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Across The Hall

By Billy'sStories and Paul S. Stevens

Chapter #3

"Ok, now strip!" Phil ordered.

Since I was the only one in the room who still had cloths on, it didn't take a genius to figure out that he was talking to me.

I just sat there while my mind tried to process what I had just gotten hustled into. The fact that this high school kid was going to tell me what to do and make me jump through hoops the same way his younger subordinates do just didn't make sense, and making me perform these sexual acts for him on command just seemed so ridiculously unlikely.

"Okay," Phil calmly said. "It seems that you've chosen to disregard my orders. It looks like you're going to need a little demonstration of what happens when my slaves disobey me."

"No, no, that won't be necessary," I said. "I'm stripping, I'm stripping!"

I stood up and started to take off my shirt.

"Sorry," Phil said. "It's too late. Go into your room and finish stripping in there. Then get yourself hard and then return to me.

I did as he instructed and went into my room to strip out of the rest of my clothes. Then I gave my hard cock a few brisk strokes to make sure my hardon was just a little perkier. As I came through my bedroom door to return to the living room, I found Phil waiting by the doorway. He was blocking me from passing as he and his `pups' took a moment to check out what they all had been waiting for, to see a full grown man's naked body. All three of them boned up strong as they all focused on me and my full blown, full grown cock. Once the newness of seeing me naked for the first time passed, Phil switched back to his Master persona and in a few seconds, carried out his disciplinary action.

He took his fist and wrapped it firmly around my erection and pulled me back to the chair like I was his personal pet on a short leash. He sat down first and then proceeded to pull me across his knee, using my cock as leverage to overpower me. I fell across his lap with my ass in the air as a feeling of awkwardness shot through me. His two `puppies' were still sitting by the chair, wagging their `tails', being happy that it wasn't them who were about to get disciplined.

"Now, pay full attention," Phil said to everyone in the room. "I'm going to demonstrate what happens to naughty slaves when they disobey me. I call this one, `Lesson Number One'!"

I looked at the three of them and thought how absurd this all was. I could hardly believe it was happening at all. I could easily overpower all three of these guys and throw them out with one toss. Then I remembered what Phil had, hanging over my head and I reluctantly succumbed to his will.

Then I felt the first of what must have been 20 extremely hard blows to my ass. It hurt and stung and burned, all at the same time. It actually took all the willpower I could muster to keep from yelling out. As hard as it is to believe, I struggled to escape but couldn't move as Phil effectively rendered me motionless, holding me down by my cock with his right hand as he whaled on my bare ass with his left.

"This... is... what... happens... to... diso-... -bedient... slaves...," Phil rhythmically warned as he flogged me senseless. When he was satisfied that I got his message loud and clear, he asked, "Will you be obedient now?"

"Yes!" I answered as the pain made it difficult for me to even breathe let alone speak.

He told me to stand, as he finally let go of my cock, although he did give it one last good tug to remind me who was the Master and who was the slave. It really hurt far beyond what this kid should have ever been able to inflict on me. I tried not to react as I dared not show any weakness to him, or the others for that matter.

Now that I had been properly disciplined, Phil tested his authority on me to see if I needed any further convincing.

"Okay my new slave," Phil ordered. "Get your phone. Our mom is working late tonight and I'm getting hungry."

I didn't like this at all, but I didn't want to argue with him as my ass would not be able to withstand another demonstration. My ass was sore and my cock felt like it had almost been disconnected from my body.

I got my iPad out from my pants pocket and selected the phone tab. Phil then rattled off a phone number he had committed to memory and then had me relay his order. Then he ordered for his two `doggies' as well. I was getting hungry myself and added my order to the list.

"Well," I thought to myself, "There goes the money I saved bringing the moving van back early.

The restaurant clerk informed me that I should allow about 45 minutes for delivery.

Now that the food had been ordered, Phil had a few questions for me to answer.

"Have you ever sucked on a cock before," was Phil's first question.

Other then getting boned up when the guys were here the first time, Phil didn't really know if I was gay or not.

I didn't know how to respond to that question and I really didn't want him to know that kind of information about me. Then I realized I'd better not lie. He would eventually find out the truth and I definitely didn't want to experience his wrath a second time.

"Yes!" I quickly answered before he decided to punish me again for taking to long to respond.

I looked down and saw that Bill and Pat had big smiles on their faces. Surprisingly, it was Phil who had the look of shock in his eyes.

"When was the last time you had a cock in my mouth?" Phil continued to pump me for information.

Again, I didn't want to lie, so I embarrassingly answered truthfully.

"About six or seven weeks ago," I estimated. "I had started to date this guy about three months ago. He was a real nice guy and all, but other then a killer hot body, we had nothing in common."

"Well then," Phil replied. "You'll just have to get back into practice, and you won't be practicing on me either!"

I was getting concerned where this was going.

"You'll have to suck-off the other guys first before you can suck me," Phil said. "You'll have to get back in practice first before you'll be allowed to service the Master."

Still, I was actually more okay with that than Phil realized.

Then he looked down at the `puppies' and asked them if they were happy. I almost laughed but held it back, keeping it to a big grin. They both shook their asses like a pair of happy puppies might do as their protruding leather `tails' wagged back and forth on the floor.

"Okay you two," Phil smiled. "You don't have to be dogs anymore for the night."

They happily pulled each others `tails' out of their asses and respectfully placed them down on the floor near where Phil's shorts were laying.

"All right newbie," Phil directed. "We'll have you start off with `Little Boy' first. Then you can work you're way up to a real man cock!"

I don't know if that statement was supposed to humiliate me or poor Pat. Anyhow, he was right. It was true that Pat was pretty tiny, but Bill's cock was almost as big as Phil's and that was another matter. Of course I didn't let on that I thought it might be an issue. Phil then sat in my chair and ordered `Little Boy' to stand sideways like he had done earlier and had me get on my knees. Again, I did as I was told and dropped down in front of Pat. I was about to begin sucking the tender young cock of a sophomore student. As long as I had to do this, I couldn't imagine there being a better way to start.

"Do you know how `Little Boy' likes it done," Phil asked.

"Yeah, I think so," I answered as I started off licking Pat's balls.

After taking each one of Pat's tiny balls into my mouth separately, I put them both in at once and gave them an invigorating tongue massage. After a few moments of that, I took his delicate four inch dinky and subjected it to a complete licking before I totally engulfed it into my mouth, making it completely vanish from sight. It was actually kind of nice to be able to go all the way down to Pat's pubic bone without even coming close to choking. Then I thought about doing something I'd never tried before. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and inhaled Pat's entire cock along with both of his balls, all at the same time.

I guess that really turned him on as he emptied nearly the entire contents of his balls into my mouth after only a couple of minutes. I was amazed at how much jizz Pat offered having come out of such a young boy with such a tiny cock. The next thing kind of threw me off guard. After Pat shot his first three or four ropes of cum into my mouth, he then pulled himself out of my mouth and shot his remaining load across my face. I didn't think much about it at the time, but I now realize that Phil's slaves are probably all taught to follow this cum rule. After observing how Phil's boys dealt with their facials in the past, I already knew better then to even touch his cum.

"Look this way!" Phil instructed.

I tilted my face up into the light so he could see that Pat had followed the rules and creamed me real good and also that I had not touched Pat's handiwork.

"Do you see how `Little Boys' cock is dripping," Phil pointed out. "Go clean him up!"

I knelt back down in front of Pat, whose little boner had now shrunken to half mast. I went ahead and sucked the small bit of cum and vacuumed out the very last bead from his cock head just to make sure. My attentions to Pat's cock caused him to bone up again and yes, I was hard as a rock and leaking pre cum myself.

"All right, that's enough," Phil declared. "Next!"

I would never tell them this, but I lost a bet at poker once when I was in high school and had to give three blowjobs in a row. Amazingly, one of those guys had a full eight inches to try to swallow. Tried as I did, there was no way I could get that entire thing in my mouth. Of course I'm older now and have sucked my share of cocks. Still, I feared Bill's big boner was going to prove to be a challenge.

Well anyway, I started on Bill's cock next. It wasn't as bad as I feared, but it did reach the boundaries of my ability. He held out a little bit longer than Pat did, but he folded pretty quickly too as I sucked away until I made him spew his load. Just as Pat had done, Bill shot his three spurts in my mouth and then pulled out to finish off his remaining two shots across my face. I couldn't wait to get Bill alone someday so I could ask him why he was Phil's slave and how Pat got to be one as well. I was also curious to know if some or all of these guys were gay.

Well, giving everybody in the room a blowjob was pretty much expected and so far, I hadn't been asked to do anything too outrageous. That was about to change. I was about to experience the unexpected side of having to be Phil's personal slave. The nightmare was about to begin.

End of Chapter #3

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