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Across The Hall

By Billy'sStories and Paul S. Stevens

Chapter #10

I drove Pat home well before his eleven o'clock limit and he gave me a kiss on the cheek as he exited my car.

"Thank you so much Nate," Pat said. "I had such a great time. I'll never forget it."

I was so happy to see him so full on life all of a sudden. On the way back to my apartment, I thought about Phil's text request, although it was really just an order.

He wanted me to drive the entire slave group to some kind of camp tomorrow, which was Memorial Day. I went up to my apartment and took a quick nap. I actually had the luxury of sitting in my comfy chair to read the Sunday paper, knowing Phil and Bill were still at church and would be further occupied at their Uncle's house for dinner.

Having Phil visiting there made me a little bit uneasy. If Phil, or even Bill for that matter, should even bring up my name, my boss would most assuredly want to know how his nephews knew me, and would want to know all the details. That would cause a situation that could easily spell disaster. After his recklessness with Pat at the pool, I wondered if he had the sense to hold his tongue. Then, I figured, why would he want to ruin the good thing he had going with me and all the others? So, I put it out of my mind and read all afternoon. Since I had a late breakfast with Pat, I decided to skip lunch and cook myself an early dinner. I was just finishing up re-arranging some books on my shelves when the doorbell rang. I was so hoping it wouldn't be Phil, but alas, it was. He just walked in uninvited, shut the door and spoke one word.

"Kneel!" He barked. There wasn't any, "Hello." or "How ya doing?"

He dropped his pants and barked again.

"Suck!" He ordered. "I only have a few minutes."

As I sucked away on Phil's knob, he used the time to fill me in on some of the upcoming plans.

"We'll be leaving at eight o'clock tomorrow morning," Phil informed me. "And you'll be meeting a new member of our slave group."

I stopped sucking just for a second to make a statement.

"Let me remind you that my car only seats five."

I went right back to sucking since I wasn't offering up my ass for punishment.

"Your car is a station wagon," He commented. "I'll have Bill lay down in the back."

I know it wasn't sexy, but I had to buy a practical car since it was used for work as well as play.

As he talked to me, I spent most of my time tonguing the head of Phil's cock because I knew it would make him cum faster. A couple of minutes later, I got blasted. Then I siphoned off every drop so he could walk away `clean'.

"Just wear a t-shirt, sandals, and shorts," he finished and then walked out the door.

Later that night, I went to bed extra early so I can be as fresh as I could for whatever would await me.

The next morning, I got up at seven o'clock and went through my morning ritual. I had a nice big breakfast since I didn't know when I'd be eating again. I got dressed and was lucky that I was able to find my old sandals.

At eight o'clock on the nose, my doorbell rang. Phil was standing at my door with Bill in tow, surprisingly, not naked. Well, that was a big indication that their mom must have been home. Anyway, we piled into my car and Phil had me drive in the opposite direction that we usually go. We went about a mile that way and picked up someone named Luke. As we were driving, I found out that This new guy Luke, was a junior at Phil and Bill's school and with Phil's usual luck, caught Luke sucking cock in one of the bathroom stalls one day and then taking money too boot, so Luke got added to Phil's slave stable until Phil went off to college.

When we got to where Luke was to be picked up, Phil got out of the front seat and went into the backseat with Bill. Phil ordered Luke to strip right then and there. We waited for Luke to strip just outside the car door in plain view of anyone who might be looking. Sure enough, a guy jogging by did see Luke strip, but he just kept running. Once Luke had stripped naked, he went into the backseat with Phil and Bill. Phil had Luke kneeling in the backseat before I even drove away.

I guess Luke had to prove his obedience to Phil. As a new member, Luke had to suck all of our cocks just like I had to do on my first time. I really didn't like the idea that it was taking place in my car. What if I was pulled over for something? I knew that a spanking would be on hand if I made any objections, so I just kept quiet.

"All right Luke," I heard Phil order from the backseat. "Start with my balls."

I couldn't see what was going on back there until I arrived at the corner to pick up the other guys. Then I took a quick in the back and saw Phil's shorts down around his knees and Luke, going down on him while Phil maneuvered Luke's head with both hands. Along with the usual sucking and slurping noises, I also heard quite a bit of gagging going on as well.

As the other guys piled into the car, Phil told Pat to get into the back with them. I figured, who cares were people sit, but then I started to figure it out. Phil wanted Pat to be back there with him so he can humiliate him in front of the new guy. I hadn't gotten a chance to see Luke's cock yet, just to see how he `measured up' against the rest of us.

John sat in the front seat with me and gave me step by step directions to this camp we were going to. It turned out to be an exclusive, all male nudist camp. John told me that basically, there were `no rules' to this camp. I had never even considered going to something like that before and I became intrigued and even boned up thinking about it. Then I realized that if Phil was going to be in charge, the only one having fun would be him.

Then I heard Luke gag and choke as Phil performed his usual trick. He shot three huge squirts into Luke's throat and then pulled out to unload the rest onto his face.

"Okay, Luke," Phil sarcastically said. "I'm going to give your mouth a real easy one now!"

By the tone in Phil's voice, there was no doubt that he was talking about him sucking Pat next. Sure enough, Phil was getting his chance to disgrace the poor boy.

"Strip Little Boy," Phil said, trying to embarrass Pat as much as possible. "Luke, go ahead and suck him off. That is if you can find something to suck on down there somewhere!"

Not only was Pat being disgraced once again by Phil, but Luke was just one more guy from his school that now knew his secret.

"As you wish Master!" Pat said, fulfilling his requirement.

"Take notice of Pat's answer," Phil said to Luke. "That's the expected response when a fellow slave has to perform a service."

Since I was still driving, I couldn't see what was going on, but I'm sure that Luke easily had all of Pat's petite cock in his mouth, all at once.

We finally turned into the road that led to the camp parking lot and I saw John start to take his T-shirt off before we got to the gate. Before I could find a parking space, I heard Pat give out a howl.

"Ooohhwwweeee!" Pat squealed. The sound of my friend Pat, screaming in ecstasy gave me an instant boner.

Pat just unintentionally educated the new guy with his first lessons. He had to swallow Pat's entire load since slaves don't get to give facials without permission from Phil. Luke did have Phil's drying cum running down his neck and was smart enough to realize he'd better not touch it.

By the time I parked the car, John was stepping out of his shorts. I guess the rule was for everyone to go commando that day. I enjoyed taking a moment to look him over. He did have a great looking cock. I turned the car off and glanced back to see that Bill was already naked. I just took a deep breath and started to strip, beginning with my shirt.

"Let's go," Phil commanded, and everyone piled their naked bodies out of my car.

I was the last one to be naked. I removed my shorts once I got out of my car. I was a little embarrassed because I was the only one sporting a boner. As Luke watched us all getting out of the car, the sight of our naked bodies made him bone up hard. Luke surprised me. He had a good seven inches of solid meat with a couple of pretty low hangers.

I thought to myself, "Okay Luke, you're down two with three to go!"

Phil didn't waste a second showing the other members of the camp who was boss. He had brought a duffel bag with him filled with all kinds of stuff.

He set the bag down and opened it up and took out five bondage straps. He made us line up as he fitted each one of us with one, wrapping the device around each one of our balls individually, then pulling our cocks through. I noticed that these straps had a small ring at the bottom. After he fitted all of us, including himself, he had me stand in front and had Bill and Pat stand side-by-side behind me. Then he had John and Luke stand side by side behind them.

Then he opened the bag again and took out some leather reins. It came in strips with hooks about 3 feet long. As I watched Phil begin to clip them on us, I figured it out right away. He clipped the first end onto my ring. Then he put it between my legs. Then I turned just enough to see Phil hook it onto Bill's ring. He clipped another one on my ring and hooked the other end on Pat's ring. Then he hooked Bill and John together and Pat and Luke together. Then he took two shorter straps and hooked Bill and Pat together and them John and Luke. Phil had transformed us into a team of mules. Boy did I feel like a jackass. I was in one of the worst positions, having two guys attached to my balls and not being able to communicate with them. Then on top of that, Phil clipped on another three foot leash on my balls for him to lead us by.

As Phil began to lead us along, my balls got pulled and yanked in a very painful way. If Bill and Pat didn't stay in formation, we were all in trouble. It was especially hard as we were walking up a steep path to where the picnic tables were located. Phil kept up a brisk pace as he pulled us along. My balls were being tugged forward by Phil and dragged back by Pat and Bill, especially if the other guys behind them weren't keeping up. I heard Bill harshly tell John to keep up and poor Pat would groan in agony. For Pat, it must have seemed just as bad as having to spend the night with his cock and balls tied to mine last night.

Well, it was a painful quarter mile hike up to the tables. Phil proudly paraded us all around the area so everyone could see the power he yielded, leaving no doubt who was in charge of the group. Then he chose a table that was centrally located were everyone in camp could see us. I was so happy when we were unhooked from each other, my balls were really aching. I knew there was more to come however when he removed only the reins but not the harnesses.

I don't know why I continually kept getting shocked by Phil's actions, and here it was, about to happen again. Phil reached into his bag and took out a handmade sign. I couldn't see it at first but judging from the shocked look on the other guys faces, I got a sick feeling in my stomach. As Phil put the sign on the picnic table, I thought to myself, "Oh Shit". The sign read:

"BLOWJOBS - $10"

Now Phil was going to use us to make money for himself. Within minutes, the first guy came up to the table.

"Who's giving the blowjobs?" A forty year old, overweight man enquired.

"Take your pick!" Phil told him.

Phil's first customer looked over each one of us. He checked out our faces first. Then he looked over our bodies and rear ends. Then he checked out what we each were hanging between our legs. The guy laughed when he tried to find Pat's tiny assets and I felt bad for him as I saw the humiliation fill his eyes. Then the guy made his decision, paid Phil his ten dollars and put his hands on Bill's shoulders, indicating his preference.

"Excellent choice Sir!" Phil said.

Phil told the guy to relax and lay on the picnic table with his legs spread apart. I know Phil did it so everyone around could have a good view. Bill's face turned pale and I could see him make the mistake of hesitating.

"I'm sorry about that sir," Phil apologized. "This will just take a minute. Perhaps you might want to sit up and enjoy the show."

The guy looked a bit confused but did as Phil suggested. Phil made Bill lean over the edge of the table so the customer could have a good view. Then Phil administered the customary twenty quick ones across Bill's backside. Nothing was said by Phil or Bill at this point. Bill's face was as red as a beet, both from the beating as well as from embarrassment.

Bill turned back toward the guy and had him lay back down on his back. Bill then dove right for the guys cock. It was about five inches or so long. Bill was relieved since five inches was a good size for him to manage.

"Could he do some ball work for me?" the guy asked. "Is that included in the ten dollars?"

"Sure, just pretend he's your slave and order him to do whatever you want," Phil told the guy.

Bill heard what they were talking about and stuck his tongue out to give the guy a good ball licking. They were as hairy as hell but Bill took them both in his mouth at once anyway.

I didn't have time to watch Bill perform the entire job as a twenty year old looking guy handed Phil a ten dollar bill and walked directly over to me.

"I know the sign says "BLOWJOBS"," the twenty-something guy said. "But how about doing a `69'?"

"Whatever you want to do with your slave is fine with me," Phil told him.

Phil had us go to the other end of the table and had us lay sideways in the traditional `69' position. We were starting to attract attention and a crowd began to form around us. The audience started leaning in closer so they could get a better look. My partner and I ended up licking each other's balls, taking each individual ball in our mouths and then trading off for some deep cock work. My guy had pretty big balls though. They were a good mouthful for me anyway. I was hoping the guy didn't reek, and I was fortunate. I could smell that he must have either just come from swimming or had recently showered.

Phil Went back over to the first customer to see how it was going.

"How would you like your happy ending?" Phil asked. "Swallowed... on his chest... a facial... or something else all together? It's your choice!"

"I would love to just pull out, have your guy open his mouth and stick his tongue out flat so I can aim for it," he answered.

"All right Bill," Phil said to his brother. "You heard the man. You've got your orders!"

I was angled in a way that I could see what was going on with Bill without taking my guy's cock out of my mouth. A few minutes later, I watched Bill's guy pull out and start jerking. Bill did as he was ordered. He opened his mouth and extended his tongue out, waiting to get blasted. The guy started spewing and ended up missing his mark and coming all over Bill's face in an uncontrolled manner. Finally, he managed to get the rest in Bill's mouth. He ended up coating Bill's tongue pretty heavily after he finally got his aim right.

It was hot seeing the guy's cream dripping off Bill's tongue. Bill continued to hold out his tongue, letting the guy milk out the few drops of his abundant load. The crowd that had gathered around us began to clap and cheer for Bill and his customer. Bill was now the center of attention as he continued to hold out his tongue and strutted around the table, showing everyone in the crowd his handiwork. Then Bill swallowed his prize and sucked the customer clean. I could see by the look on Bill's face that it wasn't sweet like the boy cum we'd been getting lately, but it was hot to watch all the same. I got really turned on watching Bill take care of his customer as I tried to service my own stranger. Once Bill was finished servicing his guy, the stranger looked like a totally satisfied customer.

"Bill, don't forget your manners," Phil said.

"Thank you sir for the opportunity to serve you," Bill said.

The guy thanked Phil and Bill and handed another ten dollar bill over to Phil as a gesture of appreciation.

While all of this was going on, others began to get more seriously interested. One guy came up and picked John out of the group. At least that guy was young and hung. Another guy chose Luke. He was in his early thirties, but trim and fit.

By now, five out of our six slaves were engaged, servicing customers on five of the six picnic tables. As this was happening, a few more interested spectators gathered around us and started to make hot comments, clapping and cheering for their favorite couple. It actually made me happy. It was making me hot and I wanted to get off in a bad way. My guy told me and Phil that he and I could just swallow. The guy had over six inches, so it was comfortable even though he had a pretty thick shaft.

Some of the people who were leaving were already dressed and on their way out for the day. As they passed by, the hovering crowd caught their attention. They stopped to witness the spectacle and then got so caught up in the action that they dropped their pants and bathing suits and started joining in. Before we knew it, the spectators started jacking themselves and getting into the spirit of the free for all. Soon, we started getting pelted from all directions with flying sperm from the onlookers. They started using us as recipients for their unsolicited orgasms, splattering their loads of cum all over their favorite slave's bodies. It was a strange sensation to suddenly get cum splattered on our backs and other body parts from masturbating strangers climaxing all around us as we tried to focus on keeping our own customers satisfied. My guy had a real nice dick, but I couldn't really enjoy myself knowing that some day, I might run into one of these guys who might blow my cover and end my career.

"Oohh... Mmm," my guy moaned.

Everything going on around me was making me very hot and horny and I started to come close to an orgasm. My guy was sucking me pretty good when he suddenly started doubling his efforts. I knew this meant that he was about to shoot his load and that was all it took to push me over the edge. We blasted each other's cum into our mouths as we lost ourselves in a climactic euphoria. I felt bad that I hadn't given my guy a little more warning that I was about to pelt him. As I drifted down from the heavens, I came to my senses and realized we had both cum. His cum wasn't too bad, and I automatically went in to suck the rest of his load out and lick him clean. As I was still sucking the last drops from my guy's thick rod, I saw that someone had picked Pat. Even though Pat was the last slave to get picked, he still had something alluring that somebody thought was sexy and desirable.

Once I was done, my guy thanked me and tipped me another 10, which I handed right over to Phil. I thanked him properly and he disappeared into the crowd. I didn't know if I could keep my tip or not. I really didn't want to take it because `technically', it would make me a prostitute.

Now that I was able to look around, all our guys were busy slurping and sucking in one way or another. I could see that the guy who picked Pat was about his age or younger. I was relieved that he didn't get stuck with someone who might abuse him. This guy looked like he chose Pat specifically because his equipment was less intimidating than some of the rest of us. It certainly was rare that Pat's modest cock size would work to his advantage.

Now that I was finished and available again, I got the next guy in line. He was about thirty, thin and fairly hairless. Some of the other guys were on their second customer as well.

"Could I fuck this guy?" my new guy asked Phil.

"Sure!" Phil answered.

Phil reached into his bag and pulled out a couple of tubes of lube and a handful of condoms. First, my guy made me bend over the table. He rimmed me real good and got me loose and semi-hard. He did a good job and stuck his tongue up into me pretty far. Then he made me suck him for a couple of minutes to get him boned solid. He then rolled on the condom over his still wet cock and took some lube and greased my ass and his condom covered rod. He pushed in fast and pumped me hard. My semi-hard cock grew to full size in seconds. He was going so hard and heavy that he only lasted about five minutes. Nothing fancy, he just blew his load up my ass, pulled up his swim suit, paid Phil and walked off. I was glad he was quick and then gone. He was terribly rude and left without even a `thank you'. I was supposed to thank him for fucking me, but he left to fast, I didn't get the chance. That's okay though, my heart wasn't in it with him anyway.

Well, I guess that was the end of the customers for me today. Much of the crowd stayed around to make horny comments and cheer the others on. John was the last to finish up. His guy was young and hot and I got to see how endowed he was after he pulled out. I don't think I could've handled that guys massively hung cock the way John had. I enjoyed watching him fuck John nice and slow. He would move John into different positions, making it more interesting for the two of them as well as the spectators. I could see by the tender, yet confident way he handled John that he must be one great lover. As his finale, he came all over John's chest as he pelted John with twelve blasts of thick white heavy cream. He got the loudest and most enthusiastic applause from the crowd than anyone else had all afternoon. John did get to thank his guy and he gave John a sweet kiss on the lips before he paid Phil, and proudly sauntered away. Before any of us slaves had time to relax, Phil called us back together.

"Mules, line up!" Phil said.

We knew what he meant and he did it just to humiliate us in front of the crowd that was still hanging around. Phil harnessed us back up again and walked us over to the lake.

Well it was an interesting afternoon for me. I got to service two strangers. I just hoped that I wouldn't meet any of them on the job sometime in the future. I was happy that I was able to cum and enjoy the unexpected encounters even though I had to do it as a slave.

Phil counted his money and came up with a little over two-hundred dollars. I found out that he charged extra for some of the services his slaves had to perform. I talked to Pat as soon as I could to see if his cover was blown by the guy that looked his age. He told me that the guy didn't go to his school and was visiting for the weekend from out of town. One of the guys that I gave a blowjob to was his cousin.

I couldn't wait to take a swim as we all had cum still drying all over our bodies. As we approached the lake area, our balls were still being tugged and yanked by the harness and leather reins. Near the shore of the lake was a shack. Some old guy ran a business selling food and running a beach front rental service. Phil led his team of mules over to the shack and halted us nearby.

We could all see that the shack guy upheld the spirit of the camp and was naked. By the look of him, he appeared to be in his sixties. We could see the solid gray hairs on his head and bush. Phil walked over to the counter and put in a food order with the attendant. I could see him preparing some hot dogs, sodas and chips. As the old man worked on Phil's order, he continued to talk to him and apparently said something to him that gotten him all hot and hard as a rock. Then Phil came over to Luke and un-tethered him from the team. The two of them walked over to the stand and we saw Phil order Luke to crawl under the counter and service the old guy. Luke went straight for the guys cock without question. Then Phil came back and untied the rest of us. Phil had Bill and I help take the trays of food over to our group and then he handed John two blankets and off we went.

The old guy was making Luke go deep on him. Luke's talents seemed to be endless and I loved watching him.

John and Pat spread out the blankets by the water's edge. We all sat on the blankets and started to eat. I managed to keep my attention on Luke as I ate. I immediately noticed that there was only enough food for five of us. Fifteen minutes later, Luke came walking over toward us with his food and another coating of fresh cum on his face. Luke ate very quickly since he hadn't had any breakfast. I guess the majority of his nutrition came in the form of white creamy cum sauce. When we finished our lunch, Phil finally allowed us to remove our harnesses and straps.

Phil granted us twenty minutes to let our food digest after we ate. Then we were allowed a half an hour for swimming and having the first real fun of the day.

Just before our swimming period was over, Phil called me over.

"Nate, I want you to lay down here on your back and hold your legs up with your arms," Phil instructed.

It lifted my ass up real nice and high. I thought I was going to have Phil's cock up my ass, but then he called Luke over.

"Luke, I want you to do some real nice licking and tongue fuck Nate here," Phil ordered.

Luke tongue fucked me for a while and it felt so good that he made my cock swell into a column of solid stone. Then Luke was ordered to do the standard cock and ball work on me. I followed Phil's rule and shot my load into Luke's mouth without pulling out. Luke then cleaned my cock, siphoning out every last drop.

Now it was time for Phil to take his turn and get in on some of the action. He had Luke down on all fours on the blanket. Phil had Luke suck his cock to get him hard. Then Phil took the lube and greased Luke's ass and his own cock and fucked Luke into a fiery frenzy, making him moan uncontrollably.

"Oohh! Ooohhh! Oooohhhh!" Luke groaned as Phil plowed his ass.

Well, I guess Phil finally had enough for the day and we prepared to leave. We folded up the blankets and returned them to the rental shack. The old attendant thanked Phil and Luke for their kindness. I was happy that Phil didn't make us put the straps and reins back on and get hitched up again.

On the way back to the car, Phil told me that the ass work he made Luke give me was payment for using my car again, and the blowjob Luke gave me right after that, was part of his initiation. He couldn't blow me in the car like the others while I was driving. When we all got back to the car, most of us were clean since we got to go swimming after getting cum drenched by our customers. Luke was the only one in the car with fresh cum on his back. John sat in the back this time so Luke could finish his initiation and service him.

After dropping the guys off and saying goodbye, I finally drove into the apartment garage. I was hoping that Luke got inside fast enough. He still had the dried cum on his back, plus, John forgot about the rule when he shot his load and abundantly creamed Luke's face.

I parked the car and the three of us got out. Phil and Bill went into their apartment and I slipped into mine. A half an hour later, Bill rang my doorbell. His mother had just gotten home and invited me over to dinner to thank me for taking her boys swimming for the afternoon. If she only knew what her boys were really doing.

As we were eating dinner together, Phil and Bill's mom had an important announcement to make.

"I've been working so much lately because the company I work for is opening a new location on the west coast," their mom announced. "They've asked me to be their new general manager over there. They've offered me a nice raise and a new car so, I accepted. We'll be able to own our own home soon instead of throwing away my hard earned money renting apartments. I start my new job next week. We'll be packing up and gone over the next few days. So Nate, I just wanted to say thank you for being such a good friend to my sons."

You should have seen the look on Phil's face. I almost laughed. His entire stable of slave's would all be free. Free from Phil, the slave driver, as well as free from feeding his money making machine.

Phil's mom got the rest of the week off to give her and her family some time to pack and prepare to move. I thought I wouldn't be bothered by Phil or Bill after that but I was wrong. Their mom was home and keeping them too busy for either of them to come into my apartment and try anything during the day, but one night before they left, Phil tied John and me together overnight. He positioned us so our cocks would be in each other's mouths all night as a going away present.

This was even crueler than the time that Phil tied Pat and me together. With our cocks in our mouths like this, getting an erection would cause our cocks to push against our throats, making it difficult to even breathe. Even though we couldn't talk with our cocks stuffed in each other's mouths, we still managed to communicate the idea that, if we just sucked each other off whenever we got an erection and made each other cum, it would help us get soft again. The problem was, we ended up having to suck one another off repeatedly throughout the night and especially the next morning when our morning wood relentlessly demanded our attention.

After that incident, we were finally off the hook from Phil's blackmail machine, all except for Bill of course. I wondered if he had to blow Phil during the plane trip out west. Bill e-mailed me two weeks later, and told me all about it. He told me that Phil crouched on the seat in the men's room while he squeezed below him to do the deed. Bill was happy that Phil hadn't given him a facial that time.

I did start to date Jay, and confessed the whole story to him after Phil's mom and brother moved away. I also would see Pat every so often as well. We continued to be good friends and visited each other often. He was the only real victim. Pat miraculously made it through his sophomore year by keeping himself well hidden. During that summer, he finally experienced a growth spurt. He didn't grow as much as he wished he would and he was still on the small end of the scale, but it wasn't humiliatingly small anymore and it saved him from having to hide through his junior and senior years.

Even so, he got caught half way through his junior year and gained the nickname "Bity", but it never got any worse than that and Pat learned how to take it as an endearing quality and didn't let it bother him after that. So I consoled him and encouraged him the best I could. One day when he was really feeling down, Jay and I invited him to join us for a three-way. He left my apartment the next day very happy!

Hope you all enjoyed the story!

End of Chapter #10

The End

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