Adventures of Corey

This is a fantasy relationship of love and understanding between human males. If you should find the idea of incestuous love offensive, or if you are under legal age in your state or country, please leave now. Otherwise, read this fantasy story and enjoy. All of the people in my stories are now 18 or older but do relate back to a younger age when this story is being told.  

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Part 08, The Coach 

I was weak from being used and full of man sperm. I quickly hurried back to our locker room, and to the toilet to release all that wonderful `team spirit' from my willing body.  

I wasn't too eager to face the coach just yet so I went directly to the showers after I emptied several loads of cum from my anus. I stood in the shower and thought what an exciting time I had just experienced and was glad I was man enough to handle all the roughness I had been through tonight. Now that I was clean, I knew I had to go see the Coach to see what he had in mind for me. 

Everyone had gone home so I started picking up some of the towels left by my teammates. The coach tapped on his office window and motioned for me to come into see him.  

"I was worried about you Corey. I know how some of the ruffians from that school can catch you off guard, but I assume you handled the situation pretty well. The center, Bill, is kind of a leader at his school so if he likes you, you have a protective friend in his part of town. I take it, he didn't hurt you. You looked like you were doing okay. 

When I was in the Marines, I had a close buddy that could take my cock up his ass. It was one of the best sensations and most satisfying sex I ever had, but I hadn't had any good sex since. He was killed in a terrorist raid in Israel a few years ago. I missed him as a good buddy and sex partner. 

If you are willing, I would like to have sex with you, but only if you are enjoying it at the same time. I promise you if it is too uncomfortable for you, we will stop and I will never bother you again. The reason I warn you is because I am pretty well endowed and haven't had a good `lay' for several years. 

I found myself feeling sorry for Coach Swan. I had been so active since I had discovered sex that I never realized that having a large penis could be a hindrance. I was proud that I had a large penis like my Dad and older brothers but never wished it were so large that people would hesitate to have sex with me. 

I smiled at the coach and said I would like to give it a try, and that I had always been hot for him since the first day I was in his Freshman gym class. He smiled and stood, walked over to me and put his arm on my shoulder. 

"Well, my handsome young man, let's go to the doctor's office so I can check you out and make sure you were not harmed during your escapade with the visiting teammates." 

We walked to the physical work area where the school doctor would examine and treat the students when they were injured during sports events. It had a couple of cots, two large warm water pools and a large padded examining table that could be moved in several different positions. On one end, there was a place for sets of stirrups used for examining women's private areas or explore anyone's rectum. He told me to take off my clothes, lie on the table and put the heels of my foot in the stirrups.

While I was getting undressed and positioning myself on the table, Coach removed his entire clothing, except for his jockstrap. I don't know why, but I felt foolish with my legs in that position, after all, I had been in stranger positions during sex. I was shy around my coach, perhaps because he was a person in authority and I felt respect for him as I do my dad. I knew he had seen me naked many times, but this was the first time I had seen him completely nude.  

I was excited when he removed his shirt. He had the most beautiful hairy chest. Under the ceiling lights, his upper body was a light brown, thick fuzzy haze that caused the hair on his chest to almost glow. His chest was well developed with firm large nipples surrounded by a brown area about the size of a half dollar. I had never noticed how handsome his face was either. His high cheekbones framed his face emphasizing his strong jaws and the crevice on his chin. He always seemed to have that `5 o'clock' shadow beard, which gave him a rugged manly look. I wasn't sure about his exact age, but he went to school with my dad, so they had to be almost the same age of mid thirties.  

As I explored my coach's body more closely for the first time, I found myself getting aroused. I had no control over my cock when it decided to get hard, it just got hard. My body tensed and I was cold. The coach stood beside me and placed his hand on my firm abs and gently ran his hands over my young body. He seemed fascinated with me and lovingly ran his hands up my stomach and over my chest, over my shoulders and down my left arm. On the way down my arm, he stopped to touch the soft hair under my armpit. His face moved to my pits and he rubbed his nose deep in my armpit crevices and took a whiff of my body odor then slowly licked and kissed my underarm. He moved slowly examining and exploring every crevice of my upper body then moved slowly down to my navel, leaned over and kissed and nibbled on my tits. He continued down to the flat part of my lower stomach and ran his fingers thru my pubic hairs.  

My cock was at full mast, and if he as much as jerked it a few times, I would have shot my jizz all over the place. He moved his fingers up my hard cock to the piss slit and ran his fingers over the cock head spreading the oozing pre-cum over my sensitive cock head. I cringed for fear I might cum right then, but he positioned his fingers under my foreskin, collecting more pre-cum and then placed it into his mouth to taste it. He acted like a young boy tasting the frosting of a delicious cake. 

I had never had anyone caress and admire my body like this before. I was about to climb the walls with excitement. It was indescribable having my masculine handsome stud coach make love to every crevice of my body. At one time, I even trembled with excitement. 

Coach continued to explore this young god spread out before him. It had been a long time that he had the chance to be this close to a naked willing young man. It was such a treat for him and he was going to take his time. As long as Corey was willing to lie there on the table and let him admire him, he would continue. His hands continued down Corey's stomach, over his big perfect cock and on to caress his low hanging soft testicles. They were sprinkled with a light covering of blonde youthful hair. He gently lifted Corey's balls, placed his nose in the deep soft crevice of his legs, and run his tongue around the little clit under his balls. He did it slow so not to cause Corey to move away. He took a deep whiff of his boyish musky odor and then ran his tongue back up to his soft balls and kissed them. 

Coach moved to the foot of the table between Corey's firm strong legs to view him from this angle. Corey was relaxing the best he could under the circumstances and was giving coach full control of his body. As the coach stood between his legs, he kissed his legs as he moved down the inner thigh. He was now going to examine the love canal of Corey's sexy body. Coach kneeled on the stool provided at the end of the table. He found himself kneeling as if he was about to worship a new found treasure. Both of his hands carefully spread Corey's legs as he went in for a closer look. He took the instrument used to open the anus and lubricated it with a pain killing ointment. He placed some of the ointment on his finger to rub on the head of his own dick so his cock wouldn't hurt Corey when he entered his anus. He put the head of the cold instrument into the small pinkish brown hole and spread it open to examine Corey's inner parts. He could see no damage of any kind so he opened even more and looked deeper into Corey's canal. Still no damage. Just a fresh pink hole that had been used by several young reckless boys. He was clean all the way. Coach wanted to put his face into the love hole and lick him like a hot young pussy boy, but one thing at a time.

Corey lay on the table still enjoying this gentle man exploring his sanctum sanctorum, his holy of holies, his fuck hole. Then Corey felt the coach pull out the instrument and put it on a nearby table. The coach looked up at Corey's face for the first time of the examination, smiled and spoke. 

"I am glad to say, you are in good shape, considering the abuse your ass received over the last few hours. I have to apologize, because I did not know you had gone there to give them the bandage and towels until Coach Bill told me. I had heard they were a rough bunch of hoods. I realize their coach has little control over them. He is such a bastard. I guess I came over too late before I had discovered the other boys had taken advantage of your body, but I am glad to say, no harm done. You just have to watch out for things like that Corey.

You are such a good-looking young man and so innocent looking that people want to take advantage of you. I hope you don't think of me in that way. I have been attracted to you for some time too, but in my position as a schoolteacher and coach, I have to be very careful. I don't want to lose my job or harm anyone's reputation." Coach continued. "Now let's get down, and have some good sex." Then he laughed softly. "One more thing before we continue. You must keep all this between us men. Corey, I am going to remove these stirrups so I can move in closer to your asshole. I will stand here on the floor while we try to maneuver into position for a comfortable and pleasant fuck. Understand?" he asked me. 

I nodded that I understood. Coach moved in between my spread out legs, placed his hand on one of my legs, and began to guide his cock towards my asshole. I had yet to see his cock so I quickly sat up and reached for the coach. 

"Coach. I want to make love to your body and cock before we go any further. I am a good cocksucker and I want to taste your manhood before you plant your seed in me." I said as I slipped from the table, onto the floor and knelt in front of my man fucker. He seemed shocked that I wanted to make love to him, but just as soon as I was on my knees, I found the beauty that he possessed between his legs. I must admit his cock took me back. It wasn't hard at the moment, and hung down almost to his knee. He was partially circumcised but had just enough foreskin to cover part of his cock head while soft. I started kissing his cock while I reached for his equally large balls. I looked up at Coach and smiled then took his semi-soft cock into my mouth and sucked it in as far as I could before I gagged. I was already trained to take my dad's eleven-inch cock almost all the way down my throat and when it was flexible and soft, I could take it all.

I continued sucking down Coach's cock until I had most of it down my throat. Coach let out a deep moan and looked down at me in amazement. It started to get harder and I had to back off some. His cock was thicker than any cock I had ever seen. I would guess it was as large as a coke can or even larger. I was determined to suck him until he was about ready to cum then I would show him I could take his cock into my asshole. I knew right then he must have a good 12 or even 13 inches of man cock. Wow. It was a beauty too. This man should be a male model for some magazines or even a cock stud in adult movies. I would be willing to be his co-star anytime, that is, if I could manage to get it in me today.  

Here I was on the floor, on my knees sucking my coach's big beautiful cock. I knew this one would be a challenge for me to take up my ass but I was determined to please the coach. I knew he was a gentle man and wouldn't do anything to harm me. I kept on sucking and making love to his cock until it was hard enough that I could not suck it all the way down my throat anymore. Now came the big challenge.  

I looked up at coach to see a pleasant expression on his face as I sucked him I knew I could get him off this way, but I knew it would be better if I let him fuck me while we were both this horny. I stood and rubbed his hairy chest and gently caressed one of his nipples while my other hand held firmly on his cock. 

"Shall we give it a sporting try?" I said in jest as I got back up on the padded table, adjusted the height so he could get between my legs and guide his manhood deep into my willing asshole. He turned around to me as I placed my legs on his shoulders one at a time. He was still standing on the floor but his cock was ass level with my body. He smiled at me and placed some of the lube on the head of his cock and some on the entrance of my anus. It had some pain killing ointment mixed in with it so we could get started without much pain. I just hoped it didn't kill all the sensation of his cock. I wanted him to feel everything erotic.  

He guided his manhood to my asshole and within a few seconds, the head of his penis had entered the first opening. He looked into my eyes to see if I was okay, then he moved in very slow and paused again. I bravely reached behind his firm hard buttocks and moved his body into mine. In it went, inch-by-inch until he had at least half of his cock in my love canal, then he continued until I felt him rub my prostate. It was just too much excitement for me and I joyously shot my first orgasm. I moaned out and starting shaking and gasping. Coach first thought I was in pain until he felt the cum shooting between our bodies. Then he smiled, laughed softly, and pushed his cock directly into me until it was in all the way. We paused as I caught my breath. He was in awe that his cock was all the way in me. I was thankful that he had one of those cocks that didn't get so hard that it hurt, but it was flexible and filled every crevice of my inners. It was awesome knowing I had him inside of me. I felt we were as one person. He hugged me tightly and waited for me to adjust. His mouth pressed against me as he nibbled on one of my ears. He was an exciting man and his strong warm body felt almost as good as my dad when he fucked me each night. I really felt warm and well received in the coach's arms, but dad was still my man.  

"Corey. I assume you are still with me. This reminds me of my Marine buddy and the times we used to fuck. I had almost forgotten how great it feels now that I am deep in your warm ass. Are you sure you want to continue?" he asked me. 

"Are you kidding? I wouldn't stop now if the building were on fire. Your dick fills me so nicely and when you hit my prostate, I thought I saw stars." I said as he gave me another kiss on the neck.  

Coach slid his dick in and out of me very slowly at first until I got used to the size of his dick. It was very pleasant and soon I was pushing my ass into him as he enjoyed the pleasure of my warm asshole. The coach was letting me work his cock in and out and when I sensed he was going to cum, I slowed down to let him cool off. I wanted his first good fuck in several years, and to be the one he would remember the rest of his life. I was now his new Marine buddy. I was his to use whenever he wanted. I could feel his large cock getting harder and even larger in my body and I could not let him hold out any longer. I started to rock back and forth until we were both into a solid rhythm of fucking. He started to pull my ass to his body, moving harder and faster.

Our breathing increased, and our hearts beat faster. Then he moaned out in pure absolute manly pleasure and gushed his cum deep into my body. I was so excited with the movements that I started pumping my cock and shot my load. The tightness of my asshole increased his pleasure as well as mine. I could feel the warmth of his sperm now shooting in my body and his balls slapping against the base of my balls. The room seemed to spin. His sweat was dripping on my body and mingled with my teenage cum. It was one of the best orgasms I had had since my dad started fucking me for the first time. I was in sexual heaven. What a fantastic feeling of a man having an ecstatic orgasm in me as I had one between our hot and sweaty bodies.


Coach Swan lay over Corey exhausted. He still could feel his cock pulsating inside this wonderful talented boy. What an unselfish act Corey had preformed for his coach. No one had pleased him since his last Marine buddy several years ago. Now he must reluctantly release Corey and pull his cock out of his cum filled hole. Just one more twitch of his cock to let Corey know he was still there. He could still feel Corey's legs wrapped around his waist resting on his hips. Coach looked to see a pleasant warm smile on Corey's face. He knew he was satisfied with the action he had preformed with the coach. Coach Swan lifted his sweaty body from Corey, rubbed his chest, spread the spent cum of Corey's over his body, and then felt Corey squeeze his cock inside his body. 

Corey looked up into the coach's face and smiled with his sweetest look he could muster after an exhausting but pleasant sexual session. Corey didn't want to let the Coach get away this quickly. Now that he had his cock inside him, he would feel empty when it was released from his body. It would be like being unplugged from a wonderful vibrator. Corey squeezed his innards to let the coach he liked what he felt and now he could give the coach pleasure whenever they both wanted it.  

After a short period, coach Swan started to get softer and felt his cock slowly being released from Corey's precious body. He knew he could start fucking again and probably shoot another load or two, but he didn't want to harm Corey, after all he wanted to fuck and make love to him again sometime soon. No sense ruining a good thing, he thought, as his cock slowly released itself from the warmth of his newly found pussy boy lover.  

As his coach's cock eased itself out of the warmth of Corey's ass, he wondered how such a small little hole could take his cock. Hardly a bit of his own cum was oozing from Corey. This young man sure had good muscle control.  

Coach reached for a nearby towel and started to wipe the dampness from his body as well as Corey's. Corey sat up from the table and leaned forward to kiss the coach on his chest but the coach grabbed his chin and directed his kiss to his lips. A surprising kiss was being shared between the two as Cory slipped off the table and onto the floor while they hugged and gave each other an appreciated loving kiss.

As they kissed the sound of a door shutting was heard in the next room. They quickly composed themselves as Coach placed his finger to his lips to motion silence. Corey stood frozen wondering what to do next then he slowly headed to the head to take a well-needed piss. The coach wrapped a towel around his waist and headed for the showers to shower and wait for Corey to join him. They waited but no one came into the room so they thought it was just the wind. 

Coach Swan and Corey showered without much conversation. Corey looked at the size of the coach's big cock and still was amazed that he had taken it into his body but he felt great. Perhaps the ointment helped kill any pain, yet both seem to feel every wonderful sensation of the man fuck. It was amazing what a body can do when they desire to have sexual pleasure and to please another person too.  

Story by Richard Barber at