when they saw Barry with the beers. "Good boy Bazza, you've got just what I want," Jim said with a smile as he paddled to the side and reached for the beer.

"Yeah, and it ain't in this tinny," he said handing Jim and Matt each a can of beer and moving his hips to make his cock swing.

"Right now I'd rather have the suds," Jim said with a laugh.

"Listen guys, need to have a little meeting with you," Barry said in a serious tone as he sat on the steps of the pool.

"Sure buddy, what's up?" Matt asked as he and Jim joined Barry on the steps.

"Not sure quite how to put this, but things are getting a bit crazy around here, and now with Buddy moving in, I'm beginning to feel like a housewife," Barry said. When he saw the looks on his lovers' faces, he quickly began to try and explain himself a little better.

"Don't get me wrong, I love being here with you guys. I appreciate everything you've done for me and Ryan. It's just I didn't realize how much time four, well soon to be, five boys would take up.

"So I got an email today from my cousin Brett in Melbourne. He's the son of my mum's younger sister. Well, it appears that my olds have figured out that I'm gay, because that's what she told her sister. And my auntie, by the way, is so religious that she makes my mother look like a heathen," Barry said.


"Does that bother you?" Matt asked.


"Nah, yeah, well it does bother me that they couldn't talk to me about it first. I'm sure that conversation will be coming soon. Anyway, Brett told me in his email that he thinks it's pretty cool. It seems that he bats for both teams- from the sound of it, more for ours," Barry said with a chuckle.


"So anyway, he's just turned twenty-one and is studying occupational therapy at the Australian Catholic University in Melbourne. He desperately wants to get to the states to study and do his fourth year over here. Most importantly, he needs to get away from Auntie Joan and her happy clappers," Barry paused trying to gauge his partners' reaction. But Matt jumped right in.


"Sounds like a good idea. We could use the help around here with Buddy coming to live here. He could work at The Potter's Wheel with Colonel Dave," Matt said glancing at Jim, who nodded in agreement.


"Do you think he would be interested in a job? He could take over many of your duties and maybe you can go back and finish your degree. You only need twelve credits, right?" Matt asked.


"Yeah, but are you sure about this?" Barry asked.


"Sure buddy," Jim added, "we'll just have to talk to Finn and see if he knows anybody who handles immigration law, and of course work it out with Davy."

"Thanks guys," Barry said flashing them his sexiest smile. Then he leaned over and whispered into Matt's ear causing him to snicker. Barry and Matt stood each grabbing Jim by the hand and lead him to the pool house. Once inside, Matt locked the door and Barry kissed Jim hard while grabbing then stroking Jim's huge, hard cock. Meanwhile Matt moved behind Jim and started to lick and kiss his neck, moving down his back until he could spread Jim's muscular ass cheeks and begin rimming him, Jim moaning his approval. Barry had copied Matt's moves and licked his way down Jim's front and was now trying to deep throat the leaking pole. Finally Barry pulled off and stood to kiss Jim once again. Then he whispered, "Get my hole ready lover, I want you to fuck me hard."

"That's the best offer I've had all day." Jim said, as he pushed Barry over the bench and began to rim him. The trio moved over to a bench against the wall where Jim sat and held his erection up like a spear and Barry lowered himself onto it. As he began to raise and lower himself on Jim's cock, his own hard-on began to bounce lewdly. Matt, who had been watching the scene while stroking his own erection moved down and dived in and began to lick Jim's balls. Jim stood, taking Barry with him and started to drive him from behind while standing as Matt sucked Barry's cock. It didn't take long for Barry to unload in Matt's mouth. The tightening of his ass caused Jim to pop, while Matt worked his own cock to a shattering climax.

The three lovers collapsed in a heap on the floor. Barry kissed each of his lovers and said, "Whoever said one man was enough for them was nuts!"


Jim had just entered the bedroom after brushing his teeth. Matt was already in bed half asleep in post sex bliss when Jim's cellphone started to ring. When Jim read the caller ID aloud it caused Matt to sit up wide awake.

"Major Belgrade," Jim said as evenly as he could to his boss, "what can I do for you sir?"

To be continued...


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