A Son's Love Story


Bernie Clark


I walked slowly up to the church podium, as my tears flowed from my eyes. How do you eulogize a man that was not only your father, your hero, but also your lover? My dad was the best lover a man could ever have in life. He taught me that love was so much more than sex, but it was also something that one gave of his heart to his mate. It meant giving, even when you had no more to give or didn't feel like giving. He taught me so much about who I am today and that is what I want to tell these relatives, friends and co-workers of his. However, they would never understand so I look out at those who have assembled, I clear my throat, swallow that lump that seems stuck, and say...


"Losing a loved one is one of the most difficult things we can go through, so much more if it is a parent. No words can express what I am feeling right now and I'm sure only time can help me accept the fact.

My father was one of the hardest working fathers that always got his way. His words were the law in our house. I used to fear him but I never thought he was already teaching me one of the most valuable lessons in life, standing up for what you believe in. Don't let anybody tell you otherwise. As I grew older, I slowly understood why he treated me like that. In addition, I discovered that he was a very compassionate and kind person. I learned that the most important thing that he had was me, his son. Though he may never have said it aloud a lot, I know that he was proud of what I have become. I am who I am now because I had a father like him. As most of you may know, my father never showed his feelings openly. You would only see that look that told you that you did something great, and seeing him like that made you feel like you owned the world.

I remember when I was little my father found time to build me the most beautiful tree house. He spent almost a month to finish it. I also remember he always brought something for me when he came home from work. He was very strict as a father but that's only because he cared for me. To his friends he was a very kind person and was always ready to help. He always had a solution to every problem and had his ways of making difficult things seem simple. He never asked anybody for help but he was a very generous man, and he never wanted to be acknowledged for anything he did. When he helped, he simply helped, and then went on his way without waiting for thanks.

He showed strength until the end and still had some enlightening words for me. I promise that I will continue what my father has started. I know I'll be filling huge shoes, but with your help, I think I can do it. Let's just remember everything that my father shared with us. In addition, let's be happy that he has finally gone home to our creator."

I watch the priest bless his casket, as I sit alone in the pew. I let my mind drift back thirty years to that day if first occurred.


"How'd football practice go son," dad asks as I came through the back door, and he could see I was whipped.

"I'm quitting football dad," I told him, more as a conformation to me than him.

"Son put your things away and come sit down," he says patting the seat beside him.

"I need to shower dad first," I tell him and head upstairs to my room.

Dad, I swear was clairvoyant, because he could always get inside my head. He, most of the time knew what was troubling me, before I knew what was wrong. Nevertheless, how was I going to tell him why I really wanted to quit football? How could I tell him that I was gay, and that I was afraid of my teammates finding out? Billy Parker had caught me staring at his cock in the shower, and he gave me an angry look because of it. I ditched my things, started to strip, and was just pulling down to my boxer briefs, when dad walked into the room.

"Oh sorry son, I was hoping to catch you before you got into the shower," he says, and he gives me that once over glance. "You've really turned into quite the young man, kinda reminds me of myself when I was your age," he says.

"Dad come sit in the bathroom while I shower, that way we can talk at the same time," I tell him.

"That's alright son, I'll wait until you are finished," he says turning to leave.

"Dad... we are both guys, so what's the big deal if you talk to your son while I'm showering," I say, knowing how modest dad is about things like that.

"Nah, you go ahead and I'll talk to you after," he says.

"I'll be a while, because my neck is killing me from practice, but have it your way pops," and I stand there looking at him.

"When you're finished I'll work those knots out son," he says closing my door as he leaves.

Don't get me wrong, I love my dad, but he has way too many quirky hang-ups. The thing is, my dad is my hero, and to me he's the coolest in his own sort of way. It's been him and I, ever since mom died when I was just two. He never remarried, but devoted himself to raising me. He went without for years went I wanted to play hockey, because the equipment and ice time was so expensive. I may have been a kid, but I heard him talking with the other dads, about how hard it was scraping together the money.

I loved dad... no people you don't understand, I am in love with my dad. I learned at around twelve that I was in love with him. I loved just being next to him and the very smell of his aftershave, Old Spice, it sent my senses reeling, I can remember once when I was twelve, he had taken me to the beach for the day. At the end of the day, after we had packed up our things, we walked up to the beach house to change.

"I want you to shower good son, make sure that you get all the sand out of your crevices," he told me. "If you don't you'll get a rash riding home," he adds.

So we get into the men's locker area, and it's just one big room. My dad was sitting beside me with a towel over his lap, as he wiggled his suit off, being careful to stay covered. Well some kids were fooling around throwing cold water at each other, and doesn't dad get a pail full, right on his back. He leaps off that bench as the towel goes falling to the floor, and there he stood before me, naked as the day he was born. That was the one and only time, which I ever got to see my dad's cock. I thought it was humungous, but now I know from my own standards, that it must have been six inches soft. It was hanging down against his low hanging balls, and what got me was how little hair he had around it, as if it had gotten a haircut or something. He didn't have hair on his body, just a touch of it from his naval down to his cock. Although he was blonde haired and blue eyes, his hair down below had a reddish hue to it, and he looked all ripplely along his stomach. I now know that they were called abs and that he had what men call a six-pack.

Well he looked at those kids as if he wanted to wring their ever-lovin' necks, then as he bent down to pick up his towel, our eyes met, and something happened that day. Our eyes held their stare and then my eyes broke it, and glanced down one more time, to his cock that hung directly in front of me. He grabbed his towel, ordered me to the showers, and I followed him into the showers.

"Remember son to get all the sand out of the crevices," he tells me again, and I washed as good as I could around my little cock and ball sack.

"I can't reach my butt dad," I told him from my stall, "I can feel sand in my crack," I say to him.

A few moments later he knocks on my door, I open it to see him standing there with his swimsuit on again. He steps in and closes the door, and turns my back to the water as he bends me over with my face almost in his crotch. I felt his hand as it ran through my ass crack and his fingers worked all the sand out of the crack. When he touched, my pucker I let out a little moan as I pushed back on it causing his finger to slide in, and he quickly removed it. Even through his swimsuit, I could smell his scent, it smelled so musky and sweet, and there it was, his hard on. For a brief moment, I had turned my daddy on.

"There son, finish up and meet me in the changing room," he tells me, and he left, taking with him that scent and erection.

So there I am showering, when I hear the bathroom door open.

"It's just me son, I just thought I'd talk with you while you were showering," he says, and I felt my cock begin to stir.

Damn the thought of my dad sitting just feet from me while I was naked, had my heart pounding like crazy.

"So tell me Lance, what's the reason behind you wanting to call it quits with football," he says, and I know I can't tell him the truth.

Dad played football during high school and college, and if he hadn't injured his knee, he stood a good chance at going pro. He loved the fact that I had made quarterback, and he bragged to all of his friends about me, his star quarterback for the Richmond Raiders. I knew it had to be something good to convince him that my decision was a sound one.

"I feel that it's going to interfere with my studies dad," was all I could come up with for an excuse.

"That's bull and you know it son, you're one of the brightest kids I know," he says. "Your grades never suffered once while you played hockey, so what's the real reason," he asks as I turn off the water, and open the glass door.

Dad froze as I stepped from the shower, and although my erection had gone down, my cock was still half-hard. It was sticking out straight, six inches of pure muscle, and dad's eyes were glued to it.

"I'll see you in your room Lance," he says and walks out, but not fast enough for me to see that his own cock was growing.

Damn, had I done that to my dad, I could only wish, and I dried off with the biggest hard on I ever had. I wrapped the towel around my waist, and headed off into my room. Dad was sitting on my bed, and he glances at the towel.

"Throw some shorts on Lance and meet me in my room," he says getting up, and fuck there it is again his growing erection. "I have some liniment oil that will work out those knots," and he walks out of my room.

"Sure pops, give me a sec," I tell him as I search for my sexiest pair of shorts.

I find a pair of shorts that were in the back of my drawer, and from the way that they fit me, they must have been from two years ago. They hugged my ass tight, and showed off my cock as if I had nothing on at all, so down the hall to his room I marched.

He was sitting on the edge of his bed when I knocked on his door he nodded to me, and I walked in when. I learned at a very young age that I was to knock before entering his room, regardless if the door was opened or closed.

"Damn son, are all your shorts that small," he asks, and I knew he was looking where I wanted him to look.

"Mostly dad, I guess I need to get some new ones," I tell him, and he pats the bed for me to lie down.

I lie on my stomach with dad sitting just below my ass on my legs, and he poured the warm oil onto my back.

"Mmmm," I purred as he rubbed the warm oil in, working magic with those fingers of his.

"Feels good doesn't son," he asks and all I do is moan, and he rubs all around my neck and upper back.

He takes his time to work those knots out, and then it happens I can feel a stirring against my ass. My dad is getting a hard on, and I can feel it pressing against the crack of my ass.

"Damn dad that feels great," I tell him, meaning his cock and not just his hands.

"I use to get the same knots son, when I played football," he says to me.

"Did your dad work them out for you like you are for me," I ask.

"Hell no, my dad was never around son. You never knew your grandpa, that's because he died an early age. The bottle was his friend and it got him in the end," he tells me. "That's why I have never been a drinker."

Dad would have a cold one now and then, but I rarely seen him ever finish it. Now his cock was really pressing hard into my ass, and I gave a little push up against it.

"Well that ought to do it," he says instantly, and gets off me.

"Dad can you massage my shoulder and chest muscle also, they're killing from throwing today," and I flip over onto my back and wait.

He looks down at my shorts quickly and decides to sit beside me, as he works more oil into my chest.

"Come on dad, like you did before, that sucks the way you're doing it, you aren't getting the right angle" I tell him.

He looks in my eyes, and I know I have him pushing against his comfort zone, as he maneuvers himself so that he is sitting on me again. Our cocks are almost touching, as he puts a knee on either side of my hips.

"I'd hate to get caught by someone, in a position like this," he says nervously, and I knew he really was out of his comfort zone.

"Why dad, are we doing something wrong," I ask in the most innocent voice I can find.

"Well no son, but just look at us, you practically naked with just those skimpy shorts covering you, and me straddling you like this," he says, and just those words had him blushing. "It just doesn't look natural son," he says still glowing.

"What does it look like dad," I ask, because to me it was now or never if I was going to ever make a move on my dad.

"You know son...like... like we're having sex or something," and he goes to get off me.

I reach up to stop him, pulling him down on my chest, and I look into his eyes.

"I love you dad," I say and I give him a light kiss on his lips, as he struggles to get away.

"Lance please, this isn't right son," he says, as he pushes himself up from me.

"Then why dad, why are you hard," I ask, and he freezes right there above me.

It was as if time had completely stopped, as our eyes locked together. I could see him tear up, and I knew that we were approaching some invisible boundary that separates fathers and sons morally. I place my hands on each side of his face, and he closes his eyes as I bring him down to me. Our mouths meet and in that one sweet, bliss filled moment, all boundaries, are shattered.

Dad pressed his mouth to mine as if he was starving for love, I opened my mouth for him to give me his tongue and he did. He kissed me hard and long like a man kisses, not like some girl does but like a real man does in the movies with the woman he loves. It was hard, ferocious and filled with the passion he was feeling.

"I can't son, this isn't right what we're doing," he says suddenly, and he quickly gets off me and leaves me alone on the bed.

He is standing at the window, crying, and it was the first time I ever saw this man cry. I got up and stood behind him, wrapping my arms tightly around his slim waist, and I rested my head on his back.

"Dad... you never knew this, but I have dreamt of this moment for years," I tell him standing there.

"Please Lance don't say that, I'm your father," he says, and he continues to stare out of the window. "You're my son, this just isn't right," and he turns to me with his eyes all wet with his tears.

"I'm sorry dad for hurting you, but I love you, and I have been in love with you for so long. You see dad I wanted to quit football because I was gay, and I was afraid of getting outed," I tell him. "I'm a virgin dad and I have never been with anyone. I want my first and only time to be with you dad, to be with the man that has been my hero all my life."

He looks at me, and his tears continue to fall, as well as my own now as he pulls me to him.

"Lance, once we cross this boundary there's no going back," he says, and I know that he's looking for me to back away.

"Dad, I won't force you to love me, because I love you to much, but I want you to know that I really want this."

He looks into my eyes for what seemed like eternity, and then he lowered his mouth down to mine.

"So do I son," he says, and he kisses me with all the emotion his big ole heart is feeling, as I wrap my arms around his neck.

He leads me to his bed and gently lies me down; as he looks down at the gym shorts, I'm wearing. He puts his fingers under the waistband, takes in a very deep breath, as if breathing in courage, and then slowly lifts them over my erection as he pulls them down my legs.

His hands feel the velvety softness of my skin, as they slowly travel down my young body towards my cock. Then he pauses at the slight growth of pubic hair that I have at the base of my cock, and he runs his fingers gently through it, letting it brush the very tips of his fingers. Just that simple feeling has dad's cock beginning to stir, as he moves his hand to my cock. He takes it his hand, and he slowly glides it up and down, as I let out a sigh.

"That feels good dad," I tell him smiling at him, and I can tell that he is still not comfortable with this.

"Are you alright dad," I ask and he looks at me and his smile is gone, but he takes at breath, smiles once again, and says.

"Yes son, I guess I am," and he lowers himself down on me, and kisses me as John Wayne would kiss Maureen O'Hara, with power, strength and raw emotion.

He attacks my neck, but with the sensitivity of a lover now, as he sucks and nibbles on it leaving a mark.


"Now your mine," he says to me, as he runs his fingers gently over the hicky he just left on my neck. "I've left my claim on you son," he tells me, "like I did your mama when we first made love," and he kisses me hard and powerful, filling my mouth with his tongue.

He kisses his way down my shoulders and nibbles them softly. He sniffs and licks as he moves on drinking in the sweet boy scent of his son, as he courses his way to my nubs, as they sit rising from my creamy white chest.

"Your skin is pure... and creamy vanilla," he says, and he gently nibbles on my tender nubs, causing me to moan in utter delight.


"Yeah dad, that's it you're so turning me on," I moan, as I run my fingers through dad's soft hair, and I move him over to my other nub for the same delights.

Dad loved the taste of his boy, which was beneath him, as he ran his tongue around my sweet nub, and he could taste the soap from the shower. He licks his way down to my naval; he kisses it and runs his tongue around it, before moving on. He follows my treasure trail, as it leads my dad down to my young cock, and it's standing there waiting to be worshiped. He looks up at me as he takes it in his hand, and smiles.

"From here on in son, this is new territory to me," he says as he places his mouth around the head, and just the sensation of his lips touching my cock pushes me over the edge.

"Dad stop," I tell him, but it's too late and I shoot my cum all over my chest.

"I knew it, like father like son," he says as laughs at my early shooting.

"Dad it's just the touch of your mouth on my cock made me cum," I tell him, and he laughs even harder.

"What's so funny dad," I ask looking at him now getting frustrated.

"You're just like me son, that first night with your mom," he says. "I blew my wad the instant my cock touched her pussy," and he laughs again harder.

"Make love to me dad," I say, and he gets serious and looks at me in the eyes.

"I love you son, I love you more than I love myself," and he presses his mouth to mine, shoving his tongue deep into my mouth.

"Are you sure son, because we don't have to fuck if you don't want to," dad says to me staring into my eyes.

"I don't want you to fuck me dad, I want Shaun to make love to his lover," I say to him and we kiss tenderly now and reach over to grab the oil sitting on his nightstand. "Just put this on your fingers and work your fingers into my rosebud one finger at a time," I tell him.

"Where did you learn all this son," he asks looking down at me.

"In books dad," I tell him, and I spread my legs to give him access to my rosebud. "There are other things we can do but I want to show them to you myself," I tell him.

He spreads the oil on his fingers and looks at me as he rubs it around my rosebud, and I can tell that he is not comfortable with this.

"Dad, rub it on your cock and stroke it for a moment," I tell him, and I try to mentally get myself ready for what I'm about to do.

"Now put the head of your cock to my hole and give it a slow but firm push as you lean down and kiss me," I tell him.

Dad places his cock to the entrance of my virgin rosebud, and he bends down to kiss me. As our mouths and tongues meet, he gently glides his hard cock inside my waiting ass, and he keeps going until he has bottomed. Dad can feel me tense up, as my ass constricts around his cock, and I draw in a deep breath.

"Are you all right Lance," he asks, looking deep into my eyes, and the tears are falling.

"Yeah dad, make love to me, please," and I pull him to me in a kiss.

Dad slowly starts to withdraw, then pushes back in, and repeats this until I am meeting his thrusts with my own. He rises up and begins to find a rhythm that will have us fucking in harmony, and soon we are moving as one. He holds my legs by their calves, as he thrusts his thick cock into my ass deep and fast while I hold him by the hips.

"Yeah dad... fuck me... give me that cock harder and deeper," I yell, as I pull him by the hips to urge him on.

Dad pounds my ass now like a stallion, giving me the fullness of his large fat cock deep into my ass. He's shoving it in harder and faster, and he watches my cock as it bounces around to the rhythm that he is fucking me with. I grab my own cock, and begin to beat off, and soon I am shooting again. My cum is shooting all over my chest and stomach, as my ass constricts around my dad's hard cock, and it pushes him over his edge. Dad feels his balls pull up, as his cum rapidly moves up his cock like lava moving up a volcano.

"What do I do son, I'm cumming," he ask, as his rhythm takes over and hips pound my ass as a jackhammer now.

"Fill me dad, just shoot your cum into me," I tell him, and I feel his cock swell and he shoots.

He thrusts hard and deep into my ass, filling it with his cum.

"Aaaaah fuck Lance your ass is so hot and tight," he howls as he pounds my ass, unable to control his climax.

He's ramming his cock deeper and faster into me, until I can tell he has nothing left to give me. Dad collapses on me, and wraps my face in his hands, as he kisses me hard and lustfully.

"I'm so in love with you Lance," he says with tears in his eyes, and he kisses me again even more forcefully as only a true man would.

"I've always been in love you dad," I tell him, as his cock falls from my ass, and I embrace my dad, my lover.

We get up, and I take him into the bathroom, where we shower together for the very first time. As I slowly wash him, he looks at me and asks.

"What now Lance," and I look up at him.

"I don't know what you mean dad," I say.

"Where do we go from here, now that we have crossed that line that we cannot return over? How do we live together now, now that I have betrayed you as a father?"

"Oh my God dad, you haven't betrayed at all," I tell him, as I realize that the guilt is now settling in.

"Dad, you're still my dad as I am still your son, but the only difference is now we know how much we love each other. I love you dad, and I can't think of any better way for me to show you my love. When you made love to me dad, I felt more a part of you after than I have ever felt before. Yeah so what if what we have is not what others say is right, but as long as we love each other, who cares what they think."

"Lance you won't be my little guy anymore," he says and I can see he is fighting back tears.

I place my hands on each of his cheeks, as I look into those beautiful eyes of his, and tell him...

"Dad, I will always be your boy as long as we live. You are my hero dad, and everything I am, I know and will ever be, I owe it to you. So never doubt the fact that I am your boy dad," and I kissed him tenderly as his tears fell down his face.


"Your daddy was a very special man Lance," Michael Burns, our old neighbor says as he shakes my hand. "I wonder if you'll ever know just how special of a man he truly was," he says to me.

"Yes Mr. Burns I know, I know in more ways than you can or will ever imagine," I tell him, as I look at the picture of dad and I taken on our twenty-fifth anniversary together. However, most everyone thinks it was just a picture; we had done as a father and son together.

"I love you and miss you dad," I say softly, holding that picture as my tears roll down my face.

The end... but also just the beginning


I was asked for a tender story of love between a father and a son, so here it is my readers. What do you think, authorbc2@aol.com Bernie Clark.