Adventures of Corey

This is a fantasy relationship of love and understanding between the human male. If you should find the idea of incestuous love offensive, or if you are under legal age in your state or country, please leave now. Otherwise read this fantasy story and enjoy.

Story written by Richard Barber at


Dad backed the truck up to the dock and got out of the cab. He walked up the stairs and said to me.

"Come on Corey. Let's head out for home. Your brothers are out for the night, and it will be just the two of us batching it for dinner. I have a frozen pizza and some cold drinks in the `frig'. I think we can survive without Roy's cooking." Dad said as we headed toward the parking lot to get the car.

After we got home I put the pizza in the oven, while dad was going up stairs to take his shower. I followed close behind as he headed to his room, to remove his work clothes. He sat on his lounge chair and sighed. I thought it would be a good idea to take off his boots, so I dropped in between his legs, and untied the strings carefully. He gazed down at me, apparently a bit surprised, and then reclined in his chair while I continue. I extracted his boots one at a time, then his sweaty socks. I enjoyed the soft sweet smell of his feet. He stood to pull off his pants, but I quickly unlatched his large belt buckle. He did not force me away, but placed his hands on his hips, and stayed in one place anticipating my next move. I slowly un-did his 501s, one button at a time, gently touching the expanding bulge in his pants. As I began to pull his jeans over his hips, then down to his ankles, he was unbuttoning his shirt exposing his manly chest. His pants came off with a tug as he lifted his legs out of the pant legs one at a time.

I was eye level, and only a few inches from his big uncircumcised cock. I could scent his manly body and the aroma of perspiration beneath his low hanging testicles. His cock was beginning to harden; yet he said nothing to me, nor did he press me away. He slowly adjusted himself once again on the leather lounge recliner. The view of his big cock resting on his hairy balls was spread out before me as I set on the floor. I started massaging his feet and ankles, and then I massaged the calves of his tight muscular legs and gradually up to his thighs. I softy kissed his legs while working my way up to his testicles. I gazed up at my dad's handsome face to see his eyes were closed as he enjoyed my attentive care. My lips and tongue were anxious to explore his inner thighs. I took another inhalation of his manly scent and softly touch his balls with my tongue. This sexy man, spread out before me, enthralled me.

I loved my dad and had recently wanted to bury my face right into the crevice of his manhood. His dick was now at full mast, and clear pre-cum liquids were oozing from the slit of his cock-head. The sight of the tulip shaped head was slowly releasing itself from beneath the long foreskin of his uncircumcised cock. I could almost taste the moist cum still remaining from this morning's masturbation. I didn't realize my dad's cock was this long or this thick when it was hard. Thick pulsating blood vessels ran up and down each side of his shaft. His balls were even larger than I realized too. The thick dark blond hair covering his pubic area was still moist from his body sweat. I grasp his dick with one hand as I once more buried my face into the crevices his warm large testicles. My mouth watered at the scent of his body aroma.

I was removing my pants while I was enjoying his body because I knew I would cum just smelling and licking his body. I reached his balls as I took his hardening cock in one hand and placed my tongue into the deep lacy caverns of his manhood. I savored the taste of his pre-cum that was beginning to ooze from his cock. His cock stiffened fast as I put my mouth around the head of his now protruding cock head. It was so suave and pleasant. I continued to move my mouth back and forth over his cock, then with out much warning he started to twinge and sigh then came in my needing mouth. Gushers and gushers of white streaming semen shot out of his cock head. I moved fast to capture every drop of my dad's warm juices. He lightly placed his hand to the back of my head to hold me in position of his gushing cock. Then after pleasurable moments of his orgasm he moaned, sighed, relaxed, and fell asleep with my mouth still over his moist cock. My cock was still so hard, but I did not want to cum just yet. I got up from between his legs, took a sheet from the bed and covered his resting body. I turned out the lamp and left him to rest.

I proceeded downstairs to see how the pizza was doing in the oven and to acquire my dad a cold beer for him when he awoke from his nap. I continued to set the table and turned on the TV to watch an old `Superman' show until I heard dad coming down the stairs. He hadn't bothered to dress and his beautiful cock swung from one side to another. His foreskin hadn't yet covered his cock and his large tulip shaped cock head glistened in the light. I was amazed how nice it looked hanging there.

I handed him a cold beer and got the pizza from the oven to serve to him. He still hadn't said anything to me and I wondered if he was angry with me for sucking his dick. I sat quietly on the couch glancing at the TV when he finally broke the silence.

"Corey. Why don't you come over to the table with me? I'd like to talk. son." He said as I slowly took a seat at the table near him.

"You know what we did here tonight was good, very good, but some people might think it is wrong. Let me ask you something. Have you done this sort of thing before? I mean, have you sucked any other boy's or men's dicks like this?" He said as he sipped on his beer.

"Yes sir. I have been sucking Carl and Roy for almost a year now. And then there was that one man at your work, but he said not to tell you otherwise you would fire him. Please don't fire Lye, He is such a nice man and has such a nice body and we only did it once." I said, and then I ask.

"Why do people think it is wrong? It only makes people feel good and they like for me to do it to them. I like it very much myself, Dad. Are you angry with me? Did I not make you feel good? I love you Dad and my brothers too. They let me do it to them all the time and tell me how I am such a good brother. Please don't be mad at me." I continued to ramble on unashamed.

"Corey, It's all right. Don't be so upset. I enjoyed it very much only I was surprised that you like to do it. I would like for us to do it more often, but it must be our secret until I tell you different. I didn't know Carl and Roy were letting you suck them, but since they are not forcing you to do anything you don't want to do, I can see any harm in it. Just be discreet. Now, come over here and give your dad a big hug." My dad said as I smiled and came to his side for a hug.

I was so pleased that I was now making my handsome dad happy, as I did my two bothers. I gave dad a big hug and as I looked down between his legs I saw his cock standing straight up. I could not resist, and moved my hand down his hairy chest to touch his cock head. He moved back from the table as I fingered the moist head of his hard cock. I saw another opportunity to make love to him again, so I got under the table. He parted his legs and I started licking his balls and kissing his wonderful cock again. He moved the chair back, to a position so I could have more room pleasure his cock. He continued to sip on his beer and eat the pizza while I sucked on his big manly cock once again. It wasn't long before he gasps out and released a fantastic load into my mouth again. I loved the taste of his cum even better than my brothers. It was thicker and more of it. I finished draining him and crawled out from under the table while he finished his meal.

"I like the taste of your cum, dad. I wish we could do this all the time. Perhaps next time the Roy, Carl, you and I have dinner together, I can get under the table and suck the cum out of all of you while you eat. It would make me very happy and would be my desert." I said as dad gave me a big smile and nodded in approval.

The evening was nice and relaxing while my two older brothers were still out for the night. I cleaned up the kitchen and curled up beside dad as he sat on the couch to watch a ball game. I lay with my head on his leg so I could taste his cock as we both relaxed. I could still taste some remaining pre-cum juices that would ooze out of his long foreskin. During one of the long commercials he got hard again. I got on the floor, between his legs, and sucked on him until he came again. It was nice waiting on him, and making him happy.

I was getting drowsy and was ready to go to bed. Dad locked up the house and we headed up stairs to bed. Dad had his own bedroom and the 3 of us boys slept in the other one, but tonight dad asks me if I wanted to sleep with him. He didn't have to ask the second time. I was happy to sleep with him to feel his hairy chest next to me. I fell asleep very fast that night.

In the middle of the night I heard my brothers quietly coming into the house and up the stairs, trying not to disturb us. They thought I was in my bed but then they realized I was curled up next to dad in his bed. I had to go pee and quietly headed to the hallway bathroom where Carl was standing at the stool pissing. I had seen my brothers piss many times, but it always seemed to arouse my curiosity. I felt a twinge in my groin at the sight of his semi-hard uncut cock hanging from his trim firm body. He let it hang over the bowl while his piss squirted out thru his lose foreskin. He continued until he was relieved, then he milked down the last few drops as I watched with interest. I loved watching their soft cocks piss.

"Hey there little brother. Got to take a piss with your big bro? Come on but don't let it splatter on me.' He said.

"Where were you? Are you sleeping with dad? You're not playing with his big dong, are you now? Better watch out for that one. It'll stretch your mouth out of shape." Carl said as he finished up his pissing.

"If dads asleep you can come in and blow me tonight. I got some pussy from that girl down the street but had to wear a fucking rubber. I hate those things, but don't want any babies yet. It doesn't feel the same as you warm mouth. Doesn't seem as satisfying either. I still have the rubber. Want to see it? It's full of that nice cum you like to drink so much. I saved it just for you. I bet you would like to taste that, now wouldn't you?" He said as I finished pissing.

I did like the taste of Carl's cum, and the idea of licking it out of a rubber after he had fucked a girl turned me on. I was more exciting thinking he had fucked a girl yet, wanted me to suck him off again tonight. My dick spring up as I followed Carl down the hall and into our bedroom. Carl quietly got into bed and motioned for me to crawl between his legs. I got into position as Carl's hard dick almost hit me in the face. I took his soft round balls in one hand and guided his cock to my lips. I could tell there was a different smell to his body and his cock, but I didn't mind. It was my brother and it was o.k.

The foreskin had already begun to pull back from his large penis head and some juices were oozing from his piss slot. He pulled my head down on his cock and forced me to take it all the way. He moaned out with a pleasurable sigh then released me as he put his hands behind his head to relax and let me service him. I was glad to obligate him. I loved sucking my brother's dicks and to satisfy them.

As I was enjoying the pleasure of his tangy dick, Roy had gotten up from his bed and was now standing by the bed with his hard cock in his hand. He like watching me suck Carl off, but tonight he started playing with my balls. He wet his finger then put his finger close to my asshole. I jumped at first, but relaxed as he slowly moved the tip of his finger into the opening. It felt good. I never had anyone put their finger to my hole. Roy continued to jack himself off while he played with my tight virgin asshole. Carl was sighing and enjoying my warm cock sucking mouth around his large penis. He was going to cum any moment. Just about that time, Roy started to breath heavy as he shot short spurts of cum splashing on my cheek and Carl's abs. I was now being filled with Carl's cum so I could not turn to take Roy as it gushed out of his dick and ran down my cheek and onto Carl. I continued to drink down Carl's cum, then licked off Roy's cum from Carl. Roy pulled my head towards his dick so I could clean off his remaining cum. Roy went back to his bed and Carl fell fast asleep. I quietly got up from between Carl's legs. Just as I turned around, I saw Dad was standing in the doorway watching the whole procedure. He was manipulating his hard cock. I looked up at him and he smiled, winked and motioned for me to follow him back to his bedroom.

I followed him back down the semi-dark hallway to his big king-size bed. He motioned for me to hop in while he pulled back the sheet. I did his bidding and he followed right behind me, and pulled my body against his strong firm body. I could immediately feel his hard cock ease its way between my legs underneath my balls. His dick was so long, that when I reach down to adjust myself, the head of his cock came out the other side. I felt the moister oozing from his cock slot. His arms pulled me close to him as one of his hands wrapped around my hard cock. The rough beard of his face rubbed against the back of my neck and next to my ear.

He proceeded to move back and forth, using my body for a fucking post. With each slow trust, his foreskin moved between my legs, as his big rough hand jacked my cock back and forth. My dad was jacking me off, as he fucked me between my legs. I continued to rub his cock head adding more sensation to his movements. He started breathing heavier as he pumped me from behind. His tongue found my ear, and he started kissing and licking me. I was getting so hot that I knew any minute I would shoot my load in his hand. Then it was beginning to happen. As my dad increased his movements, I felt his cock grow hard and ridge. He started to cum. I could not contain myself either and shot my load in his big hand. I shot all over the place, but it didn't seem to bother him. He shot right onto the sheet and in my hand that was cupped around his cock. It was so exciting feeling my Dad's dick come the same time as he jacked me off in his hand. Both our sperm blending together in our moment of son-father love. We both relaxed and fell asleep in each other arms in the cum soaked sheets.

I woke the next day with the sound of the shower running in my dad's bathroom. My brother's had not woken up yet to get ready for school. Dad usually came in right after his shower to start us for school. I was still in grade school while my 2 brothers were in Senior High, so we went different directions. Dad would usually drop us off then go on to work. This morning wasn't much different. I was going to get off earlier this afternoon, because of some teachers meeting. I would meet dad at work and get a ride home from there.

Dad finished his shower and was heading down stairs to make us some breakfast and coffee for himself. He come over to me still in bed and said quietly to me.

"Son, go wake your brothers up for school. I will be down stairs getting breakfast ready, so wake them and give then their morning blowjobs so they will be ready to go. I'll wait downstairs." Then he kissed my bare ass and gave it a loving slap.

I was surprised that he told me to go give my brothers their morning blowjobs, but by now I figured he knew of our early morning wakeup calls. He wasn't angry with any of us so I went into the bedroom where Carl and Roy were still asleep. Carl always had a big bonner each morning so I crawled between his legs, put my hands on his balls and my lips to his hard cock and started to suck him off. He moaned with delight and reached down to lovingly rub my head. Meanwhile, Roy got up and went to the bathroom to take his morning piss while I sucked Carl off. He was always ready to shoot me a nice juicy load, so with a few good stokes, and my expert cock sucking, he shot me a nice warm load of boy cum.

Roy had returned and was waiting for his morning suck job, while Carl went to the shower. I went over to Roy before he dressed and started to suck him off. His cock was semi-hard and still had a taste of piss, but after a few manipulations of my mouth, he was ready to cum. He let out a nice moan and shot his sweet cum into his brother's hungry mouth. He too patted my head and started to put on his clothes for school. Both Carl and Roy were happy and satisfied by their cock-sucking brother. I took the rubber that Carl had given me from the night before and placed my tongue into the cum filled rubber while I jacked off. Then we all went down stairs to eat and head off for school with our handsome hunk of a dad.

By Richard Barber at