Adventures of Corey

This is a fantasy relationship of love and understanding between the human male. If you should find the idea of incestuous love offensive, or if you are under legal age in your state or country, please leave now. Otherwise read this fantasy story and enjoy.

Story written by Richard Barber at

Part 01, Brotherly Love

I lived at home with my 2 older brothers and my dad. My mother had passed away when I was very young, so I never had the honor of knowing her. My dad and 2 brothers, Carl and Roy, brought me up. Carl was 4 years older, and Roy was 2 years older than I. My father was still in his early teens when Carl was born so he was only 16 years older than my oldest brother, which only made my dad 20 years older than I. He was more of an older brother to all of us 3 boys and over the years we had become very close.

Victor, my dad was from German Stock and had Blond hair and blue eyes and a nicely developed and muscular body. He started working at a Vegetable Distribution Company as a young boy and had worked his way up to dock manager, and now the men called him Mr. Victor Andrew Thompson. He was now only 32 at the time of my story.

I would go to the docks every chance I could. My school wasn't too far from there, so I often would stop off on the way home. I would set on some of the crates, and do my homework waiting for my dad to finish his shift and take me home. I enjoyed watching all the men at the warehouse, and the truckers that would arrive to pick up more vegetables to take to the stores. On occasion he would drive one of the delivery trucks to the other warehouses, and I would tag along. I got to know most of the other men at some of the other warehouses as well.

As I grew up I began to realize I enjoyed watching all the men working fascinated at the sweat dripped down their abs and muscular backs. I even liked the sweaty smell of the men, and enjoyed watching their tight buttocks, and large budges in their tight sweaty pants. I knew I had an attraction to men. and noticed some of the men seemed to be attracted to me. Quite often I would help lift some of the boxes. and had started to develop a solid muscular body. I was very solid for a boy of 12, and was often told I was not too bad to look at either; I had my dad's blond hair and blue eyes so there was no question that I was his son.

I developed very fast, and since I was the youngest of the 3 boys, I would get the `hand me down' jeans and shirts to wear. I didn't mind but I was literally growing too fast for my britches. I found that if I did not ware any, underclothes I had more room to move about. My body would form fit to my clothes and would caused me to have a partial hard on most of the time. I had a pretty good size dick, anyway, which I also contributed to my dad.

My Dad, brothers and I would walk around the house nude and slept nude. Dad said it was healthier to sleep this way so it was nothing to see my Dad and 2 older bothers naked. My brothers were well hung, like Dad. and were proud to flaunt their big hard dicks around me. They teased me when I was younger, but as I got older, sprouted my first pubic hair, and my dick got bigger, the teasing stopped. My Dad's uncircumcised dick with the dark blond hair surrounding it especially turned me on. Since my dad was uncircumcised, he felt his boys should remain uncut too. I was glad for that, because I enjoyed the lacy foreskin that covered our dicks. I especially enjoyed the times I could catch a glimpse of dad when he was semi-hard, and see clear juices dripping from his dick head. I loved my dad and I was proud of him.

I remember the first time I walked in on my oldest brother, Carl when he was masturbating. He only paused for a minute, then called me over to his bedside, and instructed me to watch. I didn't quite know what he was doing at first, but I knew there was a good reason for it, because he seemed to be enjoying it so much. He asks me to put my hands around his balls as he kept jacking his cock up and down. Then his body stiffen, and a big gush of clear white stuff shot out of his dick. I was shocked at first, but sensed by his reactions, it was a good feeling. He continued on shooting the liquid from his dick squirt after squirt. He then relaxed and asks me if I wanted to taste the juices. I didn't hesitate, and quickly put my hand over the head of his dick, and wiped some of the juice on my hand, and then put it to my mouth. Its taste was sweet, yet salty, and I liked it. I wiped up some of the puddle of liquids from his stomach, and put it to my mouth too. Carl laughed and said I was a good brother, and he would show me how to do it sometime.

The next day I ask Carl if I could watch him shoot his white stuff again. He smiled, and said yes, but this time Roy would join us. We all went into the bedroom and they stood by the bed. The told me to set on the floor so I could see better when the juices came out. I was told to take off my clothes while they took off theirs. My brothers started to manipulate their dicks until they became harder than I had ever seen them before. I put my one hand to Carl's balls then the other to Roy's balls. I felt my own dick getting hard as I watched with fascination, as my brothers kept jacking on their dicks until they both started to breathe heavier, and started to moan. All of a sudden, Roy started to shoot his juices on my chest, and then Carl started to shoot his juices also. I thought at first they were pissing, because so much came out, but no, it was all the juices from their dicks. Some of it hit my chest and some hit my face. I opened my mouth so I could catch some and taste it as before. Carl aimed his dick to my mouth, and placed the head of his dick to my lips as he shot into my mouth. I drank it down as fast as he could shoot it. I really liked the taste of my brother's juices. I put my hand up to pull his dick to my lips and found if I squeezed it I could get more juices. I stuck my tongue inside his lacy foreskin and lick it all out. Then Roy also placed his dick to my lips for me to taste his juices, and I did the same with his dick. It was great.

After they stopped shooting the liquids, Carl patted my head and said I did very well, and later they would teach me how to do it, so I wouldn't lose any of the juices. Meanwhile, I was wiping the juices from my body, and putting every drop I could find in my mouth. Both Carl and Roy laughed as they set on the bed to relax. Carl made a comment to Roy that I was already a `cum freak'. I didn't know what it meant at the time, but later realized it wasn't a bad thing.

We continued this ritual almost everyday but, always when dad was at work. I became very good at taking their juices and started to put my mouth over the entire dick so I would not lose any of the liquids. Carl and Roy seemed very happy with me as their dick drainer, and continued to teach me different ways to get their juices. They also taught me that the love juices were also called `cum, jazz, spunk or sperm' and I was their official cock sucker. Finally one day they told me to do all the work, and jack them off inside my mouth. I had wanted to do that but now they wanted it too. I started out pretty slow but began to get the hang of it right away and could get the cum out of the dicks without them even jacking it. I would just go up and down on them with their dicks in my mouth and make them cum that way. I liked that way best. I was proud to be their cock sucker.

This continued on for several months and one day when I was sucking the cum out of Carl's dick, I felt a wonderful sensation as my own dick starting to shoot my juices as I sucked on him. It was a great feeling, and now realized why Carl and Roy liked to cum so much. My cum shot right out of my dick, and onto Carl's feet. He looked down as he felt my warm cum shooting on his foot and he yelled out.

"Right on! Look my little brother is now a man. He can cum." Then he rubbed my head and shot his cum in my mouth a second time.

I now felt proud. I was a man, and could cum right along with my older brothers now. I would suck on them and jack on my dick at the same time. It was so much fun that I wanted to suck them off all the time. They never complained about my cock sucking and we would sometimes do it 2 or 3 times a day. I would start out each day by sucking them off before we went to school, while dad was downstairs getting us breakfast. Then the first thing at night when they arrived home from school, and almost always every night before we all went to sleep. On Saturdays we would get together when dad would go to the docks to do his paper work. Sundays we would head down to the basement recreation room where dad very seldom ventured, and I would suck them off and jack off. This was always a good day because they would take turns cumming in my mouth until they could not cum anymore. I loved being my brother's cock sucker and cum drainer. I never got tired of pleasing them and I loved the taste of their cum.

My brothers were very nice to me, now that the 3 of us had so much fun together. Dad made a comment one day how proud he was of his 3 young men. We always seem to be so close and never heard us fighting or arguing like some of the other family's boys. He didn't know how close we had become, but none of us was going to reveal our secret or share it with dad, yet.


One day after school I stopped by the dock to ride home with my dad. He had gone to make a delivery and would be back later and I was to wait. I was setting on one of the boxes watching one of my favorite men. His name was Lyn. I think he was about 25 years old. He had a great tanned body. I was fascinated watching the sweat roll down from his armpits and down his hard body. Most of the men had either gone home for the day or were in the locker room getting ready to leave. Lyn took a breather and walked up close to me. His body has a musky sweaty scent. I took a deep whiff of him and closed my eyes then I looked into his face and bravely said.

"You sure have a nice body. I like the way the sweat drips from you and your musky smell. Would you mind if I touched your body and tasted you?"

"Lyn smiled real big and said. "Are you joshing me? You want to taste my body sweat?"

"Yes. I like your body and wondered what your sweat tasted like." I said as I moved off the box and ran my finger on a small trickle of sweat rolling down his side.

"Sure, Corey. You can do it if you want." As he glanced around the warehouse to see if anyone else was watching.

I bent over to run my tongue up the side of his hard muscular body. My tongue quickly tasted his salty sweat as he flinched. Then he saw I was serious and pulled my face into his body. I continued to lick up his body and right into his armpit. Lyn trembled, and then lifted his arm to expose the hairy crevice of his under arm. I took a deep whiff and sighed. It was like the musk of my brother's balls. I went in again and licked the hair as Lyn sighed again and said.

"Fuck, Corey, you are gonna' make me hard doin' that. I just might let you lick my balls, if that turns you on too." Lyn said as I reached down to unbutton his jeans.

"I would like that very much, Lyn. I always wonder what your balls and dick tasted like." I said as Lyn quickly moved behind some nearby boxes.

He quickly unbuttoned his jeans, and pulled them down to his knees. His dick popped out like a spring. I continued licking and smelling his armpit while one hand wondered down his wet body to his splendid dick. I digressed down his body and dropped to my knees before him. I took his dick in my hand, and reached for his musky, sweaty, balls licking each one carefully. His dick was much larger than my brothers, but he was a man and, they were still only teenagers. He spread his legs further apart, as I stuck my tongue close to his testicles. My finger slid around to his moist anus then back up to his penis. His balls and asshole were still wet from a good days work. His dick had the wonderful scent of dried male sperm that I recognized from sucking my brother's dicks. I placed my tongue around the head of his dick and licked the scent of man cum from him. He moaned with excitement and pushed my head all the way down on him, and started to shoot his cum in my eager mouth. He came very fast, and very hard, gasping and sighing with every gush of cum. I was surprised at his sudden moves and gagged on his large dick. I could feel his strong tasting cum shoot right down my throat. I swallowed quickly, enjoying his manly seed. Then he released my head to allow me get another breath of air. I took another deep breath, then went back down on him, as he continued to gush more cum into my mouth. I thought my brothers came a lot, but this man had almost more than I could handle. I managed to get control of myself and savored the last few drops of Lyn's sperm before he could pull away.

When he emptied his dick in my young mouth, Lyn quickly pulled up his jeans and lifted me off the floor. He looked like he had the feeling of distress and disbelief and that I had done something wrong, or accidentally. The he looked directly at me and said.

"Corey. How long have you been sucking dick? I will tell you, that was a surprise to me but I sure enjoyed it. You must not tell your dad other wise I might be fired. Do you understand? Lyn said nervously as he looked around once again to see if anyone had seen us.

"Sure, Lyn, I won't say anything to dad but I don't understand why. I have been sucking my 2 brothers off for months now and they seem to love it. Didn't you like to have your dick drained? I must tell you, I had never licked a man's sweat from his body, but I have always liked you, and wanted to taste your body." I said to Lyn as he stepped back and looked surprisingly at me as I talked.

"You have been sucking your brothers off? Carl and Roy? Your older brothers? Fuck. That is hot! They are 2 hot looking hunks. Sure, I liked the way you sucked my dick, but we must not do it again, especially here. Wow! Corey, I have been observing you for quite sometime. You are developing into a real hunk, like your dad. Now, let's pretend this never happened. Besides, your dad just pulled up to the dock. I got to go now. You take care." Lyn said as he headed to the locker room near by with the other men.

End of Part 01 by Richard Barber at