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Across The Hall

By Billy'sStories and Paul S. Stevens

Chapter #6

When I got home, there was a note on my door that just said:

`Knock on our door when you get home'.

It wasn't signed at the bottom but there was little doubt that it came from Phil. I wanted to go in and relax for a little while first, but I knew that it could lead to some more whoop ass, so I reluctantly turned around and knocked on their door across the hall.

The door opened and Bill answered the door, stark naked. He waved me in since he was unable to speak. He had a large black dildo protruding from his mouth, the kind with a pair of huge pendulous black balls attached. I would guess by looking at it that it must have been eight inches or more in length. Bill closed the door behind me and waved me into what I assumed was their bedroom.

I was surprised to see that Phil was busy doing his homework, with a twist. Pat was under his desk enthusiastically sucking him off. As I entered the room, Phil lifted his head out of his text book for a moment and rolled his office chair back a couple of feet. He was holding Pat's head while he dragged his servant along with his movement. Poor Pat's naked body slid across the floor. Before Pat realized what was happening, he got dragged most of the way while he scrambled to crawl the rest of the way, all without letting Phil's cock slip out of his mouth. Phil's chair came to rest in the middle of the room with Pat's mouth still firmly attached to Phil's cock.

"Strip," was all Phil said as he pointed to me.

I didn't say a word and started by loosening my tie. I sat down on one of their beds to remove my shoes and socks and get naked as ordered. As I stripped, I watched Pat give Phil one of the hottest blowjobs I've ever seen. Once I was undressed, we were all comfortably naked and noticeably hard in each other's presence and the usual routine began.

Before Phil could roll his chair back under the desk, he signaled that he was cuming and emptied three solid shots of his hot cum into Pat's mouth and then pulled his cock out to cover Pat's face with the rest of his load. Bill had finished changing the sheets on the other bed and motioned for me to stand so he could do the one I was still sitting on.

"Hey Bill," Phil said to his brother. "Take that black pacifier out of your mouth a minute and tell Nate why its there."

Bill pulled the dildo out with a frown and explained.

"I swore at the master," Bill flatly said.

"Tell him what you said," Phil prodded.

"I told him to go fuck himself, so this is my punishment," Bill finished.

"What else?" Phil said, nudging him further.

"Master rubbed soap all over the head of the dildo before he shoved it into my mouth," Bill snarled.

"That's right," Phil barked. "Now come over here and put some more on!"

Bill reluctantly went over to Phil's desk where the bottle of liquid soap was sitting and pumped a few more squirts onto the head. Phil didn't have to tell him, Bill just automatically took it back into his mouth. It was evident that it stung as Bill's eyes winced in discomfort and started to tear up.

"Pat, go draw me a bath," Phil ordered next.

I almost laughed because it sounded like Phil was pretending to be a millionaire ordering his personal butler to pamper him like in those old movies. Pat then disappeared into the bathroom to prepare the tub.

"Nate," Phil began. "You're going to wash me head to toe, dry me and then give me a full body massage. Oh yeah, and you're going to perform a little foot worship too!"

Once again, I was being ordered to perform something I'd never done before. It made me a little nervous yet titillated at the same time.

"Your bath is ready master," Pat said as he emerged from the bathroom.

I followed Phil into the bathroom and noticed that the tub had been prepared and Pat had even added a bit of bubble bath for good measure. Phil stepped into the tub and handed me an extra large fancy sponge. He remained standing as I dipped the soapy sponge into the warm water and worked my way up his body, starting at his heels and working my way to the top of his shoulders. I tried to use my bare hands whenever possible because the slippery warm feel of Phil's soft skin against my fingers was beginning to turn me on. When it was time to do his ass, balls and cock, Phil knelt on all fours inside the tub to give me better access. Once I was finished with those areas, Phil rolled onto his back and raised his feet up over the side of the tub. Then I remembered that he had ordered some foot worship so I spent a lot of time on his feet, being sure to get him into the right mood. I finished off the bath by washing his hair, keeping any soap from getting into his eyes. Then Phil stood back up again and had me take a small pail of clear warm water to rinse off all the soapiness from his body. Then he stepped out of the tub and I carefully and meticulously dried him off from head to toe.

Just when I was starting to enjoy the procedure and thought that Phil may have had a drop of sophistication after all, he ruined the mood by ordering me to stoop to the level of a common cleaning lady.

"Drain the tub, clean it inside and out and then wash your hands afterwards," Phil ordered. "There's a bottle of lotion in the bathroom cabinet. When you're done in there, come back here and bring it with you."

I did as I was told and drained the tub. I took a cloth and cleaned it up, inside and out. I had just finished washing my hands and was getting the lotion from the cabinet when I heard a ruckus come from the other room.

"What the hell is this?" Phil yelled as I entered the room in time to see Pat drop to his knees.

From what I could tell, Pat's only crime was that he hadn't emptied the vacuum cleaner tray after he had finished vacuuming. A second later, Bill came running in with the dildo still in his mouth, wanting to see what was going on as well.

"Stand up!" Phil demanded as he gestured for Pat to approach him.

Phil sat on his bed and grabbed Pat's soft little cock and yanked him over his knee the same way he had done to me. I felt Pat's pain as Phil mercilessly tossed pat's body around like a rag doll as he slammed him across his lap. Phil began to administer the usual 20 lashes. On the ninth blow, Pat started pleading.

"Please Phil, I didn't mean to forget," Pat begged as he openly started to cry. "Please Phil, please!"

Phil abruptly stopped and pulled extra hard on Pat's poor little boy cock.

"What's my name?" Phil sneered. "What did you just call me?"

"Master!" Pat cried. "I'm sorry, I meant `Master'... `Master'..."

Phil started spanking Pat all over again. I felt bad for the kid as he continued to sob and plead for it to end.

"Please stop... please!" Pat beseeched him. "I can't take anymore!"

Phil stopped just long enough to inform him that he was going to receive ten more lashes for disrespecting him. I was certain that Pat was in a great deal of pain as Phil made certain he whacked both cheeks of Pat's ass equally not to mention the strain of having his cock nearly ripped off his body.

"I'm sorry master, it won't happen again," Pat croaked out as he tried to stop crying.

Pat dropped to the floor as Phil pushed him off of his lap.

"You guys get back to work," Phil growled. "Now!"

Pat picked himself up off the floor and walked into the other room, still crying and heaving. Phil looked at me and laid himself chest down across the bed and spread his legs. So without causing any more commotion, I knelt over the bed and opened the bottle of lotion.

I started massaging Phil's neck and slowly worked my way down his back and arms. Phil started to relax to the point that he even began to moan now and then. I worked my way down to his ass and worked his bulbous butt cheeks and even worked my way inside his velvet crack. I loved spending time working that area since he really did have a very fine ass. I started getting carried away as my dick started doing the thinking for me.

Phil's velvet crack was so resplendent that it beckoned me to enter its warm haven. I applied some extra lotion to my hands and let them roam freely about his most erogenous zone. Phil moaned even louder and more fervently now as he himself began to lose his inhibitions and allowed me the freedom to explore and experiment. I started to use my palms to spread his supple cheeks apart and expose his tightly puckered orifice. I skirted around that tiny rosebud, teasing it with denial. I was extra careful not to touch his prize until Phil himself started longing for me to finally make contact. The more I avoided touching his anal guardian, the more I made his body quiver with anticipation. Having just given Phil a complete washing, he was never going to be any fresher than he was right now. When I felt that I had driven Phil to the brink of madness, I made my move. Without warning, I darted my tongue directly at the center of his sphincter ring and pushed in. Phil nearly came off the bed as the surge of electricity sparked an explosion of tingles that shot along his entire nervous system. I watched his cock grow and his balls clench underneath his splayed legs as he unintentionally fell into a deep state of arousal. I was proud of myself that I was able to elicit such an intense response from him. This was something I was going to have to remember in the future. Before I got myself in trouble from straying too far from Phil's instructions, I kind of forced myself to move away from his ass and continued down to his thighs and calves.

Being well acquainted with massages, I told Phil that I would turn him over to finish him off. I carefully put one of my hands under his chest near his shoulder and the other hand under the top part of his leg, just under his ass. With a little assistance from him, I carefully turned him onto his back. He saw that I was going to start at the top of his body again and work my way down, but he stopped me before I began.

"Feet worship first," Phil directed.

Since I had never gotten into any kind of foot fetish before, I innocently asked him his preference.

"Anything special?" I inquired.

"Yes," Phil began. "Start on my left foot and suck on each toe. Then lick them, especially in between. Then, do the same with the other foot. Then go back and lick the bottoms."

I was so very happy that I had just given him a bath and he was fresh and clean from head to toe. I have to admit, it was really kind of interesting and sexy to lick his toes. Anyhow, once I satisfied Phil's foot fetish cravings, I resumed with my regular massage regimen. I started at his shoulders and worked down to his chest. I worked my way across his chest and spent some time giving his boy tits some much needed attention. When I finally got to his cock and balls, he directed me to massage them with my tongue only and not use my hands. Everything Phil directed me to do was actually a pleasure since he tasted so clean. I used my tongue to massage and lick away at his cock and balls as his rock hard cock caused my own cock to swell beyond normal. After a few minutes of this, Phil started getting close and started to complement me. Just before I pushed him over the edge, he had me stop so he could do a little change up. Phil sat up and looked at the clock and then called everyone into the bedroom to inform us that their Mom would be coming home in a half an hour.

Phil gathered everyone around the bed and set his pawns in place for his next game. I had to give Phil credit. He was nothing if not imaginative. First, he allowed Bill to remove the dildo from out of his mouth. Boy, I felt sorry for Bill. Four hours was a long time to be made to have anything stuck in your mouth. Then, I was told to kneel on the bed with my ass up. The next thing I knew, that flipping black dildo found its way up my ass until its balls kissed my ass cheeks. Boy did it hurt, and yes, I was finding out that my estimate was dead-on. That sucker measured in at exactly eight long, black, hard inches.

"Don't be letting that thing pop out of your ass now," Phil warned as he slapped me on the ass. "Got it?"

Next, Phil moved to the edge of the bed and had his brother take his engorged cock all the way to the base. I watched Bill go down on him and it totally amazed me how well Bill was able to comply. Next, he called upon Pat.

"Little Boy," Phil directed. "Get on the bed and suck Bill." Then he turned to me and said, "You move over toward Pat and start eating his ass."

I did as instructed, and it wasn't as bad as I imagined it might be.

It looked like Phil might have gotten moved by a guilty conscience over Pat's excessively rough spanking because, to my surprise, Phil pulled Pat's fragile frame closer to him and drew his tiny ding-a-ling into his mouth whole heartedly.

As the three of them started inching toward their own individual orgasms, I watched everyone as they all began to moan and tense up. Pat was the first to fire-off his load. Phil drank in Pat's entire load. He swallowed every single drop of Pat special blend of young, sweet tasting nectar. Interestingly enough, there were no facials to be had this time around. Everyone needed to be careful not to stain the freshly changed sheets. Bill was the next one to blow his load. Pat gulped down every last spasm of Bill's abundant offering and then some. Now that Pat and Bill had cum, everyone's attention focused on Phil. Bill increased his suctioning power and clamped down on his brother's massive cock making Phil arch his back and hold his breath. Several seconds of silence hung in the air as Phil's orgasm reach critical mass. Then, without warning, Phil's cock exploded, devastating Bill's throat with his molten, hot boy cream. Bill struggled to keep up with his brother's avalanche of liquid lust as Phil reeled out of control, ascending into the lofty heavens, achieving true nirvana.

Eventually, everyone came down from their individual high and remained motionless as they temporarily basked in their afterglow. Once again, I was the only one in the room who didn't get to cum. Phil finally gave me permission to remove the dildo from my ass and then dismissed everyone just minutes before their mom would be walking in the door. They all scrambled to get dressed and I grabbed my clothes and made a hasty exit. I was so happy that Phil didn't follow me out as I bolted naked across the hall, carrying my clothes and shoes in front of me.

Once I got back to my own apartment, I was too tired to do much of anything. Before I went to bed though, I got on my computer to check my e-mail. I was a bit annoyed to find yet another message from Phil@BateMaster.com. I opened it and read the short message: "What time will you be free tomorrow?"

It had only been a couple of days since this all started but I was already wishing it to end.

End of Chapter #6

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