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Across The Hall

By Billy'sStories and Paul S. Stevens

Chapter #5

"Now that Bill and Pat are gone, why did you set them free?" I asked Phil.

"Oh, they're not free," Phil explained. "They both have housework to do. And they know they are to stay naked too. They know that if I should happen to stick my head in the door and saw that they weren't, a stiff punishment would be in order."

Wow, this guy was tough. Even so, I had a question I just had to ask.

"Are either of them gay?"

"Ah, Well, Bill is straight," he answered with a laugh. "At least he was a straight virgin when this all started. What I mean is, he hadn't done anything with a girl yet but he was an expert at sucking cock. His ass wasn't exactly virginal either."

"Oh, I see." I said, sounding a little disappointed.

"Pat, on the other hand, is as gay as they come. He lives each day in fear of being exposed as a fag. Plus, there's nothing worse than being gay and having to live with a mini dick that's the size of a Vienna sausage. After all, gay sex is all about size, isn't it? So, when I acquired him as a slave, he was extra cooperative about wanting to please me. So, now you know. Were you also asking about me too?"

"Well, I was curious," I blushed.

"You're in luck," he grinned. "The answer is yes. By the way, I'm horny twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. We're going to have a whole lot of fun together!"

"I see," I said with a weary heart.

"I'll tell you right now, you should get to know my body as well as my likes and dislikes. To start off with, I'd like a trip `Around the World' starting with my left pit. I have gym class later and I knew that I would be doing this today. I purposely didn't take a shower this morning so I would smell `manly' for class!"

Well, that didn't turn me on at all. Of course, I didn't tell him that.

Once again, we had a misunderstanding and I didn't get up fast enough for him. I honestly didn't know he had finished the conversation.

"You just can't seem to follow orders, can you?" Phil huffed.

"Orders? What orders?"

"I ordered you to do an `Around the World'

"I'm not really sure what an `Around the World' is and I didn't know you meant right at this second."

"Well, you were wrong Slave!"

That was the first time he actually called me `slave'. He then told me to stand, and I thought he was directing me to get started. Instead, he grabbed my cock again like he had last time. This time however, I was only semi hard and it really hurt when he yanked my cock to throw my body over his knees again. Another fast 20 hit me like a runaway freight train. This time I did have tears flowing as my ass was still hot from the last spanking. He let go of my cock and ordered me to stand. Then he also got up and stood next to me as he lifted his arms and rested his hands behind his head. He then turned sideways to give me access to his left pit. Needless to say, I went to work right away.

I'm probably not as experienced, sexually as most guys my age are, but I've had a dozen or so cocks in my mouth as well as a few up my ass. I did rim a guy once and have licked my share of tits. Even so, this was my first time servicing any other miscellaneous body parts. It wasn't pleasant at all. His sweaty pit didn't reek, but it was a little overwhelming, and he did have pretty hairy pits for his age. So, I spent about three agonizing minutes trying to please him until he finally told me to change. Then I started on his right pit. Again, it was a little overwhelming until my saliva kind of diluted the musky taste. He told me to work my tongue down to his left tit, but be sure not to lift my tongue off his body. I was glad to get away from his pit and go almost anywhere else. He had me rotate my tongue around his tit, then lick the tip back and forth. I was bending down a little bit and could see he was rock hard. I actually would have liked to grab his cock, but I didn't dare.

I finally got permission to lick over to the other side, and did the same routine over there. From there, he had me work my tongue down to his `inny' belly button to spend some time there. My eyes fixated on his engorged cock as I was denied the one thing I did want to suck on. I waited patiently for him to order me to his dick. Well, of course, he chose a different option.

"Whatever I do next, keep your tongue touching my skin at all times." Phil instructed.

Then he slowly turned his body until my tongue glided from his belly button, all the way around to the crest of his ass crack. I learned that I'd better not do things without orders and he told me immediately to start tonguing his crack and to work my way down.

Well, of course, if Phil's crack was anything like his pits, I was in for another overwhelming experience. It was of small consequence that Bill had worked on Phil's backside and softened the impact for me enough to make it bearable. As I started off, I just put about a half an inch of my tongue into his crack as I tried to keep my composure and not gag.

"Are you looking for another spanking," Phil growled.

"No!" I answered.

"Then get serious!"

So, with that, I pushed in as far as my tongue could go into his wicked cheeks. I had to spread those cheeks out a bit like Bill had done to get my tongue to slide in enough to satisfy him. Then he told me to hold it in there for thirty seconds, which is something he didn't make Bill do, but I obeyed. I was in the middle of holding my tongue deep in Phil's crack when my doorbell rang.

I was hit with a sudden rush of confusion.

"You know, you still have to answer the door naked," Phil reminded.

"No way," I panicked. "I can't! What do I do?"

"Just yell out, `Who is it'," he recommended.

I did as he suggested and called out, "Who's there?"

I was so relieved to hear Bill's voice stream passed the closed door.

"Come in," I announced.

Bill was still naked and walked right in with a naked Pat close behind. They had come over to report to Phil that the house cleaning was finished. It was going on nine p.m. and their Mom would be arriving home in about forty-five minutes. Phil told them to close the door behind them because he was going to have them join us for one last assignment. It would turn out to be more of a reward for them then a slave duty to perform. Phil had me move to his balls and suck on them. While I was doing that, he told the other guys to get into a sideways `69' position so he could enjoy watching them suck each other.

They didn't protest in the least. Why would they. I wish I could have watched the hot action between Bill and Pat too, but I was ordered to lick balls and couldn't see them from my vantage point. Again, I was glad that Pat had pre-cleaned Phil's balls for me. I was also glad that Phil liked to keep his bush and balls trimmed real close. So I did my job, sucking on Phil's balls as he directed me, sucking his left ball first and then his right, followed by a double testicle tongue massage. I have to admit that it's only the second time in my life that I've had anyone's balls in my mouth. By the time I was working on Phil's shaft, I could tell that the guys were about to cum by listening to the intensity of their breathing. I really wanted to see them shoot it as my own cock swelled from my overactive imagination.

"All right you guys," Phil said to Bill and Pat. "I want you two to pull your dicks out and shoot your loads about four or five inches from each other's mouths. And you better aim it real good too. I want to see you catch it in your mouths as you shoot it."

It was pure torture for me as I was made to suck Phil's cock when I heard Bill and Pat begin to moan in ecstasy.

"Good," Phil encouraged the boys. "Very good. Excellent!"

I found out later that it was his younger brother Bill who was firing hard and fast into Pat's mouth. Pat followed a minute later with his own version of an erupting volcano. Phil let them both stay and watch as a few minutes later, he decimated my throat with his own prize. Phil himself didn't actually give me a facial like everyone else had. I had to swallow every drop of his potent boy cream.

Once I was done with Phil, he had me clean Bill and Pat's cocks until we were essentially done. Then he told the guys that they were off for the night and allowed me to get dressed.

They said their goodnight's and dashed across the hall. I thought I would be dismissed as well, but Phil had other plans for me. I had collected several yards of clothesline that I had used to tie up my boxes when I moved here. Phil had noticed it lying around earlier and decided to use it on me. He ordered me to get it. I was afraid that he was going to whip me with it. Instead, he bound my hands to my sides and shackled my ankles so I could only take five inch steps. The worst thing was, he looped it around my cock and balls so I couldn't stretch without it inflicting great pain.

"Okay, good night," Phil said. "I'll be back early in the morning to untie you."

"Is this really necessary?" I stupidly asked.

He hauled off and gave me another 20 on my seriously red and aching ass.

"See you in the morning," he said as he grabbed up his clothes and walked out the door naked.

This whole thing sucked. I wouldn't even be able to brush my teeth in the morning. I guess the main reason Phil tied me up was to give me a taste of denial. After carrying out all the orders and servicing everyone else, I'm the only one who didn't get my turn to get off. I wanted to shoot off a load so bad that I could hardly stand it, but Phil made absolutely sure that there would be no chance of that tonight. I somehow got on my bed and prayed that he'd come back early enough in the morning for me to make it to work on time.

The next morning, I woke up at seven a.m. and started to panic. After I had been awake for ten minutes, I started feeling sick. I needed to leave for work by seven forty-five if I were going to beat the traffic and arrive on time. I didn't have Phil's cell number, and even if I did, it would have been nearly impossible to try to call him with my hands tied. I managed to sit up on the edge of my bed with some minor difficulties. It hurt like a bitch whenever the rope would yank on my cock and balls. Five minutes after that, my doorbell finally rang. It still took me a minute or so to get into a standing position and take the very small shallow steps to the door. My poor balls got yanked one last time as I struggled to open the door. I cautiously opened the door a few inches and took the few mini steps needed to get out of the way. Once I did that, Phil pushed his way in.

I took a quick look to see if Bill was following behind, but Phil was alone so I closed the door behind him. I was so happy when he started to untie me.

"Thank you sir!" I said to him as he finished untying me.

He looked at my face for a second with a kind of smile that is half warm and half evil. After he removed the ropes around my ankles, he finally undid the loop around my poor aching cock and balls.

Then, without a second delay, I dashed for the bathroom to drain the painful backup I had been holding since I opened my eyes. When I came out of the bathroom from urinating, Phil started ordering me around.

"Okay slave," he began. "Lay face down on the bed and spread your legs as wide as possible. We have to be quick about this. I have to be at school by eight o'clock."

I was starting to get angry again.

I thought to myself, "Oh yeah, sure. I have to worry about your schedule, never mind about me having to get to work on time!"

"Sit up at the edge of the bed for a minute," he ordered as he started stripping naked.

A second later, he shoved his soft cock in my mouth. I was pleasantly surprised because he had just freshly showered.

"Suck it good and get it dripping wet," he instructed.

I was pretty sure I knew what was next. I got him rock hard in record time and I drew as much saliva into my mouth as I could.

"That's good," he said. "Lay back down like before and spread eagle'!"

I was cringing, but was surprised that he pulled my cheeks apart and spit a couple of times on my man pussy. I thought he would really hurt me and just shove it in, but he pushed it in slowly, at least slower than I had anticipated. Even so, it still hurt like hell.

I haven't had a dick up my ass in quite a while. Even though he didn't slam it to me, I wouldn't call him `Mr. Gentle' either as he started to fuck me at a fast pace shortly after working his way in. By the way he was pounding my ass, I assumed he didn't get his morning blow job from Bill. In no time, he worked up a sweat and emptied his balls into me in a matter of minutes. Once he pumped his seed into my ass, he had me sit at the edge of the bed again and fed me his whole cock to clean off. It was the first time I ever had a dirty fuck tool in my mouth. It was very unpleasant, but I sucked fast and hard so this could be over with quickly. Then he very dispassionately got dressed and told me he would see me later as he bolted out the door.

I sat, momentarily stunned at the audacity of this ungrateful little prick. Then I realized I had to hustle if I were going to get my own ass to work on time. I raced to shit, shower and shave in record time and made it to work, traffic and all, by five minutes after eight. Fortunately, no one seemed to notice my five minute discrepancy and acted as if I had arrived right on time. I was trying to show up early to make points with the management but it looks like Phil was going to make that impossible.

Well, now that I was in the office and the worry and pressure of getting here on time subsided, my thoughts turned to how incredibly horny I was. I waited until eleven o'clock and went straight to the company restroom. It was a single occupant facility and I jerked one off as quickly as I could.

As I sat on the toilet with my pants pushed down to my ankles, a flood of erotic images started to fill my head. In seconds, I was well on my way to an explosive orgasm. First, I fantasized that the tables had turned on Phil and I was now the Master and Phil was the slave. My first command was to order Phil to perform an `Around the World' on me and watch him fulfill my every wish. Then I imagined I was watching Bill and Pat suck away on each other as they joyfully executed the perfect teen boy `69', all while Phil continued to make his way to my sensitive man pussy, darting his devil tongue deep into my crack. Then my balls twitched when I imagined Phil's other two slaves, the ones I hadn't even met yet, magically appear to join the fun. So many cocks were just waiting to be ordered around and a hot five teen-boy orgy broke out with all five boys granting my every wish. It wasn't long before my hot college boy spunk started to boil over. In my mind, all five boys started spewing their loads at once as flying boy cream exploded everywhere. I couldn't hold back any longer. I felt my balls pull up into my body as they emptied an unusually large amount of sperm into my firing chamber. My eyes began to tear as I felt my muscles prepare to fling my essence into the room. My cock swelled up like a balloon and then blasted cum across the bathroom floor, leaving dozens of small, white puddles of my potent, virile manhood everywhere.

I ascended into the heavens as my brain got doused with an intoxicating highball of endorphins, more intense than any climax I've ever had experienced before.

As I drifted back to reality, I pulled up my pants and grabbed a hand full of paper towels to clean up the massive mess I had made. The second I finished, I exited the restroom looking as innocent and natural as possible.

From there, work went better for the rest of the day and I was able to concentrate a lot better once my pent up frustrations had been relieved. I got better acquainted with some of my fellow workers at lunch and even got my first client. At quitting time, I drove slowly home. I started to feel an escalating anxiety grow as I knew all too well what would be waiting for me at home.

End of Chapter #5

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