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The Potter's Wheel"

Chapter Five

It Just Never Ends


Friday August, 21

Brandon called Jim at 0800 to let him know he was on the road and that it would only be himself and his son Shane coming for the party. The other two children had come down with summer colds and were confined to bed. His wife would stay home with them. Jim offered to bring the boys home himself on Sunday but Brandon said he was looking forward to the trip.

The rest of the day was spent getting ready for the party. The biggest job was packing up and moving over to the beach, but with the three of them working they were on the road by 1030. When they got to Frank's, they found the boys in the pool already. They climbed out to say hello and threw on their shorts to help the guys unload the cars.


After lunch, the guys were back in the pool. Seamus and Jake wanted to enjoy as much of their freedom as possible before going home, and Derrick and Tim couldn't get enough of seeing them naked. The four were floating around on noodles, talking about Derrick's time in the Corps when Seamus saw his younger brother Shane walk out onto the patio.

"Hey Shane, when did you get here?" His uncle Jim told him that it would only be his father and brother coming, so he wasn't worried about being in the pool commando.

"Just got here five minutes ago," he answered. Seamus introduced Tim whom Shane had never met, and reminded him of Derrick's name in case he forgot. Then Seamus said, "Come on in, the water's great!"

"Fuck no! I'm not getting in the pool naked with you guys," he said with his with newly minted sixteen year old attitude.

"Why not? It's just us guys. We always go commando here." Jake said.

Shane made a face and then said, "Because I'm not a fag. Grandmom and Uncle Junior were right."

"What are you talking about?" Seamus asked.

"She said staying down here with Uncle Jim wasn't a good idea. Uncle Junior said he would probably turn you into a fag just like him." When he finished his little performance, Shane noticed the look on the boys' faces. He turned to see his father, along with Jim, Matt, Barry, George, Finn and Frank all standing there with their mouths open. Then, in a panic he turned back to his brother and said, "Thanks for the heads up, asshole!"

"Fuck you Shane, like I was supposed to know what was going to come out of your punk-ass mouth," Seamus said, as angry as he had ever been. He was devastated by the look on his Uncle Jim's face. But his father was even angrier.

"Shane Brandon Flannery, would you like to repeat that?" Brandon said.

"No sir," Shane said, now fearing for his life. Then he looked and Jim and said, "I'm sorry Uncle Jim I..."

But Jim cut him off. "Save it Shane, I'm not really interested in hearing anything more from you. I've heard quite enough for one afternoon," then he turned and walked back into the house with Barry and Matt following him.

Brandon was so angry he was almost hyperventilating, "When did you speak to your grandmother and uncle?" He demanded.

"Last week, the day after my birthday," Shane replied, almost in a whisper.

"Didn't I tell you that you were to not take her calls?" Brandon snapped.

"She didn't call, it was Uncle Junior. They just wanted to see me for my sixteenth birthday. I mean, he is my Godfather," Shane answered lamely.

"Give me your phone," Brandon demanded. When the boy didn't move he shouted, "Give me your fucking phone," and he thrust his hand out, causing Shane to jump. Standing behind Brandon, George said quietly, "Brandon, just calm down."

After snatching the phone from his son he turned to his father. "Calm down? Did you hear what this little shit said about his uncle?" Then turning to face his son and glaring, continued, "The uncle who paid for his college education and my house so that this little shit can have all the extras in life," Brandon was beside himself. He was angry at his mother and brother, furious at his son and devastated that Jim had to hear what Shane had said.

"Shane, you are grounded for six months. That means no computer, computer games, no cellphone and no soccer."

"You can't do that. I have a right to see my grandmother, she said I do," Shane said defiantly. Brandon went to lunge at the boy but George grabbed his son and held him back. The four boys in the pool stood there in stunned silence, looking at each other, all wondering how they could escape un-noticed.

"Listen boy," Brandon hissed, "I can make you do whatever I want while you live under my roof. If you don't like it, feel free to move out. Maybe you can go live with your grandmother. But know this, if you do, your college trust fund will be returned to your Uncle Jim and you will receive not one penny from me or your mother." There was a look of shear panic on Shane's face. He started to walk away but Brandon ordered him not to move a muscle. He opened the phone and found his mother's name in the contact list and pushed `send.' The phone rang and his mother answered.

"Shane, how nice of you to call," Bonnie said.

"It's not Shane, Bonnie. I thought I made it clear to you that you were not to have any contact with my children," said Brandon firmly.

"How dare you speak to me like that, I'm your mother," she said in her most demanding voice.

"No, you're not my mother!! You are a hypocritical, overbearing shrew who doesn't understand boundaries. I have told you once, and I'm telling you again, leave me and my family alone. If you refuse I will take legal action."

The guys in the pool took the opportunity of Brandon talking to his mother to get out of the pool and wrap themselves in towels. Moving towards the side of the patio, they tried to blend into the background.

Bonnie started to speak but Brandon closed the phone and ended the call. He turned and faced his offending son. "You have one minute to decide boy. Are you going to live in my house with my rules or would you like to move in with your grandmother?" Brandon asked with barely controlled rage.

With tears streaming down his face, Brandon looked at his father and said, "I'll stay with you dad," and then looked down at his feet.

"Fine," Brandon said and then tossed the phone into the pool. "Now go get your things together and put them and yourself in the car and do not speak to anyone. Do you read me boy?"

"Yes sir," was all Shane said and fled into the house.

"Dad," Seamus started, but Brandon wheeled around to face him so fast he shocked him into silence. Brandon realized immediately what he had done and went to him and hugged him.

"Seamus, I'm not upset with you. It's just I am so incredibly embarrassed by your brother I can't think straight," Brandon said holding his oldest son tight.

"Brandon," George said quietly as he stepped close, "there's no need for Seamus to have to leave. I'll bring him and Jake home on Monday," he said.

"Okay Dad. I have to see Jimmy," Brandon said, breaking away from his father and heading into the house. He found Barry in the family room with Ryan. Barry looked at Brandon and gave him a smile, "Chill mate, you're going to have a stroke."

"Where is he, Barry? I have to talk to him and apologize."

"He's in his room, but you need to calm down Brandy. He's fine, really,"

Brandon knocked on the door. Matt opened it and smiled at him. "Hey Brandon come on in," he said. Brandon stepped in and saw Jim sitting on the couch facing the Intracoastal holding Kelly in his lap. Jim looked up and smiled at him and Brandon just broke down. Jim stood and handed Kelly to Matt and took Brandon in his arms, "Brandy, calm down, buddy," Jim simply held him and let him cry and then he moved him over to the couch.

"Brandon, it's no big deal, really. He's just a kid and doesn't even know what he was saying. He was just repeating what those assholes said. You don't have to leave."

"No Jimmy, we'll be going. I'm not backing down. He has broken my heart."

"Well, let me speak to him first," Jim said, "I should have let him apologize when he tried."

"No fucking way! He speaks to no one for six months. I'm going to break him of this if it kills me—or him. What's going to happen when Seamus comes out? I'm not sure if he will, but I know in my heart he's gay and I won't let this little shit hurt him. No, he's in the car and dad will bring the boys home on Monday."

"Okay, he's your son; it's your choice. I just don't want anything to come between us," Jim said sincerely. Brandon was overcome once again and let Jim hold him for a second time. He talked to Jim quietly through his tears telling him once again how sorry he was. Then he hugged Matt and was gone.

Brandon found Seamus in his room with Jake getting dressed. Jake said he would leave the two of them alone but Brandon told him to stay. "Listen guys, I'm sorry for what happened out there and..."

"It's okay Dad," Seamus said, as he sat on the bed and motioned his father to join him. "So we weren't going to say anything but I think you should know that we've decided that we really are gay. We were both scared so we talked ourselves into believing that we were just experimenting. He gave his dad a weak smile and Brandon hugged him.

"But we're not going to come out, well except to you and the guys here, and I guess mom. When Grandpop brings us home, can we talk about my coming back and finishing school here? Jake has to stay for wrestling, he needs his scholarship for college, but I don't. And I really don't want to spend the next year fighting with Shane." Brandon was floored and just stared at his beautiful son. Again tears flowed from his eyes, but he quickly wiped them away and pulled himself together.

"How about we talk about this when you get home? I think we all need to calm down and really think about this," Brandon said, almost pleading. Seamus quickly picked up what his father was feeling and decided that he would not add to the man's already shitty day.

"Sure Dad, maybe I'm just overreacting." He could see the relief in his dad's face. "I'll see you on Monday," Seamus said and hugged him hard. And with that his dad was gone. He looked at Jake and smiled, "man I'd hate to be Shane for the next five hours."

Jake laughed, "Fuck that, I'd hate to Shane for the next six months."

The boys headed downstairs and found everybody sitting on the patio talking quietly. When they saw the pair walking towards them they stopped. They had already discussed this and Seamus took the lead.

"So everybody, first Uncle Jim. I'd like to apologize for my punk brother. It's obvious that I got both the good looks and the brains." That got a laugh from them all. "When we came down here to stay with you guys, Jake and I were both scared. We knew we were gay but didn't want to deal with the shit it brought, so we gave my dad this story about liking both girls and guys.

"But Uncle Jim, Uncle Matt and Bazz, you've showed us we didn't need to be afraid of who we were. So the truth is we really are gay, but we're just going to keep it quiet for now. I have asked dad if I could stay here to finish school, but I've decided to go home, I can't run from this now or I'll run for the rest of my life. And I'm not going to let Shane bother me. Besides, I could take his punk ass any day of the week," he said with a smile and struck a muscle pose showing off his guns. That got a big laugh from everyone.

Jim stood and gave him a hug, "Seamus buddy, well said. You have just become a man." That got an "OORAH" from the group and then everyone went on with the business of the day.

Dinner was a raucous affair. In addition to having Buddy with them full time, who was excitedly telling everyone about his first day at school with MJ & Jimmer, the twins were back from spending the day with their father. Billy and Jasmine had arrived, so Wolf and Udo were also there. Everyone had great fun and by night fall, the drama of the afternoon had been forgotten.

Saturday August, 22

Today was the boys' tenth birthday party and there were a few big surprises to go with it. Seamus, Jake and the twins joined the men for their run on the beach at 0700 while Frank and Finn prepared breakfast for the crowd. Jasmine was pressed into service to look after Ryan and Kelly.

By 1000 Barry was on his way to the FBO to pick up one of the boys' surprises. Dave, Declan and their new ward Scott Burns, were flying in with Denise and Tina to surprise the boys. Wolf and Udo went to collect the other surprise. Travis was being released and would be recovering at home while continuing his rehab. Frank had hired Udo as a part-time caregiver and physical therapist. It worked out all around, since Udo's college was allowing him to take the job as an internship.

After breakfast, Derrick and Tim took the boys along with Seamus, Jake and the Belgrade twins (Gary and Guy) for a boat ride to get them out of the house. Their instructions were to keep them away until 1130. When they returned home, Derrick told MJ & Jimmer they were to meet their dads in the living room, so off they marched with the rest of the group behind them. The first person they saw was Travis. The boys were ecstatic and rushed to hug their uncle who was seated in a wheelchair looking very healthy.

They were peppering him with questions when they heard a voice ask, "What do I have to do to get a kiss?" The boys turned to see Denise and Tina standing behind them. They both actually started to cry when they realized who it was and were in her arms in a flash, and then welcomed a very pregnant looking Tina.

The party was a great success. The boys' big gift this year was a pair of dirt bikes along with a one-acre jump track that was being constructed on one of the new pieces of property. After everyone had eaten, Derrick and Billy each drove a boat and gave rides to the boys' friends. While the kids were out, the adults were sitting around chatting. At one table were Matt, Barry, and Jim, along with Denise, Tina, and John Walton. Mack had to work, so John came to the party to see Buddy.

At one point he asked how Buddy was doing since he moved in. Barry, who had become Buddy's champion spoke up, "Would you like the truth or a feel good answer?"

John recoiled at his response, but answered gamely, "Of course I want the truth."

"He's gutted. The boy barely sleeps at night, and he told me that he doesn't understand why you left him." John, who had been sitting back relaxed sat up and leaned forward.

"What are saying?" He asked a little too defensively.

"I'm saying you made a promise and failed to keep it. You told Buddy you would be there for him and walked out, because, and I quote, "without your job you were unfulfilled and needed excitement in your life again."

"I...I don't know what you're talking about. You were here when Mack and I argued. I told him I was committed to Buddy. But it always has to be Mack's way. You remember what he said to me when Matt offered to take Buddy in for school, and I quote "Can't wait to unload him, can you?" John stammered, clearly upset by what Barry had said.

"You say you are committed to him, and yet you left," Barry said swatting away John's excuse. "Look, you asked and I'm just telling you what Buddy has told me and the boys. Do you know he hasn't slept a full night for months? And that he heard you and Mack arguing and you telling Mack that you needed more in your life than babysitting?" Barry was on a roll and continued. "He is hurt and confused. He said you promised to take care of him when his mother died and you walked out."

"We have been arguing about this since I went back to work. Mack thought I should be home every day for Buddy. But it's not like I have a couple of rich men to support me. I wanted my own paycheck," John said a little too bitchy.

"Hold on a minute," Jim said.

"No worries Jim, I can handle this," Barry said. "John, when my wife left me I gave up a good job that was paying for me to finish college. I followed her here and took two crap part-time jobs so I could be with, and support my son. When Matt and Jim hired me I was working double shifts so I could be off on the days that I had him," Barry said with pride.

"You broke your promise to a ten year-old boy because you felt your life wasn't fulfilled and exciting and you needed a paycheck. Well you should have thought about that before you made that promise. Personally I find raising my son and helping with the other boys sometimes more excitement than I can handle," Barry said and then stood and left the table.

Everyone who remained was silent until they heard the boats returning. John took the opportunity to thank Matt and Jim saying he would saying goodbye to Buddy and be on his way.

After he was gone Tina said, "Barry is a good guy and I agree with him. That's why I waited to have a baby. I wanted to be able to stay at home. I was raised a latch-key kid after my parents divorced when I was nine and I hated it."



After dinner Travis was feeling a bit "tired" and excused himself. Wolf volunteered to help Udo get Travis settled. That received a few coughs and laughs from the adults.

Once inside the room with the door locked, Travis got a wicked grin on his face. "Alright boys, I've been waiting all day for a dick in my ass and one in my mouth. Let's see how much I can take before I get too sore."

Udo helped him out of his chair and on to the bed, Travis could walk but for only short distances and not alone. The twins had him stripped in no time. Wolf began to kiss him while Udo began to suck his cock. Travis broke the kiss and asked, "What's got into you bro?"

"Don't get used to it, this is my welcome home gift," Udo said. Soon the twins were both sucking his cock and licking his balls. Then Udo stood, hooked his arms under Travis' and lifted him off the bed. Wolf sat on the floor and Udo lowered Travis down onto Wolf's face. Travis moaned as he felt Wolf's tongue enter his ass.

"That's it baby get me loosened up. I've been dreaming of your cock in my ass for months." After a few minutes of tongue work Udo lifted Travis off Wolf's face and placed him on the bed and let Travis suck his cock for a few minutes while Wolf lubed up his hardon. Then Wolf grabbed him up like Udo had done and held Travis tight to his chest while Udo guided his lubed cock into the boy. Then Udo grabbed Travis under the knees and began to raise and lower him onto Wolf's rock hard cock.

"Slow down a bit guys, it's been awhile," Travis said trying to control his breathing. And so it went, the brothers doing all the work while Travis moaned in delight until Wolf shot deep inside him. Then they lay him on the bed and Wolf began to suck Travis' cock while he sucked Udo and both men being already worked up, came in minutes.

After a quick cleanup Travis was sandwiched between the brothers, "I'm so glad to be in the back in the Wolf Pack," Travis said and then gave each twin a kiss before drifting off to sleep.


To be continued...


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