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Across The Hall

By Billy'sStories and Paul S. Stevens

Chapter #2

When I read that, I rose to my feet, fuming mad. My mind was racing and I was thinking about going across the hall and ripping his computer apart until I found all his files he was using to blackmail me and any others like me. The problem was, I had to bring that darn moving van back before midnight and I was quickly running out of time. I redressed and returned the van back to the rental station and took a taxi back to my apartment. By the time I returned home, it was too late to try to do anything about those troubling e-mails. I was so tired that I just laid out some cloths for the next day and tried to get some sleep. I thought about what Phil might want as I drifted off to sleep. I wasn't going to be making very much money at first, and I couldn't let him extort even a dime from me right now. Then I thought to myself, if it was going to allow me to keep my job, at least for a while, then perhaps we could come to some kind of reasonable financial agreement.

My alarm rudely woke me at five a.m. and I showered and dressed in a total fog. I realized I would have to flag down a taxi again and was glad I had set my alarm as early as I had. It was Thursday and I managed to squeak by the remainder of the week with few complications. When Saturday rolled around, my first order of business was to visit the local dealership to purchase a car. Fortunately, I had accumulated a reasonable down payment in my bank account and now was the time to move on it. In my new profession, a decent car was essential to be able to drive clients around in. The company did allow for a generous mileage subsidy which was necessary if I was going to afford the monthly payments.

The rest of the weekend was mostly uneventful and I soon forgot all about Phil and his threats.

Monday rolled around all too quickly and it was back to work as I began my first full week on the job. I drove to the office in my new car and tried to concentrate on the few things that had transpired over the weekend. I had talked with a couple of workmates at lunch time and was starting to feel welcome at the office. I was very happy that the break room had a lot of microwavable food that could be purchased from the available vending machines. From the time I moved in until now, I hadn't really had the time to go grocery shopping yet. I would have to order some take-out for tonight and then go shopping after work tomorrow. I also wanted to get the apartment in some kind of order and it was high time that I finally made the effort to do that and setup my bed properly.

Then, for some reason, I started thinking about Phil again. Just before I left the office for the day, I checked my emails. I suspected that I might hear from Phil today and my suspicions were well founded. There, at the top of the list of messages was one from Phil@BateMaster.com. I opened it and the message read:

"I'll be over at six!"

Well, at least that would give me time to get home and have some dinner before I had to confront Phil.

Well, later that day, I was working with a client that was having difficulty making a choice between three different properties we had looked at, and his indecision caused me to have to work overtime. Once he made up his mind, it had gotten pretty late and I didn't have the time to order my dinner and have it delivered as planned.

At six o'clock on the nose, the doorbell rang. I took a deep breath, got up off the couch and answered it.

Phil didn't wait to be invited in. He just proceeded to barge in like he owned the place. My eyes were locked on Phil as he strutted in and I started to close the door behind him thinking it was going to be just the two of us. Before it closed completely, it nudged back open again. I was a little taken back when I saw Bill on the floor. He was naked and crawling on his hands and knees, followed by a new guy right behind him, also naked and crawling on all fours. The thing that shocked me was that they each had a foot long piece of black leather sticking out of their asses. It took me a few seconds to realize that they were supposed to be pup tails.

Once all three boys were in, I closed the door and Phil ordered me to sit. He positioned himself in front of me, about 3 feet from my face, standing sideways in exactly the same place he stood on our first night. This time, the stranger got in front of Phil and undid his shorts to reveal to me that Phil was going commando once again. Phil then stepped out of his shorts and Bill picked them up and folded them neatly over the arm of my couch. Then I noticed the stranger begin playing with himself as Phil prepared to get the show underway.

At this point, I was at a loss for words. I just looked on as I'm sure the surprised look on my face persisted.

Before he could begin his assigned task, the new boy stood up and placed his hands at his sides.

"Sir, my name is Pat and the Master has required me to show you my dick," the new boy announced as he forced himself to display his petite attribute for my benefit. "As you can see Sir, it's no more than four inches long when it's super hard. The Master calls me `Little Boy' and wishes that you address me in the same manor!"

"I see," I said as I failed to find even one single hair from the top of his head to the tips of his toes.

"Because I'm the Master's `Little Boy'," Pat explained. "The Master insists that I look like a `Little Boy' as well."

Then Pat knelt down and drew Phil's dick into his dainty mouth and Bill dove into Phil's backside.

"Wow," I exclaimed. "So you get to be serviced once again?"

I almost laughed when Pat and Bill both stopped cold in response to my remark and stood to face me.

"I'm happy to suck on my Master's cock and do anything else he commands me to do," Pat recited.

"And I'm happy to rim my Master's ass and do anything else he requires of me," Bill added

I guess this was a rule that Phil required his slaves to perform when questioned. Now that they had both fulfilled that duty, Pat returned to Phil's front side and proceeded to lick Phil's balls and Bill returned to Phil's backside and began licking the edges of Phil's crack.

While Phil was getting sexually worked over by his two trained slaves, he finally spoke to me. He turned his head towards me, only enough for us to speak as he kept his body turned so I can continue to watch his two slaves at work.

"You got my e-mails?" He asked.

"Yeah," I coldly responded.

"Did you do some thinking about it?" He asked.

"I wasn't happy about them," I told him. "I thought I was very fair and friendly to you and your brother that night."

That answer didn't seem to faze him in the least. During this awkward conversation, I kept my eyes locked on Phil's slaves as they faithfully continued doing their Master's bidding.

"Do you know what my great uncle, who owns the real estate company you work for, would do if he saw you in our little video?" Phil inferred.

"I'm sure I would be fired, and perhaps worse," I honestly answered.

I didn't want to mince words with him at this point, but the thing was, I needed that job too badly for me to just let it go. I didn't want to appear weak yet I was stuck in a rather compromised position. I feared to find out what it was that Phil was planning for me. Then I glanced away from Phil's eyes for a second and looked down at Phil's two slaves. Bill was extending his tongue into Phil's man pussy and Pat had one of Phil's balls in his mouth while he tugged on the other. Then I looked right back at Phil again to hear his terms.

"I hope you like what you see here because that's the standard deal my brother and all my other slaves have had to agree too," Phil explained. "If you join me and become one of my slaves, you will be protected. If you choose not to, I'll send a copy of the full length video to my great uncle at an appropriate time of my choosing. It could be one minute from now. It could be when you least expect it. You'll never know when. And just so you don't try anything, I've made several copies and made sure they are in the hands of some trusted people who have instructions to e-mail it should anything happen to me."

"I see," I said as I listened to him continue to show his hand.

"Don't worry, I'll be fair," Phil continued. "I give each slave a time period to fulfill their duties. For example, `Little Dick' is going to be my slave for six months and he has finished two months worth of his duty already. Bill, on the other hand will be my slave until he goes off to college. I hereby sentence you to a similar length of time. You will be my slave until you graduate from college, two years from now."

I couldn't believe the gall of this senior high school fucker. Unfortunately, he was holding all the cards and if I were going to keep my job, I was going to have to submit. Phil's two slaves never missed a beat the entire time Phil handed down his decree to me and as I watched their example, it dawned on me that Phil wasn't looking to acquire any money. The agreement would be that I would have to willingly join in on his slave games. I could see that ensnaring me and forcing me to participate in his slave games gave him a rush of adrenaline. A sense of power washed over him and brought him to the very edge of ecstasy. Phil then took his finger and pointed to the base of his cock, silently instructing Pat to take Phil's whole cock to the base and hold it there for fifteen seconds before resuming his sucking action, repeating the cycle again and again until Phil would spill his seed. With Bill's tongue up his ass in the back, and Pat's deep throat action going on in the front, Phil was at the very pinnacle of an orgasmic explosion.

"So, what is your decision?" Phil asked between heaving breathes.

My mind was racing as I witness this transpire in front of me. What could I do? It was demeaning, and all three of these guys know it. Then I realized I had no choice. I wanted to keep my job enough that I had no choice but concede.

"Okay, I'll do it!" I said. "But..."

Hearing me agree to his terms pushed Phil right over the edge. He closed his eyes like he did that first night, tilting his head back in ecstasy. Poor Pat started choking as he struggled to swallow Phil's cum and keep his cock from falling out of his mouth all at the same time. Bill continued to tongue-fuck Phil on his backside, causing his legs to buckle as he pulled his dick out of Pat's mouth so he could blast the last 2 or 3 ropes of his cum onto Pat's face. Without wiping his face, Pat then got back on all fours and sat so his butt was resting on his ankles just like a dog would. As he sat obediently, he pushed his `tail' a little deeper into his ass. Then, Bill joined Pat and sat in exactly the same way next to him. Phil still had some cum leaking from his spent revolver and turned to Bill so he could suck the few remaining drops from him dripping dick. Then Phil turned to face me, still sprouting a hefty hardon.

"But...," Phil asked. "You ended your acceptance with a `but'."

"Well, I have conditions," I finally finished. "First, I will not do anything that can jeopardize my job. If I did, this whole thing would be a total waste of my time. Second, I would co-operate as best I could as long as it won't involve any of my clients or fellow co-workers catching me being your slave."

Phil thought about it for a few seconds and then tried to get the best of me.

"Fine!" Phil said. "I don't have to agree to your demands, but I will."

So, I reluctantly thanked him and shook his hand. I was now officially a slave to a flipping high school slave hustler.

End of Chapter #2

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