A Winding Path

By Vic James


Copyright 2013 by Vic James




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This story is fiction. None of the characters are based on real people.

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Over the next two days, Nick and I had a lot of sex and Chris had even more. He was having sex with Gina and with me. I could tell it was making Nick unhappy, but I didn't know what I could do about it. Even though we discussed Chris seeing Gina, just to keep the parents from suspecting, none of us really thought that was the only reason Chris was spending so much time with her. I wanted Chris. I had learned to love sucking Chris while Nick fucked me. I didn't feel that was a good enough reason for Chris to choose us over Gina, but Nick's reason was very different. Nick needed his brother. If just Nick and I moved into our own place, Nick would be more isolated than he was then, where he had his father, brother, a now my mother and me. Nick and I had talked about it, and I told Nick I thought we should plan on staying where we were if Chris didn't join us. Our parents didn't seem to mind our relationship, and Nick would have our parents and me. He needed more than just me in his life.

A couple of hours before he was due to pick them up at the airport, Chris and I were in the kitchen.

"What's up with Nick?"

I really wished Chris and Nick would work it out between themselves, but with Nick's communication problem, it really was up to me.

"Nick wants you to dump Gina. He's convinced that you will fall in love if you keep seeing her. You know he wants the three of us to live together. Where would Gina be? He thinks he's losing you."

I hadn't told Chris that if he moved in with Gina, that Nick and I probably wouldn't ever get our own place. Telling him that seemed like blackmail, despite the fact that it was true.

Chris looked unhappy.

"I knew I would have to choose eventually, but I hoped I had a while."

"You can take as much time as you like. You just asked me why."

Chris nodded.

I reached out and felt his crotch. He closed his eyes. I felt his cock stiffen under my hand. I rubbed it until Chris groaned.

"God, I'm going to miss this."

"Have you decided on Gina, then?"


"No. I meant when the parents come back."

"If the three of us live together, the rest of our lives will be like this." I grinned at him. "I'll beg you to suck your cock..."

Chris laughed. "Yeah, like I'd ever hesitate."

"Does Gina do it?"

"No. She's never sucked me."

Chris sighed.

I knelt and rubbed my cheek on his bulge. It was slutty, but I told myself I was doing it for Nick. It was half-true, anyway.

"Oh, fuck!" Chris said.

Nick walked into the kitchen. He grinned when he saw me. He gave me a thumbs up sign.

Chris was wearing a pair of elastic-waisted shorts. I pulled them down.


I pulled his briefs down and his cock flopped up before settling at mouth-height. I licked the head with tiny strokes of my tongue. His cock started bouncing.

"Suck," Nick said to me.

I grinned at him and swallowed half of Chris' cock. Nick pulled on Chris' nipples while I sucked him. Chris let out a long breath.

"Damn, that's nice," Chris said.

I pulled off and stroked his cock while I looked up at him.

"Every day could be like this," I said.

"Yes," Nick said.

"I know! I know! Damn, Nick! Do you think I don't think about this all day, every day! I just don't know if it's enough. I wanted kids, you know."

I felt sick, then. I didn't know that. Having kids had never occurred to me.

"Well, now I know how to make you stop sucking my dick," Chris said to me.

I laughed.

"Yes. Mention kids."

"From now on. I will wait until after I come to mention them."

"A...adopt," Nick said.

He wasn't going to give up.

I went back to sucking Chris. A few minutes later, Chris' warm sperm shot into my mouth. Nick pulled me up and hugged me. We kissed. Then Nick picked me up and carried me to bed. He put me on it and pulled off his clothes. I stroked myself while I looked at him. He turned around slowly, giving me a complete view of his body. I shook my head.

"Hot. Very, very hot," I said.

He lay down on top of me and we kissed. I loved being under him. I wasn't sure why. Being pressed into the bed by his body didn't sound pleasant, but it felt perfect.

Nick fucked me. It was our last fuck with the bedroom door open--our parents would be back. Chris appeared at the door. He slowly stroked his cock while he watched us.

After we finished, Chris left for the airport. I would have liked to have gone, but there wasn't room in the car for all of us and their luggage. Nick and I watched a football game.

On a commercial, I took Nick's hand and kissed it.

"I love you, Nick."


"You don't mean I love you too much, do you?"

"No. Uh. Uh. Love you...too."

I was leaning against Nick. I fell asleep during the game. I woke when I heard a car door slam.

We got up and walked outside to help bring in their luggage.

"Hey!" Mom said.

I hugged her.

"Welcome back."

"Thanks. We had a great time, but I'm glad to be back."

Nick carried two suitcases into the house.

"How are things between you and Nick?" Mom asked. Senior turned to hear my answer.

"Fantastic. Fabulous," I said.

"I was wondering that, too," Chris said. I didn't know what he meant. "I mean, they spend all their time in Nick's bedroom with the door closed and making odd noises," Chris said.

I couldn't believe he said that. At first, I was hurt. Then I realized it wasn't really an insult. Mom and Senior laughed.

"It has been sort of like a honeymoon for us," I said.

"And that is great!" Senior said. "Your mother and I couldn't be happier."

Mom took my hand and led me into the house. We went into the den and she closed the door.

"One thing Nick and I talked about was what you would do if you weren't happy. We don't want you staying in a relationship because we are happy about it, or because Nick is lonely."

"Thanks, Mom. But it isn't like that at all. I love Nick very much."

"Good. But if that changes, don't be afraid to admit it."


We left the den.

"This is the last of it," Chris said.

"How was it?" I asked Senior.

"There is only one possible answer to that."

I thought about that for a bit and then laughed.

"You had a wonderful time?"


"So gave you been lonely while everyone else has been on a honeymoon?" Senior asked Chris.

"No. I've been spending a lot of time with Gina."

"That's great," Senior said.

It wasn't great to Nick, I thought.

"Bobby, will you come with me," Senior said.

I followed him to the den. I almost laughed as Senior closed the door.

"Sit down."

I did and Senior sat, too.

"I know your mother already spoke to you. I have more reservations than she does."


I was shocked. I would have expected the opposite.

"I can't help thinking you are trapped by the situation. If you wanted to end it, would you feel free to do so? I don't think so. From what I have seen, and your mother has told me, you do not like to hurt people and will go out of your way to avoid it. I also saw the way you looked at Chris." I gulped. "Does he know how you feel?"

I had no idea what to say. None. I sat there, trying to think of something.

"I'm going to take that to mean no. Is that right?"

I looked at him and he frowned.

I couldn't think of a lie that would be convincing to everyone, so I told the truth.

"Yes. He knows."

Senior nodded.

"Is that why he has been spending so much time with Gina?"

I sighed.

"Hmm. That was a lie. No. An exaggeration."

Senior looked startled.

"He hasn't been?"

"He's gone on three dates with her. I really don't know if that is a lot of time, or not."

Senior looked confused. It was a relief, really. Maybe he would drop it...

"I'm going to assume Nicky doesn't know how you feel. He will figure it out."

"He knows."

"What?" Nick asked, loudly.

"He seems so happy!"

"Uh...he was glad about it."

Nick stared at me and burst out laughing.

"He knows you want both of them?"

I nodded.

"How does Chris feel? I guess I should ask him that."

"He's confused. He says he's trying to decide."

"Decide what?"

"I guess me or Gina."

Senior's face froze.

"And where would that leave Nicky?"

"Happy and in the same...bed."

Senior started tapping his front tooth with his fingernail.

"I can see you probably had a better time than we did."

I felt myself blushing. I put my face in my hands.

"Tell me everything."

I did. I told him how Nick wanted the three of us to live together. How Chris was his only friend. I hinted that he liked three-ways. When Senior looked confused, I came right out and told him. I told him Chris wanted kids. Everything. He just absorbed it.

"Is Nick having sex with Chris?" he asked me.

"No. They're both having sex with me."

Senior shook his head.

"Do you love Chris?"

"Yes. Not as much as Nick, though. I've told both of them that."

"Has there been a little sex or a lot?"

"A lot. I worry that the only reason Chris is thinking about going along with us, is because he can have sex three times a day."

"Three times. Three times. Every day. Every..." He sort of trailed off. Senior was lost in his thoughts.

"I want everyone to be happy, but it doesn't seem possible. If we make Nick and me happy, Gina is unhappy. If Chris chooses us, he doesn't have kids. How would you and Mom take it if the three of us lived together? I've spent a lot of time worrying about it."

"Between sex."

I blushed. "Sometimes during."

Senior shook his head.

"Well, I can help a little."


"I can tell you to stop worrying about it. It's not up to you to make everyone happy. In fact, I'm ordering you to stop worrying about it. Do you accept that?"

I smiled. "I'm relieved. I didn't know whether I should stop having sex with Chris or not. Neither of them want me to stop, but..."

"I understand."

He shook his head, saying, "Three times. Or were you exaggerating?"


He shook his head. He looked envious. Did Mom prefer eating to sex? I wondered.

We left and I walked up to Nick. He put his arm around me. I got hard and I felt ashamed. He was just so much like them. I took him to our bedroom.

"Your father knows about Chris."

I could tell Nick was shocked.

"He figured it out from the way I was looking at Chris."

Nick shook his head, but he was grinning.



Nick grinned.


He kissed me.

Then, as if my life, our lives, weren't weird enough, Mom had the great honor to become the first person in our state to contract MERS. It started with a high fever and a cough. Senior took her to the ER and she was admitted from there. Once they realized what it was, we were quarantined at home. I was terrified, of course, but I was told many times that most people did not die of the disease and she was doing well.

The CDC decided she contracted it from a taxi driver while she and Senior were on their honeymoon. The cab driver had been diagnosed right after they got home and they were able to make the connection.

I was able to talk to her on the phone every day and she kept reassuring me she wasn't going to die, even though she was on a respirator. Both Senior and I wanted to visit her, desperately, but we were confined to our home. A doctor in a hazard suit visited us twice a day. We were all tested and were negative, but they weren't sure enough of the test to allow us to leave. Senior had been in the same cab and then with her two and a half days after she contracted it, and they thought he might still develop it.

"Senior is about to go out of his mind," Chris said to me. "So am I."

I nodded. I was going crazy, too. They didn't want us to leave the house, even to go to the back yard! There was a CDC van in front of the house, with neighbors on the sidewalk across the street trying to look into the house. We saw reporters out the window, too. Senior didn't want to be interviewed and neither did I. We weren't having much sex with Senior in the house. Nick and I had sex at night, but there was nothing to do. We were bored. Every time I looked at Chris' crotch, he was hard and I wanted him. I was horny, even though I was worried about Mom. I went into our bedroom and called him on his cellphone. I heard it ring and then his laugh.

"Yes, Bobby."

"Will you show me your dick in our bathroom?"


Chris joined me in there. I whispered to Nick what I was going to do. He grinned.

"And me."

"You need to keep Senior distracted."


I grinned.


He chuckled.

I took Chris into the bathroom and sat on the toilet.

"Why are we hiding from Senior?" Chris asked me. "He knows you suck me."

"Because he will be the only person not getting any. Don't you think he would feel worse?"

"You could just suck him."

"Even if he wanted me to, he's Mom's husband. I just couldn't do it."

Chris sighed.

"For a sex fiend, you sure make it difficult on yourself."

I laughed.

I pulled his shorts down and his pretty cock flopped up. I kissed it.

"I missed you, Mr. Moonshine."

Chris laughed. Then he groaned when I began sucking him.

Was I being silly, trying to hide if from Senior? The problem was, I wanted Senior. I would never permit him to cheat on Mom with me, but he turned me on more than Chris, even. I wanted to keep away from the subject with Senior.

I pulled off Chris and began licking the head, while I slowly stroked his cock. I loved watching the foreskin cover and uncover the head. I lapped up the precum he produced.

"Make me cum, baby."

Chris had never called me that. I liked it.

I stroked his cock while I sucked on the end. He sighed as he began filling my mouth. I missed his cum. I missed his cock. Part of me wished Senior was in the hospital with Mom. When Chris finished, I took the bottle of lube that was on the bathroom counter. I handed it to him and bent over in front of the sink. I looked at the grin on his face. He lubed his cock and then pushed it slowly inside me.

"Fuck, that's good!"

He began with slow thrusts. I looked at him in the mirror.

"God, you're sexy!"

He grinned.

The bathroom door opened. I looked, expecting Nick. It was Senior!

"Uh...having a good time, I see."

I laughed nervously.

"It's terrific, Dad!"

Chris kept fucking me.

"Bobby, I just heard from your mother. They have taken her off the respirator."

"Oh! That's great!"

Senior nodded, smiling.

"If she continues improving, they told her she could come home on Monday or Tuesday of next week."

I wanted to go hug Senior, but Chris was fucking me.

"Nicky told me you felt uncomfortable having sex with Chris because of me. You don't need to hide it like this. I'm not going to cheat on your mother, but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy watching the three of you have fun. It's much hotter than watching porn."

I nodded. That made sense. Why was it better for him to jack off alone?

"I got a call with good news a few minutes ago. Gina told me she met someone else," Chris said.

I was really happy to hear that. I hoped Chris was not to upset. Of course, he was fucking me, so he wasn't too depressed.

"I'm sorry, Chris."

"I'm not, Dad. I had already pretty much decided I want a relationship with Bobby and Nick. I was relieved when she told me."

Amazingly, Chris continued fucking me, even while talking to his father about his girlfriend. Nick (Jr) walked up to me and pulled my head to his cock. I began sucking him. It was surreal having a three-way while their father watched.

"I doubt that your stepmother will ever approve of your threesome."

I pulled off Nick.

"Does it bother you at all?" I asked Senior.

"No, Bobby."

I took Nick back into my mouth. His cock was very stiff. It was obvious Nick didn't mind his father watching us.

"What can we do?" Chris asked.

"My advice is to tell her you are in love with Bobby."

"Just that?"

I let Nick slip out of my mouth. I stroked Nick while I turned and looked at Senior.

"Yes. Who knows? She might start thinking along those lines on her own. I wouldn't do it now, though. Wait a couple of months. She is not in a very good mood right now."

I could believe that!

"I need to go jack off," Senior said.

"You can do it in here," Chris told him.

"Bobby, would you mind?"

"No, Nick."

I watched Senior pull out a cock that looked a lot like Nick's. It was beautiful. Mom was lucky. Then I almost laughed. I had two of them. I was the lucky one!

Chris resumed fucking me. I watched Senior and then felt guilty.

"Suck Nicky, Bobby," Senior said.

I swallowed Nick, again.

"It's a shame you can't come in Bobby's mouth," Chris said. "He loves our cum."

"Hmm," Senior said.

I let go of Nick, again and was about to tell him I didn't want him to do that. Before I could say it, Senior said, "I could shoot on a plate. Bobby, would you want it?"

"You could lick his cum off it," Chris said. "Do it, Bobby."

I looked at Nick. He was grinning and nodding his head.

"Do!" Nick said.

"OK! It isn't cheating on Mom. You would just be throwing it away."

"And if you want it..."

Senior left the bathroom.

Chris sped up his thrusts. His body was slapping against mine.

Senior came back with a clear, glass salad plate. His large erection stuck out of his pants. I watched Senior jack off while Chris fucked me.

"Are you going to fuck him, next, Nicky?" Senior asked.


"I'm close," Chris said.

Then he groaned and stopped thrusting. He wrapped his arms around me and panted in my ear. He sucked on my earlobe as he shot inside me. I turned my head back and he got the idea I wanted to be kissed. We kissed while Nick jacked me off.

"Fuck!" Senior said. I pulled away from my kiss with Chris. I watched thick, white semen shoot out of Senior's cock. Part of the first spurt missed the plate.

Nick laughed.

"What is it?" I asked.


"I did?"

Chris was still panting, as one jet after another shot out of Senior's cock. He whispered in my ear, "You like having Senior watch us, don't you?"

I sighed. Then I nodded my head.

Finally, Senior was done. He handed me the plate. I bent down and licked it. All three of them groaned.

"Do you like it?" Senior asked me.

"It's delicious."

"I'll give you more, later."

"He wants more, now, Dad."

"He hasn't finished that...uh...serving yet," Senior said.

We all laughed.

Nick wiped some of the cum off the plate with a finger. Then he stuck his finger in my mouth. I sucked it clean while Senior and Chris groaned.

"I never had sex this hot! Ever!" Senior said. "I hope you three know how lucky you are."

"I do!" I said.

Chris said, "I do, too. It's much, much hotter than sex with Gina. Especially this."

While I licked the rest of it off the plate, Chris pulled out of me and Nick slid inside. I groaned as he entered me. I looked at Senior, who was stroking himself.

"Damn!" Senior said. "This is the most fun I ever had not having sex."

I smiled at him and Nick chuckled.

"Would you mind if we continued doing this, Bobby?" he asked me.

I didn't feel guilty. We weren't having sex and I wasn't depriving Mom of anything. I was pretty sure she didn't want to eat it. Until she got back home, I didn't see why not.

"Sure, Nick. I would love it."

Chris and Nick cheered.

"The thing is, I am much hornier than your mother. I love her to death, but she thinks sex every day is way too often. I need more sex than that. This is so much better than jacking off alone."

I nodded.

"OK. I'm having a great time!"

Senior grinned at me. Then he took the plate.

I had an idea. Sucking Senior's cum off Nick's finger gave it to me.

"Would you feel weird about coming on Nick, I mean Nicky? I could lick it off him."

"Fuck!" Nick said.

"Yeah. I'm afraid I would," Senior said.

"Coward!" Chris said.

Senior gave him a stern look.

"I was just kidding, Dad."

Then Senior wanted to watch me eat Nick's cum off the plate before he gave me more. He handed the plate to Nick. I jacked Nick off while Senior jacked off, watching us. I had an idea. I had been thinking about doing it for a while. It was something I would only do with Nick. I let go of Nick's cock. I knelt behind him. I pulled his hairy cheeks apart. I heard Chris gasp. I began licking Nick's hole. He groaned loudly.


"I can't believe you are doing that!" Chris said.

Nick groaned continuously while I rimmed him.

"Oh, fuck! Look at that!" Chris said.

I pulled away and looked. Nick had shot a lot of cum on the plate.

"Will you do that to me?" Chris asked.

"Sure, I'll lick your cum up."

"I don't mean that!"

So much for my decision to only rim Nick. I had trouble saying no to Chris after he committed to a long-term, if not life-long relationship with us.

"Yes, but you have to start using toilet paper."

Chris looked shocked while Senior and Nick laughed.

"Is that a time-saving thing, Chris?" Senior asked.

Nick laughed. I tried to look serious.

"How about it I clean my butt in front of you?" Chris suggested.

I grabbed his cock. "I'm just pulling on your third leg."

He laughed.

"It is the prettiest leg."

"It is! Why is it soft, though?"

"I just came twice!"

"And you're through?" I asked.

All three of them laughed.

"I'm just taking a break. I think watching you lick up more of Senior's spunk will wake him up. But you really ought to suck him."

I shook my head. Senior shook his head, too.

"I would feel better if you never even touch my dick," Senior said.

"I agree. This is fun, but I don't want to commit adultery with my stepfather."

"This is plenty for me, Chris. Don't push us," Senior said. "I'm glad you agree, Bobby."

"I do. It would hurt Mom terribly."

Senior nodded.

Nick handed me the plate. Then he got behind me and slid his cock back inside me.

I licked up his cream. I loved the taste. It wasn't tasty like a food, but I still loved it. I had read enough on the internet to know I wasn't the only person who liked it, but I did wonder why I liked it so much. Of course, I started liking it when Chris came in my mouth that first time. Maybe Kostas semen just tasted good.

When I licked the plate clean, Chris took it and handed it to Senior. We watched Senior jack off. He looked up and grinned at us. He shook his head and then looked at his dick.

"I...do, uh...uh," Nick groaned with frustration.

I turned around and looked at him.

"Take your time, Nick." I said.

He sighed.

"I...I feed," Nick said.

"You want to feed his cum to me?"

Nick nodded. He grinned and pointed to his head. I leaned forward to kiss him. He took me in his arms and we kissed. Chris tried to get his cock inside me, but he didn't seem to be stiff enough. I pulled away from Nick, after a couple of minutes.

"I'm so glad you can understand Nick so well," Senior said.

"So am I."

"I love you," I mouthed to Nick.

He closed his eyes and sighed. I hugged him.

I heard Senior groan. I turned around to look. Nick was behind me. He wrapped his arms around me and nuzzled the back of my head while I watched Senior. Nick pushed back inside me. Chris' cock was half hard. I wrapped my hand around it. It stiffened a little more.

Senior groaned and cum shot out of his cock. There wasn't as much, of course, but there was still plenty. He handed the plate to me. I handed it to Nick. Nick wiped some with his finger and stuck it in my mouth. I sucked his finger clean. He repeated that until the plate was clean. Chris took the plate and laughed. He put it in front of his face. It was clean. Semen-free.

Senior sighed.

"That was hot. Bobby, you don't need to hide sex from me, ever, OK?"

I nodded.

"I'm not your mother. She wouldn't enjoy watching the three of you, but I do."

"Can we do this again tomorrow?" I asked.

He grinned.

"The day is young. I may be able to give you more tonight. I'm going to get a shower."

Senior left.

The three of us sat on Nick's bed.

"So no Gina?" I said to Chris.

"Nope. It's fine. Sex with her wasn't ever as good as sex with you."

"What about kids?"

"I'm hoping that if Nick and I fuck you often enough, you'll get pregnant."

Nick and I laughed. I felt giddy from the good news about Mom and the fact that I could have sex openly with Chris—until Mom got home, anyway.

"We will need a place of our own," I said.

Both brothers nodded.

My cell phone rang. It was Mom. We talked for a while. She asked me how things were going with Nick, and I told her we loved each other more than ever. She was very relieved to be off the respirator. She shocked me, then, by telling me she had caught pneumonia. But it had responded to antibiotics and she was much better. She didn't want any of us to worry more.

"We all miss you, Mom. Hurry home."

"I would love to hurry home. Call me a taxi, unless they've lifted your quarantine."

I laughed.

"Come to think of it, we are more trapped than you. You at least have people talking to you."

"Yes. And all of them asking how I feel. I feel like screaming. Are you bored?"


"Then you might want to watch the channel five news at six. I was interviewed."

"Oh. OK."

"I made a decision, Bobby."


"I am never going on a honeymoon, again." I laughed. "You'll have to go on the next one."

"OK. It's a deal. I love you," I said.

"Love you, too."

"Ditto," Nick said to me.

I hugged him.


The End