Adventures of Corey

This is a fantasy relationship of love and understanding between the human male. If you should find the idea of male-to-male love offensive, or you are under legal age in your state or country to read adult stories, please leave now. Otherwise read this fantasy story and enjoy.

Story written by Richard Barber, at

Part 02, Dad's Discipline.

Dad took us all to school that day as usual but, I was to come by the Docks where Dad worked, directly after I got out of school, and then he would give me a ride home. When I arrived most of the men had departed for home. I proceeded to dad's office to wait for him and worked on my homework. I saw Lyn still working on the docks looking as sexy as ever. He quickly looked over at me and winked. I suppose this was one of my first loves, other than my dad and brothers. He was so handsome in his tight torn jeans and his tight fitting body shirt. His hard muscular arms rippled each time he lifted one of the crates from the dock. I felt he was exhibiting his body just for me and once he wiped the sweat off his body and placed his hand to his mouth, looked over at me then re-arranged his semi-hard cock under his tight pants.

Wrapped around one of his large hard biceps was a tattoo of barbed wire. Another tattoo was on his upper torso of an eagle with out stretched talons. My first attractions of body artwork were on this hunk. He knew I wanted him again and when they time was right, he would make his move, but right now he knew my dad was still around the dock somewhere.

I headed towards dads office to the side of the dock area. It was a medium size office with large windows overlooking the dock work area. He had a large desk in the center of the room and against one wall were computers, printer, scanner and a fax machine. Against the other wall were filing cabinets and bookcases. Just a typical office. I would use the computer and his desk to do my homework while I waited for him to lock up, but I soon discovered tonight was going to be a bit different.

I heard dad instructing Lyn he wanted to see him in his office after he had locked the doors on the dock. I thought to myself that dad might say something to him about our connection but that would be too brazen. Dad was not the kind to neither yell at people nor embarrass them. I got closer to the office so I could hear the conversation. Dad saw me and motioned for me to come inside the office too. Lyn looked a bit worried when he saw me enter the office.

Lyn was standing at the front of the desk and dad was setting in his chair. I found a seat near by and waited for dad to speak. Lyn seemed calm at first but then started to become fidgety. Dad sat quietly for a period of time looking at Lyn very closely then he spoke.

"I understand you played around with my boy. Do you know he is just 14 years old? You could get into lots of trouble and perhaps I should fire your ass." Dad continued. Lyn started to say something then dad started talking again.

"Shut the fuck up until I have finished. Do you understand me?"

"Yes, Mr. Thompson, but you don't understand...I..." Lyn tried to speak but dad yelled out again not giving Lyn a chance to explain.

"So do you like young boys? Do you like making them suck your dick?" He questioned Lyn.

I thought I should say something to defend Lyn but dad immediately told me to shut up. I was surprised at his reactions. I had told him at breakfast about me sucking Lyn off and he didn't seem upset at that time. I couldn't see where dad was going with this. He had Lyn stuttering and moving nervously from one foot then the other.

"Corey. Get you ass over here. Take off your shoes and pants. Now." Dad said to my surprise. I did as he said still wondering what was happening.

I quickly kicked off my gym shoes and pants. Dad told me to get up on the top end of the desk and set down. Then he told me to spread my legs out and show Lyn my dick. I was still soft because I was still amazed at dad's instructions. I worried that he might punish me. Then he told Lyn to drop his pants. Lyn too was wonder what was going on but he immediately unbuckled his pants and let them drop to his ankles.

"Now get you ass over here Lyn and bend over the desk! Put you face in my son's crotch. I want you to suck off Corey and see how it feels to be forced to suck dick." Dad said in a very demanding voice.

Lyn bent over the edge of the desk facing me while I moved closer to his face so he could suck my dick. I was beginning to get hard seeing Lyn's hot masculine body lying over my dad's desk with his hard firm butt cheeks sticking up. His dick had started to harden and was hanging over the side of the desk along with his big hairy balls. I was watching a reflection of his butt from the windows of the office. It was really turning me on. Lyn hesitated at first when he got between my outspread legs. I don't think he had ever sucked a dick before. He braced himself and laid across the desk. He adjusted his hanging dick and put his big rough hands up to my balls then to my hard dick. He took a look at my good size uncircumcised dick now standing before his face. The foreskin of my dick was starting to slowly pull back as I got harder.

"OK, you fucker, get your mouth on that dick and suck the jazz from Corey, Get a good taste of that young boy juice. Lick his sweet warm balls and make him feel good!" My dad said to Lyn.

Then I saw my dad pull his pants down and pull out his own big beautiful dick from his tight jeans. He stood behind Lyn's very firm and venerable ass. Then he swatted Lyn on his buttocks causing Lyn to jump and let out a soft whimper.

"Oh please sir. Don't plug my asshole. I'm still a virgin. I have never even sucked a dick before. Please don't fuck me. Sir." Lyn pleaded with my dad.

"Shut up and do as I say. You will become a dick sucker and my ass punk before this night is over if you know what is good for you. You owe my son a good blowjob; after all he sucked your dick, now you suck his. I am just going to give you a nice fucking so you will remember this. Now bend over and spread your legs so I can fuck your ass." At that point my dad had spit on his hands for lubrication and was aiming his big dick to Lyn's ass.

I had never seen this animalistic part of my dad. He was rough with Lyn and would slap his ass causing a loud slapping sound. I could see his white buttock already turning red. I was getting excited as I watched my dad prepare Lyn for the onslaught. My dad's dick was a good 10 inches long and fairly thick. I pity anyone that was about to be raped by that one and yet it excited me. I had wondered what it was like to get a dick up your ass. I know when my brother put his finger in me this morning it felt good. Perhaps I could talk my brothers into fucking me sometime.

Lyn had placed his warm mouth around my dick. I had never had anyone suck me off before. Now I know why men liked to get sucked. He seemed to enjoy it but stop for a short time as dad started to move his dick into Lyn's tight virgin ass. Lyn let out a few moans of pain but dad stopped just long enough to let him get use to his dick. Then without warning dad went all the way forward putting his full dick into Lyn. Lyn moaned out one more time in pain then started to relax. Lyn was breaking out with a sweat and drops of perspiration dripped on my balls. He kept his mouth over my dick then started to suck on me once more. I looked up at dad's face and he winked at me and smiled. I knew everything was all right now so I could enjoy my first blowjob from my favorite hunk. Lyn was beginning to enjoy sucking my dick and licking my balls. I knew any minute I would shoot my load. I watched the refection of my dad's ass in the glass windows and he pounded into Lyn.

My dad had a firm solid ass and each move projected dimple like impressions on each cheek. He had taken his sweaty shirt off during the session and I was admiring his light blond hairy chest and the movement of his abs with each plunge. He was looking into my face as Lyn was sucking me off. He was watching me to see if I was enjoying my first man-to-man blowjob and his dad fuck his favorite stud. I reached forward to touch his chest then caress his large pink nipple. I discovered he liked me rubbing his body. I was getting so close to cumming that I knew any time now I would unload my sperm in Lyn's warm sensuous mouth. Dad's breathing became heaver and his movements became rougher and harder as he fuck Lyn. Then dad leaned forward as far as he could and pulled my head to his and started to kiss me on the mouth. I had never kissed him like this before. It was a passionate warm exciting kiss. He was going to cum. His tongue seemed to search for my tongue. We kissed deeply just as the both of us started to reach our frantic orgasms. It was so hot and so passionate kissing my dad as I shot my cum into Lyn's mouth and he shot his cum into Lyn's asshole.

Lyn was moaning and groaning as dad pounded his dick into him. His wet sweaty body was sliding all over the desktop. He held onto my legs to brace himself as his mouth drank down my cum never missing a drop of my youth juices. Lyn got so excited because dad hit his prostate causing him to come. His dick juices shot down the side of the desk, on the floor, and right into my dad's pants. We had all cum at the same time causing the room to be filled with moans and sounds of sexual ecstasy.

My dad fell forward onto Lyn's back as we pulled out mouths from each other. Lyn was breathing deep from the weight of my dad but still had his mouth around my dick circling his tongue around my now sensitive dick head. Dad watch Lyn's mouth movements then he whispered into Lyn's hear.

"Good stuff? Huh? He is going to have a dick like his father's. Don't you think? Perhaps if you are still around you might be able to take that sweet boys dick up your ass, if you're lucky. Do you think I should keep him around, son?" Dad said to me as he set up once again to slowly pull his semi-hard dick out of Lyn.

Lyn took another deep breath as he started to get up from the desk and from between my legs. Dad slowly pulled his dick out of a well-used ass, then looked down at his dick and said to me.

"Son, get over here and lick the fuck juices from my dick. You liked the taste of my cum so well."

I pulled my legs over Lyn's head and placed my feet on the floor. I moved over to dad's semi-hard juicy dick, dropped to my knees, took his dick in my hand and licked it. It tasted very good and I could taste some of Lyn's ass juices that were still present. Lyn started to get up from the desk when dad once again said to Lyn.

"I didn't say you could move, Lyn. Stay there and rest while Corey cleans his dad's dick besides I have another treat for the 2 of you. Now clean my dick off, Corey. Yeah, that's a good son. Treat you daddy's dick nicely. Good boy. You have such a talent mouth. You are going to be your dad's dick sucker from this time on. No wonder you brothers treat you so nicely. Yeah, Corey, lick it good. Go all the way down on it like you did the other day. Down to the balls. Oh, that's it. Awwww, fuck son, you are getting it hard again. I just might have to shoot another load, but first I want you to turn around and look at that sweet hunk of ass your dad just fucked like a man-pussy. That's what Lyn is now, my man-pussy. He'll bend over any time I want his ass. He'll spread that hole and let me drop my sperm in his pussy. Right Lyn? " My dad said as he slapped Lyn on his bare ass again. Lyn jumped and said.

"Yes. Sir, Mr. Thompson, I am your man-pussy to fuck and use anytime you want. I am yours to command. I need your dick up my ass. It was so good! I don't know why I hadn't done this before. I love your dick up my ass, Sir." Lyn said, as he still remained spread eagle over the edge of the desk. His big dick was still oozing juices from his piss slot.

"All right now son. I want you to get behind Lyn's man-pussy and clean it up with your tongue. Then you can stick your tongue into that sensitive fuck hole and lick out your daddies cum. Get all the cum I deposited into his hole. Now let's see you go to work on that asshole." My dad said and I positioned myself behind Lyn's well-used ass.

I immediately got another hard on just licking and sucking on my dad's dick and now he wanted me to lick out the beautiful asshole of my favorite dude, the man that had my dad's sperm deep in his body. I started to slowly lick the edges of his firm buttocks taking my time to enjoy the warm manly smell of my dad's cum and the musky smells of Lyn's body and ass. I had never been this close to a man's ass but didn't find it repulsive at all; in fact I was intrigued with the thought of sucking the juices of my dad's spunk from his hole.

Lyn reached around to pull his butt cheeks further apart so I could have better access to his hole. I licked around the butt cheeks for a while then gradually moved my mouth and tongue to his brown tasting hole. It was rather sweet yet musky. I plunge my tongue in deeper and deeper until I could feel the opening of his hole. I started to tongue fuck him. Lyn sighed out with pleasure then I moved in deeper and started to sense more juices. I started to suck on his hole and felt a nice sweet taste of cum now being released into my mouth. I was sucking out my dad's cum that he left in Lyn's asshole. It was very exciting.

I reached down to jack on my hard dick again to release another hot load on the floor with Lyn's. Dad was so turned on seeing his son sucking on the ass that he had just dumped a huge load that he started to come again. He grabbed my head and placed the head of his big dick to my lips as another big load of his cum started to shoot in my mouth and on my face. I tried to drink it down as quickly as I could but some of the cum was now dripping down my chin and onto the floor. I was about to cum again and started shooting my boy juices on the floor. Meanwhile, Lyn slid off the desk and got under my shooting dick to catch my cum. Much of it hit the floor before he could get into position so he started licking it off the floor along with his own spent cum. He grabbed his dick again and deposited more of his cum on the floor and proceeded to lick it up too. He collapsed on the floor with a satisfied look on his face.

Dad took another deep sigh. I looked up at him just as he looked down at me. He smiled then reached down to pull me to his chest and gave me a soft kiss on my mouth and licked some of his own cum off my chin. We both looked down at Lyn as he rested on the floor. His pants were still down around his ankles and his big semi-hard dick was still dripping from his last orgasm. I looked back at dad as he said to me.

"Looks like we have us another mouth to feed." Then he laughed as Lyn opened his eyes and smiled up as us. Dad reached his hand down to help him off the floor. Then dad continued on.

"As I was saying, you like the way my son sucked your dick, huh? Well, you better get use to the both of us cause your ass is mine. You treat my son well and you can remain around here. I have a good job opening as dispatcher so you won't have to work as hard, and the money is better. After all, I don't want my pussy-man to strain himself. You will have to stay after work when all of the men have gone so we can take care of other matters. Remind me tomorrow to get a couch in my office for more comfort." Dad pulled Lyn next to himself and me and gave us both a big hug. Then dad swatted Lyn on his bare ass again and laughed.

"Now get this place air out. It smells like man sex in here. Corey, we better head home and see what your brothers are up to. Lyn. Lock up and we will see you Monday so you can start training for your new job... and take care of that tight ass of yours. It was good." Dad said as we put our clothes back on and headed out the door to his old pick up truck. Lyn stayed to clean up the office and lock up.

End of Part 03, by Richard Barber,