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Adam Chapter 01

At four foot eight inches, weighing eighty pounds Adam was pretty fit. His baby fat had disappeared and his stomach rippled. His dirty blond hair was short, but still covered the back of his neck. His brown eyes shown with starlight. He stood on the playground with three of his friends and talked. Like most fit boys his age he played some sports with his friends, even if he didn't care for sports, and he had a few small trophies for his efforts.

Fifty feet away stood Colin. Colin was four and a half feet tall, with running shoes on, weighing in at seventy pounds. He had just enough baby fat left to have a round face, but his body had thinned out. He had dark hair and blue eyes, as well as light skin. One would never guess that the two were brothers. Colin and his two friends were playing on the monkey bars at the playground. Colin would glance over at his older brother Adam every few minutes to make sure he was there and watching.

The boys and their friends that day were wearing short shorts and lightweight pullovers. Adam looked at the others, "You guys should bring your little brothers and sisters sometimes, they would have fun."

Jerry's eyes widened, "Are you nuts? You may like Colin around but he isn't the monster our brothers and sisters are."

"They are not monsters, they just need attention," Adam smiled and waved at his little brother.

Brian frowned, "So says the beast master," the other boys laughed as they walked around the outskirts of the sandy playground.

Some older boys crossed the field. They were not looking for trouble and were involved in an animated discussion of high school football. That is when one of them ran into Colin knocking the younger boy down. Colin's knee was skinned slightly from the sand but he yelled out loud enough that it got Adam's attention.

Adam turned toward his younger brother. Seeing him on the ground crying wiped the happy face off Adam. He ran over quickly and got there just as the older boy kicked Colin in the leg, "Watch where you are going runt!" the older boy yelled.

Adam was not stupid. He knew the older boy was a head taller than he was. He knew on a one on one fight he could not win. Instead Adam flanked the boy, kicked the boy in the in the side of the leg at the knee. The boy fell screaming his head off. Adam looked at him, "Never touch my brother again or you won't have any legs left to walk on," Adam then stood over the boy with his fists clenched. The boy's friends backed off, "I am serious jack ass. I will beat you to a pulp."

Adam turned around and helped Colin up. He took him over to the swing set, sat on a swing and pulled his younger brother on his lap. Adam's friends stood around them talking. Adam hugged his brother tight while glaring at the older boy who was just starting to try and stand. Colin's friends stayed closer to Adam the rest of the afternoon. Even though it really wasn't a fight, Adam's friends found a new respect for Adam, and learned that you don't pick on his little brother. Only Adam was allowed to do that, and he didn't pick on him. Colin dried up and Adam took his own t-shirt and wiped Colin's eyes, "There everything is fine, the big bully won't hurt you ever again."

Colin laid his head back on his brother's shoulder. He pulled Adam's arms around him tight, "Can we go home now?"

"Sure, can Jerry and the other come with us? You might be tired but we want to play more," Adam asked.

"I guess," Colin answered unenthusiastically as he watched the older boy limp off with help from his friends.

The talk around the playground was how brave and strong Adam was, but Adam didn't see himself as anything special, his friends would have done the same thing for their siblings. He knew it in his heart, even if they denied it.

The boys walked into Adam's house and found his older sister on the couch with a boy. The two righted themselves as the boys came into the living room. Sarah was a little upset, "Gosh you guys are home early!"

"There was a bully on the playground, and Adam put him in his place, but Colin got a scraped knee and wanted to come home," Jerry offered.

"I will clean it and cover it," Adam said as she started for the stairwell.

Danny, the girl's boyfriend watched after him, "Adam your butt is falling out of your shorts."

Without turning around Adam replied as he climbed the stairs, "I am not sure if it is Sarah's boobs that give you a hard-on or my cute butt."

The other boys laughed and went into Adam and Colin's room. Sarah looked at Danny, "That serves you right, and why are you looking as his butt anyway?" she smacked him hard, "Go home I don't want to see you."

As Danny left the house Sarah went up the stairs to help Adam. Colin frowned when she entered the room, "I am naked Sarah, and this is boys only, you know that!"

"I have given every one in this room more than one bath in my lifetime, and I deserve to be in here so shush it up. I will get the antibacterial and some gauze," she said leaving the room for their adjoining bathroom.

Adam cleaned Colin's wound gently and thoroughly before Sarah came back in. Most of the guys were either sitting on the bed or the floor, talking about the 'sort of fight'. Adam pulled a clean pair of underwear onto Colin. Sarah sprayed the wound with the antibiotic. "There you go, and from what I hear you need to stop picking on older boys Colin."

Colin smiled, "I just turned around and he was there and I fell when he ran into me. I would be dead if Adam wasn't there."

Adam sighed, "He is exaggerating... a lot. Anyway he needs a bath and a nap, me and the guys are going in the back yard," the boys ran down the stairs and out the back door.

Colin listened intently as his sister spoke, "I will run your bath water, but you are not going outside again today after your nap."

Colin spoke to his sister, "Did you and Danny get naked?" but his ears were paying attention to noises outside the window.

Sarah frowned, "That is silly Colin, why on earth would we get naked?"

Colin stood and stepped into the tub, "You have been naked before with him. What do you guys do?"

"Colin have you been spying on me?" she asked in embarrassment.

"No I live here so it is not spying."

"Do you spy on Adam?"

Colin listened for the boys. Not hearing them he smiled, "I am done with my bath."

She pushed him back into the water, "You haven't even started. I am going to sit here and watch you wash, or I will wash you myself. I will decide when you are done."

Colin knew by her tone she was serious, "But I have to check on Adam!"

"Adam is just fine he is with his friends, and you are supposed to take a nap," she sat on the stool and looked at him, "You will be as good looking as Adam when you get older."

"Yea right, my wiener isn't as big as his."

Sarah laughed, "It will grow. Adam's isn't as big as Dannys."

Colin sat back in the tub, "I knew you were naked with him. That is the only way you would know that."

Sarah, knowing she had been had by her little brother, sighed, "You don't seem shocked at all. You have seen it too and you saw us together."

Colin shrugged, "I already said I saw you. I even saw what you both did. I don't know why you lie to me. I know everything."

"Okay smart ass what do you think you saw?" she was worried but she was going to find out for sure.

"You both got naked and he got on top of you and you guys rubbed and wiggled a lot," Colin smirked.

The girl took a deep breath, "So you have seen Adam do what? Nothing I bet," she went fishing for Colin's knowledge. Colin pursed his lips but said nothing. Sarah continued, "So you just make it all up." Colin stood and grabbed a towel and began drying. Sarah studied his face, "You haven't told Adam about seeing Danny and me naked have you?"

Colin looked at her, "No."

"Have you told anyone at all?"


Sarah sighed in relief, "Good. Please don't tell anyone."

Colin dried and pulled his underwear on and walked into the bedroom, "I don't tell on Adam and I don't tell on you. You both always tell on me. But I am not a snitch like you both are." He pulled pajamas out of his drawer.

Sarah grabbed them and put them back, "Summer ones, not winter ones." She dug through the drawer and found summer short pajamas and the matching top, "Wear these." After he put them on she smiled, "Now you can watch television until mom and dad get home."

He frowned but nodded and put his slippers on. He went downstairs to the living room, turned on cartoons, and snuck out the back door. He headed to the corner of the yard where he knew Adam and his friends would be. He spied on them as he always did. They were naked and rubbing themselves and giggling. Adam was rubbing his with his palm back and forth across his stomach. Jerry used two fingers on his and went up and down. Eugene was using two fingers and a thumb. Colin sighed and sat there watching. He had seen them do this many times. He had seen his brother in bed doing it several times a day. Colin had tried it a couple of times but never figured out why they made all the noises they made. It wasn't very exciting at all. The fun part was listening to what they were saying. They were in the big boy club, but they had never seen Danny's big boy. Sometimes Colin wondered how big his father's big boy would be. Probably the size of an arm or leg he thought.

When the boys finished playing they started to get dressed, and Colin quickly returned to the house and sat in the living room in front of the television. Sarah came downstairs just as the boys came in from the back yard. They went to the refrigerator and got out a picture of cherry drink. Sarah warned, "Put your dirty glasses in the dishwasher or mom will get mad."

The boys had their polo shirts off and sat on the floor near Colin. Colin immediately moved between Adam's legs, pushed back all the way and laid his head on his older brother's chest. He said nothing, while the other boy's talked, "If my brother was as well behaved as Colin I wouldn't mind him around most of the time," Eugene said.

"My sister is a pain in the ass any time, but I wish my brother were more like Colin too. Then I would take him places like you take Colin," Jerry said as he moved to lean against the divan.

Adam wrapped his legs over Colin's legs, and gave Colin his glass, "Wanna drink?"

"Colin will probably have a cute ass like Adam," Jerry stated.

That got Colin's attention. Adam shrugged, "If you guys played sports more, swam more and rode your bikes more you would have a cute ass too instead of a flabby one. You guys sit on your asses too much."

Jerry stuck out his tongue at Adam, "Well not all of us are Mr. Perfect.

"None you even try," Adam shot back as he laughed.

Colin remained quiet, he didn't want them judging his ass, especially if his sister could hear them. Colin heard his dad's car pull into the driveway and warned, "Dad's home, you guys have to stop talking naughty stuff."

Jerry frowned, "Right, but it is fun stuff too Colin."

Colin looked at the door when it opened. His dad came in looking tired, "Hi boys, have you been behaving?"

"Sort of dad," Adam answered first. His dad kissed him on top of the head and did the same to Colin. He went upstairs.

Colin frowned, "He is tired. Let me up I will get us some more juice."

Adam unwrapped and gave Colin the glass. Colin went into the kitchen followed by Jerry. As Colin was pouring the juice out Jerry smiled, "Don't worry you have a cute ass just like your brother."

Colin blushed and tried to ignore it. `Maybe' Colin thought, `but I am not as strong or brave as my brother'. He said nothing aloud to Jerry.

Jerry continued, "You don't have the dark olive skin that your brother has, I bet you look beautiful, like an angel, when you are naked."

Colin already knew what Jerry looked like naked. After all he had spied on the older boys enough. Eugene had a good size, cute one. Jerry was just a little smaller but his wasn't cute at all. Adam of course had the smallest of the three but overall, face, behind, and penis, he was adorable. However, except for Adam, the other two had flabby asses. Colin held back a laugh as he thought about it. He wondered how he measured up to the other three, except in the penis department. He knew they were all bigger than him, and none of them were big like Danny.

Four blocks away Danny and his family sat down for dinner. Danny looked over at his brother, "Anything happen today?" "A bully came to the playground and Adam took care of it. I think the bully is in your grade. I have seen you with him before," Mark frowned. Mark and Danny were brothers in the legal sense, but not by blood. They were both adopted.

"It was probably Trent. Was it a big dumb looking guy?" Danny asked.


"Yup he is all dick and no brain," Danny stated.

" Sort of like everyone in your class, huh?" Mark laughed.

His father reached over and smacked the back of Danny's head, "I don't want to hear you boys talking like that."

"Sorry," Danny said, "But did you ever notice that Colin and Adam have cute butts, just like a girls?"

Mark about spit out his milk. Danny got smacked again. His mom asked, "Did you and Sarah have a fight today?"

"Not really I said that Adam had a cute... well she smacked me and threw me out she will be over it in the morning," he grinned.

"After dinner I want you two boys to go up the hill and each of you pick a bucket of raspberries before the birds get them." His mother stated.Danny grinned, "Okay we will do that."

After dinner the boys went upstairs. Because raspberries stain everything, they usually just wore their underwear when they picked them. Mark noticed that Danny was staring at him. Mark sighed, "Well if you want to play up there we need to take a shower. I am not having you have girl smell all over you."

Danny was naked and walked over to his brother and hugged him gently, kissing the other boys neck, "Only if you want to bro. I am not forcing you."

Mark whimpered, "Yes we can play but you have to do that stuff to me."

Danny rubbed Mark's behind, caressing it, "I will take care of everything."

They showered, taking their time. Danny did everything he could to get Mark excited about getting laid. They only half dried and put on their underwear and Danny ran downstairs and got the buckets and a bottle of oil.

Mark carefully came down the stairs and put on his sandals, "We won't be long mom!"

She kissed their cheeks and sent them out the door. Danny returned and got on the phone. He dialed a number, "Brad, the hill, now, bring Carl."

Mark was already at the top of the hill and took off his underwear. He watched Danny climb the hill. His muscles and six pack moving made Mark get a stiffy almost immediately. Danny crested the hill and smiled, "Let's not be too fast today. I brought Vaseline this time. It is better than the oil."

Mark seemed to be ready and pulled Danny's underwear down so he could see the big monster. Danny hugged Mark gently, "I invited Brad and Carl."

Mark sighed, "You guys gonna hurt me?"

"No, but you can take more than I can give and last five times longer. I just wanted some help. Besides you love it."

"Yes when they are sweet I love it," Mark replied with a whimper.

Danny kissed the boy on the lips sweetly, "I promise you will wiggle half to death before they even get in you, then you couldn't stop even if you wanted to. Now sit down and let me start."

Mark wasn't sure but he wanted attention so he sat in the grass. Danny got on his knees and started licking the boy. Marks penis was already quivering, but Danny wanted a lot more than a quiver, and a lot more than just wiggling and dry cum. He wanted Mark to be a bucking bronc before he put it in him. He wanted the best cum of the month, and he wanted it from Mark.

He worked on Mark since Mark was adopted, getting him to want it all the time. Mark did want it all the time, and Danny knew when Mark was satisfied. Mark would fall asleep, Danny still in him, and had a cute little smile. Danny would always let his penis subside on its own so Mark wouldn't wake up yelling about pulling out. It took a long time to learn these things, for both of them. They had sex almost every night. Sometimes long sessions, and sometimes very short ones if Mark started moaning too much. Then one day Danny came to the realization that he couldn't satisfy Mark, alone, anymore. He knew they had fun and Mark enjoyed it, but a year before Mark wanted Danny to continue and Danny would be worn out.

That is about the time they went swimming over at Brad's house, but Brad's parents didn't allow clothes in the pool. It had something to do with the filters and settings. So the three of them were naked and Brad got a hard on. Danny watched Mark looking at it every chance he got. When they were away from Brad a few moments, Danny asked, "You like his penis? I don't know if it is big enough yet to get in you."

Mark blushed but looked up at Danny, "We could still play couldn't we? I am not big enough to get into anyone but I still have fun."

Granted, Brad was cute in his own way. Mark was more girly and soft and Brad was a normal boy for his age, decent legs, nice ass, and you could see muscles developing around his pelvic and abdomen. Mark was good at sucking at least until Danny started cumming a lot, then Mark backed off and would only suck a few minutes and never take the goo in his mouth. Inviting Brad was a step in the right direction. He loved sucking on Mark and he loved sucking on Danny. Brad didn't mind swallowing everything Danny shot out.

Brad had his own secret. His best friend was Carl and one day he confided to Danny that he and Carl had played around since they were little. Although Carl was not as big as Danny in the boy department, he was much bigger than Brad and giant compared to Mark.

There was no doubt Mark liked to get penis in his rear, but he also loved getting sucked Danny would think about that sometimes and realize that sooner or later Mark could get big and then Danny would be getting screwed. He knew he would love it because he and Mark were already in love.

Sarah and Danny would get naked, play, rub each other, eat on each other, but there was never any penetration. Although Danny loved it, and would cum most of the time, it was not enough. Each night after he left Sarah he knew when he went to bed Mark would give him that look. Danny would invite him to sleep in his bed, and he would get laid like a boy should get laid.

Carl had screwed Brad plenty of times, but he loved to screw Mark. He said "Mark is the finest ass in the nation, and he wants it so bad. Brad just goes through the motions so he can get off." So the four of them created their own little world. What they didn't take into consideration, something no one ever took into consideration, was the ever watchful Colin.

Colin sat on his bike drinking a smoothie in the parking lot of the convenience store. He saw Danny go up the hill. He didn't think anything of it. Adam was out riding but went ahead without Colin. Colin sat on the skimpy seat with only his short shorts and sandals on. Adam said he would come by later to get him after he finished, and it took a long time to drink a full size smoothie.

Then Colin saw the other two boys climb the hill less than five minutes later. Now they had Colin's attention. He had seen the other two boys before but he didn't know their names. Colin was not supposed to climb the hill, but boys will be boys. He locked his bike up on the store rack and ran across traffic and started up the hill. Colin was an expert on spying. He had done it since he was little and could walk on his own. He had never been caught. Using the bushes to hide in, he slowly made his way to a level area near the top of the hill and heard the whimpering. He heard sounds that he knew had to be sex because he had heard his sister and Danny, and even his brother's friends. He inched forward making sure he couldn't be seen or heard.

They were holding his class mate Mark on the ground. Licking his underarms, his nipples, one had Mark's dick in his mouth. Then they changed and the oldest looking lifted Mark's legs up and started licking his butthole. Colin was excited but he wasn't sure why, but he knew he suddenly felt different. Mark was squirming, wiggling all over and moaning and yelping.

Then Danny came into view with his big dick raging hard. Danny put some goop on it and smiled, "Here it comes Mark are you ready?"

Colin never heard Mark cuss before but he did then ")(*^& you Danny give it to me!"

Colin watched Mark's legs wrap around Danny and Danny's body got closer and closer to Mark's behind. Mark began whining in happiness as one boy sucked Mark's dick and the other was holding him down licking his nipples. Colin couldn't take any more. He became too excited and started working his way back down the hill. He got to the parking lot just as Adam pulled into it. Adam gave him that look, "Where did you just come from?"

"The hill."

"We are not supposed to go on the hill and you know it. Now get your bike and, are you okay Colin? You don't look to well," Adam frowned, "we better go home."

"No, I am okay just winded," Colin stated.

Adam studied his brother closely. He knew he was not winded, the younger boy wasn't even breathing hard. Adam looked up at the hill, "Did you see something up there? Did somebody hurt you?"

Here is where Colin had a problem. He could not lie to his brother. Not because he felt obligated not to, but each time he did, his brother knew it was a lie, which just made things worse until Adam found out the whole story. "I saw something, but can I tell you later after I figure it all out?"

Adam looked back up the hill, then again at Colin, "I don't like it but okay, I will wait. Now let's get home, somehow you have dirt all over you. Expect mom to ask you how you got your new shorts and sandals all dirty."

On the hill Danny became flaccid enough to pull out, even if it was only for a few minutes, and Brad got his chance. Carl moved up and started sucking on Mark's dick and Danny held Mark down kissing his lips and nipples. He could see that Carl and Brad had already cummed at least once all over Mark's chest and tummy. Brad leaned forward and his tight stomach was rubbing against Mark's bare nut sack making it almost impossible for Carl to get Mark's penis all the way in his mouth. Mark let out a happy scream and his back arched pushing Brad into the air while he rammed the youngest of them. That was at least the tenth time that Mark had a dry orgasm for that session.

Brad didn't last long and he slipped out just as he shot his load all over Carl's face and Mark's raging penis and groin. He grabbed Mark's waist to hold him still and his penis slipped back in and he continued ramming, although slower, and tried to keep pace with Mark. Mark wiggled and squirmed all over. He was in his own little heaven. He knew he was the luckiest boy on earth at least in the sexual moments of this day.

Danny's hard on returned as he watched Carl's behind wiggle as Carl sucked Mark. Danny put on more Vaseline and stood up behind Carl. Carl was so busy with Mark's dick and having a raging boner himself at first he didn't even notice Danny slipped his big cock in his behind. His eyes got big but he couldn't say anything or stop it. The sensation of just a few thrusts from Danny make him cum again all over Mark's stomach. Mark however was too far gone, no one needed to hold him down now. His body writhed in ecstasy every few minutes.

Danny leaned back and pushed his cock all the way in, then let Carl's wiggling body do the work. In and out he went and Carl was loving it. Danny felt the tight opening squeezing his dick over and over as Carl shot another load. Little Mark had cum dripping and running all over his body, but he didn't notice, he didn't care. He just wanted more orgasms. He wanted them to screw him until he fell asleep.

Brad was finished, he pulled away and almost fell on the ground exhausted. Danny had shot two more loads into Carl and Carl pulled away to get inside of Mark. His dick was big and hot and Mark watched in anticipation as Carl got into position, "Okay little bro, now I am going to plow you to sleep."

That made Mark giggle for some reason but the little boy full of cum, and with cum all over himself giggled a lot when he was getting what he wanted. This time they didn't hurt him and everyone was tickling to bits. These are the times Mark loved most. Carl didn't have a lot of cum left in him, and he waited so long that it didn't take but a minute for him to shoot what was left, emptying himself into Mark. But he was still hard, and if he pulled out while hard, Danny would beat the hell out of him. He held on and let Mark to the wiggling until Carl softened enough to fall out.

Mark laid on his back, his eyes closed and knees in the air, feet on the ground. Brad was sitting on Mark's left, Danny was sitting on the right smearing all the cum over Mark. Carl was sitting on his knees between Mark's legs. Brad finally spoke, "That was awesome. Does anyone have any left they can put in me?"

Danny smiled, "I am out and so is Carl. How about next time we both give it to you?"

Brad sighed, "But then we won't have enough for Mark."

That would be a problem, and it was Mark who made the adventures the most fun. If Mark wasn't happy when they were done, Danny knew that Mark would make them pay for it, taking control of each session. Now Danny controlled it, but Mark had to have enough or else they would all suffer. Danny was not going to let that happen. He was not going to be pussy whipped.

Colin ran up the stairs to his bedroom yelling hi to his mom as he did so. Adam followed, but stopped long enough to kiss her cheek, "He is fine he fell and got a little dirty and wants to take a bath. I think he should have a shower though. I will go help him."

"Adam," she began, "he is old enough now to be with the rest of your friends. Talk to them about it."

"I will mom, he is the best little brother out of the whole neighborhood," he said as he climbed the stairs. When he got to the bathroom Colin already had the bathwater started. Adam turned if off, "You are too dirty for a bath, you can take a shower and I will help you."


Normally Colin would love that, but he never had a boner that stood straight up on his tummy before. He wasn't sure if he should let Adam wash him or not. His body seemed tender and his little dick was pulsing and it was in front of his brother. Of course he reasoned it was better his brother than his boner loving sister or having his mom or dad see it. Then again if Adam had a boner, he never hid it at all. Without reason Colin wrapped his arms around Adam's waist, "I love you."

Adam swallowed hard. Colin's body was pressed up against his dick, and he could feel Colin's stiff member against his groin, "I love you to buddy. Now you want to tell me what you saw on the hill?" Adam asked as he got a wash rag and the soap ready. He started washing Colin gently as the boy held on tight.

"No, not yet, how about when we go to bed?" there was no way Colin was going to get out of this, but maybe if Adam was half asleep he wouldn't yell and carry on like he did every time something happened he did not like, "What are we going to do about my dick. I can't go downstairs like this mom and dad will see it. Not to mention Sarah and she likes hard dicks."

At first Adam did not catch what Colin said. He turned Colin around and began washing his back, "Usually they go away after a few minutes... but then again yours is turning purple and is not going away. I guess you will have to tub it on your pillow for a while, or maybe just the bed. Now spread your legs."

Colin spread his legs and Adam started washing his behind. Colon sucked in a lot of air, it felt too good, he stopped leaning and stood, "Adam that tickles!"

Adam raised an eyebrow and looked at his brother's behind, "I don't see why it would tickle it's your butt I am trying to wash."

Colin turned around to face his brother, tears started swelling up in his eyes, he looked up at Adams' face, "I am just bad."

Adam got on his knees and pulled Colin close. Adam noticed, but ignored his brothers raging hard on pressing against his chest, "You are not bad, you are the best kid on the block. Why would you say that? Where did you get an idea like that? Who told you that?"

Colin said nothing. Adam finished washing Colon, then dried him, "You said you would tell me. Now get your pajamas on, the summer ones, and get into bed." Adam followed Colin into the bedroom. He undressed and slipped into bed, and he watched Colin put his pajamas on.

Colin finished and sat on the edge of the bed, his eyes were still red, "Adam can I sleep in your bed tonight?"

Adam sighed, "Sure bud."

Colin continued, "What did you mean when you said rub it on the bed or the pillow?"

"I will tell you after you tell me what happened on that hill."

After a few minutes Colin began whispering... everything he knew for the last six months. When he finished it was early morning. Adam smiled, "So I guess you're old enough your penis works. That is pretty cool."

Colin rolled on his side, "I think it is supposed to work when I see girls, not guys."

Adam closed his eyes, "It works anytime you do not want it to work Colin, and it works anytime something excites it, including water, wind, or your pants. Now get some sleep before dad and mom wake up."

Colin grinned, "I still think I am bad, but you are the best brother in the world."

"Yeah Yeah, wait till I tell you about bananna peels. Now go to sleep"

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