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The Potter’s Wheel

Chapter Four

Submarine Races


                                                                                        Thursday August, 20

The alarm, which Matt usually never needed to set, went off at 0700.  He wanted nothing more than to stay in bed wrapped in Jim’s arms for the rest of the day.  They had returned late from the beach and their romp with Wolf.  It was a very enjoyable evening, with three exciting climaxes following the opening act.  He forced himself out of bed and hit the head.  When he made it to the kitchen, he found a cheery Barry feeding Kelly and Ryan, sitting at the table eating and chatting away with his dad. 

Barry was wearing a pair of 2Xist tank boxers that made him look like an underwear model— well except for the scars.  Matt went over and kissed the boys, and gave Barry a tap on the shoulder.  “Morning buddy, sleep well?” he asked Barry. 

“Too right, I was worn out, that was…” but he stopped when he saw MJ and Jimmer entering the kitchen dressed for school.  Jimmer seemed not be himself and he walked over and hugged his father. 

“What’s up sport, you don’t look very happy this morning,” Matt said, hugging his son and thinking it wouldn’t be long before he was as tall as himself.  Jimmer didn’t say anything and just clung to Matt, who looked over at MJ with a raised eyebrow. 

“Tell him Jimmer,” MJ said.  Jimmer pulled away from Matt and gave MJ an angry glare.  Unfazed MJ said, “He’s worried about Buddy coming to live with us.”  Now Jimmer really looked angry as he grabbed a box of cereal and started to fill a bowl.

“I thought you wanted Buddy here, it was your idea,” Matt asked.

“It was,” Jimmer replied churlishly.  Matt gave Barry a look, who just shrugged his shoulders.

“Okay then Mister, what seems to be the problem?” Matt asked pressing his son.

“Does it mean that me and MJ have to sleep in separate rooms?” Jimmer said quietly. 

Matt shot another glance at Barry, not sure how to handle this one.  “Well, where did you two sleep when he came to visit?”  Matt asked.

“In our bed, with him in the top bunk,” Jimmer replied.

“Well why would you have to change now?” Matt asked, hoping that the boy would figure it out on his own. 

“He thought you and Dad would make us all have separate rooms,” MJ added. 

“Where you sleep is for you boys to decide; what do you want to do?” Matt asked. 

“We were thinking he could sleep in our room with us, me and Jimmer could take turns taking the top bunk.  Buddy is still really upset about his dads and isn’t sleeping a lot.  Well that’s what he’s telling us, and we thought it would make him feel better,” MJ said. 

“Well I think that’s a great idea, how about you Bazz?” Matt said.

“I think he’s fair dinkum.  He does seem pretty upset.  It’s a beaut idea, MJ,” Barry said with his Aussie accent turned on full to amuse the boys, and it did.  They both laughed.

Jimmer smiled for the first time that morning, “What does that mean Uncle Bazz?” he asked.

“It means he’s the real deal,” Barry said ruffling the boy’s hair, “you’re a good mate, Jimmer to worry about your pal,” and got a smile from the boy. 

When they were through with their breakfast they came around the table to say goodbye to Matt, MJ just kissed him on the cheek and said, “See you after school Dad,” but Jimmer hugged Matt hard.  Matt pulled back and asked, “What’s up sport?”

“Nothing Dad, I just miss you that’s all, you travel so much now.”

“Well, I only have two trips planned between now and Christmas, so you’ll see quite a bit of me.  Now have a good day.  Remember, Mack is bringing Buddy up tonight,” Matt said, and that got a big smile from Jimmer who kissed him quick and ran to catch up with MJ, who was already headed over to George’s for a ride to school. 

Matt looked over at Barry who just smiled, “Get ready lover, puberty is just around the corner!”   “In case you haven’t noticed, he hit puberty a long time ago,” said a gloriously naked Jim as he walked into the kitchen and then walked over and took Barry into his arms and kissed him. “That’s why you’re here.  I’m sure he’ll wear out soon, and I’m just lining up his replacement,” Jim said with a laugh as Matt gave him the finger.



Finn was already working on his laptop.  Papers and files were spread over most of the table in the breakfast room when Frank came in with his coffee.  Since Finn was working fulltime for the foundation, he was usually up early and hard at work before 0600.  Frank bent and gave him a good morning kiss. “I wonder what people would think if they knew that the attorney they were talking to was sitting naked and looking hot as hell?” Frank said. 

“Unless you tell, nobody would know.  Furthermore, I think it would turn many of them on, male and female,” Finn said as he kissed Frank. 

About thirty minutes later Finn’s cellphone rang.  He read the caller ID and frowned. “Good morning Angie, what an unexpected pleasure to hear from you,” Finn said as he made a face at Frank. 

Well that got Frank’s attention.  He could hear her voice.  It was just garbled noise but he could tell by Finn’s face it wasn’t pleasant.    

“Angie, I’m not sure what Keith has told you but nothing you have said is true.”  Finn quickly flipped the phone to speaker and set it on the table so Frank could hear. 

“He said you kicked him out of the house and cut him off because he wouldn’t have sex with you like Tim,” Angie screamed into the phone.  Frank was horrified and it showed on his face, but Finn just smiled at him and winked. 

“Angie that is absurd, your son was physically and verbally abusing his brother.  I told him he needed to see a doctor and deal with homophobia…”

“He told me you would use that story.  You are nothing but a pervert Finbar and I’ll make sure you pay for what you’ve done,” she said with as much venom as she could muster.  Finn just smiled at Frank and wrote ‘watch this’ on a piece of blank paper.

“Angie, I have a question,” he said evenly.  “Do you believe everything Keith tells you?”

“Of course I do, he’s a good boy and has never given me one bit of trouble,” Angie spat.

“That’s nice Angie, I’m glad you feel that way.  However, maybe you can explain your little side business, Atlantic City Angels?” Finn said with a huge smile.

“I—I don’t know what you’re talking about,” this clearly rattled her.

“Sure you do Ange.  Keith told me all about the website, about your girls and how he and Dougie hacked into your computer and found your secrets,” Finn said with satisfied smile. 

“You better watch yourself Finn or I’ll be suing you for slander.”

“I think you should look up the definition of slander Angie.  I’ve told no one but you what I know.  Now God only knows how many others your sociopathic son may have told.  And by the way, he wrote the whole story out and signed it.  He even included the amounts and number of payments you have made to buy his silence,” Finn said twisting the screws. 

“That little son of a…, Fuck you Finbar,” she screamed and ended the call.

Frank looked Finn.  The question was written all over his face but he wasn’t going to ask.  Finn took pity on him and answered it for him.  “I never told you because I didn’t believe him.  I just thought it was one of his last ditch efforts to get back in my good graces and not cut him off.  Frankly, I thought it was all a lie.  But Angie just confirmed it as truth without realizing it,” Finn said and bust out laughing. 

“Well how about the rest of the story,” Frank said laughing along with Finn.

“It seems that Keith and this miscreant friend of his were practicing their hacking skills on his mother’s computer when they stumbled on a client list.  From there they found the website info for her little side business “Atlantic City Angels” which is nothing more than call girls for the high rollers.  Can you imagine what Angie would do if it was ever revealed her ‘in-crowd’ girlfriends that she is a madam, and most of her “working girls” are married women in town?  And best of all, that her new husband was one of her ‘male escorts’!”

“Did he really write it all down and sign it?” Frank asked.

“No, I just said that to wind her up,” Finn said with a devilish smile.

“I’d sure hate to Keith right about now,” Frank said as he got up to get more coffee. 


Just after lunch Grant Belgrade called and asked the guys if they were free to meet with him later that afternoon, including George.  Matt told him 1400 would work, but that he would miss the boys.  They were with Tim, Seamus, on the boat fishing.  Grant said he knew, they had called him and that was why he picked the time. 

When the five men sat down in the living room the Major started the conversation, “Thanks for meeting me on short notice,” he started nervously.  “I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about our plan.  I don’t want to seem ungrateful, but I’m comfortable blackmailing my father-in-law.  Regardless of how wrong he and his kind are, I just don’t feel right doing it.  I’m afraid that somehow it might come out and hurt the boys.  I don’t want them to find out about their mothers just yet.  I’m going to explain to them that I love them but I have to leave them here for their protection.  I have to stay at home to protect their brothers and sister,” Grant said looking totally stressed by the whole situation. 

“Are you okay with that decision?”  Matt asked.

“It’s really my only choice.  I would love to be free of her and be able to have the life you guys have.  But my first priority is protecting and raising my children.  I have to stay with her until the kids are grown.  So I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind watching the boys for a couple more weeks until I figure something else out.”

“Grant,” Jim said, “there’s no time limit on how long the boys can stay.  We were just concerned about school.” 

“Why not home school them?”  George threw out.  “I know there are plenty of home school programs available.  That way they would be safe here and not fall behind.”

“That’s a great idea dad,” Matt said.  “We have enough people to help out.  We can talk with the Colonel, maybe he could help.” 

“I have no problem with this except I am concerned about socialization.  The boys would be here isolated from their friends,” Jim added.

“Normally I would agree Gunner, but their safety is my first priority,” Grant added.

“Besides, Tim and Derrick are here.  They’re not too much older than the twins, and don’t forget Brett is coming in November” said Matt.

So it was agreed.  They would find a homeschool program and the boys would stay with George.  Later when they returned from the boat ride, Grant explained to the boys the plan to be home schooled and living with George. Of course that led to Seamus bugging his grandfather to let him stay and do their senior year.  But Jake shot him down, reminding him that they needed their sports and other activities to get into college.

Before leaving, Grant took the twins for a walk down to the dock to speak to them in private.  They stood on the dock and looked out over the water.  Finally Guy said, “It’s okay Dad, we know why you’re doing this and we appreciate it.” 

That simple statement brought tears to Grant’s eyes as he hugged his boys. “You guys don’t know how much it kills me to be away from you, but I’ll try to stop by as often as I can to see you.  And of course I’ll call you every day,” Grant said and then hugged the boys one more time and headed for home.



Before dinner everyone was hanging out in the pool, except for the complaining duo of MJ and Jimmer who had homework to complete.  Tim and Derrick were standing in the corner of the shallow end away from the crowd.  Tim whispered, “You know, tonight is Seamus and Jake’s last night here.  We’ll be alone without their parents in the house.  They have been hinting for weeks for the four of us do more than trade blow-jobs and jerk off together.”

“Fuck Tim, do you have to tell me that now, when I’m naked in front of the whole family?”  Derrick laughed.

“Well it’s not like your dads don’t know you’re gay,” Tim teased.

“That’s not the point Red.  The thought of burying my face and then my cock in Jake’s hot wrestler ass is giving me a hard-on!”  Tim gave him a smile and then a small laugh, looking around quickly to see who was watching.  He grabbed Derrick’s cock and found it was, indeed, half-hard.  Derrick covered up his surprise by grabbing Tim’s shoulder and dragging him under water.  When the pair came up from underwater, sputtering and laughing, they noticed all eyes on them.  It was Jim who commented with a chuckle, “Are you having submarine races?”  That comment got him two confused stares.

“It’s just that I see both periscopes are up!”  Jim said and then laughed at the look on the boys’ faces.  Derrick blushed red, causing Jim to laugh even harder. 

After dinner, Derrick told Matt that he had off the next day, and he would take Seamus and Jake down to Finn’s to get set up for the weekend.  They would be staying there when Bandon and his family came for the weekend.  Of course he and Tim were going to stay over and keep them company.  After they left, Barry turned to Matt and Jim and said, “Keep them company my arse. Those boys are going to be on each other the minute the door closes! 

“If not sooner,” Matt said with a laugh. 



The guys stopped in at Frank’s to say hi.  They already called and asked permission earlier.  “I went over earlier and turned up the hot tub for you boys in case you wanted to use it,” Finn said.  The boys thanked him and they were on their way.  Fifteen minute later, the boys were in the pool chilling when Derrick swam up behind Jake and hugged him from behind, rubbing his half-hard cock in the crack of Jake’s hot bubble butt.  Derrick felt the boy tense up and whispered, “Relax Jakey, you know you’ve been dying to feel my thick cock in your ass.”  Then he stuck his tongue in the boy’s ear and felt him tremble from excitement.  Derrick looked across the pool and saw the same scene being repeated with Tim and Seamus.  He gave Tim a wink and started to lead Jake to the steps. 

The four boys dried each other off, trying to avoid the four rock hard cocks.  Once inside the bedroom they began to kiss, first as two couples then as a group.  Derrick was stroking Jake’s ass with one hand and his cock with another when he said, “Jake, I’ve wanted to bury my face in your ass since the day we met.  Is that okay with you?”

“It’s more than okay,” Jake panted, “as long as sometime soon you replace it with your cock.”

Derrick and Tim maneuvered the boys onto the bed so that they were kneeling facing each other.  Both dived into the hot jock’s butt in front of them while the boys began to make out.  Derrick grabbed Jake’s thin waist and pulled the boy back as far as he could.  His tongue was buried so deep in the jock’s ass that his ass cheeks were squeezing Derrick’s face.  He had to fuck this boy fast, he pulled back panting and said, “Alright Jake, are you ready for my cock?”  Jake just groaned into Seamus’s mouth, “Before I go any further, have you two ever done anything with anyone else?” Derrick asked.

The boys pulled apart and Seamus said, “No, it’s just been the two of us, and of course the blowjobs with you guys.”

“Then we can forget the condoms, because Tim and I have never been with anyone else either, and we’ve been tested.” 

Derrick was back in action.  He couldn’t resist getting Jake onto his back and licking the handsome wrestler’s tight body from head to toe, spending extra time on his finely toned pecs and incredibly sexy hairy armpits.  Then after a few minutes of finger stretching, Derrick was finally balls deep in Jake, while Tim was in the same position with Seamus.  The boys took their time and finally came to an earth moving orgasm.  After a fifteen minute rest, they switched and Jake and Seamus got to be on top.  After cleaning up and heading off to their separate rooms, the couples entered into one last four-way kiss, and when they broke, Jake spoke for both of them. 

“Thanks guys, for all you’ve done for us.  When we came down here, we really weren’t sure if we were gay or just going through a phase.  Well we’ve done a lot of talking and decided we are indeed gay, but are just going to keep it to ourselves until after we done with high school, just to avoid the drama,” he said.

“We both understand that, don’t we Red?”  Derrick asked and Tim just nodded in agreement. 

“I know my Dad will be okay with it.  We’ve decided that he’s the only one we’re going to tell for the time being.  That’s because he’s the one that caught us,” Seamus said with a smile.  “We might even let him watch again and show him what we’ve learned!”

“Now I’d like to see that myself,” Tim said with a laugh as he and Derrick headed for their bedroom. 

To be continued…


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