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The Potter's Wheel

Chapter Twenty Three


Lean on me

Thursday, January 14, 2010

"You gentlemen may join us now," said Dr. Lee to Matt and Jim who were waiting outside of Barry's room. They had been waiting for the team of doctors to finish their examination of Barry to assess his progress after surgery; the preliminary report was that it had all gone better than expected, according to Dr. Lee.

"The shrinking of the tumor was very successful; as a result we were able to take out less of your pancreas, and very little of your small intestine. We were also able to get all surrounding lymph nodes where cancer cells can metastasize or spread. And since there was less to remove, the required reconstruction of your gastrointestinal tract was minimal. You should be eating regularly in about two weeks, but only a bland diet until then. Adam will be in to get you up for the first time and give you further instructions," the doctor continued, "you were a very lucky young man; the tumor was caught early making things much easier on us. You must have had a guardian angel looking out for you," she said, patting Barry on the shoulder.

"That I did Doc, I really did," Barry said in a hoarse voice; partly because of the tube in his nose and partly due to emotion as he thought of Skipper.

"Barry, it looks like you will be with us for no more than seven days, said Dr Lee, "then it's home to rest and rehab; we'll start you walking tomorrow, today you will just move about the room a bit. After thirty days we will start the radiation treatments."

"Will he have to come back here or could it be done at the local hospital back home?" Jim asked.

"That is entirely up to the patient; some prefer to come back to us, while others choose to stay closer to home," Dr. D'Agostino, the Radiation Oncologist explained.

"We'll check back with you tomorrow after Adam gets you up for a walk and we see how you tolerate your first outing," Dr. Lee added before the team left the three men alone. Now in a private room after surgery, the guys felt more comfortable with showing affection and as soon as the door closed Matt leaned in and kissed Barry while Jim stood on the other side of the bed holding his hand in both of his just as the door opened and Adam the very hot male nurse walked in.

"No wonder my patient smiles so much! But be careful guys, we don't want him getting too excited; he still has a catheter in him and a tube in his abdomen," Adam said with a smile.

"Not feeling in the mood for that action right now," Barry said softly, "just a little too much pain in my stomach—and I feel like a balloon."

Adam picked up a clicker and placed it in Barry's hand, "This operates your med pump—when you push the button on top it will send a dose of pain medication into your I.V.; don't worry, you can't overdose—the machine has final control. Give it a hit now and then we can get you to stand for a minute or two."

After his short walk Barry was tired; so the guys left him alone to rest, promising to return after lunch. "It sounded to me like the next couple of months are going to be a lot rougher than the first part," Jim said.

"Could be, but he has a very positive attitude—and let's face it, after what he went through after being blown up this must not seem as bad—pain wise that is," Matt added.

"I'm sure it will work out fine," Jim concluded.


"Hey Wolf, how's it going?" Frank said, answering his phone. He and Finn were on their way to Philly to visit Barry before heading to Florida to look at properties.

"Mostly good, except that Tray had a call from his Physical Evaluation Board liaison officer and he has to appear before PEB for re-evaluation and he's kind of freaking out," Wolf said his voice filled with concern.

Travis had been dealing with his issues, including PTSD with Doc Marks off the grid—he didn't want the reports going to the board. His PTSD symptoms were mild; his biggest problem was with his scares and the continued difficulties with his leg. He could walk now with a cane but could not stand for more than twenty minutes without severe pain. He was not using pain medication partially for fear of becoming dependent, but mostly because it created terrible mood swings.

"What is it exactly that he's freaking out about?" Frank asked.

"He's worried they will put him on the TDRL at less than 100% disabled he won't be able to support himself on temporary disability—he's also afraid that I will be mad at him because he wants to move up to Delaware to be closer to Billy. I told him I'll be fine and that I only have eight more months anyway and would be happy to come north after I separate," he said clearly upset by the whole situation.

"Would you like me to come down and spend some time with him," Frank asked, he knew that was what Wolf wanted but was afraid to ask.

"That would be great Dad, he spends too much time alone and gets inside his head too much. By the time I get home from work he has himself twisted up tighter than a pretzel," the big guy said, clearly relieved that help was on the way.

"Okay, let me talk to Finn and get things set. We're on our way to Philly to see Bazza, so call me tomorrow from work and I'll give you our ETA," Frank said.

"Thanks Dad, and tell Baz we are thinking of him," Wolf said before ending the call.

"Well I guess you have a bit of an idea of what's going on," Frank said to Finn.

"Yes, and it's no big deal; the boy comes first. We can visit Barry tonight and leave first thing in the morning. The only downside is we will miss our visit with Sam," Finn said as he reached over and groped Frank's crotch.

"Yeah, that is a shame, maybe we can get him to come down for the long weekend; I'm sure he is off on Monday for the MLK holiday."

"Good idea buddy, I'll call him later," Finn said. The two rode on in silence for a good twenty minutes before Finn broke the mood.

"Frank, I've been thinking."

"Uh oh, this sounds like trouble," Frank said with a chuckle.

"Real funny; no I'm serious. Is buying a house in Florida really the right thing to do? Our boys are all up here and we have the place in Topsail; for half of what it would cost to maintain a property there we could probably rent a place for a month or so each winter and be able to be here for our kids most of the year," Finn offered.

"Are you thinking about us buying a place in Delaware instead of Florida?" Frank asked.

"Well I wasn't until just now—but with Travis wanting to come north and Derrick moving up after he gets out in August; not to mention Tim. Even with the size of Deer Crossing, the house will be getting awful crowded," Finn said. Frank didn't respond immediately. "Do you disagree?"

"No, not at all—I think it's a wonderful idea I'm just a bit overwhelmed at the moment; this is a very generous thing you're offering," Frank replied.

Finn reached over and grabbed Frank's hand, "We are partners buddy, and let's face it we both love our boys."

"You know, Al was telling me that Ron carries what Realtors call a pocket listing on the property next door," Frank relayed, "seems the old man has been thinking about selling for a while but could never pull the trigger."

"What's a pocket listing?" Finn asked.

"He says it's a way to have a house for sale without formally listing it—in case Ron ever ran into someone who was looking for a large farm with a large house."

"Well it certainly would be convenient—let's ask the guys when we see them, they might not want us so close," Finn said.

"Yeah, like they would turn us down," Frank said and laughed, "I know the boys will be thrilled."

"Hey! And think about it, we'll have Al right next door for when Sam visits—and I bet there's a basement that would make a great dungeon!" Finn said, groping Frank again.

"If you get me hard you'll be in trouble, mister," Frank said.

"There's a rest stop ahead," Finn said continuing to rub his lover's expanding cock.

"I'm serious Finbar, if you make me cum in my shorts there will be hell to pay."

"What are you going to do Daddy, spank me?" Finn teased.

"No, you'd like it too much,"


"Hey Dad!" Barry said to Frank as he and Finn entered the room just after 1100.

"Hey yourself, bud," Frank said as he kissed his son-in-law on the cheek, "you're looking pretty good for the day after surgery."

"That's because he's been walking the hall with his hot male nurse," Jim teased.

"Yeah, he's Bazza's incentive to get well; we told him we'd bring him home for the weekend as a treat when he was all healed and ready for playing," Matt said piling on.

The two older men visited for a little more than an hour and they told the guys about Finn's idea for the two of them buying the house next door and, just as Frank predicted, they were thrilled. Then they said goodbye, letting the guys know they would be back after dinner, and they left the hospital to head over to the house to see Tim. He was staying in Philly this semester, auditing a few classes in preparation for starting his freshman year in the fall. He was also working at the Hard Rock Café at the Reading Terminal. While Frank was driving to University City, Finn called Sam to invite him on the trip to Topsail. Frank only caught one side of the conversation, but it sounded like a very interesting story.

When Finn finally ended the call he asked, "What's up with Sam?"

"Quite a bit actually: he and his partner received an unbelievable offer for their real estate development company; they accepted it and he is retiring," Finn relayed.

"Wow, that is big news," Frank answered.

"Yes, but not the biggest: he's also filed for divorce. With Dougie out of his hair, his daughter in college, and the his youngest son just turning fourteen he thought it wouldn't be too hard on the boy—he's also going to ask for full custody of him. He's using my old firm for representation so I'm sure he'll have a good chance," Finn concluded.

"So will he be joining us?" Frank asked.

"Yeah, should he come here or could we go over to Jersey, pick him up and go home down 295?

"We'll pick him up, it's not that far out of the way and it will save us driving south on 95 during rush hour," Frank said.

They found the family room and kitchen empty, which was not surprising for this time of day, and made their way up the back stairs to put their overnight bags in the guest room since Matt and Jim were using the master. As they turned towards the rooms they heard the unmistakable sounds of sex coming from one of the bedrooms. When they passed by the open door of the bedroom Tim was sharing with Conner they looked in and saw Conner laying on the bed. There was an incredibly hot, young guy driving a very large cock up his ass while Tim was kneeling over his head with his cock in Conner's mouth while he was holding the boy's legs up. They were so into their acrobatic sex act that they didn't notice the new arrivals at the door.

The scene was so hot that Finn's cock was hard as a rock instantly and he reached over and felt Frank was in the same condition. The boy doing the fucking looked no more than sixteen or seventeen with an incredible smooth body, not overly developed but with amazing abs, pronounced Adonis belt, thick thighs and from what they could see a massive, thick cock. He was using frantic rabbit thrusting movements while he leaned over and kissed Tim deeply as Conner moaned in delight at being spit-roasted. The top man pulled back and announced his impending orgasm.

"I'm right there with you buddy," Tim hissed as he pulled his cock out of Conner's mouth and started to beat it furiously.

"Shoot on my face man, you too Isaac; cover me in cum," Conner panted as the boy pulled his cock out and ripped off the condom and joined Tim in releasing large ropes of cum over the hunky basketball player. Before Frank and Finn could escape un-noticed Tim turned his head and saw them, "Dad!" Tim shouted and immediately went as red as his hair. "Dad?" cried the stud puppy who had been doing the fucking as his still rigid teenage cock slapped noisily against his flat stomach; he had the look of a deer in the headlights and appeared frightened as hell. Trying to lighten the moment Finn started to applaud with Frank joining in. Conner just smiled and said, "Hi guys, would you like to join us—I'm trying to forget being 1 for 11 this season."

"Thanks, we'll pass," Finn said, "after you guys get cleaned up meet us downstairs and we'll take you out to lunch." Tim still looked a bit shell-shocked and their friend couldn't meet the older men's eyes. When they reached the room and closed the door the two men burst out laughing, covering their mouths so the boys wouldn't hear.

"Did you see the cock on that boy, not to mention the load he shot?" Finn said going to his knees, unzipping Frank's pants and taking his lover's cock in his mouth in a flash; in short order he was swallowing a load of his own.


Tim was the first to enter the kitchen and he didn't look happy. Frank and Finn were sitting at the center island having a beer, "Hey buddy, where would you like to go for lunch?" Finn asked casually.

"Dad, I can't believe you stood there and watched us," Tim said angrily.

"Come on buddy, it was kind of an accident—and you did leave the door open. Besides, it was really hot—not to mention you did catch me jerking off and blowing a load before so we're even," Finn said with a big smile. That seemed to ease Tim's angst and it was at that moment that a now-dressed Conner and the well-hung stud, who was still looking quite embarrassed, walked in. Tim grabbed his hand and smiled at the boy—he was very cute, with blue eyes and light brown hair, "Isaac, this is my Dad and that is his partner Uncle Frank. Guys, this is Isaac Stoltzfus." Isaac shook hands with Frank and Finn and he had a bemused look on his face as he did so.

"Your dad is gay?" He asked Tim.

"Yup, it runs in the family I guess," Tim said and then laughed at the continued confused look on his new friend's face.

"Well it's nice to meet you Isaac," Frank said, "what do you say we head out and get some lunch, I'm sure you boys worked up quite an appetite."

"I sure did, but what I'm hungry for they don't sell at the Greek Lady," Conner said with a cheeky grin.

"Cool your jets, slut boy, I think we've put on enough of a show today," Tim said bumping the basketball player's shoulder.

Over lunch they learned that Isaac had just turned eighteen and was from an Amish family in Lancaster County. He was in the middle of his Rumspringa year and had met Tim at the Reading Terminal where his father sold custom built furniture.

"My father has met Tim and likes him, he thinks he's very respectful for an English boy," Isaac said with his sweet smile, "and he's allowing me to stay the weekend."

"I take it your father came to his assessment without the knowledge of what you boys have been up to?" Finn said.

"That is true sir, but this is what the Rumspringa year is all about; to experience life outside the community before deciding to be baptized," the boy said solemnly.

Friday, January 15, 2010

"I can't believe he fucking called you," Travis said just a little too loudly for Frank's taste. He and Travis were sitting on the couch in the master bedroom while Finn and Sam had gone for take-out from Nick's.

"Travis, he loves you and is concerned. Why would you be angry at him for calling me—and the bigger question is why haven't you called me yourself? You know I would do anything to help you," Frank said calmly, "now why not start from the beginning and tell me what's going on." He said putting his arm around his adopted son and pulling him close.

For the next forty minutes Travis poured his heart out to Frank. He explained how scared he was that he would end up like so many other wounded warriors—lost in bureaucratic red tape—being shuffled between the Veteran's administration and Social Security Disability or being separated with just a severance payment. His PEBLO was pushing him to go into VOCREHAB for vocational training and evaluation instead of going to school, but he had been warned that doing so would more than likely lead to a reduction in his benefits. Then there was the pressure of his relationship with Wolf, he felt that he was forcing the big man to leave the Corps early—in effect giving up his career to move north with him.

"Okay, that's enough," Frank said calling a halt to Travis's list of worries. "First of all you seem to forget that you have no reason to worry about money. Let them TDRL you; my understanding is you need to be at 30 percent or higher— which you clearly are—so you get re-examined every year until they make you permanent. You won't have to worry about using the GI bill for school; you have the money already, so you come out—move on with your life and decide what you want to do with it. The last thing you want to do is live on the fixed income from disability," Frank said firmly. "As for Wolf, I think you need to think long and hard about how much he loves you. Why do you think he called me—he's deathly afraid of losing you—we all are." Frank said, causing more tears from the frightened young man. He held him for few more minutes and then said, "Look Tray, you've been my son for just over a year—but I love you and Billy no less then Matt or Tom; we'll get through together, you just need to trust me okay?"

Travis hugged him tight and said, "Yeah Dad, I do—and I feel better already." After Travis washed his face the two headed down to see what Sam and Finn where up to.

They found them in the kitchen talking to Wolf who looked at Travis apprehensively. Travis went right to him and grabbed the big guy and kissed him. "Thanks baby, you always know exactly what I need—and I'm sorry I've been such a dick lately," he said quietly in his lover's ear. Wolf just held him tighter and lifted him off the floor and began to walk towards the back stairs.

"Sorry guys, you'll have to excuse us—we have about two weeks of old business to take care of," Wolf said, as he lifted Travis over his shoulder and carried him up the stairs.

The three men watched the happy pair take their leave, "Damn, just the thought of what is going to happen up there has my dick hard," Finn said.

Frank laughed, "Everything makes your dick hard," he said grabbing Finn and kissing him, then reaching out to draw Sam into the kiss as well. After a quick dinner the three were in the master bedroom where Finn was repeatedly re-acquainted with Sam's very hard and very fat cock.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Matt woke at 600 covered in boys— his boys; their morning woods pressed into his leg. He had left Jim in Philly Saturday night after visiting hours and drove home to Delaware; the boys were thrilled to have him home. After dinner they played a few video games and then talked him into going into the hot tub. Even Tommy, Brett, and Al joined them after Kelly and Ryan were in bed. After twenty minutes in the hot water they were so warm they were standing naked in the cold January night under a waning but still almost full moon, drinking hot chocolate that Al had brought out on a tray. Jimmer and MJ were giggling so Matt asked what was up.

"Jimmer just said that Uncle Buck shouldn't ever need clothes with all that hair on his body," MJ said and all the guys cracked up.

"Speaking of hair," Matt said, rubbing Jimmer's head, "what's with you guys and the long hair?"

"We're letting it grow until June—a lot of guys are. They have this thing in town called Relay for Life to raise money for cancer research and our school has a team in it. Then they have this big overnight thing were teams walk all night and have themes and floats and a parade," Jimmer explained.

"Yeah Dad, and they have a booth were people get their hair cut and it's donated to make wigs for cancer patients, so we're doing it for Papa B," MJ said.

"That's a nice thing to do, but you guys are going to look like hippies for a few months. By the way, who is Papa B?" Matt asked.

"Yeah, that's what we decided to call Uncle Baz, it's easier than calling out Dad and having three people answer, we'll tell him when he comes home," MJ explained.

"Wow, you guys are really clever; now let's get inside—it's starting to get really cold and my boys are getting ready to climb up inside of me," Matt said receiving two confused looks. Once inside he said, "you fellows are old enough to start learning some `guy-only' talk," Matt said grabbing his balls. "These are your `boys' and when it gets cold the climb way up tight against your body," he explained. Both boys still looked a bit confused and the older guys howled with laughter.

When it was time for bed they wanted to sleep with Matt, who of course agreed, and at some point during the night Ryan had crawled in also. He shook MJ and Jimmer and told them to get moving, "You guys have to go tend to Pride and Honor," he said referring to their horses, "because Tommy is going with us and we have to be on the road by 800."

Matt needed to meet with Clinton and Tom on Monday and since the boys were off that day he decided to drop them at Denise's parents for a visit since their home was right on the way to Virginia. Tommy was coming along to go horse shopping with Matt's ex-father-in-law. Ronnie thought Tommy was a good enough rider to handle a stallion so the guys decided to buy him one. Mr. Ernst was going to take him to a few stables to look for a good horse, so just after 800 the boys pulled out in Jim's dually, pulling a single horse trailer they borrowed from Ronnie.

Just before 1300 they turned off Rt. 13 and drove down the long lane to the main house. Denise's parents were still very fond of Matt and were thrilled to see the boys since they had missed them at Christmas. Matt spent the afternoon with them and then at 1700 left for Virginia Beach to meet up with Tom at his hotel. He left the dually and trailer for his father-in-law to use and took his Mercedes.

He met Tom at his hotel and the plan was to have a nice dinner and catch up on their lives and then meet Clinton at the hotel the following morning. When Matt entered the bar and Tom spotted him, he jumped from his seat and hugged him hard. "Hey little brother, how the hell are you?"

"The bigger question is how are you?" Matt said after kissing Tom on the cheek.

"I'm doing well, I can't believe how much I'm enjoying being single. The best part is, because she was cheating, she left with no alimony, no piece of my pension and, because of the pre-nup, nothing of what my mother left me. To be nice and not give her too much ammunition with the girls, I gave her the house; I thought it was a good trade."

"So how are the girls with all this?" Matt asked.

"They were pretty pissed at their mother and weren't speaking to her; but I encouraged them to forgive her reminding them that this was something that had little to do with them and everything to do with our relationship. So now they do speak to her and visit on the holidays," Tom related, "so how are your husbands, especially Barry, and the boys doing?" he asked with a smile.

Matt laughed, "Barry is doing very well, all things considered, and the boys are growing like weeds," Matt laughed. "MJ and Jimmer are sporting a few pubes already."

Tom had a good chuckle with that information and then listened as Matt gave him the entire rundown for the next hour. Taking their drinks into the dining room, they continued to catch up over dinner.

"I was talking with Dad, he told me he's going to be buying in Florida," Tom said.

"That's the old plan. He and Finn are thinking of buying the farm next to us and just renting down there for a month or two. I really don't think either of them wants to be too far away from the boys," Matt divulged.

"I can see that, and with me coming here I'll get to see him more as well," Tom replied.

They finished their meals and headed to Tom's room (that Matt was to share) and kept talking until close to 2200. They finally got around to Tom's sex life and he laughed, saying `porn and palm' were now the love of his life. Matt thought back to the conversation with Jim and Barry about playing with others and decided that since Tom was family and this was basically an emergency... He had Tom and himself naked and hard in minutes. He used the old standby of combination blow-job and prostate massage that his dad taught him on his half-brother. He had Tom squirming and moaning like a whore and all too soon he shot a massive load of cum in Matt's mouth. After swallowing and licking Tom's cock clean Matt asked, "Fuck'n-a, bro, when was the last time you came?"

Tom laughed, "Last week when we made these plans; I knew you couldn't resist my junk!"

Matt laughed and jumped on Tom and wrestled with him until he had his hard cock in Tom's mouth—and his brother was rewarded with his own mouthful of sweet man juice.

Monday, January 18, 2010

The meeting with Clinton in the room went very well; he and Tom hit it off from the minute they met. Matt felt that they both had their own strengths without the ego that would get in the way of working together effectively. When they were through with business they went down to the dining room for lunch around 1300. Matt had asked for a booth towards the back where the trio could continue to privately discuss business during the meal.

The brothers and Clinton were completely engrossed in their meal and discussion so they didn't notice the three men that were being seated just two tables away. But one of the newcomers most surly noticed them and his heart began to race and his mind began to reel. What possible reason could Matt be meeting with his half-breed boss and who was the guy with him? Something was going on and he damned sure was going to find out what it was. It was bad enough that his faggot brother was living with the Leo prick, but now he was showing up at lunch with his boss. They stood to leave and Junior found himself in direct eye contact with Matt. Years of military training allowed Matt not to let his face show any surprise or emotion, he just turned his head and quietly told Clinton and Tom to follow his lead as they headed over to George's table. He could see the alarm on the man's face which emboldened him further.

"Hello George," Matt said with an insincere smile plastered on his face. "This is a surprise," Matt continued as he extended a hand that George reluctantly took. He really had no interest in speaking to the shit bag other than rattling his cage and of course, throwing him off the scent. If he had just left it would have looked as if he was trying to hide something; so he continued and said, "George, I'd like you to meet my brother Tom and this is his friend Clinton," Matt said and watched as Jim's brother tried to figure the real connection between the three men.

Clinton was a very smart and a quick study. Helping to bait George further he said, "Yeah, Tom was the CFO at the first company I worked for and was my mentor for two years." Matt could barely keep a straight face as he watched George try to conceal his alarm. Matt jumped right in to extricate them from the encounter.

"Well George, it was nice to see you. Give your mother our best," Matt threw in just to piss him off as he hustled Clinton and Tom away.

When they made it out of the restaurant, Clinton burst out laughing, "How much you want to bet he has shit stains in his drawers?"

"Was that Jim's brother?" Tom asked as he had never met George.

"Yep, and I'm sure he won't be digesting his lunch very well," Matt said, "by the way Clinton—you were brilliant in there."

"Thanks boss, nothing gives me greater pleasure than to tweak that fuck-head."

Tom had two more days of meeting scheduled with Clinton and after saying goodbye Matt asked what his plans where for the rest of the week.

"Nothing much, I was going to look for a place to live and then head home," Tom answered.

"Well if you have nothing going on, why not come up to Delaware and spend a few days, I'd love to spend some time with you and the boys would enjoy spending time with their uncle," Matt enthused.

"I may have to pick up a few winter clothes, but I'll need them anyway and I can take advantage of tax free shopping. Yeah, I'll do it, thanks Matty."


As soon as Matt and his guests left the dining room, Junior excused himself. His first stop was to find the waiter he had seen at Matt's table and asked (while slipping him a ten spot) if anyone at the table was staying in the hotel. The guy described Tom and said he had delivered room service to him the night before. After another ten spot the waiter went off and came back with Tom's name and room number. Next he went to the men's room and called the PI he used to find Jude. He passed him Tom's last name and asked him to find out everything he could about him. He also gave him Clinton's name and asked him to see if they had any connections. Something was not quite kosher with this situation and he needed to find out what it was.


When Matt arrived back at his in-laws just before 1600, he saw Tommy riding a beautiful black horse around the paddock. Walking up to the fence where MJ and Jimmer were perched with his father-in-law next to them he said, "Hey Dad, I see Tommy found a horse."

"And a beautiful one at that, he's a four year old Arabian," the man answered.

"His name is Crackerjack, Dad, isn't he beautiful," Jimmer said.

"He sure is, and read me loud and clear; you boys are not to get on him. At least until you have had a couple of years of lessons."

"He's right boys, that is one spirited stallion, and dangerous unless you have a lot of experience," Mr. Ernst said.

Tommy rode over beaming with pride, "Hey boss, looks like we found Ronnie one hell of a stallion," he said. That was the cover story: he was picking out a horse for Ronnie whom he had been working part-time for since shortly after he arrived.

"Not quite buddy," Matt said as he watched the boy's face fall.

"But Mr. Ernst said he was a fine choice," he protested.

"He is, but he's not Ronnie's, he's yours—a gift from all of us," Matt said.

The look on Tommy's face was priceless and he whooped and hollered and galloped off for a run around the paddock.

To be continued...

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