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Across The Hall

By Billy'sStories and Paul S. Stevens

Chapter #8

We all swam towards Phil and Steve. As we approached them, they turned around and leaned over the side of the pool with their asses facing us. I realized that I hadn't yet sized up Steve as I had been focusing my all my attention on Pat from the time we entered the pool area.

Now that Steve had his goods up against the side of the pool, estimating his manhood would have to wait. His cock and balls not withstanding, Steve was a good six feet tall and had more of a wrestlers build then a swimmers build. He had real light blond hair and stunning green eyes.

As I approached Phil, he told me something that came as a bit of a surprise.

"Nate, you can stand next to Steve and lean against the side of the pool with us," Phil said, then he yelled to the others, "I want to see some good ass eating!"

As I leaned over next to Phil, he let me know that this small reward was to be payment for using my car and also to help pay for gas. Yeah, it wasn't exactly monetary compensation, but it went a long way in justifying the expenditures I've had to endure with my limited funds.

So, the way it randomly played out, Bill went down on Steve, Pat went down on Phil, and John went down on me. Even though I didn't know John, I could tell that mine wasn't the first ass that he'd ever tongued. I had no preconceived ideas as to what to expect. John laid out an erotic tongue pattern around my cheeks and ass crack. It made me as hard as a rock from the very first second. Then after that, he just kept going deeper and deeper. Just when I thought he'd gone as far as possible, he pushed in some more. I was in heaven as I got serviced by someone who really knew all the ins-and-outs of ass eating.

A few minutes later, Phil shouted, "Start tongue fucking, now!"

With that command, I felt John's tongue work its way to the very rosebud of my puckered hole. I snickered as I thought to myself, other then telling each other about our individual `sins', I hadn't actually had a conversation with him yet, and here he was, intimately shoving his hot tongue all the way up my ass hole.

"Okay Slaves, halt," Phil ordered. "Steve and Nate... turn around."

Phil, Steve and I turned around together and stood in the shallow water facing our three slaves.

"All right now slaves, suck real hard!" Phil directed.

Then our three slaves went straight to our cocks. John went right down to the base of my cock and vacuum sucked me like an electric penis pump. Wow, he was good! Unfortunately, Phil only allowed them to do this for about a minute before going on to his next idea. My glory was short lived as I was ordered to become a slave once again.

"Nate, you go with Steve. John, your with me," Phil directed.

I did what I was asked to do and I went over to Steve and John went over to Phil.

"What I'd like for you to do Nate, is put your arms around my neck and hold on," Steve requested.

I wrapped my arms around Steve's neck as he asked and John did the same with Phil.

The next thing I knew, Steve put his hands under my legs and lifted me up above his waist and held me there for a moment. Phil did the same thing with John. The next thing we did was completely new for me. Steve lined up his cock with my ass hole and lowered my body onto his cock, pushing in slowly until all my weight was resting on his fully inflated man tool. Now I know why Phil had the slaves eat my ass too. That small reward I was supposedly getting for using my car was just a ruse to prepare me for this. I looked over at Phil and saw that he had his cock planted firmly into John's ass in the same way that Steve was doing to me. Steve started to bounce me up and down on his cock as he easily lifted my entire body weight onto his throbbing column of steel.

Then he removed his hands, letting all of my impaled weight rest on his ridged member. Then he put his hands on his waist and continued to fuck me using only his hips to bounce me up and down on his love muscle. I felt like a rag doll being rough handled and tossed about by a body building superstar. My feet started to splash in and out of the water as he fucked me like a rabbit. Now that I had Steve's cock deep inside me, my estimate of his eight inch dick felt like I had made a gross miscalculation. It really hurt when Steve would drive his solid eight inches into my bowels. As I tried to focus on the pleasure aspect of his domination, his manhood started to feel pretty good. I knew that my ass was making Steve come close to busting his nut as he started to coo like a baby. Phil was also beginning to moan as he drove his cock wildly into John's ass. I hadn't realized that I too was letting go of some enthusiastic grunting of my own. I was hard as stone and dripping with pre-cum that started to flow torturously down my balls. I suddenly realized that I could hold on to Steve's neck with one hand and not fall back. That left my other hand free to take control of my own solid rod and start whacking away. I hesitated for a moment as the fear of getting in trouble with Phil crossed my mind, but then the thrill of the moment overwhelmed me and my little head made the decision for me. This glorious arrangement only lasted about three more minutes before Phil called for another change. He put John down and Steve let me down. Once I was on my feet again, it took a couple of minutes to recover as I struggled to remain standing.

"All right now," Phil commanded. "Little Boy, you're with me. Bill, you're now with Steve."

Pat went over to Phil and Bill went over to Steve. Steve picked up Bill and proceeded to pound my substitute's ass as if he never stopped in the first place and Phil did the same with Pat. Bill was already moaning as Steve regained the momentum he had built up with me. Phil did likewise and had poor Pat gasping for air as if he were riding a horse at full gallop. At first, I thought that Bill and Pat might be moaning in pain. Then I realized that both of them had Phil's tool up their asses as much as a dozen times a week which made them both properly pre-trained for the task. So anyway, while the four of them were pounding away, John and I got aroused watching them swing. I badly wanted to finish what I had started with Steve, so I began to stroke myself and John started to get the same idea and joined me. In my super horny state, I took the chance that John might be willing to share the fun, so I reached over and took his cock in my hands and started to stroke him. John followed my lead and immediately reached for my cock to return the favor. In record time, we stroked each other to the edge of a wicked climax as we watched Steve be the first to empty his balls into his partner. He screamed in ecstasy as he bounced Bill up and down on his engorged eight inches. Steve struggled to remain standing with Bill still hanging from his neck. Steve's legs nearly gave way as he inseminated Bill's ass with his liquid fertility. That set me off and I shot a good hearty load of my own liquid fertility past John's hand and directly into the water below. John followed seconds after me as we both pumped several shots of our pent up loads into the pool together. Then, we finally heard Phil let out a deep grunt as he filled Pat's ass to the hilt until Phil slowed down and let Pat slide off of him, oozing a stream of thick white cum that bubbled and foamed out his ass.

Once we all had cum, I noticed that Steve had gone off into the locker room. A few minutes later, he came walking back in holding two swim suits.

"Okay everyone, gather round," Phil said.

There was still twenty-five minutes before Steve had to unlock the door to the pool but he did open the locker room door and started letting people into the staging area with the pool still being locked down. Next, what had been a fun time up to now, turned sour for Phil's four slaves. Once we huddled around Phil, he informed us what his next command was going to be. I personally felt that Phil had gone too far this time and I'm sure the rest of the guys felt the same way.

"Each one of you four guys will go into the locker room and pick up a total stranger," Phil instructed. "Then, you are to bring them back here to the pool area and grant whatever wish they make!"

Apparently, Phil and Steve had planned this together as they slipped on the two swim suits that Steve had brought in with him and the two of them stood at the locked pool door to let us in and out of the locker room. Right now, I was new to this area and probably wouldn't see anyone I knew. However, there was a chance that the other guys might know someone in there. Perhaps someone they knew from their church or school. Even though that was a real possibility, Phil didn't care.

"Come on man," Pat complained. "We can't do that!"

Pat opened his mouth and said what the rest of us wanted to say but knew better. Pat knew better as well, but still blurted it out anyway before he completely thought it through. Then with lightning speed, Phil grabbed Pat's arm and pulled him to the edge of the pool. With his well practiced signature move, Phil grabbed Pat by his cock and over his lap he went. Twenty hard ones followed as Pat lost his voice from the shock. Now, Little Boy had a beet red ass that he had to explain away as he went looking for his stranger in the locker room. Again, Phil pushed his victim off his lap and let Pat drop into the pool.

"Now, all of you get yourselves hard and go out there and get to it!" Phil snapped.

So, Steve unlocked the door and we all walked into the locker room with our dicks hard and our faces full of shame. The first thing that happened was that all eyes turned to look at the four of us. We unintentionally drew everyone's attention as we walked in wearing naked boners all around. You would have thought that we were wearing flashing neon signs around our necks or something. I could see that we were causing guys to pop boners of their own all around us as I started hunting for a potential partner. The problem was, not everyone was naked yet. That's when I realized I was trying to select a mate by comparing the size of their manhood. In the world of attraction, when you're approaching a stranger, you don't get to do it that way, so I started looking at their other manly attributes.

"Hey tiny," some hairy teenager laughed. "Why is your ass all red?"

"Sir," Pat said, remembering Phil's rules. "I was naughty and had to be punished."

The kid laughed even harder as he asked, "Is this some kind of a joke?"

"No Sir!" Pat said as he hung his head low.

Even though this kid was as rude as hell, he was still pretty hot looking. He stood directly in front of Pat, shirtless and bare footed. He had brown hair and brown eyes. Even though this guy still had his pants on, Pat continued to talk to him. I guess, now that Pat was talking to this guy, he didn't want to have to confront yet another person and essentially have to start over again. This was hard enough for him as it was.

"I've been ordered to select a `master' to fulfill his every desire," Pat explained. "Can I be your slave?"

The kid laughed again and shook his head in disbelief.

"Sure," he said, "why the hell not?"

With that, Pat had chosen his stranger. I was kind of keeping an eye on Pat since I was a little worried about him. Now that he got his man, it was time for me to put my focus back onto myself. There were three isles of lockers and I walked up and down all three. I would guess that there were about twenty guys all together. I just felt that most of those twenty guys were too old to participate, but then again, anything could happen. I did find this one good looking guy in his early twenties that was really eyeing me. He had red hair and blue eyes and stood about five foot eight. He was still fully dressed as I approached him. I guess the idea of talking to him made me so self-conscious that I lost my hardon.

"Hi," I meekly said.

"Hi," he returned back just as meekly.

The easiest way I know to say something difficult is to come right out and say it, so I cut to the chase.

"Say, I wondered if you can help me out," I began as I felt my palms get sweaty. "I just lost a big bet to this guy and I need to find someone who would be willing to let me give them a blow job or something, which would be witnessed by others in the pool area right now."

"Are you kidding," he laughed.

"No, but I wish I were," I sighed.

"I would love a blowjob, or anything else for that matter," he answered and patted me on my ass.

He witnessed me get hard again right away and I smiled back as I turned red.

"Are you gay by any chance?" I shamefully asked.

"Ah, yeah," he answered.

"Then I'm your slave for the next twenty minutes," I informed him. "I'll do whatever you command me to do."

"All right, thanks man," he accepted. "I'm Jay!"

"I'm Nate," I said, introducing myself. "Follow me!"

I led Jay by the hand and took him over to the door and waited for the others. Along the way, I saw Bill and John still searching for `Mr. Right'. Honestly, I think they were just looking for anyone they could find who was young enough to say `yes'. John did find a high school senior who fit the bill perfectly for him. I was surprised to find out that Bill had his eye on this college guy who was my age or older. Now that everyone had found a partner, Steve unlocked the door and let us and our newfound partners back into the pool area and locked the door behind us. Steve and Phil positioned themselves by the lifeguard station and got comfortable to witness their handiwork unfold. Just to impress the strangers and to reveal who was boss, Phil shouted out his orders.

"Come here slaves," Phil barked. We all went over to Phil and left our naked guests standing and watching as the drama unfolded. "Now face your temporary `Masters' and stand at attention."

We all did what Phil ordered and put our hands to our sides. Both our bodies and our cocks were standing at full attention.

"Gentlemen, welcome," Phil said, addressing the strangers. "You've been chosen to receive this honor of being assistant Masters to my slaves. Your duty is to see to it that they are properly disciplined by making them fulfill your most secret fantasy. So, take a moment to think of a few things that you'd like for my slaves to perform for you. You have twenty minutes to enjoy yourselves before the pool re-opens to the public once again. Thank you for your cooperation. Slaves, I want you to think of me as a camera and face me, giving me your best possible camera angle in my direction. You may begin!"

Almost as if a starter's pistol had fired, we raced toward each other.

"A blowjob would be great," Jay indicated to me. "And if you don't mind, I'd like for you to swallow for me."

"Sure," I told Jay. "No problem!"

"I also love having my balls licked and swallowed," Jay told me. "Would you do that too?"

"Sure," I said again.

I faced our two-man audience and went down on Jay, granting his wishes with pleasure. John, Pat and Bill's Masters wanted to top them as they faced their audience and opened themselves to a good fucking.

Jay was suffering from a mild case of performance anxiety as having to play to an audience made him nervous. I had to suck Jay's 6 inches intensely just to get him hard. If I was going to make him cum in the remaining fifteen minutes we had left, I was going to have to make him forget he was being watched. I did everything he wanted me to do to the best of my ability just to get him to focus on me. I loved to suck cock, but not under these conditions. Phil hadn't exactly said so, but I figured if we couldn't make our `Masters' cum, we might have to pay the price with twenty lashes of Phil's patented punishment. So, after ten minutes of heavy duty licking and sucking of Jay's cock and balls, I was rewarded with a mouth full of the sweetest tasting cum I've ever tasted.

Once we said goodbye to our temporary Masters, John, Bill, Pat and I compared notes on how big our Master's cocks were and what they ordered each one of us to do. Phil held us back a couple more minutes while Steve re-opened the pool to the public.

"All right slaves," Phil ordered. "Go get dressed.

Now that Phil made us wait, we had to return to the locker room which was now filled with twice as many people as before with twice the possibility of having someone recognize one of us. So, we hurried back to the locker room and just as I feared, even more guys were there this time. Pat got lucky and spied an abandoned towel on the floor just as we entered the locker room and he snatched it up, quick as a wink. He didn't even have time to wrap it around his waist as a familiar voice rang from the locker room. All Pat could do was hold that towel in his hand and let it drape across the front of his body to give him a small bit of coverage from prying eyes.

"Hey Pat, hey Bill," I heard one guy shout out as he caught the four of us exiting the pool area together, mostly naked.

Well, I guess Pat and Bill were going to have to make up some halfway believable story to get out of this unnecessary mess. I'm sure this guy was just another school mate that happened to catch Pat and Bill at just the right moment. Bill, Pat and I approached the guy together. Bill was pretty good at working off the cuff.

"Hey, you caught us," Bill said to their school mate. "We lost a bet to this guy earlier today and we had to go skinny dipping as payment. Old Pat here got so nervous that he slipped and fell on his ass!"

Bill took a big chance not addressing him as `sir' with Phil somewhere nearby, and Pat was taking an even bigger chance with that towel. I didn't think the guy would buy it but it looked like the two of them were getting away with it. I don't know how they did it since Pat had a confused and scared look on his face from the very beginning. Pat was so flustered that he looked like he couldn't believe the story himself. Pat was kind of caught in an awkward situation. He didn't know if his school mate was going to let the cat out of the bag or not. This guy actually hadn't said anything more about what they were up to and said nothing about Pat's small cock and shaved pubes. The towel must have done the trick, hiding Pat's secret for the moment. Pat didn't want to draw anymore attention to it than was necessary and kept their conversation short. After Bill and Pat finished chatting for a few more minutes with their school mate, they excused themselves and said their goodbyes. Luckily, nothing more was said. Pat and Bill nodded to each other with silent understanding. They both knew they had just dodged a bullet in a big way. A hundred things could've happened that might have blown the situation, way out of proportion. They both counted their blessings as they quickly got dressed before anything else could happen.

After that tense situation got resolved without an incident, I went over to thank Jay again for being cool about our little adventure. I caught him just as he was pulling on his swim suit. Before I could say anything, he turned to me and asked for my phone number. I was not only flattered, but I thought, hey, my first friend. I was not expecting something positive to have come out of this dangerous and risky episode Phil had placed us all in. Once we were all dressed, we all left together, except for Steve, who had to stay behind and manage the pool.

On our way back, Phil was hungry, as we all were. Interestingly enough, Phil agreed to pay. We stopped at one of the local pizzerias and shared a couple of pizzas and a pitcher of soda. We all hogged it all down and were back on the road again in no time.

As I drove everybody back home, I was told to go back to the same corner where we picked up John and Pat. I was to drop them back off at the same corner. As we got to the spot where I was to drop them off, Pat asked me a huge favor as we all noticed how late it had gotten.

"Nate," Pat shyly asked. "I think I'm in trouble. Could I ride in the car with you until we get to your apartment house? It's now twelve twenty in the morning. If I'm not home by twelve midnight exactly, I get locked out of the house. Maybe you could let me sleep in your car until morning?"

"Sleep in my car?" I asked. "No way, I can't let you do that."

Pat looked like he was about to lose it.

"It's okay," Pat said with a quiver in his voice. "I understand. I'll just sleep in the backyard."

"No, What I meant was, you can sleep with me!" I clarified.

What else could I do? This poor `little boy' needed me and my heart went out to him.

End of Chapter #8

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