A Winding Path

By Vic James


Copyright 2013 by Vic James




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This story is fiction. None of the characters are based on real people.

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I woke and got up to use the bathroom. It was five minutes after eight. I put on briefs and decided to make coffee. All three of us drank coffee. Chris walked into the kitchen while I was pouring water in the coffee maker. He was just wearing briefs, too. A day earlier, I would have found his hairy body gross. I didn't anymore. I could see the outline of his erection, the erection I had sucked not that long ago.

"You sure are good for my ego, Bobby."

I looked up at his face and Chris was grinning at me. I guessed I had been staring.

"I guess you want cream with your coffee," he said.

I laughed.

"Not in it."

He laughed. "No. I think separate would be best."

"If you want to touch me, you can."

I reached out and felt his chest and his shoulders. I felt his arms.

"God, you make me feel good about myself."

I pulled his cock out of his briefs and stroked it.

"I think you are very handsome, Chris. Not to mention a great guy."

"Don't forget about my tasty spunk."

I grinned at him. "I would never do that. As a matter of fact, I was just thinking of it."

I bent over and pulled his foreskin back. I licked the head while Chris groaned. I stood.

"I've never kissed a guy, Bobby."

I gulped.

He took me in his arms.

"Maybe I should ask Nick if it's OK. Do you really want to?"

"I think I need to. I need to know if it I enjoy it as much as I do with Gina. Nick said we could have as much sex as we wanted. Why would he object to a kiss?"

I nodded.

He pressed his mouth to mine and I opened my mouth. I wrapped my arms around him as his tongue entered my mouth. I felt the muscles on his back and felt his erection pressing against me. I enjoyed the kiss, but not as much as I liked kissing Nick. I stroked his erection.

Chris pulled away.

"Nick is a lucky man."

"I'm the lucky one."

He smiled at me.

"You like kissing girls better, don't you?" I asked him.

"Yeah. But kissing you was very nice. Gina doesn't jack me off while we kiss."

"I have a feeling she doesn't love your dick as much as me."

"I am sure of that! Anyway, I wondered if it would be gross—kissing my little brother."

I laughed. I had been his little brother for a week.

We separated and sat down at the kitchen table.

"Thanks for making coffee."


"So are you sure about Nick?"

"Yes. I love him."

"I'm glad for both of you. Nick is a great guy."

"He is. Both of you are."

He smiled at me.

"I just feel so guilty," I said.

"About what?"

"About wanting you."

"I guess telling you not to feel guilty doesn't help."


"Is it because of Nick?"

"Nick and Gina."

"Well, I believe Nick wants us to have sex. You can always say no."

"That's just it. I can't say no to you. I want you too much. And how do I know it is what Nick wants and not what he thinks I want?"

"I can't answer that, Bobby. I can tell you how happy Nick was last night. Happier than I have ever seen him. We had a three-way in his bed and he was grinning when we were through."

I nodded. "That's true."

"I thought about it last night. I had been thinking of Nick as unsexual. He obviously isn't. Maybe you should stop thinking about it as something he allows and think about it as something he enjoys. It was kinky. And hot. We enjoyed it. Why shouldn't Nicky? Especially if he knows for sure that you love him and he is the one deciding whether the two of us have sex again."

I thought about that. It was certainly possible, and it made me feel better.

"As for Gina, I already knew we would never marry. I want someone who wants me the way I am. Do you know she wants me to have a full body wax?"


"Tell me about it. The woman who does her legs will do it."

I laughed and Chris joined in.

"Would that woman wax your balls?"

He chuckled. "I'm sure. And my asshole. I want someone who looks at me the way you do." I smiled at him.

Chris stood. He pulled his cock out of his briefs. He was erect. He let his cock rest on the table. The pink head was peeking out of his foreskin. I moaned as I looked at it. He laughed.

"You see? That's what I want, Bobby! You love it and you want it, and I can make both of us happy by letting you have it. Why should I jack off alone in my room?"

I sighed. I couldn't argue with any of that.

"When you start feeling guilty, think about how happy you are making Nick and me."

I smiled. That sounded like a very good idea.

"Thanks, Chris."

"You are welcome, O lover of my cock."

I laughed.

He sat down.

"I wonder if you would feel the same way about me if you and Nick had already been together."

I thought about that.

"I think I would have turned you down when you suggested me sucking you."

"Yeah. That wouldn't surprise me. Actually, I would never have suggested that you suck me if you were Nick's boyfriend. Anyway, enough soul searching. We can't do it right without Nick. We don't know what we all want, so there is no use worrying about it."

I smiled at Chris.

"How did you sleep?"

I smiled. "Great! I love sleeping with Nick."

He sighed.

"I had trouble. I had a lot to think about. You feel guilty. I feel confused."

"Are you sorry?"

"No, Bobby. I loved it. That's what I had to think about. How I feel about wanting sex with you and whether I want a man or a woman. I've never even thought of having sex with a man before."

I nodded. I could definitely understand that. He was straight, after all.

"So in between all the sex we have today, you can be confused and I can feel guilty."

He laughed.

"It's much better than being confused or guilty without sex."

"That's true!"

"And we will keep an eye on Nick to make sure it is what he wants."

I nodded.

"I want to watch Nick fuck you while you suck me."

I gulped and nodded.

"That sounds great."

Chris looked so sexy. I was hard. I wanted to jack off, but jacking off in the kitchen while I looked at him sounded like a bad idea.

"Bobby, you are looking at me like I am a giant popsicle."

I put my face in my hands and Chris laughed.

"I like it, Bobby. In fact, I love it. I love being your giant popsicle. You can lick me as much as you want."

I laughed. "You say that now, but how will you feel when your whole body is chapped from getting licked?"

He laughed. "Deliriously happy. That's how. Of course, I could let you rub Vaseline over me."

I grinned.

"That sounds like fun."

I smiled as Nick walked into the kitchen, also in briefs. He looked hairy and sexy to me. I got up and hugged him.

"I wanted to surprise you by bringing coffee to you in bed."

Nick grinned at me.

I stood on my tiptoes to kiss him. He held me as we kissed.

I looked at the coffee maker. It had a while to go. "I love you."


"I'm going to brush my teeth."

"Brush mine while you are at it," Chris said.

I laughed, as I walked to my bathroom. I brushed and then put on a T-shirt. I walked back into the kitchen. Chris had left. Nick was pouring coffee. He handed me a cup.

"I love you, Nick."

He smiled. "Love...too."

We sat down. I pulled my chair next to his. He put his arm around my shoulders. I smiled at him. He leaned down and whispered, "Too cute."

"You shouldn't brag, Nick." He looked at me, to see if I understood, I supposed.

He laughed.


"How long is therapy?"


"Does it help?"

He nodded.

I drank some of my coffee. I put my cup down and rested my head on Nick. He bent down and kissed the top of my head. I felt for his cock. He was hard. I got under the table as I heard him chuckle. I pulled his briefs down under his balls. He lifted up to help me. I began sucking him.

"Where's Bobby?" I heard Chris ask. Then Chris laughed. "Oh, he's having breakfast!"

I pulled off Nick. "You should see the size of this sausage!"

We all laughed.

Nick pulled me up.

"We need to leave at 9:40 for Nick's therapy. Do you want to go with us?" Chris asked me.

"Yeah. Sure. I especially want to go to the anal dilator store. Which one are you going to?"

"The one at the mall."

I looked at Chris. Then I looked at Nick. Nick was grinning.

"Is there one at the mall."

He laughed. "Don't you think you would have noticed?"

"Well, it could have been one of the stores that smell funny from incense. I run past those. Hey, if there isn't one, we should open one! We could call it something like Anal Dreams."

"Business owners!" Chris said. "That's what we'll be!"

"And we can sell incense, too!" I said.

They both laughed.

"Whichever one we go to, I'm hoping it has anal dilators on sale," Chris said. We laughed. "I don't think they will let people under eighteen in, though."


We sat together drinking our coffee.

"Why did Gina cancel last night?"

"Her cousin is in town. She wanted to spend time with her."


"Are you in love with her?"

"I don't know. I have trouble separating the love and the lust." He sighed. "Right now, I don't really care if we go out tonight, or not. I think I would have more fun here. Plus I would save money. You have to bribe girls to have sex. You are cheaper, Bobby."

I laughed.

"It's not a bribe! You are paying them to be nice to you."

Nick and Chris both laughed.

"That sounds much better!"

Chris looked at his brother.

"Nick, how do you see our future? Are you allowing me to fool around with Bobby just for now?"


"So a permanent...threesome?"

Nick nodded.

"At some point, I think I will need to fuck Bobby. Would you let me do that?"

Nick nodded.

"Bobby? Would you let me fuck you?"


"I need to know what it's like," Chris said. "I need to know if it is enough."

Nick nodded.

"How feel?" Nick asked me.

"Kind of shocked."


"No. I'm not unhappy. Just very, very surprised."

He nodded and smiled. I smiled back and took his hand. I leaned against him.

"Nick, are you really sure about this? About the three of us? Do you really want me tagging along with you for the rest of my life?"

"Yes. Sure."

"How about you, Bobby?"

"I feel like a slut, but I want both of you."

"Not slut. Love," Nick said.

"I don't know. I want both of you to fuck me, now that Chris mentioned it. How can I not be a slut?"

"If you love both of us, you aren't a slut. No. You are just a very, very, very, very lucky little boy," Chris said.

Nick and I laughed.

"Very," Nick said.

"You have two big, beautiful Kostas cocks to play with. Most little boys don't even have one. Did I say you are lucky?"

"I agree I'm lucky, but stop with the little boys! Please!" I said.

Nick and Chris laughed.

"You asked Nick if he wanted you tagging along for the rest of our lives. Does that mean that you might want to do that? Do you want to stay with us?" I asked Chris.

"I am considering it. You make me feel like a stud, Bobby. Your eyes light up. I know you want me. That makes me feel really good about myself. All this hair—" He pointed to his chest. "Doesn't bother you."

"No. I'm starting to think it's very sexy."

"I know. I can tell. I'm your popsicle. Anyway, I might eventually find a woman who wants me, but it sounds like you want to have sex with me all the time." I nodded. "What are the chances that a pretty woman I like who likes me and who thinks I'm attractive will want sex so often?"

"None," Nick said.

Chris nodded. "That's what I'm thinking. Why not be happy with what I have, instead of hoping for more? You could spend your whole life looking for more and miss out on what you found."

Nick nodded at him.

I could understand what he was saying.

"Nick, I have to ask this," Chris said. "Please don't be offended." Nick nodded. "Do you want to have sex with me?"

He laughed.

"Yuck! No. No. No. No. No. No. No."

"I think he means he's almost certain," I said, laughing.

Chris laughed. "Thank you for translating."

"Are you OK with me initiating sex with Bobby whenever I feel like it?"

"Yes. Share."

"And kissing him and fucking him?"

Nick nodded. "Want...Bo...Bobby...your...uh...lug." He frowned and shook his head. "...lover."

I was surprised to hear Nick say that, but I wasn't unhappy.

"Bobby, do you want to be my lover?" Chris asked me.

"I think so, Chris. I wish you were gay and wanted it more, though."

"Is bisexual good enough?"


"Good, because I don't know if I will stop liking girls. But I plan to fuck you, kiss you, and let you suck my cock as often as you like."

I grinned at him and he laughed.

He walked over to me. He pushed his briefs down. I looked at his erect cock.

"I think you want this."

"I do."

I took him in my mouth and began sucking him. Nick pushed my chair back and took my dick out of my briefs. He began sucking me while I sucked Chris. I tugged on Chris' balls and stroked him while I sucked on the end of his cock.

Nick brought me over the edge, and I moaned as I came.

"Damn, are you coming?"

"Mm. mm."

"Fuck, I'm close. Ah, fuck!" Chris said, as his semen shot into my mouth. I swallowed his warm cream. It tasted like nothing else. I was becoming addicted to the stuff. It was a good thing I had two handsome guys who would give it to me.

Chris pulled his softening dick out of my mouth. I squeezed all the remaining cum out of it.

"Get it all, Bobby."

"Oh, I will. I want it."

Chris chuckled.

"I know you do. And I'm not giving it to someone who doesn't want it. And I'm not shooting it into a condom that is going to get thrown away."

I grinned at him.

He let out a deep breath.

"So this is my future. Sex in the morning, followed by sex in the afternoon, followed by sex in the evening."

Nick and I laughed.

"You forgot sex before sleep."

"No. I didn't forget it. I'm just not sure I can come four times a day."

All of us laughed.

"I'm going to brush my teeth," he said, as he walked out of the kitchen.

I turned to Nick.

"I love you. You are a wonderful person, Nick."


I sighed.

"Are you sure I'm not a slut for wanting both of you?"

"No. Perfect. I want."

"You want me to have sex with both of you?"

"Yes. Yes. Happy...you?"


"Good...want...want...Chris..." He pressed his palm to his forehead. "Gina make...bad...uh."


He grinned and nodded.

"And I make him happy."

He nodded. "All happy."

He looked like he was struggling to say something.

"Threes...uh...threes...Shit! Like...threes...exciting."

"Do you mean three-ways?"

He nodded, grinning.



He laughed and hugged me.

"You..." He pointed at his head. "Inside..."

"So you've been fantasizing about three-ways?"

He nodded. "Years."

"But maybe you'll get tired of them."

"Tired...Chris? No."

"Well, I am happy if you are happy. I just want you to know that you can change your mind."

"Never. Too...fun."

I laughed.

"It was. Last night when Chris came in my mouth while you were sucking me, it was incredible. I never even fantasized about something so wild!"

Nick nodded.

He took my hand in both of his and held it. I felt cherished.

"God, Nick. It's hard for me to believe how much I love you." He smiled. "You are such a good person. I never want to let you down."

He nodded.

"You perfect. Understand." He pointed at his head. "And...uh like...threes."

"Right now, I want to make you come and I really want you to fuck me. I don't want a threesome right now. Just you."

Nick got up and took my hand. We walked to his room. Our room. We walked into the bathroom. He turned on the water in the shower. I wondered if we were going to shower together. I grinned. It looked like it. When it was warm, he got in and held out his hand for me. I got in. We washed each other and I loved that. I loved feeling him and I loved having his hands on me. We kissed under the warm water, with our arms wrapped around each other. When we stopped, Nick turned me around. He slowly pushed a soapy finger inside me. I leaned forward, with my hands on the tiles.

"Yes, Nick."

He finger fucked me while he pinched one of my nipples.

"Like?" he asked.


He pulled his finger out and I was disappointed. Then he pushed two very slowly inside me. It hurt some, but I wanted him to fuck me. I needed it. I thought about whether we should wait for the anal dilators, but there was no harm in trying without them.



He chuckled.

He moved his two fingers inside until it stopped hurting. He pulled me back upright and tilted my head up. I turned my head back and we kissed while his two fingers were inside me.

I pulled away.

"Try three fingers. Maybe you can fuck me without the dilators."


"Yes. I'm not sure why, but I feel like I won't really be yours until you fuck me."

I leaned forward again. Nick pulled his fingers out. I heard him snap the body wash bottle as he got more soap. He rubbed some on my hole. Then he pressed his three fingers slowly inside me. It was very painful, but I wanted him to fuck me. I pushed out, like I was taking a dump. I read that helped, and it did. I kept my mouth closed. He stopped moving them and it slowly became less painful. He wrapped his hand around my dick. It stiffened and he began jacking me off.

"Love you," he whispered in my ear.

I leaned back against him.

"I love you, Nick. I can hardly believe this is happening."


I reached behind me for his cock. I loved how big it was, despite the fact that it would hurt getting fucked with it.

"Try your cock, now."

"No. No."

"Oh! I get it. You want me to beg you to fuck me."

He laughed.

"Fuck me, Nick. Please. Please!"

He sighed. He pulled his fingers out. I watched him squirt soap on his cock. He had me bend over and squirted some on my hole.

I felt his dick touch my hole. Then he pushed slightly. Nothing happened at first. Then slowly, I felt him stretch me as he entered me. I pushed out and he slid in further. I wondered what time it was. I didn't want to make him late for his therapy session. I pushed myself back onto his cock and almost screamed as part of him slipped inside. I clinched my teeth and my eyes shut. I wondered if I really wanted to be fucked. Sucking was fun and didn't hurt at all! Slowly, the pain subsided.



He laughed. It really wasn't funny. It did hurt. But after a couple of minutes, it hurt much less. I sighed.


"Yes. Much."

Nick tilted my head back and we kissed. He wrapped his arms around me. I had his tongue in my mouth and his cock inside my ass. He was mine and I was his. When we pulled apart, he pushed a little more.


"Not much."


"Yes. You need to come."


"Your cum is tasty."

He chuckled.

"Mouth," he said.

"Yeah. Feed it to me."

He growled at me as he began fucking me.

"I'm not a virgin!"

"No me!"

"We're both ex-virgins!"

His cock moved faster and faster. It hurt, but I was glad he was doing it. I loved knowing a big, hairy stud was fucking me.

"Close," he said. He pinched my nipples while he fucked me.

He pulled out of me. I felt really strange back there.

He washed his cock and rinsed it.


"Yeah! Feed me my breakfast, stud!"

I knelt. Nick pushed the head of his cock into my mouth and fisted himself. I held his balls in my hand as I ran my tongue over the head. He groaned as a powerful spurt hit the back of my throat. I swallowed and he gave me more. I didn't count the spurts, but there were a lot of them. I tilted my head up and looked at him while he came. His eyes were closed and his tongue ran over his lips. I wanted his tongue in my mouth again. Finally, it was over. He pulled out, grinning. I squeezed the cum out of his dick and ate it. I squeezed it again and got a little more. On the third squeeze, he laughed.

"More later."


He laughed.

"Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes."

"That sounds like 'probably' to me."

He laughed and pulled me up. We kissed. Then he knelt and sucked me. Or almost sucked me. I came immediately and that really surprised me. I had come once already.

We finished our shower and got out. We dried ourselves, both of us grinning at each other.

I left the bathroom and looked at the clock. It was 9:20.

Nick turned on the computer. I decided to get the chair out of my bedroom. I put on briefs and went to get it.

When I got pack, Nick was kneeling in front of the computer, typing. I pushed the chair up to him. He got up and sat in it. He was typing in Word. I stood behind him with my arms wrapped around him.

"Like taste of cum?" he typed.

"Yeah, I do," I said to him.

"Give you lots. Chris, too."

"Oh, goody!"

He typed, "May stop therapy. You understand me." Those two sentences took a long time to type.

"Oh, really?"

He typed, "Thinking of it long."


"Do you think your father will be mad?"

He thought or a minute, before typing, "Maybe. Care what you think."

"Nick, I don't know anything about it."

Nick went to the Wikipedia site and entered, 'Expressive aphasia.'

"Oh, is that what it's called?"

He nodded.

I read the entry. He got up and pointed at the chair. I sat and read. He pointed out a section that said most improvement occurred within a year. He had been getting it for several years. Then I understood a little more. He was getting a little help, probably, but not much. I figured he probably felt like he was wasting his time if there wasn't improvement.

"Is it because you want to spend more time with me?"

He indicated a little with his fingers.

He knelt and opened Word again. I got up out of the chair and he sat down.

"Does problem bother you?"

"You mean the aphasia?"

He nodded.

"No. I usually understand exactly what you mean." He nodded his head, grinning. "It probably bothers you more." He shrugged. I guess he was used to it.

"I think you are wonderful, and I love you exactly as you are. I never expected you to recover completely. My mom told me that before I met you. This is how you are and I love you."

I watched his eyes water.

"Love you."

I smiled.

Chris walked into the room.

"We need to leave."

Nick and I got dressed in a hurry.

"We are going to the adult book store afterwards, right?"

I had gotten fucked but I figured I still needed to be stretched, so that it wouldn't hurt so much."

"Yes. And somewhere to get a chair, I guess.


We left the house and got in Chris' old Volvo.

Nick opened the back door and took my hand. We both got in the back seat.

"Why are you both getting in the back?" Chris asked.

"Make out," Nick said.

Chris and I laughed.

"Rub it in!"

We drove to a small business in a strip mall. It was called Horizons. Nick got out of the car. I got out and got into the front seat. Nick went inside.

"Nick thinks he wants to stop therapy," I told Chris.

"Yeah. He's talked about it. He made a lot of progress at first, but to tell you the truth, he seems exactly the same as a year ago to me."

"How will Senior feel about it?"

"I think things are different now. Nick has a lover and you understand him. I think Dad wanted him to be able to have a happy life, and he hoped the therapy would allow him to have that. I'm sure he will understand."


"Bobby, I don't want to get you angry, and my dick especially doesn't—" I laughed. "Are you sure you won't get tired of trying to figure out what Nick means? I know Senior worries about that. Not about you in particular, but about Nicky meeting someone, falling in love and then getting dumped, because it is too much work communicating with him."

I wasn't angry at all. It was a very good question. I thought about it.

"I can't really say for sure. It is not a struggle for me to understand him."

"Well, that's good. It is a struggle for me."

"I wish I could say for sure, Chris."

"I know. There is no way to know how you will feel in ten years."

We sat there in silence for a minute.

"I keep wondering about a threesome. Nick keeps saying it's what he wants—the three of us. But why? I mean I can understand why he might want to have three-ways, but why does he want a permanent three-some? It just seems so—unlikely."

"I've been thinking about that, too. Since the accident, Nick hasn't had any friends, and he only leaves the house with me or Senior. I think that I have been his only friend."

"And he doesn't want to lose his only friend," I said.

"Yeah, maybe. If I married and moved away, maybe he would feel he was losing me. Realistically, Nick's social life is going to be limited. Senior and I have known this. You might have friends—you probably will, but will they be Nick's friends, too? Maybe not. But we both need to stop worrying about it. Have you ever heard of a permanent three-some?"


"So we probably won't have one. Maybe we will only have occasional three-ways. We will just have to wait and see what the future holds. I'm going to try to be open to whatever happens."

I nodded.

"Do you really think you can be bisexual?"

"I think I already am. We have had sex several times and we intend to have more. If you don't believe me, look at my lap."

I looked and I could see the outline of his erection.

"That's from thinking about gay sex with you and my brother. Specifically about Nick fucking you while you suck me. I always imagined sex with a man would be disgusting. It wasn't. It was very nice. And hot. That surprised me. I thought sex with a woman would be incredible. It wasn't. It was very nice. I'm still trying to get it all straight in my head, but like I said, I am happy."

"I think I understand."

"I should have known better—about being bisexual."

"What do you mean?"

"You can't mention this to anyone but Nick."


"Especially not your mother."

I nodded, but it worried me a little.

"Senior told both of us that he had sex with two different men when he was in college. He dated one of them for months."


I didn't mind keeping that from Mom. After all, I'm sure he had sex with other women, too.

"He told us he decided he preferred women, but still."

"Wow! I guess that is why he is so gay-friendly."

"Yeah. He's bisexual. He told us that when we were just kids. So I guess, it isn't so strange that I seem to be bisexual."

"Nope. You inherited it. Wow!"


"That explains the terrific safe sex talk he gave me. He blew my mind talking about uh, specific sex acts."

Chris laughed.

"I actually ran to my room and beat off thinking of safe sex."

Chris laughed. "Yeah, Senior is pretty cool."

"I hope he stays straight. Mom really loves him."

"He really loves her. You should have heard him going on and on and on and on about her, the morning after their first date. He loves her, believe me."

"But do you think, being bisexual, he will want to have sex with a man, too?"

"I don't think it works that way. I think he can just enjoy sex with either. He doesn't need both. After all, he hasn't had sex with a man since college."

"I hope so."

We sat in silence for a little while.

"My neck is getting sore. Get in the front seat."

I did.

"Does my cum really taste that good?"

I laughed. I looked at his lap. He was still hard.

"You must have eaten it many times!"

Chris laughed.

"I only jack off when I'm not hungry."

We both laughed.

"Well, I like it. The only thing I can compare it to is Nick's."

"Does it taste like Nick's?"

"Yes. They taste the same to me. I can't really say it is delicious like pizza. It's—erotic, I guess."

"Yeah. I can understand that. You don't eat pussy because it's so tasty, do you?"

I laughed. "Double-yuck!"

"You know, I'm having a great time, Bobby."

"Me, too."

"You know, you are the only person I have share so much of my personal—my sex life with. I just feel really comfortable telling you things I would never tell anyone else. I have trouble telling Nick I may be bisexual, but you? It doesn't bother me. You know more about me in some ways than anyone. I've never been this open with anyone else. I guess, in a way, that makes you my best friend."

I was really touched by that. It also made me fall a little more in love with Chris.

"Well, if Nick isn't my best friend, you are."

He smiled at me.

"I'm also the guy who feeds you delicious food."

"You are!"

I looked at his crotch, again. Chris still had an erection. I supposed I was keeping him hard. I looked around to see if anyone was around. I didn't see anyone. I rubbed his erection. Chris sighed and spread his legs. He was wearing shorts. I rubbed his hairy thigh, too.

"God, how I want it. I think there is something wrong with me."

"I think you are just about perfect, Bobby. I'm really happy because of you. Are you happy?"


"Then what can be wrong? Nick is happier than he has ever been. Why on Earth would anyone want you to change? Why would you want to change?"

"It's all so new."

"Well, that is true. Our lives are changing. But it's good. They are changing in a good way."

I nodded.

"I guess I worry too much."

"You do. And you are wasting time when you could be thinking about my dick."

I laughed.

"Are you joking? What do you think I'm thinking about?"

"I'm older than you, so let me give you a little advice."

"Oh. OK."

"Think about my dick all the time."

I laughed.

"I think sixty percent of the time, I should think of Nick's cock, and forty percent of the time I should think of yours."

He chuckled.

"Well, that's mathematically accurate, but can't you think of both of them one hundred percent of the time? Maybe this will help," he said.

He looked around and then pulled his dick out of a leg of his shorts.

"Now I'm thinking one hundred percent of yours!"


I looked around and we were alone. I leaned over and said, "I love you," to his cock.

Chris pulled the slit open with his fingers and moved it opened and closed like it was talking while he said, "I love you, Bobby! Give me a kiss," in a little voice.

I laughed.

"Dick, I thought you would have a deeper voice," I said to his dick.

Chris laughed. He made his dick talk again in a little voice.

"I would, but Chris' underwear is strangling me!"

We both laughed hard.

A car pulled up next to us and Chris quickly put his dick away.

A couple of minutes later, Nick came back outside. He motioned to me with his finger. I got out of the car and followed him inside. I tried to inconspicuously arrange my erection in my pants. We walked into an office. There was a middle-aged woman smiling.

"Mrs. Harris," Nick said.

"Hi. I'm Bobby Reynolds." I held out my hand and she shook it.

"Nick was telling me about you."

I smiled at Nick.

"One of his goals with the therapy was to be able to communicate well enough to have a relationship. That is important to Nick's father, too."

"Fortunately, I don't have any trouble understanding him."

She smiled.

"I'm very happy for him. Have you met his father?"

I laughed. She looked at me oddly.

"He married my mother a couple of days ago. They are on their honeymoon."

"That's nice!" she said.

"We told them last night about us. Both my mother and Nick's father were really happy."

"That is good.

"I think he may progress more with you. Nick had feelings of isolation, because of his disability. Hopefully, that will not be the case any longer."

She turned to Nick.

"Well, Nick. If you ever have questions, or want to resume therapy, let us know."


She nodded.

Nick took my hand and we left.

We got in the back seat of the car.

"That was quick!" Chris said.

"I...not...no...I stop," Nick said.

"I'm so glad for you Nick. You've had such an unfair break. I'm proud of you, too. You've worked hard to get where you are."

Nick put his arm around me and I leaned on him.

"We need to get a chair and the anal thingies. And I'm hungry," I said.

"Nick and I fed you breakfast," Chris said.

Nick and I laughed.

"I need solid food, too."

"The meat's up here, little boy," Chris said.

I laughed.

"Breakfast," Nick said.


Chris drove us to a restaurant and we ate. Chris was very subdued.

"What's wrong?" I asked him.

"Things are going to be very, very different when the parents return."

I thought about that. They wouldn't be that different for Nick and me. I wondered if Chris meant sex with me. I looked at Nick. He shrugged.

After we ate, we went to an adult bookstore. Nick and Chris went inside. I sat and thought about Chris. I assumed he would get his own place at some point and then sex would probably be less frequent. Maybe that was best. I felt I should love Nick more and I didn't know how to do that. Then I realized I didn't have to worry about that. Once the parents returned, my time with Chris would be limited. Nick and I could stay in his room with the door closed, but if Chris was in there all the time with us, the parents would wonder what was going on.

A few minutes later, both of them came out of the bookstore with big grins on their faces. Nick got in back, with me. He pulled out a set of plugs for 'Anal Training'. There were four of the things, from small to large. I could tell there was something still in the bag. I looked. It was a large bottle of lube.

"Are you my trainer?" I asked Nick, pointing at the 'Anal Training' on the label.

"Yes. I teach."

"Hooray!" I said. Chris and Nick laughed. "You are just the teacher I wanted."

I reached over and squeezed Nick's bulge. He grinned at me and spread his legs. He groped me before sliding his hand inside my pants. I leaned against him while he felt my dick. He kissed my ear and whispered, "I...love...you." I sighed. My life seemed perfect.

We stopped at an intersection.

"You aren't dilating him, are you?" Chris asked.

Nick and I laughed.

We pulled up in front of an office supply store. Chris opened his door and Nick let me go. We walked inside the store. Nick looked at desks, too. He ended up buying an expensive chair. I hoped it was better constructed than his last chair. We arranged to have it delivered.

We got in the car and headed home. As we were pulling into the driveway, I noticed again that the house next door to ours was for sale. I got to thinking that if we did ever move—Nick and me, it would be nice to remain close to Mom and Nick's father. Of course, neither of us had jobs, so it was pointless to think about buying that house. Nick and I wouldn't be able to buy a house for several years.

The three of us walked into the house.

Chris walked to his bedroom. I took the bag with the dilators and lube to the bathroom. I closed the door. I needed to go. After I did that, I opened the bathroom door. I stepped out of my shoes and pants and then took the smallest dilator.

"Do you want to insert it, Nick?"

He nodded, grinning.

"I wish I could see your cock," I said.

He got undressed in a hurry. Once he was naked, I decided to take of my shirt.

Nick took the lube and squirted some on the device. I leaned over the sink, sticking my butt out. Chris walked into the bathroom. I grinned when I saw he was naked. And stiff. Nick pushed two lubed fingers inside me. I groaned.

"Damn!" Chris said. He began stroking himself.

"You...fuck?" Nick asked Chris.

"Can I?"


"Are you sure, Nick? Really, really sure?" Chris asked him.

"Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes."

"That means he is almost positive," I said. We all laughed.

"So, Nick? Are you my husband and is Chris my boyfriend?"

Nick laughed. "Yes!"

"Well, Chris! Now you have a girlfriend and a boyfriend," I said. "Just don't forget which one has been trained."

He laughed.

"Want Chris gay," Nick said.

I was shocked. Chris looked very surprised.

"Why Nick? Why do you want me to be gay? Why do you want to share Bobby, for that matter?"


"Do you want the three of us to stay together always?" Chris asked him.

Nick nodded his head.


I got tears in my eyes. Mrs. Harris said he felt isolated. Chris had already told me Nick didn't have any friends. It was so sad that Nick had to deal with that loneliness as well as his brain damage. I looked at Chris. He looked like he was on the verge of tears.

Chris put his hand on Nick's shoulder.

"You don't have to share your lover to keep me as a friend, Nick."

"Know. Uh...hot, too."

Chris smiled.

Nick began fucking me with his two fingers and I groaned. Chris shook his head, grinning.

"So you want Bobby to be my lover?"

Nick nodded.

"You uh, want?" Nick asked me.

"Yes, Nick. I love you most, but I think I love Chris, too."

"And like...cum...his," Nick added.

I nodded.

"If we are going to share Bobby, we can't live here," Chris said.

That was true.

"Even if Senior allowed it, I don't think Patricia would."

It was true. Mom would freak completely.

Nick pointed his finger at something. I thought about it.

"Do you mean the house next door?" I asked.

Nick grinned. He pulled his fingers out and picked me up. He swung me around. I laughed. He put me down.

"You," he said. Then he pointed at his head. I nodded. I did understand him.

"But none of us have jobs. How can we buy a house?" I asked.

"Nick has some insurance money he got because of the accident," Chris said.

"Oh. Was it a lot?"

Nick shook his head.

"It was almost a million," Chris said. "Nick, a million is plenty if you are living with Dad. But it won't last if... Wait. I'll have a job."

"Me, too," I said.

"It might work," Chris said.

"Are you sure you want to live with us, Chris?"

"I don't know anything. My life is in freefall." He sighed. "Twelve hours ago I was upset my girlfriend cancelled our date. Now I'm naked with my brother and his boyfriend and ready to have sex. The thing is, I'm happy. My life is changing, but not in a bad way. I really don't know. I don't know if sex with you will be enough. How much will I miss Gina—and girls?"

I took Nick's cock in one hand and his brother's in my other. I began stroking them.

"Fuck! This is hot!" Chris said, as I jacked them off.

"Hot enough? Hotter than sex with Gina?" I asked him.

He laughed.

I knelt and started sucking Nick. After a minute, or so, I switched to Chris.

"Fuck, Nick!" Chris said.

"No fuck...Bobby," Nick said. They both laughed as I switched back to sucking Nick. I looked up at him. He was grinning. I was glad I was making him happy. I was being a slut, but Nick liked it.

I stood up and bent over the sink.

"Get that thing inside me. I want both of you to fuck me later."

Nick pushed the dilator inside me.

I heard Chris' cellphone ring. He left to answer it.

I hugged Nick.

"I love you so much!"


"Are you going to make an offer on the house?

He thought for a minute.

"Should. You sure?"

"I'm sure I love you and want to live with you. Is that what you mean?"

He nodded.

I looked at him.

"If you ever decide you don't want to share me with Chris, just tell me, OK? I don't want you unhappy about it. You are enough for me. Chris will get over it."

He nodded, smiling.

"Not happen."

"Well, you never know."

He shrugged.

"You and I have something else in common, besides thinking alike," I told him. "I don't have any close friends, either. I have school friends, but we don't hang out."

"Be...together," he said.

"Yes. We will have each other and Chris, if he decides I'm enough."

"Will. Tell...tell." Nick got annoyed. He washed and dried his hands and then walked to his computer. I looked at the clock. The dilator package recommended waiting before inserting the next size, and I wanted to keep track of the time. I stood next to him.

He typed, "Keep you tell Chris sexy."

"You think that will do it?"

Nick nodded.

He grinned at me as he reached around and nudged my dilator. I reached for his cock and began stroking it.

"I absolutely love your cock," I whispered to him.


"Oh, yeah."

He pulled my mouth to his and we kissed. Then he took my hand and got onto the bed. He positioned me on my back and then lay on top of me.

"I love you, Nick," I said as he kissed me again.

I wrapped my arms around him. Being under him felt perfect to me. His weight was pushed me into the mattress.

"I'm going to go see Gina," Chris said.

Nick lifted his head.


Chris sighed.

"I need to talk to her. I will be back later."

"Take Bobby...uh...lunch," Nick said.

"That's fine, Nick. We just had breakfast, though. We can have a late lunch. Maybe two or three o'clock. I'll be back way before then."

He turned and left.

"Worry?" Nick asked me.

"Oh, part of me thinks he belongs with her. Part of me wants to shoot her," I said.

Nick chuckled and then laughed.

"Go shop."

"For a gun?"

Nick nodded.

"Do you think we should go after the house next door, or wait? You do know that I don't have any money, right?"


I laughed.

"Yes, but I have two handsome boyfriends. I could probably make money off them, if they are willing to let me pimp them out."

My body shook with his as he laughed.

Nick looked thoughtful.

"It might sell. On the other hand, it doesn't have to be next door. A few houses down would work out as well."

Nick nodded.

"Call...Senior. Uh...ask."

"Ask him whether to buy it or how to buy it?"

"No. Ask...pimping...brother."

We both laughed.

"That, too!"

"OK. Now?"

Nick nodded. He rolled off me. I knew what hotel Mom and Senior were in. Then I remembered the number should be on caller ID from my mother's phone call.

I got up and got the number. I dialed it.

"Yes," Senior answered.

"Nick, it's Bobby."

"Is everything all right?"

"Yes. Everything is perfect. The thing is, Nick and I have been talking about the house next door. The one for sale."


"We both think it would be a good place for us to live."

"Well, yes, I think it might be. Hmm."

"Nick doesn't know anything about buying houses or even if it is a good idea. I'm sorry to bother you, but we needed your opinion and didn't know if it was safe to wait. Or maybe we should wait. We really don't know."

"Well, the house has been on the market for four months. You know, there is no hurry. There will be other houses near us. Right now, Nick isn't paying any bills."

"You think we should wait?"

"You are only seventeen, Bobby."

That was true, but if we had our own place, sex with Chris would be much simpler.

"Are you sure about Nick, Bobby?"

"Yes. I love him very much."

"Let me give it some thought. I'll talk to your mother and call back later."

"OK. Sorry to bug you on your honeymoon."

"That's OK. I'm glad you called. I was afraid the house was burning down."

Only figuratively, I thought.

I hung up.

"Senior sounded like he thought we should wait. He said I am only seventeen."

Nick shrugged.


Once I had a job, I could pay the bills on our house, rather than using up Nick's money. Maybe it was better to wait.

I began exploring Nick's body. The hair didn't bother me. I liked the way it felt and I was starting to like the way it looked.

"You are so sexy, Nick.""

He grinned at me.

"I still don't understand why you want me, but I love you."

He kissed me again. I held his cock in one hand and his balls in the other. They were mine!

He pulled away and grinned at me.

"Do like," he said, glancing down towards his crotch.

"I love them. I don't want them to get away."

He laughed. He looked very, very happy. I was, too. Good grief! The day before I had wondered if I would ever get a date! Now, the very next day, I had a lover. Maybe two lovers! The best part about it, was I could see the love in Nick's eyes. That was something I didn't know if I would ever get from Chris. Chris might love me, but would he ever be in love with me? But having Nick's love was enough. I wanted Chris, but I wasn't certain he would be happy with me. For his entire life, he had wanted a girl. Even if I could make him happy, a girl could probably make him happier. Or miserable. I realized I was assuming a girl would make him happy. How many hetero relationships were happy? Not a hundred percent of them.

"Let's put in the next dilator."


I was, but I didn't plan to let that stop me.

"A little. But if I'm not bleeding, I want to keep going."

He nodded.

We got out of bed and went back into his bathroom. He lubed up the second one. I bent over the sink and then he pulled the one out of my butt. It hurt a little going out. He pushed a finger inside me and pulled it out. Neither of us saw any blood. I turned around and he pushed the next size plug inside me. It hurt more going in, but it wasn't too bad. It was nothing like the pain when he fucked me in the shower. He finished and I stood.

I heard my cellphone ring and I walked to my bedroom. I picked up the phone.

"Hey, Bobby."

I didn't recognize the voice. I looked to see who it was. Ben Rodriguez? Who was he?

"Hello? Who is this?"

"Bobby, this is Ben. I am Gina's older brother. Gina is dating your stepbrother."

"Oh, no! Has something happened?"

"No. No. Nothing like that. It's just..."


"Well, Chris told Gina you are gay and Gina told me." I was shocked and irritated. Was Chris going around telling people I was gay? It was a good thing school was out. It would be all around the school in an hour. "Chris told her you were cute, and, well, I was wondering if you would consider going out with me some time."

I was definitely in shock. But if Gina's brother was gay, I decided it was silly to be upset with Chris about telling her. For all I knew, Chris might have wanted to play matchmaker for me and Ben when Chris told her. Now things were very different.

"I am in a relationship with Nick, Chris' brother."

"Nick is gay?"

"Yes. He came out to Chris last night. I really like him."

"Oh. I suppose I am happy for you. I should have called sooner. If you would like to get together, call me if things don't work out for you and Nick."

"OK." I had no intention of calling him.

"Bye, Bobby."

"Good bye."

I hung up.

I walked to Nick's room.

"That was Gina's brother asking me out on a date. Can you believe it?"

Nick looked uncertain.

"Can you imagine someone thinking they could get me to give you up?"

Nick smiled.

"It will never happen, Nick."

Nick took me in his arms and I rested my head on his shoulder.

"Love you."

"I love you, Nick."

"You are kind, and sweet, and hot, and you have an incredible dick."


"Yes, I am. I noticed all those things about you right away!"

He laughed.

We lay down and explored each other's body. It was a lot of fun getting familiar with his cock and balls. We spent quite a while at it.

We heard the front door slam. We walked to the living room.



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