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Across The Hall

By Billy'sStories and Paul S. Stevens

Chapter #4

"I'm next, but I'm going to wait until after dinner for my turn," Phil advised. "Here's what you're going to do. When the delivery guy gets here, you're going to answer the door. Of course, you'll still have all that cum on you're face, right?"

I was cringing inside as Phil explained his plan. I didn't mind the nudity so much. I had already figured I'd have to answer the door naked when I phoned in the order. Then Phil had an idea that he thought would be hysterical as he continued to dole out my instructions.

"When the doorbell rings, you'll put a towel around your waist," Phil continued. "When its time to give the guy or girl their tip, you'll make sure your towel falls off. Oh yeah, and you have to be hard when it happens."

"You should ask them if they want to feel you up too," Pat blurted out without realizing it wasn't his place to order me around.

"Yeah, good idea Pat," Phil agreed. "Do that too!"

On the down side, I was uncomfortable about doing something so blatantly gay to a total stranger. On the up side, I was a proud owner of a nice seven inch piece of college cock. With that to my credit, I just resigned to doing it.

Our delivery guy was actually 5 minutes early. I started to prepare myself as I held the towel in one hand and started playing with myself with the other. It didn't take long to get myself hard. All I had to do was think about the two blow jobs I had just given and let them play out in my mind.

The first ring came from the street level as our delivery guy had to get rung into the building first. It took him a couple of minutes to get to my door and I used that time to get myself both physically and mentally ready for what I was about to do. Phil made me open the towel so he could see that I was adequately hard. When I heard the bell the second time, I knew it was show time. Phil, Bill and Pat all hid in my bedroom with the door open just enough for them to be able to watch the show. I wrapped the towel back around my waist and answered the door.

"Pizza Pete Delivery," he said. "I promise, it's not DiGiorno!"

"Please, come in," I offered.

It was a guy, and a cute looking one at that. Guessing by his initial reaction, this wasn't his first delivery to a customer in a towel. It took him a few seconds but eventually, he noticed my face. I know he knew it was cum as he struggled to stifle a snicker. After gaining his composure, he just smiled as I myself turned beet red.

He unzipped the thermal heating sleeve that kept our pizzas hot and pulled out two large pizza boxes and handed them to me.

"Thank you," I said as I took the two pizzas from him and set them on the table. "How much do I owe you?"

"Your MasterCard was approved for the full amount sir," he said.

"Okay, thanks," I said. "I think a have a tip for you here somewhere."

I had slipped the three dollar tip into the waist of the towel and made it look like the towel had accidentally slipped off and fallen to the floor as I pulled out the money. The delivery guy's eyes went right for my hard cock. I knew Phil was watching so I played it up big time.

"Oh hell," I said as I pushed the towel against the wall with side of my foot, allowing the guy to get a real good look at my goods.

He just smiled and looked me in the face for a moment to determine if it was all right to check me out further. Then he looked right back down at my cock again. Once the towel was behind me, I turned around and bent over to pick it up.

"Would you like to feel me up?" I coyly asked.

As soon as I said it, my ears got hot and my mouth got dry. This was something I might have fantasized doing with a cute guy, but never in a hundred years would I ever had come right out and asked like I just had. I know I turned bright red again, but he just laughed and flashed me a huge smile.

"Sure!" he said unexpectedly.

So, I turned a little bit further so that the guys hiding in my room would have an unobstructed view. Then I raised my ass a little higher in the air so that my admirer could have easy access to my backside. At first, the delivery guy put his hands on my ass cheeks and felt around. Then he ran his finger fairly deep into my crack. Then he started playing with my balls and slowly worked his way around to my shaft. Then he discovered that I had been leaking some pre-cum, so he licked his lips and then collected the small sweet sample with his finger and drew it to his mouth.

"Mmm," he moaned as he savored the flavor of my small sample.

At that moment, I knew that he was gay as he smiled and sucked his finger dry.

"Well, thank you for that lovely diversion," he said. "I'm late with some of these other orders now so guess I'd better get going."

So, he smiled as he turned and left and I simply closed the door behind him. I wanted so badly to try and get his phone number or something, but I didn't want to expose him to the possible dangers of getting caught up in this slave situation with Phil. Anyway, I turned to the guys who were hiding in my room and they came out, one by one, laughing up a storm. I think it was Phil who was the most pleased of the three.

"Okay everybody," Phil announced. "Let's eat, I'm starved!"

We all moved to the kitchen table and sat down to dinner. We all had to serve Phil of course, but once we did, he was nice and let us all eat in piece. As long as we weren't being slaves, we all had a fairly pleasant time. As we all relaxed and ate together, Phil and the guys started talking. The nice thing about that was, I didn't have to wait to find out how Bill and Pat became Phil's slaves.

Phil told each one of them to tell their story about how they became slaves. Bill took a bite of his pizza as if it were going to be a long story. He chewed it up, swallowed it and took a swig of soda before he began.

"Well," Bill said, leaning back in his chair. "About four months ago, I stole some money out of Mom's purse, sixty dollars to be exact. I shouldn't have done it, but my cell phone broke and when I tried to get it replaced, Mom just said I was going to have to work to save up enough to get another one. Well, that was going to take forever. I couldn't wait that long. I would be cut off from society. So, I was going to buy one and keep it hidden from Mom for a month or two until enough time passed.

Bill stopped here for a moment and took another bite of pizza and guzzled down soda before he resumed.

"Well," Bill continued. "Just after I did it, Phil showed me eight pictures of me taking the money and a dozen pictures of me buying the new phone. When Mom told us that she thought there was some money missing from her purse, Phil knew it was me and had the proof to back it up, but instead of squealing on me, he said nothing. That night, Phil told me I had two choices. Confess to Mom and show her the new phone I bought, or become his slave for 16 months. That would be about the time I would be going off to college, if I even go to college. Needless to say, I agreed."

Bill took another couple of bites of his pizza.

"How is that working out for you?" I asked.

"The routine is," Bill explained. "I give Phil a blowjob when we wake up in the morning, a blowjob right after school and one more before bed. Sometimes, instead of that last one being a blowjob, Phil gives me a good fucking instead. Once in a while, we get to do something different, like what we're doing today. This is when being Phil's slave has its perks. What I mean is, getting a blowjob from someone `new' like you makes being Phil's slave bearable. By the way, thank you, that blowjob was awesome!"

"Well," I said. "I'm glad you enjoyed it."

When Phil told him to tell his story, I didn't think he'd be so honest. I was quite impressed.

I did a quick calculation in my head and figured, at three blowjobs a day for 16 months might be a `Guinness Book of World Records' winner, totaling over one thousand, four-hundred and forty blowjobs!

Then, Phil pointed to Pat to indicate to him that it was his turn to tell his story next.

"My story is about the school locker room," Pat confessed as his eyes began to well up before he even started his story. "I had always changed really discreetly in the locker room so no one would see my tiny little dinky. I've always been very ashamed of my four inch weenie. In fact, it still makes me ashamed to even talk to you about it and you've already seen it. Well, the truth is, it's actually three and three quarters of an inch and not 4 inches at all, but the Master is cool and allows me to tell people its four inches. When it's soft, it shrinks down to one-and-a-half inches like a little boy's pee-pee."

Pat stopped a second to grab a napkin to dry his eyes. He sniffled into it a couple of times and then resumed his story.

"I was in the locker room, talking to a good friend of mine one day about my tiny dinky problem and he told me that it was ok and it was nothing to be embarrassed about. Well, Phil's gym class was the next class to come in after mine and Phil overheard the conversation I was having with my friend. That semester, it turned out to be boys swimming class and I was required to change into, and out of a swim suit. To help me deal with my problem, I would go to school with my swim suit already on under my street clothes. That solved the first half of the problem but not the second. I still needed to remove my wet swim suit and change into dry underwear at the end of class each day."

"What did you do about that?" I asked.

"All I could do was to try my best to keep it hidden. I might have gotten away with it too, but soon after that, Phil's phone camera got into the act. Phil got the idea of getting some pictures of me to see for himself how bad my problem really was. One day, after three tries, Phil secretly caught me with my suit pulled down as I raced to keep it hidden. Later that day, Phil asked around school to see if any of my friends might have my email address, and eventually, he got lucky. Anyway, that night, I got the bad news along with two attachments. One was a close-up picture of my dinky-do, all soft and shrunken. The other one was a full body picture, clearly showing my face along with my little boy pee-pee. There was no denying it was me, clearly revealing my problem as plain as day. The next day at school, Phil made his demands and told me he wanted to know by the end of the school day if I wanted the entire school to see the pictures he had taken of me and my secret. I truly didn't think that I would ever get completely through high school, safe from someone seeing my secret, but I figured that every hour, every day or even every week that I could slip by was better than nothing. So, at the end of the day, I agreed to become Phil's slave. Not only does the Master have access to my body, he also makes me do the house keeping that Phil's mom makes Phil and Bill do when she's at work. So, every other day, I become `The Naked Maid'. I know that I don't do a good job all of the time and I've gotten plenty of spankings over it. But all in all, it hasn't been that bad. Like Bill said, getting to do stuff like this is cool, and you give the greatest blowjobs ever!"

I felt sorry for these two guys but I felt even worse for poor Pat. His situation was completely out of his control and Phil simply was taking advantage of him. As we all talked some more, I found out that Phil had been keeping himself quite busy and had two other slaves that I hadn't had the pleasure of meeting yet. We finished our Pizza and sat quietly now that everybody had made their confessions. We took a couple of minutes to relax and let ourselves settle. Then the time had come.

"Okay," Phil said to me. "Now it's your turn!"

He actually gave the guys permission to leave, but they had to put their `tails' in their mouths and crawl across the hall again on all fours. I'm sure Phil did it so the guys could taste each others asses. Sometimes Phil was fair and sometimes he was outright unreasonable. The inconsistency of it all made Phil a scary guy. Once Bill and Pat had left, it was now just between us adults.

"Okay," Phil proclaimed. "Time for fun!"

End of Chapter #4

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