A Son's Love Story


Bernie Clark

Chapter Four


This story is a continuation of my story about my dad and me, and the love that we had together. It is also a collaboration, which is written by our son, David and me. It's taken mostly from memory that we have, as well as the journal that I kept throughout our years together, and I hope that you see the joy and love that is there. If you are looking for a story of incestuous sex tales, then you had better leave now. Because this is our story, David and I, and it's about what we all had together with my dad.


Previously in chapter three:

"Where have you been David, I was so worried about you?" I ask, and I could tell that it wasn't good.

"I was living on the street, and this guy I met, Franklin, took me in. The only problem was, he was a pimp and wanted me to work for him," and I could tell that he knew that I was ashamed of what I did, because my eyes refused to meet his.

"Look at me son," he said and pulled my face up.

"I can't dad, I'm so ashamed of what I am," I told him and then started crying again.

"Oh no son, I'm not ashamed of you, I love you," he says. "Did he hurt you," and he starts checking me for bruises.

"Well he beat me badly, because I told him I wouldn't do that, so he locked me in this room after he beat me. I was in there for several days, with just one meal and a pot to go to the bathroom in. When he asked me if I would reconsider my answer on the third day, I said yes. I only said yes because I was afraid that he would kill me dad. But I really didn't want to do it, really I didn't," I tell him.

"I'm getting you a lawyer and he'll handle this," dad says to me. "I need to see about bail, now sit tight until I can arrange it.

"I do still love you dad," I say to him, and I look at him in the eyes.

"I know son, and I love you too," and the officer takes him away.

Now chapter four:


"Daryl, it's me Lance," I say, once his secretary puts me through.

"Lance, how are things going," he asks, and he had been a life long friend of my dads.

"I'm doing ok, but I need your help with David," I tell him. "He's gotten in a bit of trouble, and I need your help to get him out of it," and I tell him the story from the time he ran away, right up to the present.

"No problem, I'll meet you at the station," he says. "Give me twenty minutes to make a call and get there," and with that said he hung up.

Twenty minutes felt more like twenty years, as I paced the waiting area of the Police Station. He arrives almost twenty minutes to the second, and I am relieved to see him.

"I filed kidnapping charges against this Franklin Johnson," he tells me, "His real name is Calvin Jones," he says. "I also filled charges of contributing to the delinquency of a minor also, so I don't suspect that these bogus charges of male prostitution will stand Lance," he says.

"Well can I take him home with me," I ask, but he shakes his head no.

"He has still got to be arraigned, and we'll plead not guilty by means of kidnapping and the other charges that I filed. "If you excuse me Lance, I need to talk to the boy," and he goes over to the desk,

An officer leads him away to where he can meet with David, and I sit there waiting again.


I am pacing my cell, as I wait for my dad's lawyer to arrive, and an officer comes to get me.

"Come with me kid, your lawyer is here to meet with you," he says and leads me to the room where he is waiting.

"Mr. Corcoran am I glad to see you sir," I say as soon as we are alone.

"David, how are you son," he asks shaking my hand.

"I guess I've been better," I tell him and I break down crying.

"Shhhh lets sit and you can tell me what happened," he says after giving me a hug.

"I ran away from home a few weeks ago, and while living on the streets this dude named Franklin picked me up. He was real nice and all and he offered me a place to stay, so I took him up on his offer."

"Wait David, back up to where you ran away. Why did you run away?" he asks.

"Ah... do I really have to say sir," I ask, afraid to say why.

"If I'm going to help you, I need to know why you left," and he looks directly in my eyes.

"Dad and I had a disagreement sir, and I was so angry that I just left home."

"Ok son, I won't press you for more than that," he says, and I am so relieved.

"So this Franklin character picks you up, and by the way, his real name is Calvin Jones, so continue," he says.

"Well he takes me to his apartment and it's really dumpy outside, but inside that was totally awesome and nicely decorated. Therefore, he gives me something to eat and tells me after to get showered. I got out of the shower, and my clothes were gone, so I rap a towel around me and call for him. He comes in with this outfit that is... well it was not what I would where, and tells me to wear the clothes for the time being."

"What did he give you to where," Daryl asks.

"It was these shorts that were way to tight and short, I mean they barely came down my legs, they were so short. The shirt was a torn off type with no arms and covered just my pecks. All the while, I was dressing, he stood there and stared at me, and I was getting a weird feeling as if I shouldn't be there. Well once I finish dressing, oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I didn't have underwear either, he turned me around and said you'll do."

"You'll do what; did he say what it was that he wanted you to do?"

"Not in the bathroom, but outside in the living room is when he changed. He sat me down and that was when I found out why he was being so nice to me. He looks at me for an awful long time without saying anything, just smiling, and then he says...

"Have you any idea why I took you in... David is it," and I nodded no, and said yes to my name. "Well you are going to be one of my working boys," he says smiling.

"What's a working boy," I ask.

"Just that, a working boy, I have these men that like boys like you for sex, and you'll make them happy," he tells me.

"You expect me to let strange men use me for sex, no fucking way," I said to him and got up. "Where's my clothes, I'm leaving," I told him and he got up and slapped me hard across the face, and I fell to the floor.

"You'll do as you're told kid, you got it," and I yelled back at him no.

"Then what did he do son," he asks me.

"I got up and ran from him, but he caught me, and he beat the daylights out me. By the time he finished beating me, I was bleeding from my nose and my eyes were swelling. He grabs me by the hair and pulls me to this room, and he pushes me inside and locks the door. I was crying so badly and I was so sorry for running away, all I did was cry for my dad."

"When did he come back, and what kind of room was it?"

"The room had these metal screens across them, and there was a mattress on the floor with a blanket. In the corner was a pail with a roll of toilet paper beside it, and I didn't see any water or sink. He didn't come back until the next day, and by then I could barely see, because my eyes were so swollen. He opens the door, and has this McDonald's bag in his hand, and cup of soda. He sets it down on the floor, and shakes his head while he looked at me."

"Are you alright David, I can tell that this is really hard on you," Daryl says patting my hand. "If you'd rather wait we can, but you must know that you are here for the night, because you need to go before the judge to let him set bail for you. But seeing how this was forced on you, I don't see any problem for getting the charges dropped," he says.

"I gotta spend the night," I ask.

"Yes David, so tell me after he brought you something to eat, did he say or do anything?"

"Not really, he just shook his head, and oh yeah he said maybe you'll listen to Franklin next time," and he left.

I devoured the cold Big Mac and fries, and the soda was flat and warm. I didn't see him until the next morning, when he came in with another McDonald's bag and soda. This one was warm and the soda cold and he sat there and watched me eat. When I was done, he looks at me and says...

"So are you ready to see things my way, or do I need to kick your ass again?"

"Please don't hurt me Franklin," I said to him, he smiled and asked me the same question again, and this time I nodded yes. "I didn't want to get a beating again sir, so I knew that it was the only way that I was going to be safe."

"I understand David, and no one is going to accuse you differently. So did you have to have sex with men," he asks me, and now my eyes drop down to the table.

"Yes sir," I say just above a whisper, because I was too embarrassed to say it. "He raped me right there in that room," and I started to cry instantly remembering the shame and pain.

"Take a minute son, we have all day," he says, and he hands me a bottled water, as he glances at the mirror.

When I had pulled myself back together, I continued my harrowing saga.

"Yeah the bastard raped me, he told me, once I was done eating, to strip.

"Why strip," I asked him and he backhanded me, so I quickly removed my clothes.

"Down on the bed kid," he tells me, and I knew just what was going to happen.

"Please don't do this Franklin, I'm a virgin," I tell him and he smiles wide at me.

"Not once I'm done with you kid," and he removed his clothes also.

"He lies between my legs, and lifts them over my head, and he pushes his cock hard into my ass," I say again above a whisper.

"Oh God stop," I beg. "Please sir stop it hurts so badly," I cry out but he continues to push all the way in me. "He didn't use lube or even spit to ease the going in," I say now very angry about what he did. "The more I begged him to stop, the harder he fucked me, and the pain was unbearable."

"Let's not talk about any longer David, I think we get the picture," Daryl says and again he glances at the mirror.

"Who's back there behind that mirror," I ask, and now I am angry with him for not telling me that someone else was listening.

"The district attorney is back there and your father also," he says and I could have died of embarrassment.

"Daddy I'm sorry, I didn't mean for you to hear what happened to me," and I cried hard as I lay my head on the table.

Dad, along with the DA, came into the room, when I started crying. As soon as I saw my dad, I ran to him, and I cried in his arms.

"If David is willing to testify against Calvin, then the state is willing to drop all charges," a very pretty DA says.

"Marsha please, the state is willing to drop all charges," my lawyer says in a very angry tone. "It's clear the he was coerced into this prostitution ring, and I am adding aggravated rape of a minor to his charges," he says.

"Ok Daryl, we'll drop the charges," she says and turns to me. "David would you be willing to testify against him," she asks me, and through my tears I nod yes.

"Mr. Parker, you can take him home sir, but he needs to be in court tomorrow morning at nine, sharp," she tells my dad.

"Thank ma'am, and I will make sure that he is there by eight-thirty, in case you need to speak with him."

"Thank you, but nine is fine, we don't appear before the judge until ten," she says, "and that will be in the judges chambers. David is a juvenile, so Judge Matheson prefers these cases to be private."

"Then nine sharp it is ma'am," and dad hugs me and the officer shows us the way out.

"Hey kid, that was a real tough break you had, I'm sorry for being kinda rude to ya," he says.

"That's ok sir, you must see the worst of the worst in hear," I tell him as I extend my hand to him, and he shakes it.

"Thanks David and good luck tomorrow, that judge can be a piece of work," he whispers to us.

"Piece of work," my dad asks, and the officer looks around, and then says very softly.

"He doesn't like Marsha, he's rather down on all women," he says.

"Fuck, oh sorry dad, but will he go along with her dropping the charges," I ask.

"He has to go along, but he can still give you probation for running away, and who knows what other shit he'll drum up. There's a group from the American Civil Liberties Union, that is trying to get him off the bench," he tells us.

"Well thanks for the heads up ah..."

"Oh sorry, Officer Darnel Parker, and good luck tomorrow David," he says shaking my hand again.


I took my boy home, and the ride there was quiet as he sat there and looked out the window.

"Son..." and he interrupts me.

"Don't dad, please don't say it, ok," he says and turns back to the window.

I know that he's embarrassed and ashamed of what has happened, but how do I tell him it wasn't his fault. We arrive home and he gets out and goes straight to his room, leaving me alone in the living room. I can't take the silence any longer, so I head upstairs to his room.

"Son we need to talk," I say, and I get no response. "David please open this door," I shout, and I know something is wrong.

I try his door and it's locked, so I stand back by the opposite wall and rush the door, and the door gives way. I fall on the floor, and when I get up, I see my son lying on the bed motionless.

"Oh God no," I shout, and I grab my cell phone and dial 911. "David hang on son," I say, and see my empty bottle of sleeping pills on the bed beside him.

Within fifteen minutes, the ambulance arrives and I show the attendants the empty bottle. David is whisk away, and I follow in the car. I am pacing the waiting room floor, when Daryl, along with Marsha, arrives.

"What happened Lance," Daryl asks and I hand him David's letter.

Dear Dad, I'm sorry that this is what I chose to do, instead of facing it like a man. However, I cannot face you, especially now that you heard what I did at that man's house. I know that you love me, and you would be saying that it doesn't matter to you, but it does matter, because I lost what I so desperately wanted to give to you. All I ask is that you forgive me daddy, and remember I love you, David.

Ps. I'll say hi to grandpa for you.


"Oh my God Lance, this boy was really torn apart by this," Daryl says.

"I need that letter for court," Marsha says wiping the tears from her eyes.

"Is the boy's father here that overdosed," a doctor asks.

"I'm his father, how is he," I ask.

"He's going to be fine, but we are transferring him up to the Psyche ward," he says rather coldly.

"Excuse me ah..." Marsha asks.

"Doctor Ralph Martinson," he says.

"This boy has just come through an abduction where he was beaten senseless, and held for days without proper food or drink. Then he was brutally raped by his captor, and I would show the proper respect that his father as well as this boy deserves," Marsha scolds inches from his face.

"I had no idea ma'am, my apology sir," he says, as his face turns red with embarrassment.

"Then next time ask before you assume," and she walks away.

"I am so sorry sir," he says to me, "if you would come with me, I'll show you to your son," and I follow him.

"We'll be waiting here Lance," Daryl says as I leave.

"He's not sleeping because the drug we gave him will keep him up for the next four to six hours. We got his stomach pumped just in time sir, another hour longer, and then it would have been a very different story."

I go into the room, and David is facing the wall.

"Son please, look at me," I say, and he shakes his head no.

"Just go home dad, I don't want to see you," he says.

"David Mathew, you turn around and look at me now," I yell and David turns to face me. "Now you listen to me son, I know that you are feeling ashamed and yes violated by this ordeal that you have been through. I am your father, and yes, you brought this on to yourself, but damn if I am going to stand here and watch you destroy the one man I love," and I look around and no one is around, as I bend down and kiss him hard and with the emotion that I am feeling at this moment.

"I am so in love with you son and you are not going to rob me of that love. Now get your head together over the next few weeks and come back to me."


I am lying there listening to the man that I have loved as a father all my life, and now I am hearing him finally telling me the one thing I have longed to hear, that he's in love with me.

"You aren't just saying that are you, and once I am well, you're going to deny it?" I ask him.

"Son it took me nearly loosing you, to make me see how deep that I am in love with you," and dad kisses me again.

My heart is pounding as he slips his tongue into my mouth.

"I'm so sorry dad for what I did, and I'm going to get well, and come back home to my man," I say as my tears fall. "Dad I so wanted you to be my first but that man stole that from us," I say.

"Son, I don't care if I am your first or not, as long as I am yours. We shall have that moment, when you come home," and the doctor comes into the room.

"I'm afraid it's time David," he says, and the tears fall again. "I love you dad," I say, as an orderly come in a wheelchair for me.


Armed with David's letter, Marsha met with the judge the following morning. I, along with Daryl, was there to represent David. The judge reviewed the evidence that Marsha presented and nodded his agreement.

"I will allow the charges to be dropped," the judge says. "I would normally recommend probation in a case as this, but considering the trauma that this boy has and is going through, I'll suspend probation providing he can remain crime free for the next year, case closed," and he signs some papers, and hands them to his aid.

David is gone three more weeks, and his day of release is finally here. I am ecstatic with joy, as I ride the elevator up to the floor he's on.

"Dad," he says as I walk into his room, and he runs to my arms. "I love you dad, but the question is, do you still feel the same," and my eyes drop to the floor. "Dad don't... please dad I can't take this now," he says.

"I'm sorry David, but to tell you that I am feeling the same way I was three weeks ago, would be a lie. I love you so much more sweetheart and my heart cannot contain the love that I feel for you," and I kiss him hard and full of love.

I sign papers with his doctor, and receive prescriptions for his meds. The doctor and most of the staff are on hand to wish him well and say goodbye. The ride down on the elevator, I hold his hand as the orderly stands behind the wheelchair.

"So is this your lover," he whispers to the orderly, and David looks up at me.

"George this is my dad, but yes he is my lover and hopefully someday my husband," he says and I am shocked at the revelation that he just made to a stranger. "Dad, meet George Lewis, George my dad Lance," he says and I am not sure as to what to say.

"Relax Lance, my husband is also my son," he says and David pulls me down for a kiss. "I wish you both well, and David has my number so we can get together some time," George says and I hug him.

We arrive at home, and I walk into the house, as soon as the front is closed, David pushes me against it, kissing me passionately.

"I love you dad, and you shall never regret having accepted my love," my loving son tells me, as he looks deep into my eyes.

"I am going to make love to you son, and you aren't going to walk for a week," I say and I kiss him long and hard.


I take my dad's hand in mine, and I take him to my room, but he stops at the door and says...

"No son, you're my lover now, and my lover sleeps with me," and he took me to his room, to be his mate and equal.

"I love you dad and I have since the day I caught you making love with grandpa. I knew that a man that felt that much love towards someone that he was willing to live his life in secret, just to keep the love that they had, well.... I want a love like that," and I kiss my dad, hard and passionately, holding him tightly to me for fear losing him.

"I don't know if people will say we are right or wrong David, but I love you and want the whole world to know that you're my man.  I know that you are my son by birth, and some may look upon us as perverted or sick, but I love you. I'll die to protect you and our love, from anyone, or anything, that may try to harm you ever again," he says to me, as I look into the eyes of the man that is professing his love for me, and pull him closer to me.

We kiss again, as dad now walks his lover slowly backwards to the bed, and gently lowers me down onto the bed, climbing in beside me.

"I want to make love to you son like I've never wanted to make love to anyone else before, except my dad," dad says, whispering it into my ear.

I look at him, we sit up, and I pull dad's shirt over his head stare at his nipples standing hard on his pecks.  I pull him towards me, and I suck on one, as dad holds me to his breast.  I bite it gently, sending passionate, electrical charges racing through dad's body, and I know he loves it.  I move over to the other nipple, I bite it a bit harder, and dad moans pleasurable groans as I sweep him away in ecstasy.  He lifts my shirt up and off me, exposing my chest of thick hair.  Dad runs his fingers through the silky softness and finds my hard nubs hiding within. 

"You are just like my dad son, he had thick hair as you," dad tells me, as he fondles my nipples, and climbs between my legs, sitting and just staring into my eyes.

He pinches them hard causing me to throw my head back, as the passion flows through my body.  I reach for dad's belt and unbuckled it, as he continues to torture my nipples.  With his pants undone, he sits up to let me pull them down.  I remove them and then he does the same with to my pants, before he moves back on top of me, and I wrap my legs around his waist.

"Are you sure about this David, because once I make love to you, you're mine forever?" he says looking deep into my eyes.

"Please take me daddy, and make me yours forever," I say to him. "I could no more give myself to another now, than I could cut off my right arm," I tell him, as he begins buries his face in neck.

He sucks hard on my neck, leaving a mark that tells me, that I am his.

"I have left my mark on you David, as my dad did to me our first time, sealing me as his lover," dad tells me, as he runs his fingers over the mark.

Dad moves down to my dripping hard cock, and he takes it into his mouth, causing me to gasp at the sensation.  Slowly he moves down my hard shaft, until his nose is buried in my pubes, drinking in the scent of his lover.  He holds my cock in his throat as he sucks it hard, and then moves slowly back up as he massages my balls, still molesting my cock with his mouth.  His mouth is hot and wet, and soon I am squirming, as I try to hold back my climax.

"I so close dad, please stop, I don't want to cum just yet," I moan as he lets go of my cock.

He sucks his way down to my rosebud, running his tongue all around it as I pull my legs up to give my lover more access.  Encouraged by my move, dad pushes his tongue into sweet pucker, and electrical charges run through my body.

"Oh shit dad, fuck me with that tongue," I cry out in pleasure, as a new sensation now floods my senses.

Dad makes love to my rosebud, inserting a finger, bringing me with him, with pleasure.  He inserts a second finger and moves them around until he finds my love nut, and I thrust up at the pleasure it gives me.  Dad massages it gently, until I am thrashing in total ecstasy.

"I'm going to cum daddy," I say, as I shoot my first volley out onto my chest, and he moves up to my cock.

Dad takes each of my next shots, as I hold my lover to my cock.  I feed him my sweet love juices until I am spent, and gasping for air.  Dad continues to suck, although he can't get anymore, and at last, he releases his hold on my cock.  Dad licks up the cum he has missed, as he moves up to my lips, and then passionately kisses me. 

"I love you daddy, and not because of the sex, but because you're the man that I have longed for.  Now my hot lover, make love to me and let us be one in our love," I say as I lift my legs in surrender to him.

Dad grabs the lube; he rubs it into my waiting hole, and then some more on his cock, as he coats it thoroughly.  He positions it to my rosebud and with a gentle push, pops it in and then stops as I cry out.

"Oh my God daddy stop," I say, as the pain overtakes my senses, and the rape I had suffered comes flashing back to me.

"Are you alright David," he asks, because he can tell that I am reliving my rape, and tears fill his eyes as I nod yes.

"Give me a minute to get accustomed to your size," I say, as he lowers his mouth down to mine.

Dad waits for me to get use to the invasion, and we kiss gently, but passionately, as we wait for my ass to relax.  As soon as I relax, he gives me more of his cock, until he bottoms, and stops yet again.  He waits until I am completely relaxed, before he begins to find our rhythm.  Dad finds a comfortable rhythm and soon we are moving in harmony, as dad slowly takes me to new heights in passion.  Never before have had I felt such a passion and love for a man, as I do now for him.  He gives me all that he has, as I meet his forces with my own pushes as we move hard and fast in our passion and rhythm.  The sync of our bodies, as they become lost to our passion, carries us to the edge.

"I'm cumming again daddy," I call out, as I shoot for a second time into the space between us.

"I'm cumming also my son," and dad shoots his seed deep into my cavity, filling my insides with the seed that created me.

We slowly ride our rhythm; we collapse together in a blissful afterglow, sealing our love forever.

"I love you Lance," I say, as I use his first name for the first time, and he holds me in his arms.

"I love you my dear husband David," and we kiss, as our tears flow and we know that we have moved onto a new and love filled realm.

The End, and yet this is just the beginning for us, as we start our new life together as husbands. Although we cannot marry until I am eighteen, in our eyes we already are.

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