Adventures of Corey

This is a fantasy relationship of love and understanding between human males. If you should find the idea of incestuous love offensive, or if you are under legal age in your state or country, please leave now. Otherwise, read this fantasy story and enjoy. All of the people in my stories are now 18 or older but do relate back to a younger age when this story is being told.

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Part 10, Glory Hole Action

Corey slept in that morning, resting after a day of unusual hot sex. He even surprised himself how he could handle all those cocks. He was a bit sore in some places. but the experience of getting fucked so much, by so many men, in so many different positions, helped keep him limber. He knew he was a good-looking dude, well built and was desired by other men, and it made him feel good.  

When he woke that morning, his dad had already left for the office at the docks to receive a special load from some shipper. He would be home around noon so; Corey did his household chores, fixed some lunch for his dad, and some munchies for Paul and Roy, his two brothers. This was their regular Saturday ball game session in the basement recreational room. He knew that their buddies, Jake and Larry would be there, not only because they liked to watch the games, but they knew Corey would give them a good suck job or two while watching the games. They liked the attention Corey gave them in the men's room at school, but sitting on a comfortable couch, watching the game while they got their nuts off, was so much better.  

Soon he heard his brothers coming down from upstairs. Corey usually came into the brother's room early in the morning to suck them off before they left for school, but on Saturdays he let them sleep. He knew they would be horny during the games and he would get them off at that time. He loved his brothers and they had grown into such hot looking dudes. Soon the two would be heading off for college and Corey knew he would miss them. He could always have them on the weekends when they came home, or perhaps he could spend the weekends with them in their dorm, and get acquainted with some of the other guys there, but that would all have to be worked out later.  

"Hey Corey. You got in late last night. I needed to get off after that `bummer of a date', I had. That bitch will never put out, besides I like your blowjobs better anyway." Paul said as he put his arms around Corey as he stood by the sink.  

"Yeah, Corey." Roy said, "I saw you early this morning being dropped off by a State Ranger Patrol Car. "Are you getting some Ranger dick now? I know a guy that is a ranger. His name is Mark. He lived down the block for a few years. He was fucking some kid next door to him that worked at that Pizza Palace in town. Did you meet him? I hear he is a horny s.o.b. and fucks anything that he could get his dick into. Too bad you didn't get the chance to meet him. He's a good looking dude." Roy continued. Corey figured he would keep his mouth shut about the Rangers. He wasn't one to `kiss and tell' about his adventures. 

The boys were eating a late breakfast and soon Larry and Jake would be over to watch the ball game with them.  

The phone rang. Corey answered it to hear his dad's voice on the phone. He wanted Corey to bring some papers over to his office at the dock. He knew Corey would be taking his morning `jog', so he could just run over to the office just a few blocks away. Corey agreed, finished up the breakfast for his brothers, changed into his running sweats, and headed out for his dad's office.

He decided to take the shortcut thru the park instead of going his regular route.

The park was usually busy on Saturdays. The kids were playing, the picnickers were eating and there were a few other joggers like himself. He was half way thru the park when he decided he had to use the park restroom. He had never been this way before or used this toilet. A few men were sitting on the park benches or walking around the area by themselves. It still didn't dawn on him that they were cruising the park and the men's room. Corey was sexually active but was naive at other things he had never experienced before. 

Once inside the toilet he went to one of the three booths instead of the toilet urinal. Two men were pissing and looking at each other, while Corey went into the center booth. Once inside he noticed there were large glory holes cut thru both walls. A man was sitting on the stool on each side of him. Corey took down his pants and took a quick piss, then waited to see what the action was going to be. He had only seen one toilet with holes this big at a movie theater where he would go when he was a kid. Now he realized what they were used for. He became excited immediately. It was the scent of the cum stains that ran down the bottom of the opening of the wall, or the idea of two strangers sitting this close to him playing with their dicks. He was naive when he was young, but now the thrill of sucking off an unknown man's dick, as it came thru the hole in the wall, was awesome.  

A movement was made by one of the men, and then a finger came up to the hole. He directed Corey to stand, and put his dick into the hole. Corey glanced at the other hole and that man was `Jacking off' his cock. He thought to himself, why not? He liked to get his young cock sucked as much as the next guy. Corey quickly stood with his hard cock in hand, and directed it into the hole. He felt the warm mouth of a stranger sucking his cock, and it was sensational. This guy was a good cocksucker and Corey knew he was going to cum real fast if he didn't pull out now. The stranger was holding on to his balls so he could not pull out. He felt the orgasm building in his groin and the warm sucking and manipulating of his cock, he couldn't help but cum. He cut lose with a fantastic orgasm as the man sucked down every shot of his juices. Corey sounded out his pleasure, and moaned out over and over again as he released the cum from his young balls. Then as he was relaxing after a good orgasm, he felt another hand on his firm buttocks. The man from the other hole had reached thru the large hole and was rubbing his ass. He slowly pulled his semi-hard cock out of the hole and backed up to the other hole to let the other man feel his ass. He heard the man say quietly to him.  

"Back up to the hole, spread your buttocks and I will to eat your asshole."


Corey always like giving a good ass licking, but only Coach Swan had given him that pleasure. He spread his butt cheeks and moved back to the hole. The stranger that had just sucked Corey stood and placed his cock into the hole for Corey to suck. He leaned over and placed the nice juicy cock into his mouth and ran his tongue around the big red cock head to the delight of the man. Meanwhile he was enjoying the ass hole tongue fucking of the other man at the other hole.  

This was a new and pleasant experience for Corey and he wondered why he hadn't realized this was here before. He knew right then, it would be one of his pleasure stops along the way as he jogged each day.  

Corey sucked on the big cock as he was being rimmed. He knew soon he would have a nice sweet load of cum from this stranger. He spread his butt cheeks for the man to go deeper with his tongue. Soon he knew the man was finger fucking his ass. Then the man stopped briefly and he felt the juicy cock head of the stranger, now pushing his cock into Corey's ass. It didn't feel that big but it felt good and the idea of getting fucked thru this hole, was hot.  

He backed into the man and heard him sigh out, then started to plunge his cock into Corey. Corey let him have his pleasure and then started to pull away from the hole but just enough for the cock to stay in his asshole. Then Corey moved back onto the cock as the man held on to the partitions wall and let Corey fuck his cock. The other stranger that Corey was sucking was about to cum and started shaking and moving the partition between them. Then the man fucking Corey started to cum too and the sounds of both men enjoying the ultimate pleasures of their orgasms came at the same time. It was making quite a racket and for a brief moment Corey wondered what the other men were doing outside his booth.  

Soon the sounds of both men subsided as Corey was milking down the last few drops of cum from the stranger. The other man's dick slowly eased out of his ass and both men sat down and took a deep breath.  

Suddenly the door opened and another man was standing there with a big hard cock in his hand. He turned Corey around facing the stool, bent him over and shoved his cock into Corey. Corey hardly had time to compose himself but was now being forced to take another stranger's cock.  

He was still enjoying his contact with these strangers and soon the man was roughly fucking Corey as he bent over the toilet stool. He gasped and moaned out, and soon he shot a big load into Corey and pulled out as quickly as he had shoved in.  

Corey started to turn around to sit down but before he could relax another man was standing outside the door. This man was dressed in a leather Jacket and worn jeans. He had a handsome face covered with a blond beard. He was obviously a biker from the way he was dressed. He didn't have his cock out ready to participate in the activity but roughly spoke to the men in the toilet.  

"Get the fuck out of here, you faggots, and leave this boy alone. What the hell do you think you are doing? Get, now. I mean it. Get the hell out of here." He said in a very demanding voice.  

The other men didn't hesitate but quickly got out of the booths and out of the restroom. Corey looked up as the bearded blond biker stood looking at Corey.  

"Are you all right, my little buddy? Are you hurt? Come on out of there. They call me Thor. I was coming in to take a piss when I heard all the commotion."  

"Yes, I am all right, but things were starting to get out of hand. I'll be all right. I was on my way to my dad's office when I had to stop here to take a piss." Corey said to Thor so he would think he was being forced to have sex. Little did he know, that he was enjoying it to the fullest and was looking forward to getting man handled by the other 4 or 5 men waiting to use his ass?  

"Let me take a piss, then I'll give you a ride to your dad's." he said as he moved to the urinal and whipped out his cock and started to piss.  

Corey was cleaning up the cum that was dripping from his ass and went to the sink to wash up. He glanced at the biker standing at the urinal and saw a big thick cock gushing out the man's piss. Corey thought to himself how nice it would be to take that biker's thick cock into his asshole.  

They finished and walked up the path to the road where Thor had parked his Harley. He hopped on his bike and motioned for Corey to sit behind him and hold on. Corey had never ridden with a big handsome biker before. It was very comforting knowing this dude was protecting him in the head. They drove until they came to the dock area where Corey was to give the papers to his dad. Corey got off the bike and thanked Thor as they briefly talked. 

"Hey little buddy. Some of my biker buddies and I are camped outside the city by the old reservoir. We are going to have a few beers and smoke some weed. Why don't you join us just before dark and smoke some good weed with us. I could come by your place about 8 pm and pick you up and bring you back about midnight. What do you say? Do you think your old man will let you party with us?" Thor asked Corey. 

"Yeah, that would be fun. I'm not much into drinking but I like some smokes now and then. I think I can talk him into letting me go out. No school tomorrow. That would be awesome. Here's my address on this card so I will expect you about 8 PMā€¦and thanks what you did for me today. Later dude." Corey said as the biker drove off.  

Corey's dad, Victor, was on the dock talking to Lynn, the dock foreman and one of the truckers that had make this special delivery. As he approached them Lynn gave a wave to Corey and his dad nodded to him. The trucker glanced over and continued their conversation. Lynn seemed happy to see Corey. It had been a few months since they had seen each other. Lynn drew Corey close to him with a hug on the shoulders and then he said.

"My god Corey, I think you have grown a few inches taller since I saw you last. You are as handsome as ever, and looking more like your dad every day. I bet your dick will be almost as big as his, if you keep this up." Then he laughed and looked quickly at Victor to see his response.  

"He is getting too big for some of his clothes and his prick is about to pop out of his jeans. I must say he sure shows some nice ass though. I am proud of the little cocksucker. He is a good boy and treats his brothers and me with respect and kindness. I never have any problems with him." Victor said as he gave out a big smile to Corey.

"I thank you gentlemen." Corey said as he blushed and lowered his head. "Awe shucks, he said shyly as he shuffled his shoes on the floor. "I bet you're just saying that cause you want some head, Lynn."  

Both Lynn and Victor laughed at his remark but the trucker just smiled as though he was embarrassed or surprised at Corey's remark.  

"Well, it wouldn't hurt my feelings if I could get your dad to let me take a break. What do you say, Boss. Can we use the employee's lounge for a quickie? It has been along time since I had some good head from anyone. Huh? Please?" Lynn said as he rubbed his cock thru his work clothes.  

"Okay, go ahead. I know you won't be happy until you get your nuts off. You might be kind enough to ask this trucker if he would like some head too. Where are your manners?" Victor said in a nonchalant tone of voice.  

Lynn was just like a kid knowing he was going to get some good head from Corey again. It's cool of his dad to give his some time to take Corey to the back room and get a good blowjob from his son. He motioned for the trucker to join him.  

The trucker Gus, a 34 year old married man, looked in wonderment and almost shock. He was asked to go to the back room, while this young man gave Lynn a blowjob? And it was Victor's son? Wow! That was hot. He had never had a guy give him a blowjob before, but now that the opportunity had come up, why not? It wasn't like he was cheating on his wife with another woman. This was just a young man that was giving him the sexual release that he needed. Something that she would never give him, a blowjob.  

Lynn and Corey headed to the privacy of the lounge and the trucker followed not too far behind. Once they arrived, Lynn released his belt buckle and pulled down his pants as Corey positioned himself on the floor in front of Lynn, anxiously waiting to suck on his cock. Soon his pants were down to his ankles and his cock, now semi hard, was ready for some warm action of Corey's luscious boy lips and sensitive mouth and tongue.

It didn't take long for Corey to take the treasure offered before him. Lynn had a nice size cock and low hanging balls. Corey had sucked off Lynn a few times before so he was comfortable here before Lynn's long uncut cock. He liked to run his tongue underneath the hooded penis and savor the sweet taste of his manly musky juices. As he gripped the hard cock in one hand, and the other was lifting Lynn's testicle so he could take a whiff of his manly moist balls. He always liked the way Lynn smelled, in fact that is what got them together in the first place. Corey had asked Lynn if he could lick the sweat from his body and take a whiff of his arms. This got Lynn so hot that soon Corey was on his knees licking his balls and sucking the cum from his cock. Now once again, Corey was giving Lynn pleasure as before.  

Lynn wasn't as nervous as before. Before his boss, Victor, didn't know Corey was giving him head. Now it was different. Victor had given his son the okay. Lynn remembered the time that Victor had forced him into sucking Corey off while he got his virgin ass fucked right on the boss' desk. He often thought about that first time, and the frightening experience of being impaled with Victor's 11-inch cock. But once he got past the pain of the entry, it wasn't so bad. It was sensational. Unfortunately, Victor had only fucked him that one time but he was hoping for a repeat in the near future.(See Adventures of Corey, Part 03, Dad's Discipline)

Corey sucked and licked Lynn's big beautiful cock with great care and love. He always liked the way Lynn smelled and soon he was nuzzled underneath his low hanging balls. The musky scent of man always turned Corey on. His tongue licked Lynn's balls a few times then he followed the hard shaft up to the cock head where he was savoring the sweet pre-cum oozing from Lynn. He went down on him as far as he could while both hands pulled Lynn's buttocks towards him. Lynn gasped out in pleasure then started to fuck face Corey's hot and well talented cocksucking mouth. 

Lynn loved the way Corey sucked his cock. He knew at this rate, he would not last long, but it felt so damn good that he could not keep from cumming much longer. He kept pumping into Corey then released gusher after gusher of his man sperm. He let Corey direct his movements, and swallow his cum. He knew he had a big load and some of his cum was now dripping from Corey's mouth and down his hand and onto the floor. Corey was a real cum slut and would clean Lynn until he had every drop. Lynn let him finish him off, and when he opened his eyes, he remembered the trucker standing near, ready to let Corey service his hard cock that he held in his hand. Lynn gave a wink and an okay sign to the trucker, as he withdrew his semi-soft cock from Corey and directed his face to the trucker. 

The trucker, Gus, was so hot watching this young good-looking boy suck off Lynn that he was ready to pop any second. He didn't want to cum quickly during his first experience of getting a blowjob from a male. He stepped in front of Corey and directed his cock towards Corey, waiting anxiously for the boy to service him. He hadn't cum for several days and his balls were already to unload his trucker sperm.  

Corey knew this trucker was hot and ready to go, so he knew what to do. He gently placed one of his hands to the trucker's balls. Gobs of pre-cum were dripping from his anticipating cock. He knew this dude was hot to go, so he would give him a quick suck job to get him off, to release his tension. Then he planned to keep sucking until the trucker would shoot a second load. He liked the looks of this young 25 year old and by the size of his cock, could probably have any girl he wanted. Corey was thinking he might like to have him fuck him if he ever got the opportunity to meet him again, but right now he was anxious to taste his first load. 

The trucker stood with his pants resting on his upper legs and his hands on his hips. Corey first tasted his sweet oozing pre-cum from the head of his cock and teased the trucker by licking around his large tulip shaped cock head. He held on to his balls with one hand then directed his mouth over the nice cock, teased him once again by wetting his long cock with his tongue, and then he gave a sudden plunge taking almost all of the trucker's cock into his throat. The trucker grabbed Corey's head and within a few face-fucking movements, started to dump his load into the boy's mouth and throat. 

The trucker knew he was hot to cum and the anticipation was just too much for him. The warm mouth wrapped around his large penis, the boy's hand around his balls and the idea of shooting a load into a male's mouth, was more than he had expected. He moaned out several times and let Corey work his cock back and forth until he had shot a huge load.  

Corey didn't let him go even after his first orgasm, but held onto his cock until he had another solid hard on. Corey kept sucking but this time seemed to want more of his body. Corey went under his cock and licked and sucked on his low hanging balls, until the trucker was hot and ready to release another cum load.  

This boy was good. He could not hold his 2nd orgasm either and it seemed to him his nuts were full of his man sperm and he was ready to give this boy another shot of cum. He never thought anything could feel this good. Why hadn't he let some of the cock hounds at the truck stops ever suck him off before? He never knew what he had been missing and would let some of the queers blow him from now on.  

It was over too quickly but the 2 men had gotten their nut, and were now re-dressing and were helping themselves to a cup of coffee in the lounge. Gus, the trucker, seemed a bit embarrassed now that he had his cock sucked right in front of Lynn. Lynn seemed to be more relaxed now that he had released his tension by getting his cock sucked by Corey. Corey got up from the floor and was getting a soda from the vending machine. Corey's dad, Victor came into the room and after looking around at the other two men said. 

"Now that you men have finished unloaded your nuts, are you ready to unload the truck? You think my boy is talented? You should be in bed with him sometime. You will never go back to your old ladies." Victor said as he looked over at Corey and smiled.  

"Come on men, back to work, and if you hurry, I just might let you join us sometime at my home for a real treat."  

Lynn and Gus headed out the lounge room and back to the docks. Victor went over to Corey and put his arms around him.  

"Are you all right son? I am amazed at your stamina and perseverance. I love you boy, and don't you forget even if I let my friends get their rocks off with you now and then." Victor continued. "I know you were out until early this morning. I have given you boy's lots of freedom in your lives, but if you ever get hurt in any way, or you have any problems with anyone, I want you to let me know right away, and we will take care of it. Understand?" 

"Yes Dad, and thanks for your concern. I was delayed by a couple of forest rangers and was invited to spend some time with them at the Station. They were very nice to me and I fell asleep on the bed until the Captain gave me a lift home early this morning. I promise I won't stay out that late again unless I have your permission." Corey said. 

"You mean the rangers at the park? What were you doing in the park anyway?" 

"Dad, I must tell you I have been blowing the assistant coach, Bob Atwood, at school. He offered to give me a lift home and we ended out in the park for a quick one. We were caught having sex on State property and they threatened to arrest the coach. I told them I would suck them off, if they let the coach go. They agreed and I went with them to the station and spent the night entertaining them. It was cool. The Captain was a real nice guy and invited me back sometime for a repeat. You know how I am dad. I love having sex with men, and when they take to me, and want to use me, I love it. I just seem to fall into these situations. For instance," Corey continued, "I met this hot biker dude coming over here, and he asked me if I could join them at the Reservoir for a party later on tonight. He said he would come by and pick me up. May I go dad? I've never been to one of the biker parties, and I heard they are hot and wild. Please dad. I promise I will take care and be careful. He was the guy that gave me a lift over here." Corey said to his dad.

Victor smiled and just shook his head at Corey. He knew how Corey loved sex and loved to `entertain'. He just didn't want to have any harm come to his son. Corey was definitely a handsome, masculine looking young man, intelligent, and a talented cocksucker as well as a great piece of ass. If he was a female whore, Victor could make a fortune by selling her out, but since Corey was just a nice young man, that liked sex, he would just let him enjoy his young sexual life. He told Corey he would think about it and let him know tonight. 

The men finished unloading the supplies from the truck. Victor and Corey left Lynn to lock up after the trucker left. The trucker was told to call back some time when he could get away and they would make some arrangements to party again. Soon Victor and Corey arrived home. Corey had made some lunch for his dad and while he ate his lunch, the boys, Paul and Roy went down stairs to start the game on TV. Soon their two friends from school Jake and Larry joined them.

Corey's dad was glad to get home. He usually didn't work on Saturdays but he had that special load that arrived today and now it was unloaded and Victor could relax the rest of the day. He was lucky to have Corey around to take care of the family chores and his sexual needs. He was thinking about how Corey had gone in the back room with Lynn and that trucker to get their nuts off and now he was getting horney thinking about getting his balls drained too. Victor continued to eat his lunch, but his mind was elsewhere. He reached down to adjust his cock in his pants. 

Corey knew his dad was restless as he sat having his lunch at the kitchen table. He hurried to serve his dad lunch then he smiled at this dad and got down on the floor and under the table. Here his dad's strong legs were spread out before him. He untied his dad's shoestrings and carefully pulled them off one at a time. Then he pulled off his dad's socks and stuffed them in his shoes.  

Victor kept on eating his lunch and drinking his cold beer as his son massaged his feet and licked first one foot, and then other. Victor stood from his chair and removed his work pants, then his boxers before sitting back down at the table. He looked forward to Corey's expert cocksucking. It felt so good having Corey lick his nuts and making love to his hard cock. Corey's expert cocksucking would soon bring him to another relaxing orgasm while he ate his lunch. It wasn't the first time Corey had given him a blowjob while he ate. He sat back in the chair to give Corey more headroom. He took a swig of his beer, closed his eyes and let Corey have his way with his hard cock.  

Corey loved his dad and his big juicy cock. He liked his manly scent right after a hard days work at the docks. The musky body sweat was like an aphrodisiac to his nose. He took several deep whiffs and shoved his nose between his dad's warm balls and his leg. His tongue was buried deep between his groin and his balls. He want back to his dad's large uncut cock and quickly searched for the tasty pre-cum juices that were forming at the head of his dick. His tongue found the opening of his foreskin and sucked out the sweet flavor of his manly dick. Once under the foreskin, his tongue encircled his dad's big cock head before it pulled back to expose the full tulip shaped cock head. He knew his dad was hot because he didn't get his nuts off today while he was getting the trucker and Lynn off in the back room. Dad was awfully nice to let him suck their cocks while he waited in the other room. Now it was his turn to get a good long blowjob from him. He knew it would not take him long because he already tasted the sweet man juices from his dick.  

Victor was enjoying his suck job from Corey and his balls were now ready to release a nice cum load of love juices. He felt Corey's warm mouth over his dick and his hands moving up and down with faster and faster movements. The feeling of Corey's smooth finger massaging his anus, and the other fingers touching his balls was awesome. His cock was going to release a gusher of cum any second. He could almost feel the cum shooting up his large cock shaft, and into the welcome mouth of his loving sweet son.  

"Oh yes, Corey. Suck the cum out of your daddy's cock, Oh suck it baby! Take my load. Oh fucken yeah. Uuunnnn Oh unnnnn Corey. Oh wow. You know how to make your daddy happy, boy. Oh, oh, oh. Yeah." Victor gasped out in pleasure as he released his big load into Corey's welcome mouth.  

The kitchen chair creaked and slid a few inches across the floor during the wild sexual release of Victor. Corey always liked the way his dad expressed himself during his orgasms, and this time was no exception. It was nice to know how much he was pleasing his dad during an orgasm. Much too quickly it was about over, except for the final milking of all of the cum from Victor's dick, and the quick drying of his balls. He took a deep breath and kissed his dad's dick one more time before he got up from the floor.  

He looked at his dad's handsome body sitting in the chair with his legs spread and his semi-hard cock resting on his big hairy balls. Corey was so honored to have such a good-looking dad and 2 studly older brothers. Now he had to finish picking up the dishes and head downstairs to entertain his 2 handsome brothers and his brother's buddies, Jake and Larry.  

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