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Part 12 Unexpected Pleasures 

You would think Corey would have been sexually satisfied after his delightful orgy with his two brother, their two friends and his dad, but he was still eager to see what was in store for him at the Biker’s Party. 

Corey had never been with a rugged biker and the idea of a new experience excited him. He finally convinced his dad to let him adventure out with his new biker friend. This biker had more or less rescued him from the rest room rapes, even though several basketball boys in the gym had willingly raped Corey the other night.  

Lets face it; Corey was just a little whore that couldn’t get enough sex. He was hooked on the idea of being used by other men for their pleasure as well as his own. He was a good-looking healthy young man and was going to take advantage of his youth, good looks and sexual stamina as long as he could. Corey knew he could stand up to most of his pleasure seekers, and had never been misused or harmed. Now he was going into another phase of life to pleasure rough biker type men, and it excited him.  

He heard the sound of the motorbike pulling up to the street curb. Jake and Larry were about to leave as Thor pulled up. They stopped to admire his Harley and soon Thor had invited them to the Biker Party. He gave directions and they said they would be there in about an hour.  

Thor motioned for Corey to hop on the back of his bike. Thor was a good-looking man about the same age as Corey's dad. He wore a large black safety helmet, and was in full body leathers, jacket, pants and biker boots for protection. He looked sternly at Corey and tossed him a riding helmet to wear. Corey got on the bike behind his new leather biker, gripped the side riding bars and then they took off down the street and to the highway. Nothing could be said because of the noise of the motor. Soon another biker, then another joined Thor until Corey was aware of 5 other bikers in close formation. The sound of the motors was stimulating to Corey’s senses and the vibration under his ass caused arousement in his groin. Soon they pulled onto a dirt road, which narrowed down to a single pathway until it came into a larger open field. Several dozen men gathered around a fire, drinking and talking to one another. A small tent had been staked out to one side and was being used as a beer bar. Several bikes were parked along one side of the field in almost perfect unison and positions. 

As we pulled in, Thor automatically parked next to the last one and was followed by the other five men in our party. A large trailer truck and cab was parked at the end of the field with the back doors opened. To one end of the road several other trucks were seen down the side on the road. The truckers seemingly had joined the bikers in the party.  

I guessed there must have been 40 to 50 men of all kinds and descriptions. Some were clean-shaven, and some were bearded, but all seemed to be in good physical shape. I soon discovered they were pretty decent men from various locations around the country, and had come here once a year to raise money for a local charity for a children’s hospital and burn center. Most were professional working lawyers, doctors, construction men, truckers and various other professions.  

Corey followed closely behind his biker friend and was occasionally introduced to some of Thor’s friends. He noticed several young men his own age mixed in with the older adults. They looked shy or nervous, but who wouldn’t among all theses hot butch men? As he looked around he saw about 10 small portable sheds placed at the end of the field. He thought they were for parking motorbikes and paid no more attention to them until later when he was informed of the purpose and use of the sheds.  

After a while, Corey was talking with some of the other young men in the crowd and discovered several were sons or relatives of some of the bikers. They were nice looking young men but were dressed in jeans and t-shirts instead of leather like the adults. He saw Larry and Jake had arrived and was chatting with some of the other young men as well. He gave them a nod just before Thor arrived and started to gather up the boys to explain to them what was expected of them this night. 

The boys, including Larry, Jake and I, were to take a position in one of the 20 sheds. The men had purchased tickets for $100.00 dollars each. One part of the ticket was put into a large container to be drawn at random. Each had a number from 1 to 20 on them and as they were drawn, the men would go to the shed with that number on it, and would visit the boy inside. The boy was to entertain the man for a period of time until another number was drawn and another man would take his place. The boys were donating their time, body and talents and the money was to be given to charity. This was a way to donate money and have a good time at the same time. The open truck had about 10 glory hole booths built inside and $10.00 tickets were sold before entering the truck bed. Behind each of the holes someone would suck off the men at the hole. When he got finished getting off, another man would buy a ticket and go into an open booth to be sucked off.  

I had to admit this was a unique way of making money for charity and no one seemed to object. The boys, except Larry, Jake and I had no idea this were going to take place. It didn’t bother me at all, in fact I was looking forward to the adventure but when I looked at Larry and Jake, they seemed to be in shock. I thought they would back out, but Larry looked at Jake as if to say. ‘Why not’? They stuck around with the rest of the boys waiting for their next instruction. 

The sheds were set up in rows of ten and every other one faced a different direction. This put five doors on one side and five on the other with two rows of 10 sheds. A guard stood at the end of the area that was fenced in with a chain link fence. He was to take the ticket stub and direct the man to the shed where the boy was located.  

Each shed had a bed, water chest filled with bottles of water and soda, a stack of towels, supplies and a small-enclosed toilet with a small sink. It was definitely a well thought out plan for entertaining.  

I was more interested in knowing what Larry and Jake were going to do when they realized the men entering their shed, would want to be sucked or fuck their ass. I think after today's experience at the house, they might be willing to try anything. I would like to be there when a dude wanted to fuck one of them, but I think they could handle the situation. Of course I was always more than ready to play, and by the looks of some of these hot looking dudes, it was going to be fun.  

I was wondering how they were going to fill the Glory Hole booths because most of the boy’s services were being engaged in the sheds. I think some of the biker dudes were volunteering their services behind the glory holes, after all, no one knew who was on the other side anyway. That was the fun of the glory hole action, the anonymity of the other person behind the hole.


We drew numbers from 1 to 20 and then were directed to the shed area where we were to find our assigned sheds. We were to get ready for the men that purchased the tickets, and had already lined up outside the fence ready for action. I think most of the boys were very nervous about the action that was about to take place. Some of them were even younger than I and surely not as experienced as I was. I saw one boy look at his dad, perhaps hoping to be relieved of his obligations or for a sign of encouragement. It wasn’t like he was going to be harmed by these men because they were like one big family. I didn’t realize until that time that so many families had father/son or relative man-to-man sex. I wished now that my dad was here to take part.  

The party was to take part over the next 48 hours with periods of rest for the boys. A few more boys had arrived and would relieve us periodically, and would switch from the glory holes to the sheds for more action. I was curious about the security but when I saw some of the local city police participating, I knew things were well in control. I also saw a few park rangers, including a couple of men that had fucked me at the Ranger Station. I had hoped one of them would buy a ticket and be one of my guests again, or perhaps I could slip him in for a ‘freebie’.  

I found my shed number 6 along the first section. It was new and looked very nice to entertain. It had a nice thick mattress on the floor, covered in a thick blue water repellent mattress covering. A small lawn table was located on one side of the bed, with various lubrications, Vaseline, a large selection of various size condoms, and 2 dildos including a vibrator. Under the table were several towels and baby wipes for cleaning. In one corner was a small portable toilet enclosed with a shower curtain for privacy. and a small water container for washing. The room had track lighting down one side of the shed, with a dimmer to soften or adjust the lights. Music was piped into each shed giving the place more atmosphere. It was definitely made up for sexual activity. I don’t think even the Mustang Ranch Whorehouse in Nevada had it this good.  

After I checked things out in the shed, I stripped down to my jock strap and lay on the bed. Soon I heard the gate open and some men were searching for the numbers on the sheds. Some one tapped lightly on my door, opened it and peeked inside waiting for me to invite him in. I was surprised to find it was Thor, the biker that brought me to the party. I was glad because he was a sexy man and I had wanted him from the first time I met him in the restroom. We just hadn’t had the opportunity to get with each other for private intimacy.  

“Hey there buddy. Now we can really get acquainted. I had to pull a few strings to find you, but here we are. Is it okay with you? I liked you from the very beginning but you were hard to get alone and now…here we are.” Thor said as he entered the room. 

Corey smiled and got up on his knees on the bed. He motioned for Thor to come closer and started to unbuckle his belt as Thor took off his leather jacket but left on the leather vest. Corey continued to undress Thor while Thor kicked off his boots and stood waiting for his pants to drop before he pulled his legs from them and kicked them aside. Thor’s black jock strap held back his large hard penis. Corey leaned over and kissed his jock and run his hands up Thor’s firm and hairy stomach and chest. When Corey pulled back the jock strap, Thor's large 9-inch cock almost lunged at Corey. The sight of his large cock caused Corey’s mouth to water and soon he was licking and kissing the oozing cum from his partially uncut cock. A deep sigh came from Thor as Corey continued to make love to his cock and balls.  

This was too good to be true, Thor thought to himself as this hot young man was carefully and professionally sucking his cock. He wanted to jump right on him, and eat Corey’s ass but the cocksucking youth was just too good to stop. 

Corey backed away from Thor and looking up into his masculine face said. 

“Thor. I want you to eat my ass, get it wet and then fuck the hell out of me. Do you think you can manage that?” Corey said with a sensuous smile on his face. 

It didn’t take a second request from Corey. Thor immediately threw Corey back on the bed, threw his legs up and buried his face in this hot boy's ass. Soon he was tongue-fucking Corey like it was his last meal, then because his dick was so hot to cum. Thor guided his 9-inch cock to the moist asshole and shoved in it with one deep hard push. Corey almost yelled out but pulled Thor closer to him to enjoy the hard ruff fuck he was about to receive. Thor was so hot for Corey that he fucked like crazy enjoying every deep plunge into this boy’s tight asshole. Too soon Thor was shooting his sperm into the warm crevices of Corey's body.  

“Oh my god, what a tight fuck your are, my friend. No wonder the guys in the restroom were lining up to fuck you. You are some good piece of ass. “ Thor sounded out as he felt the last of his cum shooting into Corey. 

Then he collapsed on top of Corey and took in deep breaths of air. He pulled his cock from Corey as the last few drops of cum were milked from his semi-hard cock. Corey quickly gripped Thor’s cock and went down on him without any warning. Thor sighed out again and enjoyed his cock and balls being cleaned by his server. He knew he could cum again but he had taken his turn to enjoy his pleasure, besides, several other men were patiently waiting their turn with this hot boy. Thor dressed, kissed Corey on the butt and left.  

Throughout the compound you could hear the sounds of moaning and pleasurable sexual release. It was just one big pleasure area. All of the men, as well as the boys were enjoying their man-to-boy sexual contact. Men were lined up outside the fenced area waiting patiently for their turn at one of the boys of pleasure.


There were several men lined up waiting to go into the open truck bed to experience the pleasure of a good blowjob at the Glory Hole booths sitting side by side. Several men had volunteered to service other straight or bisexual men waiting, after all, it was all for charity. Each man obtained a ticket before going up the ramp. It was going to be a very profitable area as well as the sheds. Some of the first men had already gotten sucked off once and were going to the end of the line to purchase another ticket for another blowjob.  

Not all of the men were bikers; some were truckers that had heard about the activity on their truck radios. The park rangers were present because this was city park property and the local police were here to keep things in order. The park ranger and the cops were given a few tickets and were getting some good head at the glory holes too. There was no disorder and everyone was having a good time. A food section sold hotdogs, hamburgers and onion rings, and another booth sold beer, soft drinks and water at a reasonable price.  

Corey continued to entertain a variety of men in his shed. Each man was gratified to find such a good sex partner. Corey found a way to satisfy them to their final climax of sexual joy and he came several times himself. He took on 12 men before he took a rest and to release some of the sperm that had been buried deep in his willing body. Some of the men wanted him to place a condom over their cocks before they fucked his ass. After they fucked him he would take filled condom off their cocks and pour the warm cum on his body. This would turn the men on once again and several men jacked off a second time, shooting their second load all over his body before they left the shed. By the time he decided to take a rest, his bed was wet and his shed was scented with man cum. It was time to release some of the cum from his ass, clean up the room and drink down some water to wash down the loads of cum. It had been a fulfilling evening and he had helped make some money for charity, and satisfy several men of their sexual needs. He lost track of the times he had cum himself but after a brief rest, he would be ready to take on another 12 men or so. 

He heard another tap at the door and Terry's voice calling to Corey. He opened the door and Terry and Jake entered the shed. Both looked pretty well used but not complaining. Terry was the first to speak. 

“Man oh man! I never saw such a horny bunch of studs. I was scared shitless when the first dude came into my room and made me strip off my clothes. But after he started licking my body and cock I cooled down, until he started licking my ass and threw me on the bed. It all happened so fast that I hadn’t seen his cock yet, but I sure felt it when he started to put that fat cockhead into my ass.  

Dude, I thought he was going to split me in half. The more I struggled, the more he liked it, but finally he got his dick in my asshole. Something amazing happened when he hit my prostate, I shot all over the place. It was awesome. Corey I know how you must feel now when your prostate is massaged and you shoot your load without even jacking it. What a fantastic feeling.  

I had no choice after that, but to let him fuck me, and fuck me he did. Man, that dude held me down under his body still fully clothed with his leather pants, jacket and boots. It was hot feeling that leather rubbing against my naked body. I was angry at first that I couldn’t move, but after he possessed and manipulated my body to his pleasure, it was great. Then he finally shot his fucking cum up my ass so deep I thought it was going to come out of my mouth. Shit, that dude was a rough fucker, but you know what, it was so hot that I thanked him and told him to come back again later and I would give him another ride. He laughed, slapped me hard on my bare sweaty ass and then left me lying there wet and exhausted. Not even a kiss. It was unbelievable.” Larry said excitedly as Jake and I listened intently and then burst into laughter. Then Larry added. “I was virtually raped, and I loved it.” 

Then Jake spoke up.  

“Mine wasn’t quite that rough the first time, but it was an experience I will never forget either. This man had the biggest, longest dick I had ever seen on a man, even bigger than your dad’s, Corey. I was thinking to myself. ‘No way could I handle this horse dick.’ He wanted me to strip and as I did, he started jacking off. He would touch me, pinch my nipples, pull on my balls and jack on my cock. I was a bit nervous when he started fingering my ass, thinking he wanted to fuck me with that horse cock, but no. He licked his fingers and stuck 2 fingers into my asshole. I assumed he realized he was not going to fill my punk hole with his monster dick. Then he told me he wanted me to fuck him. Well, you know me. I love to fuck and this guy was hot, masculine, like you Corey, and had a firm hot body. He got on the bed, put his legs up in the air, and offered me his pink hairless asshole. I then started to relax, realizing I was not going to get fucked, but I was going to fuck him.  

We got into position, with his legs up in the air. His big balls and huge cock curled back and then he put the head of his own cock into his mouth. He was giving himself a blowjob while I fucked him. Talk about hot. His asshole was nice and tight, and every time he sucked on his cockhead, his ass muscles got tighter and tighter. I hardly had to move cause he was almost fucking me with his inside muscles. It was interesting and soon I got very excited watching him suck the cum out of his cock. 

I banged him faster and faster. It felt so good. I could sense he was going to cum. He went wild sucking his own cock. He came into his mouth swallowing and slurping down his sperm. Most of it went into his mouth or overflowed down his cheeks but he could not swallow fast enough so gobs of cum shot on his face and lips. He grabbed the back of my head, and pulled me down to his lips and released some of his cum into my mouth as I was pumping his ass full of my cum. At first I thought I would gross out, but I think I shot a more intense load because of it, besides his cum didn’t taste that bad. I found I kind of liked it. Now I knew what another guy's cum tasted like and was prepared for another man incase he wanted to shoot his cum in my mouth. Anyway it was different and exciting.  

When we finished and I pulled my cock out of him, he kissed me and told me it was good. He gave me his card and a 100-dollar bill. He is an attorney for one of our local businesses and wanted me to see him again. Fuck, for another 100 I will be seeing him again, that is for sure.” Jake said. “And he was a good fuck.” 

“Hey guys are you hungry, I think there are enough guys in the sheds to take care of the overflow until we get back” Larry said. 

“Oh? So you’re willing to come back and take on some more men, Larry? I thought you would be ready to go home by now.” Corey said as he looked at Jake and winked. 

“Sure. It is for charity... remembered? Besides, I think I only came 4 times. You know me; I can come several times a day. God. I love sex. I think I am beginning to like this man-to-man thing. I’ll admit it. It was scary at first. but these dudes are pretty cool…and boy, do they love their sex. I’m about ready to try the ‘glory hole’ thing before we get something to eat. What do you say we relieve some of the other guys and take on a few dicks at the holes? I am just getting the hang of this cocksucking so this would be good practice for me.” Larry said as we headed out the gate to the field.  

The gate monitor took our numbers and was going to temporarily replace us while we took a break. He motioned for 3 other boys to take our sheds and replace us for a while. There were still a few dozen men waiting to take their turn at one of the boys. Jake turned to the monitor as we were leaving and said. 

“We are just taking a break. We’ll be back. This is only a temporary break.” The monitor nodded as the other boys headed to the sheds. Corey realized he and his dad had created two more cocksucking ass fucking pussy boys.  

The three boys headed up the trailer ramp to take the place of some of the boys and men on the other side of the glory holes. They relieved the other men at the booths and then got on their knees on the other side of the ‘glory holes’ to suck some cock, for charity! ... of course.

Story by Richard Barber at

Word Count 4,200 6/2/2004 edited by Ernie